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Getting to Know Your Neighbors

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One of the hardest things for me to deal with in my relationship, after a year and a half of being together, is that I’m not the only one she thinks about when she’s laying in bed at night. That sometimes, when she’s alone, reaching down beneath the sheets to play between her legs, that it’s not always me in her mind. Breathing so hard, trying to be quiet while the muscles tighten in her legs, arching her back to the waves of orgasm quaking her lower body and clenching her asshole tight with pleasure, biting her lip to keep from screaming someone else’s name.

I can hardly stand the reality, even when it could be a woman in her mind, and sometimes I know that it is. A woman, a celebrity, one of her friend’s boyfriends… even someone she created from scratch in her mind. I don’t like it. I want to be the only one she sees in her mind, the only one she wants, but the human brain just isn’t wired that way. For anyone.

But as much as I don’t like it, I’ve found the best way to deal with her fantasies is through my own, and that’s where she comes in.

No, not my girlfriend.

A neighbor. A light-skinned Arabic woman in her mid 30’s who lives down the street from my parents. A woman with four children, the oldest about three years younger than me, the youngest about six years younger than him. A woman with long, rich brown hair with subtle, exotic streaks of lighter brown and almost blonde, with a deep seductive gleam in her eyes that would push her body to it’s absolute limit in the right hands. My hands.

And her body is what makes her so incredible, especially for a woman with four children. This woman must’ve gotten married at about nineteen, and started having kids right away, because for four kids, she barely looks thirty. She could pass for anything from twenty to forty, agelessly beautiful, with the perfect hour glass frame that’s always capitalized by tight sexy sweaters and thin little shirts that look dipped on over perfect c cup breasts, round and perky just dying to be sucked.

Living in the suburbs just Northeast of Detroit, my neighborhood and high school had a large Arabic population, and let me tell you, every single Arabic girl I’ve ever seen has had (at least) a full C cup and a big, beautiful, ass well before the other girls started developing. It was amazing. After about thirteen years old, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from a woman ten years older… their hair, makeup, and fashion sense is breath taking, every one of them is an absolute knock-out. But when it came to the beautiful hair, the gorgeous eyes, the striking facial features, and the trademark shape of those big round tits and that big jelly ass stretching out of the petite but curvaceous frame, nobody defined that rich Arabic beauty like my neighbor.

I wanted her from the time I was twelve years old, every guy in my neighborhood wanted her, and many a night was spent trying to figure out ways to see her naked through a window or seeing up her skirt. We thought of binoculars, telescopes, mirrors on the shoes, camera phones as we got older and the technology first came out, even to the possible extreme of breaking into her house and hiding, at the risk of being caught. It was all we could think about… but none of them ever followed through with our plans. There were other girls, high school became a whole new ball game of attractive women to drool over, but even now, after all these years, no one has ever been the trophy fuck of all time that she still is… and she’s still one of my favorite fantasies.

But now the fantasy is different. The fantasy is different because I couldn’t handle it anymore. I had been coming dangerously close to realizing this fantasy when I knew that I shouldn’t, but she had spent the last ten years draining all the control that I had. All of my restraint was gone with a flash of her eyes, the sultry way she’d walk to get her mail, with her hips swinging pendulously back and forth on her waist, her boobs squeezed into a tight, thin little shirt that nearly burst at the seams. It was all I could take, even at the risks involved.

And the risks were all that had kept me from realizing my fantasy sooner. I knew them well and had gone over them in meticulous detail to try and change my mind before it was too late to turn back. First of all, I risked losing an amazing relationship, one that means everything to me, with all of my heart… and more than that, I risked going to prison, potentially ruining an innocent life, and God forbid her children ever found out… but it was like the part of me that is so drawn to her had been completely disconnected from all rationale. She was the ultimate temptress, and I was almost to the breaking point. I’d watched her for so long, wanted her for so long, and I didn’t know that I could move on with my relationship and settle down for the rest of my life until I could say that I had had her and realized my fantasies which had all but taken over my life those last few months.

Part of me even believed that she wanted it, knew that she wanted it, that she too had been waiting for it, and that she knew exactly what she had done to my friends and I, the part that she had played in our fantasies, one that she wanted to realize just as much. I was sure she didn’t care about her marriage. I was sure she wanted to be taken from it powerfully and with animal aggression holding her down and pounding her body from head to toe with every long, hard thrust. Her husband is a smaller man who seems very controlling and is always yelling, it’s so hard to believe that a guy like him could have managed to land a woman like that… but inside, I knew it wasn’t possible. I knew she either ran around on him all the time with other men, or she was waiting for the right man to run around with.

She was waiting for one of us, one of the young boys she’s watched grow into men… someone with the energy and the stamina and the libido to keep up with her, the part of her that’s been repressed by a husband who works all of the time, has let himself go, and was never able to satisfy her in the first place. He was her comfort, financially and emotionally, he gave her a house and children and supported her so she never had to work and made sure she is always taken care of… but there was still a part of her I knew that he could never take care of. A part of her he could never handle, never control, and never fulfill.

The part of her that would belong to me.

The funny thing was, there was nothing else about her that appealed to me. She was just a statue, a model, a challenge, a celebrity in my mind who was just outside of my grasp… but close enough to touch. She was my mountain to climb, my one chance to step outside of myself and be the complete opposite of who I was, even though I knew there was that part of me. I wouldn’t have ever wanted a relationship with her, to whisk her away and elope and sip wine together in front of a fireplace. She could never be my soul mate or my lover the way that my girlfriend was. My girlfriend was truly my heart and my soul, my best friend, the one who I am intimate with, even though we’d maintained our virginity up to that time.

Which was another problem. I wanted to maintain my virginity so that my girlfriend and I could experience each other and share that first time experience with each other and be on the same level mentally, physically, and emotionally… but at the same time, I would feel even worse if I was to explore my fantasy after having given ourselves to each other. When I would lose my virginity to her, it would be my promise that she was the one and only, my first and my last, and that I was completely dedicated to her for the rest of my life, which I knew in my heart was what I wanted.

But, again, any rational thought I might’ve had just couldn’t keep up with the fire in my body to have this woman, my neighbor, and feel the sweat slick her skin as I licked and grabbed and took her by force. I had to undress her, tear off her clothes and taste her, to be inside her and cum in her… to see the look on her face, hear her moan, pick up my things and leave her gasping for breath, legs spread and laying limp over the edges of the bed, exhausted and barely conscious from the powerful orgasm that erupted around the cock she had taken to it’s full length. My cock.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was afternoon, maybe one o’clock, and I would be picking my girlfriend up from work at two. I saw my little sex pot neighbor drive by and something in my mind just snapped. I know it’s cliché, but I literally felt something inside of me give way to the passions in my mind, and I just walked out of the door. My eyes never left that car, easing into the garage with the garage door still open. I was sprinting now… I wasn’t even looking around to see who was watching. I was reckless and completely entranced in having her. My heart throbbed as I got closer, part of me couldn’t believe what I was doing, begged me to stop, but the voice was far too distant and had lost all control over me. I was on auto-pilot, and there was no stopping me. Right as I got to the opening of the garage I saw her enter the house from the inside… she was wearing tight designer jeans with a long sleeve belly shirt with that extra thin fabric that really stretched over her sexy body, and a brown denim jacket over it. Her hair was down, as long as it had ever been and absolutely beautiful.

I moved toward the inside door to the house from the garage and listened for movement, for voices, for anything to tip me off to where people were in the house. I knew she lived with her mother, her husband who worked during the day and early evening.. and of course her four kids. I felt my first pangs of hesitancy… I couldn’t go through with it if I so much as heard a child’s voice… I couldn’t risk exposing them to what I wanted to do to their mother, so much as an inkling or the look in my eye. I might’ve been crazy, but I hadn’t lost my heart.

It was then that I turned to look for neighbors watching, but thankfully, none were out. I reached for the door knob and cracked it open just a little bit, listening carefully, and heard her feet on the stairs, moving to the upstairs bedrooms. I couldn’t hear anything else. No television, no voices, just a big empty house.. which made sense because the children should all be at school, the husband should be at work, and that only left the grandmother. She was the least of my concerns.

Peering around the doorway I made my way carefully into the house, mindful not to make a sound, and began making my way toward the stairs. I was listening very carefully for the sound of footsteps, but hearing none, I began making my way up the stairs, deciding to take them quickly but silently as I wouldn’t have much time to make it down the stairs and find a place to hide if she suddenly emerged from a room.

Making it up the stairs, the first bedroom I came to was obviously hers, the master bedroom, with a big walk in closet and a king size bed, freshly made, very neat except for a few articles of clothing on the floor.

Her clothes.

A red lacy bra, a low cut red shirt with laces over the cleavage, black nylon pants that I’d seen hugging her ass enough to cut off the circulation, and, best of all, a pair of her panties. A deep red string bikini, v-string for those who really know their panties.

I couldn’t help myself. I picked them off the floor and pulled them up to eye-level, turning them every which way to look them all over… I could already smell her perfume… but then I got another smell. A distinct smell and a strong smell. Pussy. Hot pussy. Pussy that had been boiling over all day, working itself into a soaking frenzy… she was hot. She was thinking about sex, dreaming about sex, salivating for a hard cock to slide into her and work all of those juices into a churn within her, to fuck her like a college cheerleader and just melt away in the pounding warmth between her legs, basking in the sweat and the milk of her hungry snatch.

I pressed the panties hard against my face and inhaled her juices deeply, licking them slowly to savor her juices, as I hard a faucet turned on in a room down the hall. I put the panties in my pocket and turned back to the door, creeping out of the room and peering into the next room, where I found the grandmother sleeping.

“Hopefully she’s a deep sleeper..” I thought to myself, turning back to my lusty lover behind the door at the end of the hallway, my thoughts overwhelmed by a sudden highlight reel of cum shots over thunderous moans from the base of her long, lusty throat, every position she could hold being showered in cum as I realized that the room with the door closed where I heard the water running was a bathroom, and she was washing her hands, ready to step out at any minute.

“This is it…” I muttered under my breath, backing quietly down the hall and back to her bedroom. Listening for the door to open, I un-buttoned my jeans and took my time unzipping them to keep from making a sound, pulling my socks off and pulling off my shirt as I pushed my pants around my ankles and stepped out of them, my cock beginning to twitch between my legs, trembling with excitement as it came to life, thickening as it swung in the air while I moved behind the door, waiting for her to enter the room or pass by it so I could strike.

My heart pounded. I couldn’t believe where I was or what I was doing, and I knew there was no turning back. I heard the door open and my heart nearly stopped. It was pounding, and I could feel my pulse through my cock, which had ballooned to nearly twice the size I was used to, and still hadn’t begun to rise with my hard-on. It was still getting longer and harder… desperate to get inside her, tingling with the circumstances.

I heard her coming and went flat against the wall. I crept along the wall to get close to the door.

But not too close.

She walked past the room and I quickly moved out from behind the wall and into the hallway, and she heard me behind her.

She turned around and just saw me out of the corner of her eye as I jumped on her from the side and got my hands around her mouth, pulling her to the ground using my weight for leverage as we fell, the two of us landing on our side as I quickly rolled on top of her from behind while she struggled. She started biting my hand but as she felt my cock standing up against her ass and felt the natural grind of my body against her, I heard her moan softly and knew she was mine.

As she bit harder, I slipped my arm around her neck as she tried to roll me off of her, choking her with my arm which I hated to do, but I knew I needed to assume control fast. The biting subsided a little as she choked and I pulled my hand away and used my freed hand to get a better grip on her face, squeezing her cheeks together tightly to hold her mouth closed. I reached down her shirt with the arm choking her and felt her bra, a lacy black one as I could tell by the strap which was revealed when my arm stretched the collar of her shirt out over her shoulder.

Now I could really feel myself grinding into the ass of her jeans, right between her cheeks, and I could feel the pre-cum beginning to dribble over the tip of my cock. She moaned again as my hand slipped under her bra and I grabbed her breast, squeezing it at first and then massaging it with my hands, feeling how hard her nipples were against my palm as she moaned again. Louder this time, she liked this just like I knew she would, and she didn’t even know who was doing this to her yet.

As she still struggled, I pulled my hand out from her shirt and around, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and pulling it up over her shoulder as she struggled to keep it on. I quickly reached under and grabbed her breast again, massaging it with rhythmic squeezes timed to the same motion as my thrusts against her ass as she moaned into my hand and I pushed her face first into the floor with my hand on the back of her head, grabbing a fist full of her hair.

“Please,” she finally whined, “stop! Please! I have kids.”

I refused to say a word to her, and she continued to moan and whimper with frustration at not being able to wrestle her way out. Using one arm to continuously push her down by the back of the neck or a handful of hair, I managed to get the shirt off of one arm and then quickly tied the bottom around her head so she couldn’t see me.

My hands naturally started moving for her bra next, but I’d found that I find it even hotter when the woman wears a sexy lacy bra like hers, especially a black one, than when she takes it off.

With the shirt tied over her head and one arm completely pulled free of the sleeve, exposing half of her bra, I turned her on her back to face her . She lifted her knees to try and kick me off, but I grappled her like an amateur wrestler, an arm around her waist which I used to float over on top of her easily, straddling her once again.

I found myself faced with her gorgeous breasts exposed for the first time, her low-cut bra hardly covering her nipples, tight against her breasts nonetheless, having an extremely sexy push-up effect where it definitely wasn’t needed. Her skin was so soft and without so much as a mark on her, it was all I could do to keep myself from slipping my dick between her tits and finishing right there, cumming all over the shirt covering her face and leaving her there… but that would be too fast. I wanted this to take a good long time.

I snatched up her tits through the cups of her bra, pushing them up with my hands and then squeezing them tightly, working them in a circular motion, and finally I put my face down and began licking them all over, kissing them inside the natural curve between them and then pulling down the bra to kiss her nipple, licking all over it as her legs crossed and strained with pleasure and she arched her back, moaning into the shirt as her hair spilled all over the carpeting. I squeezed a little harder and licked underneath it and then all around the nipple, biting gently and then harder as her moans grew in volume before taking the whole thing in my mouth and sucking it with big wet slops, sucks, and kisses.

I moved to the other breast and pinched the nipple hard with my fingers, grabbing it tightly and lightly pulling as I squeezed, pushing her tits together and then licking between them, coating them both with thick saliva at the same time as she tossed and turned, wriggling beneath me. I couldn’t resist. I moved forward on to her chest and slipped my cock under her bra and between her breasts as I pushed them around my cock and started to grind my cock into her chest, feeling those warm, soft mounds envelope my thick rod while she gasped and shuddered in rich, heavy breaths.

I began sliding back and forth slowly, closing my eyes to really feel the soft flesh sliding around the underside of my flaring cock, feeling the head begin to poke the underside of her chin. My orgasm was already beginning to build at the base of my cock and temptation again almost brought me to cum all over her throat and the shirt over her head, all over those tits and that black lacy bra, and then tie her up to the bed so her husband would find her that way when he came home, still moaning like a whore with dried cum all over her bare naked breasts.

Stopping myself just short of shooting a thick load over a growling orgasm all over her voluptuous chest, I turned her back around to face the floor and unclasped her bra, pulling it off of her to reveal the sexiest back I’ve ever seen, narrowing at the waist from two small narrow shoulders and a long sexy line from her neck to the crack of her ass with that slight hour-glass curve. I felt the weight of her round, pert little tits falling free and gave them a feel as I rode myself into the ass of her pants from behind, squeezing my handfuls of her breasts hard enough to turn the moans into whimpers, getting a feel for a prime cum target when the time came later. I made up my mind that they would definitely need a thick coat streaming over the sweat of her heaving breasts, but there was still plenty of work to be done.

She again began struggling beneath me, as I turned her face-up again and straddled her chest sliding my dick back between her tits and using my weight to hold her down to the floor, pushing her tits back around my cock and sliding forward with another long slow thrust, slapping her across the face sharply but not hard enough to bruise. I want her to know she was my slave, and I wasn’t above getting her attention where and when necessary. I thrust forward again as my cock swelled with cum in the warm squeeze between those big soft breasts wrapped tight around me, and I slapped her again as she quieted down, moaning softly in defeat.

I wanted to call her a whore and make demands, but I couldn’t risk she’d hear my voice. Instead I just grunted and moaned as my dick slid faster and faster between her soft bronze tits, thrusting myself just short of her neck, and before I knew it I wasn’t sure I could stop the cum boiling over inside of me. I clenched tight and held on, slowing down to try and tide myself over, and only a little dab pushed it’s way out and on to her chest, running down from between her tits to the base of her neck, a little gift to mark the occasion with plenty more to come.

I slid my way downward and picked her up by the legs, lifting her almost upside down at an angle to take away any leverage she might’ve had, hooking her leg under an arm while my other hand worked furiously at her jeans. Unfortunately, she had the kind of jeans with all buttons instead of a zipper, so it took a good long time, and surprisingly, she didn’t take the chance to scream while I was out of reach from her mouth. She could’ve easily woken up the grandmother, but she was moaning and groaning like it was our honeymoon, she was gritting her teeth, she wanted every second of this and she couldn’t deny it.

As I un-hooked the final button, I grabbed her waist band with both hands and yanked. Her pants slid to her knees immediately, revealing the sexiest pair of panties I’ve ever seen, black string bikini that tied at the hips and were partially see-through… my dick jumped at the sight alone, and I worked even more furiously to pull her jeans off as the urgency between my legs swelled with excitement. Now she had stopped kicking and almost gone limp, spreading her legs except to let me take her panties off in complete submission, though I pushed her legs down in denial. The panties stayed on for now. I wanted to tease her.

Moving down between her legs, I began to lick along the strings of the bikini, across her lower stomach and then down along her leg. The closer I got to the cloth of her panties the stronger I could smell her burning juices quenched for my cock to overflow in sudden warm bursts between her legs, and I could feel my pulse racing. I kissed up her thigh halfway to the knee and licked all the way back down, teasing the edge of her panties with my tongue right next to where her luscious lips were waiting for me.

I spanked the inside of her warm thigh and heard her moans turn to growls of lust as she threw her head back to arch her neck with pleasure and I moved to her other leg and wildly kissed and licked the soft flesh of her inner thigh right to the pubic bone. Moving over the cloth of her panties and licking long and slow, I let her feel my tongue and knew it drove her crazy for it to be so close without the warmth and the wet of my mouth exploring inside of her like I knew she ached for. She bucked her hips into my face and moaned desperate little whimpers, digging her nails into the carpeting as she shook with waves of pleasure, begging me to eat her pussy.

I stopped with another sharp slap to the inside of her thigh and then slowly reached for the ties at her hips which held her panties on, pulling gently at the knot as it gradually buckled and finally gave way, pulling it off of her legs and dipping down with a hungry tongue into her juicy snatch, licking from her sweet tunnel to the warm nub of her clit, devouring her juice and soaking my face as I nuzzled the lightly trimmed hairs of her pussy and began to lap at her clit like a pie-eating contest, rolling my tongue all the way up and then around, grazing the sides of her clit and then coming up from under again in between pressing my tongue flat against it and simply rolling it around as I got it nice and wet with saliva.

I could see her struggling to get her arms free from the shirt I’d tied around her head, reaching to put her hand on the back of my neck and grab the wisps of hair with the contractions of her muscles both above and below. At this point I knew she was in for the full ride and without so much as looking up from my mouthful of hot pussy, I finally pulled the shirt off, leaving her completely naked on the floor beneath me, as I lapped more at her hungry lips and savored the taste of her clit on my tongue, while she oozed her sticky juices in ecstasy.

Feeling my cock stir beneath me, I stopped right as she got her hand around the back of my head and began digging her nails into my neck, pulling my head further into her sweetly marinated bush. She tried holding me down to keep going, but I grabbed her hand and held it to the floor, once again over powering her, as her moans grew even more helpless, begging me not to stop.

Standing up, I saw her eyes widen at the size of my dick as it stood upright from my body, towering over her, a strong seven inches of base and another inch and a half of head as I reached down and grapped her by the back of the neck, pulling her up and to her knees as she looked into my face for the first time. Now she knew who I was, and I could say anything. It was too late, and there was nothing I could do except get my cock into that hot wet mouth and fuck the back of her throat ’til cum splashed in her mouth and overflowed her lips, cause at the time it was all I could think about.

“Suck it, you fucking whore.” I said with a firey glare, “And suck it deep, cause I want to feel it in the back of your throat… whether you put it there or I do!”

She looked at me in complete shock, as it dawned on her who I was and what we were doing, but I pulled her by the back of the head with a handful of hair, forcing her lips against the head of my prick as she pursed them tightly with hesitation.

“I said suck my fucking cock,” I snarled, “you’re a dirty little whore who loved having her pussy lapped all over on the fucking floor, and now I’m going feel your hand slide my cock all over your wet mouth and right into the back of your dirty little cum-tunnel, cause I want to hear you gag when I feel my cum splash into the back of your head!”

I forced my cock between her lips and all the way into her throat, gagging her immediately as she tried pushing away from me.

“Then suck it right, bitch, do it your way and make me like it better, as long as I cum all over the face of my favorite whore and the tight little throat she has waiting for me.”

Pulling her by the back of the head with a handful of hair, she put her hands on my hips and at first it felt like resistance, but her hands slid around behind my thighs, grabbing me ass and pulling me forward into her hungry lips as I squeezed a handful of her hair, opening her mouth with those big soft lips wrapped around my cock as she moaned and slurped over it like a whore in a frat-house.

My head fell back off my shoulders and I moaned with my entire body shaking as she slid her lips tight around my dick and sucked it into the back of her throat with her warm tongue, wrapped around me with her lips, bobbing down like a champion, sucking all the way up with her tongue lapping the underside of my cock while her hand grabbed my shaft and jerked her juices up around the head while her lips slid on and off, milking me as I held her head with both hands and pulled her down, forcing myself deeper into her throat until I felt my dick press against it.

She gagged again but this time she seemed to control it more, opening her throat and leaning forward as I thrust it into her mouth again, feeling the warm squeeze as it pushed into and past her throat, feeling her hand slip from around the bass of my cock and back on my ass, a lone finger beginning to work it’s way around my asshole as I grabbed her hair even tighter, toes curling into the carpet beneath us. She could feel how close I got and started sliding me in and out, ringing out my cock with her tight throat combined while her slick spit slid me further inside with every buck and thrust of my hips while I watched her long brown hair dangle at my legs and my cock disappear in her lips, feeling the head press against the back of her throat and push through again and again, sliding up and down the tight walls and in and out, dragging against the underside of my head as the cum continued to build.

I began fucking her throat with force as she worked her finger deeper in my ass, in small circles that sent waves of pleasure up through my cock as I thrust even deeper into her throat, driving it in as her eyes teared trying not to gag, grabbing my balls with her free hand as I pulled myself forward into her throat with both hands in her hair and around the back of her head, bucking my cock deeper, working it in and out of her mouth, pulling out to her lips so she could work my cock with the hand from my balls, pumping it in long quick strokes as her lips bobbed over the head, sucking and moaning and lapping up the precum under my cock as I pulled out of her mouth to see her eyes focus on it, towering over her, watching the spit hang on from her lips to the underside of my dick and fall all over her face as she grabbed me by upper part of my swollen cock and forced me back into her mouth, gagging herself down onto my cock with it back in her throat, sliding in and out, as I began to squat down, lowering myself on top of her and forcing her flat on her back.

As her eyes widened with hesitancy, I began thrusting down into her open mouth as she tried to keep her lips closed around the base of my cock, fucking her throat harder as she gagged and gurgled, closing her eyes tightly trying to take it as I felt my orgasm building even more.

In between strokes, I paused just long enough to swing around and lay on top of her, my cock still in her mouth, with her having to crane her neck to tilt her head back so she could take my thrusts into the back of her throat as my mouth lowered around her pussy.

As my cock plunged with thrust after thrust into the wet drooling mess around her mouth and sliding me into her throat as she sucked, pulling me down deeper and deeper with her hands on my ass, I lowered my face back on her pussy and felt her buck as soon as my tongue slipped back over her throbbing clit. She wrapped her legs around my head and wrapped her arms around my ass, pulling me down as my cock buried deeper into her throat, as I forced my face further into her pussy. Her legs held my head in place with her thighs on either side of my face, and we began bucking into each others mouths, each on the verge of cumming.

We both began moaning loudly as I pushed the last few strokes into her throat, feeling my cock swell in the tight walls of her throat as it slid inside of her and began to tremble, hard thrusts pushing me to the edge of an explosive orgasm as her legs tightened around my head and nearly broke my neck, pulling my head down with the last long lap of her pussy before I felt her muscles contracting and could feel the muscles of her pussy bound tightly with the contractions of a full-bodied, earth-quaking orgasm. I licked wildly at her pussy as her juice squirted up in a vertical stream against my face, wailing against my cock as I pummeled her clit back and forth with my tongue, working her clit into circles and lapping it with a rapid-fire assault of clit-tonguing mania as her legs trembled around me and she began to buck with moans that resonated around my cock as it sank into her throat and cum began to blast into her mouth, holding me in her throat as I came while she pulled me to her even tighter and we both began to breath hard through our nose, trembling together and cumming together as we both felt the sweat covering our bodies begin to run over the sides of our skin, every little trickle intensified a thousand times by the moment as she rolled me on to my back and sat on my face while she continued to pulse and twitch with the after-gasm, her jaw hanging loose as her mouth pulled away from my cock, unable to utter so much as a sound as her body shook with the final stretch of a massive orgasm soaking my face.

I felt her legs weaken first, lowering to the floor as I pumped the last few streams of cum into her face while it hung over me, still open with cum drooling it over her lips from her throat, as she went down over my dick and tuck me into her throat a final time. I rolled her over and on to her back and let it sink as deep as it would go, instantly hardening again, as I finally pulled myself from her throat with several deep, exhausted breaths. She looked up at me with my cum still drooling over her lips and all over her mouth, even into her hair around her face, as it dripped on to her chest and her big juicy breasts.

“Swallow it!” I snapped, as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to show me it was gone.

“Good! Now, that was just to take the pressure off… get on to the bed and we’ll start having the real fun!”

Standing up and taking her by the hair, she purred with excitement as I pulled her into the room and closed the door. I turned her to face me and buried my face in her breasts, kissing them deeply with my tongue and then raising them to my lips to suck on her nipples. I tightened the grip on her hair with the hand around the back of her neck and she reached down and began stroking my cock, already well on it’s way back to life.

She wailed and whimpered with her legs trembling beneath her, desperate to have me inside her and be released of the massive flow building between her legs, as I took the hand from her breasts and felt my way into the warm pool salivating from her soft dark lips, slipping a finger into her tunnel and finding the g-spot, sliding my finger back and forth and tapping against it as I felt her hand leave my cock to play with her own clit, already beginning to cum.

“Not yet!” I said with authority, “Get on the bed first.”

I stood at the foot of the bed as she crawled obediently, lowering her chest to drag her nipples along the sheets of the bed while spreading her legs to give me a full view from behind, watching the juice slip down her legs and her asshole pulse with arousal.

“Lay down, face down, with your and between your legs. I want you to play with yourself, but if you cum, I’m going to hold you down and tie you to the bed so your husband comes home and finds you all fucked up.”

She looked at me horrified and hesitated with my command.

“You can’t, he’ll leave me!”

“Lay down!” I said again, this time with a glare to go with my tone of authority. “Spread your legs and play with yourself while I watch, don’t cum, and just do as I fucking say is all you have to worry about.”

As much as I could tell she wasn’t used to being such a little submissive slut, I could tell she liked it as she slumped down on to her stomach and looked back at me as her hands began to explore her pussy, though she remained on her knees with her ass in the air. That’s not what I wanted. I walked behind her and slapped her ass hard, commanding her attention, and then began pushing my finger into her asshole and working all of the sensitive little nerves into a frenzy as I slowly repeated my mantra.

“Lay down… flat… on your stomach… and play with your pussy while I watch… but do.. not.. come!”

I spanked her again as I thrust my finger a little deeper and then pulled away to watch her do as told. She slid the rest of the way down and began reaching to play, groaning and trying to find a comfortable position at the slightly odd angle.

“It’s hard!” she cried with frustration, “I don’t know what to do!”

“Then roll over!” I barked, “and spread your legs as wide as you can! I want you to feel the muscle stretch, feel the burn like an exercise, and hold it there! Then play with yourself, and again, do not get yourself off!”

She rolled over and spread her legs, giving me another beautiful view of her sexy little slit, running her fingers over her clit in circular, side-to-side motions, trying to make it as far as her g-spot, but finding it difficult to stretch while laying perfectly flat.

“Keep going,” I said, feeling my cock swell in my hand. “I want you to hear you moan, and I want to see you writhe. Toss, turn, roll, make me believe it, but you’d better not cum, you little bitch, you heard me.”

She began moving her fingers faster and the muscles throughout her body tightened, flexed throughout her legs and her slim, soft little stomach, even her neck was craned with all the muscles standing out, her face giving way to the incredible pleasure at her fingertips as I watched the juice begin to overflow her fingers, arching her back and thrusting her hips into her hand, muttering nothings in Arabic I couldn’t understand.

I moved towards her on the bed and settled in between her legs, lowering my cock towards her waiting hole with my hand as I watched it tighten and jump with the light sensation of my knuckles against her sensitive lips as I slowly pushed the head of my cock against her. I felt her having to adjust to my size and heard it in her voice as her moans became shrieks of arousal, in rhythm with her heavy, panting breaths as she felt the full length of my meat push inside her and my hands take her hips.

“You can’t cum until you feel me cum… and I’m going to take my time.”

I began working it into her slowly, letting it linger inside her as I leaned forward, letting her feel the swollen base against her clit, reverberating with the electricity of her loins as I pulsed within her, stretching her like a beast having taken her as she fought for every breath in the overwhelming lush of satisfaction.

“Fuck me,” she moaned breathily, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, let me cum!”

I thrust into her hard and she moaned painfully, her entire body jumped with the feel of my full eight inches driven to the balls inside her with such a sharp, sudden stroke… and then again with another jolt into her as I pulled her hips into the thrust with as much force as I could, watching her limp rag-doll body jerk forward.

“Harder…” she whispered with what sounded like the last of her strength. “Harder…” she mouthed without a breath to work with. She opened her eyes and looked at me beggingly, and I could feel the warmth tighten around me, daring me on.

I scooped up her legs over my shoulders and leaned forward, sliding a hand underneath her ass to lift it into my thrusts as I let my other hand wrap around her neck, pulling her forward between her own legs to be pulled into each thrust. She reached for me and the muscles in her arms could hardly hold on as I began to slide into her and work my hips into a speeding rhythm with my whole body working each thrust deeper and harder into her, pumping her like I had caught her in the street and was holding her down to be taken anyway I wanted, and her body rocked limply into every blow.

“Talk to me,” I said, “I want to hear what I’m doing to you.”

I picked up the pace and began to thrust even faster longer strokes, pulling her head closer with my fingers pulling her hair into a tight handful behind her head, trying to keep a grip on my own orgasm as I began to feel the quaking between her legs work it’s way down to the grip around my cock, sliding over me with every inch of each rapid-fire thrust I was pummeling into her.

“Please, I’m… so… close…”

She through her head back and I let her fall limp to the bed, crawling over her with my hands lifting her ass into the air, legs straddling my hips as I pushed forward and held her down by the shoulders, picking up my speed even more as I felt the orgasm begin to ripple through her and her voice begin to shake with the waves of cum that were about to come flooding out of her.

She drew her breath sharply with a shriek and arched her back against my weight as I held her down by the shoulders, letting my hands slide to her breasts and gripping them tightly as I began to feel my own orgasm almost letting go. She was thrashing on the bed and arching her back, head spinning and legs straining to hold her up. I pounded into her with all the power I had in longer, deeper strokes, with the hardest I had left in me finally setting her off into a heavy panting gasp which lingered into an extended whimper as she clamped around me and began to spasm with a heavy load of her sweet juices dumped all over my cock, reaching back to grip the sheets tightly in her hands as her mouth dropped and I kissed her deeply.

She reclined with her eyes closed as though to sleep, and I nearly stopped her heart as my arm reached down and snatched her around the throat, scaring her half to death with how sharp and sudden.

“You came first…” I hissed with an evil smile.

“No, please… cum in my mouth again. Please? All over my face this time! Cum on my breasts! Don’t leave me like this for my husband, I’ll lose everything! He’ll take the kids from me and even if I ran, he would find me and he would kill me!”

I dismissed every word as she wrestled her way from beneath me and through me on to the bed with a sudden aggression I hadn’t yet seen, lowering herself on to my cock and beginning to ride me, lowering her breasts into my face to be sucked as her long hair fell over my face, working her hips like a tornado around me, her eyes like a wild animal closing on it’s kill.

I felt the orgasm beginning to build and it was more than I could fight, she was sliding herself all the way down ’til my cock buried deep in the tight wet tunnel that she worked around me like a hand engulfing my full length, sliding all the way up around the head and then slamming back down as she continued working me with tight circles of her hips and a look of possession in her eyes that defied exorcism.

“That’s right, cum daddy, cum all over me baby, cum inside me, I want to feel it so bad… cum for me right now, I want to feel it inside me, just like that daddy, come on, cum baby…cum in your fucking slut’s pussy.”

I felt the first blast explode inside of her as she rode me, pinned to the bed and smiling as she felt it begin to fill her.

“Mmmm, that’s right daddy, let me feel it, fuck your dirty girl and shoot that dirty cum into her tight, wet little pussy.”

I felt the sweat pouring over my face and could hear myself groaning as my eyes clamped shut and I felt my hips bucking into the cum rocketing into her, spurts seeping out of her as she leaned down and this time it was her kissing me deeply, feeling her long hair around my face and her breasts against my chest, cum oozing around our legs in warm puddles seeping into the bed beneath my ass.

She hugged me closely and kissed me again deeply, brushing a hand through my hair and rolling off the bed to put on her clothes.

I rolled off the side of the bed and reached out for her arm, grabbing it as she turned over her shoulder to look at me.

“You didn’t wait…”

She stared at me puzzled with a cute little smile and glared at me with nymphomaniac eyes.

“I’m sorry, daddy, you just overwhelmed me…I tried not to cum..”

“Trying isn’t good enough,” I said as I pulled her around to face me by the arm and grabbed her around the back of the neck and by a shoulder, lowering her to her knees.

“What do you mean…” she said with a terrified stutter, the terror of the situation returning to her face as that predatory smile I’d walked in with returned to mine.

“I told you there would be consequences…” I said, forcing my cock against her lips with a handful of hair… something I was beginning to like.

“You want to cum in my mouth?”

I shook my head.

“On my face and my tits?”

I shook my head again.

“In my poor, aching pussy?”

I remained silent and pressed my cock against her mouth again as she began sucking me back to life with long, slow drags over my cock, soaking it in her saliva like a true cock-sucking champion.

“I want the only thing I haven’t taken yet… I’ve had your hand, your mouth, and your poor, aching pussy…”

“But you broke my rules, so now I’m going to have your ass.”

She looked up at me with my cock still deep in her mouth as though trying to reassure herself she hadn’t heard me say it.

“Hmmm?” she managed to hum around my cock.

I pushed the back of her head down over my cock as she gasped and choked hard, her throat closing around me as the blood returned again and it filled her mouth, swelling in her mouth ’til her lips barely fit around it as she tried to pull her mouth off of me, but my hand held her head in place. I began walking backward with her still gagging over my cock, moving her towards the bed, and then maneuvering her between me and the edge of the bed as I finally let her mouth pull away.

“I can’t handle it in my ass… I’ve never even let my husband try, no one in my life!”

“Today’s the day.” I said with a smirk, quickly grapping her as she tried to dart out of my reach in a break for the door.

“No!” she cried as I wrestled her beneath her arms and tackled her against the bed, turning her forcefully on to her stomach as she tried to push her way out from under me.

“It’s up to you how much you enjoy this… but you can’t stop me from enjoying it.”

I grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her face down into the mattress, spreading her ass cheeks with my free hand and moving in behind her, feeling her asshole tighten against the feel of my cock as she braced herself for what was coming.

“I can’t take this!” she wailed, but it was too late.


I slid into her with force, making sure that it got into her as the tight hole pulsed around my cock and nearly buckled my legs with the feel as I stared at the long curvaceous back and the exotic brown hair falling over it.

“Don’t worry, this won’t take long..”

I bent her arm behind her back and she arched her back as I put my hand on her shoulders, forcing face-first into the mattress as I began humping my hips into her tight little hole and could already feel the stir of an orgasm beginning to build.

She was in tears now, gripping the sheets in her ands with pain and biting down on a pillow that had been cast aside as ran my hands down her shoulders on to her arms, holding them flat at her sides and using them to pull her into my thrusts, pumping into her with her moaning in pain and moving her hips against her will into my thrusts, driving into her tight little asshole and feeling the orgasm almost at it’s peak.

“Goddamn this is good.” I growled as I plowed forward, putting both of us back on the bed as I pulled her up with my hands on her hips, releasing her arms to hold herself up against my thrusts.

“Just put it in my pussy, please…”

“Not a chance, angel, this is the only doggy-style I do.”

She moaned again in another loud crying yelp as I pounded myself deeper into her tight little hole and began to feel my cock spasm with the onset of a mind-blowing orgasm, speeding up my pace until it was all I could do to fall against her and begin thrusting the last few drops I could squeeze from my sack into her raw, cock-pummeled ass. I shook with wave after wave of pleasure as her asshole tightened at the feel of my cum shooting inside of her.

I laid on top of her, still penetrating her ass, and as she regained composure of herself, she fought off whimpers and tears to speak.

“Are you done now?”

“For now…” I said,

“But not forever.”

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