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Friends – And More!

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Everyone except Sally and me had left by midnight. Some needed to be home before their babysitters started charging double; others because they had things to do the next morning. Sally and I stayed to help clear up. We had no children to go home for, or any pressing things to get up early for. On top of that, we lived just around the corner so didn’t have to worry about taxis or drinking too much.

As such, the four of us were all a trifle merry as we began the clearing up, washing of plates and dishes and general tidying. The whole business was more fun than a chore with much mickey-taking, giggling and, it has to be said, flirting.

Sally, needless to say, had dressed to kill. This was mainly to try and outdo Jill who, like Sally, had a body most women would kill for, as well as a similar, mile-wide streak of exhibitionism. Impressing our other friends with her sleek figure and long, slim legs, was also on the agenda, as was ensuring I didn’t forget my promise to fuck her brains out when we got home afterwards. Watching her dress before we went out had been exquisite torture.

With one foot on her dressing table stool, she had slowly rolled on a white, stay-up stocking that was topped with a lacy band of elastic. Then the process had been repeated with the other leg, followed by – and this was purely for my benefit, so that I could admire the near perfection of her body – much critical pirouetting in front of the mirror.

Finally satisfied that the stockings were just right, she wriggled into the silk dress she had bought on our recent trip to Thailand. It clung to her body as though sprayed on, covering her from throat to mid thigh and yet revealing everything. The material was so fine that any sort of undergarment was clearly noticeable. When I had pointed this out to her she simply decided not to wear anything under it.

That her nipples would be obvious therefore, went without saying, but I didn’t have to look too hard to see the definition of her aureoles, either. Even the most severe of trims failed to hide the springy hairs of her bush and so she had cheerfully spent a careful ten minutes removing every last one. The thought of running my mouth over her hairless cunt had kept me hard for most of the evening. Fortunately, my jeans were a loose fit.

Knowing she looked good enough to be able to charge a thousand pounds an hour, excited her as well and she turned to me with a triumphant smile when the dress was adjusted to her satisfaction. I was allowed just one tantalising minute of sliding my hands over the excitingly slippery curves of her body before she spun gracefully out of reach.

‘Okay, down boy! That’s enough.’

I sighed, sulkily, which made her laugh.

‘I know you! Another ten seconds and you’d be trying to take it off again.’

‘I was thinking more about hiking it up just high enough for me to…’

‘Harry!’ she giggled, before pausing a moment. ‘I suppose we do, actually, have time… ‘

She backed away again as I advanced towards her.

‘But, no. I don’t want to spend the evening leaking cum.’

‘You used to say you enjoyed going out to posh dos after we’d had a quickie,’ I reminded her.

‘I still do,’ she said quickly. ‘But not tonight. For a start it’ll show on my dress – especially after I’ve sat down but, more importantly, I don’t want a quickie tonight. I want a good, old-fashioned, downright dirty longie!’

So I curbed my impatience and tried not to grope her too much on the short walk round the corner.

Jill, as fair as Sally was dark, had also opted for a revealing outfit. Her dress had a neckline that didn’t so much plunge as free-fall. The richly patterned material finally came together just below her navel. Round the back, it hung almost to her knees but, in front it was cut away almost to the tops of her thighs. If ever a dress was designed to allow its wearer to be fucked with the minimum of inconvenience this was it.

The two women made a disturbingly erotic sight and I rolled my eyes at Mark as we watched the women embrace.

‘They look edible, don’t they?’ he grinned.

‘Don’t they just! I told Sal she could charge a thousand an hour dressed like that, but together, they’d fetch at least three.’

‘I reckon it’d be worth every penny,’ he agreed, leading me in.

The dinner party was a success. The food had been excellent, the company entertaining and, thanks to their friendly rivalry, Sally and Jill had been more than amusing. Once the clearing up was finished and we waited for a fresh brew of coffee to be made, I made a point of saying how much I’d enjoyed it all.

‘And of course,’ I finished, ‘the sight of you two women, damn near baring your alls, was the icing on the cake.’

‘That’s Harry’s way of saying he fancies you,’ Sally whispered loudly to Jill, giving her a dig in the ribs.

‘Sal!’ I spluttered.

‘Well, you do,’ she said with a wicked grin. ‘Admit it.’

‘I’ll admit that if I didn’t know you and if Jill wasn’t married to Mark, I might have tried my luck,’ I said cautiously.

‘Hey, I can tell you now – you’d have definitely got lucky!’ Jill laughed, reaching up to give me a quick peck on the cheek and then standing next to me to lean against the kitchen counter.

I slid my arm around her waist, which made her giggle and move closer.

‘However, while we’re on the subject,’ she continued, ‘it seems to me, that from the way he’s been ogling her all evening, my husband fancies your wife.’

Mark just grinned and decided the time had come to pour us all a snifter of brandy. He disappeared into the lounge. Moments later came the sound of some soft music and then the clink of glasses.

‘Go through,’ Jill told Sally and me. ‘I’ll follow with the coffee.’

‘I’ll stay and help,’ I said, enjoying my cuddle with Jill.

‘Told you he fancies you!’ Sally grinned knowingly, before heading for the lounge. ‘Well, if you two are going to get matey in here, don’t blame me if I seduce Mark though there!’

‘Do you really?’ Jill asked slyly, once Sally had moved into the lounge.

Jill felt warm and inviting where I was touching her and that, along with the scent of her perfume, was definitely getting to me. It had been a long time since I had been this close to a woman other than Sally so I was disappointed when she eased away from me and started setting out cups and saucers.

‘Do I really, what?’ I asked, savouring the memory of her closeness.

‘Fancy me,’ she asked, tilting her head to one side and raising her eyebrows.

‘Of course I do,’ I replied – meaning it, even though I could hardly have said anything else.

‘So is that hard-on,’ she said casually, with a nod at my crutch, ‘because of me, or Sal?’

‘Shit! I was hoping you wouldn’t notice,’ I sighed looking down at the bulge in my jeans.

‘For a girl who’s seen more than her fair share of stiffies,’ she grinned, ‘it sticks out like a sore thumb – a very big sore thumb, I should add. Well, which of us brought it on?’

‘Hard to say, really,’ I said, quickly rearranging my prick so that it was straitened out and not quite so obvious. ‘You’re both walking wet-dreams.’

‘Men!’ she grunted, sighing with exasperation – but I could tell she didn’t mean it. ‘Mark’s exactly the same. Actually we should hurry up because God knows what he’s doing to Sally in there.’

‘Would it bother you if they were doing anything?’ I asked curiously, admiring her ass as she bent to take the milk from the fridge.

‘Good question,’ she said, pausing in the act of pouring the milk to think about it. ‘It would bother me if he tried to do anything behind my back, or if it was all right for him to fool around but it wasn’t for me.’

‘But if you knew about it?’

‘If I knew about it and it was understood I could have a little something as well, that would be different, so why not?’ she shrugged. ‘Not that it’s ever come up, though. How about you and Sal?’

‘Like you, we haven’t talked about it. But, if we did, I think we’d probably feel the same as you,’ I said, thoughtfully. ‘If we were both having fun – fair enough. But not one without the other.’

‘Okay, so let me make sure I’ve got this straight,’ Jill said slowly. ‘If Sally wanted to have sex with Mark, you wouldn’t mind as long as you could have sex with me? And, conversely, if you wanted to fuck me, then you wouldn’t mind if Sally was fucked by Mark?’

‘Shit, how did we get here?’ I blinked, before nodding slowly. ‘However, hypothetically speaking, I guess that sums it up – as long as you two wanted to, of course. All parties would have to be in agreement. I mean, it would be awkward if, say, you and I wanted to do it but they didn’t.’

‘Well, I can assure you that Mark would love to fuck Sal!’ she grinned. ‘Trust me on that.’

‘And knowing that doesn’t bother you?’

‘Come on, Harry! There must be dozens of women you’d like to fuck – and dozens of men that Sally would. Wanting to fuck them isn’t the same as actually fucking them, so of course it doesn’t bother me. And if it did, would it stop Mark fancying a woman?’

‘But fancying a friend?’ I said doubtfully.

‘Does Sally give you a hard time because you fancy me? She obviously knows you do.’

‘No. But suddenly it’s starting to sound like it could go beyond fancying.’

‘Ah, but from what you’ve been saying, it wouldn’t matter if it did – as long as it was the four of us, here and now.’

‘Well, we wouldn’t be doing anything behind each other’s backs and any one of us would be able to object if they didn’t like the idea,’ I said thoughtfully, conscious that my prick was as hard as its ever been. ‘What do you think?’

‘I wouldn’t mind fucking you at all,’ she nodded, flashing me a dirty grin. ‘I think it might be fun.’


She laughed, picked up the tray of coffee and headed for the lounge. Mark and Sally were shuffling about in some sort of dance. Mark had a slightly glazed expression and I knew exactly what it meant. Holding Sally in that dress was like holding a naked woman – and she, being the horny little bitch that she is, would make damn sure there was plenty of contact. As such, only a gay man would fail to be affected.

They ignored us as we came in and, once Jill set down the tray of coffee cups, she sat down on the sofa and patted the place next to her and I didn’t need asking twice before joining her. Once she’d finished fussing with the coffee, she picked up her brandy glass and held it expectantly. I picked up mine and chinked it gently against hers.


‘Cheers!’ she echoed.

She took a thoughtful sip and set it down again.

‘What did I tell you?’ she said softly, nodding towards Mark and Sally.

‘But you don’t mind, right?’

‘I told you,’ she murmured, trailed her fingertips ever so lightly up my thigh and over the front of my trousers, causing my prick to twitch, ‘not if you’re my consolation.’

She ran a fingernail up the teeth of my zip, making a tiny clicking noise. We both watched as the finger reached the top. Underneath the zip, my prick was almost painfully erect. She took hold of the puller and then looked up at me, a challenge in her eyes.

‘I dare you,’ I said.

She grinned, pulled the zip about half-way down and then zipped me up again, letting go of the puller as though it had burned her.


‘You think so? Watch this.’

She pulled the zip right the way down and calmly reached in to ease out my prick.

‘No underwear, Mr. Johnson?’ she giggled.

”Fraid not, Mrs. Henderson. And you?’

I placed my hand, slowly and deliberately on her thigh and then slid it under the front of her dress. Two inches later I felt hot, wet and very slippery flesh. She let out a soft sigh as I gently stroked the lips of her cunt.

‘It was Mark’s idea,’ she confessed, with a sly grin. ‘He had plans to fuck me in this dress after everyone had gone.’

‘Maybe he still will,’ I grinned, finding her clit and rubbing it with my thumb.

We were interrupted by Sally’s voice. I froze in shock. Despite them being in the room with us, I had become so engrossed with Jill that I forgot all about the others. I needn’t have worried.

‘My, God!’ she exclaimed, sounding both shocked and excited. ‘Mark, have you seen what my husband is doing to your wife?’

Jill and I looked up to see Mark and Sally grinning at us. Clearly, they were not at all put out which, I guess, meant that if they hadn’t actually been hoping that this was going to happen, they had no problem with the fact that it had.

‘He’s only doing to her, what I want to do to you,’ Mark told her.

‘You want to play with my pussy?’ Sally giggled. ‘But I’m a married woman.’

‘Since when did being married mean you can’t have your pussy played with?’ he asked, trying to sound puzzled.

‘I meant only my husband is supposed to play with my pussy,’ she said patiently.

‘But he’s playing with Jill’s pussy! Anyway, I don’t just want to play with your pussy, I also want to lick it and fuck it.’

‘Oooh! That sounds fun. Can I lie down first?’

‘Please do. Maybe you’d better take off your dress, too.’

Now it appeared to be Sally and Mark who were oblivious to the presence of Jill and I as Sally reached behind herself to unzip her dress. Considering how long it took to put on, I was impressed by the speed with which she removed it. Obviously, I’ve seen Sally naked hundreds of times. Equally obviously, I’ve fucked her hundreds of times but, seeing her now, wearing only stockings and high heels, I still felt a rush of lust. Even though it had apparently been accepted by all that we were going to have sex with each other’s partners, I felt jealous of Mark.

Circumstances had conspired to enable him to see my wife naked and, the way things were going, were going to allow him to fuck her. Clearly, Sally was up for it – as was Mark. Neither of them appeared to have a problem with Jill and I fucking each other.

If I’m honest though, I wasn’t really surprised about Sally. When it came to sex she was strictly one-track. She had begun the evening knowing that she was going to be fucked before it ended and, somewhere along the line, she had obviously decided that having Mark do it, would make an interesting change.

As far as I was aware, this would be the first time either of us had strayed since we married some five years ago. Having an affair or, indeed, swapping partners with people we knew, had never been something we had talked about. We still fucked like rabbits several times a week so quite why this was happening I was unsure. However, there I was with my hand up the dress of my friend’s wife – and she with my prick in her hand – while a few feet away, Sally had bared her all for Mark and seemed impatient to give her all as well. The fact that the four of us were committing adultery together, in front of each other, seemed to make it acceptable. No-one had been coerced; no-one seemed less willing than anyone else. It just seemed the thing to do at that particular moment.

It was still possible to call it all off, of course. No doubt there would be a certain degree of embarrassment and sheepishness but things hadn’t gone too far as yet. However, the point of no return was fast approaching and a few more moments would see us committed. Sally, presumably, had no doubts. As I was considering the situation, she was undressing Mark with impatient hands. The moment he was naked, she pulled him down onto the other sofa and they gradually moved into a sixty-nine.

I stared in fascination. There was my wife, sucking greedily on another man’s prick while keeping her legs wide open so that she could have her cunt licked. I felt surges of jealousy and lust in more or less equal amounts as I took in the intensely erotic sight of Sally offering herself without reservation to another man.

Jill didn’t seem to find the sight so interesting and the feeling of her tongue, swirling around the head of my prick brought me back to reality. Like Sally, Jill seemed to have no doubts and to be equally impatient to get on with things. Suddenly that was fine by me.

‘Do you like having your cunt licked?’ I asked, giving her my full attention.

Her answer was to let my prick flop out of her mouth with a soft plop, lie back, pull the front of her dress up to her waist and spread her legs.

‘What do you think?’ she grinned.

The whole point of foreplay, I was told when much younger, was to ensure both parties were ready for the main event. I have to say that I enjoy foreplay for its own sake and that the women I practice it on have usually been more than ready, long before the key moment arrives. So it was with Jill. She had been ready long before she showed me she wasn’t wearing panties. I looked at her glistening cunt and made a decision.

‘I think you do. And I fully intend to. But I’m going to fuck you first.’

She thought about what I’d said for a second and then giggled.

‘Oooh! That’s dirty. I hope you’re going to share it with me.’

‘That’s even dirtier,’ I told her, peeling off my shirt.

We ended up staying the night. After the first fuck, in front of each other in the lounge, we drank the lukewarm coffee and then Jill took me off to her bedroom while Mark took Sally to their spare room. Jill and I didn’t get much sleep and I’m guessing the others didn’t either. Jill proved to be every bit as uninhibited as Sally and happily allowed me to fuck her ass after passing me a tube of lube.

It was after lunch, early the next afternoon, that Sally and I arrived back at our house. While we waited for the kettle to boil she wrapped her arms around me.

‘I’m still not sure how it all came about but I have to say that it was really good fun. Unexpected, but fantastic! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you playing with Jill’s cunt and she holding your dick as though it was hers. It was so wicked seeing you doing that to another woman – and incredibly erotic because you’ve done it to me so many times I knew exactly what it would feel like.’

‘Did you mind?’

‘Did I look as though I minded? Of course I didn’t! I was surprised because one minute we were just doing a bit of flirting and the next we were into some serious foreplay. But it meant I could find out what Mark was like.’

‘You didn’t waste much time getting naked,’ I reminded her.

‘Christ no! I’d been feeling horny all evening and once it became obvious that we were all up for it – excuse the pun – I’d have got it on with Jill if she’d made a pass at me.’


‘Right then? Probably. Right now? Probably not.’

‘Shame she didn’t!’

‘You’d like to see me making it with another woman, wouldn’t you?’ she grinned, knowingly.

‘God, yes! Especially if it was with Jill.’

‘How was she, by the way?’

‘Very good.’

‘You’ve fancied her for a while, haven’t you?’

‘You know I have – in much the same way as you fancied Mark.’

‘Yeah. Well. You realise we crossed some sort of line last night?’ she said seriously.

‘Mm, I guess we did,’ I agreed.

‘The thing is, there’s no going back, is there?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘What I said. We can’t go back. Until last night, I could say that no matter who I may or may not fancy, I’ve never been unfaithful to you…’

‘The same for me,’ I interrupted quickly.

‘…but that’s no longer the case, is it? We’ve both been unfaithful.’ She gave a short laugh. ‘Well and truly unfaithful.’

‘So what’s your point?’

‘I’m not sure – yet. I just know things have changed.’

‘For better or worse?’

She laughed and slid her arms around me before looking up for a kiss. It was a long and passionate one and I felt my prick stirring.

‘Oh, for the better. Definitely for the better.’

She backed away and finished making us some tea.

‘Are you saying that, having crossed the line – as you put it – we have a good look round?’ I asked.

‘I think I am – as long as we do it together and agree about it all.’

‘Such as repeating the sort of thing we did last night…?’

‘Would you like to?’ she asked.

‘Yes – if you’re okay with it.’

‘Even if it means I’m going to be fucked by other men?’

‘Other men? You mean other than Mark?’

‘Think of the possibilities,’ she said, with a shiver. ‘There are people at work…’

‘I know. There’s a guy in my office who’s always going on about how he and his wife have an open marriage.’

‘There’s a girl in our place who claims she and her partner go on swingers’ weekends,’ Sally nodded.

‘I see what you meant about things having changed. Here we are, just back from fucking our friend’s partners and we start talking about who else we could fuck.’

‘Mark and Jill might not want to do it again. They might be wondering how it all happened and wishing it hadn’t.’

‘Are you?’ I asked.

‘I don’t think so. I think I was ready for something like this because I enjoyed every minute of it. Thinking about it though, it was more what we did than who we did it with.’

‘I thought you fancied Mark.’

‘I did – still do, I guess – but it was the wild naughtiness of it all that made it so exciting. I mean, if I want a good fuck I just jump on you. But last night, offering myself like that! It was a bit like a one-night-stand with the added thrill of knowing you were watching.’

‘You looked like you were totally into Mark and oblivious to us two,’ I told her.

‘Are you kidding? I knew damn well that you were watching and that made it all the more naughty – and all the more exciting.’

‘The question is then, would you fancy fucking Mark again?’

‘If you were there, sure. In fact as long as you were there I think I’d get a kick out of fucking just about anyone, even if I didn’t particularly fancy them. I take it you’d like to fuck Jill again?’

‘Sure – but it wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t.’

‘God, Harry, isn’t this weird? Twenty-four hours ago I would not have believed we could ever be in this position, yet now I’m thinking about who else I could have. You really wouldn’t mind me having someone else?’

‘As long as I could watch.’

‘Did you like watching us?’ she grinned, moving to stand in front of me and placing the flat of her hand against my dick.

‘I was madly jealous, but, yeah, it was really raunchy,’ I admitted, running my hands over her ass.

‘And you’d like to see me getting fucked again?’

I nodded.

‘Shit, Harry!’ she blinked, her fingers paused in the act of unzipping my flies. ‘What are we saying? Maybe we’re going too fast.’

‘You’re right,’ I told her. ‘We haven’t thought it all through yet. However, I’ll tell you one thing I am sure of…’

‘What?’ she asked as she finished unzipping me and deftly eased out my prick.

‘You’re going to get fucked again, right now,’ I growled.

‘Oh, good!’

We headed upstairs and didn’t do much talking for the next hour or so – although we made plenty of noise. Eventually though, we needed a rest and I padded downstairs to make us some fresh tea. Maggie was sitting up demurely against the pillows when I returned, the duvet pulled up under her arms. But the glow on her face and the devilment in her eyes, told its own story.

‘Did you try and fuck her ass?’ she asked, cautiously sipping her tea.

‘What do you think?’

‘I think you did.’

‘You’re right,’ I admitted.

‘Did she let you?’

‘Yes, she did. And very nice it was, too. Why? Don’t tell me you didn’t let Mark?’

‘Harry,’ she confessed, with a rueful smile, ‘I let him do everything he wanted – largely because I wanted it too – and that included him fucking my ass. I couldn’t see any point in holding back. I figured I might as well make the most of the occasion – especially as I figured you’d me making the most of Jill.’

I nodded my acceptance of her words and deeds.

‘I wish I could have watched you having your ass fucked,’ I told her.

‘Next time,’ she promised. ‘Providing there is a next time, of course.’

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