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Friday, and I was finally at the end of a particularly tiring week. I work as a pilot for a charter company in the Northern Territory and it had been a busy nine days, leaving me looking forward to four days off which included, for once, a weekend. What’s more, my darling wife Simone had promise me a scrumptious dinner and her for dessert! I could hardly wait, and when I approached the front door of our house I felt my tiredness lifting at seeing her slim figure silhouetted in the doorway.

Simone was wearing a black bikini top with a simple matching wrap around skirt that was cut diagonally. It hung almost to her right knee but revealed most of her left thigh where it was tied together. In her left hand was a half empty glass of red wine, in her right, vodka on the rocks. The ice tinkled its welcome as she proffered the vodka to me and I eagerly accepted, savouring the cool touch of the glass that was becoming slick with condensation due to the humidity. The heat of the Territory is a mixed blessing, at times it overpowers in its humidity, but the upside was that it was like summer all year round and you could entertain outdoors.

‘Welcome home,’ Simone purred and I slipped my hand around her bare waist as our lips met.

‘Mmmm,’ was all I could manage in reply. ‘Thank God the week’s over, I’ve been thinking about tonight all day.’

‘That’s good,’ Simone’s tone gave away that something was wrong.

‘What’s up?’ I asked.

‘Nothing…’ Simone failed to sound convincing as she turned and led me through the house. ‘Why don’t you slip out of those clothes…’

‘What’s up babe?’ I asked again. I sensed that our planned evening was not going to be as I had been imagining.

‘Well, I, um, well, I was talking to Dani today and she was saying how lonely she is with Ian being away, and I kind of invited her over.’ It came out in a rush of words.

‘Kind of invited, or actually invited?’

‘Actually.’ Simone pouted and dropped her head, allowing her long dark hair to fall forward and obscure her face.

‘Babe,’ was all I could manage, though I thought I did a good job of injecting a suitable whine into my tone. I had no objection to Dani coming over for dinner, but tonight of all nights.

‘Can’t you postpone it, even to tomorrow night?’

‘I’ve already invited her. She’ll be here in an hour,’ Simone pouted.

‘Babe, you promised me that tonight was going to be for us…’

‘And it will,’ Simone grinned at me. ‘In fact,’ she added handing me her wine glass, ‘how about if I blow you now, then once Dani’s gone home, you can have me any way you want?’ She sank to her knees as she spoke and the effect was immediate. The thought of her lips on me weakened my resolve, but I tried not to show it.

‘Babe, I just wanted a night…’ Her hands cut off my words as they began to rub my crotch, sending small shivers of delight through me as I felt my body respond. Four years of marriage and seven years of living together had done nothing to lessen the desire I felt for Simone and I was unable to resist her charms.

Simone worked my zipper down as I hardened against the confines of my clothing, then her slender fingers worked me free and my full length strained towards her pouting lips. Simone had dropped her eyes from mine to examine me as though seeing me erect for the first time. Her right hand began to work slowly along my length, her grip tightening as it reached the tip, then relaxing as she worked her way back to the base of my shaft. Then Simone’s mouth closed over me, no subtlety just a plunging of her lips down my shaft, the engorged knob of my cock compressed into the back of her throat filling me with that wonderful sensation that can only be achieved by fellatio. Simone’s openness and honesty had been of great benefit to our sex life. She had asked me to explain in great detail how I liked things done to me. In return she explained what she liked, and what she didn’t. As a result our sex life was mutually fulfilling.

So therefore the head job I was experiencing in the open doorway of my house was for me, perfect. Simone ran her tongue along my length, occasionally slipping her mouth from me and working her tongue in a slow, circular motion around the end. It was divine, and in my worked up state, the result of spending a good deal of the day considering the moment that she would be doing this to me, I knew that I wasn’t going to last long.

My etiquette with Simone has always been to warn her when I am about to come. When she is particularly horny, or drunk, she will let me come in her mouth. But as she had invited Dani over for dinner without consulting me, I decided that the house etiquette had been ignored anyway. So with a grunt I came, catching my wife by surprise just as she had pushed me into the back of her throat. To her credit she didn’t pull away, instead tightening the grip of her hand around the base of my shaft to restrict the flow of my seed as she pulled her mouth back so that her only lips encased the tip. Her tongue worked my come from her mouth, though as the waves of ecstasy rolled through me I was oblivious to her technique. My orgasm seemed to last for minutes, the pent up frustrations of the week exploding from me and taking with it the tension of the week.

Finally I was spent and Simone rose to her feet, her lips and chin a sticky mess.

‘Welcome home,’ she said with a grin, took her drink from me and disappeared down the hall into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later I stood under the shower in our en suite savouring the warm water as it washed away my sweat and the smell of kerosene. For nine days I had worked the maximum number of hours allowed and mentally I was part exhausted, part exhilarated. Despite having my idea of a romantic dinner and lovemaking somewhat thwarted by the impending presence of Danielle, I wasn’t too disappointed. Dani and Simone had been friends for many years and I got on very well with her as well. Dani could only be described as “different”, not in a bad way, just that she didn’t care much how others saw her. “Arty” was how Simone had described her, and I could see why. She often wore second hand clothes that somehow didn’t quite match but always looked good. At 160 cm her pants were often too long, but it worked, as did her short dark hair (sometimes streaked with various colours), that she once described as a “lesbian number two.” Her figure was fuller than Simone’s, but what she had went far beyond her looks. She had sex appeal and a lot of it. It was unconscious on her part but unmistakeable to those who knew her. And so, standing in the shower washing my work away, having received a very welcome head job, the presence of Dani was something that I found myself looking forward to.

Out of the shower I pulled on a pair of black surf shorts and headed out into the living room. I could hear the sound of the spa and walked via the sliding doors into the covered courtyard that was the centrepiece of our outdoor entertaining area. Simone was in the water, her drink refilled, a fresh one waiting for me on the edge of the spa. Simone’s wrap was folded neatly over the back of a chair and she was resting against one of the inbuilt head rests with her eyes closed.

Our spa is partly built into the ground, partly above so that it is not a great effort to step in and out. It can comfortably seat eight, at a squeeze ten. Along the edge closest to the table and chairs was a fibreglass recliner that was padded with water proof vinyl. It had been Simone’s addition and a very worthwhile one.

I picked up my drink and announced my presence, ‘cheers.’

Simone smiled, raised her own glass in a return toast and we both drank. I stepped over the edge and into the warm swirling waters. Being in the Territory we kept the water barely lukewarm.

‘How you feeling?’ she asked.

‘Better,’ I replied, sitting carefully so as not to spill my drink.

‘And with Dani coming?’

‘Fine,’ I replied, then thinking that I had answered too quickly, added, ‘given your promise for later on.’

‘Absolutely,’ Simone said. Her green eyes sparkled and the pout of her smile indicated that she would fulfil her promise. We discussed our day, each listening to the other debrief, a healthy habit that we had developed to mark the start of our evening together.

‘I’ll get it,’ Simone said when the doorbell sounded, standing before I could move. I watched appreciatively as her wet bottom, clad in black hipster swimmers, wiggled across the courtyard and disappeared into the house. She reappeared a few moments later carrying a platter of cheeses, fruit and biscuits and followed by Dani. I hadn’t seen Dani for over two weeks and wasn’t too surprised to see that her hair now contained streaks of a deep purple. She was barefooted and was wearing a badly faded, oversized khaki tee shirt with a frayed neckline and a pair of dark brown cotton pants that matched her top only through its poor condition.

‘Hi,’ she said, flashing me a smile. I raised my glass as a greeting.

‘You coming in?’ Simone asked as she peeled the cling wrap from the platter and placed it on the table.

‘Of course.’ I tried not to stare as Dani pulled her tee shirt over her head, revealing her soft stomach to me. She was wearing a dark purple bikini and her C cup breasts flounced a little as the shirt was pulled over them. But only a little as they weren’t real. Dani had gone the silicon way a few years ago when she was no longer happy with the effect gravity was having on her.

Around her waist she wore a delicate gold chain, a gift from Ian. Simone wore a small platinum dolphin with an inset diamond in her navel, a gift from me on the occasion of our previous anniversary. They stood side by side for a moment and I was somewhat humbled at being in the presence of two such lovely women. Then Dani removed her pants, revealing the skimpiest of hipsters that matched her bikini top.

‘I like your hair,’ I ventured.

‘I’m over it,’ Dani replied nonchalantly. Simone laughed and turned to face me and I could see the twinkle back in her eye.

‘Dani,’ she said, ‘I’d promised Dave a night of passion and romance before I invited you over.’ I was horrified at her words and felt myself blush.

‘Have I crashed your party?’ Dani asked me, feigning embarrassment.

‘No, no…’ I tried to counter.

‘He thinks you have,’ Simone cut in.

‘Its okay though, Simone is going to fuck my brains out once you go home,’ I retorted in an alcohol fuelled attempt to regain my composure.

‘Lucky you,’ Dani replied. ‘Ian’s not due home for another five days, so there’s no chance of anyone fucking my brains out.’

‘Anyway,’ Simone continued as though the exchange hadn’t taken place, ‘I thought we could provide him with some cheering up. With that she reached behind her and released the tie on her bikini top. Her pert B cup breasts with their thick nipples flounced into view.

‘I feel better already,’ I murmured appreciatively. I felt even better when Dani removed her top as well and the two women approached the spa.

‘Shove over,’ Simone ordered and I complied to allow them entry. I had seen Dani’s breasts before, not that long after the enhancement. She had been keen as mustard to show them to everyone.

We lounged in the spa, drinking and occasionally eating from the platter. The women chatted for the most part, with me mostly listening. I was returning from the toilet when once again I saw the gleam in my wife’s eye.

‘I have a little secret that I’d like to share with you, but you have to promise not to be embarrassed just because Dani’s here.’

‘Why would I be embarrassed?’ I asked.

‘Well you might be,’ she replied.

‘I don’t understand.’

‘You will once you see,’ Simone said in a manner that made nothing clearer at all.

‘Okay, I promise not to be embarrassed.’

Normally I wouldn’t have agreed so readily to such request as I can be easily embarrassed by Simone, but my head was buzzing with alcohol, the continued glimpses of glistening flesh and the promise of what was to come in a few hours. With that, Simone stood up and revealed that she had removed her bikini bottoms. It took a moment or two longer for it to register that she had also removed almost all her pubic hair. Water dripped from her labia and ran down her legs and at once I felt a twitch in my groin. Keen to conceal my growing excitement, I placed the drinks down and slipped into the water.

‘Well, you might as well be the first man to see mine as well,’ Dani said, standing to reveal her naked form as well. She too had undergone the Brazilian and I couldn’t help but stare. Her pussy was exceptionally neat, however what captivated me was the small ring and the dangling charm that hung from her clitoris. Simone had told me some months ago that Dani had been pierced there, and now I was fortunate enough to see it.

‘Come over and have a closer look,’ Simone said. I moved through the turbulent water and found myself face to face with two bald pussies. I reached out and touched Simone, my unbridled lust overcoming any inhibitions I would otherwise have. Her skin was smooth and I could feel every contour, the movement of her lips, the firmness of her clitoris under its hood.

‘Do you like it?’ Simone sounded a little breathless and I realised that I was probably touching her somewhat firmly.

‘Yeah, its so smooth.’

‘And mine?’ Dani asked. I looked quickly at her pussy, noting that the charm was a unicorn, then looked up and met her eyes.

‘Very nice, I’m sure its just as smooth’ I said, unsure as to what the correct etiquette was in such a situation. I actually did feel a little embarrassed, but hid it well.

‘Do you like the unicorn?’ Simone asked, slipping into the water beside me. Without hesitation she reached out and took hold of the small figurine between with her thumb and forefinger, making Dani’s clit move forward. Simone had considered getting pierced, but I had talked her out of it, not at all sure it was something that I’d like. But seeing Dani had changed my mind.

‘Its pretty cool isn’t it?’ she said, turning to look at me. She let go then stepped from the spa. ‘Back in a second.’

‘You can touch it if you like.’ Dani’s voice had become a little husky and as I dropped my gaze I noticed that her clitoris had swelled a little. Not one to refuse such an offer I reached out and took hold of the unicorn. He was quite heavy for his size and I turned it each way, conscious that as I did, I was pulling on the ring through her clit.

‘Doesn’t it catch on things?’ I asked.

‘Only Ian’s tongue and cock,’ she shot back.

‘And it feels good?’

‘Especially when its being pulled.’

I pulled on it again, noting that her pussy was starting to redden. I wanted to clamp my mouth over her and twirl the unicorn with my tongue.

‘Okay then,’ Simone’s voice broke into my fantasy and I released Dani’s jewellery and moved back to the other side of the spa. My cock strained against the material of my swimmers. Dani volunteered to replenish our drinks and I watched her naked behind as she walked into the house.

‘Enjoying yourself?’ Simone asked

‘Uh huh,’ I replied. I was feeling rather drunk.

‘Do you want to fuck her?’

‘Yep.’ Simone said nothing but smiled. ‘Wouldn’t it be fair if you were naked too?’ I had no idea what Simone was up to, but pulled my swimmers free and dropped them beside the spa. Dani returned and I tried not to be too obvious as I tried to look at her naked body.

‘You know Dave,’ Dani said, ‘you should get waxed too, it would make you look a lot bigger.’

‘Maybe I look big enough already,’ I said. My cock was fully erect but hidden under the water.

‘Mmmmm,’ was all Simone said.

We returned to our drinking with me wondering where the night was headed. Simone’s earlier questioning had piqued my imagination, but I was not going to make the first move. Judging by the way events had unfolded so far, some pre-planning had gone into the night. The conversation was flowing again when Dani’s phone rang. Unselfconsciously she stepped from the spa and answered it, standing naked before us as she chatted. From the way her face lit up it had to be Ian, though I couldn’t hear her voice over the spa.

‘I’m going to check the curry,’ Simone said and stepped from the water. I watched as she moved past Dani, who stopped her and asked her something. Simone smiled broadly and nodded, then continued inside. Dani walked to the edge of the courtyard and stood looking into the garden. Emboldened I too left the spa and followed Simone into the house. Our kitchen window looked into the courtyard. As I entered the kitchen I was confronted by Simone as she bent down to stir the curry in the oven. My cock ached but I stood back, waiting. Simone slid the curry back into the oven, turned down the heat then stirred the pot of rice.

Turning she saw me standing behind her and her eyes dropped to my cock.

‘Want something?’


‘You’ll have to wait.’

‘A quickie now…’

‘Wait.’ Something in her tone held a hidden promise and a threat not to push it. I watched Dani return to the spa.

‘Ian’s coming over.’

‘Oh, I thought he was away.’

‘Apparently he’s flying through here with a four hour wait for a connecting flight, so Dani asked if he could come over.’

‘That’s cool I guess.’ I was disappointed that the women would be covering up and that the nude frolicking would be over.

We returned to the spa and a very happy Dani.

‘Guess you’d like to borrow a bedroom for a couple of hours,’ I joked.

‘Right here will be fine,’ Dani replied slapping the recliner. Ten minutes later the doorbell rang and the women leapt out of the spa. I had presumed that they would don their swimmers, but I was surprised, not to mention nonplussed, when they entered the house, nude. I stepped from the spa, my erection having once again subsided and pulled my swimmers back on. I had no desire to greet Ian buck naked.

After a minute or so I was wondering where everyone was and walked inside. At the end of the hallway facing the front door we have a full length mirror so that Simone can give herself a good looking over before we go out. I stopped short, not sure whether to be horrified, indignant or turned on. My wife and our guests were standing just inside the door which was thankfully, closed. Ian’s shirt was undone and Dani had just sunk to her knees to unbutton his trousers. Simone stood behind Ian and was pulling his shirt off. Ian made no move to stop either of them and the look on his face was one of delight.

His boxers followed his trousers to form a crumpled heap around his ankles and I watched as his thin penis rose rapidly to an impressively long length. Dani began to lick the tip, her lips and tongue urging him to full length. As his body responded Simone slid down behind him, dragging her nails down his back and across his buttocks. Dani took the tip of his cock into her mouth and I watched in rapt fascination as her cheeks hollowed and expanded as she began to fellate him. Simone removed his shoes and socks and helped him step from his trousers and boxers remaining kneeling with her breasts pressed against the backs of his knees, her face only centimetres from Dani’s ministrations. I fount that I wasn’t horrified, couldn’t muster indignation and the bulge in my swimmers revealed that I had chosen to be turned on. I heard Ian moan and realised that this was almost a repeat performance of my arrival. I watched as Simone stood up wrapping her arms around Ian’s waist and began to push her pubic mound against his buttocks. In doing so she began to guide the thrusts of his cock into Dani’s mouth. Dani let her arms drop by her sides so that the only contact between her and Ian was her lips around his cock. Her dark eyes looked up at him as he fucked her mouth and I reached down to squeeze my own cock. Dani’s breasts jutted forward from her chest and I thought I could just make out the inflamed lips of her pussy from behind.

Ian’s body tensed, and sensing his orgasm Simone slid her hands down to his hips and grabbed him tightly. Dani didn’t flinch as Ian came in her mouth and I felt a pang of jealousy at his good fortune. I had begun to hope that my cock was going to feel the pleasure of Dani’s mouth tonight, but his arrival had dashed any chance. As Ian began to relax, Simone stepped back, delicately stepped past them and walked down the hallway towards me. Looking up she saw my reflection and with a guilty start I walked into the kitchen as though that had been my destination.

‘Did you see the show?’ she asked, leaning in the doorway.

‘Yep,’ I replied, fishing a beer from the fridge for Ian.

‘Turned on?’

‘Still am,’ I said. Part of me wanted to be angry with her for participating. Part of me wanted to watch her go down on Ian.

Ian and Dani wandered into the kitchen, both still naked, his cock limp, mer mouth smeared with his come.

‘Hi Dave,’ he said with a grin and I shook his hand as I handed him a beer. I was suddenly aware that I was the only one dressed.

‘Welcome, staying for dinner?’

‘Sure,’ he said. The others dressed in their swimmers and we ate the curry at the table in the courtyard. Ian told us a bit about his work as a mining company surveyor and his good fortune that this layover had occurred. I had wanted to beg to differ with him on that, but remained silent.

After dinner, Simone and I cleaned up as Dani and Ian entered the spa. I kept glancing through the window as they became hot and heavy with each other.

‘Looks like they might need a bucket of cold water thrown over them soon,’ I said.

‘Like you did earlier?’ I sensed an edge in Simone’s voice and looked at her questioningly. ‘Well, don’t tell me that you weren’t hoping to fuck both of us out there until Ian turned up?’ I shrugged and looked back outside to see that Dani’s bikini top had been removed again.

I bent over the open the dishwasher and Simone began handing me the dishes which I stacked neatly. When I stood up Simone was staring out the window, and following her gaze I witnessed Dani sitting on the edge of the spa, nude, with Ian between her legs. I don’t know whether she had positioned herself deliberately to maximise our viewing pleasure, but we could clearly see his mouth pressed against her pussy. Dani’s eyes were half closed as she enjoyed his ministrations and I could see the muscles in his jaw as his tongue worked on her. Ian pulled his mouth back and we watched as his tongue flicked across her clit, manipulating the little silver ring and unicorn. Dani’s hips gyrated.

I could see that Simone was getting into this voyeurism and took the opportunity to stand behind her and release the tie of her bikini top. She shrugged it off without looking away from our guests so I stood close, reached around and cupped her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard points, as thick as my little finger. Simone tilted her head back towards me a little and I let one hand wander down across her stomach to cup her sex through her bikini bottoms. She pushed against my finger and we stood there, watching as Ian brought Dani to a climax. As Dani grabbed Ian’s hair and pulled his mouth against her, I rolled Simone’s bikini bottoms down her legs then slipped two fingers inside her from behind. Simone gasped and thrust against me, turning to meet my eyes as Dani leant forward towards Ian, their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss.

‘Fuck that was hot,’ Simone whispered as though afraid that they could hear us.

‘Mmm,’ I agreed, sliding my fingers slowly in and out of her very wet pussy. With my free hand I worked my swimmers down to my knees, then let them fall and stepped free of them. In the spa, Ian had moved between Dani’s legs and we watched as his cock disappeared inside her pussy. Dani’s hands gripped his shoulder blades and they began to fuck with hard rhythmic strokes. I moved behind Simone, fully intending to enter her while she leant against the sink.

‘No!’ she gasped.

‘C’mon,’ I pleaded.

‘Out there,’ she indicated the spa with a toss of her head. Her dark hair fell across her face and gave her a slightly slutty look. Taking her hand I led her out of the house and across the courtyard. Dani watched us, her body rocking as Ian slammed into her. His head was over her shoulder and as a result he didn’t see us approach. Simone pushed me aside, stood next to the other couple and put her hands on Ian’s back, turned to me and said loudly, ‘fuck me.’ Ian looked up at her touch, his eyes glazed with the lust of a man who hadn’t had sex for some time. Again I stepped behind Simone, but this time my eyes were locked on Dani as I slipped my aching erection into my wife. The entry was easy as Simone was very wet. My sexual pleasure was accompanied by a sensation that was almost relief at finally being where I wanted. Adding to the stimulation along my shaft at each thrust, I was also enjoying the pleasure of watching Dani being fucked by Ian.

Ian had leaned back and to watch us and in doing so revealed the full glory of his union with Dani right below Simone’s face. Simone had dropped her gaze to watch his long cock sliding in and out of Dani’s pussy as her hair swayed back and forth in time with each of my thrusts. I gripped Simone’s hips as I slid into her, fighting against my lust not to just slam as fast as I could into her.

Simone lifted her face towards Ian and he leaned towards her, their mouths meeting in an open mouthed, passionate kiss. Apart from the scene at the door during his arrival it was the first real contact between other than our partners. I felt an electrified tingle race through my body as I fucked my wife and she kissed another man. Then Dani reached forward and under Simone and caressed her breast. I nearly came then and there. Her fingers manipulated Simone’s rock hard nipple and I could sense through my wife’s pussy that she was almost ready to come. The new tongue in her mouth, me in her pussy and a third person fingering her nipple brought her to a sudden and sharp crescendo. Her body tensed and her hips gyrated downwards as though she was trying to force me from her. I hung on to her hips and continued to thrust in and out, using my shaft to stimulate her clit.

Simone let out a strangled cry as she came, hanging on to Ian as though to avoid falling into the spa. Finally she relaxed and I slowed to a languid rhythm. Dani removed herself from Ian, dragged him onto the recliner and pushed him onto his back. His cock pointed rigidly upwards and she gave it a few short hard strokes with her hand before turning back to Simone and I.

Dani moved next to me, put one hand on Simone’s buttock and the other on my abdomen and pushed us apart. My cock slipped from its hidey hole and sprung upwards and at once Dani grabbed it as though her hand could silence any protest I may have intended. I remained silent as she sensuously stroked me, using Simone’s juices as lubricant. Without a word she released me and led Simone to Ian, urging her to mount him. At no stage did Simone look back or ask me permission for what she was about to do. I felt a stab of jealousy as I watched her slowly lower herself onto another man’s cock, a cock longer than mine, a cock as eager as mine to be in her pussy. I could tell by the expression on her face that she was enjoying impaling herself on Ian, the way her head tilted back as he penetrated deeper. But I said nothing. I kept my expression neutral. Because I knew that I was about to fuck Dani and at that moment in time, that was more important than my wife seeking permission to fuck Ian.

With a kiss on Ian’s lips, Dani turned to me, offering me a wide smile. I tried to smile back but my heart was thumping at a million miles an hour. I hadn’t had sex with a woman other than Simone for eight years, and of all the women to break that record Dani pretty much topped my fantasy list.

Our bodies pressed together and her tongue invaded my mouth with far more force than Simone used. Her breasts, silicon enhanced, pressed very firmly against my chest and I eagerly explored them with my hands. They were much harder than I had expected, though I liked the feeling of the taut skin. Her nipples were rock hard and I had heard that women with silicon enhancements had little feeling in them. I licked them prodigiously anyway, wanting to explore every part of this woman’s body.

‘I think I should suck your cock first,’ Dani whispered in my ear. Without waiting for a reply she dropped to her knees and slid my entire length into her mouth. Given Ian’s length I felt a little embarrassed at my shortness, but savoured the fact that Dani was able to work my entire length with ease. Her tongue never stopped roving across my shaft and tip, while her fingers matched her mouth with firm strokes. I ran my hands through her short spiky hair, cupped her cheeks, stroked her back and thrust gently into her mouth. I glanced up to see Simone looking in my direction, still riding Ian wantonly, her gaze one of unfulfilled lust. She was enjoying the spectacle and the thought almost sent me over the edge.

Dani suddenly stood, no doubt sensing my impending climax. Taking me by the cock she led me to Simone and Ian and I followed willingly. I had managed to steal a glance at the clock in the kitchen and calculated that Ian only had ten to fifteen minutes before he needed to leave. The thought crossed my mind that Dani may leave with him, so I was eager to fuck her before that time arrived. I tried to turn her back to me, to take her from behind, but she twisted from my grasp and instead pushed me towards a chair. I sat, thinking that she was going to sit on my lap, but instead she straddled Ian’s face, lowering herself onto his tongue and lips. ‘Watch and enjoy,’ she said to me and resting her weight on his chest began to gyrate against his mouth. Simone leaned forward and her mouth was met by Dani’s. Instinctively I reached down and stroked my cock as one of my favourite fantasies was fulfilled. I could see Dani’s tongue flicking into Simone’s mouth, my wife’s hair cascading down onto her shoulder as she tilted her head to deepen the kiss. My cock and balls were starting to ache now and I wondered if I should make myself come and then let Dani get me hard again. It had been a while since I had come three times in one night, but I doubted that I would have any problem under the circumstances.

In the end, Ian solved the problem by coming first. His back arched, but before he could climax Dani had dragged Simone from him, made him sit up and then they both knelt before him, their faces pressed together. I was side on and watched as Ian pulled his cock with long hard strokes, noting that he pressed down hard on the head with each movement. With a roar he came, directing the first spray of come onto Simone’s upturned face, the second onto Dani and so on. He came so prodigiously that I thought I was watching a porn film.

When he was spent his fingers were a mess of sticky come. Dani reached out and pulled his hand to her mouth where she began to lick each finger clean one by one, her eyes never leaving his. To my surprise, Simone leant forward and licked his pinky clean and I was fairly certain that Ian’s cock twitched in reaction. It hung like a thin pork sausage between his legs, still quite long even in rest.

When they were finished, they walked into the house together. I wanted to follow, to find out if Dani was coming back, but instead slipped into the spa. Within ten minutes Dani and Simone, nude, returned and my heart skipped a beat. Ian had gone and had asked Dani to pass on his regards. I wondered if after his release onto the face of my wife if he had found himself unable to look me in the eye.

‘Did he enjoy himself?’ I asked Dani facetiously.

‘Especially coming over our faces, a favourite fantasy of his,’ Dani replied with well feigned nonchalance. She slid across the spa and sat sideways on my lap. Simone sat on the edge of the spa, her feet in the water, spread her legs and began to play with herself.

‘Let’s fuck,’ Dani said. I pushed her to the edge of the spa so that she sat next to Simone. Parting her legs I knelt on one of the small seats that edged the spa, rotated my hips forward and guided my knob to the entrance of her pussy. I paused, the tip barely touching her. I looked from Dani to Simone then back again, before sliding inside. She was nowhere nearly as tight as Simone, but the heat that engulfed me within her was tremendous. I thrust into her so that our bodies slapped together, pulled all the way out then re-entered her. Dani rested her weight with her hands behind her, thrusting her chest outwards. I licked and bit her nipples and was rewarded when I felt her cunt’s first contraction. I reached up, grabbed what I could of her hair and pulled her head back so that her face looked upwards. Simone moaned and I smiled at her knowing that she loved a bit of rough sex sometimes.

Dani gasped and I felt her come, her pussy contracting around me. I remained buried to the hilt in her until she had finished, then pulled out and stood up.

‘Go down on Simone.’ I had no idea whether either of these women would do anything more than kiss and touch, but Simone immediately spun through ninety degrees to present her pussy to her friend and Dani knelt between her thighs. I watched as Dani’s pretty mouth pressed against my wife’s pussy, her tongue probing into her, caressing her clit and sucking her labia. I moved behind Dani wanting to taste her as well. I ran my tongue across her swollen pussy, formed the tip of my tongue into as fine a point as I could and pressed it through the small silver ring and flicked her clit. Judging by the way she squirmed I assumed that she liked it and I continued to manipulate the ring, sometimes stopping to suck it and the unicorn into my mouth. Simone came with a yelp and almost at once I felt Dani’s pussy contract against my tongue. I sucked on the unicorn until she pulled away and sat up.

‘Stop for fuck’s sake,’ she gasped.

‘Not yet,’ I said, ‘go lie on the bench seat.’

Dani hesitated then complied. ‘On your back,’ I added, then took Simone’s hand and pulled her into the water and into my embrace. We kissed in a slow and passionate exchange.

‘Have we finished?’ I asked.

‘Not until you’ve come,’ she replied and I could still see the glint in her eyes. I led her to Dani and made her lie on top, spreading both their legs so that I was presented with two bald, reddened, wet pussies.

I entered Simone first, marvelling that she was still tight, but very wet. Three strokes, then I bent my knees and entered Dani. I alternated between the two women, savouring their difference. I gripped Simone’s hips, feeling her smooth skin under my hands as my shaft plunged repeatedly into their smooth pussies. Leaning slightly to the side I watched as Simone’s pert breasts brushed against Dani’s firmness, watched her hair cascading down onto Dani and most of all I watched as they kissed each other. It heightened my ecstasy further. Finally I could feel the moment I had been building to all night nearing. I timed it so that the final rush, that moment when it feels as though your balls try to retract into your body, was while I was inside Dani. Then I switched to Simone, plunging as deep as I could and gripping her waist as I exploded with a yell. I held on tightly as Simone thrust back against me, her head turned to watch the expression of my orgasm on my face. My climax felt as if a fire started in the base of my cock, raced through it and into Simone, then spread through my body.

When it was over I half staggered backwards and sat down heavily in the spa. Simone and Dani separated and each sat on one side of me. Simone kissed me as Dani leaned her head on my shoulder.

‘Wow,’ I murmured my voice barely audible above the spa. My wife smiled at me.

‘So did I make up for crashing your party?’ Dani asked.

‘I think so,’ I replied, turning to look at her. She tilted her face upwards and I kissed her, lingering for just a moment. Then she stood, left the spa and was gone.

‘So was it as good as your fantasy?’ Simone asked later once we were in bed.

‘Maybe better,’ I said.

‘Do you want to have sex with Dani again?’

‘Why, is it on offer?’

‘I don’t know, I think she enjoyed herself.’

‘What about you?’ I asked.

‘Very much so.’

‘Was Ian a good fuck?’

‘Good enough,’ Simone replied, ignoring the slight hint of jealousy in my tone.

‘I don’t think I do,’ I said after a moment’s reflection. ‘But I won’t rule it out either.’

Simone rolled over and lay on top of me.

‘So, how do you want me?’

‘In my arms, I think,’ I said. She slid to my side and within minutes we were asleep.

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