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Cousin Tracie

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I smiled at my skinny shrimp of a cousin as she practiced on her trampoline. At 15, she still looked like an 11-year-old, with her blonde hair tied in a ragged ponytail and her innocent white T-shirt and cut-off shorts outfit. Her mom, my father’s sister Tanya, had just gotten a divorce the year before. Tracie, her only child, had taken it hard but was throwing herself, literally, into her gymnastics. She’d always been a natural, with her skinny body and graceful moves. “Nice backflip!” I called out as she somersaulted up, landing on her feet.

I was 3 years older, just starting college, and had come up for a weekend because I was Tracie’s favorite among the kids her own age in the family. Her mom was a bit of a black sheep, and had isolated herself in her marriage, cutting some family ties. Then her marriage fell apart, and I knew that if the family didn’t support her, she’d have nothing left emotionally. None of the other cousins was as good-natured or forgiving. Also, Tracie lived in Modesto, and I was going to college at Santa Clara, having purchased a small place [1-room shack with attached bathroom, really] perfect for myself. [My family is not in the Fortune 500, but we don’t lack for money.] The rest of the family was back in the Midwest, where our roots are.

I spent the weekend with my aunt and cousin, enjoying myself. I told Tracie that if she ever needed anything, just to call me. I fully intended to stay in the Bay Area after finishing school. I didn’t know then what I was letting myself in for.

[3 years later]

I was sitting on the floor, trying to plan out how to handle my soon-to-start senior year of college, when the phone rang.

“Jeffrey!” said a desperate voice. “Thank God you’re home! Remember that promise you made?”

“Tracie?!” I gasped. “What’s the matter?”

“I can’t take it anymore,” she sobbed. “Mom’s been acting worse and worse since the divorce, and I ran away. I’ll be at your house in 5 minutes.”

The phone went dead in my ear. I hung it up, stunned, as I tried to make plans. Before I could react, the doorbell rang. I walked over to see my cousin.

She was a mess. Her face was red from crying. Her clothes were in a disheveled state, and she had a ragged, half-torn duffel bag with her few possessions slung over her shoulder. I brought her in, closed the door, and sat her down in a chair. “Tell me what’s been going on,” I said.

The story I got was simple, and horrifying. Unable to find another man after the divorce, Tanya threw her share of the family fortune away on booze and drugs. She would yell and scream at Tracie over the slightest perceived fault. The living situation got worse and worse, until finally the two of them were in a flophouse, unable to pay rent even there. Tanya got drunk and passed out, and Tracie packed her stuff and walked out. Then she came here, not knowing where else to go.

By the end, Tracie was in full-out flood mode with her tears. I pulled her close and hugged her. I then realized that she had grown a lot. Her body had filled out, she was several inched taller, and she now had curves. And her charms had to be at least 38D. Even as a crying, sobbing mess, she was still very attractive.

I tried to put such thoughts out of my head as I offered words of comfort. “You’ll always have a home here,” I told her. “I’m not going to yell or scream at you. I will do whatever I can to make you happy. You won’t ever have to walk out in anger with no place to go.”

My cousin stopped her crying and hugged me even tighter. I could feel her body pressing hard against me. “Really?” she said hopefully.

“Absolutely,” I replied.

She smiled. Her smile was radiant. “Wonderful,” she said. “Now what do you have to eat? It wasn’t easy getting here.”

After dinner, we lay down on the bed. I filled her in on my life as a student, majoring in physics. It was a life that led to a lot of studying and little social life.

“What, no girlfriends?” Tracie asked playfully.

“Not really,” I said. “Too much homework.” I swear she smiled when I said that. I was trying to figure out why it mattered to her.

A few minutes later, I realized we had a problem. Specifically, two people, one bed. I went into the bathroom and changed into a pair of shorts. “I’m afraid you caught me on short notice,” I told her. “I’ll sleep in the chair.”

“Ridiculous!” she said. “There’s no reason we both can’t fit in the bed.”

“Um, fitting in wasn’t really the issue,” I said. I was not happy about the way things were shaping up.

Tracie went and changed into a very short nightgown, lacy to the point of being almost transparent, with a very low-cut front. She clearly had nothing on underneath. I couldn’t keep my mind, or eyes, off her body when she stepped back into the room. Her muscular legs were displayed to great advantage, and her breasts seemed like they were going to spill out the front at any moment.

“Come on, Jeff,” she said. “Let’s get in.”

“Trace,” I said, trying to summon up some moral values, “that’s a piece of clothing you wear for a lover. You don’t wear that in front of a relative.”

“You catch on quick,” she said. “Did you wonder why I waited to run away until I was 18? I could have been here last year, and probably should have. But now I’m old enough that it’s not statutory rape.”

“WHAT?!” I said, putting my jaw back in place. I thought I had mis-heard.

“You heard me perfectly well the first time, Jeff,” Tracie told me. “You’re the only person who ever cared. I knew you were the man for me since I was 15.”

I thought back to my weekend in Modesto. I remembered now that certain things I had ignored were signs, even then, of how she felt.

“All the phone calls and supportive letters helped me survive,” she said. “Now I claim my prize.”

I felt very torn. On the one hand, I didn’t want to have sex with my cousin. That’s just wrong, I told myself. But I knew now how fragile she was. I really, honestly felt that if I rejected her, she would have no one left… and God knows what would happen. Thus I rationalized it to myself.

I walked over to her and hugged her body against mine. Her hands were all over me, running up and down my back, stroking my short brown hair, caressing my face.

“Slow down!” I said. “Relax, Trace. You win. I’m not going to fight it. Even if I wanted to say no, you need me in more ways than just moral support. That doesn’t mean we can’t take our time about it, though.”

Her body visibly relaxed. “Let’s get out of our clothes, such as they are,” I told her.

I gently laid her naked body on the bed. I began to caress her flesh, starting with her arms, then moving to her ribs. I teasingly nibbled at her neck, then moved my lips down between her firm breasts, kissing the hollow in between. She moaned softly, “mmmmm…. Don’t stop…”

I switched my attention to her legs, running my fingertips over the soft skin and firm muscle beneath. When I reached her thighs, I switched from fingertips to a full-hand caress, still delicate and gentle, on the inner part. I spread her legs and kissed her inner thighs before opening her up and flicking the tip of my tongue onto her clit.

The effect was electric. I could feel a tremor pass through her body. She instantly wrapped her legs around my head. “I’ve had other lovers, but no one ever did that to me,” she whispered. “They just opened me up and attacked. No foreplay.”

I began licking her out, plunging my tongue deep inside of her and then pulling out and licking her clit. Her body began jerking and she squeezed me so tight with her legs I thought I would black out. “Uuuuhhhh!” she gasped. “I’m cumming… Oooohhhh! Yeeeesss!”

Her juices flooded out as she erupted with pleasure. I licked up as much of her nectar as I could get, but the bed was still soaking wet. “Where’d you learn that?” she asked. “That was the best I’ve ever had.”

I smiled at her. “I dated a nurse for a month about 2 years ago. She knew everything and taught me more in a month on how to make girls happy than most men learn in a lifetime.”

She pushed me down and began kissing my chest. She was no expert, but it still felt good. She moved slowly down and began to lick my thighs, then moved up and ran her tongue up and down my hard shaft. After a few licks, she sucked gently on my balls for a moment. “Oooh, nice and full,” she said. “Ready for me?”

Before I could answer, she lifted herself up and slid her pussy down onto my cock. “This is much better,” she said. “I’ve never been in control, or on top. When I said I’d had lovers before, I was basically raped… I got drunk due to Mom and her so-called boyfriends would do me as well as her.”

I didn’t reply, just thrust harder up into her. I had spotted the birth control shot instructions in her bag, so I knew that wasn’t a worry. She slid up and down on me, hard and fast. She pushed me down on the bed and pinned me with her arms, thrusting her breasts into my face. I obligingly sucked on her big nipples as she slammed herself up and down.

“Ohhhhh!” she gasped. “I’m cumming again!” Her orgasm, powerful and intense, caused her legs to lock around me in a vise. The effect was too much for me and I shot off hard, deep inside her. “That feels so good!” she moaned. “You feel wonderful! Thank you, Jeff, for the best I ever had.” With that, she collapsed on top of me and pulled me, still inside of her, into a tight hug.

I smiled at her. “You were wonderful too, Trace,” I said. “I’m glad you liked it. I hope you feel better being here.”

“Absolutely,” she informed me. “This is a sanctuary. All my past life is gone.”

“You’re welcome to stay as long as you like,” I told her.

“And do this every night, right?” she asked.

I was frozen with shock. I hadn’t thought about what to say afterwards. “Are you sure?” I asked. “We are technically speaking still cousins. Officially, we shouldn’t be having sex, since this isn’t Alabama.”

“But I love you, Jeff,” Tracie said. “You’re the only good thing to happen to me since I became a teenager. You can’t say no.”

I realized that I was trapped… and besides, the rationalizing part of me said, she really is the best thing that’s happened to you in a long time. Aren’t you also falling for her?

I hugged her close. “Great idea,” I said. “No one here knows who we are, except Tanya, and she doesn’t know WHERE you are.”

Cousin Tracie is now my wife. We agreed never to have kids, and we’re as happy as can be… still in the same 1-room house.

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