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French Isn’t Just For Kissing

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I have to start with, I never intended for it to go that far.

Okay, so, now that that is out of the way, here goes.

I’m a fairly young French teacher in a rural high school. I spent my first couple of years out of college substitute teaching in the same district I teach in now, so by the time the school superintendent decided it would be a good idea to hire me, I had already made connections with faculty, staff, and the students at the school. This year was my first year having my own classroom.

Of course, I was always very careful to maintain a professional front with my students even as a substitute… I was only a couple of years older than my seniors, after all. My personal appearance sometimes got in the way of that professional exterior. I am fairly tall- 5’10, with long, curly red hair and big blue eyes, and a pair of breasts that one junior boy once described as ‘hot as fuck’ –quite the endorsement for a mere C cup!

I am very passionate about the French language, culture, and customs, so this job meant everything to me when I finally got it. When the drama department, of which I was Head Set Designer and Prop Master, decided to put on Beauty and the Beast as the spring musical, I was all for it. When a wealthy parent of a student in the cast suggested we fundraise and go to France as part of our role research, the idea was met with eager and willing participants.

Early on in the spring semester we earned enough money to book the cast and crew whose parents had given them permission to attend, which wound up being a group of about 15, a week and a half in various parts of France. It was a pretty fantastic way to spend April vacation and a few extra days, touring one of the most culturally rich countries in the world with, I have to say, a pretty fantastic, motivated, and gifted group of students.

Needless to say, not much got done by way of classwork that week.

“Miss Frederickson!” one of the seniors, Emily, raised her hand. She was cute, her hair expertly braided into a headband that wrapped across her forehead. She was a natural Belle, cast more for her beautiful singing voice than her striking resemblance to the Disney character. “Will we be doing tours and things the whole time, or will we have some free time?”

I raised my eyebrows. “If by ‘free time,’ you mean unsupervised gallivanting, I’m going to tell you right now that we’re allowing you to go on this trip not because you’re all very responsible young adults, but because we want you to learn more about France and the culture surrounding the original ‘La Belle et la Bête.’ You won’t have much time to wander off.”

She nodded, but I could tell that she was resisting the urge to roll her eyes.

A new voice had spoken up then, voicing the opinion everyone was holding privately.

“But we’re all 18,” Will Farouq spoke up. He was also a senior, usually cast in the comedic relief roles and an obvious choice for Le Fou, and had taken a shine to me early on in my career as a substitute. He frequently discussed how attractive I was and how I was his favorite teacher with the other students. He was on the shorter side, just a bit shorter than me, with dark hair swept into a modern bowl cut and dark eyes, with shoulders that were broad and muscular legs.

The problem, or, non-problem, I suppose, was that he was one of the nicest and most talented students I had, and never put me in the awkward place of overhearing these discussions firsthand. Sure, he skipped class from time to time, but he always came in and let me know why he did in the first place. His home life was not ideal- his father was Iraqi, and had set ideas about school and theater, and felt that his son wasted his time memorizing lines and songs, only to forget them after the shows ended. His mother was American, and preoccupied with herself and her career as a masseuse. To her, Will was her ticket to a comfortable retirement. The fact that he knew and understood his parents’ point of view was often hard on him.

“That,” I’d said to Will, smoothing my green sweater-dress, “Doesn’t matter.”

“If the drinking age is 18 in Europe, and correct me if I’m wrong, as always, Miss Frederickson, but you always say that the French attitude toward alcohol consumption is different than ours, shouldn’t we take the time to experience that as well?” His sly smile beamed at me underneath his dark brown eyes and longish brown hair. “Maybe wine and dine you lovely ladies?”

“Nice try,” I smiled briefly at him, “But no dice. Check the permission booklets your parents or guardians signed, with the itineraries, and you’ll see that our days are pretty much booked. We’ll have a couple of chances to split up into groups with either me, Mr. Grant, or Coach Kerry to do our own things, but that’s about all we have time for.”

“Shotgun Miss Frederickson’s group!” Will said immediately. His friend, Mike, a blond football player who ran the lights for the shows, grinned at him from the seat next to him. Mike was tall to Will’s shorter, slim to his stocky and strong, and both were, despite their antics, some of my favorites.

“Me too!” he said.

“Clearly it’s going to be a long week.”


Our flight left from New York’s JFK airport on schedule, thankfully. Our bus trip to New York had been long and weary- the chaperones had collectively decided that driving through the night would save us time and money in the long run.

That meant taking sleeping shifts on the bus with the other chaperones. I hadn’t thought about much other than the fact that these were my colleagues, but the second we were on that bus, I was suddenly very aware of the fact that I was the only female adult. Mr. Grant was a recent divorcee with a receding hairline and a questionable love for Abba and Elton John, while Coach Kerry was a bulked-up hulk of a man whose life revolved around football and math. Neither were awful travel companions, but Coach Kerry leered a bit too much in my direction for my taste.

When we arrived at the airport, I’m sure I looked the worst the kids had ever seen me- my hair felt ratty and had fallen out of the ponytail I’d scraped it into, and I had on a blue school drama club zip-up and my favorite Victoria’s Secret yoga pants with my orange Nikes.

I checked kids off as they got off the bus and collected their suitcases, and was relieved to see that most of the girls looked as put together as I did. Emily and her sister, Gwen, had matching Aeropostale sweatshirts and jeans on, while Sam from the stage crew had sleepily pulled on a hoodie inside out.

The boys, on the other hand, had pounded Red Bulls they’d smuggled in just before we hit the city, so they were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Will bounded off the bus and gave me a wink and a cheeky, “Good morning, Miss Frederickson!” before claiming his luggage. I overheard him say that whichever God had been genius enough to invent yoga pants needed to be high-fived, but it was too early to give any attention past that to the comment.

We made it through security with no trouble, and when we finally boarded the plane and took our seats, I was surprised to find myself sitting in between Will and Mike. I had been sure that Sam was on one side of me before, but shrugged it off. I did make Will change seats with me so I had the aisle seat, just in case the other students needed me.

I noticed Mike looking particularly grouchy about this change of plans, but hey, not my problem. He was really the lucky one- he had the window seat.

The five girls were in the middle row, with Sam smack in the middle holding hands with the boy who had been cast as Gaston, a giant of a senior named Danny, and the side opposite us sat Coach Kerry and two other boys. The row in front of the girls seated Mr. Grant and the remaining boys in our group.

We cleared for take off, and once I realized that our kids weren’t doing anything other than watching movies, reading kindles or magazines, or sleeping, I settled down. For some reason, none of the in-flight movies seemed interesting to me, so I snagged a copy of this month’s Cosmo from one of the girls and started flipping the pages.

It wasn’t until I was halfway through the issue that I realized Will was staring at me. Well, staring at the page I was on and trying to gauge my reaction. I’d already flipped through a spread about the ‘in’ positions, and was staring off into space with the magazine open to a guide to the perfect blow job.

I flipped the page hastily. I’m sure my face gave away the embarrassment I felt, because Will leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I was reading that, you know.”

I tried to act casual. “Were you now?”

“Not nice, Miss Frederickson,” he said, wagging a finger at me.

I swear, it was the threat of impending jet lag, or the lack of sleep, that led me to jokingly click my teeth in a bite toward that wagging finger. As soon as I realized that I wasn’t in a social setting, I sat bolt upright and immediately apologized.

“Hey, take it easy, Teach,” Mike said from Will’s other side. “We’re not in school!”

“Thank God for that!” Will said with a laugh. He lowered his voice in what I’m sure he thought (and rightly so) was a seductive manner. “Now… tell me. Is this true?” He pointed to a spot on the page I’d flipped to.

“Is what true?” I looked at him blankly. I glanced down at the page. There, in the bold red letters Cosmo favors, were stats on how many times per week single women masturbate. His finger was on the statistic (which, in case you were wondering, was 92%, with a bunch of comments scattered around).

“Does this mean you masturbate too?” he asked teasingly, his dark eyes boring holes into mine.

I blushed.

His eyes lit up. “You do!!” he exclaimed, elbowing Mike in the side. They both leaned in eagerly. “So, do you have a vibe or do you go manual?”

I rolled my eyes. “I am NOT having this conversation with my students!”

Will nodded with a grin towards Mike. “I’m going to take that as an answer for both.”

Because it was a long plane ride, and the others weren’t paying any attention to us anyway, I fired back with, “How do you know there isn’t a Mr. Frederickson?”

Their faces fell at the prospect. “There isn’t, though, right?” Mike asked, finally. “You would’ve mentioned him in class, I feel.”

Will nodded his agreement. His eyes were locked on mine. “So? Is there?”

“You’re right, there’s no Mr. Frederickson,” I said. I fluffed my pink travel pillow and stuffed it behind my neck. “Is that important?”

“It is if you want someone to perfect your blow job on,” Will said seriously. He gestured to himself and Mike. “We could help, you know.”

I burst into giggles. “Excuse me?”

“What I mean is, you were reading that section on how to suck a guy dry pretty carefully. Since there’s no Mr. Frederickson, we could be your guinea pigs.” His smile grew wider. “I would love to see those pretty lips wrapped around my dick.”

“Mine too,” Mike agreed. His shorts had tented in the cutest way, and he shifted in embarrassment when he saw that I noticed. “Sorry,” he muttered.

I shrugged awkwardly. “It’s okay, you can’t help it, I guess.”

Will put his hand on mine. “Miss Frederickson, I know this might be super awkward, but let’s face it, you’re smoking hot, and we’re all legal adults here. We might be your students for, what, another month? We’re still gunna want to fuck you when we’ve graduated, so why fight it?”

“How about because it’s wrong and I could lose my job?” I hissed. Thankfully, no one around us had heard them.

“We’re not going to say anything,” Will said, waving me off. “We know we’re your favorites, so what’s wrong with showing you how much you’re our favorite teacher by giving you a fucking you’ll never forget?”

“I’m sure you think that it’s flattering, but think about the trouble you both could be in, the trouble I could be in, if anyone were to even think that something uncouth was happening between us…” I had no idea how to dissuade them that even suggesting this was a good idea.

“We. Are. Eighteen.” Will searched my face for any sign of conceding to his (now not so) secret wish. “Legal adults. Neither of us are virgins, you know.”

“I don’t really think this is the best conversation to have right now,” I tried. It didn’t work.

Will barreled on, hoping that if he just kept talking that I might change my mind. “There hasn’t been a night this year that I haven’t jerked off to the thought of you keeping me for a special detention,” he said. “I want you so bad. The second I met you, I knew we would eventually be together. This trip, it’s like fate. The perfect way to start our adult lives, by having a week and a half of sneaky, hot, teacher sex in a foreign country.”

“Dude, I need to go to the bathroom, cos this is not going away,” Mike said. He had casually moved his sweatshirt into his lap and was looking uncomfortable. “Especially with you going on about jerking off.”

“Huh?” Will was finally caught off-guard.

“Dude, it’s a little hard- ” –here we both stifled snorts of laughter- “-Difficult! Fine, difficult to get it under control when Teach here has her tits all on display!”

I looked down quickly. Sure enough, the cups of my lacy pink bra were visible, as my gray tank top had ridden down in places. I tugged my shirt back in place. “Better?”

Mike looked crestfallen. “No! That was prime scenery!”

I shook my head. To be honest, I had no idea what to do- they were, after all, legally adults, and though we were on a school-sanctioned trip, I’d overheard Mr. Grant say ‘shit’ in conversation with a group of kids, and Coach Kerry openly discussing relationships with the boys he was sitting with… maybe letting loose (a little) was all right in their books.

Before I could say anything more, Will flagged down a passing flight attendant. “Excuse me, miss? Hi. Would it be possible to get blankets for each of us?”

The flight attendant, who was a rather plain-looking girl with slight buckteeth, flashed a bright smile. “Of course!” she chirped. Within seconds, we had three cushy blankets that did not look like standard-issue for coach seating. She leaned over me like I wasn’t even there and whispered conspiratorially to the boys, “I grabbed the extras from first class. Let me know if you need any other assistance.”

When she was out of earshot, I turned to the boys with my eyebrows raised. “Did ya hear that? She would be glad to give you assistance. Her boobs were practically leaping towards you two!”

Mike snorted. “Teach,” he said teasingly, “Are you jealous?”

I sniffed. “Of course not!”

“Uh huh,” Will said.

“These blankets may actually help,” Mike said suddenly. He wriggled around underneath his blanket. When he’d gotten comfortable, he peeled the blanket back. His cock was hanging out of the waistband of his sweatpants!

I gave a start. It was beautiful- fairly long with a swollen, red head, pulsing, with a smattering of blond hair forming a halo around his ball sac. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. To my dismay he covered his lap again as another flight attendant breezed by.

“Dude, that’s the best idea you’ve had all day,” Will declared. It wasn’t very long at all before Will’s hands were in his lap, adjusting things.

“This way, I can jack off and you can watch,” Mike said, a slight blush on his cheeks. “If you want to, I mean, just because we’re on this trip doesn’t mean that we want to make you uncomfortable or anything…” He glanced at me. “But I could totally pop my wad just by looking at you.”

“But we really want to bang you before we go to college,” Will finished bluntly at the same time. He trailed a hand down my arm. “Look at how hard we are.”

He grasped the blanket in one fist and lifted. His swollen dick, springing free, bobbed as the colder air hit it. It was long, longer than Mike’s, and it was thicker than any cock my previous boyfriends had treated me to. His sac was hairy as well- the hair was dark and coarse, and the sight of his giant prick twitching so close to me gave me a jolt of delicious, wanton desire, right in the pussy.

It was like they read my mind. Both began to smirk, like they knew they had me mesmerized, and began to stroke their cocks underneath the blankets.

I glanced over my shoulder. In a full plane, no one was paying attention to the mischievous boys splaying and tugging on their manhood right next to me. I turned my attention back to them, realizing with a teeny tiny bit of guilt that I was as excited as they were.

Mike kept his hand closer to the top of his shaft and rubbed his thumb over the head, sliding down every so often and pumping from his sac to the tip. Within minutes, there was pre-come dribbling from the mushroom-shaped head.

Will, on the other hand, stroked long and leisurely, making sure that I was watching before mimicking Mike and sliding the pad of his thumb under the head. I noticed that he paid more attention to the ridge beneath his swollen cock, particularly where it connected to his sac. Soon he, too, had pre-come forming a delicious-looking drop at the top of his head.

“Like what you see, Teach?” Will asked softly.

I couldn’t bring myself to answer. I already felt guilty enough that I was aroused by these two young men. I couldn’t admit it out loud that I wanted nothing more than to take their gorgeous cocks in my mouth and coat my tongue with their come.

Instead, I just snuggled into my blanket more and sighed happily.

The look on Mike’s face was priceless. He started stroking faster, and he bit down on his balled-up fist to keep from groaning.

I realized then that we had not made preparations for a particular end to this delightful show, and sat up to begin fishing around in my purse. They were momentarily confused, but when I pulled out a travel pack of Kleenex and handed them each a handful, they grinned.

Mike was the first to shoot- three or four more pumps of his hand, and soon his load coated the Kleenex. He sighed and tucked the wad into the paper bag provided for motion sickness, and set to rearranging himself under the blanket.

Beside him, Will was stroking himself leisurely, watching my face as I watched that hand slowly slide up and down his swollen shaft. He took a fingertip and caught the drop of pre-come. He held it to my lips.

“I know you want a taste,” he said knowingly. I hesitated, but allowed my lips to part slightly. He inserted his finger in my mouth, and I immediately tasted his sweet, delicious come. I sucked on that damned finger, using my tongue to bathe it in my warm, wet mouth. It was easily the most flavorful come I’d ever tasted in my life.

“I bet you wish that finger was one of our dicks,” Mike said, not taking his eyes off my mouth.

I nodded mutely.

Will stroked faster as I held that finger in my mouth, licking and sucking it like I so desperately wished I could do to his massive cock. Soon, his shoulders were straining and his eyes were closing as he let his load spill into that handful of tissues. I loved the way his ball sac tightened and seemed to squeeze out the drops of pearly white come, one drop at a time.

“Holy fuck,” he finally said, after getting himself tucked back underneath his pants. “If you suck schlong the way you did my finger I don’t care if I get expelled, I am finding a way to get my load down your throat during this trip!”

“Not so loud, dude,” Mike said. He eyed the girls hesitantly. He looked at me. “Would you be able to be alone with us? Like, how are the rooms set up?”

I sighed. There was really no way to back out of this now. They knew I wanted this just as much as they did. Damn Will and his tasty seed. Damn my poor impulse control. Damn, damn, double damn hormones.

“It’ll be pretty simple, actually. Instead of giving us three rooms with six each, with each room chaperoned, the hostel we booked has set us up with a whole corridor of double rooms. I share with Emily, because there’s an odd number of girls.”

Will and Mike exchanged the biggest, most ridiculously goofy smiles I’ve ever seen.

“Please tell me that you put me and Mike together,” Will said. He gripped his armrest.

I rolled my eyes. “How could we split the two of you up?”

“YES!” They high-fived.

I raised my eyebrows.

“You guys must be doing like, bed checks or something weird like that, right?” Mike asked.

I nodded. It had been discussed that we would all check in with each room, so all of the students got some face time during the trip with each of us. As long as we worked out a system, and started at different points, hopefully we wouldn’t overlap.

“Just come to our room last,” Will said confidently. “We’ll text you when Coach and Mr. Grant have seen us, and then you can just tell Em that you got sidetracked talking to us.”

“Except your cell phones won’t work in France,” I pointed out.

Mike piped up with, “What if we work out a system where there’s an elastic or something on the doorknob? Or a napkin under the door?”

“An all-clear flag,” Will added.

“I can’t wait ’til lights out,” Mike said happily.


Lights out crept up quicker than I thought it would.

After a quick dinner and a group meeting, which consisted of Coach Kerry and Mr. Grant suggesting that we keep it informal and go by our first names during the trip (meaning that we turned into Greg, Allen, and Mary- a fact that Will and Mike knew from swiping my school identification badge several times during class, but digested with smirks nonetheless), we had some free time to unpack and get acquainted with our roommates.

I unpacked a little before changing into what I hoped was innocent enough to do bed-checks, but sexy enough to turn the boys on. I found a pair of neon green running shorts, a bright yellow burnout tank top, and Victoria’s Secret’s finest- lacy blue bra with matching panties.

Thankfully, my roommate fell asleep while she was unpacking, the poor thing. It saved me from having to deal with awkward questions when I got back to the room way later than I should be. I moved her suitcase off her bed and tucked her in gently before I went off to do rounds.

I considered going to their room first, to finish this thing once and for all, but Mr. Grant (excuse me, Allen) beat me to it. Alternating between the girls and the boys and two hours of chatting later, I had one more room until I went to Will and Mike’s. I knocked on the door to the room Sam and a techie, Serena, shared, and opened the door.

I was so startled by the scene before me that it took a second for my brain to compute.

“Miss Frederickson, this is totally not what it looks like,” Serena stammered. She was gloriously naked, save for a tiny pair of pink panties that made her chocolate-colored skin look divine. Beside her, Sam was similarly clad and giving Coach Kerry (sorry, Greg) what looked to be an incredibly enthusiastic blowjob.

She cupped his balls as she ran her tongue all over the head of his cock. He responded by threading his fingers in her long brown hair and guiding her mouth down his pecker, inch by agonizing inch. He opened his eyes, and almost choked the poor girl in his surprise.

“Mary!” he exclaimed. He stopped thrusting. Sam, ever the dedicated one, kept licking his man meat and pumping it in her small hand.

“Greg,” I said with what I hoped wasn’t a smirk. “Everything all set here?”

“It’s not as bad as it looks,” Serena said defiantly. “We’re both 18, and we’re all consenting adults…”

Sounded kind of familiar.

“Mary, please,” Coach Kerry pleaded. “They’re telling the truth, and it’s not that bad, once you put everything together…”

I held up my hands. “I’m sorry I disturbed you.” I moved closer to the door. “By all means, carry on.”

Sam pulled Coach Kerry’s cock out of her mouth. “You’re not going to say anything, are you?” she asked in a small voice.

I smiled at her. “No, of course not.”

“Promise?” Serena pressed.

I sighed. “I’m not going to say anything.” More to prove that they could trust me than anything (least of all the fact that I was in a foreign country, two of my boys were attracted to me, and I wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard), I walked over to them and dropped to my knees. To everyone’s surprise, I took Coach Kerry’s impressive length into my mouth, and deep-throated it, taking it clear to his hairy nut sac.

The girls looked impressed.

Coach Kerry threw his head back and moaned.

I bobbed my head over his dick, sucking and slurping. When I had gotten it nice and wet, I let it pop out of my mouth. I handed it over to Serena and guided his boner into her mouth.

“Does that answer your question?” I asked triumphantly, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

“See you in the morning, Miss F,” Sam said happily. She had taken to stroking herself underneath her underwear, and I could see that the three of them were going to get along just fine, if Coach Kerry’s hungry gaze was any indication.

“Thanks, Mary,” Coach Kerry grunted breathlessly, sliding in and out of the young girl’s mouth. “I owe you one.”

“Don’t mention it,” I said, letting myself out of the room. “Like, ever.”

I skittered down the hall and knocked on Will and Mike’s door, slipping inside when Mike cracked it open.

“What’s the rush, Teach?” he asked teasingly. “Excited to see us?”

I smiled. “Am I ever,” I said. “Actually, apparently you guys aren’t the only ones getting a little nighttime nookie.”

Will’s mouth dropped open in a half smirk. “You found Serena and Coach Kerry, didn’t you?”

I twisted a piece of hair in between my fingers. “And Sam,” I said, giggling at the surprised look on Mike’s face.

“Wait… all doin’ it?” Will asked incredulously.

“Sucking on his dick like it was a lollypop,” I told them, sitting down on one of the two double beds. “Sam was fingering herself when I left.”

Will and Mike looked at each other. “Holy crap,” Mike said finally.

“No kidding,” Will said. “Sam’s dating Danny, and he told us during rehearsal the other day that they haven’t fucked yet because she told him she was a virgin!”

I snorted. “Maybe she is,” I said dismissively, “But if Coach Kerry has anything to say about it, she won’t be by the end of this week!”

“Speaking of fucking,” Mike said slyly, running his hand up my shoulder to play with my bra strap, “I think you owe us a goodnight kiss?”

I smiled at him, and pulled him down on the bed beside me, gazing into his big, blue eyes. He blinked a few times, not sure how to proceed. I kissed his cheek.

“There?” I asked teasingly.

He pouted.

I kissed his forehead. “Better?”

He stuck his lip out further.

I lowered my eyelashes, and cupped his chin. I planted my lips on his, and gave him the best kiss I could muster. I flicked my tongue in past his full, eager lips, and sucked on the lower one as our tongues caressed each other. I ran my free hand up his shirt to clutch at his chest before tugging it off him.

“Better,” he said breathlessly, finally free of his shirt.

Behind me, Will had taken off his shirt as well, and was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching us attentively. His cock was straining against his shorts.

“What about me?” he asked seductively. His voice was easily one of the sexiest I’d heard in a while, and it took no time at all for me to comply. I straddled his lap and kissed him just as I’d kissed Mike. When I rocked back, he grasped my hips and ground them over his confined length, rubbing my wet pussy over his crotch. He grinned when I moaned as my clit got rubbed in the process.

Mike, who had gotten rid of his shorts by then and was clad only in his boxers, tugged at the hem of my tank top. I lifted my arms slowly and let him work the shirt over my chest and head. Will took the opportunity to kiss the swells of my breasts as they swayed in his face. Mike, on the other hand, worked at my shorts until I was left only in my lacy panties.

Soon, he was lifting my tits out of the cups of my bra, and taking the swollen nipples into his mouth. He gnawed gently on the stiff peaks, which earned him another moan from me. Mike unclasped my bra, and suddenly, my tits were free of their confines entirely.

Will gestured to one breast, and they were both sucking on my nipples, cupping my tits and groping as they sucked. My nipples are super sensitive to begin with, and I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second. I knew I’d probably soaked through my expensive panties.

I pried my boys off my chest. With a poke to the nose for each of them, I wiggled off of Will, saying, “I think it’s time you show me your cocks, don’t you?”

Mike stood up and yanked his boxers down. His cock bobbed up happily, just as lovely as earlier. I stroked his length, and he just whimpered, edging closer to me. He grasped his cock in his hand and guided it towards my mouth.

I kissed the tip. Slowly, staring up into his eyes, I took the whole thing in my mouth, taking great care not to bite down. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft, cupping and massaging his balls in my small hand. Soon he was rocking in and out gently, trying to shoot his come down my throat.

It didn’t take long at all for him to reach his goal- one more lick to the underside of his long dick, and he was groaning and shoving his cock into my mouth as far as he could get it. I could feel the hot jets of come spurting against my throat, and I was swallowing his load as quickly as I could. When he finished he collapsed on the bed and sighed happily.

“I can totally die a happy man.” His cock had softened and lay, spent, splayed across his bare thighs. He tucked his arm underneath his head and turned his gaze toward me. “What about Will?”

I grinned seductively. “What about Will? What does he want me to do?” I trailed my hand across his thigh.

His eyes darkened. He crawled over me until we were eye level. “I want you to suck my dick, Teach, but right now, I need to fuck you.” He reached down, and instead of tugging my panties down, he snapped the elastic and peeled the scraps off of me.

“Hey!” I said indignantly. “I liked those panties, mister!”

Will’s grin was positively feral. “I promise, you’ll like taking my cock up your pretty little pussy more.”

He gripped my hips and pulled me close, reaching a hand down in between us to stroke my pussy. He pulled his hand back, admiring how wet his fingers were.

“Excited, Teach?” he murmured. He took his cock in his hand and nudged the head towards my slit. Without warning, he slid into me, balls deep with one thrust. I moaned as he withdrew and started thrusting quickly. His sac slapped against my ass, the rhythmic pumping punctuated by my soft hisses of pleasure.

“Jesus,” he said breathlessly, “You’re so tight!”

I smiled. “Just for you, baby.” I pulled his head and kissed him, driving my tongue in time with his glorious cock.

He responded by slamming into me harder, which allowed his cockhead to slide across my clit in the best way. I could tell that it wouldn’t be long until I came. I clutched at his shoulders, trying my hardest to take him in even just a teeny bit more, so I could be utterly impaled by dick.

Mike started stroking his semi-hard cock as I took his friend’s cock deep inside my tight pussy. It was exhilarating, knowing that he was aroused by our fucking. I could feel myself getting wetter as Will pounded into me.

That, I think, was what eventually set me off. I whimpered as I came, my cunt walls squeezing the bejeezus out of the cock that was sending me spiraling into oblivion. Mini-spasms followed, like little fireworks going off.

We slowed for a moment. Will stared down at me, his smile adorably surprised. “Did you just come?” he asked. He looked delightfully pleased with himself.

I nodded. “Fuck me harder,” I begged.

He picked up his pace again. Gritting his teeth, he said raggedly, “Teach… going to come soon.”

I grinned. “Good,” I said, meeting his thrusts with my own. “I want you to come inside me… come on, Will,” I said, urging him on. He was panting now.

Behind me, I could see Mike tugging on his schlong faster, stroking his balls, groaning whenever I opened my mouth.

“Do you see Mike?” I asked Will, brushing his dark hair out of his eyes. “Look at him, stroking his hard dick while he watches us. You’re so big, and so hard in my pussy… make me come again. Give me the fucking you’ve always wanted to give me.”

He plunged into me, pulling my legs over his shoulders and really going to it. The new angle was fantastic for brushing against my clit. He stared at my tits as they bounced with each thrust, and gasped when I reached up to play with my nipples.

“God, that’s good,” I said happily, twisting and stroking my tits. “Come on, Will, fuck me!”

Soon, too soon, he rasped, “I’m coming!” I felt his whole head swell inside me, and with each spurt, I could feel his come coat my insides. As he was still driving into me, he reached down and barely touched my clit before I came too, my insides clenching and leaving me breathless.

After he was certain he’d finished coming, Will slid out of me, and held me in his arms, sated and happy. All of a sudden, Mike was breathing heavily, his hand flying over his cockhead.

Eager to assist one of my two favorite students, I turned in Will’s arms so I was facing Mike. I noticed with a small amount of glee that my ass molded to his soft dick perfectly. He pulled his arms in and stroked my tits lazily, breathing steadily into my ear. “This is perfect,” he whispered. I rocked my hips back into him teasingly.

“Come in my mouth, baby,” I pleaded. Mike pressed his dick to my mouth and I sucked it in eagerly. Two lunges down his cock, and he was done. My mouth full of his sweet, hot come, I released his flaccid cock, making a show of swallowing slowly.

His eyes were wide. “So hot,” he said. He laid down on the bed, so he was facing me. He eased a leg in between my thighs, and joined Will as they played with my tits. I honestly don’t understand the odd fascination men have with breasts, but they let me suck their dicks, so it really is tit for tat. We stayed like that for a while, until the alarm on my watch went off.

“Ohmygod,” I said, sitting up abruptly. The boys followed suit dazedly.

“What’s that for?” Will asked, pointing at my watch.

I blushed. “Birth control. It goes off every night at 9.” I clambered off the bed and started scooping up my clothing.

They watched with half smirks as I pulled on my shorts, commando-style. Once I was dressed and had the scraps of my panties in hand, I turned back to them.

“Please tell us we’re doing this again,” Mike said. His cock had perked up slightly, and was currently at just under half mast. Sitting on the bed, he looked utterly dejected, like a puppy that was being left home alone for the day.

I smiled. “Aren’t you eager?” I walked back over to them. I reached down and gave Mike a kiss on the lips. “I hope so,” I whispered, winking. “You still have to fuck me, too.”

I turned to Will, and kissed him. He reached his hand up and pulled my mouth into his as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He smirked as I pulled away. “You’re such a tease, Teach,” he said. “Why can’t you just stay here with us all night?”

I looked at him. “You know I have to be back in my room,” I said. I stroked his soft, dark hair back again. “Don’t think I wouldn’t rather be here with you two. Who knows what we could get up to?”


The next morning, I woke up before Emily. She looked like a zombie, her mouth open slightly as she snored quietly. We had told the kids to meet in the lobby for breakfast at 7:30. It was just past 6.

I thought back over the previous evening’s events, and realized with a shock that the fresh pair of underwear that I’d slipped on after getting back had a bit of come pooled in the crotch. My pussy was aching- I hadn’t been fucked like that in ages, and already I was getting wet just thinking about what kind of mischief those boys could get up to for the remainder of the week.

Rather than start fingering myself and risk waking up Emily, I quietly eased myself out of bed and tiptoed to the door, slipping out as silently as I could. I tapped on the boys’ door. I doubted they would be awake. What boys would sacrifice the opportunity to sleep as long as possible?

To my surprise, a bleary-eyed Will opened the door. He wore only his boxer shorts, and I could see the beginnings of a morning stiffy forming. I gave him the foxiest grin I could and whispered, “Morning, big boy. Want me to fix that?” I pointed at his cock as I closed the door and locked it.

He nodded eagerly, taking me by the hand and leading me toward his bed. In the other bed, Mike was fast asleep- he had kicked off the covers in the middle of the night, and was lying spread-eagled on his back, naked as a jaybird. I licked my lips at the sight of his floppy dick nestled between his legs.

I turned to the now raring to go Will, and whispered for him to lie back. He did, tugging his shorts off so that I had access to his thick cock. I took it in my hands, and gently cupped his hairy sac. I immediately plunged my mouth down over it, and took him deep into my throat. I could feel the tip of his cock tickling my tonsils, and I willed myself to not gag. I eased him back up and took to licking the underside of his dick and stroking the base as I lunged up and down his massive pecker.

He watched, with one hand threaded in my mane of red hair, pulling it back so it didn’t block his view, the other tucked behind his head. I paid close attention to the bulbous head as I brought my tongue to the top, flicking around the slit teasingly.

He stifled a groan.

In the bed next to us, Mike stirred. I could see his dick waking up, as if it sensed that I was there. I tried to focus on the matter at hand, and lunged down Will’s cock once more. I squeezed his sac, rolling his balls gently in my small palm.

That was apparently too much- he jumped, and thrust the remainder of his dick down my throat just as he started blasting his load. Sweet, hot come bathed my tongue, and I could only let it glide down my throat as I stroked the base of his shaft. Once, twice, he filled my waiting mouth with his come, and I eagerly swallowed his whole load. Once he finished, he slumped back into the pillows and sighed happily.

I made a show of licking my lips and sucking my fingers for him before stripping down to my undies (this time a pretty pink set) and climbing into Mike’s bed.

I took the sleeping boy’s waiting prick into my hot little mouth and began giving him the same star treatment I’d just given his friend, letting it slide down into my throat with ease. Mike woke up with his schlong balls-deep in his teacher’s mouth- how’s that for a wake-up?!

He groaned, grinning from ear to ear as he thrust lazily into my mouth. When I was sure he was awake enough, I pulled his twitching dick from my lips, giving it a quick kiss on the tip. I clambered over his legs and, tits in his face, took his cock in my hand long enough to slide past the crotch of my lacy panties and impale myself with it.

He filled my pussy up with his hard dick, and I hissed with pleasure. I wiggled around until I could feel his balls resting against my tight little asshole, and then started to ride him slowly and surely, up and down his length- making sure that I left just the tip inside me before I slid back down, inch by agonizing inch.

He had taken my tits out of the cups of my bra and was sucking on my nipples as I rode him. Every so often he would nibble on the nipples, which sent the best little shocks down to my wet, aching pussy.

When he had had enough of the slow and steady approach, he muttered, “Okay, Missy, time to speed up a little.” He grasped my hips and helped lift me off of his dick and slam me back down again, thrusting his thick pecker into my pussy as far as it could go.

I arched my back, jutting my tits towards him. I slid a hand down in between my legs and began strumming my love button, while Mike continued to fuck me. It only took seconds for me to come- I cried out as he slammed my hips down over his cock, little waves of intense pleasure coursing through my wet box.

“So good,” I sighed after it was over. I put a hand on his chest. “Let me flip over.”

Mike lifted me off his cock, and slid the now come-stained panties down off my body. We rearranged so I was in front of him on my hands and knees, facing Will. He gave me a saucy wink as I took Mike’s length into my pussy, clearly enjoying how I closed my eyes in pleasure and reached up to play with my clit again as his friend fucked me.

Mike started thrusting into me harder, way harder than he had been before, his balls slapping against my ass deliciously.

“How you doin’, Teach?” Will asked playfully, leisurely stroking his semi-hard prick.

“Ah…a-amazing,” I breathed. I love being fucked hard, so it was way more difficult to speak than I’d thought it would be. I knew I was going to come again very soon- every time Mike’s cock slid out of me, the bottom of his cock would graze against my sensitive clit. So much better than playing with myself solo!

He got up off the bed and stood in front of me. He took his cock in his hand and brushed the head against my cheek. I smirked up at him. “Feeling left out?”

His eyes narrowed. “Suck me, Teach.”

I opened my mouth, but didn’t do anything else. He took the hint and slid his impressive meat down my throat, just as he had earlier that morning. He grasped the sides of my head, and cupped my face gently, sliding my lips up and down his cock.

It was probably the hottest blowjob I’d ever given- all I had to do is keep my mouth open, and suck occasionally, and Will fucked my face slowly, deliberately, taking great care not to choke me with his enormous prick.

Behind me, Mike was thrusting quickly, the fierceness of his pumping making my tits slap together. Will noticed this, and muttered, “Dude, tit-handle her!” Mike immediately reached under me to use my tits as handles, stroking his thumbs over the hard nipples as he pounded into me.

I whimpered around Will’s girth- it all felt so good, and I didn’t want them to stop, ever. Mike actually started thrusting faster, his ball sac slapping against my clit, my ass, everywhere, stabbing into me with such force that I’m certain he poked the tip of Will’s cock as it slid down my throat.

I felt his cock twitch, deep inside my cunt, and he immediately began to come, bathing my insides with his hot cream. With each thrust, he forced his hot load deeper into me- the last thrust set off my own orgasm, leaving me twitching and clenching around his softening dick.

Will pulled his cock out of my mouth and jerked it a few times until he came, spurting his come all over my face. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, eager to catch the last of the sweet droplets. When he was finished, I quickly used my fingers to scoop up his discarded cream.

Mike rolled me over, and I giggled, stretching contentedly on the bed. “I am so glad I came and woke you two up!”

“You came, all right,” Mike said with a snicker. He lay down next to me, spooning me and cupping my still-sensitive tits.

“A few times,” Will added. He sat down on his own bed. “It was cute.”

“Sure,” I rolled my eyes. I checked my watch. “We’ve got forty-five minutes until we have to meet the rest of the group. I should get back and have a shower.”

“You could shower here, with us,” Mike suggested, kissing my neck. His dick stirred, poking me in the behind, already raring to go again!

“Nice try,” I said, wiggling away from him. “We have an entire week, it’s only been a day!”


The next few days were a blur- thankfully, Emily was under the impression that I was leaving the room early in the morning to go to the gym that was attached to our hostel. Every morning, I woke them up by sucking their cocks. Those boys fucked me as hard and as often as they could. One night, Will even ate me while I sucked Mike’s dick. Their reasoning behind that was so I didn’t make any noise. Probably a good thing- Will definitely knew how to use his tongue!

By mid-week, the kids were exhausted. Jet-lag had caught up to everyone and all they wanted to do was spend an afternoon napping and watching movies. The other chaperones and I decided that it would be all right and still within schedule for us to have a siesta day, with a tour of Versailles in the late afternoon before dinner.

When we gathered the kids in the common room, they all cheered. Coach Kelly held up his beefy hands and added, “No one leaves the hostel. You guys can watch movies down here, you can use the gym facilities, there’s a pool… you can take naps, whatever it is, you have to say here. We’re going to meet to leave for our tour at 4:30 sharp, you hear?”

When they all nodded excitedly, he said, “Dismissed!”

Several of the girls headed upstairs to take naps. Emily told me on her way by that she was planning on taking a quick nap and then a shower, if I wanted to shower first. I smiled and told her that I was going to be spending my siesta checking in with the various groups. By the looks on my boys’ faces, I definitely wasn’t going to be resting!

The second I walked into their room, they pounced. Even though I was wearing the same yoga pants I’d put on for the flight, they eyed my figure hungrily, as if I hadn’t spent any time with them all week! Right.

Will wasted no time in getting me out of my clothing. He pushed my tits out of the cups of my cream-colored lacy bra and began sucking on them earnestly, while Mike ran his hands up and down my hips from behind me and kissed my neck. I moaned appreciatively when he slipped a hand into my panties to stroke my pussy. Soon after, they tugged everything off me, leaving me naked as a jaybird and super hot for both of them.

“Towards the bed, dude,” Mike murmured to Will. It was rare for him to call the shots. I wondered briefly what they were up to.

They got me down on the bed, and immediately started pulling off their clothing. Both cocks were ready to go- hard and throbbing, and I couldn’t wait to suck them. I grasped one in each hand, and began licking the tip of Mike’s dick.

I alternated back and forth between them, licking and slurping on their cockheads. I loved taking their cocks between my pouty lips. Before I could get any further, though, Will stopped me. “We have something better planned, Teach,” he said lasciviously.

Mike sat down beside me, and pulled me into his lap, kissing me deeply and playing with my tits. I ground my pussy over his crotch, rubbing the tip of his dick with my cunt until he begged me to fuck him.

I grinned at him as I lowered myself slowly over his throbbing length. He watched me, his mouth open slightly and his eyes glazed a bit. He filled me up good, and I took my time raising myself up and sliding back down, savoring how big he felt inside me.

“Please, faster,” he murmured. I complied immediately- sliding up and down his dick faster made my clit hum with excitement.

It was then that Will moved to stand behind me and grazed my sides gently with his fingertips.

I threw my head back, and looked up at him with a goofy smile. “Hiiii,” I said happily. “Whaddya going to do to me, Will?”

His eyes were dark, almost feral when he replied, “I’m going to fuck your pretty little asshole.”

I stopped. “Wait, what?”

Will pulled me and Mike towards him. “Mike and I have been talking,” he explained as he trailed a hand down the small of my back towards my heart-shaped butt. “We’ve been able to fuck you and lick your pussy, but we haven’t fucked you at the same time.”

“And you want to put that-” –I pointed at his cock, “-up my ass? Are you crazy? It’s not going to fit!”

“We’ll take it slow,” he assured me. “Just keep fucking Mike. He loves stuffing his prick into your tight little pussy.” He stroked my asshole. “Don’t pay any attention to me.”

I kept riding Mike’s dick, moaning when his ballsac slapped against my clit. He felt so good in my pussy, and it felt even better when I felt his fingers strumming against my clit while his mouth sucked on my hard nipples.

I came once, twice like that, trying not to shriek in delight as he gnawed on my nipples. His cock slid in and out of my wet cunt easily now, fucking me as hard as he could without bouncing me completely off the bed.

Then I felt it.

Will had worked his finger up my ass.

It felt amazing. I had Mike’s thick cock stuffed into my pussy, while Will slowly fucked my virgin asshole with his finger. He slid a finger near my pussy, and used my juices to lube up my tight ass to make way for his straining dick.

“Oh my God,” I breathed. “Okay, okay, okay, fuck my ass, Will, fuck it!”

“Much better,” Will smirked. He lined his cock up with my puckered asshole, and eased the tip in. I moaned loudly. Mike shut me up by kissing me, sticking his tongue down my throat and occupying me while his friend set about reaming my little butt.

“Almost there, Teach,” Will hissed, sliding his cock further up my rear. He slid in and out slowly, opening my hole a little each time. In my pussy, Mike had slowed to a stop, and settled for rocking us back and forth.

“Is… is it in?” I asked. I realized that I sounded like a dope, but I didn’t care- this was the first time I’d had anything other than an adventurous finger up my butt, and I couldn’t believe that I was loving it. It felt exquisite. I felt so full, so full of cock that I was stuffed. Legitimately.

“To the balls,” Will said, sounding relieved. He snaked his hands around to cup my tits. “Do you want us to fuck you together, Teach?”

I hissed as he slid slowly out of my ass and then thrust back in experimentally. That sounded like heaven. “Yes,” I hissed. “Fuck me hard!”

Together they started to move. I came just from the excitement of having two dicks inside me, and they snickered when I shook a bit in their arms.

They fucked me long and slow, and each time one of them withdrew the other was thrusting in, keeping a delicious rhythm. Once, twice, they got off-kilter and they both thrust at the same time, leaving me breathless and on the verge of coming again.

Speeding up the pace of their fucking proved to be the ultimate undoing for Will. Their balls slapped against each other, against my clit, as they worked into me together. Then, I felt the strangest sensation. Will was coming, blasting volleys of hot cream up my asshole. He buried his face in my neck as he continued to fuck my ass, groaning.

“Oh my God,” he murmured, kissing the sensitive place where my neck met my collarbone. “You’re so hot, Teach… can you feel me coming in your ass?”

I grabbed at his head, trapped in between my boys, impaled on their cocks. “I love it, fill me with your come!”

Mike groaned just then. “Dude, I can like, feel your dick through her! It’s so weird!” He ground into me again, so deep I could swear he was fucking my liver. “It was kind of like having a vibe near the head of my dick… I think I’m going to come soon.”

I giggled.

Will lifted his head. “Weird,” he said. Though his cock was undoubtedly soft, he kept fucking my tight little hole, until his cock hardened up again.

I turned to look at him in surprise. “Again?” I breathed.

Will’s lips quirked into a saucy grin. “For you, of course.” He slid in and out of my ass easily this time. I pushed my bum back towards him.

Mike’s pace was wild by now, slapping his balls against my sensitive clit as he pounded into my pussy. I bounced up and down his thick pecker, and I cried out when I came again. I was boneless in their arms, and I almost couldn’t handle it when Mike began twitching inside me, and poured his come into my cunt.

So many sensations all at once- my orgasm, the jets of come up my pussy, and Will’s dick hard and insistently fucking my ass, all made me slightly crazy.

“Jesus Christ,” was all I could manage, lazily sliding up and down Mike’s cock.

Will reached around and began to stroke my clit in time with his thrusts. Too soon, I was coming again, crying because it was so intense, so close to the last one that I didn’t know what to do but stay put on Mike’s softening dick and taking Will’s length up into my ass, where he promptly blasted another load of his hot come.

I collapsed onto Mike’s chest, completely and utterly spent. I had both cocks still inside me, but I couldn’t move.

“That was awesome,” Mike said a while later.

They had eased themselves out of my thoroughly fucked holes, and had immediately gathered me into their arms to cuddle. Mike was in front of me, his chest warm on my cheek, while Will was behind me. My ass was lined up perfectly with his dick, and my back to his chest. I closed my eyes- I felt so content, so sated, with my boys holding me so close to them.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t last.

My iPhone alarm went off seconds later, and I panicked. We only had half an hour to get cleaned up, and here I was, a quivering mess of come. I pulled away from them, not without protestations and a slightly hopeful suggestion from Mike that I just go as I was, and they could spend the rest of the evening delighting in the fact that they knew that I was slippery with their deposits. I kissed both of them and went back to my room to get myself cleaned up and presentable before the tour of Versailles.

God knows that the bus was going to be hell enough on my poor, abused bum.


The rest of the trip followed suit, and soon after, the boys graduated. I see them from time to time, and every time they come home from college they bring a friend or two to play with.

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