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Nightclub Tease

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Geoff watched as the young couple walked into the darken club. He wasn’t alone, nearly every other man watched her too. Geoff sat at the bar, watching everything going on around him. He loved crowds, seeing the interactions of people in different situations. The young woman walked past him, wearing a back, pinstriped mini dress with spaghetti straps. It amazed him that the dress could hold her large breasts without breaking the thin straps.

The large scalloped hem barely covered her front, reaching the very tops of her thighs. She knew she was being watched, not just by Geoff but by every man in the club. She glanced at Geoff, smiling, as she walked past. The guy sitting next to Geoff let out a gasp when he saw that the back of the dress had a high notch cut out, exposing her ass to plain view. Her “date” left her, going to the casino and leaving her alone in the club. The young woman sat at the bar, a couple of seats away from Geoff, her head constantly turning, looking to see who was watching her. When she sat, the dress pulled up, giving anyone who wanted a clear view of her white thong and pussy.

A small crowd gathered around her, each guy trying to buy her a drink or asking her to dance. Stacey, as Geoff was later to learn, took advantage of every offer, always having one or two drinks in front of her and dancing with different guy. Geoff watched as one man dancing would try to feel her up, sliding their hands over her body. She often let them cup her ass or feel her tits, but would push the hand away after several seconds, giving him plenty of time to feel what they wanted of her body. Geoff also noticed the wedding ring on her finger. Barry, the bartender and friend, told Geoff that Stacy and her husband came in about once a month and that he would leave her in the club while he went to gamble. He also told Geoff, even though Geoff knew right away, that Stacy was a little tease, flirting with all men. Barry didn’t have to tell Geoff that. He knew right away what she was like. Most of the men trying to pick her up were either her age or just a little older than her 23 years. It was obvious that Stacy loved the attention she received. And it was well deserved…she was a beautiful young woman with an incredible body. Fit and trim, her body had the right curves in the right places. everything fit perfectly. If any part of her body was off, it were her breasts, which were larger and more luscious that what one would have hoped. They definitely weren’t too big, but definitely a large D, maybe even a DD.

The black dress hugged her body, accentuating each supple curve of her waist, hips and ass. The low cut top, along with the underlying lift of the cups pushed her large firm breasts out over the top, exposing a large cleavage as well as about half of her breasts. The dress covered just to the top of her areolas with the nipple poking through the thin fabric. She did look good, Geoff thought to himself, but he still didn’t like her attitude, that “everyone look at me because I’m so hot” look.

The guy dancing with her was holding her by her waist, pulling her body against his. Geoff could see her grinding her mound against his, probably making his cock hard. The young man’s hands slid up her side, cupping the sides of her breasts. Stacy rocked back and forth, adding the the pressure of her tits against his wandering fingers. Stacy even slid her hand down his stomach, cupping his cock in her fingers. Geoff smiled to himself as he watched the guys expression of surprise as she stroked his cock through his pants. The song ended right then. Stacy smiled at the guy, then turned and walked back to her chair without saying a word to the man she had just groped and let grope her. He just stood there, alone on the dance floor, not sure what to do. When Stacy turned her back to him, his expression dropped. He turned and walked away dejected.

Another young man walked up to the bar, standing next to her. He called the bartender, ordered his drink and then another one for the lady. Stacy smiled, “Thank you”, she said, putting her hand on his. They talked for a few minutes, then went onto the dance floor. It was obvious to Geoff that Stacey loved showing off her body while dancing. The gyrations of her hips and head, tossing her long blonde hair was noticed by everyone in the club. Bending over, Stacey literally showed her ass as the short skirt rode up, exposing her cheeks to her new partner. The young man reached out, cupping her cheeks, his thumbs slipping between her cheeks. Stacy looked back, smiling at him as she wiggled her ass in his hands. He stepped closer, rubbing his cock against her bare ass. Stacey smiled, letting him have his way with her. She knew she was being watched and loved the attention. She turned around, stepping closer to the young man. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight to him. Stacey rubbed her large breasts against his chest, feeling the rough material of her dress scrape across her hard nipples.

Geoff watched the young man trying to pick up Stacey, but he knew the guy didn’t have a chance. Stacey continued rubbing her tits against him, even reaching down, letting her fingers slide along his hard shaft. The song ended a few moments later. They stayed there a minute, talking, then Stacey kissed him gently on the cheek, turned and walked back to the bar, leaving him standing there, wondering what had just happened.

Stacey came back to the bar, sitting next to Geoff, this time. She smiled, then waved her hand to the man that had brought her. “Hi, baby,” she said, kissing him on his cheek. He stood next to her, his hand resting on her bare thigh, sliding slowly up n down her leg.

“Been having fun?” he asked, looking around.

Stacey sighed, “I’ve danced a few times, nothing much. A few guys have tried to touch me, but I slapped their hands away. You know I won’t let anyone but you touch me.” The man, her husband, smiled, accepting what she said as the truth. Geoff had been getting upset at her teasing. It wasn’t that he thought she was a slut, he had no problems with women like that. Geoff just wanted people to be honest about themselves. Geoff respected a slut more than he did Stacey, because a slut lets you know exactly what you were getting. Stacey, on the other hand, was lying to the guys she was flirting with, leading them on, then dropping them at the last. Now after hearing her talking with her clueless husband, Geoff was even more disgusted with her. Her husband kissed her on the cheek.

“I trust you baby,” he said, walking back to the casino.

Stacy watched him leave, then looked over at Geoff and smiled. Her eyes looked up and down his body, taking in his older, more mature look. She thought he was about 40, give or take a couple of years, not over twice her age which he was. Geoff smiled at her, then slid over next to her.

“You’re a very good dancer, very sensual,” he said, offering his hand, “I’m Geoff.” Stacy smiled, letting her hand rest in his, “I’m Stacy,” she replied, taking a deep breath so that her breasts would show more. “Too bad none of the guys you danced with were any good, though,” he said, with an intriguing smile on his face. Stacey looked at him more closely. She liked his more mature appearance, well dressed in designer clothes. He looked distinguished and cultured without looking stuffy or pretentious.

“Do you think you could do better?” she asked, hoping for a specific answer.

Geoff smiled, taking her hand as he stood up, “Let’s find out.” Geoff smiled at her sweetly, letting her walk in front of him to the dance floor.

Geoff took her into his arms, one hand around Stacey’s waist, the other holding her hand gently in his. Stacey knew immediately that he was different from the other guys she had danced with. Geoff guided her in their small area, moving perfectly with the music. He spun her, then pulled her back into his arms, controlling her every movement with his hand in the small of her back. Stacey felt encircled by Geoff’s 6’2″ frame as he guided her movements in the confined space. She had always loved to dance, she loved teasing her partners, rubbing her body against them. But in Geoff’s arm, she finally understood the sensuality and eroticism of dancing rather than the simple bump and grind that most people did. Her heart raced as Geoff held her tight. Even though her mound was pressing against his cock, it was different than when the other guys did it. It was more like love-making and foreplay than immediate fucking. Stacey felt herself sink into his arms, becoming one with Geoff’s motions. She pressed her hips against his, wanting to feel his cock against her pussy. She wanted to feel his chest on hers, instead of just rubbing against him crudely like she usually did.

Geoff whirled around, spinning Stacey, his eyes locked with hers. He slid his hand down her back, just above the curve of the top of her firm young ass. Stacey instinctively pressed forward, feeling his hard cock against her pussy. She bit her lower lips as he slip his hand gently onto her ass, his fingertips lightly against her bare cheeks. She closed her eyes, resting her head on his chest as Geoff guided them through the dance. Most guy just grab at her ass and tits and Stacey lets them, teasing them. This time, she was the one being controlled, wanting more than the other was allowing. Geoff slip his fingertips between her cheeks, barely touching her supple flesh. Stacey’s pussy began to become wet. She could not believe how sensual this older man was, her body trembling from his light touches.

They danced a couple of more songs, Stacey becoming wetter with each twirl. After the song ended, Geoff held her in his arms, caressing her back. Stacey, feeling more erotic than ever, ground her pussy lightly against his cock, feeling its hardness. Geoff looked down at her, smiling.

“Come with me, I have something to show you. I think you’ll like it,” he said smiling. Stacey was a little hesitant at first, unsure about what to do, but Geoff persuaded her with his sweet smile and light touch.

She followed Geoff into the back, through a door into a large, spacious office. She looked around at the expensive furnishings and decorations. The back wall was all glass, looking out onto he dance floor. Stacey realized that the glass was a two way mirror, reflecting on the dance floor side and clear on the office side.

“What is this place, some office?” she asked, still looking around. Geoff nodded, telling her that it was the owner’s private office and that he lets him use it from time to time.

“In fact, look over here,” Geoff said, pointing to some monitors. Stacey walked over to behind the desk, resting her hands on the solid mahogany top. There were several monitors of different areas of the club and casino. Geoff stood next to her, clicking a few buttons. One of the monitors changed to a small room.

“Oh my gd!” Stacey exclaimed, looking at a young girl on her knees, giving a man a blow job. “What is this?” Geoff laughed at her surprise.

“Haven’t you seen those rooms upstairs?” he asked. “Its where people can go to get to know one another better, sort of speak,” he replied, smiling. Stacey leaned over more, getting a better look. Her skirt rode up, exposing nearly her entire ass to Geoff. Stacey had watched porn videos before, but this was real and live. She swallowed hard, watching the cock sliding in and out of the young girl’s mouth. Her pussy began to get wet again, aching slightly. The girl in the room, then stood up, turning her back to the man, wiggling her ass at him. Stacey’s eyes widened as he rammed his cock into her pussy, thrusting hard as he fucked the much younger girl. Geoff turned up the volume. Stacey could hear the girl moaning, begging the man to fuck her cunt. Unconsciously, Stacey’s hand slipped between her legs, rubbing her pussy and clit as she stood there watching this girl being fucked on the monitor. She looked over at Geoff and smiled as she plunged her finger deep into her pussy.

“Do you like watching me finger myself?” she asked coyly. Geoff slipped behind her, grabbing her waist as he rocked his cock against her bare ass. “Oh no,” she said, shaking her head, “you can only watch, no touching.”

Geoff looked at her intensely. She was teasing again, getting off on making some man beg and still not giving in. He had planned to give her one more chance and she had just blown it. Geoff pushed her dress up over her round ass, slapping her cheek hard. The sudden pop startled Stacey who looked back.

“What the fu….”, she started to say. Geoff’ hand came down on her again, even harder.

“I’ve been watching u flirt and tease these guys all night. You’re nothing but a little cocktease,” he interrupted. “You’re going to have to pay for it all, now.”

Stacey tried to turn and leave, but Geoff pushed her back against the desk, her hands and arms flat against the cool hardwood.

“You’re not going anywhere you little slut,” he yelled, his arm pressing against her back, forcing her flat against the desk.

“Let me go!” she cried, let go of me you fucking madman.” Geoff suddenly and quickly rammed two fingers into her pussy, pounding her hard. Stacey cried out, in shock and surprise. “Oh fuck, let me go, you asshole!!” Stacey squirmed, tried to break free, but her squirming only heightened the feel of his fingers inside her wet pussy. Geoff pressed his forearm against her back, crushing the young girl against the desk. He rammed his fingers into her again and again, his hand slapping against her bare cheeks.

“You come in here, dressed like a lil whore, flirting and rubbing your body over the guys here and then you just turn away. If you treat people like meat, then you’ll be treated like a piece of meat,” Geoff said, twisting his fingers inside her tight pussy. Stacey moaned, biting her lower lip. She tried to kick him, but missed, only making his fingers dig deeper into her aching pussy.

Her anger overtook the desperateness of the situation, “Who the fuck do you think you are, treating me like this?” Stacey tried again to kick her foot backwards, missing him completely.

“I’m the father that should have spanked ur little ass when you acted like a spoiled brat,” Geoff answered. “I’m your date you teased all night, then left standing alone at the door. I’m the guy you fingered your cunt in front of and told not to touch!” Geoff kept his arm across her back, forcing her against the desk, her ass fully exposed.

Stacey kept trying to break free, but she knew she didn’t have the strength to get away from Geoff. Geoff could feel her weaken under his constant pressure. Stacey would exert an effort, then lay there, her breathing hard and deep. He forced a third finger into her tight young pussy, twisting them inside her. Stacey moaned loudly, almost crying, realizing that she was in a situation that she had no control over. Geoff’s fingers stretched her pussy wide, as never before, shooting both pain and pleasure through her trembling body.

“Please, please, let me go,” Stacey begged softly, a few tears beginning to stream from her eyes. Geoff kept twisting his fingers inside her, rubbing against her already swollen clitoris. He could feel her body begin to respond to him, her ass slowly pushing back against his fingers. Stacey continued pleading, not realizing that her body was betraying her words.

“Do you think you deserve to go? Do you think you’ve learned your lesson?” Geoff asked, shoving his fingers even deeper into her tight young pussy. Stacey’s pussy had been wet most of the night and Geoff’s fingers and roughness was sending her over the edge. She felt her body begin to tremble as the orgasm grew from deep inside. She tried to suppress it, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of her cumming, but it was too late, or was he just too good? Geoff felt her body tighten, then rammed his fingers in and out faster and harder, his hand slapping against her firm cheeks. Her struggles only added to the sensations. Stacey squeezed her pussy tight around his fingers, trying to hold back the flood of hot juices, but it was to no avail….she came hard, her cum squirting out, soaking her thighs as it dripped down her legs. The orgasm was one of the fiercest she had ever had, her body shaking uncontrollably. Geoff continued ramming his fingers in and out of her, not letting the orgasm subside. Stacey came again and again, one right after the other until she lost count of the number. Geoff pulled his fingers out, rubbing her hot cum all over her cheeks. Stacey laid there, her body unable to move as wave after wave of mini orgasms continued shooting through her body. She laid there, bent over the desk, her eyes closed as her cum dripped down her thighs. She felt so dirty, so naughty, like the slut Geoff said she was. Geoff turned her around, looking into her glazed eyes. For a m,moment she thought he was through, that he would leave and let her go. Instead, Geoff pushed her to the floor, grabbing her by her recently styled hair. He pulled her face to his crotch, rubbing it against his cock.

“Show me what kind of little cocksucking slut you really are, Stacey,” he demanded. Stacey tried to escape, begging him to let her go, but his grip on her hair was too great and painful. Every time she struggled, the pain of his grip shot through her body. “Take my cock out you little whore, suck it like you teased all the guy tonight.” Stacey slowly unbuckled his leather belt, then unzipped his pants. His cock felt huge through his pants, but she was still surprised by its size when she pushed his pants to the floor. Stacey gasp as the hard cock sprung from his boxers, almost hitting her in the face. She looked at the thick shaft, studying its shape and size. Her hand instinctively grasped the shaft, holding it in her long thin fingers, stroking it gently. Stacey’s mouth watered, she wanted to suck it, to feel its thickness in her mouth, but she didn’t want to give Geoff the pleasure of knowing she wanted to do it. She hesitated, pausing as she looked at the thick cock before her face. Geoff twisted his fingers slightly, sending bolts of pain through her head.

“Aaauuuggghhhhhh!!!” she cried, gripping the hard cock firmly.

“Suck it you cocksucking whore,” he ordered, “suck it like the slut you are.” Stacey knew she couldn’t resist, either his strength or his cock. She opened her mouth slightly, letting the head slip just partially into her mouth. Stacey didn’t want to let Geoff know that she wanted to suck him, that she wanted to feel his cock in her mouth. He slapped her across the face, startling her. “Suck it you little bitch!” Geoff thrust his hips, forcing his cock into her mouth. Stacey wrapped her red lips around the thick shaft, feeling the veined shaft sliding in and out. She sucked harder, not wanting to be slapped again, but also wanting to feel him, to taste his cum in her mouth. Stacey bobbed her head back and forth, letting the long cock slide deeper and deeper into her mouth. She heard Geoff moaning as she worked his cock, using all her talents to make his cock even harder.

Stacey loved sucking cocks. Before she was married, she would go to clubs and often would suck more than one or two cocks a night. Geoff was thicker and longer than most she had had, much bigger than her husband’s. She pursed her lips around his shaft, loving the feel of the thick cock in her mouth. Stacey used all her talents on Geoff. She had sucked a few men since she had been married, but no one the size of Geoff. She remembered why she loved sucking… the feel of the head rubbing against her throat, the taste of a new man on her tongue and the feel of the man trembling as he was about to cum, the control she had over him. Stacey grabbed his ass, pulling his thick cock deep into her mouth, her head bobbing back and forth. A sliver of warm goo oozed from the tip of Geoff’s cock, coating her tongue. Stacey moaned as the flavor filled her mouth. She looked up at her tormentor, her eyes filled with the desire to please him, to taste his seed. Stacey increased her pace, sucking Geoff harder and faster, wanting to feel his cum fill her mouth. Geoff moaned, his fingers stilled tangled in her long blonde hair. Maybe if he came in her mouth, he would let her go, Stacey thought to herself, her lips wrapped tight around the thick hard shaft. She could feel Geoff’s body shaking. She braced herself for his orgasm, preparing to swallow his cum.

Instead, Geoff pulled her up, turning her and pushing her against the desk. “Think you were going to get off that easily, Stacey?” he asked. He grabbed the hem of her dress, pushing it quickly over her head before she had time to react. Her hands were flat against the desk, her dress bunched around her wrists. She could feel Geoff’s hands groping her ass, squeezing her flesh in his fingers. She tried to look back, but Geoff pushed her head down, forcing her ass to stick out more, the hard wet cock rubbing gently against her cheeks. Geoff grabbed his cock and rubbed the thick head against her ass, between her cheeks. He slipped his cock under her legs, the head rubbing against her wet lips. She knew she was about to be fucked. She begged Geoff not to, but he wouldn’t listen. He pressed the head against her lips, thrusting slowly.

“Ooohhh ggddd, noooo, noooo…please don’t!!” Stacey pleaded, knowing full well that he was going to anyway. Secretly, Stacey wanted Geoff to fuck her. She wanted to feel his cock in her pussy, filling her like her husband never would. She bit her lip, feeling a fullness as never before as Geoff slid his cock deep into her.

“Shut up, you little tease, you know what you deserve,” Geoff answered, thrusting again and again, driving his cock in and out of her tight young pussy. Stacey closed her eyes, nodding slowly. She knew he was right. She knew that she had been just a tease, making herself feel good by treating other people badly. Geoff’s fingers dug into her cheeks, pushing and pulling her against his thrusting cock. Stacey began moaning louder, not fighting, but letting her emotions and body go wherever Geoff would take them. Geoff rammed his cock deep into her, his hips slamming against her ass. Her breasts flattened against the desk as Geoff pounded her, driving her mound against the edge of the desk.

“Ooohhh gggddddd,” she moaned, lifting herself up on one elbow, her other hand grabbing at her large firm breast. Stacey shoved her ass back in time with Geoff, driving his cock even deeper into her tight cunt. A sudden sting shot across her ass as Geoff slapped her cheek hard.

“You like me fucking you, don’t you, Stacey? You like my cock in your cunt?” Geoff asked, slowing his pace to a steady rhythm. Stacey nodded, her eyes closed tightly. Geoff slapped her ass again. “Tell me, tell me what you like, bitch.”

Stacey’s eyes began watering from the pain and the emotions racking her body. “I like you fucking me like a whore!” she cried, shocked by her own vulgarity. Stacey closed her eyes tight, realizing that she had become different. She had always had self-control and had never been very vocal during sex, but now she wanted to scream and moan loudly. “Fuck me, Geoff!” she cried, feeling his hips slamming against her ass, “fuck me hard, you bastard!” Her juices began flooding down her thighs, soaking her legs. She buried her face in the desk, her body shaking violently with each thrust. “Oooohhhh gggddddddddddd, fuck me hard, Geoff!!” she begged.

Geoff rammed his cock deep into her tight young cunt, tearing at her walls. She cried out, moaning. Geoff slid his finger under her, scooping some of her hot cum onto his fingers. He rubbing his fingertip around her tight hole, pressing it into her ass. Stacey screamed, not sure as to what he was doing. She had only once tried to take a cock anally but it had hurt too much and it was much smaller than Geoff’s thick cock.

“What are you doing?” she asked, almost crying, “Ooohhh ggddd, stop, SPOP!!!” Geoff laughed, working his finger into her tight virgin ass. “OOoooooohhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed as Geoff rammed his finger deep into her ass, wiggling his finger inside her. “Ooohh shiiittt, oohhh gggddddd!” she moaned as Geoff filled both holes. Stacey lost all control, her hips thrusting back onto his cock and finger. A massive orgasm exploded deep inside her, spewing her hot juices all over Geoff and her thighs. She came harder than she ever had before, soaking her legs. She could feel the hot cum dripping down her legs, onto her high heeled shoes.

“You like that, don’t you? You like having ur ass fingered like a cheap whore?” Geoff asked, his cock still deep inside her cunt.

“Yes, YES…I love it, I love your finger in my ass,” Stacey moaned, her body trembling as another orgasm began to build. She felt his cock swelling inside her, growing harder and thicker in her pussy, stretching her. Geoff pulled his cock out, letting the cum covered rod rest on her ass. A feeling of emptiness overtook Stacey. She wanted him back in her, fucking her cunt again.

Geoff grabbed his cock, rubbing the wet head on her pie hole, the thick head forcing its way into her ass. She cried out as his cock split her open, sliding slowly into her ass.

“Oooohhhh gggdddddd!” she screamed, “No, no!!” The one time she had tried anal, she took only the head of a much smaller cock before making him stop. Stacey begged Geoff to stop, crying, pleading with him, but he ignored her pleads. “Stop…its too big…oooohhhhhh.” Geoff grabbed her ass, rocking her hips back and forth, working the thick hard shaft into her tight virgin ass. Slowly, his cock slipped deeper, filling her as never before. Stacey grabbed the desk as the pain shot through her body. The thick shaft stabbed at her rectum, splitting her open. Geoff slapped her ass again and again, her cheeks becoming red from his hand.

Geoff ignored her pleads, thrusting his cock deep into her ass. “Fuck, you are one tight bitch,” he mumbled, his hips pounding against the white flesh of Stacey’s ass. Slowly the pain subsided, becoming almost pleasurable for Stacey. Geoff heard the subtle change in the tone of her moans. “You like it, don’t you, slut? You like my cock in your ass?” Geoff grunted, still slamming his cock into her tight ass.

Stacey nodded, “Yes, yes…I do. I love your cock in my ass. Fuck it, baby….fuck my ass like a whore!” Stacey was again surprised by the vulgar words she just uttered. She had never talked like that before, ever. Stacey looked up, seeing her reflection in the glass. She never imagined seeing herself in this situation, yet here she was, being fucked in the ass by a stranger and loving it. Fuck her husband, fuck her family and friends….she was being used like a cheap whore and she loved it. She leaned up, grabbing her breasts, kneading, mashing her flesh with her fingers. “Oooohhhhhh ggddddd…fuck me, Geoff, fuck my ass!” she cried, shoving her ass back against his stabbing cock.

Geoff reached under her, shoving his fingers into her soaking wet cunt. Stacey squealed with pleasure as his fingers rammed in and out of her gushing pussy. Her juices flooded out, squirting down her thighs and legs. Stacey came again and again as orgasm after orgasm erupted deep from within her trembling body. She could feel the thick cock swelling inside her ass, stretching her even more as the hard shaft throbbed against the walls of her ass. Geoff rubbed her clit hard and fast as his cock ripped in and out of her tight ass, never letting Stacey rest from the multiple orgasms that exploded inside her.

She collapsed on the desk, exhausted and spent while Geoff continued fucking her two holes. Geoff pulled out of her, turning her around as he groped her tits with his cum covered fingers, smearing her cum all over her tits. Stacey looked up at him, her eyes glazed over from exhaustion and ecstacy, her breasts heaving from her deep breaths. He pulled her by her tits to him, wrapping the large firm globes around his throbbing cock. Stacey looked up at him, a smile came to her beautiful face slowly. She grabbed her tits, fucking his hard cock, the head bumping against her chin.

“Ooohhh ffuuucckkk, I’m cummming,” Geoff cried, his face contorted, “Open your mouth, slut….take my cum!” Stacey did as she was told, opening her mouth as his cock slid up and down between her large tits. She felt his cock jerking, twitching against her tits. Suddenly a warm stream of cum burst from the tip, spalshing against her face and lips. Stacey dropped her head, engulfing the spewing rod, shooting his cum like a hose. His cum filled her mouth. She had never seen a man shoot so much cum. Stacey tried to swallow it all, then pulled it out of her warm mouth, letting the last few loads land on her face and tits. She looked up at her former tormentor, now her lover, smiling at him as she saw the look of pleasure on his face. She rubbed the still hard head over her lips and cheeks, smearing his seed over her face.

Geoff fell against the desk, his heart pounding against his chest. He looked down at the young woman on the floor, her face covered with his cum. Stacey smiled up at him, her hands caressing his legs and ass as she kissed his cock, licking it clean. She gently rubbed her head agaisnt his crotch, kissing it softly. Geoff reached down, pulling her up by her hand, kissing her deeply. Stacey pressed her body hard agaisnt his, trying to become one with his.

They embraced for a few minutes when Geoff saw her husband in the club, looking around. “Looks like someone’s looking for you,” he said softly. He handed her her dress from the floor, then grabbed his clothes. “I’ll see you next week here.”

Stacey looked up, shaking her head, “No, we only come here once a month,” she replied.

Geoff stopped, turning back to look at her sternly, “That wasn’t a question!” Stacey lowered her head in submission, nodding her head.

“I’ll be here.”

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