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Jane For Anal

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“Wow, Michael!” My secretary said, “You wouldn’t believe who just came in to audition for the part!”

“A knock-out, huh?” I said, as I deposited my newly printed photos into my briefcase.

“That,” Julie said, “is an understatement! This lady is hot!”

Julie had been my secretary for over five years and was a knock-out herself. Her long blonde hair cascaded downward, hiding her delectable shoulders.

Her smile was sweet like a school girl’s but behind it, I knew lurked an extremely, sensuous woman. She had full breasts, 38-C’s to be exact, and a long cleavage she didn’t’ mind revealing. For her to be impressed at one of the many women who walked into the office, meant that lady must really have been hot. Since we had already interviewed so many beautiful women, it was difficult to imagine what kind of outstanding characteristics Julie might have noticed in yet another auditioner.

“So what is so impressive about this new one?” I asked, as I looked in her direction.

Julie raised her eyebrows and started to answer but then turned her head quickly to her left, as if something had startled her. Sitting at my desk in the “Thinker” pose, I said, “Julie? Is something wrong?”

As quickly as her head turned, she disappeared into the depths of her office, an adjoining area for those yet to be interviewed. Concerned that something was amiss, I pushed back my leather chair, stood, and walked toward the doorway leading to my secretary’s desk. As I approached the door, I heard Julie call for a lady named Jane Collins, directing her to enter my office.

Not wanting to startle her in the doorway, I stopped and waited for her to enter. As Miss Collins stepped into the doorway, my eyes immediately feasted on the most beautiful brunette I’d ever seen. Her hair was full bodied, long like my secretary’s, and her brown eyes smiled with warmth, the kind that automatically drew attention to an inward beauty, I deeply desired. Her complexion was a natural tone, needing no enhancement. Her deep blue dress fit her curvaceous body, covering any cleavage a man’s heart could imagine, would imagine, and would pursue if given the opportunity. She carried herself like she had the training of a model yet in some ways; she displayed an air of shyness.

“You must be Miss Collins!” I said, as I offered my hand to take hers.

“Yes! She replied, softly, extending her hand toward mine.

“Miss Collins, you are very beautiful! My name is Michael!” I said.

Julie directed her to the leather chair, directly in front of my desk. Miss Collins seated herself and crossed her legs, revealing her stocking covered thighs. The blue dress hiked as she crossed them but not so much as to appear forward. Still, I found myself filled with intrigue for Miss Collins was not the typical young lady who might frequent our office, seeking an interview for a part in a sex film.

While handing me the application for Miss Collins, Julie said, “Uh, Miss Collins. I assume you know that the interview will be in two parts, the first here with Michael and me and the second somewhere in front of a camera where you will perform a sex act! We must see you perform even though your application looks great, we need to know how you fair in front of the camera.”

Miss Collins expressed her understanding and agreement so Julie pointed to the application where her measurements were listed. I studied them carefully for we were looking for a particular woman, not necessarily large breasted, although the attribute always enhanced the scene, but one who was small waisted, and having a curvaceous butt. After all, this was an anal scene in a movie about women who crave the same. The movie hadn’t been officially named yet for we decided early that whoever played the lead female role, would have her name in the title.

“I see here that your breasts are 40-D’s, your waist is 25 inches, and you sport an extremely hairy pussy, which I personally like. Is that correct, Miss Collins?” I said. She smiled and nodded affirmatively.

Julie said, in her professional voice, “Miss Collins, we assume you are not offended by various sex acts and are more than willing to perform anything we might ask you to do. Since this is predominately a movie about anal preferences, you will have to be prepared for various kinds of backdoor penetration.” Julie paused then said, “Miss Collins! Have you ever had anal sex, before?”

“Uh, well, I’ve always wanted to but I was raised to think it was disgusting!” Miss Collins said. “However, I have often stimulated my butt in the shower and it really turned me on!” She dropped her head to the side and giggled with embarrassment.

“Hmmm, I see! Well you will definitely get it today and that’s our goal!” Julie said, seriously, while she scribbled some notes on a pad of paper.

Since Julie had done this interview so many times before, I practically had it memorized and it always turned me on to hear her say the words and phrases that caused some of the previous auditioners to squirm. Julie said them to see how each would react while I watched their facial expressions and movements. We were looking for intensity, sensuality, and passion. Some women blushed profusely at Julie’s sultry, sexy voice while others showed lust in their eyes. She knew exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to push the charm to bring out the lust and longing in a woman, particularly if the woman was not so familiar with having her butt greased and filled with a stiff, throbbing cock.

While Julie indoctrinated Miss Collins, in some of the various sex scenes of the movie, I noticed that her position in the chair had changed to a less shy and more sensuous pose. Miss Collins’ eyes were glazing a bit as Julie stared directly into them. Once, when my secretary told her that the scene would involve someone ramming a vibrator up her tight butt, Miss Collins jumped a little with excitement, uncrossing her legs to reveal some more thigh. Julie caught her reaction and seized the opportunity to seduce this beautiful specimen of womanhood. As she continued her seductive assault, Miss Collins, now being referred to as Jane, began to flush with lustful desire. Her legs were now open as she sat helpless to Julie’s words, and her breathing became shallow. My secretary knew exactly how to bring the lust out of a woman, no matter what.

Listening and watching, I felt my cock begin to stir, pulsing and growing hard midst Julie’s carefully planned seduction. I began to rub my erection to full length, knowing that in a matter of time, I would experience Jane’s hot, tight, thoroughly lubed butt. She, in kind, would experience the excruciating joy of my seven and one eighth inch prick, affectionately called “Mikey” by Julie, herself..

Julie, knowing my raging cock well, put her hand on Jane’s right thigh, only to hear Jane gasp and start wiggling her butt in the chair. Julie continued to push her hand forward, up Jane’s delicious leg, to her panty covered pussy and never once took her gaze from Jane’s beautiful brown eyes. The closer Julie got to Jane’s wetness, the more intense she became, and pressed deeper to enhance Jane’s sexual anticipation.

“My stars, Julie!” Jane exclaimed, “You’re making me so wet!”

Julie said nothing but walked her finger tips deep into Jane’s trembling thighs, massaging in and out in a circular motion. Jane’s legs spread wider to give her free access to her already soaked with desire regions and then, without warning, Julie lunged for Jane’s triangle, grabbing and squeezing her juicy panties, only to pull back with glistening fingers, soaked with Jane’s cuntal wetness.

“Ooooh! Aaaah!! Yeeee!” Jane squealed, as her nipples hardened against her bra.

She almost came but Julie let go, abruptly. Julie was saving it for another time, according to her will and control. Jane was panting and obviously frustrated but when she saw Julie lift her drenched fingers, over the desk to my lips, she felt twinges of hope again. Licking Julie’s wet fingers, I stood and moved around the desk to join them for a closer, more erotic, encounter.

Jane moved her ass forward in the leather chair and her legs were parted like a woman, ready and willing for action. Julie dropped to her knees to inhaled Jane’s sensual, aroma, and then moved her hands up to pull down Jane’s already soaked panties. Knowing what would come next, Jane lifted her butt and thighs so Julie could remove what thwarted her complete access. Partially standing, Jane pulled her dress up while Julie yanked her panties down. Then, with a mixture of anticipation and excitement, we saw the most amazing…

“Michael! Have you ever seen such a!” Julie exclaimed, her mouth agape.

In utter disbelief, I stood transfixed as my cock bulged like it would rip through my pants. Like it was the eighth wonder of the world, Julie and I stared in awe at, what must have been the hairiest muff in existence. Jane fell back into the chair with her dress bunched around her waist, and we marveled at the thick, brown, bush, gleaming with wetness. Julie looked at me with her devilish smile and I knew she wanted to bury her face and devour Jane’s cunt with her tongue. Though Jane knew little of this lady, I knew that Julie wouldn’t end this interview without eating Jane out with reckless abandon.

“My god, what a bush!!!” I moaned.

Julie reached forward to probe the furry depths of Jane’s forest while she also rubbed my iron hard cock through my pants. Jane moaned as Julie poked and prodded then Jane whimpered the words, “Finger fuck me baby! My hairy twat’s for you!” Like clockwork, Julie drove two fingers into Jane’s mound, exploring the depths of her hot, wet sex. As Julie pumped in and out, Jane slid her left hand under her partially unbuttoned dress to fondle and play with her right tit. Seeing this, Julie drove a third finger in and with her left hand, started to massage one of Jane’s trembling thighs.

Jane responded with moans of intense desire and pushed her hips forward to meet Julie’s thrusts. Her movements delighted Julie so much that she began to pick up the pace. Pumping in and out, in and out, and in and out, bringing Jane to a pulsing, screaming climax, resulting in orgasmic juices spirting like a geyser onto Julie’s hand and arm.

Barely able to catch her breath, Jane cooed and sighed as her body continued to writhe and her pussy spasm. Julie smiled victoriously as she pulled her dripping fingers from the woman’s fir covered box, and then turned to offer them to me for approval. I licked and sucked the sweet nectar, all the while wanting to leap on Jane and to fill her full bush cunt with my ready to blow, length.

Julie unbuckled my slacks, letting them drop to the floor so she could unleash my cock. With one hand the slacks came down while the other yanked my briefs to my knees. My fully stiff cock bounced and waved, hitting my cum starved secretary in the face. She giggled but quickly took my cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck. As I fucked Julie’s face, Jane tried to relax but watching Julie give me a blow job and hearing her slurp my cock, made Jane feel a renewed sense of desire. This time, however, Jane stood and stepped out of the panties which restrained her ankles. Kicking them aside, she began to unbutton the rest of her dress. When she pulled it off, her voluptuous breasts, restrained by her black laced bra, bounced in anticipation of release. She looked into my eyes, as I felt Julie’s tongue lash and lick the head of my swollen and ready to cum, cock.

“Take it off!” I yelled and Jane in one swift movement unclasped her bra to expose her succulent, hard nippled melons. Just the sight made me thrust my dick deep into Julie’s sucking mouth. She gagged but took me deep down her throat as Jane stepped forward to give me free access. With Julie sucking my dick and Jane standing over her, I grabbed and fondled the softest pair of tits I’d ever known. Jane placed her hands on top of Julie’s head and smiled with delight as I squeezed and played with her big tits, paying particular attention to those pointed nipples, aching to be touched. Meanwhile, my cock sucking secretary lashed my dick with her skillful tongue while I stared deeply into Jane’s brown eyes. My hands continued to fondle her boobs like they were the last I would ever grope.

Sensing my lust, Jane knew I was close. Staring back into my eyes, she said, “Look at my pussy mound! It’s so furry for you!”

I dropped my gaze to see Julie with my cock buried deep in her mouth, her sexy blonde hair pressed tightly into the already wet patch of Jane’s pussy hair. The mixture of colors, the brown and the blonde, drove me insane with desire as my lust climbed to a raging climax. Jane knew this and had to do what was necessary to send me over the edge so she spoke those words she sensed I longed to hear.

“Fuck my hairy bush, Michael!” “Ram it deep into my furry cunt!” “Play with my tits while you fill my hairy twat!” “Shoot your load into my deep, wet pussy!” “Fuck it, fuck it, and fuck it, now!”

Grunting like a bull, ready to fuck every cow in the pasture, my dick exploded into Julie’s mouth, sending stream after stream of hot salty cream down her throat. Somehow, Julie managed to swallow every drop even though it was the biggest load of cum I’d ever blasted and the most she’d ever swallowed. Sucked dry, I felt Julie pull away, letting my semi hard dick fall from her mouth. Amazingly, she got back into her chair. Jane was standing there stark naked, big tits ready for more action, hairy pussy wanting to be eaten and fucked but I was completely sucked dry, not able to take advantage of this gorgeous woman’s charms. Julie, on the other hand, had yet to cum and amazingly sat there ready to continue the interview.

With her professional voice, she said, “Miss Collins! Please sit down and rest for a moment. My, my, you have big tits and one of the hairiest pussies we’ve ever seen around here! While you catch your breath, the two of you that is, I will explain the second and most important part of the interview process.”

Interrupting, Jane asked, “Julie? Will I need to shave my pussy hair?”

“Well,” Julie replied, “its sort of the style but there are still many out there, including Michael who crave an extremely hairy bush!”

“Yeah, I think I just saw a demo of his craving!” Jane giggled.

I heartily agreed and sat back in a nearby chair, all the while enjoying the view of Jane’s bodacious tits and extremely hairy mound. Julie told Jane that she really wanted to eat her out but was saving it for later. Even in her professional voice, she leaked a little desire which made me anxious to watch them 69 one another. Jane blushed a little, showing her original shyness but I think she too, was anxious to be fucked by my secretary and a stiff cock. She didn’t’ realize, at the time, the cock would be mine, all seven and one eighth inches. After all, it seemed impossible for me to perform again.

Then, Julie said, emphatically, “Stand up, Miss Collins! We want to see your butt. Turn around and bend over the chair, spread your legs apart and let’s see what you sport on your backside.”

Jane followed her orders well and promptly turned around to give us the back door view. Her ass cheeks were perfectly rounded, inviting any man to probe the deep, dark depths of her anal canal. Amazingly, my dick resurrected, springing into action as my secretary and I stared into the gorgeous, round ass of Jane Collins.

“Oh! Michael!” Julie exclaimed. “Even her ass is incredibly hot!”

Jane wiggled her butt in a sensuous move and all I could imagine was how exciting the rest of this interview would be. As Jane continued the anal tease, I heard the sounds of Julie’s pen writing feverishly on her note pad. From time to time, her eyes would dart between Jane’s undulating ass and the pad. Her pad held the all important data, the data used to decide which woman would be the star performer in the upcoming movie.

Reaching forward to touch Jane’s cheeks, Julie sensually spread the full, mature ass mounds apart, exposing her most intimate entrance. Julie’s hands glided around Jane’s lobes sending waves of desire through both their bodies. Slipping a hand into Jane’s deep crack almost pushed her over the edge but Julie pulled away, not wanting to spoil the fun that was to come.

At that point, Julie began to removed her dress, She wasn’t’ wearing any panties but merely thigh high stockings held up by a thin garter belt. Her breasts were bear and her pussy hair, which was neatly trimmed, was soaked from the days’ excitement. Jane smiled and threw her a kiss but Julie didn’t’ respond in kind. After all, this was a serious interview and she must keep control on the event.

Jane moved toward her only to meet Julie’s caressing hands on her breasts. Julie held one up to her mouth and gently sucked Jane’s pink nipple, while her other hand wandered through the thick patch of pubic fibers. Jane closed her eyes, enjoying the subtle stimulation of experienced hands. She, too, wanted Julie and reached forward to fondle her full breasts. Julie continued to suck harder on Jane’s erection while Jane stroked one of Julie’s nipple with the back of her fingers. She alternated from squeezing the 38-C to stroking its playful nipple.

To this point, Julie had been the aggressor and in many ways still was but Jane proved to be quite sensuous in her desires for Julie. Both women moaned softly and passionately as they pursued each other’s feminine delights.

Suddenly, Jane pinched Julie’s hard nipple, making Julie yelp with excitement and pull away. She was only caught off guard for a moment but also knew she had to regain her control over Jane so she quickly grabbed and hugged her, their melon breasts mashing together, resulting in deep groans from the fleshy stimulation. Julie slid her left hand down to Jane’s right ass cheek, fondling it with driven desire as well as plunging her tongue into Jane’s full lips and mouth. Jane’s tongue responded in kind and she moved slightly to spread her legs apart to give Julie’s right hand full access to her hairy pussy. Feeling the movement, Julie slapped Jane’s muff, tucking her fingers underneath to probe the dripping, wet mesh and pussy lips. Both women moaned out in pleasure, their mouths and tongues working feverishly in mutual pursuit.

Then suddenly, the table was turned when Jane reach down to hold Julie’s butt. Julie responded with a deep moan pulling her lips and tongue from Jane’s mouth. Jane then went down on Julie’s tit, sucking her small but pert nipple into her mouth. With her other hand, Jane reached around and grabbed Julies other ass cheek and parted the two, letting me enjoy her open crack. Julie continued to moan and writhe under the skillful tongue of this young woman. Evidently, Jane had experience with other women for Julie thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure she received. Jane broke her sucking and began to kiss gently down Julie’s body to her belly. She softly drove her tongue into Julie’s naval, causing a wave of delight to spread.

Julie quaked from the stimulation and begged Jane to go further. Jane kissed down to Julie’s trimmed pubic region and then started to lick her more passionately. All the while, Julie cooed and moaned as Jane took over. Julie didn’t care any more but let Jane do whatever her passion drove her to do.

I moved around to watch the action, to watch Julie, my beautiful, sexy secretary, get eaten out and when Julie saw me there, she opened her mouth wide and moaned deeply.

“Please eat me Jane!” she sensuously begged. “Eat me for Michael!”

Jane ablidged and licked downward to Julie’s wet opening. She flicked her tongue softly on Julie’s clit and midst the immediate moaning, Julie spread her legs apart. Now on her knees, Jane released her cheek holds and began to stimulate Julie’s stocking covered thighs with her finger tips. All the while, she slurped and kissed Julie’s delicious clit.

Knowing Julie was getting close to Cumming, I moved in back of her to stimulate her ass. This drove her wild as I gently fondled, squeezed, and probed the inviting crack of her sexy butt. As her moaning increased, I slid my hand between her legs to lubricate my fingers in her wetness. Jane’s tongue licked my finger as I drove it into Julie’s already dripping wet pussy. Julie’s body writhed with pleasure in response but I pulled out quickly, knowing another hole needed to be filled. From her wet pussy to her anus, I dragged my wet finger, stopping only to play with her hidden pucker.

Julie cried out, “Oh Michael! Finger my ass!”

Obeying her request, I rammed my finger up her butt. She screamed loudly as she began to cum. Her butt clamped my finger like a vice while her pussy spasmed on Jane’s tongue. Wave after wave of intense pleasure surged throughout her body as we felt her tremble and writhe. Jane continued her oral pursuits until Julie fell back against me. I pulled my finger out of her butt, gave her a love slap, and held her till she could catch her breath.

“That was great!” Julie said. ” I did it for you, Michael! I want you to fuck her hairy pussy and then ass!”

Her words made me so excited that I ordered Jane to bend over my desk. She was obviously, ready to take a dick. Julie grabbed her pen to make note of Jane’s exquisite oral skills.

Once again, in her professional voice, Julie said, “Miss Collins! I assume you came prepared for anal?”

Jane, already bent over, said, “Uh, you mean cleaned and lubed?”

Julie nodded affirmatively.

“Well my butt is clean but I didn’t know which kind of lube to buy for anal sex. Do you have any here?” Jane said.

Julie smiled at this and shook her head. “Of course we do, Miss Collins!” then she left the room to retrieve the special lube that seemed to work best even with the tightest of holes. Since my harden was erect again, I moved to stand behind Jane, placing my hard cock into the crack of her ass. I slid my hands underneath her arms to cup her fleshy breasts, to play with her hard, pink nipples.

Leaning back into me, Jane whispered, “I need it in both holes.”

“And so you’ll get it, you hairy cunt!” I said, as I pressed my dick into the crack of her warm ass cheeks.

Jane moved to the end of my desk and bent over, her 40-D’s mashing into the desk blotter. As she looked over her shoulder, I stuck my cock head to her sopping, wet, freshly fingered cuntal slit. With the first touch of my shaft to her lips, she let out a sigh and a slight moan, letting me know her approval. Moving my dick up and down her slit, I felt the warm sensations of her pussy, which was now thrusting back to meet my probing cock. My intention was to stimulate her pussy till Julie returned with lube, and then stick my throbbing cock in her ass.

Jane, however, moaned and begged, “Please Michael! Fuck my hairy pussy! Give it to me now!”

She continued to beg me to ram it in and fuck the daylights out of her but I kept up my shallow prodding, making her want it all the more. The friction of my cock, only a half inch into her pussy drove both of us wild with desire. I could have cum right then and there but pulled back to savor the pleasure.

“Please, Michael! Ram that dick into my cunt and make me cum! Please do it! Please fuck me now! Please, Michael, please!”

The thought of my cock getting lost in her forest of hair, practically sent me over the edge. I pushed in a little more to intensify her lust and felt the heat of her pussy, much hotter than any pussy I’d fucked before.

“Deeper, Michael!” she pleaded. “Ram your dick into my hairy, wet pussy!”

Ignoring her pleas, I kept my cock head just inside her slippery canal. This drove her wild with anticipation, making her beg all the more, as waves of hot desire flowed through her body. Still trying to push backwards to take my cock deeper, her body writhed and undulated, making it difficult for me to hold back.

“Fuck me, Michael!” she screamed. “I need to be filled with your hard, raging cock! Now! Please!”

Suddenly, the voice, coming from behind me, yelled, “Ram it in her cunt, you fucker!” “Shoot your load deep in her cunt like you shot it down my throat!” Julie said. “You’re a fucker, so fuck her like you wanted to do when you first laid eyes on her full, bush cunt!”

Then a split second before I drove my throbbing cock into the hairiest pussy in the universe, I felt Julie’s hands come around my chest to play with my already hard nipples. The sudden stimulation brought me to the brink and I rammed hard into Jane’s wanton pussy. She moaned deeply as I pulled it back and pushed in again. In and out and in and out and in, all the while Julie was urging me on to fuck this brunette bitch, this hairy cunt slut who desperately needed to be filled with a hard cock. As the intensity and speed of my strokes increased, Jane’s pussy contractions grew more intense. Jane was growing closer to her orgasm and so was I. Julie began to pinch my left nipple but dropped her other hand to the crack of my ass to probe and stimulate my asshole.

“Fuck the hell out of her, Michael!” Julie commanded then rammed her finger up my ass sending a wave of pleasure to my already throbbing cock. “Give it to her, Michael! Fuck her! Shoot your hot cum in her hairy pussy!” “Pump the bitch till she squeals!”

Our mutual moaning filled the room, as I pumped harder and harder. My ass clamped down on Julie’s probing finger as I thrust every inch of my cock into Jane’s tunnel. At the deepest penetration, Jane threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy, as her pussy milked my dick, devouring my full length and the cream I blasted inside. .

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She screamed, as the length of my cock pistoned her pussy, filling it to the hilt.

With my last groan, I pumped in once more to send the final spurt of cream into Jane Collins’. Immediately, Julie pulled her finger out like an anal bead to intensify my final spasm.

The pussy fucked woman’s arms went limp, as she collapsed onto the desk, her titty mounds completely mashed into the blotter. Remaining there for a while to catch my breath, I made sure to leave my spent cock deep inside her. With eyes closed and panting, I heard Julie tell Jane that this was indeed a fine first half. I’m not sure Jane even heard her words for her heart was still pounding loudly.

When I felt steady enough to pull out, I stepped back and lowered myself into a chair. Julie, after starting the video camera, moved around to Jane’s backside and opened the container of anal lube. She stepped to the side so I could watch Jane’s anal preparation. Jane was too tired to say a word but Julie was getting really excited with the prospect of filling this woman’s butt with something hard, obviously not my dick in its current condition. Carefully spreading Jane’s ass cheeks, Julie rubbed some lube in her crack, on and around her puckered hole. Jane didn’t move, even the slightest, when Julie worked the slippery lubricant into her butt though she did let out a small squeal.

“Let’s see how you like to be finger fucked in the ass, Miss Collins!” Julie exclaimed, while ramming her index finger into the dark regions of Jane’s shy but ready for anything booty. She gasped at the first penetration but began to whimper with desire as Julie kept adding generous amounts of lube to her never before filled hole.

My cock was still limp but I felt some stirring as I watch Julie actively probe and lube Jane’s ready and willing ass. More and more lube went in and Julie squealed with delight at how great this experience would be for me, for her, and for Miss Collins. Then Julie suddenly pulled her finger out and grabbed the long vibrator which she’d laid on the desk. It looked to be nine inches, at least and was candy apple red in color. She lubed it thoroughly, placed the tip of it on Jane’s entrance, and without warning, shoved it in, filling Jane’s butt with its length. Jane let out a deep moan, her ass pulsing as each inch disappeared inside. Julie quickly flipped the switch to start the bib rating pleasure, which caused Jane to cry out, “Oh, it’s so wild and feels so good!”

Allowing Jane to get used to the vibrating anal probe, Julie held it deep inside, and then began to pump it in and out. Waves of intense pleasure rocked Jane’s body. Her ass was being pumped by a hot, sexy bitch, my secretary, my long time partner, my lusty babe. Julie squealed with delight as she drove the shaft home in her sex toy’s ass while Jane undulated in rhythmic refrain. Julie kept up her vibrator assault but made sure she allowed me to see it all, especially the joy she was giving and receiving from her power over Miss Collins. I knew well this habit of Julie’s and knew it would bring me to a lust filled erection soon. I stroked my cock while I watched and listened. Julie’s eyes were beginning to glaze over with a wanton desire to see me fill this tight canal with my hard probe.

Stroking my cock to full thickness, I stood up to prepare myself to enter Jane’s ready and willing ass. Realizing I was ready to take over, Julie pulled the vibrator from Jane’s pulsing hole. Julie dropped to the floor directly behind Jane to start licking her pussy and clit. I stepped into position, just behind Jane’s ass and over Julie’s beautiful blonde head. Julie reached up and took my cock, guiding it to its intended destination, then I rammed my dick all the way into Jane’s gaping ass.

Another deep moan escaped Jane’s mouth, as I filled her butt to the full. Her ass muscles clamped down on my cock, signaling her enjoyment, all the while Julie licked happily at her pussy and clit. Jane’s back arched as she lifted herself on one elbow, the other hand freely massaging her right forty-D breast. She flicked her fingers over its erect and protruding nipple, making sure to scrape it with her long painted finger nail.

As her ass surrendered to my pumping thrusts, and her clit tingled under the control of Julie’s playful tongue, Jane began to let out a string of dirty commands.

“Stick it up my ass!” she cried. “Give me the ass fucking of my life!” She moaned. “Fill my butt with your hard shooting rod while her mouth eats my hairy pussy!”

Continuing to pump my dick into this woman’s hungry ass, I heard the sound of the vibrator coming to life. Julie ravishing the pink, cum soaked pussy, in front of her, suddenly let out a scream of delight, as she shoved the vibrator into her own pussy. Hearing her passionate whimpers, my cock throbbed in pleasure, seeking to drive deeper into Jane’s lubricated hole. With each stroke, the friction of my cock pistoning in and out, made a suctioning noise that intensified our desires. Between that, Jane’s dirty demands, and Julie’s hot squeals and moans, it was all I could do to keep the pace steady. The three of us were hot and ready to explode in a three way orgasm that would surely rock the entire office suite.

Jane, still playing with her big, right tit, demanded we pick up the pace. Her words and intensity turned me on and Julie began to slurp wildly at her ready to be sucked clit.

“Drive it into my ass!” Jane yelled. “Give me my first load of cum up my ass!” She demanded. “Suck my clit you cum hungry slut!”

The sounds of mutual sex filled the room as each one picked up speed. My cock was fully reaming Jane’s ass now so much that my balls were slapping both Jane and Julie with each deep stroke. My thrusts went faster and faster then I heard Jane scream in orgasm. Her ass clamped down on my cock like a vice, causing me to ram in as deeply as possible, blasting cum further into her than ever. Her orgasm raged, resulting in a flood of hot pussy juice to squirt into Julie’s slurping mouth. Jane threw her head back in total orgasmic splendor then Julie let out one of the highest pitched squeals I’d ever heard, as her pussy came on the vibrator. The pace continued till each had reached orgasmic fulfillment then we pulled away to collapse wherever possible. Cries of fulfillment filled the air, mixed with the aroma of our sexual exploits. Jane fell asleep still bent over the desk, her ass thoroughly fucked, her cunt thoroughly eaten, her nipple thoroughly tweaked, and her body thoroughly spent. Julie was sprawled out on the floor with her little school girl smile, her face wet with cum, her vibrator whirring, still protruding from her cum soaked passage. I fell back into my leather chair, my balls completely emptied, my dick fully limp, and my eyes fully closed.

As the noises faded, I faintly heard my secretary say, “Miss Collins! That completes our interview. We’ll let you know soon whether you will get the part! If you do, then the movie will be named after you! We’ll call it, Jane for Anal!”

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