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Foursome Fun

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I was bartending at a restaurant I work at in a tourist town. One night an attractive couple came in and we enjoyed a nice chat. The womans name was Bridgette, and she had a French accent, very attractive with short, dark hair, a gorgeous smile on her painted lips.

Her man, David, was a good looking guy, short curly hair, and a goatee. They were Canadian.

We got along great. They bought me a few shots of high-end tequilla, and as they were leaving I gave them my card.

I soon forgot about them until a few months later I recieved an E-mail from them, saying they were coming back to town for another visit, and would like to take me and my wife out for dinner. We set a date, and I explained it all to my wife.

I was working when David came in and sat at the bar. I almost didn’t recognize him, as when they were in before I really spent most of my attention on Bridgette. We got re-acquainted, and I remembered how cool he was. After a few drinks he loosened up, and admitted that he and Bridgette were vacation swingers, and were hoping that my wife and I would be open to having some fun with them. I told him that my wife was very fun, but a little conservative when it came to sex. He said he understood, but they would still like to take us out.

We left together to pick up my wife, Dawn. David gave her a hug on introduction, and I could see the mutual attraction there. We talked for a bit, then left together to go pick up Bridgette at their hotel. They invited us in to check it out, since we had never been to this fine resort.

The room was awesome, and as we took the tour, we saw the room service menu for the adjoining 4 star restaurant, so we decided to order in. We had already picked up 3 bottles of good wine, so we had a grand meal. Over dinner we really got to know one another. Dawn and Bridgette were bonding like long lost sisters.

After dinner, Bridgette suggested a soak in the hot tub, where-in Dawn replied that we had no suits. Bridgette and David exchanged looks and shrugged. Then Bridgette stood, untied the straps to her gown, and let it fall to the floor, revealing her voluptuous and very naked body, saying “David and I NEVER wear suits”.

Until now Bridgette hadn’t really shown her body, wearing sweaters and such, but now all was revealed. She had a nice slender build with C cup tits, protruding nipples, and a taut stomach. With this announcement, David stood and walked over to Bridgette, kissed her, and promptly dropped his pants. I heard a gasp and glanced at Dawn, who was staring slack-jawed at Davids impressive cock, which must have been a good 7 or 8 inches, and thick as a branch. I asked her if she thought we should join them, and she answered by pulling her blouse over her head, and tugging her bra off, then dropping her skirt. I wasted no time myself in stripping off my clothes.

By the time I had my shoes off, I heard splashing and giggling and all 3 were already in the tub. I dashed across the room, my hard cock waving wildly as I made for the tub. David was sitting in one corner with his wife in his lap, his hands rubbing her slippery tits as she encouraged me to get in. Dawn sat in the opposite corner, beckoning me to her.

As I approached the hot tub, she grabbed my bobbing pole & tugged on it, doing a pantomime rope pull. I hastily climbed in, and as I was going over the edge, she skillfully sucked my cock into her mouth, stopping me dead. I heard our friend’s laughter suddenly stop, the only sounds now were the bubbling water, and the very obvious slurping sounds from Dawn sucking on my iron stiff rod.

Dawn suddenly released me, and my dick popped out of her lips like a cork from a champaigne bottle. Suddenly everyone laughed out loud. I finished climbing in and made out with my beautiful wife as our new friends watched on. Dawn turned around to sit on my cock, while facing David and Bridgette, who were also going at it.

The water was splashing out onto the floor as we made waves in the tub. Dawn was pulling her nipples as she rode me hard. I saw her and David lock eyes as they both fucked their partners. Suddenly, he threw his head back and convulsed in a powerful orgasm. As he did this, Dawn picked up her tempo, splashing more water as her pussy slapped down hard on my soaking cock until she came. I responded with my own orgasm, filling her juicy hole with my thick load of cum. We then collapsed into one another and sat cuddling for a while, exhausted.

I was the first out of the tub, as the heat was getting too much for me, so I volunteered to get drinks. As I was pouring wine, I felt a wet body press up against me, and a pair of hands wrap around me. Bridgette nuzzled my neck and her hands wandered down to play with my flacid penis. I turned around to embrace her, and glanced over her shoulder to the tub. I saw Dawns head leaning back, but didn’t see David.

I offered Bridgette a glass of wine, and she took a sip, then kissed me, sharing the wine, along with her tongue. I tried to resist her, as I had not been with another woman since Dawn, but she would not be denied. She dropped to her knees, and held her wine up, immersing my cock. Then she set her glass down, leaving zinfandel dripping off me. Then she proceeded to lick the wine from me. She sucked my limp dick into her mouth, washing me with her tongue. I was rapidly regaining my erection, and soon she was having trouble getting my whole cock in her mouth. She then pulled me down to the floor on my back. She then dripped more wine on my stiff cock, & climbed onto my face, and continued to slurp the wine from me.

I looked up into her hovering cunt, seeing thick white cum oozing out, when suddenly she lowered her pussy square onto my mouth and I instinctively jabbed my tongue as far as I could into it. I knew I was licking David’s jizm from her pussy, & for some reason that just made me hornier. I sucked hard, trying to coax more cum from her sweet pussy.

Bridgette continued to suck me, which was amazing. She was also doing something warm and wet with my balls. It felt like another mouth was working on them too! As I lapped at the dripping pussy and worked her hard clit, a new situation developed, as a stiff cock suddenly slipped into the cunt I was licking! As I looked up, a pair off balls rested against my forehead, and I was now licking the underside of Davids cock as he fucked his wife! Then I realized that it must be Dawn who was sucking my nuts!

This sent me over the edge, and I came hard, sending my second load of the evening into what I assumed was Bridgettes mouth. I kept up my lapping at her clit, and soon Bridgette was coming, her fluid oozing out around her husbands thrusting cock. He pushed in hard, and I saw his balls contract. I knew he was shooting his load into his wife again, but NO! Instead, he slipped out of the wet pussy. I was unsure what was happening, and still had my mouth hanging open, tongue out licking Bridgettes clit when suddenly I had a cock in my mouth, and it began spurting a huge load of sperm. It coated my tongue and actually overflowed onto my face. Bridgette then slammed her pussy down, cumming, grinding into my sticky face. She then rolled off me, and Dawn was there, kissing my sperm covered face, smearing it all over.

Then she climbed onto me, pushing her cum filled cunt into my mouth. As she rode my face I looked up and saw her sucking on Davids still hard prick. She fucked hard on my face until she had another orgasm, releasing more of her fluids into my mouth as Bridgette sucked her nipples, and David slid his long cock into her mouth.

I rolled out from under Dawn to catch my breath, and Bridgette dropped down to replace me, eating Dawn’s wet pussy. Dawn couldn’t hold herself upright anymore, and collapsed onto Bridgettes pussy, Both girls assuming a sexy 69. David entered Dawn from behind, and soon all 3 were coming hard. We stayed that night with them, and since they went back home. We hope to see our Canadian friends again soon.

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