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Graeme’s Birthday Surprise

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The guest of honour was turning forty and his wife was throwing a big surprise party for him. She organised a couple of mates to take Graeme out for the afternoon, whilst she moved the party in…food, drink, photographer, guests…all ready and waiting when he arrived home.

That’s where Carol came in. The photographer, John, was her partner. He had been engaged by Graeme’s wife, Dianne, to record the evening’s festivities. Dianne had suggested to John that he bring Carol along.

Carol couldn’t work out what she was doing there. She only knew Graeme and Dianne slightly and none of the other guests were familiar. She hung at the back of the crowd, slowly sipping her way through a couple of drinks over the course of the evening.

John, on the other hand, worked the crowd, chatting and laughing, flash popping off at regular intervals as he captured the action. Dianne had instructed that he get a shot of everyone who was in attendance as well as anything interesting that happened.

It was really a pretty boring event…Carol thought that she would fall asleep soon if something didn’t happen. Highlight of the evening had been the splash made when Graeme was thrown into the pool!

People started to drift away as the party wound down. Carol wondered how long it would be before they could go. Then she saw Dianne pull John aside. She was too far away to hear what was said, but John came over to her as soon as Dianne had turned to speak to some other guests who were leaving.

“Carol, How would you like to stay for a soak in the spa? Dianne is very happy with my work and thought we might to unwind a bit before we have to head off.”

Before Carol had a chance to answer, Dianne came back out onto the deck and announced to the few remaining guests that she intended to turn the spa jets on and anyone who was interested could join her and Graeme for a soak before they left for the night. There didn’t appear to be too many willing to take up Dianne’s offer.

“It may well make up for what has been an otherwise uninspiring evening…I could do with relaxing a bit and getting off my feet.” Carol whispered to John.

“I’ll get some towels and be back in a minute ” called Dianne from the door to the house.

A voice from a chair half hidden in the darkness piped up…”I think I’d like to stay for this too.” Carol peered into the darkness; she could vaguely make out a man sitting there with two girls, one draped over each arm. One of the girls straightened and stood up.

“I know why you want to stay, Charlie, you just want the chance to ogle some tit! I’m not hanging around for this!” She strode through into the house and was heard crashing the front door as she left.

Charlie shrugged. “Oh well, that’s one less pair I’m going to see! Besides these days, every single girl you see has small tits…there’s no such thing as a bird with big tits any more! ”

John snorted under his breath…”What is it with big tits, Charlie?”

“I like to have something to hang on to…something I can shove my face into and die happy ‘cos I can’t breathe…something I can wrap around my cock and cum so hard…”

“Okay, Charlie, we get the picture!”

Dianne reappeared from the house,. She had an armful of towels and had changed into a satiny wrap. She dropped the towels on the table…”Here you are, now shed that gear…there’s no clothes in my spa!”

With that, she undid her wrap and threw it over the back of a nearby chair. John whistled quietly. Dianne was his idea of stunning; slim 5ft 8″ redhead…small pert breasts that belied her 40 years and two kids. Looking at her standing there naked in the dimness, John was wishing he still had his camera to hand.

Charlie, however, was not so complimentary. “See what I mean? Small tits! Not even a decent handful!”

Dianne just laughed “What makes you think you’d ever get to try taking a handful, Charlie? They’re not on offer to you, my friend! Well, I’m not standing here getting cold!” With that, she gracefully slid into the steaming spa.

John was not waiting any longer…”Come on Carol, let’s get in there.” He started to undress quickly.

Charlie’s girlfriend was obviously unimpressed with Charlie’s tit appreciation remarks and started to suggest fairly plainly that perhaps they should go home. Charlie, however, was much more interested in seeing what might unfold.

Carol decided it was time she abandoned her thoughts of going inside to change. She had listened to Charlie’s comments about breasts and thought to herself “well, I’ll give him something to cream himself over…”

She moved a little into the light that was spilling from the house to make sure that she could be seen and began to slowly undress. She turned her back to Charlie and winked at John who was by now up to his neck in bubbles and steam. As she peeled off her top, her breasts bounced heavily despite the bra straining to hold them up.

She was aware of a sharp intake of breathe from behind her…there was enough light for Charlie to see that she was something out of the ordinary. Carol was only 5ft 4″ tall but she was curvy and tight with breasts that were at least 32 E. As she reached behind her back to undo her bra, she was aware of Graeme standing nearby, wrapped in a towel. Charlie was straining forward to get an eyeful. His hands had gone to his cock and were rubbing it through his trousers.

She undid her bra and her breasts swung free, nipples hardening immediately in the chill of the night air. Charlie groaned. “Oh my god. Look at those…aren’t they just magnificent. I take it all back…there are tits to die for still.”

Carol smiled secretly to herself and continued to undress slowly making sure that Charlie got as much of an eyeful as she could give him.

Charlie began to stand…”Now I’m definitely going to stay” he said as he started to remove his clothes. Carol heard a chair shift behind him…and a very pained voice suggested to him that she would really rather go. Carol had forgotten about the girlfriend!

Charlie was insistent. “How often do I get the chance to see something like this? C’mon kitten, I’ll make it up to you later.”

Graeme, who had been quietly watching the show, laughed and said, “Charlie, I think you’d better go. You’ve had all you’re going to get tonight. Besides, this is my party and I think this one’s all for me. I’m going to enjoy my present, now that it’s all unwrapped.”

A voice from the spa chimed in…”Happy birthday, darling, I knew you’d like her.”

Charlie knew he was beaten but couldn’t help taking one last lingering look at those magnificent jugs as his disgruntled girlfriend dragged him out the door.

“Come join us, Carol” Dianne called.

Graeme reached out for Carol’s hand and led her towards the spa. He dropped his towel over a chair as he passed, revealing a very hard cock momentarily before he sank quickly into the foaming water.

Carol slid down beside him, her breasts floating out as the bubbles fizzed up from under her body. Dianne glanced across at her.

“I knew Charlie would be amazed at you, Carol. It’s a shame he had company… if he had stayed you could have had some fun with him! Anyway, you’ve given him enough ammunition, I think, for a good few evenings of fun and fantasising.”

John looked at her from across the spa, where he sat next to Dianne. “You didn’t mind being part of the evening’s entertainment, did you, Carol? Your tits are meant to be admired…I’m not selfish enough to keep them all to myself.”

Carol smiled quietly to herself. From the tone of John’s voice, she could tell that “the evening’s entertainment” was far from over and there was something else planned that she was to be party to.

Dianne slid across the spa to sit beside her. She reached out and stroked the side of Carol’s right breast slowly as she whispered, “You wouldn’t mind if the rest of us took some time to appreciate your wonderful assets, would you?”

Carol felt a sudden tingle in her pussy at Dianne’s touch…then it began to really throb when Graeme’s hand began gently stroking her left breast. Her nipples tightened, she gasped as she realised how she was reacting to these two touching her whilst John looked on.

She glanced at John She could see that his hand was well submerged and, by the movement, busily engaged in stroking his cock. He smiled back at her with a “go for it” glint!

“I don’t mind at all” she replied. Dianne sighed throatily and leaned forward to take Carol’s right nipple in her mouth. She flicked the tip with her tongue and then began to suck gently. Her hands sought Carol’s pussy under the water. Carol shuddered as she felt fingers touch her clit.

Graeme had been watching his wife as she nuzzled and sucked at Carol’s breast. He glanced across at John and then bent his own head to take her other nipple into his mouth. Carol arched her back and let out a long sigh…her pussy was aching with the need for something to be inserted. Dianne sensed her need, slipping her finger into Carol’s drenched slit.

Carol reached for Graeme’s rigid cock and began to stroke it under the water. With her free hand she reached towards Dianne and began to stroke her breast. John had been watching her carefully for her reaction to these attentions. When he saw her move to respond, he decided it was time for him to join in.

He drifted across the spa to take up a position behind Dianne and put his hands on her hips to steady her in the swirling waters of the spa. He leaned into her back rubbing his cock between her buttocks. She lifted her head, releasing Carol’s nipple, “Welcome to the party, big boy, why don’t you come right in?”

Who could resist such an open invitation? John shifted his feet, raised Dianne’s hips a little and tilted her forward and rubbed the head of his cock between her pussy lips. She shuddered at the contact, bobbed her head back to Carol’s breast and pushed back onto John’s cock. It slid easily into her waiting hole…she arched her back and settled back to nibbling at Carol’s nipple, all the while her fingers working frantically at Carol’s clit.

Carol was groaning with delight at all the attention she was receiving at the hands of Graeme and Dianne. She could feel herself building towards an orgasm from all of Dianne’s fingering…”I’m going to cum!” She tightened her grip on Graeme’s cock.

“Let me help you” he growled into her ear. Suddenly she felt more fingers seeking her throbbing pussy. Graeme stroked his wife’s hand as she worked on Carol. Then, twining his fingers in hers, steadily inserted several at once into Carol’s slit. Carol gasped at the shock of such an invasion, but as they steadily worked their laced fingers in and out, her body began it’s familiar tightening as the shuddering climax grew.

“Oh fuck…” John suddenly felt his balls tighten…Dianne leant back into him harder and as Carol’s orgasm peaked, John came hard and fast into Dianne. His body sagged at the sudden release and he let Dianne float away from him as he collapsed back onto the spa seat.

Carol lay floating on the water surface, letting her body relax after the intensity of her orgasm. Graeme supported her head gently. Dianne moved to sit beside John again and between them, they supported Carol’s feet.

“That was amazing, Carol. The feel of your nipples in my mouth, my fingers in your pussy…I don’t know many girls who would let me do that while my husband watched.” Dianne stroked her ankle gently as she spoke. Graeme chuckled at Dianne’s comments.

“You know, sweetheart, there’s always a price to pay…Carol, what would you have me do, while Dianne watches?” Carol thought for a moment. With a quick look at John to assure herself that he was still comfortable with all this, she replied:

“Graeme, I want you fuck me from behind while I eat Dianne’s pussy. I want John to suck Diane’s tits and she is to jerk him off.” Carol could not believe she just heard herself say that, but she had seen and handled Graeme’s cock and she wanted it hard into her pussy.

Dianne’s eyes glinted in anticipation…”Let’s get out of this water!” She moved to the steps and climbed out gracefully, the water streaming off her creamy skin. She held out her hand to John, who followed her readily, his cock hardening at the thought of what was to come. Graeme wrapped an arm around Carol’s shoulder as they both straightened to climb out. “I want to see you with your face buried in my wife’s slit. I want my cock shoved hard up your pussy. I want to watch John while he sees you with another man.”

Dianne led them to the nearest bedroom. John reached for her and began to kiss her neck and shoulders as he pushed her down onto the bed. His tongue flicked over her pert nipples as he spread her legs apart in readiness for Carol.

Dianne’s wet pussy was the first thing that Carol saw as she entered the room ahead of Graeme. Beaded with water from the spa, it glinted pinkly at her. John was on his knees beside her, mouth clamped over one of her breasts, hand over the other, fingers teasing at her hardened nipple. She was stroking his cock and teasing his balls as she lay there waiting.

Carol knelt on the end of the bed. She felt Graeme come up behind her. He placed his hand on her shoulder to steady her and with the other, guided his cock between her legs, seeking her hole. As the head of his cock teased at her opening, she leaned forward. Dianne’s hips lifted in anticipation of her tongue. Carol could see her swollen clit peeking from under her trimmed red bush.

“Wait, not yet, Carol” Graeme held her back. “This needs to find its place first” He said as he rubbed the head of his cock more firmly against her wet opening. She pushed back against him, encouraging his head into her hole. Pushing her forward a little so she took her weight on her hands, he drew back a little and then rubbed his cock between the cheeks of her buttocks. He guided it back towards her soaking pussy, found its entrance and rammed it home in one forceful stroke.

Carol’s arms gave way with the suddenness and the force of his thrust. Her breasts squashed against Dianne’s thighs; her face pushed into Dianne’s waiting pussy. He withdrew slowly allowing her to reagin her balance and began a slow rhythmic stroking.

“Now you may eat my wife.”

Carol dipped her head towards Dianne’s waiting pussy. She flicked her tongue over the clit, Dianne shuddered as the wave of pleasure swept through her. Carol worked her tongue back and forth around Dianne’s clit. She flicked and sucked at it, drew her teeth gently over it working Dianne into a frenzy of need. Graeme’s rhythmic action was quickening in pace as his wife’s groans became louder.

With John sucking and nipping at her breasts, and Carol’s tongue working it’s magic on her clit, Dianne’s climax was building rapidly. Her hips were bucking to meet Carol’s face. Carol’s pace increased as Graeme’s grip tightened on her hips. His cock slammed into her harder and harder as his balls tightened, warning him.

Suddenly he pulled his cock from her, moved her rear to one side and stroking quickly, spurted his load over Carol’s face as she finally brought Dianne to the peak of her climax. Dianne cried out as she felt her husband’s hot cum splash on her body. She pulled John toward her, wanting the feel of a hard cock in her pussy.

Graeme rolled Carol to one side, spread her legs and inserted his fingers in her already throbbing tunnel. They turned to watch as John mounted Dianne, easing his cock into her waiting hole. John was so close, it took no more than two or three strokes to bring him close to coming, but it was enough for Dianne. She cried out again as her body convulsed with more waves of pleasure. That was all John needed to take him over the edge and, as her pussy walls clamped around him, he filled her with his juices, mingling his with her husband’s.

Carol lay back further on the bed as Graeme continued to stroke his fingers in and out of her. He leant closer and flicked his tongue over her throbbing clit, sucking and licking it until he felt her pussy walls tighten. She shuddered as her orgasm coursed through her body again…

Graeme leaned over to Carol and softly kissed her.

“Thank you…you have been a wonderful gift;” He turned to his wife who lay panting across the bed…”and you, my sweetheart, you’re always full of surprises, aren’t you?”

Carol decided she needed to cool off and left them to talk and cuddle. She returned to the pool deck…the water looked so inviting, she dived in.

As she swam leisurely laps through the tepid water, she wondered idly when John was doing another private photography commission and whether she would be able to go along too. If they all turned out like this one, she’d be there in a flash.

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