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Four Handed Mystery

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I was so glad to be on the way home. It wasn’t a particularly long or difficult date; I was just ready to be home – home to my loving wife of fifteen years. I know it’s a cliché, but my wife really is my best friend. They say that a strong marriage is built on good communication. Well, we have a very strong marriage. We talked about everything – all the time. We would send each other short e-mails or text messages several times a day and usually when my wife came home from work we would often sit on the couch just talking for 30-45 minutes as we decompressed (I get home an hour before she does most days).

Today was going to be slightly different because Sandi would already be home. She now only worked four days a week and today had been her day off. I wasn’t sure what she had been doing all day, but apparently she had been off shopping or otherwise occupied because we had only chatted once today and that was a brief phone call at lunch time, which was unusual. Unless one of us is in meetings all day we usually chat on the phone or swap e-mails several times during the day.

So with the day finally behind me I pulled into the garage and hit the button to close the door behind me. Stepping out of the car I looked up to see a note taped to the door leading into the house. Hmmmm… I thought. Sandi’s car was in the garage beside mine so she hadn’t gone somewhere, not unless she had taken off with some of her friends for a shopping adventure.

In the last few weeks Sandi had taken to spending time with some new friends she had recently met at a garden club. The garden club was her thing and I had never met any of them. In fact, Sandi hadn’t ever told me very much about them just that she had met two or three women at the very first meeting she had attended and in her words “they just hit it off”. Since then about once every couple of weeks she would take off on a shopping trip, or an afternoon movie with some of the ladies. Assuming this was the case today I was a little disappointed about the prospects of walking into an empty house.

Pulling the piece of paper from the door I found a short handwritten note: “Coop, (My name is actually John Cooper, but Sandi had called me Coop since the first day we met) Please go directly to the bathroom and take a quick shower. Do NOT go anywhere else in the house. You will find additional instructions lying on your towel in the bathroom. Love Sandi.”

Well, well, well this is getting interesting I thought as I made my way down the hall directly to the master bedroom. Walking into the bedroom closet I quickly stripped off my clothes and tossed them into the hamper. As I turned to leave the closet I happened to notice a blank spot on the back wall of the closet. The massage table wasn’t there. Ohhhhh, now I get it I thought. I’m going to get one of Sandi’s special massages. As an anniversary present a few years back I had purchased a moderately priced massage table.

I think I paid less than $300 for the table and linens. It was the absolutely best investment I have ever made. Over the last fifteen years we have each spent countless hours relaxing on the table while one of us treated the other to a massage. Sometimes they were just massages, but most times they ended with a ‘happy ending’ for the recipient. I absolutely loved having my wife’s body splayed out on the table in front of me. I would massage every single part of her from her temples down to her toes and every spot in between – especially the spots in between. I think I actually enjoy giving massages to Sandi as much as she enjoys receiving them.

I reached for the second note lying on my towel. I paused momentarily though as I saw a bright red blindfold lying on top of the note. “Sweetie, Take a shower – be sure to wash EVERYTHING carefully and then after you dry off put the blindfold on over your eyes. Call my name and I’ll come for you. All my love Sandi.”

Although I made sure I washed ‘everything’ as Sandi had instructed I may have still set a new Olympic record time in shower taking. I spent almost as much time lathering my balls and ass as I did the rest of my body. Sandi was usually very oral when she gave me a massage and once in a blue moon she enjoys toying with my ass hole while I’m laid out on my stomach, my legs spread for her wandering hands. Sometimes she would insert a small butt plug, but usually she would just massage the outer ring of my ass. With her long manicured nails there was no way I would let her slip a finger inside me back there.

I was in and out of the shower in a few short minutes; I dried my body and my hair quickly before pulling the blindfold over my eyes and calling out, “Sandi!”

She must have been standing just outside the bathroom door, because I had no sooner spoken her name than Sandi reached out and took my hand. I almost jumped from the unexpected contact. “Hey Coop. Are you ready for your ‘very special’ massage now?” Sandi asked sweetly as she rose on her toes to kiss me briefly on the lips. Her mouth was gone before I had the chance to get my tongue into the action.

Maybe I should pause for a second to explain Sandi and my use of semantics. Sometimes we can be very picky with the specific words we use. Each word has a precise definition. Back rub, means a simple back and shoulder rub; nothing else. A massage typically means everything on the back from the head to the feet. A “special” massage means everything on the back, everything on the front plus a happy ending. We had never discussed a “very special” massage. Consequently I was a little perplexed.

Maybe my senses were heightened because of the blindfold, but I noticed several things from that very brief encounter. First, I noticed that Sandi already had on a robe. The fact that she was already semi-naked caused my otherwise forgotten dick to lengthen slightly in response. The second thing I noticed was perfume. Sandi occasionally wore a light perfume, but this was a new, muskier, scent than she normally wore. The third thing was that Sandi’s lips tasted slightly fruity. Peaches, maybe strawberry, I wasn’t really sure of the flavor. I’m not sure I can remember the last time Sandi wore a flavored lip gloss. It may have been before we were married.

This massage was certainly looking more and more promising I thought as my dick began to extend closer to a full erection. I barely had time to ponder the meaning of “very special” before Sandi, apparently noticing my excited condition, decided to use my erection as a convenient handle. She wrapped a hand around me and began leading me forward by my dick. My mind quit pondering anything at that point as all of my blood rushed to my full blown erection.

“I have the massage table setup in the den. Follow me,” Sandi’s husky voice instructed as she pulled me out the bathroom door.

Having very little choice, or inclination to do otherwise, I blindly and cautiously, followed Sandi to the den. Sandi walked slowly and did a great job of steering me right and left around obstacles with her handy ‘steering wheel’.

As my feet touched the rug of the den I could hear soft music playing in the background, I could also detect a musky aroma in the room. Apparently Sandi had sprayed more of her new perfume around the room. Either that or she had found some candles of the same scent. The room was saturated with the delicate scent, but it wasn’t overpowering – just enough to block out other smells in the room.

Releasing my dick Sandi took my hands in hers and led me forward a couple of more steps until she placed them on the massage table which she had set up in the middle of the room. Speaking again Sandi gave further instructions, “Now Coop I need you to close your eyes tightly in case the blindfold gets dislodged while you’re moving and climb up on the table – on your stomach. I’ll be here to help you, but make sure your eyes remain closed.”

With a few miscues I finally managed to crawl awkwardly up on the massage table on my stomach and with Sandi’s help I comfortably arranged my head in the headrest. Finally satisfied with my position I wiggled my body into the table a few times to get settled. Beginning our usual ritual Sandi stood to my left side as she placed one warm hand between the upper part of my shoulder blades and the right at the upper part of my butt cheeks on the lowest part of my back. She extended her little finger of this hand to allow it to nestle at the top of my crack. Her manicured nail softly tickled the sides of my butt.

“Now take a nice deep breath and slowly let it out,” Sandi encouraged.

I took a deep breath and as instructed slowly blew the breath out my lips. As I sunk even deeper into the soft table Sandi gently pushed down on both my upper and lower back; helping me to slowly push my breath out and allowing me to melt into the table. She stood in this position for several seconds; one hand resting between my shoulder blades the other just above my butt cheeks. I let the musky aroma of her new perfume, the soft music playing to and her soft hands pressing into my body to gently lull me into a peaceful rest.

Apparently satisfied that I was sufficiently relaxed Sandi slowly lifted her hands from my body. I lay there for several seconds as I heard the soft whisper of Sandi’s robe sliding off of her body. Then I felt her warm breath at my right ear as she softly whispered, “I’m going to put some headphones over your ears and let you listen to some soothing music as you enjoy your massage. Now just relax and enjoy this present from me.”

With that said I felt a pair of headphones being placed gently over my ears. I’m not a big music fan, but assumed this must be a Kenny G tape as the music shifted from wafting throughout the room to being piped directly into my ears. The result was that I lay in my own snug, comfortable cocoon. The music playing in my ears effectively shut out any ambient noises coming from the room. I had only lay there for a few seconds before I once again felt Sandi’s soft hands on my shoulders. This time they were slippery with warm massage oil. For the next several minutes I felt as if were in heaven as my shoulders, neck and upper back were treated to the most luxurious and relaxing massage I could remember. She slowly and methodically rubbed, kneaded and otherwise released every single knot from my neck and shoulders.

I would have to describe the feeling as the closest thing to being asleep while at the same time being wide awake. I was completely aware of every movement of her hands and every muscle fiber her experienced fingers touched, but at the same time I was slowly drifting in a dream state. I don’t really know how long this part of the massage lasted. It could have been five minutes… it could have been an hour… but I did know if felt like a lifetime as I lay there quietly wallowing in my good fortune to have a wife as wonderful as Sandi.

Normally at this point Sandi would allow her hands to drift lower and begin kneading the globes of my butt cheeks. But this time was different. Instead of moving on to my butt, Sandi removed her hands for a few seconds before they enveloped my feet. I’m sure a moan escaped from me as Sandi began slowly and sensuously massaging my tired feet. Once again I totally lost track of time as her hands worked their magic.

After several minutes of having my feet, toes ankles and lower legs treated to Sandi’s very special gift I was ready to completely drift off to sleep. Sandi, on the other hand, wasn’t through with the massage. She paused a few seconds, apparently to replenish the massage oil on her hands, and moved to my right side where she began working on my lower back and butt cheek. She spent several minutes (or it could have been hours) alternating between a light rubbing and a deep muscle kneading of my right butt cheek. Sufficiently covering every square millimeter of my butt she almost immediately moved to my left side and took up a similar massage of that cheek.

This time as Sandi worked on my left butt cheek she occasionally let one or more of her fingers drift down into my crack. Rather than hear it I could feel a slight moan escape my lips as Sandi dipped her finger lower and delicately circled my crinkled hole. The moan coming from me must have done something to encourage Sandi because she held my cheeks slightly apart as I felt a small amount of warm massage oil poured directly onto the top of my crack. I really can’t describe the sensation of the oil running down the crevice of my ass, pouring over my ass hole and trickling down to my balls.

Sandi then rested one hand at the base of my spine and slipped the fingers of her other hand between my cheeks to gently tease the very slippery hole. Her other two hands resumed their gentle kneading and massaging of both my ass cheeks. Wait a minute??? Her other two hands? There was one hand still resting on my spine; a second hand teasing my ass hole; and two other hands continuing the massage of my butt cheeks.

“Hey?! What’s going on here?” I asked though the haze.

The four hands remained perfectly motionless as I felt the headphones being pulled away from my ears and Sandi’s voice gently whisper, “Coop, Sweetie. I told you to relax and enjoy this gift. Just lie still.”

Okay, now I’m really confused. If Sandi is whispering in my ear and there are still four hands on me that must mean that none of those hands can be hers. She has two strangers that have now taken over my massage???

Sandi softly teased my ear with her tongue before continuing, “Coop. I have invited two of my friends over to treat you to a ‘very special’ massage (she emphasized the ‘very special’ with another lick around the edge of my ear). Tonight is all about you and your pleasure. Well… mostly all about you anyway.”

I felt a light touch of fingers to my lips through the opening of the donut shaped headrest. “Taste these,” Sandi huskily whispered. “I’ve been sitting over on the sofa this entire time… watching them touch you… playing with myself while they ran their hands all over you. I can’t believe how hot it has made me to see my two friends take turns as they’ve been touching your naked body. In fact, I’m going back over to the sofa again while they continue… I’m leaving the headphones off… so be very quiet and see if you can hear my fingers playing with my wet pussy. Now you just relax and enjoy everything they do to you… because I’m going to enjoy myself.”

Maybe I should pause here for just a minute and explain that nothing like this has ever occurred during our marriage. Sandi and I have never discussed having a third person join us before. To say that I was blown away by this change of events would be a gross understatement.

Sandi pulled her fingers from my mouth and, just before walking away added, “Oh and by the way. My friend that has her fingers resting on your ass hole right now is a nurse in a doctor’s office. She knows just how to give ‘very special’ massages, so you be nice and do everything my two friends tell you. Just remember… this is for you… no touching the hired help.” With that the warm breath of my astonishing wife had disappeared.

I barely had time to get my mind back around what Sandi had said before the four mysterious hands once again began working their magic. Two hands massaging my butt cheeks, another resting on my lower back and the fourth hand went back to teasing my ass hole. I couldn’t tell you how long this went on. The fingers at my ass massaged and manipulated the rim until I was so relaxed you could probably have driven a Mack truck through my rear opening. But as relaxed as she had already made me she didn’t let her fingers go inside for a long, long time. This vixen/angel teased me until I thought I would swoon from the over charged nerve endings. Slowly carefully, she let just the smallest tip of her finger slid in me. She was probably no deeper than half way to the first knuckle of her index finger when she began gently manipulating the rim from the inside.

Starting at 12:00 she gently pushed and prodded the muscles at the rim of my ass before slowly sliding around to the 11:00 position to repeat the same motions. Time no longer meant anything to me, but I’m sure that I lay on that table for hours while this angel of mercy touched me at my core. Patiently, earnestly these fingers made their circuit around my relaxed ass.

As the fingers reached the 12:00 beginning position the hands that had been gently massaging my butt lifted and I heard the soft lilting voce of a female in my ear. “John, I want you to carefully turn over on your back. I’ll help you keep the blindfold in place. Once you get onto your back I’ll put the neck roll under your head.”

Groggily, in a spell, I began turning over onto my back, as the single digit in my ass magically disappeared. When I started turning over I didn’t even give a second thought to the fact that I was completely naked in front of two women that I had never met before. Lying on my stomach as I had it had been difficult for full circulation to get through to my dick. This changed almost immediately as I moved to my side before awkwardly flipping all the way over onto my back. Being suddenly freed from where it had been pinned under my body, my dick suddenly sprang to full erection. I could feel drops of pre-cum already flowing to the tip. I could also feel my entire body turn a deep shade of red from the embarrassed recognition that I was naked, fully erect and brazenly exposed to these two strangers.

“My, my,” I heard one of the voices at my head say as she carefully placed a small bolster under my neck. “It looks like someone has been enjoying our ‘very special’ massage.”

I distinctly heard a moan coming from my wife as my erection pulsed in the air. Apparently she was telling the truth when she said she was playing with herself. I tried to listen for the squishy sounds of her fingers in her pussy, but I couldn’t hear anything over the pounding of my heart in my chest.

“Raise your knees up,” the voice on my side said. As I did so I felt another bolster being placed under my knees. “That’s it,” the voice encouraged. “Now put your feet flat on the table and lift your butt up off the table… higher,” then she moved the bolster from under my knees and placed it just above the top of my hits and below the small of my back. “That’s it… just a little higher. Now move your feet out to the edge of the table…. now just lie there and relax and let me and my friend finish what we started.”

Lying in this position with my hips elevated and my ass easily accessible it didn’t take me long to figure out what was coming next. However, instead of a finger returning to my still relaxed ass I heard another moan coming from Sandi. At the same time I heard a relatively loud squishing sound, but the wet squish I heard was near me and to the right and not coming from Sandi. My mind was racing trying to make out the sound when I felt the slightest touch of the finger returning to the rim of my ass.

Once again the finger started massaging around the outer rim, without any attempt to enter as it had before. This time instead of the thin massage oil it was obvious that this finger was coated with a thicker lubricant of some kind… maybe Vaseline… maybe KY. I couldn’t tell and, if the truth be told, I didn’t really care at that moment. The magic this finger was working on my serene, yet vulnerable, ass hole almost took my breath away.

I lay there totally exposed, legs splayed, as this unknown creature toyed with me in my most defenseless opening. This time her motions were different than before. Sensing that my opening was still relaxed from her previous efforts she gently slid a finger inside just a little deeper – maybe fully to the first knuckle. Rather than going around the rim in circles as before she ever so slowly pulled the finger out slightly and then slid it back in again, still just to the first knuckle. She did this same motion for four or five times before pulling the finger out and leaving it out for a few moments. Then, gently, I felt the coolness of more lubricant from the finger being slid back inside of me. This time she pulled the finger in and out several times gradually working it in to the second knuckle.

Pulling the finger completely out again, she paused to reapply lubricant before reinserting the coated finger. She repeated this effort a couple of more times until I felt the base of her fingers against the rim of my ass. For the first time in my life, outside of a doctor’s office, someone had their entire finger in my ass. I was relaxed and tense at the same time. I could actually feel my anus clamp down on her finger as I realized what was happening.

The voice to my right, the one attached to the finger, softly spoke, “Relax, John. Take a couple of deep breaths and blow them out.”

I did so and could feel my anal cavity actually release the compression on her finger. “That’s it….” she coaxed as once again the finger began sliding in and out carefully.

Once more the finger completely exited my ass and paused for a minute before returning. This time she firmly, but delicately pushed the freshly coated finger all the way home in one smooth motion. “Mmmmmm…” escaped my lips as I unconsciously moaned at the intrusion.

At the same time I heard an intake of breath from Sandi on the sofa followed by a long, muffled “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

The forgotten voice on my left huskily spoke up, “John, I believe your wife just had a little orgasm.”

The finger in my ass once again began a slow in and out motion. Several more minutes of this sweet torture passed before the voice belonging to the finger sweetly spoke, “John, I’m going to rotate my finger to face up and I’m going to gently massage your prostate. You may feel like you’re going to pee, but you aren’t. Just relax and let whatever happens happen… let me and my friend take care of you.”

The finger began a rotation while it was embedded deep inside me. I could feel the finger turning as she gently rotated her wrist and arm to point her finger up toward the base of my penis. I can’t properly describe the next sensation. There was no mistaking it when her finger came in contact with my prostate. I raised my hips slightly off the table and moaned… partly from excitement… partly from shock… partly from pain. No, that isn’t right… not pain… pressure… not just pressure… pleasure. To be honest I don’t know what it felt like. All I knew was that I didn’t want it to stop. Not in this lifetime anyway.

Recognizing that she had made contact with the object inside of me that she was seeking; the finger began a gentle, yet deliberate, massage of my prostate. I suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to pee, as she had warned, but forget about trying to stop it. I had no control over what was happening to my body. I could feel liquid being pushed out of me, up my dick, out the tip and literally rolling down the sides of my erection. As I said, I can’t describe the feeling… somewhere between a nice satisfying piss and a long orgasm. But instead of a normal orgasm that comes in waves this was just simply a ‘pouring out’ of fluids from my dick. “That’s it, John…. just relax and let it flow,” came the voice.

This sweet, sweet taste of heaven went on for those interminable hours I had been experiencing tonight. Then out of nowhere I felt two well lubricated hands from my other side circle my dick and begin jacking it up and down. My breathing became labored I raised my butt up off the table to meet those hands. That action caused the finger in my ass to slide out slightly. The feeling of abandonment caused me to push my butt back toward the table, impaling my ass once again on the finger that was rubbing my prostate so expertly.

Up in the air to meet the hands on my dick; back down on the table to meet the finger in my ass. I began fucking those three hands with determination. Behind me once again I heard Sandi’s breathless voice, “Cum for me baby! Cum for me! I want to see you shoot off for me!”

With my rock hard dick fucking in and out of the two hands above me… the single finger diligently rubbing my prostrate… the encouraging voice of my wife behind me; I was quickly reaching the point of no return. I was breathing hard, sweat was forming on my brow as I jack hammered up into the two hands and down onto the embedded finger as my body spiraled farther and farther toward the abyss of release.

Then suddenly the fourth hand, the hand to my right, carefully encircled my balls and gently squeezed.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I screamed as I felt the first hot spurt of cum hit me on my shoulder. The second caught me between the nipples and the third, fourth and fifth spurts had less and less trajectory. The two hands on my dick stopped motion and just softly cradled my spurting dick. The hand squeezing my balls gently released, but the finger still inside of me persistently milked my prostate as I continued feeling liquid rolling out of the tip of my dick.

I collapsed back into the table as the voice to my right encouraged me one more time, “That’s it John. Just a little bit more… just a little more….” she coaxed as she continued enticing just a few more drops from my spent body.

I don’t know whether I blacked out or drifted off to sleep; what I do know is that when I came to my senses I was still lying on the massage table, the blindfold was off my eyes and my loving wife was leaning over my body resting her head on my shoulder. I could tell from the lack of noises in the house that we were alone. The four mysterious “hands” had departed.

Sensing my stirring Sandi looked up at, me kissed me softly on the lips and said with a proud smile, “Welcome home, Coop. I hope you enjoyed your ‘very special’ massage.”

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