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Dance Club

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There was a light drizzle covering his windshield and clouding his view of the new dance club that had just opened in the industrial park. When he first saw the signs, he thought that maybe they were adding yet another peeler parlour to a small city that was already over run with strip bars and exotic dance clubs. The rumour was though, that this place was definitely not one of those, but a place that was much different and new to this town.

The buzz about this new venue was that it was a gay and bi friendly bar for dancing and socializing.

From his vantage point across the road, John could see a few ladies going into the place, but the main clientele so far appeared to be male. Since He had never been with another man but wanted to try, he thought about coming out and looking over the talent, so to speak. He liked what he saw walking through those doors.

John was a good-looking guy. He had always had a girlfriend and found it easy enough to attract women when he wasn’t with anyone. Now he wanted to see how other guys would view him. He worked on a construction site, so his physique was always in naturally good shape. Well toned but not overly muscular.

With a sigh, he turned off his trucks engine, pulled up his collar, slipped on a baseball cap and exited into the rain. As he directed his body towards the inviting doors, he pocketed his keys and hunched over against the rain that was suddenly driving down a little harder then it was just seconds before. He only paused for a moment at the door to ask himself, “Are we really sure about this?” before grabbing the handle and throwing the heavy oak door wide open to allow himself entry.

Once inside with the pouring rain but a memory behind him, he took a quick look around to see if his wild imagination was anywhere close to what the truth may be. Well the reality was he was totally off base on this one. No gay orgies going on in the dark corners. Guys were dancing together on the dance floor, but the beat was an upbeat dance tune, not a slow grinding song that would have the patrons of the establishment having wild passionate sex on the dance floor. In fact, if he didn’t know what this place was reputed to be, then he would have assumed that he had walked into just another regular dance club.

As he stood just inside the doors surveying his surroundings, John noticed that the music was still playing, but the din of conversation had quieted down a little. As he looked around he began to notice that other faces, both male and female, were now looking at him. He hoped they all liked what they saw.

He picked out a vacant spot on the bar, and stripped off his soaking wet ball cap and coat as he crossed the floor. He saw the eyes of the room follow him to the spot where he ordered a pint of Guinness from the bartender. His philosophy for beer was “if it ain’t black, send it back.” He wondered if that might work for other things as well. The first mouthful felt good going down. When he put down his beer, he noticed a hook under the bar to hang his wet coat and cap. This was a much better spot then still in his arms.

The beer seemed to help him relax a bit. He turned around where he stood and surveyed the room. The eyes he met he smiled at, and their faces smiled back at him. He figured this was a good sign. Nearing the end of his first beer, he felt a body slide up to the bar beside him. Looking over his shoulder, he saw a bright face smiling down at him. Standing at 5′ 10″ the body attached to this face, must have been about 6′ 3,” with long dark hair in contrast to his light reddish blond hair. The mouth attached to the face started to speak, “That beer is looking a little low. Here,” and with that, the fellow bar supporter handed him another Guinny. “My name is Dan.” He said extending his hand to John.

“Nice to meet you, my name is John and thank you very much for the beer.” John replied as he stuck his hand out towards this friendly stranger to shake hands.

“I’ve never seen you in here before. Are you new to the area? Or just a first timer”

“Just a first timer.” replied John as he took a swig of the new pint. “Actually, first time for pretty much everything here tonight.”

A sudden glint came into Dan’s eyes. “Well in that case, come with me and meet my friends.” And with that, Dan turned on his heels and was heading over towards the booths on the far side of the dance floor. John grabbed his damp stuff from under the bar along with his beer and headed out in pursuit of the elusive Dan. He caught up with him just as Dan was arriving at one of the booths. In the booth sat one other guy and a girl.

“Okay folks, this here is John,” explained Dan to the couple. “John, this is Randy and Jen. We have all been friends since grade school together and we can usually be found together wherever we go.”

“Nice to meet both of you” greeted John as he shook both of their hands. Dan then motioned for him to slide in beside Jen, and then he followed John.

After a few moments of chatting, John was starting to feel pretty comfortable about the small group and started to relax a little more. The conversation started to cover everything they could think of and after a couple of hours of talking dancing and drinking, they were all getting along like old friends.

As the bar signalled last call and the fact that it would be closing soon, the group paid off their tab and started to leave together. “Well, said Jen, I’m not finished partying yet, How about we take our new friend and this party back to our place Randy?”

“Sounds good to me,” replied Randy. “Dan, I’ll ride with John here to show him the way and we’ll meet you two back there.”

John, led the way to his car with Randy in tow, and followed his directions back to his house. On the way John found himself thinking how easily he got along with this group and how much fun he had had so far tonight. Once they were all back at the house, Jen quickly jumped over to the bar and made drinks for everyone. When she delivered the refreshments to Dan and Randy, she wrapped her arms around both their necks and pulled them in for a long hard kiss. She then looked over at John, “Hey newbie, don’t you dare think that you are going to get away from this,” she stated as she reached out for his hand and pulled him in close to her.

Jen was a good-looking woman. In her mid twenties, with a solid body and perfect sized, perky tits that just screamed for attention, and right now her nipples looked like they were going to bust through the thin material of her top. As John leaned down to kiss her, he could feel that there was no bra under that shirt. The heaving of her breast as theirs lips touched was getting him interested. When she snaked her tongue into his mouth and wrapped it around his tongue, it was too much… All 8 inches of his cock was raging in his pants. He could feel her grinding her pussy against his hard member.

“Wow boys, he is packing much more than a six shooter here,” she exclaimed to her other friends. When John looked over at Dan and Randy, he could see them watching him and rubbing each other’s crotches.

“Well boys, I think we need to take our new friend here down into the parlour” said Jen as she led John by the hand to the stairs for the basement. Randy and Dan were right behind them. As they emerged from the stairwell, John saw that this basement was nicely finished, and setup for one thing, Sex! It was a large room with lots of couches and large leather pillows all over the place. In the corner of the room was only what John could assume was one of those sex swings since he had only seen pictures of one before now.

Jen had let go of John’s hand and was pulling some of the big pillows over to one of the couches. Jen then reached over and picked up a remote to turn on a TV up in a corner of the room. On the TV a video started to play. It was porn of two guys and a girl all tangled together in hot sweaty passion.

The guys were over by the couch and getting naked. Jen came and took John by the hand, “Come on follow me. This is going to be a good night for you. It’s time to introduce you to the pleasured of this life.”

As John approached the couch he noticed that Dan was built just slightly smaller than he was, but Randy was much larger. Randy was lying on his back half on the couch, half on the pillows. Dan was working his tongue around the tip of Randy’s shaft. John’s cock was once again throbbing and straining at his zipper to get out. He felt a soft pair of hands reach around his waist and saw Jen’s petite hands unbuckle his belt and zip down his fly. Next thing John knew, he was pulling his top off over his head and stepping out of his jeans. He had nothing on now but his socks. This made him feel a little uncomfortable, so they came off as well. Jen motioned for him to sit down on the couch, and then she turned to Dan, “I think it is my turn to take care of that one. Why don’t you reintroduce yourself to our new friend?”

With that comment, Dan was on the pillows between John’s feet, and Jen was already working her hot mouth up and down on Randy’s glistening rod.

“So, what are you interested in trying?” Dan asked John.

“Well, like I said earlier, I have never done this before, so I am interested in trying everything at least once to see what I do like.” replied John.

“Okay, let’s start slow and gentle and get you ready for the real fun stuff later then.”

Dan proceeded to take his tongue and run small circles around the tip of John’s cock. John had received blowjobs from past girl friends before, but this felt different. It was a little more aggressive and yet a little gentler. He liked the feeling so far. Dan’s tongue then moved down John’s shaft. Right down to the tip of his balls. Once the shaft was nice and wet, Dan plunged his lips right down the shaft until his nose was buried in John’s pubic hairs. This was the first time that John had been deep throated like that. “My god, what a throat” exploded in John’s mind. This sensation had never been equalled before. Dan started to work his hot talented mouth up and down on John’s shaft. With each stroke, John thought that he would blow his load, but he managed to hold off. While Dan was busy using his mouth to give such wonderful pleasure to John, his hands were reaching for one of the tubes of lube. He then took the lube to grease up a couple of his fingers and applied a generous amount to the ends of his fingers. He then reached up to John’s ass and applied the lube liberally to the area around John’s hole. Once he was satisfied that the area was well lubricated, he took his index finger and slowly inserted it straight into John’s ass.

John felt the invasion inside of his ass. It made him jump. It felt strange, but it felt good. Dan had done this before. Once he had inserted his finger into John’s ass. He stopped to let John adjust to the feeling of the finger being in there. It felt good. After a couple of seconds, Dan started to work the finger in and out. This felt good. Dan continued this for a little while longer, and then, once he felt John’s ass starting to relax a little more, Dan then inserted a second finger. This was tight, and once again it took a bit of getting used to, but John was still enjoying this. After some time again, Dan repeated the process with the third finger. This time he hardly even noticed it and accepted it very easily. Now Dan really started to work his mouth up and down on John’s shaft. The sensation was great. He never thought it could feel this way. John looked over at Randy and Jen.

Jen was riding Randy like he was a wild mustang and she was a bronco buster. She was pumping up and down as hard as she could make that 5’4″ 100 lb. body go. Her dirty blonde hair was flying all around her head. She was moaning and screaming and oblivious to anyone around her. John was getting really excited watching her go. Suddenly, Dan curled his fingers inside John’s ass and rubbed up against his prostate. The sensation was too much. John blasted his load deep inside Dan’s mouth. His cock just kept jumping as load after load continued to pump down Dan’s throat out his mouth and down his chin.

As John came down from this high, he sat down on the couch and could see Jen slumping over onto Randy’s chest. A long stream of sticky white cum was running out from Jen’s pussy and flowing down over her thighs. Randy must have drained all of those big balls into that poor little girl, and she loved every minute of it.

After about 10 minutes of just laying there and catching their breath, the group started to stir. Dan got up and refreshed everyone’s drinks. “Well, that was fun, looks like the newbie is going to fit right in here” he said, casting a glance and a wink towards John.

After the drinks were served and everyone was comfortably lounging around on the couch and pillows, the talk turned to more general type stuff and John started to find out more about this new crowd he had fallen into. Jen worked as a hostess in one of the more posh restaurants in town. Dan and Randy both worked in the same computer company as programmers. They all went to grade school together and were good friends since the day they first played Dodge Ball together in the play ground.

John explained to them that he was working for his Dad’s construction company and was expected to take it over one day. His Dad wanted him to know all aspects of the construction industry, so he had John working with everyone, helping them out and learning each job.

After a couple more drinks, Dan turned to the crowd and said, “Okay, who is ready for more? I think John there needs to work a little more on building up experience.”

John grinned and said, “I am ready for that.”

Randy and Dan gave each other a evil little grin, and then turned to John, “you are in for quite a treat then” replied Randy and he stood up and helped John to his feet.

“Here kneel down here” instructed Dan.

Randy and Dan proceeded to get John kneeling on some of the big pillows. Dan sat on the couch behind John and started to caress John’s butt and cock. Randy kneeled in front of John and started to caress his own long hard cock. “Are you ready to taste this?” Randy asked as he directed John’s head down towards it. John just licked his lips and proceeded towards Randy’s crotch.

The smell of the Randy’s cock was masculine and musky. It was starting to make his cock twinge. He could feel Dan working his magic on his ass. Dan was using a lubricant to get John’s ass nice and slick. He felt Dan’s index finger slipping around his hole and then briefly inside. There Dan held his finger until he felt John relax. This time John found himself relaxing much more easily. Dan was working that second finger in already. John was enjoying the feeling in his ass while he started to lick Randy’s cock. Randy was only semi-hard, but he was big already. The first taste of cock in John’s mouth was not what he expected. He liked it. John started running his tongue around the tip of Randy’s dick and then he started to suck it in a little further while apply pressure to the shaft with his lips. Careful not to let his teeth rub against the precious man meat in his mouth. He felt Randy’s cock give a lurch and suddenly start to grow harder in his mouth. It quickly filled his mouth and John could see that he wasn’t even half way down Randy’s rod yet. John ran his tongue around the now hard shaft getting it wet and making it easier for his lips to slide up and down. He loved the feeling and taste of this cock in his mouth.

Dan was sitting back on the couch, using lubricant to grease up John’s ass and watching John for the first time sucking on a cock. Randy was over 10″ long and thick so he knew that John was starting off big. As Dan watched this action up front, he didn’t even realize that he already had 3 fingers in John’s ass and John wasn’t even flinching. When Dan’s attention came back to the job at hand and he noticed that John’s ass was puckered and waiting, he figured it was time. He slid off of the couch and knelt behind John. He took his cock in hand and using his lube covered fingers, started to run his hand up and down his shaft. Once he felt he was well lubricated, he placed the tip of his cock against the edge of John’s ass. He inserted the tip just a little ways and then stopped. John jumped a bit with this new intrusion.

“This is something new. Are you ready?” Dan Asked John.

John pulled his hungry mouth off Randy’s cock long enough to grunt a Yes and he was back on Randy’s cock that fast. This time he rammed his mouth all the way down on the cock and felt it hit past the back of his mouth and slip down into his throat. He felt a gag coming on but he fought it back. He slowly pulled his mouth almost all the way off of Randy’s dick and then slammed his mouth down so hard that his nose was buried in Randy’s pubic hair.

Randy couldn’t believe what he was feeling. This was the best blow job that he had ever had. Eagerness really did pay off. “God, newbie here, definitely learns fast. We’re going to have to keep this boy around” “Are you getting all this on tape?” Randy asked Jen who was now off to one side hiding behind a video camera.

“You bet,” replied Jen “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”

Dan smiled and then slowly worked more of his cock into John’s ass. It was tight and felt so good. After a couple of seconds of slow steady pressure, Dan felt his thighs slap up against John’s ass. He was buried in to the hilt. He slowly pulled back out until just the tip was inside of John’s ass and he slammed it back in again. He continued at a slow pace until he felt that John was feeling good with this, and then he started to speed it up.

John, let out a groan when he felt Dan sliding into his ass. He let out another groan when Dan pulled almost all the way out and then slammed in hard. He loved this feeling. He squeezed his lips together around Randy’s cock and squeezed his ass together around Dan’s cock, like he was trying to squeeze off a shit. The feeling of Dan ramming inside of him was blowing his mind. As Dan was picking up speed in John’s ass, John’s mouth started picking up speed on Randy’s cock. His cock was as hard as he had ever remembered it getting. Suddenly, John felt Dan convulse and scream “I’m cumming!” Just then John felt the hot gush of Dan’s cum going deep inside of his ass. Three, four, five pumps and Dan was still cumming. John could feel the hot sticky liquid running out from his ass and down his thighs. Randy’s cock was ragging hard and tasting good in his mouth. He kept sucking and licking the pre-cum off the tip of the monster cock.

“You’re going to have to come over here and take over for me,” Dan called over the Jen as he fell away from John’s hot tight cum filled ass.

Randy put his hand on John’s head and motioned him to stop. “That ass is looking really hot. I think I am going to have to give it a try now.” Randy said to John and he pulled his cock out of John’s mouth and moved himself around to John’s back end.

John buried his head into the giant pillow below him and tried to relax for Randy to get his monster cock in. Randy was as adept at this as Dan. He started off slow as well, just placing the tip of his cock against John’s hole, then very slowly inserting just the tip. John felt a flair of pain as his ass was intruded by this massive object. John concentrated on relaxing his ass muscles. After a few seconds, the pain subsided and John nodded when Randy asked if he was okay. Once Randy heard that John was okay, he continued to insert more of his cock. Slowly as to not hurt this new found friend. After Randy’s huge mushroom head was inside John’s ass and half of his cock, Randy started to pull back and work his cock with short strokes in and out of John’s ass. Each short stroke in Randy pushed his cock just a little bit further. After doing this for a few moments, Randy found himself burying his cock right up to his balls. He was amazed; he had never had a guy who could take his full length. He started to pump his cock fast just as Dan had done, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming all the way back in again. This boy was tight and felt really good wrapped around his dick.

John could not believe that he had all of Randy inside of him. He had never had such a full feeling in his ass from Dan. In fact, it felt like Randy’s cock was going all the way into his stomach every time Randy thrust back inside of him. His cock was raging hard with all the attention that his prostate and ass were receiving. This was the most unbelievable feeling that he had ever felt.

Suddenly, John felt something that made him jump. A pair of soft wet lips was wrapping themselves around his cock. He lifted his head to see that Jen was lying on her back beside him with his cock in her mouth and getting it pounded down her throat from the action of Randy’s frenzied pumping. John noticed that Dan now had the camera allowing Jen to get back into the picture. He motioned Jen to swing her hips over to his face and moved his head so that he was now facing down between her thighs. John knew what to do here. His tongue shot out and went to work on Jen’s shaved pussy. She tasted sweet. John was also getting a hint of Randy’s cum from before mixed in with Jen’s juices. The taste was wild on John’s tongue. He wanted to taste more of it, so he buried his tongue as deep inside of Jen as he could.

The snaking in and out effect of John’s tongue in her pussy was driving Jen crazy. Both Randy and Dan were good, but John was a master. His tongue was longer then anyone else’s Jen had ever seen, and he knew how to use it. She loved the taste of John’s cock in her mouth as well. The combination of both was bringing her to a hard fast climax. She could feel the heat building up between her thighs.

Randy couldn’t believe how tight John’s ass was around his cock. The feeling was so hot being able to bury his cock all the way in John’s ass. Randy’s orgasm was coming on strong. He could feel his load moving up from his balls and moving into his shaft. He knew that this was going to be another huge load.

John’s tongue was going wild inside of Jen’s pussy. He could feel her pussy clenching his tongue with each new trust of her hips. He could also feel Randy’s pace quicken as his long hot rod kept pumping deep into John’s ass. Suddenly everything happened at once. Randy let out a moan and John could feel the powerful explosion of Randy’s orgasm blasting from his cock and hitting deep inside of John’s ass. Randy kept cumming and cumming. John could feel that his ass was full and yet Randy kept cumming. Jen’s moans got louder and she tightened her lips around John’s cock. This was too much for him and he let his load go. Jen took it down her throat and didn’t miss a drop.

Jen’s orgasm was so intense, it was a feeling that she had never had before. She actually felt her orgasm gush forward. She had never had this happen before. She was having a gushing orgasm. John’s face was being flooded in her juices. She could feel and hear John lapping at her pussy, drinking in her juices.

After about 2 full minutes of orgasm, Randy slumped down on John’s back and John felt his cock slip from Jen’s mouth totally spent. Jen was still vibrating in her orgasm, but the gushing had stopped. That was the most wonderfully sweet yet musky taste that John had ever tasted. The 3 friends just fell onto the pillows without an ounce of energy left in their bodies. John slowly reached out to Jen’s pussy and slowly fingered her to keep her orgasm going. He could feel a large puddle where his ass was now laying that could only be Randy’s cum.

“Holy Shit!” Exclaimed Dan. “If I hadn’t been here to witness that, I never would have believed it. I sure am glad I caught all of it on video.”

John turned to Jen who was lying there still convulsing with a big smile on her face. “You never warned me that you were a gusher.”

“I would have if I had known. That is the first time that has ever happened. I think I am falling in love with that tongue of yours.” She chuckled.

Dan made coffee for everyone and brought them over to where the rest were lying on the pillowed floor. “Here, drink this. You guys are not going to believe the video. I got it all on tape.”

John managed to get himself and his two new friends on the floor sitting upright leaning against the couch and took the coffee from Dan. After taking a couple of sips from his cup, he had some time to look around at the damage. There were puddles where he figured his ass was and where his face was. He could still feel cum in his ass, and couldn’t believe that Randy had pounded out that much. This guy could have easily filled half of a large pop bottle with the amount he shot.

After the coffee was finished and the conversation was winding down, John figured it was time to clean himself up and get heading for home.

“Okay, I’ll show him the showers down stairs here, you guys can use the one upstairs.” Jen stated, taking John by the hand and leading him to one of the doors at the far end of the room. As John looked over his shoulder, he saw Randy and Dan disappearing upstairs together.

“In here” Jen said pointing to the shower stall.

John noticed that the stall was easily big enough to accommodate at least 3 people. He stepped in, turned on the water, and started to lather up. His ass was a little sore from the attention tonight but it sure felt good. He felt Jen press in behind him and started to lather up his back and butt. He turned to face her and found that she was pressed right up against him. He looked down into her eyes and slowly bent down to kiss her. She met him with a very soft, warm, passionate kiss. They stood there together embraced in each others arms, kissing softly and being soaked by the warm running water.

After the kiss, Jen leaned back, “So, are you coming back to visit us again sometime?”

“Well, how does tomorrow after work sound?” replied John.

“I would like that. And I am sure the boys would enjoy that as well. They like you.”

“And you?” inquired John?

“I like you a lot,” replied Jen as she turned around and turned off the shower.

Once they stepped out of the shower stall, they helped each other towel off and then went back into the “fun room” to find John’s clothes.

John got dressed and followed Jen up the basement stairs watching her tight little bare ass swaying in front of his face. He had a feeling that he was really going to enjoy that ass a lot in the future.

At the front door, Jen kissed John again and opened the door. “I’m thinking about having a barbeque for dinner tomorrow night, a nice way to wrap up a Friday and start the weekend. Are you interested in joining us?”

“I would love to.”

“Great, then I’ll tell the boys that you’ll be joining us tomorrow night. They’ll be sorry that they didn’t get a chance to say good night.”

“That’s okay. I’m sure that I can make it up to them,” John replied as he kissed Jen once again good night and walked to his truck. As he drove away, he saw Jen’s firm naked silhouette outlined by the light in the doorway. His mind was racing, replaying all of the events that he had participated in this evening.

John had a big smile on his face this was a night he soon wasn’t going to forget. In fact, he may have to get a copy of that video from Dan.

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