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Autumn Sun

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Sabine was walking through the autumn sun. The leaves were swirling down from the trees in the afternoon breeze, occasionally one would tangle in her long red hair. She moved along, paying little attention to her surroundings, lost in her thoughts.

Would he be here tonight? He promised he would be. Well, he promised he would try.

And if he could make it, she would have him all to herself until the next morning! In the mean time, she walked, trying to calm her jangling nerves.

The sound of an oncoming car made her look up. The car was slowing as it approached her. It was HIM! It was Airk. He was here! Early even!

The man pulled along beside her and in a deep voice spoke out, “Hey baby. Miss me?” Did she ever!

“What do you think?” she replied saucily.

“Open up, let me in there with you, it’s getting chilly out here.”

“Get in,” he said.

“What are you doing out here?” he asked.

“Just walking, waiting for you,” she replied.

“Well it’s a good thing you were going in my direction, I would have hated to miss you.”

She was shivering, but she didn’t know if it was from the chilly air or from the excitement and anticipation. Whatever the reason, it made her hands freezing cold.

As she crawled into the car on her hands and knees, she went straight for him, kissing him with the promise of what was to come later. She sat her rounded rump back on her heals and put her cold hands between her legs, warming them with the heat from her already tingling crotch. How could one man make her so hot? She could never get enough of him.

“If you’re that cold, you can put your hands in my crotch,” he said, winking.

She giggled and swung her legs out from underneath her ass, sliding across the seat to be closer to him. As she snuggled up to him, he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. Kissing her deeply, his free hand cupped her right breast and squeezed it gently but firmly, causing her to moan with pleasure into his mouth.

“Ahh baby,” he said.

“You’re killin’ me. Feel this.” He ran his hand down her arm, catching her hand in his. He placed her hand on his already rock hard cock.

“Ooohh…I know what to do with this!” she said.

She reached for his zipper.

“Now, wait. Let me at least get the car out of the road,” he said.

He put the vehicle in gear and started driving.

“Your place?” he asked.

“No, not yet. Just drive,” she said.

As he drove, she at last succeeded in releasing his cock from the confines of his jeans. It sprang forward like a wild animal after its prey. She reached down and placed her cold, cold hands around it.

“Damn! Woman!” he yelled.

“That’s not very nice!”

“No, but this is,” she sighed in his ear.

She slid down in the seat and leaned her head into his lap. Very gently she took his cock head into her hot wet mouth. Her lips played along just under the edge of his head, and her tongue gently teased the tip. Gliding back and forth and maddeningly circling it. Her ice cold hand was grasping his long shaft. She released his shaft and her body moved forward, her lips never leaving his dick head. Then she began bobbing her head in his lap, taking long deep sucks at his cock. Each time she dropped her head, she took a bit more of his cock into her mouth.

Finally, she had the entire 8 inches in her mouth and throat. He could feel the tightness in the back of her mouth every time she dropped her head. And then she swallowed!

Oh shit!! He could feel her throat muscles working as she swallowed.

He couldn’t hold on much longer!

Suddenly she put her cold hand on his balls, causing him to forget all about how good it had felt!

“Not yet honey,” she said.

“You’re driving.”

The little freaking tease.

“Well, let me remedy that,” he said as he pulled off the road into a clearing behind some trees.

He put the car in park, turned off the ignition, and turned to her.

“Now. Finish what you started,” he said darkly. He lifted his ass and pushed his jeans on down past his knees. Obligingly, she dropped her face back into his lap. This time, with his legs bare, he could feel her hair tickling his thighs as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. He put his hands on the back of her head to control her movements to his liking.

Her hands finally warm she again cupped his balls as she sucked his cock. Bobbing her head up and down, she kept her lips turned in, protecting his cock from her teeth and allowing her to apply even more pressure.

It sure wouldn’t take him long now. As she took him deep into her throat, he started to feel his orgasm coming on. Again she swallowed and he felt that those constricting throat muscles.

This time he would give her something to swallow! Before she knew what was happening, his cock stiffened in her mouth, and his hot cum blasted down her throat. Swallowing rapidly, she tried to pull away, but he held her head down until his spasms subsided.

“Now,” he growled, “get them off.” He pointed at her jeans. She did what he told her. She wriggled out of her jeans and panties, pushing them onto the dash.

“Lay back and spread ’em,” he said.

She was already plump and wet, ready for him.

He pushed her knees further apart and dropped his head between her legs, dipping his tongue into her sweet slit. He caught her clit in his teeth, gently nibbling it, making her moan out in pleasure. As he lapped at her swollen pussy, he slid 2 large fingers deep into her. Her pussy grasped at them, clinging as he slid his fingers in and out of her slippery cunt. She let out a delicious sigh. He stroked his fingers in and out, pulling more of her juices out every time he withdrew his fingers. Those juices slid down her crack and over her tight pink asshole.

He leaned back from her and watched what he was doing to her. He watched as she slid her hands up under her shirt and began to squeeze her tits; pinching and pulling at her nipples. He watched the juices flow out of and down her. Then he leaned back in and licked her from rear to front.

Going back to that delectable rosebud that he wanted so profoundly to stick his dick into, Airk ran his tongue around the rim and lapped at it. Leaning back again, he finger fucked her faster, making her juices run more quickly. He then added his other 2 fingers to her wanting dripping pussy. He wet them all inside of her and made her groan with pleasure. This time when her pussy had her asshole sopping wet, he pressed the end of his little finger into it and slid all it the way in.

She jumped a bit and made a small yipping sound, then settled into the rhythm he was providing. Soon she was moaning aloud and grinding her pelvis down toward his hand. His tongue snaked out and flicked her clit. Then he sucked it into his warm mouth and worked it with his tongue. She began to convulse on his hand and buck her hips against his face. She was coming. Hard.

“Good, baby. That was real good,” he said as he slipped his fingers from her.

He began stroking his once again hard cock as he watched her quiet from her powerful orgasm. After she calmed, he trailed his fingers up her body toward her breast, circling her pink areola, it began to harden. When it did, he pinched it roughly. Tugging it out from her body.

“ooow,” she cried out.

“Don’t try to tell me you don’t love it,” he said.

“C’mon, Sabine, suck it some more for me,” he said. She sat up, took his cock into her mouth and slurped on his shaft again. He backed away from the car and she followed, never losing her oral grip on him.

Soon she was completely out of the car, on her knees and nearly naked but for her shirt and bra that were still pushed above her breasts.

He reached down and pulled her up by her arms, kissing her deeply. Their tongues twisting and flicking in and out of each others mouths. He pulled back and turned her away from him.

“Lean onto the hood,” he told her. “Spread your feet. Wide.”

As she bent over the warm car hood, he admired her shapely ass, and as she spread her legs, her swollen wet pussy showed its self to him. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he lay his head upon her back and then began showering her with kisses there.

Still with one arm around her, cupping her breast, he bent his knees and positioned his cock for entry. He rubbed his cock head up between her pussy lips and slightly into her. Pulling back, he repeated this action until his cock head was wet with her juices. He slid slowly, a bit at a time, up into her hot body, then retracted his member. Again and again. Finally, after his cock was completely wet, he put both arms around her and he straightened his legs, ramming his cock deep inside her and impaling her, lifting her feet from the ground.

She cried out and he groaned his pleasure against her neck. Lifting her, he slid her up and down on his cock.

Tiring somewhat, he put her thighs against the car, and bent her over the hood. Her breasts smashed down on the hot hood, and her feet hung down, not reaching the ground.

He grabbed her asscheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her hot little asshole. He stuck his face in her crack, using his tongue to slather her with his saliva. He poked his tongue in and out of her tiny rosebud. He dropped her hips back down and pulled her back off the hood. Once her feet hit the ground he kicked them apart and bent her over.

“Keep your head down and your hands on the car,” he told her. With cock in hand, he pressed the head of his cock against her tight asshole. Pressing forward, she began to open to him. She let out a sharp breath as his head penetrated her asshole. They both froze for a minute to allow her body to adapt to him. She was the first to move, leaning back slightly to let him know it was okay to proceed.

He leaned forward into her, sliding his cock further and further into her until his balls pressed against her pussy. He pulled back and slid back in, gradually building up speed.

Soon he was fucking her like a madman. Holding her by the hips and slamming his cock deep within her hot sweet ass.

With one hand still on the car, to keep her head from being rammed into it, she dropped the other to her dripping pussy. She rubbed for only a few seconds before her body began to erupt in another powerful orgasm, she slammed her ass back against his hips. Bucking and squirming, she tried to escape that delicious pain and pleasure.

He moved her back to the side of the car and pushed her head back down upon the hood. Pinning her legs against the fender, ensuring she would not get away from his pounding cock.

The feel of her tight asshole becoming even tighter and spasming around his cock sent him over the edge as well. He shot his wad, filling her rectum with his hot cum, sliding in and out, milking the last bit into her.

He leaned over onto her back, shaking and quaking in the sunshine. Finally pulling his cock from her with one last shiver, he pulled her around too him and kissed her gently.

“I wasn’t too rough on you was I?” he asked.

“No, baby. You know how much I love being fucked by you,” she responded.

Then she giggled, “of course I don’t think I’ll be able to sit for the next couple of days without being reminded of your cock in my ass.”

He pulled a towel out of the back seat, and she got their clothes. They wiped off and then dressed. As they slid back into the car, both were thinking about the next 16 hours they still had together.

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