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Forever Friends

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Jenna could not believe what was happening. There she was, wearing nothing but her bra and panties, watching her best friend Lisa going at it with her boyfriend Shane, who also just happened to be Jenna’s ex. Unbelievable…

The two girls had been the best of friends since they were about 10 or 11 years old, as close as sisters even, and had remained as tight for the next decade or so.

It was when Lisa began dating Shane, an ex-boyfriend of Jenna’s from high school, that the two had started to drift apart a bit. Even though their past relationship was only a brief period of dating highlighted by the typical youthful lust of heavy petting and such, Jenna felt as though Lisa hooking up with Shane, even year’s later, broke a sort of unspoken pact between the two friends.

It was easy to see that Shane’s taste in women had not changed over the years. Jenna and Lisa actually looked quite a bit alike, another reason people often mistook them for sisters, besides their closeness. The two were beautiful young women, brunettes who both wore their hair permed curly and falling half-way down their back. Lisa was taller than her friend, and owned a slimmer and more toned body, highlighted by a pair of long, supple legs that rose up to a deliciously firm ass. Conversely, the shorter Jenna, though a bit more curvy and full-figured, outshone her girlfriend in other areas, in particular her ample 36C chest, which easily bested Lisa smaller 32B pair.

As Lisa and Shane started getting more and more serious as their burgeoning relationship progressed, the two girls began to move further away from one another. It did not take long for the tension between the old friends to come to a head and, like they had done many times over the years, Lisa invited Jenna over to her apartment so the two girls could talk things out.

Jenna told her friend how she felt a bit betrayed that Lisa would go out with someone she had dated, and reminded her that they had always promised that they would never let a guy get in between their friendship. Genuinely sorry that she had caused her best friend any grief, Lisa admitted that she saw Jenna’s point, but questioned whether that was all there was to it. It was that turning point in the conversation that would change the girls’ relationship forever.

Lisa confessed to her friend that she too had felt a little apprehension towards Jenna after she started dating Shane, worried that her new man would be forever comparing her to his ex. Having shared nearly everything with each other through the years, Lisa was aware that Jenna and Steve had never made love, and knew that a blow job was as far as they had gone, but still she was nagged by the thought of her boyfriend having such intimate thoughts and memories of her good friend. Lisa expressed these feelings to her friend in detail, telling her that she had become so paranoid about it that, in addition to her worries causing tension between the two girlfriends, they also moved her to tell Shane.

The thought of Lisa talking to her boyfriend about such a sensitive, sexual subject made Jenna shift uncomfortably as her friend told her about the discussion. She was not sure if she was upset or aroused, but knew she wanted to hear more.

Lisa continued, telling of how she had told Shane of her feelings of paranoia in regards to his past with Jenna, and that when she pressed him, he did admit that sometimes when he saw his ex-girlfriend, he could not help but reminisce about some of the more erotic moments from their history together.

Stunned by the revelation that her ex-boyfriend, and current boyfriend of her best friend, still thought of her in that way, Jenna was certain now that what she was feeling was definitely more arousal than anger. She encouraged her friend to continue.

Lisa admitted that as she and Shane talked about his past with Jenna, the couple had become incredibly turned on by the taboo subject, and began fooling around. She told of how she encouraged her boyfriend to tell her about his impure thoughts towards her friend as she stroked his cock, which hardened at an incredible rate as their dirty talk progressed. Lisa went onto confess that as she fucked Shane that night, both of them became completely absorbed in fantasies revolving around Jenna. They let their collective imagination run wild, envisioning Lisa as Jenna as Shane fucked her, even going so far as to have him call out her name in the throws of passion. Finally, Lisa told of how both of them reached incredible orgasms as they fantasized about having Jenna with them in a threesome.

Listening to her best friend describe fantasies of them in a threesome, Jenna quickly found herself getting very wet at the thoughts of fucking Lisa and Shane. Her mind started picturing herself eating her friend’s pussy while Shane fucked her.

Noticing how overcome by the tremendous arousal their naughty talk was bringing upon her friend, Lisa asked Jenna if given the chance she would fuck Shane. As expected, Jenna could not hide her feelings and admitted that she would love to fuck him, as knowing the two of them were together made her a jealous. The next question was even more direct, as Lisa asked if she wanted to have a threesome with Shane and her. A little uncertain at first, but completely wet at this point, Jenna admitted she would, confessing that she too had enjoyed numerous fantasies about that exact scenario.

That was a week ago, and now the stage had been set and the time had come. In a dreamy haze, Jenna, clad only in a pair of red lace bra and panties, sat on the edge of the couch and watched Lisa, she too dressed only in a sexy set of underwear, make out with Shane, who was already down to just a pair of jeans. Incredible…

The couple kissed passionately, Shane already hard as Lisa rubbed her crotch up against his denim covered cock. As they kissed, his hands found their way to her bra and he started squeezing her breasts. Quickly his mouth followed suit and his lips headed down to greedily suck her nipples through her bra, taking one in his mouth and sucking it hard and then switching to the other, while squeezing her breasts with his hands. Stopping his assault on his girlfriend’s tits briefly, Shane glanced over at Jenna and gave her a sly smile, before bringing his hungry lips up to Lisa’s for another lustful lip-lock.

As soon as their lips parted, he was on his way towards Jenna. Leaning down to her, he wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her into his lips. Shane kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth and pulling her face towards him at the same time. As they feverishly kissed, Lisa came up behind her man and began running her hands over his body, kissing his back and shoulders. Pulling him away from her friend, she moved on to kissing his neck and cheek, giving Jenna the chance to take her cue and begin undoing his jeans. Just as he turned to lay his lips on his girlfriend’s, Jenna pulled out Shane’s now rock hard dick and gently began flicking it with her tongue.

Grabbing a handful of her brown curls, he pulled Jenna’s head towards his groin, while he thrust his hips forward. His member slammed into her mouth, and he began to rhythmically pump his hips back and forth, gliding his penis between her lips. Watching her best friend suck off her boyfriend, Lisa moved around to Shane’s right side and he quickly went to work removing her bra and returned to hungrily taking her nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting ferociously.

After a few lustful rounds on her tits, Lisa backed away from Shane and focused her attention on Jenna. Pulling her off of her man’s cock, she roughly yanked her head back and leaned down for a fiery kiss of her own. The two girls began to make-out, their tongues intertwined, kissing each other deeply, all the while Jenna continued to jerk Shane’s shaft with one hand, as he looked on approvingly.

Almost seamlessly, the duo shifted from exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues to finding Shane’s cock with them. As Jenna repeatedly stroked his dick, the two best friends flicked their tongues at his manhood over and over again, until Lisa took charge and took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked hard on it. Not to be left out, Jenna ran her tongue down the length of his dick down to his balls, which she sucked in turn. Lavishing the attention being paid to his package, Shane pulled his cock out of his girlfriend’s mouth and offered it to Jenna, who hungrily accepted, taking the head of his unit into her mouth and sucking madly.

Lisa stood and quickly removed her panties, taking the time for a quick bout of zealous masturbation as she watched her friend suck on her man. Returning to her knees beside Jenna, she pulled Shane’s cock away from her and crammed it deep in her mouth, sucking him hard while licking the underside of it while it was in her mouth. Slowly she dragged her lips up the length of his cock and then let it slip from her mouth, allowing her tag team partner to once again slide it between her waiting lips.

Standing up again, Lisa started kissing Shane again, wildly embracing each other, while Jenna jerked and sucked him faster and harder. As much as it was turning her on watching her friend suck her boyfriend’s dick, at this point Lisa wanted to feel Jenna’s tongue on her pussy more than anything. Grabbing a handful of her hair, she moved her friend’s head to her waiting crotch, and was rewarded with Jenna sticking her tongue out and licking her pussy lips gently. Lisa let out a low moan as Jenna started to suck her pussy lips harder, while continuing to stroke Shane. Her tongue snaked out, grazing across her clit, causing Lisa to cry out. Jenna softly nuzzled her pussy lips, her tongue shooting between them to lap at her best friend’s hole. Her tongue darted in and out of her cunt sending ecstatic tremors through her friend’s body, as Lisa’s fingers were intertwined in her hair, pushing Jenna’s face against her as her tongue lapped mercilessly at her clit.

Holding her friend in place with a firm grasp on her curly locks, Lisa and her boyfriend watched as Jenna dutifully alternated between eagerly licking her pussy and hungrily sucking his cock. The couple once again engaged in a passionate bout of kissing as they took turns being pleasured by their new lover. Shane started to suck his girlfriend’s nipples as Jenna moved her tongue down to his balls, slowly running her tongue across them, taking each one in her mouth and sucking it gently. He sucked Lisa’s nipples harder as she did this, squeezing her breasts as Jenna licked back up his cock and started to lick the tip of it.

Grabbing a handful of Jenna’s curly locks, Shane suddenly pulled her away from his throbbing dick and guided her to her feet, then proceeded to lead both ladies back down to the couch. There he positioned Lisa on her back, stretched out with her legs wide, with one up on his shoulder, giving full access to her sopping mound. Jenna placed herself on her knees beside her friend, who moaned with pleasure as she began to feast on her tits.

Shane’s cock slid easily into Lisa’s soaking pussy with a single thrust. As his cock stroked in and out, Jenna moved her hands to her friend’s breasts and started to caress them and moved in closer to kiss her. The two began to kiss, their tongues intertwined, kissing each other deeply as Jenna continued to play with Lisa’s tits pinching her nipples roughly.

Jenna broke their kiss and turned her attentions to her friend’s cunt, which was still being pounded into by her boyfriend. She started to rub Lisa’s pussy with his fingers, coating them in her juices as Shane pistoned in and out of her. Jenna rubbed her clit while he slowly pulled out of his girlfriend and rubbed the head of his throbbing cock up and down her soaking pussy lips. Pulling her wet fingers away from Lisa’s cunt, Jenna brought them up to her own lips and licked them clean, tasting her best friends essence on her lips.

Once again, Shane tangled his fingers into the mess of curls at the back of Jenna’s head, and pulled her face down to the site of his dick slapping against Lisa’s mound, and lowering her head so she could take his cock into her mouth. Obediently, she licked her tongue along the length of his shaft, tasting her best friend on his cock. Her mouth engulfed his cock, and she sucked hungrily, trying to clean every trace of Lisa’s juices from its length. Quickly, Shane pulled her away and again pounded into his girlfriend’s waiting pussy.

Jenna moved back up to her friend and kissed her again on the lips, sharing the taste of her very own juices on her lips. Lisa moaned as Shane filled her pussy with his cock and Jenna played with her nipples. He pushed his cock fully into her slowly and then pulled back out of her again. Jenna continued to play with her friend’s nipples, roughly squeezing them between her fingers as Shane was driving his cock deep into her pussy as he started to fuck her faster, pushing his cock into her more forcefully.

Again, Shane grabbed Jenna by the hair and directed her to his cock as he pulled out of Lisa. And once again, she dutifully slid her mouth up and down his wet shaft. At the same time she glided her hand to her friend’s dripping mound and inserted a finger and started to fuck her pussy. As she took Shane fully into her mouth, she rubbed his girlfriend’s clit with her thumb, pushed a second finger into her cunt and began to finger-fuck her harder. She could feel her pussy getting even wetter, hitting the right spots and causing Lisa to moan constantly. Hoping her friend was on the verge of cumming, Jenna pulled away from her blowjob on Shane and began furiously rubbing, licking and fucking Lisa’s pussy with her tongue and fingers. Seconds later her work paid off and her girlfriend let out a very loud groan as her body started to shake and her pussy contracted around Jenna’s fingers as her orgasm hit.

Jenna and Shane wasted no time. In seconds they had manoeuvred themselves into position on the couch beside Lisa. Glancing at her friend, almost asking permission for what she was to come next, Jenna saw the smile on Lisa’s face as she nodded her approval. Straddling Shane with her back to him, Jenna positioning her legs on either side of him, and reached down for his hard dick. She stroked his manhood a couple of times and guided him into her hole, letting out a low moan as she slowly impaled herself on him. She quickly found a rhythm and was riding his cock with an incredible intensity, grinding herself up and down the length of his pole. Shane grabbed onto her hips and matched her frantic tempo with thrusts of his own, his balls slapping against her wet pussy with each drive.

Not one to be left out for long, Lisa moved in front of her girlfriend and leaned in to run her tongue across Jenna’s clit as her boyfriend pounded into her. Jenna cried out as she looked down to see her best friend staring back up at her. As Lisa’s tongue circled and flicked her clit, Jenna began to play with her tits – cupping them, squeezing them, her fingers pinching her nipples. Lisa quickly moved up to assist her friend, smothering Jenna’s breasts with her mouth, her tongue swirling around her nipples, as Shane continued to fuck her hard, his cock hammering into her cunt again and again.

Lisa shifted back down to her position in front of the action, getting a close-up view of her boyfriend’s penis slamming into her best friends pussy. Again she began to lick Jenna’s pussy lips and clit, her tongue moving across them in long slow strokes teasingly. She started to lick her clit harder, occasionally taking it into her mouth and sucking hard on it, while her friend bounced up and down on Shane’s cock. Jenna reached down and ran a hand through Lisa tangled curls as she continued to pleasure her cunt, all the while her own boyfriend fucking her relentlessly.

Jenna was moaning loudly as Shane fucked her incessantly, slamming his cock deep into her and then pulling out almost all the way and then slamming it back into her. Matching his pace, she would push her hips back in time with his thrusts forcing his cock deeper into her. Lisa was now licking her friend’s pussy non-stop and rubbing her clit hard between her fingers. Jenna was crying out in ecstasy as she felt her orgasm starting to build. She started to play with her hard nipples as her release built up.

The combination of Shane’s thrusts and Lisa’s licking finally brought her over the edge. Jenna screamed out loud as her back arched and her body shook violently. Shane started to fuck her harder as she came, holding her hips tighter as she came on his cock. Neither of her lovers relented on their pleasurable assault of Jenna’s body, she writhed on top of Shane’s dick as he pumped in and out of her, plunging deep inside with every thrust of his hips.

Near exhaustion, Jenna pulled herself off of Shane and flopped down beside him on the couch. Immediately Lisa leaned over to her and kissed her gently, their tongues meeting and then parting softly. Instantly rejuvenated by the gesture, Jenna nodded towards Shane who was now sitting on the edge of the sofa, his hand furiously beating his cock. Quickly both girls were side by side, kneeling in front of their shared man, mouths open expectantly. Shane moaned as his dick erupted, the first spurt of hot sticky cum hitting Lisa across the cheek, the second landing squarely in Jenna’s mouth. Moving quickly he aimed his cock like a true marksman, spraying his load all over both his lovers’ faces and breasts.

As his eruption ceased, Shane brought his cock to Lisa’s lips so she could lick off the last drops of his cum. Jenna placed herself on the other side of his manhood, allowing him to stick his dick between the pair to be cleaned, each licking one side of it. Shane moaned as their tongues finished their work on his fading cock.

The two girls smiled at each other, both their faces drenched in their lover’s cum, and leaned in to kiss. Jenna still had a mouthful of Shane’s cum and the two friends exchanged his juice in a messy kiss. Lisa broke off their kiss and started licking up Shane’s cum from her friend’s tits, while Jenna scooped up the cum on her face with her fingers and licked them clean. Finally, the two kissed once more, sharing the last of Shane’s cum again.

As she kissed and licked her ex-boyfriend’s cum off of her best friend’s face, one thought could not escape Jenna’s mind…

She still could not believe what had just happened.

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