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Forbidden Lust

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Jack Hammond was forty years of age, a successful businessman who’d made it big on the internet, and in doing so, had gone into business for himself, working out of his own home which saved him a lot on overhead. He was still considered attractive too, kept himself in reasonably good shape, working out during the day on his treadmill while on the phone doing business. With dark hair, just a touch of grey beginning at the temples, almost emerald green eyes, he’d had more than enough women take an interest in him.

And under normal circumstances, he might have responded to that, but he had lost his wife just under two years ago, and hadn’t found it appropriate to begin dating again. Something his own eighteen year old daughter had urged him to do.

Chris was his one and only daughter, being both mother and father to her had proven to be a full time job in and of itself, and though he tried to be a fair disciplinarian, he found himself caving into his daughter’s wishes more often than not. It was simply too hard telling her no, especially when she gave him that cute little frowny faced expression she often did, though she did it knowing full well that Jack would most likely give in to whatever whim that she had, provided it didn’t cost him a small fortune whenever she did that.

And to make matters worse, she reminded him a lot of Christina, his wife. Like her, Chris had blue eyes, almost a cobalt blue in color that was further enhanced by her nearly coal black hair, which she’d inherited from her mother. With an olive complexion to match, she looked very exotic, especially for her age, which often worried and concerned him with the number of boys that Chris seemed to be entertaining at the time, though luckily, she hadn’t seemed to settle down seriously with any one of them…yet.

And in a way, he was also thankful for Chris’s best friend Rachel, who spent most of her time over at their place as she had a house full of brothers and sisters, and loved the solitude that the two of them very often enjoyed together, even though Jack was usually home most of the day. So when the weekends came, and Chris wasn’t in school, Jack usually found the two of them hanging out together around the house, with Rachel very often spending the night.

So in a way, it was as though he had two daughters, treated them very much the same, expecting them to be grown up enough to clean up after themselves without his having to chase them down in order to do something. And, as discussed and agreed to, Chris did most of the cooking on the weekend while Jack handled it during the week, ensuring Chris as well as Rachel, as she very often came over then too, had no excuses for not doing their homework.

It was early on the following Saturday morning when Jack received a call informing him that there had been some kind of foul up at the small manufacturing plant he processed his orders through. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, he most often found himself staying late sorting everything out, and this sounded like it was going to be one of those nights. Jack had just hung up the phone when Chris as usual came racing around the corner heading upstairs to her room. He stopped her in mid stride just as she was about to bound up the stairs.

“Chris honey?”

“Yeah?” she immediately responded, somehow pirouetting perfectly on the steps just as though she’d choreographed the move.

“Looks like I’m going to be working late tonight,” he told her. “So don’t go to any big effort for dinner, whatever the two of you want to do tonight is fine, I’ll pick up something later for myself.” Jack was already assuming Rachel would be coming over, and by the look on his daughter’s face, he knew that she was as Chris smiled broadly, meaning “Pizza” whenever that happened.

“Sorry dad,” she honestly stated meaning it. Though he knew she was also delighted that she and Rachel would have the evening alone together, which meant they’d most likely being turning their music up considerably louder than he allowed them to do whenever he was home. And though there was also a good possibility of boys coming over now too, he had also put a great deal of trust in the two of them to behave themselves, “within reason anyway,” he considered remembering how he was when he was their age.

He watched as Chris bounded up the remainder of the stairs, once again reminded of his own wife who very often did the very same thing.

Jack slowly followed Chris up to his own room, which was just down the hall from hers, though doing so at a significantly slower speed. Even as he reached the top of the stairs, he heard Chris closing her bedroom door, thus invoking the one rule they’d agreed on, and which he’d never broken. A door closed meant plain and simply, they weren’t to be disturbed. Even Jack appreciated the fact that Chris honored that one herself, never bothering him whenever she found his own bedroom door shut. Not that it was very often, especially lately, but even though he hadn’t been seeing anyone, Jack still had natural urges and desires, that he very often took care of himself. And in addition to that, he had kept and maintained a small collection of x-rated movies and a few pornographic magazines that he also kept in a safe place within his own room that he very often watched, or looked through whenever he did that.

Seeing her closed door, he couldn’t help but wonder if his own daughter did that at times as well, and though he figured she probably did, usually for her closing her door meant that she wanted some privacy while on the phone. As he neared her bedroom, he in fact could hear her speaking and knew she was doing just that. Normally Jack would have walked right on by towards his own room, he’d never been in the habit of listening in on his daughter’s phone calls before, and he wasn’t considering it now. Until he heard her speak, unavoidably catching the words, stopping him cold just outside the door to her bedroom.

“Yeah, daddy’s got to work late tonight Rachel, so yes…bring it over with you, I’ve always wanted to try it, so now would be the perfect time to do so!”

Jack had never feared that his daughter would ever involve herself with drugs, he had certainly worried about it to be sure, but he’d also candidly discussed it with her as well, receiving her assurance that she wouldn’t as she had no interest in ever doing that. What he couldn’t say the same thing for was Rachel, he also knew that one of her brothers had in fact been busted for smoking grass, and had always wondered then if Rachel herself had ever tried it, though he’d never asked her about it.

And that was another one of those, “Do as I say, not as I did things,” which caused him a little grief as well, once again remembering what he’d been like at his daughter’s age.

Jack was just about to leave when the phone rang again, he was relieved to hear that they had managed to sort out the invoicing/shipping problem and he wouldn’t have to come in after all. Jack headed towards the kitchen to inform Chris of the very same when Rachel arrived, walking in carrying an overnight bag, which she very often did. Except that this time, he saw a subtle nervous expression showing on her face as she entered, and once again couldn’t help wondering what it was she had brought over with her that he now knew they were being so secretive about. In the blink of an eye, Jack knew what he was going to do. And again, it wasn’t because he didn’t have faith in, or trust his own daughter, and as much as he really did like Rachel, he didn’t have the same level of trust for her.

“Alright sweetie,” he said speaking to Chris. “I’ll most likely be home really late, so you two go ahead and order in Pizza, or whatever you’d like, just save a slice or two for me for later will ya?”

“Ok daddy,” Chris said giving him a hug and a kiss, just as Rachel likewise did, seeing him out.

Jack drove down the street, quickly parking the car, and then made his way back to the house surreptitiously coming back down the alley that was used for garbage pickup out behind the row of houses. Quietly entering in through the service gate, Jack then made his way around the backside of the house, entering in through the garage as he had his keys, and stood by the door listening before entering. Though it was risky, he heard nothing and decided to chance entering. When he did, he could hear that the girls were already upstairs, though by the still muffled sounds, he also knew that the door to Chris’s room was closed. And even though he wasn’t expected to be there of course, no doubt Chris had chosen to close it as a further precaution in the event that he did, also knowing that Jack wouldn’t disturb them even then, not as long as her door was obviously closed.

Slipping off his shoes, which he’d have done anyway leaving them at the back door, Jack quietly made his way up the stairs, cautiously approaching his daughter’s bedroom, prepared to act quite naturally as though he had just then returned if he had to, using the real reason for doing so should he be caught. He soon reached the door, listening as the girls spoke in normal toned voices, obviously unconcerned and still somewhat assured they were alone.

“Wow, it really does look like a real one doesn’t it? How’s it feel anyway?” Jack heard Chris asking.

“Here, let me show you,” Rachel responded.

Jack now knew what they were doing, and what Rachel had brought over with her. He could hear the tiny hum of the vibrating toy as they turned it on, heard his own daughter giggle as she must have touched herself with it.

“It tickles,” she giggled, and then hearing a deeper tone of voice that he wasn’t used to hearing when she added, “Oh…but that doesn’t!”

Jack then heard another, and likewise knew that Rachel was now using one too. The image of her being the one stuck in his mind, imagining as he stood there what she must have looked like. He didn’t even realize he had stood there rubbing his self through his pants, his prick hard, straining against the material.

“You know what would really be fun?” He then heard Chris asking.

“No what?”

“If we did this while watching one of dad’s naughty movies!”

Jack froze, panic seizing him for a moment, still listening for the sounds of movement, his head turning looking back, realizing as he did so that he was further away from the landing than he was from his own bedroom.

“They still in the same place?” Rachel asked as Jack heard movement on the bed, or rather off it as someone got up.

He couldn’t afford to just stand there any longer, sprinting in his stocking feet, hoping that his own hurried movement wouldn’t be heard as he made it to his own room, immediately realizing however he was just as trapped there as anywhere, but then ducking into his own private bathroom, hoping against hope that Rachel wouldn’t bother looking in there when she came in. He’d just barely stepped inside when he heard the door open to Chris’s room, the sound of bare feet padding down the hallway. Jack could sense it, even before her heard her when she entered the room going immediately to the bottom drawer of his dresser where he kept all his porn stash.

He could hear Rachel rummaging around for a moment, the sound of tapes being looked at and returned. He found he was holding his breath, hoping she would soon select something and leave, allowing him to then do the same. Then she sneezed.

“Shit!” Jack heard Rachel say to herself as she sneezed again.

He heard the drawer close, she’d obviously chosen something, and then heard the sound of footsteps on the carpeted floor, but he realized too late they weren’t heading out back through the doorway, but into the bathroom!

“Holy shit!” Rachel said, though thankfully not loud enough to be heard down the hallway, especially with the music playing in the room. Rachel stood, naked…one hand holding onto what was obviously one of his tapes, the other to her nose where she embarrassedly wiped it as she’d walked in, surprising Jack, surprising herself. “What the fuck?” She’s said, then just as quickly collected herself and apologized, though still obviously off balance, as was Jack as they both stood there awkwardly eyeing one another. “I’m sorry…it’s just that, what are you doing anyway?”

Rachel might have been naked, and under any other circumstances, Jack might have allowed himself to continue to stand there looking at her, but he soon followed her own gaze looking down at himself, and saw what she saw, now looking back up into her eyes with a horrified expression on his face. Not only was Jack still hard, his prick not yet aware of the consequences of still being so, but what he hadn’t realized until now, was that he had a fairly obvious, fairly good sized wet spot that had appeared clearly on the front of his beige slacks.

“Jack?” Rachel asked once again, though she had lifted her arm covering her breasts, and then likewise realizing as she did what she held in her hand as she did so.

“Fuck!” Jack said sitting down on the toilet, he was screwed and he knew it! The moment Chris learned what he’d done, she’d probably never trust or believe him again. And Jack knew as he continued to sit there, with Rachel likewise standing in front of him as she was, just as stunned, if not more so than he was, that what Chris had been doing was perfectly natural, normal. What he had…wasn’t, not really the way he saw it. And it was certainly something he’d never be able to adequately explain to her either.

“Wait here!” Rachel said suddenly surprising him. “Don’t go anywhere, or do anything! I’ll be right back!”

Rachel soon disappeared the sound of her hurried footsteps running down the hall, the door opening, closing again, leaving him to sit there wondering what the hell was going to happen now.

It seemed and probably felt like an eternity, but he soon heard the sound of the bedroom door opening, and then closing once again. For a moment he heard nothing, and then realized that Rachel had in fact reentered the bedroom, this time purposely quiet. He noticed that she had at least put on a bathrobe covering her nakedness, she put her fingers up to her lips, telling him as she did so that he was to be quiet as she took his hand and led him out of the room, past his daughters closed doors which they crept by even more quietly, and then down the stairs. Only when they reached the kitchen area did Rachel finally speak. “Go down stairs to the den, wait for me, I’ll be right back!”

Once again she left, leaving him just as confused if not more so than he already was, returning a short time later, finding him just where she’d told him to go.

“You mind telling me what’s going on?” Jack asked, finding his question to her to be as equally absurd as hers had to be in asking him the very same thing.

Rachel was still a bit breathless as she began. “I told Chris that when I stepped out to go get the tape,” she blushed, “that I heard someone knocking on the door downstairs, so I went to have a peek, which is all I could do because I was naked, but then I saw it was my boyfriend Bobby, and so I told him to wait there for a moment, and that I’d be right back, which is when I then went back up to put on this robe. Anyway, to make a long story short,” which Jack was happy to hear as he was still nervous about being there, she continued. “So I told Chris that I sorta had been expecting Bobby to show up, which he won’t be by the way, and that I needed to spend a few minutes with him, and that I’d shoo him out as soon as I could. Since Chris doesn’t really much care for him anyway, I know she won’t come down and bother us. And besides, she’s sort of busy herself at the moment,” Rachel left off saying not really needing to say more.

“So now what?” Jack asked, figuring it was now time for his own explanation, though he still hadn’t been able to come up with anything that would make any sense, or excuse himself for even being there, let alone caught in the condition that he had been when he was.

Rachel smiled, throwing him completely off at the moment, in a way he’d expected her to get angry now, and he knew Chris certainly would if she were to tell her. But she continued to stand there smiling at him, though he also knew she was thinking about something else as she did.

“I won’t say anything to her,” Rachel began, “If you don’t!”

“Are you kidding me?” Jack stated. “I’ll never say a word about any of this!”

“Not this…this!” Rachel said, and then she let her robe fall away, once again revealing her nakedness.

“Rachel, I…I can’t! You’re my daughter’s age, as much as I might like to, want to…I can’t!”

Though Jack had glimpsed at her nubile young body earlier, he hadn’t really taken stock of it then, not like he did now as he stood there looking at her, Rachel so seductively posing herself, one finger actually near her lips, turned off to one side showing him her firm young body as she did so. Her pert young breasts so full, so firm, each capped with a rosy pink nipple, which were obviously, erect, something she now drew his eyes to as she stood there beginning to finger one.

“Maybe I am Jack,” she said calling him by name in a tone of voice she’d never used before, sounding somehow far mature than her age, even dangerous in a way as she spoke. “But I’ve thought very often what it might be like to be with you, I’ve even thought about just coming up and telling you, but never found a way I could really do it, not until now anyway. And we don’t have a lot of time either. I told Chris I wouldn’t be gone any longer than a half an hour, just long enough to get my boyfriend off, before sending him home.”

Jack continued to stand there dumbfounded at her words, almost paralyzed, speechless, and unable to think of anything to say, let alone do. Already he could feel his cock once again firming, hardening, even as much as he stood there trying to will it not too.

“Come on Jack, obviously you’re horny, thinking about it, you certainly were earlier when I first saw you, so I know that you must have been. And I can tell that you are now too,” she said suddenly reaching out, her hand coming into direct contact with Jack’s cock through his pants as she drew closer to him, rubbing it, allowing her breasts to graze against his chest. “Like I said Jack, I’ll never say anything about any of this…if you don’t.”

Whether it was her hand stroking his cock, or her nude body pressing so tantalizingly against him, he would perhaps never really know, but in the next instant, Jack picked her up, carrying her to the couch there in the den, laying her down on it as he quickly removed his clothing. He knew he had thrown all caution to the wind, all sense of moral values going right out the window. Even the thought of his daughter being upstairs added to the dangerous thrill and excitement of his fucking Rachel with the knowledge that she very well could walk in on them at any time. And even with that, he no longer cared, he felt the surge of excitement coursing through him. Jack soon joining Rachel there on the couch, his lips capturing one of those hard twin towers of lusty hardness, sucking it, nursing at it like a baby as she held his head, her fingers running through his hair, coaxing him to continue, and then urging him to taste and pull on the other with his lips.

“Are you…”

“A virgin?” Rachel giggled, finishing it for him. “No, though I might add, Chris still is, well…technically anyway.” Though Jack didn’t ask “And I’m on the pill too,” she added, “Just in case you’re wondering,” which he had been. “But I’ve only done it a couple of times too,” she now added once again, letting him know as she did that she was still inexperienced, yet anxious, hoping to become more so as she invited him to enter her.

“Not yet,” Jack said as he slid down once again paying homage to her breasts briefly before lingering at a moment at her naval, kissing and licking it, giving hint to her as to his intentions.

“Oh God!”


“Now that…I am!” she giggled pleasurably now well aware of what he was planning on doing to her.

“You mean no one has ever…”

“Nope! Not ever!” she giggled once again pleasurably, excitedly, all but pushing his head down even further now wanting to feel that even more than the other. Now for the first time, Jack grinned.

It had been a long time. “Too fucking long!” Jack told himself silently, and he made a mental note to change that, which in a way, he was doing now. Jack took another moment to part the young woman’s lips, devouring them first with his eyes, taking in the sweetness of her womanly smell, and then lightly placing the tip of his tongue on the hard little knot of her clit as he tickled her there briefly.

“Oh my God!” Rachel moaned loudly, almost too much so, though Jack felt somewhat secure in the knowledge they were at least down stairs, far away from his own daughter’s bedroom.

Jack began tonguing her seriously then, alternating between doing that and lightly sucking, drawing in her hard sweet clit, holding it, and then flicking it rapidly, his fingers finally joining the onslaught of her young tender cunt as he devoured her, tasting her juices which began flowing in abundance. Before either of them knew it, she was in the throes of orgasm, her pussy suddenly exploding, and the orgasmic bliss she began to feel seizing her body. Jack slid up, his prick easily locating her wetness, sliding in, filling her in one fell swoop. He heard the surprised intake of her breath, even as she continued to cum, cumming even harder then, if that were even possible as he began thrusting his prick in and out of her. Jack felt her hands surrounding him, felt her nails as they raked his back, knowing full well as they did that they’d leave marks on his flesh. He drove into her even deeper, harder. He felt her begin to climax once again though he was no longer sure when one climax began and another ended for her. It seemed to be continuous as she thrashed wildly beneath him crying out her pleasures until his own soon after joined hers as he felt his prick unleash his pent up frustrations, desires and needs, too long held inside.

“I’d better get back upstairs,” Rachel said shakily, “Before Chris comes down here looking for me,” she added with a wink. “Give us another half hour or so before you come home,” she stated then.

Jack shook his head in understanding, only then beginning to dress, his mind reeling with what had just happened, mixed emotions regarding it flooding his senses.

Rachel reached the hallway looking back towards him. “And by the way, Chris sleeps like a rock once she is,” she added. “So don’t lock your bedroom door later,” she grinned, and then disappeared up the stairs.

Jack felt his prick twitch, and smiled.

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