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Five Simple Rules

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‘Hey Rob,

I want to have a chat with you in private. Meet me at the pub tonight, 5:45?

See you there I hope!


Rob read the email again, looking for clues, but there was nothing. ‘L’ was Leanne — the cute-looking girl that had recently started working in the office, just a couple of desks down from him. She was easily the sexiest girl in the company, and possibly the sexiest he’d ever personally met.

What the hell did she want from him? While not ugly or socially awkward, Rob considered himself average at best, and a girl like Leanne was way out of his league.

‘Probably just something to do with work, no point getting excited’ he thought to himself. Nevertheless, he spent the rest of the afternoon in idle fantasies about hooking up with her, and made sure to look his best before heading out of the office after work.


The pub in question was a cheesy Irish themed bar in the town square, not Rob’s sort of place at all. However, it was just round the corner from the office, which made it the de facto after-work meeting place at his company. It also had a few small booths at the back, and after a bit of searching through the after work crowd (nobody from his place today, thankfully), he found Leanne sitting in an otherwise empty booth.

As always, she looked stunning — about 5’9″, with flowing black hair, dark skin hinting at an Eastern background, and a body to die for. Rob had made as much of an effort to look good as he could, but Leanne was the sort of girl that looked like she’d just stepped out of a salon, even after a full day at work. Apparently, things like creases and sweaty armpits were something that happened to other people.

She looked up as he approached and smiled. “Can I get you a drink?” he asked, by way of saying hi.

“Sure, I’ll have a G&T”

Rob fought his way to the bar and got the drinks, settling on a neat whiskey for himself. He’d normally have a beer, but for some reason this seemed like a more impressive choice.

“So, how was your day?” She asked. “Did you manage to finish up with B&K?”

Ah, so this was just work stuff after all, thought Rob. B&K was one of Rob’s larger accounts, and not an easy one.

“More or less” he said, noncommittally, trying to hide his disappointment. He wasn’t a fan of talking shop, and could think of a thousand other things he’d like to talk about (and do) with the pretty girl he was with.

Nevertheless, and much to Rob’s chagrin, she just seemed to want small talk — work stuff, office gossip, last night’s TV, and so on. He had to admit though, he was having fun; she was a good talker and they seemed to have a lot in common — and the jealous looks he was getting from some of the other guys in the pub was kind of satisfying.

As they were getting to the end of their drinks, Rob was just plucking up the courage to ask why she’d asked him there, when she suddenly sat up and looked at him.

“What do you think of me, Rob?” She asked.

Completely thrown off his guard, Rob started to fluster. “Uh, well, I, er, uh, what do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean? Do you like me? Do you find me attractive?” She frowned slightly.

Well if she was going to be so upfront, then so was he.

“Attractive? Of course I do! You’re the most attractive girl I know!”

That made her smile. “Good”, she said. “Too bad I had to make the first move, but we got there in the end. So, if I were to say I wanted to date you, what would you say?”

Rob was astounded. Could this really be happening? This was the girl of his dreams, way out of his league, but there she was, sitting there, all but asking him out!

He played it as cool as he could. “Well, I’d say I was flattered, to go out with you, even one date, would be a dream come true. But why me? I’d have thought Darren or John were more your type?” He regretted that last question as soon as he said it. Darren and John were the office players, very alpha male and constantly flirting and dating the hottest girls in the office — Leanne included.

A cold look flashed over her face. “My type?” She raised an eyebrow. “Who are you to say what my type is? You don’t know me nearly as much as you seem to think you do!” Her face softened. “Let me explain.”

“I don’t believe in false modesty — I am an attractive girl, I know that. I’m not stupid, I can look in a mirror, and I can see the way guys react to me. I know the effect I have on men. And yes, I can have pretty much any guy I choose, if I wanted to.

But let me explain something you may not know about — guys like Darren and John? Sure, they’re hot guys, and they’re fun, in their own way. But mostly? They’re jerks. They see girls like me as trophies — someone to date just to prove they can. All they want to do is fuck you for the bragging rights, and have something pretty to show off to their mates in the pub. I’m twenty-eight now, and I’ve been hanging around with guys like that since I first got tits. Frankly, I’m sick of the bullshit.”

She seemed to realise she was ranting a bit then, and stopped to have a drink.

“You, though? You’re different. Sure, you’re not Brad Pitt, but then Brad Pitt is probably a jerk too. And in spite of your obvious lack of self-confidence, you’re really not bad looking. And you, Rob, are just the type I’m looking for right now. At least I think — I hope I’m not wrong?”

That last was phrased as a question.

“OK, so what are you looking for?” Rob asked.

“Well, that’s a little complicated. Of course, I want all the usual stuff that a girl wants — to be treated with respect, cared for, given flowers occasionally, all that fluff — but I also have some other, er, needs. I’ve felt like this for a long time, but now I’m determined to get it. And I think you’re the man to provide it.” She blushed a little at this, the first time Rob had ever seen her anything less than totally confident.

“I’m intrigued” said Rob. “Do go on!”

“Promise me first, whatever happens, that you won’t tell anyone at work what I’m about to say!”

“Of course. This is just between you and me.”

“OK, now this might surprise you, or it might not. I’m basically looking for a submissive guy — sexually, that is – one that will do whatever it takes to make me happy. I think you’re a natural submissive; are you?”

It was Rob’s turn to blush.

“Submissive? What the hell makes you think that?” he blurted.

“Oh come on!” She laughed. “I ask you down here tonight without giving any reason why, and you just turn up, no questions asked — just like an obedient puppy. Then you sit through half an hour of idle chatter, again without asking why you’re here. Just to keep me happy. I think you’d do anything to please me! Besides, I’ve just got a feeling about you. Call it women’s intuition!”

Rob sat and thought about that. He had played a few bondage games in the past, nothing serious, but it seemed he always naturally ended up playing the submissive role. But this was something else — what she was talking about was not far off the sex slave fantasies he’d masturbated over on quiet nights at home!

“OK, you’ve got me, maybe I do have a bit of a submissive streak. I never figured you for a dominatrix though!”

“Oh, it’s a new thing for me. None of my boyfriends have ever let me try it, but I think I’ve got what it takes. That doesn’t mean I’ll be some whip-wielding leather clad dominatrix” — she smiled -“well, not all the time, anyway…”

“OK, but what else? What would you have me do to please you?”

“That’s the thing,” she said. “I will admit to being a bit of a sex maniac, but all my life things have been so plain and vanilla — I want kinky stuff. And I want a partner that will indulge that. What do you say to that?”

“Well, it depends really. What sort of things?”

She laughed. “It doesn’t work like that, silly! What I want to do is what I want to do, if you’re with me you just have to go along with that. You don’t get to pick and choose what you do or don’t want to do — you get your pleasure from pleasing me. If you accept your role, you’ll find out in time. If not, then it’s not your business to know.”

She took another drink. “So, what do you have to say?”

“Well, I guess I’m interested.” Said Rob. This was an understatement — a girlfriend like Leanne? With kinky, submissive sex thrown in? That was as close to heaven as he dared to imagine. He was glad of the table between them, as without it there would have been no way he could hide the raging erection he had going on.

She smiled. “You’ve made me a happy girl. But, before anything else happens, I’ve made up some rules. Five simple rules, which as far as I’m concerned are non-negotiable. If you want to go out with me, you have to abide by them. You can of course break them at any time, but if you do, that’s it between us.”

“That’s pretty harsh”, Rob protested. “So if I don’t stick by your rules, I’m dumped?”

“Basically, yes. I know what I want and I’m determined to have it. I like you, Rob, but life is just too short to not get what I want. If you opt out at any time, then we can still be friends, but you’ll lose all boyfriend privileges!” She leant over the table, exposing a little cleavage and the lacy top of her bra, as if to emphasise the point.

“I’ve written them down for you,” she said, fishing an envelope out of her handbag. She handed it to Rob, finished off her drink then stood up to leave.

“I hope you do agree to them, we could have a lot of fun together. Have a read through and let me know when you’ve made a decision.”

With that, she kissed him lightly on the cheek and left.

Rob had to stay a few minutes for his erection to die down before he could leave.

Later that night

Rob knew instinctively that whatever was in the envelope was something that needed proper attention — reading it on the way home wouldn’t do it justice. Nevertheless, he had a good look at the envelope — a nice creamy envelope, with his name written on it in neat, curly script. He caught a waft of her perfume on it. Damn, even her stationery was sexy!

He picked up a bottle of wine on the way home, and waited until he’d fixed dinner and settled down for the evening before pouring a glass of wine and turning his attention to the envelope he’d left on the sofa. He tore it open and started reading.


If you’re reading this, then that means you’ve accepted my offer. I can’t tell you how excited you’ve made me — after all the crappy relationships in my past, I’m really looking forward to having a relationship my way!

I guess I’ve told you this already, but I’m looking for a sexually submissive man, and if you’re reading this then I was right about you and you are.

When it comes to matters of love and friendship, I see no reason why things can’t be normal and equal, but when it comes to sex, I want to be the boss in this relationship. I also want less of a vanilla sex life, and with you along for the ride, I’m going to explore that to the fullest. It’s going to be great!

However, as I have mentioned, I have come up with five rules that will govern your sex life with me. Infractions of these rules will be punished in a way I see fit, and outright refusal to follow them? Sorry, we’re over. It’ll be a shame, but I want this too much to compromise.

So, here goes:

1. Chastity

I think I can trust you not to cheat on me, but I know what you men are like. Any opportunity you get, you’re off masturbating. As far as I’m concerned, that’s demeaning to me. You’d rather jack off than make love to me? Well, that’s not going to happen. Before this relationship begins, you will purchase and wear a chastity device. You can choose which one, but it must be approved by me. You will hand the keys to me, and as long as you’re with me you will only get to cum with my permission, and only with me present. You will not complain about this or ever ask to be let out.

2. Other people

I am highly sexed, and chastity or not, you are not always going to be able to satisfy me by yourself. I reserve the right to have sexual relations with other people as and when I see fit. I may include you in these sessions, I may not. Rest assured, though, that it’s really all about sex. You will be the one I come home to, and you will always be the one that is more intimate with me than they can ever be.

3. Obedience

I have some pretty wild desires — some things I have done in the past and some I haven’t. I do, however, intend to try them all. As my sub, you will do as I ask, when I ask, without complaint. I don’t care if you’re not into a particular kink; your sole task is to please me. Whatever that takes.

4. Other people and your role

As I mentioned above, I may be bringing other people into our relationship. Unless I tell you otherwise, then you will also be submissive to them in the same way you would to me, and I expect you to treat them with the same level of respect. You do not get to choose who we sleep with or who you are obedient to.

5. Punishments

It’s very likely that at some point you will disobey me, or fail to please me in some way — in fact, I almost hope you do! I will punish you in a manner I see fit, probably physically. Be warned — I can be a mean bitch when I want to be!

That’s it. Follow these rules and we’ll have a great time together!

Leanne xx’

Rob threw the letter down. What the fuck? Chastity? Other people? So she wanted to keep him locked up in some stupid belt while she went out and screwed whatever jerks she felt like?

“Sorry Leanne,” he said to himself, “submissive I can do, but that’s just going too far.”

The Next Day

Rob arrived at work, meaning to tell Leanne where she could stick her rules. For some reason though, he couldn’t bring himself to do it — and Leanne seemed to be ignoring him, which wasn’t making it any easier. He got through the day at work without speaking to her, and left for home.

Once home, he read the letter again. And again. He fired up his computer, opened up his browser and went on to google….

The Next Day


Need to talk to you about what we discussed. Meet you at the pub, 5:45 again?



Be delighted to. I hope you’re not trying to negotiate though!

See you there xx



“So,” said Leanne, after they’d bought drinks and sat down together.

“What was it you wanted to talk about?”

“Well, it’s about these rules. I have to admit; the first time I read them I was going to give up on the whole thing. Seems kind of strict, you have to agree.”

“Yes, it does come across pretty strict, but it’s just a framework. It doesn’t mean we won’t have a lot of fun together. And no, I won’t change or drop any of them, if that’s where you’re going with this!”

“Well, the thing is this. If you want to keep these rules, then I can go with that. But I’ve got a couple of rules myself, and I wanted to clear up a couple of things as well.”

“Go on,” she said, sighing, “let’s hear it.”

“OK, firstly, the chastity thing. When I first read that bit, I was a bit confused. I’d always thought of chastity as something knights did to their wives back in medieval times, and was imagining some massive great iron belt. But then I did some research.”

Leanne smiled. “I’m glad you did that. It’s not like that at all, is it?”

“No, you’re right. It looks like that’s a whole fetish in itself. You can get all sorts of devices, it seems, some look pretty good, and by all accounts, quite comfy to wear. I don’t mind admitting, it was quite a turn on. I’m quite excited to try one now! But, I want to know how you plan on working it. I mean release dates and stuff. Are you planning on setting lengths of time? Or particular dates? And for how long? Do I get released early if I’m good? Or do we use dice, or what?”

“My god,” said Leanne, “you have been doing your homework! To answer your questions though, there will be no schedules. No release dates, no mucking around with dice. As far as I’m concerned, that takes the power away from me, and all the fun out of it. No, it works like this: You get locked up on the day we start dating. I unlock you when I want to unlock you, and lock you up again when I want you locked back up. That’s all there is to it; nothing else gets a say. Not marks on a calendar, not dice, and especially not you!”

“OK, that sounds pretty hot actually. But how long between releases, do you reckon?”

She shrugged. “Dunno really, it depends. If you’re lucky and I crave your cock a lot, then you’ll find yourself coming out quite regularly, on the other hand,” she grinned, “if I find it more fun to keep you locked up and desperate, well then you won’t be so lucky!”

“So then it’s in my best interests to make sure you ‘crave my cock’, as you put it?” Rob grinned.

Leanne looked at him. “Exactly. But don’t forget rule two.”

“Yes. That’s the one I’m not too comfortable with. So basically you can go out and just screw whoever you like? And I don’t get a say in it?”

“That’s not the way I’d put it, but essentially, yes. Understand one thing though: If I hook up with other people, then it’s just sex. You will have the honour of being my boyfriend, and you will be able to be intimate with me in a way that they never could. Besides, have you never been in an open relationship before? I never said you wouldn’t ever get to screw other people from time to time!”

Rob never had. He had, however, been cheated on before by an old girlfriend. The thing that had hurt the most was the way she’d snuck around behind his back. He’d felt foolish, and, well, cheated. He guessed this way was better. Besides, some of the stories he’d read last night had been about cuckolded men. And they’d been among the stories that really turned him on…

“OK, rule three then. I’m pretty cool with that — I’m well up for trying new things as well. In fact, I may even be able to show you a few things,” — Rob had had some pretty wild girlfriends in the past — “but I’m just not sure about this ‘as I ask, when I ask’ thing. Sure, if I’m not really into something, then it’s my duty to go along with it anyway, but what if I really hate something? What if it not just doesn’t turn me on, but it actually disgusts me? I’m no prude, but you can’t expect me to like everything!”

Leanne thought about this.

“OK, that’s a fair point. If you really dislike doing something, then tell me and we won’t do it again. I should warn you though, if I end up having to cross too many things off, then I’d have to reconsider the relationship. Just promise me one thing though; however much you think you’ll hate something, you’ll at least try it once?”

“That’s more than fair,” said Rob, “But there are a few things I know that I really won’t like. Could I have some rules of my own? Five Simple Rules? Five things that you’ll never ask me to do?”

Leanne laughed. “Pretty cheeky, but OK. Try me, let’s hear what you don’t want me to do to you.”

“OK, one. You mentioned punishing me. I’m fine with that; I’ll probably enjoy it. But I assume that means pain?”

“Of course. I hope you’re not going to be a complete sissy about it?”

“No, I can be a man about it.” He grinned.” But rule one is this: Nothing extreme. Nothing that leaves a scar, nothing that affects my day-to-day life. No branding, bloodletting, nothing weird like that. Sound fair?”

She smiled. “I must admit, branding my initials on your backside sounded fun. But no, I can agree with that. Next?”

“Two. This is a sex thing, so let’s keep it sex related. I don’t want to be expected to do your laundry, wash your dishes or anything like that. Let’s keep it in the bedroom. Well, figuratively, not literally!” He winked.

“Not even as just a normal boyfriend thing, because you’re a nice guy?”

“Well, that’s different. I just mean I don’t want you to be ordering me to do that stuff.”

“OK then, fine. Next?”

“Three. Nothing public. If you want to dress me up in women’s clothing or some such, fine, but I really don’t want to be forced to go out in public like that. That sort of public humiliation is something I’m really not into.”

“OK,” she said, “so what about if I wanted to make you to go to work wearing a bra and panties?”

“That’s fine,” he said. “If it’s underwear and no-one else can see it, then no problem. Out of interest, is that something you’d like to make me do?”

“It had crossed my mind, the thought of seeing you at work knowing you were wearing a pair of frilly silk panties under your suit, that’s a turn on for me.”

“OK then, rule four. No shit play. I don’t want you crapping on me, making me eat your shit, anything like that.”

Leanne made a face and almost spat out a mouthful of her drink. “Eww! Don’t worry; I’d never do anything like that. Sorry Rob, you’ve just wasted a rule there!”

“Oh. Can I have another one then?”

She smiled. “I think no. I’ve given away too much already — you’re supposed to be my sub slave, remember? And here I am already, letting you dictate rules to me. No, rule four stays as it is.” She giggled “No shit play. Ever. Now, what’s your last rule?”

“The chastity thing. You want me locked up all the time, and only you to get to say when I’m unlocked. That’s fair, and actually quite hot. The trouble is, real life can get in the way. What if I need to visit the doctor? Or take a flight somewhere? I’d hate to have to explain that to airport security! Plus, it kind of fits in with the ‘no public humiliation’ rule. So I’d want a release in times like that, when necessary.”

“And you’d come straight back to me afterwards to be locked up again?”

“Of course”

“Then OK, that’s fair enough. You all done then?”

“I think so.”

“Are you sure? Because, and I want to make this clear, this is the last chance you get to change the rules. What we’ve set now stands.”

“Yeah, I’m happy now.”

“Good. So if, for example, I wanted to tie you up and spank you until your backside turned red, you’d be happy to go along with that?”

“If I deserved it, then yes.”

“What if you hadn’t done anything wrong? What if I did it just because I wanted to?”

Rob grinned. “Also yes.”

“OK. So what if I wanted you to suck another guy’s cock? Do you swing that way?”

Rob paled slightly. Why the hell hadn’t he considered that? With all her talk of other people, it was bound to come up at some point. It wasn’t that he was homophobic or anything, it was just that sex with another guy was something he’d never even considered. Hell, he’d not even seen another guy’s cock in the flesh since at school in the changing rooms.

Leanne noticed him hesitate. “Hmm, you’re not really into that, are you? Well, as per our agreement, you’re going to try it. Accept it, you’re going to have another guy’s cock in your mouth sometime — and maybe even other places! And you know what? I’m going to get a kick out of it, knowing you don’t really want to do it. Doing it just to please your mistress!”

“Well, OK.” Said Rob. I suppose I agreed. I can try it, at least.” How bad could it be?

“That’s all settled then. So, when can you get your chastity device?”

“Well, that’s actually a bit of an issue. I kinda like the look of this one,” He pulled out a few sheets of website printouts and handed one to Leanne.

“Ooh yeah,” she said, looking at the pictures, “that’s really sexy. You should get that one! What’s the problem then?”

“I hoped you’d like it, but the problem is, it’s custom made to fit. I need to send off some measurements then it’s handmade to that size. It can take a few weeks.”

Her face fell. “A few weeks? We’re going to have to wait that long?”

“Yeah. I was thinking, though — ”

She cut him off.” You were thinking that we could get started while we’re waiting. Well, no. I know how it’ll go — there’ll be delays, then it won’t fit and need to be sent back, then more delays, and you’ll be hoping it gets forgotten about it. You don’t get to do anything with this body — ” she suggestively run her finger across her breasts and down her waist ” — until your cock is locked up. Is there nothing you can get quicker?”

“Well, there’s this one,” He handed over another sheet, “It’s made of plastic and doesn’t look quite as sexy. But it comes with different size rings and bits, so it comes off the shelf. I can probably get one in a couple of days!”

“So you can get this and wear it while you’re waiting for the proper one?” She said, excited.

Rob paused. These things weren’t cheap, even the plastic one — and Leanne seemed to expect him to pay for it all himself. Still, he was well paid for his job and money wasn’t that much of an issue.

“Sure, sounds good.”

“So you can be locked up for me by this weekend?” Rob could see the excitement (and lust? Yes, definitely lust) in her eyes.

“Well, maybe not properly. These things apparently take a bit of getting used to — I’ll need to play around with different rings and spacers and so on. I wouldn’t want to just hand the keys over on the first day, not if it ends up crushing my nuts overnight! I reckon about a week. Can you wait that long?”

She deflated slightly. “If I must. Can you?”

“I guess we’ll just have to.”

“Right then,” she stood up. “Next time we meet like this, I expect you to be locked up and ready for me. I’m really looking forward to it!”

She kissed him on the cheek and left.

Three Days Later

Rob opened the package as soon as he got home. He’d ordered the CB6000 as soon as he’d got home after meeting Leanne, and it had arrived today at work. Knowing exactly what it was, he hadn’t wanted to open it at work.

Once he’d pulled open all the packing, he pulled out the device from its pouch and sat there looking at it.

“My God, will that even fit?” He thought. Rob wasn’t exactly hung like a porn star, but he was — if all his exes were any guide — larger than average. The cage he held in his hand looked tiny.

“Oh well, one way to find out!” He put the cage and all the parts carefully to one side and stripped off. He could have kept his shirt on for this, but for some reason he felt like he should be naked for this occasion. He started with the rings — there were five in all, and after trying them, settled for the second largest. The two smallest wouldn’t even fit.

He then had a problem — all this playing around had left him monumentally horny, and his erect cock jutted right out, as big as he’d ever seen it. “Looks like I am into this then!” he thought. He had to wait a good fifteen minutes, trying to distract himself by calculating spreadsheet formulas in his head, before his erection had died enough for him to try and fit the cage.

Even without the erection, he struggled a little to fit the device, but eventually he was in. Then it was time for the lock.


That was it, he was locked in. It felt incredibly erotic, even though he had the keys right there in his hand. He wondered how it would feel once Leanne had the only keys, and he could no longer take it off when he wanted? He felt his cock start to rise again, only to be constricted by the sides of the cage. It didn’t hurt, but he felt the pressure.

“OK,” he thought. “Second step — let’s see if I can get myself off in this thing!”

He settled down on the sofa and started playing with himself.

Regular masturbation was obviously right out — he tried tugging the device up and down to see if he could get any friction there, but there was nothing — no feeling beyond a vague tugging sensation. He might as well have been trying to masturbate through his jeans. He then tried stimulating himself with what little of his fingers he could get through the cage. Again, nothing. He could certainly feel it, but it was nothing particularly stimulating. He went to the bathroom and pulled out a cotton bud, thinking that the smaller size would help somehow. It did help a little — by rubbing in certain places, he could get quite a bit of stimulation. After about twenty minutes of this, though, he gave up. He was simply never going to get himself off that way. All he was doing was teasing himself.

He’d also discovered he’d seemed to have picked the perfect fit first time — the device wasn’t at all uncomfortable, although it did feel a little strange, but there was no way in hell he could get out of the thing. He’d read that some people could manage to pull their cocks out of the cage and slip back in again, be he wasn’t going to be so lucky. He reckoned he could possibly pull out with a struggle, but no way would he ever be able to get himself back in. That would mean having to explain to Leanne that he’d tried to get himself out of the device, and incurring her wrath. Not worth taking the chance!

Satisfied, he put his clothes back on (noticing that he really couldn’t detect the cage through his clothes, thankfully) and got on with his evening.

Over the next couple of days, he noticed a couple more things: Firstly, he got woken up early every morning with an erection (as best as he could get, at any rate), feeling like his balls were on fire. He’d read about this, and knew that it was something he’d just have to learn to live with. Secondly, he was having to change his toilet habits. Peeing standing up, like he’d done ever since he was a toddler, was now out of the question. He’d tried it once and had just sprayed piss all over the bathroom. He guessed he was going to have to pee like a girl from now on.

Four Days Later


Device is all settled in now. I’m ready.

Would you like to go out tomorrow?



I’d be delighted to. Pick me up at my house tomorrow at 7PM, and you can take me to dinner. Bring the cage with you but don’t wear it; you can gift wrap it suitably and present it to me over dinner.

I’m looking forward to it!

L xx’

The Next Day, 7PM

Rob knocked on her door. He’d got a table at a fancy restaurant in town, and was dressed to kill. When Leanne opened the door, he gasped. She looked amazing! Rob had only really seen her in work clothes, and that always looked good, but here she was in her evening gear — hair styled immaculately, a small amount of makeup (not that she really needed it, in Rob’s opinion), and a small black dress which emphasised every curve of her gorgeous body. Her breasts were held tight in the dress, and Rob was treated to a view of her lovely cleavage.

“You look amazing” he said.

“Thanks,” she smiled, “you scrub up pretty well yourself!”

Dinner went really well, the food was superb and the atmosphere between them was electric — everything you could hope for in a first date.

Over desserts, Leanne asked “I notice you have a box with you. Is that for me?” She had a sparkle in her eyes.

Rob had been wondering when the best time would be to give it to her. He’d made an effort wrapping it nicely, and had even managed to do a little bow on it.

“Of course,” Rob handed it over, “My gift to you. I hope you’ll enjoy it!”

“I’m sure I will!” She purred, pulling the paper off.

“You’re not going to open that right here, are you?” Said Rob, alarmed. There were people all around, this was a little too public for him.

“Oh don’t worry, I just want to take a little peek.” She opened the box, looked inside, then closed it again. “It’s perfect,” she said. “Now, I think you should pay the bill and take me home. I want to see how this looks on you!”

While they were waiting for a cab, Leanne opened the box again. “So how are you finding it? Not too uncomfortable?”

“No, not at all. Mostly, I hardly even know it’s there. There’s a couple of issues through.” Rob explained about the early morning pain, and the bathroom issues.

“Well, as long as it’s normally OK, I think those things are just something you’ll have to put up with. Just think of it as a price to pay for your dedication to me!”

The taxi arrived then, and they headed off to Leanne’s place. Once there, she opened a bottle of wine and settled on the sofa. Surprisingly, Leanne seemed unsure about how to approach the next bit, so they sat and talked for a while.

Suddenly, she picked up the box.

“Strip” she said.

“What?” said Rob. “Not even a kiss first?”

She looked sternly at him. “Strip!” She repeated.

Rob guessed that this was her in ‘domme’ mode, and wisely decided to obey.

He stood up and pulled his jacket off, then unbuttoned his shirt.

“Turn around, I want to see you!”

He turned to face her, his shirt hanging loose.

“OK, take it off.”

He pulled his shirt off and stood there while she looked at him.

“Not bad,” she said, “Not bad at all. I can see you look after yourself.” Rob did — he wasn’t a mad fitness fan, but liked to stay in shape. “Not too hairy either, I like that. Carry on.”

Rob kicked off his shoes, then pulled off his socks. He looked expectantly at her.

“Carry on, you’re not done yet. Leave your pants on though, I want to save that last bit for myself.”

Rob put on a bit of a show then, slowly unbuckling his belt and his fly, then pulling his trousers down slowly. His trousers soon ended up piled on top of his other clothes, and he stood there in front of her, with nothing but his best pair of briefs holding his burgeoning erection in tight.

She looked at him appraisingly. “I can see I made a good decision here,” she said, “you really do have a good body. I can see” she brushed a finger playfully over his aching cock, struggling to break free from the material of his briefs, “you’re quite pleased to see me as well. Turn around!”

He turned to face away from her.

“Wow, nice bum too. Just as I’d hoped.” He felt her hands wondering all across his cheeks, wandering down and caressing his inner thighs. God, he felt like he was going to cum there and then! He suddenly felt a finger slipping inside the elastic, brushing against his skin. “I do like these pants, but they need to come off. Before that though, I want you to do something. Hold your hands together, behind your back.”

He dutifully complied, and heard a metallic clinking noise. Next thing he knew, a pair of handcuffs suddenly closed around his wrists.

“There. You’re all mine, and at my mercy. Just the way I like it! Turn around again.”

He shuffled around to face her. “OK, it’s time to see what I’ve got for myself here,” she laid a hand on his now rigid cock. “wow, that’s tight. I bet you can’t wait to be freed from there, can you?”

“No, I can’t”

“You can call me mistress” she grinned.

“No, mistress” said Rob, trying out the word. It sounded right.

“Well you’d better get used to being restrained like that. You won’t be hanging free very often anymore. Do you like that?”

“If it makes you happy, mistress”

“Oh, believe me, it does.” She stopped rubbing his aching cock, and once again slipped a finger inside his briefs. He felt the finger run through his pubic hair and down the length of his cock, then explore his scrotum.

“Right, enough messing about,” she said, and put both hands inside the waistband of his briefs. “Time to see what’s mine!” With that, she pulled down, finally releasing his aching cock from its confines. It bobbed up and down, right in front of her face.

She let his briefs fall to his ankles.

“Impressive,” she breathed. “It’s almost a shame to lock that up. How big is it?”

“About 7 inches, mistress”

“Pretty good. A nice size, without being too big. Nice and thick, too.” She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and slowly played up and down. Rob was in heaven.

“Uncircumsized, too. I think I’ll keep it!” She laughed. “However,” — she grabbed a handful of hair and tugged painfully — “this won’t do. You guys expect us ladies to keep all trim and shaved, and yet you’re quite happy to go around looking like you’ve got a woolly mammoth in your pants. I’ll shave you. Sit down.”

While Rob sat back on the sofa and tried to get comfortable — no mean feat with his armed cuffed behind his back — Leanne disappeared upstairs, and came back with a towel, a jug of water, a pair of scissors, a razor and a can of foam.

” I’m going to do this for you now,” She said, as she pushed the towel underneath him, “and I realise you won’t be able to shave properly while you’re in the cage. So once a week, I will unlock you and give you a proper clean and shave. But I do expect you to keep trimmed whatever bits you can get to yourself. Understood?”

“Yes mistress”

“Good. Now watch and learn”

She took the scissors and deftly began snipping his thick hairs off, leaving him with an ugly patch of stubble. Then she put on some of the foam and got to work with the razor. Soon he was left with a completely smooth cock and balls, and a small patch of short stubble around the top. She trimmed the edges, washed the foam off, and stood back to admire her work.

“Much better,” she said. “You can keep the bit on the top, I’m not that keen on the completely bald look. But make sure you keep it trimmed short.”

“Yes Mistress”

“Good. Now, stand up and turn around.”

He did so.

“Now get on your knees and bend over the sofa.”

He complied. “Where is this going?” He thought to himself.

“As I thought,” he heard from behind him. “Your ass crack is hairy as well. It’s going to have to go!”

Rob felt the cold foam as it sprayed up and down between his cheeks. Then he felt the scrape of the razor as it methodically removed all traces of hair.

“There, done!” She announced. “Smooth as a baby’s bum!” He heard the smile. He felt her wiping him clean.

“OK, stand up again.”

He did so, again struggling with the handcuffs.

“Much, much better. Now I expect you to keep it that way, as far as you can.”

She fell to her knees in front of him. “You know why I like men shaved like this?”

“No, mistress”

She smiled as she took his rock hard cock in her hand. “Because I can suck a guy off without getting a mouthful of hair!”

That made him look — and the sight that greeted him was one of the most erotic sights he’d ever seen. She was down on her knees, his cock in her hand, lips inches from his tip, and still in her dress from dinner, with an angle that meant he could see right down her top. “She’s not wearing a bra” Thought Rob, idly.

She leaned in and licked the tip of his cock. Rob gasped sharply, his whole body rigid.

She looked up.

“Now Rob, just because I’m doing this for you, doesn’t mean that you can just cum all over my face, you know that?”

“Yes Mistress”

“In fact, I don’t want you to cum at all without my permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress” That was going to be a hard one to comply with.

“Good”. She bent back down and started licking gently around his head, while massaging his balls with one hand and rubbing up and down his shaft with the other.

Damn, she’s good at this, thought Rob. This was maybe the best head he’d ever had.

She changed angle and took him right into her mouth. Rob could feel her lips and tongue all over the tip of his cock, this was amazing! He knew he couldn’t last much longer though.

“Uh, Mistress?” He pleaded.

“Hmm?” She mumbled, her mouth still full of him.

“If I’m not allowed to cum — ”

“Mmm mm” She said, shaking her head slightly.

“Could you please stop then? I don’t think I can hold back!”

She pulled him out of her mouth. “Don’t you dare cum. Don’t even think about it. Now shut up and let me enjoy your cock!” Then she simply bent back down and carried on.

Rob groaned. This had turned into a nightmare! He desperately tried thinking of anything, spreadsheets, all the chores he had at home, anything, but it was no good. He just couldn’t resist the fantastic blowjob he was getting from the girl of his dreams. He knew, though, that if he came in her face — or in her mouth — that this would mean genuine displeasure, beyond any simple punishment spanking. He simply daren’t do it, but the pressure building in his loins meant he would have no choice. He didn’t want this!

He felt his balls start to tighten, he was really close now and there was no stopping it. He looked desperately around for somewhere to shoot his load — he was still handcuffed so couldn’t even shoot into his hand!

Just as he felt the first pump of an orgasm approaching, she stopped. She took her hands away and leaned back. Rob groaned again, he felt his knees starting to buckle under him. He just about managed to stop the inevitable, and the only evidence of his impending orgasm was a small drop of cum on the end of his cock.

Leanne seemed oblivious to his torture.

“I know that wasn’t a very ‘domme’ thing to do, sucking you off on my knees like that,” she said, straightening up, “but I do love sucking cock. And yours was just too good to resist.”

Panting slightly, Rob said “You really are awesome at it, that was the best I’ve had. I so very nearly came just then!”

She grinned. “I know. I could feel you about to explode. For your sake, I’m so glad you didn’t! But don’t get too used to that though, you probably won’t get it so often. I just wanted you to get a good time before I locked you up. Don’t worry though, you will get to know how good it feels to give one before long!”

Rob tried not to think about that. “So I still don’t get to cum then, even before I get locked up?”

“Not tonight my dear. Soon, I promise. Now, speaking of locking you up, let’s get that cage on you!”

She picked up the box and pulled everything out. “OK, tell me how this works?”

Rob explained it. Although it looked complicated all in bits, there wasn’t really much to it.

“So this ring assembly here goes around the base, like this?” She slipped the ring around his cock and balls.

“That’s it, and then the cage slides over and connects to the pin, that’s where you put the padlock”

“Ookay. But I can see we have a problem!” She looked pointedly at Rob’s cock, still very much erect.” What do we do about that then?”

“Well, normally I wait for it to die down a bit”

“Pfft, that could take all night. I don’t have that long. Hold on!” She disappeared into the kitchen, coming back with a bag of frozen peas.

Rob gasped as the ice cold packet touched his red hot penis.

“Oh don’t be such a baby!” she laughed. “Anyway, look, it’s working!”

Rob looked, already his swollen member was starting to shrink.

Finally, it went down enough for Leanne to try and put the cage on.

“Damn, it’s a tight fit”

“It probably needs some lubrication” said Rob.

“Well that’s easily fixed,” she said and took the cage back off. She pulled his foreskin back and used the copious amounts of pre-cum on his head to lubricate the rest of his shaft. She tried again.

“No, still not enough. I know!” She looked at him, grinned, and put her hand up her dress. After some feeling around, accompanied by a little gasping, she pulled her hand out, slick with her own juices. “That’ll do nicely!”

She rubbed her juices all over his cock to mingle with his own, and just as he was starting to rise to the occasion again, finally slipped the cage on to meet the pin.

“Ta-da!” She exclaimed. “Now for the lock!”

“It’s in the box,” said Rob.

“No, I’ve got my own,” she said, pulling a padlock identical to the one in the box out of the drawer beside her. “I didn’t want to take the chance that you’d sneakily got a copy cut!”

Wow, she’s thought of everything, thought Rob.

She put the padlock through the pin. “Last chance to back out,” she said, “After this I own your cock!”

“Well — ” Rob started

‘SNAP’ the lock clicked shut.

“Fooled you!” she grinned. “You never had another chance. Your cock was mine as soon as I saw it. From now on, you don’t get to play with it unless I let you — it’s mine to do with as I please. What?” She caught Rob’s look. “You’ve had, what? Thirty one years to play with it? It’s time you let someone else have a go!”

She sat back, admiring her handiwork and playing with the keys in her hand. “You know what this means, don’t you? This pretty much guarantees your obedience. You’ll give anything to please me, just for the chance to get unlocked again. For the chance to feel my lips around your cock again, and maybe for the hope to cum in my mouth. Of course, you can break the thing off — thirty seconds with a pair of pliers ought to do it — but then you’d have to go back to being single again, and miss out on the best sex play you’ve ever had. You don’t really want that, do you?”

She was exactly right. “No, mistress, I don’t.”

“Good! Now it’s time for me to have some fun. I’ve had a hard week at work, I only had time for a quick shower tonight, and all this fun has left me a bit sweaty. I feel like a bath and some pampering. Would you indulge me?”

“Of course, mistress!”

“Good. Firstly you can get me a glass of wine, then run upstairs and run me a bath. Make sure it’s not too hot though!”

“Um,” Rob shrugged.

She laughed. “Silly me! Come here and let me unlock you.”

Once free from his handcuffs, Rob fetched her a glass of wine. He didn’t get one for himself, he figured it wasn’t the thing to do. He was, after all, effectively her slave.

He then went upstairs and ran a bath while she relaxed downstairs. He noticed it was a corner type bath, easily big enough for two people. He had no idea how hot ‘too hot’ was, so made it a temperature that he would be comfortable with. As an afterthought, he lit a couple of the candles he saw by the side of the bath. He went back downstairs.

“Bath is ready, mistress”. He was starting to like his new role.

“Excellent. Now take my glass and meet me upstairs!”

He grabbed her glass and trotted up the stairs after her.

“You’ve done well, the candles were a good touch. OK, you can undress me now” She said, looking him in the eye.

Result! Ever since he’d first seen her, he’d longed to see what she looked like naked. Actually being the one to undress her was a bonus.

He put the glass down by the bath, and looked up at her. Where to start? She’d already taken her shoes off earlier and stood there in stockinged feet. Well, straight to the dress then.

He moved behind her and brushed her hair out of the way, then slowly — he could be a tease too — started to unzip her dress. As the zip went down, revealing more of her back, Rob nodded to himself. “Yep, no bra!” he thought. Finally he got to the bottom, where he noticed to his excitement that she was wearing a black lacy suspender belt and matching panties. Rob was a sucker for black lingerie.

He stood back up and slipped the dress off her shoulders to collect by her feet, leaving her wearing nothing but suspender, stockings and panties. She looked awesome, even from the rear, and Rob felt his cock trying to erect in the confines of his cage. He could see the swell of her breasts on each side of her torso.

“Are you planning to leave me standing like this all night?” Leanne called back behind her.

“Sorry Mistress” Rob said. He guessed he’d been standing there longer than he realised.

He picked up her dress, laying it carefully over a chair. Then he knelt down and unhooked her stockings, pulling them slowly off her legs. They landed on the chair with her dress, shortly followed by her belt. Just the panties to go, then the woman of his dreams would be standing naked before him.

He tucked his thumbs through her waistband, then gently pulled them down to her ankles, letting her step out of them. He gazed up at her beautiful naked bottom, just inches from his face.

“While you’re there,” Said Leanne, “I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything, mistress”

“Kiss my ass!” She giggled. Rob leant in and gently kissed her left cheek.

“No, not like that!” She leaned over, spreading her cheeks slightly. “Get your tongue right in there! I want to feel your tongue entering me!”

Rob hesitated. He’d always fancied anal play, although none of his exes had ever allowed it. But with his tongue?

Oh well, he’d agreed to at least try. He leaned in and licked slowly along the cleft. He could taste sweat, and smelt the sharp scent of her pussy juices, just inches from his nose.

“Mmm, that’s it, keep going!”

His tongue touched her puckered hole. It didn’t taste bad like he’d been expecting. He played his tongue around, not quite daring to push his way in yet.

“Stop teasing, will you?” As she said that, she pushed herself back into his face. He took the hint, and pushed his tongue into her hole. He felt her shudder.

“Damn! That feels good! Keep going, fuck me with your tongue!”

Getting quite into this now, he pushed further in. He pulled out slightly, then back in, setting a slow but firm rhythm. He grasped her legs to steady himself as she started to push back into his face, matching her rhythm with his.

“Fuck that’s hot!” She said, then suddenly straightened up. “But more of that later, I think. Time for my bath!” She turned around, and Rob saw her naked from the front for the first time.

From the front, she looked even better! Perfect round breasts with small dark nipples, with barely a hint of sagging, following down to a slim waist and a neatly trimmed dark bush — not shaved, rather a small strip on top, just like she’d done with his hair. He could see her small lips just peeking out between her legs.

“You know what, I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to be rimmed like that, but I’ve never found anyone that wanted to do it! Thankyou, that was great!”

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought” said Rob, “I really didn’t think I was into that, but I could get used to it. Especially with an ass as good as yours!”

She grinned. “Flattery will get you everywhere!” She stepped into the bath.

Once she’d settled in, she handed Rob a sponge. “I think you know what to do!”

He certainly did. He squeezed some gel into the sponge and started to clean her, starting with her shoulders and working his way down her back. On the way back up, he moved to her sides, starting to soap the sides of her breasts.

“You can do that better from the front, you know” She said.

But Rob wasn’t going to be that obvious — he carried on to her arms, making sure he didn’t miss a single spot. Then he went round in front of her, noticing the lusty look in her eyes. She was clearly getting really turned on by this!

He started soaping the front of her shoulders, then moved — slowly — down her chest.

It was a tease too far.

“Rob, it’s your role to know what I want, and right now you do know what I want. Don’t make me punish you!”

He moved down to her breasts, but her hands grabbed his and pulled them away.

“Just for that, I think you should compensate me. You will clean my tits, but now you must use your tongue!”

This was a punishment? Rob would have liked nothing better! He leant over and gently licked the top of her left breast.

“Mmm, that’s nice, keep going!”

He kept going, working his way down. He moved his arm over to caress the other breast, but his hand was slapped away. “Just your tongue will be fine!”

He worked his way down to her nipple, which was by now rock hard. He closed his mouth over it and went to work with his tongue. He was rewarded by her hand on the back of his head, pushing him into her.

“Mmm, yes, that’s it. Keep going!”

He kept going, not daring to stop, and unable to move with her hand pushing his head into her breast. She pulled his head up, and moved him over to her other nipple. The moans and wriggles coming from her told him he was doing well.

Eventually she pulled his head up. “Ok, you’re forgiven,” she smiled. She looked down. “Look at this — you’re like a big slobbery dog! Get back to work, and clean me off properly!”

He carried on with the soap, paying special attention to her breasts.

Then he carried on moving downwards, avoiding the area between her legs for now. He lifted one leg and then the other, making sure each was clean. He moved back up her legs, then looked at her questioningly.

“After all this excitement, I think I definitely need cleaning there. Do a good job!”

He picked up the sponge again, and reached down between her legs. He soaped her inner thighs, before starting to gently rub her vulva. She gasped. “Mmm, keep going!” He carried on rubbing, then released the sponge. It bobbed up then floated away, leaving him rubbing her pussy lips and clit with just his fingers. She looked at him. “You’re doing a great job, but I think I need cleaning inside as well.”

Rob needed no second offer, and slipped a finger between her moist lips. The combination of the soap, the water and her own pussy juices meant he slipped in easily. Soon, the finger was joined by another.

“Aah God, that’s good!” She gasped. “Keep it going, clean me harder” She locked her legs around his arm, trapping him in place. He kept going, speeding up his rhythm until her breaths were coming in short gasps.

“Ooh god, that’s soo good!” she cried. Suddenly, she opened her legs and pulled his hand away. “Now let’s not get carried away, we can carry this on once I’ve got you in my bed. And this time, you can use your tongue. Now,” She raised herself up and turned around, “clean my ass out. Your tongue will be going in there again, so it’s in your best interest to make sure it’s clean!”

“Yes mistress” said Rob, and got to work once again. He paid special attention to her hole, even pushing his finger in slightly — to her gasps and wriggles. “Mmm, you better get used to being down there, I think I’m going to have you there a lot!”

When Rob had finished cleaning Leanne, she pronounced herself satisfied.

“Now,” she said. “I’m going to relax in here for a bit, and you are going to sit obediently there beside me. When I’m done, you can towel me dry, then take me to bed. As you’ve been a good boy tonight, I shall let you join me. However, you will have to work for it — you will go down on me, using that talented tongue of yours – front and rear — and unlike you, I shall expect at least one, preferably several orgasms. Now sit down and be quiet, I’d like to enjoy my bath.”

“Yes, mistress”

Rob leant back, smiling. This was going to be a lot of fun…

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