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First Two Women

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I’d love to say that it started out innocently enough, but there really wasn’t anything innocent about it. I had been working as a software trainer for a small computer consulting company in Georgia, and my job was to train the clients on the computer systems that we sold them.

One of those clients was a group of people from an industrial machinery company. Among the people in this group was a secretary who was undeniably cute.

Lisa was short in stature, but amazingly upbeat and good-humored — especially at 8 am, when the sessions began. There are times when two people who happen to be roughly the same age are in a room filled with older people and they tend to gravitate toward each other. This is precisely what happened with us.

After the first training session, Lisa asked me if I helped people with their computers at home. I told her that I could, but for some reason she didn’t want me to come over to her house to help her set it up. Instead she suggested that she come over to my house so that I could show her using my own computer equipment.

Now, essentially I’m a very lazy person, and I figured that if she came over, I wouldn’t have to worry about driving anywhere. Sometimes I amaze myself at my own cluelessness. In fact it really wasn’t cluelessness – I honestly didn’t think that she would have anything else on her mind other than what we were talking about. After all, I’m usually not that lucky. Usually.

Lisa came over that evening, but we never got around to working on the computer. She and I sat down on the sofa and began talking, and she told me that she had a confession to make. It turned out that she hadn’t wanted me to go to her apartment because she was living with her boyfriend. She said that she found me attractive and wanted desperately to have sex with me. To say the least, I was a little struck by her candor.

She asked me if she could kiss me, and while the ethics of my response should have taken over, they didn’t. We began to kiss on the sofa with increasing passion. At some point she leaned back, and I began to kiss along her neck, ultimately taking her earlobe in my mouth. I knew that some women respond enthusiastically to this, but Lisa went one step further. As I sucked her earlobe, she began to writhe and press her body against mine. We were still clothed, but there was no escaping the damp heat pressing against my groin. Her hands were running up and down my back as her fingers pressed into me. Her breathing was coming hard and fast, her breasts crushed against my chest, but her moans were becoming loud and ragged.

Her hands grabbed my hips as she pulled me into the space between her legs. I felt her stiffen as she cried out in a long wail. She came against me as I slowly eased off on my sucking. In my life, she was the first and only person who has ever come simply by me sucking on her earlobe.

She pushed me back, trying to get air. I was a little stunned at her response, but excited beyond belief. There was no doubt that she had felt my erection pressing into her as she held me, and I was hoping that she and I could move to the next level, and soon.

It was not to be. “I’m sorry,” she said. “But my boyfriend will wonder why I’m gone so long.” The look on my face must have revealed all, because she quickly followed up with, “let’s meet here during my lunch hour tomorrow.”

Lunch couldn’t come fast enough for me. We began seeing each other during her lunch hour, sometimes simply talking and eating, and sometimes fucking ourselves silly. The next day she came over and took complete control, which is unusual for me. She sat on my bed, undressed herself, and then unzipped me. She took me in her mouth for a little while, and then told me that she wanted me to come inside her pussy. All her talk was keeping me on a very wonderful brink.

She turned around and pointed her gorgeous ass at me. She had a little ying-yang tattoo on her right cheek. Off my raised eyebrow, she said that it was something for me to look at as I fucked her. I loved her language.

I eased into her, and felt an amazing contradiction. Her pussy was soft, smooth, warm and inviting, and I didn’t want to leave it. She was on a time limit, though, so she was doing everything she could to make me come fast.

“Do you like my ass?” she asked. Silly girl; she had an amazing ass. “How about my pussy? You like sliding your cock in and out of my pussy? How about when I do this?” And with that she actually managed to make the muscles in her pussy ripple. I don’t know how she did it, but it felt as if there was a wave of pressure riding along my shaft. I held on to her ass and fucked her until I came hard inside her.

She got off me and off the bed at that point, and went into the bathroom. When she came out, she put on her clothes and told me to email her. Since the training that I had been doing for her company involved the use of secure email, I knew what type of content she would be expecting.

At work we wrote each other about what we liked to do, what we fantasized about doing, and how much. At our lunches, it seemed like we were never able to do what we talked about thanks to the limited time. Our emails grew more and more raunchy, though, and our imaginations were running at a high sexual simmer.

It didn’t take long for her to tell me that she had a standing fantasy to do it with a woman. She also told me that she wanted to watch me have sex with another woman. She was, she said, an exhibitionist at heart, and I apparently made incredible facial expressions and noises when we were having sex, but she couldn’t appreciate it properly because she was too close.

My mind grew aflame with the possibilities. Who could there be to provide this extra added element?

At the same time as I was “seeing” Lisa, there was another girl who was helping me out at the house. Effectively, I was finishing up my doctoral work, and I desperately needed help. I needed someone to help do research at the library, organize things in the house, run errands, and I had an arrangement with her where I would pay her for her help. She was a true administrative assistant. Jenn was a very different person than Lisa, however, in that she had not one assertive bone in her body. I had to tell her everything to do, because she was far too timid to risk doing something wrong.

Jenn and I started sleeping together around the same time as Lisa. It happened more by accident, actually, in that we were sitting around talking over dinner one night about relationships. I had just gotten out of one and wasn’t looking for one, and she told me that she never really had one. She also told me that she had never even had sex, but it wasn’t because she didn’t want to. No one would apparently take her up on it.

This surprised me, since Jenn was not unattractive. She worked out, she took care of her appearance, but she could best be described as ‘plain.’ She had dark red hair, full lips, and a fair complexion and yet despite this, was easily invisible in a group of people.

She asked me that night over dinner to help her lose her virginity. I can’t say I was taken aback by the request, because I had thought that perhaps she might have had a crush on me anyway. What surprised me was the way she asked me, almost trying to sell me on the idea, persuade me that there would be no strings attached. I told her that I wasn’t sure about it, because I knew what kind of emotional attachments lay ahead. She promised repeatedly that she understood what the risks were, that she was a big girl, and didn’t want to remain a virgin any longer. Twenty-five years was too long, she said.

I acquiesced, thinking I was going against my better judgment. We went into her bedroom, and she put on some music. Not slow, romantic music, as one might guess for someone’s first time, but Nine-Inch Nails, the tune that goes “I want to fuck you like an animal!”

As the heavy techno synth bass began pumping out a rhythm, she began to sway to the music. It seemed that this shy, demure, 25-year-old virgin harbored some intense sexual fantasies, and this strip tease would only be the first to come through.

She stripped awkwardly, and at one point in time I asked her if she really truly wanted to do this. She had only taken off her shirt and her pants and was standing there in a mere bra and panties. I had figured that if she needed an out, this would be the time to do it. She looked at me in a desperate panic, afraid that I would call the whole thing off. Assuring me that she really did want to continue she explained that she couldn’t believe she was finally going to get laid. Her nervousness, she said, was excitement.

Not entirely convinced, I sat back down on her futon bed, and watched her as she continued her stripping. She removed her bra, revealing small, cone-shaped breasts. Her skin was almost bleach-white, she was so fair. As she removed her panties, I could see a small tuft of hair emerge, then two pink distended lips that glistened in the room’s light. She was telling the truth, apparently, she was very turned on.

With her clothes off, she returned the NIN CD to the beginning of the track, and threw herself at me. Her sudden energy nearly frightened me, since I wasn’t used to this type of behavior from her – ever. She pulled my shirt out of my pants, fumbled with my pants, and took my cock out.

“Oh wow,” she said. “I’ve never seen one in real life before. Can I try putting it in my mouth?”

I nodded. She was a bit rough with her hands at first but her full pouty lips wrapped around the cockhead carefully enough. She may have never done it before, but she was careful to avoid her teeth. She sat up almost as quickly with a huge smile on her face. “I’ve never done that before!”

She was leaning over me so it was quite easy for her to push me back down on the futon and straddle me. She took me in her hand and began to sit on my cock. As the cockhead entered her body, she struggled for a moment. As tight as she was, I was not going to enter her quickly.

She began to move up and down, almost trying to force my cock all the way up her pussy, as if she could bounce her way down my shaft. Her approach left a little to be desired in terms of gentleness, but she was enthusiastic enough to make up for her inexperience.

We fucked long and hard, and with a vigor that I never would have placed a virgin to embrace. When I finally came, she actually thanked me, that she felt like she wasn’t so much of a loser. I was stunned to hear her say such things, because I’d never equated being a virgin with a loser. Regardless, she seemed content to the degree where she felt better about herself, so I didn’t want to argue.

I told Lisa about it the next day. She told me that she wished she could have watched.

Jenn came over in the evenings to help me out, and at some point I got the idea to put two and two together. I had told Jenn about Lisa long before that night where she asked me to take her virginity, and described some of Lisa’s fantasies about watching and being with another woman.

“Please understand that I’m not asking you to do anything you don’t want to do,” I told Jenn. “She just has a fantasy about watching me with another woman, and you know about her fantasy about being with another woman, but there wouldn’t have to be any of that if you didn’t want to. I was wondering if you might be interested in letting her watch.”

She told me that she wanted to think about it. The next day, she told me that she had thought about it and the idea actually turned her on.

“Which idea?” I asked.

“Both,” she grinned.

I told Lisa. Lisa had never met Jenn, but knew about my activities with her. She loved to hear me recount the stories of Jenn going down on me while I worked, screwing on the dining room table, or having her take me out and suck me while I was driving somewhere. The idea was turning her on as well.

One night Jenn was over and we had started fooling around. We were on my bed, and I decided to call Lisa. My cock was deep inside Jenn’s pussy, and when Lisa answered the phone, I told her so. Placing Lisa on speakerphone so she could hear both of us, I introduced her to Jenn.

Lisa wanted to know all the details. Jenn was flat on her back watching my cock fuck her slowly. We weren’t in any hurry, so it was just a slow screw. Jenn told her everything that was going on.

We could hear Lisa sigh. “If I hang up quickly,” she said suddenly, “it’s because my boyfriend came home.” We told her we understood.

Lisa became a director. She began to tell us what to do, and how to do it. She told Jenn to go to the freezer and get some ice cubes and put them in a bowl. Jenn did that, and returned. Lisa told her to put an ice cube in her mouth and soften the hard edges, which Jenn did. Then Lisa told me to put my cock in her mouth when the ice cube had melted.

I did, and felt as if there was a whirlwind of temperatures in her mouth. Her mouth was hot and freezing at the same time. My reaction must have been audible enough for Lisa, because she asked me how it felt.

“Hot. Cold. Good.” I stammered. The sensations were assaulting my nervous system too fast for me to register them.

After a while, Lisa had us change positions. Jenn lay back on the bed, and I placed an ice cube in my mouth. Jenn had since started shaving her pussy (because I told her I liked it), so I pressed my ice-cold tongue against her clit and pussy lips, taking the lips in my mouth along with the ice.

She nearly went through the roof. Her back arched, her inhalation was audible to the point of being a low moan, and she gripped the sheets on the bed. Lisa laughed.

“Is the ice rounded so there are no hard edges?” she asked me.

“Yeah,” I said, thinking I knew where this was going.

I was right. “Good,” she said. “Place the ice cube inside Jenn’s pussy.”

I did. Jenn began to squirm and wriggle on the bed. “Oh my god!” Jenn cried. “It’s so cold!”

Lisa’s voice came through on the speaker again. “Now fuck her.”

I did. I slid my hard cock up into her pussy, pushing the ice farther inside her. The oven that was Jenn’s pussy was awash in cold water as the ice began to melt, but it wasn’t even. Ribbons of changing temperature flowed over my cock as I fucked her, and I began to moan. Jenn joined me.

“I want to hear you guys come,” Lisa said on the phone. It wouldn’t take long. We were almost there.

It wasn’t fast enough for Lisa. “Oh no! Gotta go!” she exclaimed and then hung up.

I was pumping inside Jenn at to furious a rate to press the button on the speakerphone. Jenn’s head was thrown back, and she was practically screaming. “Yes! Yes! God! Yes!”

I came inside her, my come mixing with her own excretions and the water from the ice. I moaned an exclamatory punctuation to my thrusts, and Jenn’s face froze in a moment of ecstacy as her orgasm blasted through her as well.

We collapsed on the bed, the coldness of the ice beginning to numb my cock. I apologized to Jenn and withdrew. She told me not to worry, she wanted to take care of herself as well, and ran off to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, we were back to work, sorting, filing, and doing other work-related things. We were surprised to hear the doorbell ring, and when I opened the door, there was Lisa. It turns out that it wasn’t her boyfriend after all, and she had decided to take matters into her own hands and come over.

“I didn’t get to hear you guys come,” she explained, grinning.

I introduced Lisa and Jenn properly, and we sat down on the couch to make idle chatter. It became apparent quickly that if anything was going to happen, I’d have to make the necessary move.

I took both Jenn and Lisa’s hands and pulled them into the bedroom. Both of them had a goofy grin on their faces. I began to slowly take off Lisa’s blouse, and she cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Well,” I said, almost in response I figured that this is what we’re here for, after all. Someone had to get us started.”

Lisa just smiled. “Can’t argue with that,” she said.

“Jenn,” I said, looking at the red-head. “Get undressed.” It wasn’t so much an order as a suggestion of something for her to do so as not to feel awkward. She began to get undressed yet again for the evening.

I removed Lisa’s blouse and unfastened her bra, letting her breasts fall free. Lisa had amazingly well-proportioned breasts, with a smooth, fine texture. Her nipples had already hardened in anticipation, and I ran my thumbs gently across them.

Jenn was already completely undressed, standing next to Lisa by the side of the bed. “Wow,” she said. “You have gorgeous breasts!” she told Lisa.

I hadn’t wanted to say anything for fear of making Jenn self-concious, but now that Jenn had said it I felt that this was going to go well. Sometimes the fantasy and the reality are vastly different in execution, causing hurt feelings in the long run. Immediately I could see that this wasn’t going to be the case.

Lisa pushed me back on the bed, and mumbled something about needing to get me naked as well. She was still wearing her jeans, but I wasn’t about to split hairs, especially as she began undoing my belt while Jenn pulled insistently at my shirt hem.

My cock was in Lisa’s mouth before Jenn even got one arm out of its sleeve. I’m afraid that I wasn’t much help at that point, but somehow we managed to get myself completely naked.

Lisa looked at Jenn and took me out of her mouth. “Do you think you could take over for a sec?”

Jenn answered merely by taking my cock in her hand as Lisa stood up to wriggle out of her jeans. When she was completely naked, she came back over to where Jenn was bobbing up and down on my cockhead, teasing me. She lifted her head, and offered Lisa my cock.

Lisa just shook her head. “No, I just want to watch for a moment.”

Jenn simply placed me back in her mouth, and began swirling her tongue around the head. LIsa moved closer to Jenn, brushing her hair back away from her face so that she could see clearer. Jenn, normally quite shy, appeared to find some exhibitionist qualities as Lisa stroked her hair back. Every once in a while, Lisa would kiss my thigh or hip, but her eyes never left Jenn’s mouth.

I was going insane. The simple fact that there were two naked women – and gorgeous ones at that – kissing and sucking me was nearly enough to send me into overload.

Lisa had other ideas, though. She lifted herself onto her elbows and took ahold of the base of my cock, which was extremely wet from Jenn’s mouth. “Let’s try something,” she said. “On the count of three, I’ll take the head in my mouth, and you take his balls in yours.”

I braced myself.




I felt two very warm, very wet, and very talented mouths encompass my groin. Never before and never since have I ever felt so consumed.

The effect was immediate. Normally I’m relatively vocal. I moan, whimper, or make noises that have been described as “cute.” Some women have even told me that my noises turned them on. But when Lisa and Jenn sucked me at the same time, I heard sounds come from my throat that I never knew I was capable of making. It seemed like I groaned in a baritone and whimpered in soprano at the same time.

All I wanted to do was stay right where I was. Forever.

Jenn and Lisa both laughed at my reaction. Both of them had felt me react to their individual administrations before, but even they knew that this was something far beyond what had ever happened before. It was certainly a moment of the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. And oh, what parts these two ladies had.

I didn’t come, though, and to this day that still amazes me. Somehow they h propelled me to a place beyond orgasm, a sheer pleasurable state that seemed to exist outside of a journey toward climax. And when they stopped, I actually felt a profound loss.

That was the first and only time in my life I’ve ever had two women sucking me at the same time. *sigh*

Lisa sat up on the bed, and took me in her hand. She slowly sank down on my cock and I felt her hot wet pussy embrace me for her own.

“I got all hot and bothered hearing you over the phone,” she said. “I guess I couldn’t wait any more.”

“Jenn,” I said. “Why don’t you come over here and play with yourself,” I suggested, patting the bed next to me.

Jenn moved around and kneeled next to me, facing Lisa as she rode my cock up and down. Her hands went to her bare pussy and she rubbed it slowly, mesmerized by Lisa’s hypnotic fucking.

I sat up, and took Lisa’s nipple in my mouth, and Lisa held it out for me with her hands, cupping it in her palm. She looked at Jenn, and offered it to her as well. Jenn did not hesitate, and took Lisa’s free nipple between her lips. Lisa’s always had extremely sensitive nipples, and she began rocking back and forth on my cock. I began to recognize her signals, and winked to Jenn.

“Keep going,” I said, moving away from Lisa’s nipples for a second. “She’s almost there.”

Jenn must have redoubled her efforts, because Lisa’s hands went to the back of both our heads, pushing her breasts into our mouths. Sure enough, with seconds, her familiar rasping breath signaled an orgasmic onslaught. She rode me feverishly, almost trying to bury me permanently inside her. The wet sounds of her pussy slamming against me hinted at a wild desperation to come.

And she did. She bucked and thrust against us both, my hands cupped around her ass holding her in place, Jenn’s hands on her flat stomach, simply trying to hold on.

When Lisa began to ease off a little, I turned to Jenn. “I told you she was highly orgasmic,” I said, grinning. Jenn just nodded.

I lifted Lisa up off of me, and indicated for her to turn around, facing away from me. She maneuvered around and I slid to a sitting position against the bed’s headboard. Soon I found myself deep in her pussy yet again, being worked in a slow rhythm.

Jenn sat next to us, unsure of what to do. “Jenn,” I got her attention. “Why don’t you put my balls in your mouth.”

Jenn moved around out of my line of sight, but I felt the bed rock as she positioned herself between both Lisa and my open legs. I felt Jenn take my balls in her hand and then in her mouth, and Lisa began running her fingers through Jenn’s hair yet again.

“This looks so hot!” Lisa whispered to me. I merely nodded, as once again I felt my cock entrapped by two hot wet holes. “I can feel her breath on my pussy,” she said, her voice tense.

Jenn’s sucking became licking, and pretty soon her licking began to include not just my balls, but the base of my shaft, and then finally Lisa’s sopping pussy lips and clit.

The effect on Lisa was startling. She began to thrust her hips in Jenn’s mouth, and her fingers – which had been stroking Jenn’s hair gently – were now pulling her face hard into her pussy.

I held onto Lisa from underneath, my hands massaging her breasts and teasing her nipples. If Lisa’s pussy had massaged me before, the muscles now were grabbing on for dear life. She lost complete control of her body, and later told me that she felt as if she were floating. If I hadn’t been holding on to her, she was convinced she would have simply collapsed under the sensations of having Jenn’s mouth and my cock at the same time.

Jenn licked and sucked Lisa’s pussy now with surprising vigor. Lisa’s moans were turning into outright screams. Her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock harder than I’d ever felt before, and I stopped moving against her, letting her body do the work naturally.

“Oh God I’m coming!” She screamed out loud, as if we didn’t already know. Her entire body shook, quivering against my chest and Jenn’s mouth. I gritted my teeth, trying to prevent myself from coming as well, but she was simply too powerful for me. I released myself inside her at her peak, my cock supersensitive almost immediately. I wrapped my arms around Lisa’s torso simply to hold on.

Jenn eventually sat up, and Lisa leaned forward to kiss her full on the lips. “Thank you,” she said. “That was wonderful!”

Jenn simply grinned, proud of her accomplishment. After all, it had only been her first time with a man a couple of weeks before, and now her first time with a woman had been successful as well.

Poor Jenn hadn’t had any release since Lisa had gotten there, though, so I took it upon myself to rectify the situation. Lisa allowed me to get up, and I guided Jenn onto her back on the other side of the bed. Her knees were apart, her shaven pussy staring back at me. I settled in between her legs, and ran my fingers in-between her pussy lips.

She was wetter than I had ever seen or felt before. Within second my entire hand was drenched. I easily inserted two fingers inside her, and took her clit directly in my lips. Normally I wouldn’t be so direct, but Jenn was appearing desperate for some direct manipulation.

Lisa lay next to Jenn, and reached over to caress the redhead’s breasts. Lisa’s other hand went between her own legs and began to play with her pussy in a slow, lazy manner.

“You know what works really well,” she asked us both. It seemed all at once odd and yet perfectly normal that she would initiate a conversation at this point. “Popsicles.”

“What do you mean,” Jenn asked, as if they were having a simple conversation anywhere else.

“Well, first you take a popsicle, and you suck on it until it’s smooth and just a little melted,” Lisa said, inserting a finger into her own pussy. “That way you smooth the hard edges down. Then it becomes a wonderful dildo that you use. It tastes great, too,” she added smiling.

“And after you fuck yourself with the popsicle,” she continued, talking softly in a conspiratorial tone, “and your pussy is all cold from the ice and you just about get used to it, he sticks his hot cock inside you. You’ve had a cold popsicle in you for so long that it really feels like his cock is made of fire!”

Jenn had closed her eyes by this point and was moaning in appreciation. Her hips were moving in small circles against my mouth, and I had two fingers sliding in and out of her.

Lisa leaned in closer to Jenn’s ear. “It’s so hot,” she said, “that you feel like your own pussy is too hot. His cock becomes all you can feel, and all you want to feel.”

Jenn moaned. “Don’t you want his cock now?” Lisa asked.

Jenn nodded.

Lisa looked at me. “Go ahead,” she said. “She wants your cock.”

I kneeled in front of Jenn, and took my cock in my hands. After Lisa’s erotic tantrum earlier, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to continue. But sucking on Jenn’s smooth hairless pussy and listening to Lisa’s popsicle story proved I had nothing to worry about.

I sank myself inside Jenn, who received it holding her breath. I slowly began to move in and out of her, feeling her pussy. She had a completely different feel than Lisa’s. Whereas Lisa’s pussy was muscular, insistent, controlling, Jenn’s was softer, fleshier, and more passive. Both felt great, but they were very different.

Lisa got up and knelt behind me. She positioned herself directly behind me so that she could watch me enter Jenn’s pussy from behind, in a porno-type view.

“Oh wow,” she said. “This looks so cool!”

She reached up and cupped my balls, holding them as I slid in and out in a deliberate rhythm. My ass clenched as I felt the sensation underneath my body for the first time. It was unusual to be feeling something else there, but I liked it.

Lisa decided at that moment to take charge. “Let her up,” she ordered. I did as I was told, my cock bouncing in anticipation.

“Get on your hands and knees, Jenn,” she said. If Jenn had taken a subordinate role before, she was fully entrenched now. Lisa had picked up on my cue that Jenn wasn’t a very assertive type, and was beginning to love being in charge.

Jenn’s body turned over onto her hands and knees. Lisa came over beside us, taking my cock in her hand but leaning down next to Jenn’s sweat-covered face.

“Jenn,” she said in a soothing tone, “do you want his cock?”

Jenn nodded, breathing hard. Lisa took my cockhead and rubbed it against Jenn’s pussy lips.

“Right here?”

Jenn nodded again, and started backing onto my cock.

“Ah ah ah!” Lisa scolded. Jenn stopped, but didn’t back off the head. She squeezed the head frantically, trying to get as much as she was allowed.

“You want to come?” Lisa asked.

Jenn nodded.

Lisa leaned in closer. “Say it,” she whispered, though I could still hear.

“I want to come,” Jenn said, plaintively.

“How badly?”


“Okay,” Lisa said. “I’m going to hold you open and he’s going to fuck you silly. Is that what you want?”

Jenn nodded. At this point she would have agreed to nearly anything, I’m sure.

Lisa did as she promised, though, and leaned across Jenn’s back to place her hands on Jenn’s ass cheeks. Taking them in her hands, she pulled them apart, her fingertips on Jenn’s pussy lips, holding both her cheeks open and her lips open for my cock.

The sight was amazing. Lisa looked at me and winked. It was a wink that I understood very clearly that she saw opportunities for the future with Jenn, and was enticed by this role of directing. Holding her open, she said to me, “Do it.”

I pushed myself inside Jenn’s body to the hilt as fast as I could. Jenn cried out in surprise, but pushed back against me. Lisa held onto Jenn’s pussy lips, keeping her wide open for me as I fucked her hard. I felt as if I could last forever, as I had already come twice that evening. Jenn punctuated each thrust with an “Oh!” until it soon became one very long moan.

Lisa was right. She really did want to see me fuck another woman. The look in her eyes was almost lascivious as she watched my cock disappear inside Jenn’s body. She couldn’t seem to figure out where she wanted to look, at my cock or my face, and kept looking back and forth. More than once she licked her lips.

Jenn’s moans became louder, more forceful.

“Fuck her,” Lisa said. “Make her come. Make her come hard.” She was smiling broadly now.

I increased my pace, sweat pouring off my face and body. Jenn was moaning harder now, her orgasm so near she couldn’t even form words.

Lisa looked back over at Jenn. “Come, Jenn,” she said. “Go ahead and come.”

And she did. She came hard and long, riding me out as I slammed into her body. I felt another orgasm almost there, but not quite. Jenn was exhausted, and simply let me continue thrusting inside of her at a furious rate. Lisa let Jenn go, and leaned back on the bed to hold on to her.

“He’s almost there,” she said. “He’s going to come inside you, fill you up just like he did me. That’s what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it?”

She was brushing Jenn’s hair away from her face, talking in soothing tones. The odd juxtaposition of her soft mannerisms and what she was saying made my orgasm seem to come that much closer.

“Squeeze your pussy muscles as hard as you can. Make him come,” Lisa cooed.

I felt something, but I expect that either she was still too new to lovemaking, or too tired, or both. It didn’t matter, though, Lisa’s talking was doing the job.

“Lisa,” I said, almost completely out of breath. “Come stroke my balls again.”

Her eyes lit up. She practically hopped behind me, and stroked my balls with one hand and my ass with the other. “Yeah,” she said. “Oh god that feels so good!”

“Do it,” she said to me. “Fuck her. Fuck her pussy hard. I want to see you come.”

I felt the come rise from my balls and a growl escape my throat. “I’m coming!” I shouted through gritted teeth.

“Oooh, yeah,” Lisa murmured. “Come inside her. Give it to her.”

I did. I felt my come leave my body and enter Jenn’s, I felt her pussy slowly contract, milking the rest out of me.

I collapsed onto the bed beside Jenn, and Lisa flopped down between us. She was all grins. “That was fun!” she said. Jenn and I both smiled weakly.

Lisa kissed Jenn and then me, her hands in both our groins. “Mmmm,” she said. “Thanks. But I gotta go.”

As much as I didn’t really want her to, she was right. She got up and went into the bathroom to freshen up a bit. Jenn and I just looked at each other and grinned.

When she came back out, she started dressing, but the smile was still on her face. “We gotta do this again!” she said. “Can Jenn make it for lunch some day?”

Jenn answered for herself. “That could be arranged.”

Lisa smiled. Soon, she was gone, and Jenn and I started cleaning up and getting dressed. We talked a little about it, and Jenn told me that she was glad that she did it, that it wasn’t nearly as awkward or uncomfortable as she feared. I wanted to know what it was like for her to make another woman come like that, and she said that she wasn’t sure if she had done it right. I reassured her that women just don’t come that hard. She seemed to take my word for it.

Lisa and Jenn and I only got together two more times. Lisa’s situation with her boyfriend improved a little, and she decided that she wanted to focus on that relationship. She still talked about watching the two of us, though, but it never seemed to happen again.

Jenn became too submissive for me. Over time, she began to become more of a recipient than participant, although she usually initiated the sexual encounters. By the time I left Georgia, we had reached a place where it was going to have to be ended anyway, but we managed to close it off with no hard feelings.

But, I still remember that first night as if it were right now, the image is so vivid in my mind.

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