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Officer Down

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Annie pulled her squad car into the parking lot outside Cahill Street Cinema and checked her watch. It was ten minutes after twelve. The midnight showing of whatever triple X rated film they were showing this weekend had just begun. Annie wondered why anyone would still go to a theater to view such filth when they could see the same thing in the privacy of their own home.

The attractive 27-year-old stepped out of her squad car. She looked sexy in her police uniform. Annie had short reddish brown hair that framed her pretty round face. Her bright blue eyes and smile only accented her beauty. Her 34C, 26, 34 body still looked even better beneath her uniform now that she had removed her bullet proof vest.

Annie was not on duty. Her shift ended and 11pm. But like many other officers she worked side jobs as an uniformed officer to make extra money. Being divorced with a daughter she needed the extra income.

One of Annie’s few regular jobs was to check in on the cinema at nights occasionally to make sure that everything was OK. Usually she would stop by on weekends when she was off and teenagers were hanging around. But once a week they showed a midnight porn movie and Annie occasionally checked in on those shows as well. The crowd was usually small, and almost always men. Her primary task was to be on the lookout for prostitutes that might come in looking for some easy business by offering quick blowjobs to men. But what she found most often was men masturbating while watching the movie.

Annie should have interrupted these men and escorted them out quietly. But she enjoyed humiliating the perverts. When she observed what she thought was a man jerking off she would quietly get into position to make sure that this was what he was doing. Then she would wait until he had picked up his pace and was at a point that she thought he was near his climax, then turn on her bright mag light spotlighting him in mid stroke and calling attention to his actions. Annie enjoyed embarrassing the men like this. Knowing that she stopped them just short of ejaculation, leaving them frustrated and humiliated made it much easier to escort them out of the theater without incident.

Annie smiled at Timmy; the pimply faced skinny college kid who worked as the usher. Joey looked like a high school boy, but Annie had checked his ID the first time she met him several weeks ago to make sure that he was 18, as was required for all employees working the midnight show when pornography was involved, and was surprised to learn that he was 19.

“How many are in there tonight?” She asked him.

“Not many, less than a dozen.”

Annie headed for the door.

“Hi, Officer Annie.” She heard from behind the counter. She turned to see Ed, the assistant manager of the cinema. Annie never liked Ed. He was in his late thirties, was on the chubby side and generally gave her the creeps. She hated the way he would look her up and down when she had to talk to him. She nodded and continued on, feeling his eyes on her ass as she walked.

Annie stepped through the first set of doors, then quietly entered the second set of doors into the darkened theater where she stepped alongside the wall and waited for her eyes to adjust. She scanned the audience, counting eight men scattered about. She looked up to the screen and was discomforted at the sight of a woman dressed as a police officer taking on two men.

“Shit, I’m just going to turn these fuckers on after they see that.” She thought.

Annie made her way slowly behind the back row, trying to ignore the fucking on the big screen. Then she saw what she was looking for. Right in front of her, three seats into the row, sat a man who was slowly stroking his cock. Annie pulled out her mag light and stepped to the side hoping that he wouldn’t notice her. With the light coming from the screen she could see him working his tool pretty clearly from where she stood. She realized that he was somewhat larger than the average man was. At least from what she had been used to. Annie hadn’t been with a man since her husband left her a year earlier.

Annie saw him increase his pace and guessed that he was nearing his climax. She aimed her flashlight in his direction, clicked it on and said, “Stop what you’re doing, put your penis back in your pants and come with me sir!”

John stopped immediately. He looked around and saw that everyone else was now looking his way. He looked at the female cop, trying to avoid the blinding light. Annie guessed him to be in his mid to late thirties and had an uneasy feeling about him at once.

John shoved his still erect cock inside his pants a stood up. His face reddened as he heard a couple men chuckle nearby. John was not used to being embarrassed by women. He was pretty arrogant and enjoyed being the dominant one around women. John had even raped a few women in his life. The thought of that concerned him now that he was being called out by a police officer.

“What’s the problem, officer?” He asked as he stepped in her direction.

“You’re guilty of indecent exposure, sir. If you leave now we’ll overlook this. But if you give me any problems I’ll have to arrest you.”

“Just go, man” Someone said. “She’s just going to throw you out. She gets her jollies catching men jacking off like this.”

Annie tried to ignore the comment, thinking that it must be one of the several men she had thrown out before.

John looked up to the screen, where the actress in the police uniform was being fucked by two men. “Quite a coincidence, you being here during this scene.”

“Come on, sir.” Annie said.

Annie turned around to step out of the row, not realizing her mistake until it was too late.

John couldn’t resist the temptation before him. This cop was very sexy looking and he was already aroused. Plus, he wanted to put her in her place for trying to humiliate him. John had raped before, but he had never been as daring as he was now about to be. His most recent conquest had been a dental assistant in her office. While that was risky nothing carried the risk that he was about to take. He grabbed Annie from behind with his left arm, and quickly pulled her handcuffs from her belt with his right. Annie tried to break free but John swiftly cuffed her right wrist then easily pulled her left arm behind her back and cuffed her left wrist.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Annie protested.

“I think you came in here looking to get fucked.” John said, reaching around and undoing her belt.

Annie struggled, trying to prevent him from pulling her pants down without success. She screamed for help but nobody responded. Annie realized that she was the enemy here and help would not be coming.

John jerked her pants and panties down to her ankles, then forced her over the seat.

“Please don’t do this!” She begged. But John ignored her pleas. He quickly undid his own pants and guided his still hard cock between Annie’s legs.

“No!” She cried as he pressed the head of his cock against her pussy. John held her by the neck as he used his free hand to rub his cock between her pussy lips until he could gain entrance. Then he slowly pumped until he pussy involuntarily responded by moistening enough for him to gain entrance into her.

Annie cried out in anger as his cock sank inside her pussy. She had not been fucked for over a year. Now she was not only being raped, but also being raped in front of an audience.

“Oh shit, this cops pussy is nice and tight,” John proclaimed. “Why don’t you guys come and join me!”

“No, don’t!” Annie protested.

“Hurry up and shove something in her mouth to shut her up!” John insisted.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her back up, reaching around her body he grabbed her shirt and tore it, popping the button off as he opened it and pulled it down her arms as far as he could, effectively pinning her cuffed arms even more securely while exposing her bra covered C cups. John grabbed her bra and ripped the straps free, then unclasped the bra letting it fall into the seat. He then fondled her exposed breast as he continued thrusting his manmeat inside her.

Someone else had dared to approach. John looked at his newfound partner in crime as the man unzipped his pants.

“Suck his cock, officer.” John demanded as he pushed Annie back down so that she was bending over the seat.

“Fuck you!” Annie spat in defiance, both to her rapist and the man who stood before her stroking his stiff cock.

John drove his cock into her with enough force to make Annie gasp. As she did so the second man shoved his rod into her mouth.

Annie was now being fucked from both ends. John’s cock banged her tight pussy while the other stranger pumped her mouth and there was nothing she could do to stop them.

“Oh shit!” John bellowed as he began thrusting harder and faster. Annie realized that he was about to cum. Then she felt his seed beginning to pump deep inside her pussy. She cried out in anger, but her cries were muffled by the cock banging her mouth.

Annie had been so caught up in being fucked that she failed to realize that the cock in her mouth was about to cum. She felt the first wad of his warm, sticky semen blast the back of her throat without warning and nearly choked before regaining enough composure to begin gulping it down as more cum filled her unwilling mouth and throat.

“Next!” She heard John shout as he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

“No more, please.” Annie gasped as she jerked her head away from the cock in her mouth.

She felt another man step behind her as John moved aside. This man had his cock inside her and was fucking at a frenzied pace before Annie knew what hit her. She opened her mouth to protest yet again, only to find yet another cock being thrust down her throat.

Hands mauled her shapely tits and pinched and pulled her hard nipples as she was pounded from both ends a second time. She lost track of time during this second rape, then the cock in her mouth pulled free. She opened her eyes to see what was happening just in time to see his sperm blasting out and into her face. The first shot hit her square on the nose, followed by a blast into her left eye before coating the rest of her face. Annie’s eye burned as she kept both of them closed, gasping for breath as the man behind her pounded her pussy.

She felt a third cock enter her mouth and instinctively began sucking him. When she dared to open her eyes she saw that she was blowing Timmy, the usher.

“Sorry, Officer Annie, but I can’t resist this chance.” He said, enjoying watching the pretty police officer sucking his stiff cock. Timmy had been with a couple girls, but had yet to receive a blowjob. And seeing Annie providing the opportunity he rushed in to take advantage of it.

“Oh god, yes.” The man behind her moaned as he began climaxing in her pussy. Then Annie heard Timmy moan with delight and felt his cum spilling out into her mouth. The boy continued fucking her face until she had drained every last drop of his cum.

Before Timmy had pulled free Annie was being fucked by a third man. As Timmy reluctantly withdrew his cock she turned her head and was horrified to see Ed, the assistant manager, behind her.

“You don’t think I’m going to miss this either, do you Annie?” He said as he held her hips tight and pounded his smallish rod into her hole. Of all the rapes she had succumbed to thus far, Ed was the most humiliating.

She had little time to think about Ed as someone else grabbed her head and thrust a long, black cock into her mouth. This man’s shaft stuffed into her throat, making Annie gag at first until she became used to it. The black man fucked her throat with long measured strokes.

Someone else moved up next to the black man on her right side. Annie saw that he was stroking his cock with his hand. He stepped as close as possible and she watched as his cock erupted, coating her face with his seed.

Annie had cum dripping down her face and could feel her juices, mixed with cum, dripping down her inner thighs. She could also feel her pussy responding.

“Oh god, not for Ed.” She cried to herself.

The man fucking her mouth held her head tight and she prepared herself as best she could for his release. His cum filled her throat and she gulped down as much of it as possible.

When he pulled out she gasped for air, then she felt Ed’s cock explode inside her as two more men stepped before her jacking off and spewing their cum into her face before one more man stepped up and thrust his cock into her waiting mouth.

Annie went over the numbers in her head and guessed that this would be the last man, much to her relief. She worked his rod with her mouth, wanting nothing more than to satisfy him and get this over with. She greedily gulped down his cum as he climaxed in her mouth.

“There, you’ve had your fun, now let me go.” She said as he pulled free.

“Not yet.” She heard John saying. “I don’t believe you came yet.”

Annie felt John reach down beside her then heard her nightstick coming free.

“Oh god no.” She said as she felt John rub it between her legs.

“I believe that this will to the job.” John said as he thrust the nightstick into Annie’ twat and began fucking her with it. He dropped to his knees and began rubbing her clit as he fucked her with the nightstick.

Annie groaned as she looked up to see them men watching as she was raped with her own nightstick. Then she realized that her body was responding to the invasion of the wooden tool and John’s fingers on her swollen clit. She fought back the urge to fuck back as the combination of fingers and wood brought her body unwillingly closer to the edge. But she could hold back only so long.

A moan escaped her mouth as her orgasm neared. As hard as she resisted she soon found herself fucking back on the nightstick. Then she cried out as her climax began. The men who were left cheered her on as she orgasmed. Annie was unable to stop herself from thrusting her hips up and down on the weapon inside her twat as she came all over it.

“Oh fuck, I’m hard again.” Annie heard John say as her orgasm subsided. “I think I need to fuck you again.”

Annie almost felt relieved at his comment. She had just been raped by several men and was forced to climax while being fucked by her own nightstick. And as hard as it was for her to fathom, she wanted the feel of a real cock inside her to bring her to another orgasm.

Annie spread her legs, waiting for John to withdraw the nightstick and replace it with his cock. But she was to quickly learn that he had other intentions.

“Looks like your cunt is pretty used up right now,” John said, “I need something a little tighter to get me off.”

“Oh god, no.” Annie said, realizing his intent. Annie had allowed her ex to try anal on her once and made him pull out soon after starting. Now she was about to be taken in the rear against her will.

“Please, don’t fuck my ass.” She begged. But that only made John more determined.

“Don’t worry, officer. I’ll leave the nightstick in place so you can get off on it while I fuck that tight asshole of yours.”

Annie tried to escape, but was in no position to do so being pinned against the seat and with John having a good hold on her by virtue of the wooden pole shoved up her twat.

“Hold this.” John said to Ed. Once the assistant manager was on his knees holding the nightstick in place John pressed his stiff cock in the crack of Annie’s bum.

“Noooo!” Annie cried out as John’s prick pressed against her tight balloon knot opening.

John’s cockhead broke through Annie’s anal ring, causing her to cry out in pain as he began fucking her ass, entering her deeper with each thrust until his cock was buried almost balls deep in her rectum.

As John began fucking Annie’s ass Ed began fucking her with the nightstick. Annie wanted to scream as the cock and stick rubbed together on opposing sides of the membrane separating her insides.

John squeezed Annie’s tights as he thrust in and out of her ass, enjoying the way she spasmed beneath him.

The pain gradually subsided, and Annie realized once again that her body was responding. The pressure of John’s cock in her ass was forcing her Gspot to rub consistently against the nightstick and Annie knew that she would soon be cuming again.

She fought the desire to climax as long as she could, then gave in to the lust that was overtaking her and began slamming her hips back against John.

“Oh yes!” She surprised herself by crying out as she orgasmed a second time.

John felt the woman cumming and increased his pace, anxious to blow his load deep into her asshole as she was still coming herself.

He grabbed her hips and slammed as hard and fast as he could, getting off on the gasps escaping Annie’s mouth as he emptied his balls inside her.

John jerked his cock free, causing Annie to whimper as the vacuum created by John’s rapidly exiting cock nearly caused her to evacuate herself.

“Man, I gotta have that asshole.” Ed proclaimed, releasing the stick and jumping behind Annie.

Annie barely resisted as the assistant manager thrust his cock inside her. She felt the nightstick, covered in her own juices as well as the jizm of three other men, slip out of her pussy and immediately wanted it replaced.

“Fuck my pussy.” She said to Timmy who was standing before her.

Seeing the young man whom she had so recently sucked off standing there with a look of surprise on his face she reiterated, “For gods sake, Timmy, shove your cock in my cunt!”

“Shit, Timmy, she really wants it.” Ed said.

Ed stood Annie upright, turned them both around and sat down in the seat; bringing Annie down in his lap with his cock buried deep in her asshole.

“Come on around and fuck her, Timmy.” He said.

Timmy entered the row, raised both of Annie’s legs up high and shoved his cock inside her wet pussy.

Annie welcomed his cock and began bouncing up and down on Ed’s prick as Timmy fucked her cunt.

She climaxed almost immediately as the two men fucked her. Ed came in her asshole soon afterwards but she was forced to continue riding his cock as Timmy continued banging her pussy.

Timmy began cuming in Annie’s pussy as she begged him not to stop fucking her as she was approaching a fourth orgasm. Timmy complied as Annie moaned loudly as her body shook from head to toe with a powerful climax.

When Timmy pulled his flaccid cock free Annie looked about the room. Everyone had dressed and fled the scene, obviously wanting to make their escape before Annie had the opportunity to free herself. The screen was lit up but no movie showed, as there was no one upstairs to change reels with Ed still under Annie.

“Get my keys and unfasten these handcuffs.” She said, standing up on wobbly legs.

“What’s going to happen now?” Ed asked, realizing that he and Timmy were quite possibly in deep trouble.

“You’re going to uncuff me first of all, “Annie said, “Then I’m going to get the fuck out of here and if you promise to deny that anything ever happened here tonight I won’t say a word. The last thing I need is for everyone to know that I was fucked silly by a room full of perverts and couldn’t do anything about it. It would make me the laughing stock of the force.”

Ed knew that Annie would also have to admit that she was begging to be fucked before it was over and she most definitely didn’t want to do that.

Ed found Annie’s keys and unfastened her handcuffs. She pulled her panties and pants up, and did her best to close her shirt up with the only two buttons that had not been torn off.

Annie left the theater, deciding that she would call the manager the following day to inform him that she was quitting her part time job patrolling the theater at nights. But she decided that she would have to visit Ed and Timmy again.

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