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Danny’s Birthday Surprise

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The phone rings. It is Christa, my friend Danny’s wife, “Hi Frank…Danny has just left to pick you up.”

“OK Christa, Starr has the rental car and should get to you within the hour. I gave her some extra money so the two of you can run into Louisville, get some new clothes and the toys we will need. See you there.”

The plan was working. I had, even though it was his birthday weekend, conned Danny into to driving me down to Lexington for the Glock Shoot.

I had told him he didn’t have to shoot, but if he would go, we would stop at The Horseshoe Casino in Jeffersonville on the way back. Was he in for a surprise….?

I drove Danny’s Vet, thus we made a very fast trip down to Lexington. I was able to get Danny to shoot one gun and we made it through the stages in record time, for Lexington. We were on our way back by about 2:30PM Kentucky time. When we stopped outside of Louisville for gas, I called Christa and let her know when to expect us. We arrived at the boat, parked, and headed into the Casino. From the look on Danny’s face as we reach the lobby, we had pulled it off…, there stood Christa and Starr. Can you say, “High priced pros!” They sure looked the role, both were dressed to kill…or at least eat…?

After damn near having to pick Danny up off of the floor, we all said: “Happy Birthday!” Danny’s mouth opened but words didn’t really come out.

I laugh and say: “I told them to be gift wrapped.” As Danny is still trying to figure out what the hell is going on, the ladies escort us to the elevator and push the button for the top floor. When we exit, there are only four doors visible and Starr pulls out a key card and opens the doors to the “Centurion Suite”.

Even I was not expecting this lavish of suite. It must be …who you blow instead of who you know down there…because the suite is as expansive as it is probably expensive. The suite consisted of a center room with several couches and chairs, a full bar, two bedrooms with each having a dressing room and bath, and a balcony with a huge Jacuzzi.

After getting us all a drink and let it sink in for Danny as to what is going on, Christa says we have dinner reservations in the Coliseum Room (The casino’s gourmet dinning room.) at 7:00PM and Danny and I need to get the Kentucky dirt off and dress for dinner. Christa then takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom on the left. Starr takes Danny and disappears to the one on the right.

After closing the door, Christa comes up and starts undressing me saying: “I think it is going pretty well so far, at least he hasn’t fainted yet.” When I am totally naked Christa leads me back to the tub, has me get in, strips herself and climbs in. While washing me she says: “Remember we agreed that we could play, but you can’t fuck me until we are all together.” After washing ever inch of my body we get out and walk into the bedroom. “Starr has told me how you like your blow-jobs, it scares me a little, but I will try!”

I reply “In good time… But right now, I just want you to stretch out on the bed and spread your legs.” She gives me a quizzical look but does as I ask. While I have known Christa for years, and just saw her, in all her glory in the tub, this is the first time I have had a chance to really look at her naked body. Actually she is in about the best shape I can remember. Her breast are still full and lush, her nipples seem to be hardening on their own and if I thought I was going to find out if she was a natural blond…forget it…she was shaved as smooth as silk. Well as someone once said: “God must have meant for it to be eaten, otherwise why did he make it look like a taco.” I climb onto the bed and say: “Close your eyes Christa and relax.”

I started with her toes, then the soles of her feet and worked my way slowly up. I think she had expected to just have to blow me and not to be an “appetizer” herself. By the time I reached her pussy, I could tell she was beginning to enjoy it. I stayed away from her clit, made sure that she was good and wet before I slipped a finger into her pussy as far as it would go. I then curled it back against her G-spot. Her whole body stiffened. I sucked in her clit and then released it and began stroking it with my tongue. If she hadn’t been really into it by then, she was then. She throws her legs over my shoulders and grips my head with her thighs and starts pinching her own nipples, all the while making this sound like a cat in heat. Afraid of getting my neck broken, I pushed her leg’s back down onto the bed and spread her even more open, if that was possible. I find a rhythm that appears to be bringing her to a peak.

“Oh fuck…Oh fuck… let me cum… let me cum…God damn… don’t stop… oh…oh…oh.” On the third “oh”, I think the only thing touching bed were her ankles and her neck. Right as she starts to pop, I slip my middle finger up her ass. I doubt the eruption of the volcano at Pompey was any more explosive. Damn if she didn’t pass out. After making sure she was breathing, I got up and got a wet towel and another drink and revived her.

“How in fuck did you do that!” was all she could say. I burst out laughing and so did she and I think she may have even blushed. (Surprisingly she made absolutely no comment about me popping her ass. After what Danny had told me about her, I was expecting her to at least bitch a little about that part. Of course at this point she had no idea what Starr and I had planned for her…)

After she has recovered for a few minutes, Christa gets up and goes to bathroom and when she comes back, she is carrying a long white silk scarf (I guess it beats handcuffs!) She hands it me, turns her back, and puts her hands together. “I am willing to try this but as I said earlier, it scares me…” she says meekly.

As I tie her wrists together and nibble on her neck I say, “Don’t worry…We’ll go slow and see how it works.” I feel chills run down her back as I help her kneel on the bed. Is it anticipation or fear?

I help get her head down on my lap without falling. Then, help her stretch out with her head on my thigh. She opens her mouth and I feed her my cock. “Relax… let me do the work.” I say softly as I stroke her hair and ease more of cock into her mouth. When I feel the tip of my cock reach the top of her throat, I stop. “Breath through your nose, swallow it down, and go at your own speed” I coach. I cradle her head so that she is now moving down on it at her own rate. When I feel her nose on my balls, I know she has succeeded in taking the whole thing. (This of course in my case, is no big deal!)I continue: “Don’t move…Keep breathing.” I slide my free hand down he back and can feel the beads of sweat rolling off her. When I reach her bound wrists, she clutches my hand and I hear a soft moan as my cock starts to get even harder. As it grows, her grip on my hand tightens. I rock my hips very slowly and grip her hair in my other hand. I am very close. “Are you ready?” She loosens her grip on my hand and then tightens it again. I assume that means— yes. I pull her head against me and thrust once, feeling the rush of cum leave my balls and racing through my dick. I can feel the muscles in her throat swallowing. I burst twice more and then quickly lift her head off my cock and sit her up. I would have loved to have a picture of her face at that instant.

As I reach around to untie her, all she can say is: “Wow— that was so deep, I didn’t even taste it!” After giving her a drink and massaging her neck and arms we get up and climb into the shower and wash off all of the cum, sweat and oh you know.

When we come out of the shower Christa hands me a robe and says: “Fix us another drink and relax while I get dressed.” I go out to the bar and I find Starr, bare-assed and wet.

She, obviously, was also fresh from the shower as she says: “From the look on your face, it looks like Christa did a good job. I think I freaked Danny out, but he looks happy. See you in a few.”

I go back in and hand Christa her drink and watch her as she dries her hair and does her make-up. When she has finished with the make-up she stands and turns to me and says: “Put your tongue back in you mouth and close your eyes for a couple of minutes.” Damn she will let me sit there and stare while she is totally naked but wants me to close my eyes while she dresses. Oh-well! In what seemed like no time she said: “Open your eyes and tell me what you think.” This time my mouth opened but words failed me, she was absolutely stunning. There had to be a bra under there somewhere because the cleavage was beyond anything Mother Nature could produce.

Think Kelly LeBrock in the movie The Woman in the Red Dress and as Emeril would say: “Kick it up a notch.” From her head to the t-strap sandals she was perfect. I finally got out “Holy Shit – You are a “10” tonight!”

She walked toward me and said: “Now you – Old man” Out of the closet comes white linen pants, a lizard belt to match the new loafers they had got for me, a collarless tux style Ralph Lauren shirt and navy blue silk blazer.

I almost commented about “Where were the underpants?” But decided to not question her now…

We made it into the center room before Danny and Starr. But when they came out the wait was worth it. Danny came out first and I have never seen him look that good. Starting at the bottom, Christa had bought him new black alligator boots with a belt to match and shock— something other than jeans. It turns out they were Ralph Lauren dress pants. Top that off with a new Ralph Lauren Polo button down and a gold chain around his neck that would make a rapper jealous. For a second, after seeing the three of us, I was almost worried about how Starr would look. I didn’t need to be. The may call them simple little black dresses, but on her there was nothing simple about it. I have never seen her with that much cleavage or style. With the high heels on her sandals, I realized both of the girls were taller than either Danny or I and needless to say much prettier.

On the way to the dining room, I thought several men and women were going to fall over as they spun around to look at the four of us. OK- It was most likely the girls- but I think that one gay guy may have been checking out either Danny’s or my ass. Dinner was fabulous but this is supposed to be a fuck story, not a food review, so the only thing about dinner I will tell you is that I figured out the “no underwear” thing. While waiting for dessert I felt my zipper being pulled down and heard what was must have been Danny’s zippers.

As Starr’s hand circled my cock and stroked my balls she whispers in my ear: “Did you miss me this afternoon?”

I am not stupid, so as I slip my hand up her dress and discover that “no panties” is the rule tonight, gave a little tug on her clit ring, and whisper back,: “Of Course — But you did coach her very well and that just made me want you more.” From my position next to him, I could see Christa stroking Danny as well. Christa, however, added the old drop the napkin bit and I think gave him a quick lick or three…

Again since this is a fuck story and not a movie script, I will skip most of our time in the casino. We gave the girls $500.00 each and sent them off to play the poker machines and found a good blackjack table for us men. (How sexist!) We both started with a grand and thirty minutes latter I was up two grand. Danny had to borrow another grand off me. The good news is that Danny made his second grand last three hours, and I was still over a grand up even giving him the one. When the girls found us, they regaled us with all the offers they had got, and then drug us kicking and screaming back to the room. And, if you believe that last line — I have a Gentleman’s Club in New Castle, Indiana I will sell you for a mere million.

What we didn’t know until later was that both girls had slipped a Cialis pill in the strawberries they had fed us for dessert. We thought they were just putting them between their legs to coat them with pussy juice. Oh – Well.

When we got back to the suite, Starr takes me to one room and Christa takes Danny to the other. But if you think this story is going to get into plain old couple fucking, forget it — the Kink has only just begun.

When Starr gets me back in “our” room she acts just as Christa had earlier and starts undressing me. I notice that I am already starting to get hard. By the time she gets my pants off, gives my dick just a little lick and kiss I am harder than I have been for years. I just thought it was the ambiance of the situation, but it appears as if this was right time and little did I know that Uncle Eli Lily was charging the system. I will tell you now that three hours and fifty nine minutes later I was starting to think about that warning in their commercial.

Starr then slips one of the robes on me, losses the little black dress, but keeps the heels and tells me to come out in five minutes and disappears into the center room. Five minutes and one second later, I open the door and head out. The furniture has been moved around and the lighting changed. The two easy chairs now flank what appears to be a king size red satin sheet covered mat in the middle of the room. The lights are adjusted to focus on it. Two straight back chairs, which I had not noticed earlier, were beside each of the big chairs. The girls tell us to take a seat and bring each of us a drink. Both of them have pulled their hair up and put a pony tail holder in. It also appeared that they both had sprayed themselves with that “wet look” show glitter.

Once Danny and I are seated, soft music starts and the girls start dance with each other. Slow dancing very close… I see Starr cupping Christa’s ass and kissing her neck while they are rubbing their ample boobs against one another. Christa puts her hands on Starr’s shoulders and pushes her down. Starr stops at nipple height and takes one, then the other, in her mouth. Starr then drops to her knees and pulls Christa’s shaved mound right into her face. Christa while staring directly into Danny’s eyes and swaying to the music spreads her legs to give Starr better access. Remembering this afternoon I realize that Christa is not so much swaying as she is starting to shake like she did with me. Slowly, Christa squats on Starr’s face, forcing Starr almost into a back bend. Just when it looks like Starr is going to break in two, Christa turns helps Starr onto the floor and extends her legs. Christa then drops her pussy right on Starr’s face. If I thought I was hard earlier, now you could use my dick for a game of horseshoes.

They may have been just putting on a show, but even if they were, the effect was spectacular. Christa slides down a little and then brings here butt back so Starr’s tongue is able to flick her clit and penetrate deep between her lips. Christa then reaches over and pulls out from under the edge of the red sheet a double ended dildo and starts licking one end as she grinds her pussy down on Starr face. After deep throating one end of the dildo, Christa reaches down and pulls Starr’s legs up under her arms and leans forward and splits Starr’s lips with the fingers of her left hand and then pushes a good six inches of the dildo into Starr’s pussy. Then, she starts to slide it in and out in a slow rhythm will twisting it on each in-stroke. We can see Starr starting to shake as Christa lets her legs down and while still stroking her with the dildo leans down and catches Starr’s clit ring in her teeth. As if on cue Starr sucks Christa’s clit into her mouth and plunges three fingers in Christa pussy. It was like watching a 69 competition to see which one can get the other to cum first.

If they don’t get Danny and I involved soon, we will spontaneously pop before them. Almost as if they realize this, Christa rises up off Starr’s mouth, turns around, and moves down so that her legs are now entwined with Starr’s. Christa then starts rubbing the other end of the double dong against her lips and slides back to embed the other end deep in her pussy. They each wiggle around to get the alignment correct. Then, Starr reaches down and grips the middle of the dildo at the same point Christa is holding it and they start a forward and back motion with each stroke going deeper, if the was possible, into their gushing pussies.

When it appears as if each has reached their depth limit, both of them role over and come to their knees without dislodging the dildo and shove there ass together so that the dildo is as deep in each as possible. In this position Starr is facing me and Christa is facing Danny. They each raise a hand and motion us to join. I slip out of the chair onto my knees and move up so Starr can reach me; Danny does the same with Christa. Both girls then take a dick in their mouth and start sucking. Not, as I was expecting, to get us to pop, but a slow lapping – to tease, not please. Since I had not actually scripted this with Starr, I had no idea where this was going.

Christa was the first to move, she pushes Danny back and lets his dick drop from her mouth and pulls the dildo from both herself and Starr. She then stands and moves past Starr and me and places the straight back chair next to me. Right as she has it in position Starr lets my dick drop and gets the other strait back chair and places it next to Danny. They each then take our respective hand and move us to sit onto the chairs. Christa then straddles my lap facing me, while Starr is doing the same to Danny and in unison they both grab our cocks and drop onto them, engulfing the whole thing on each of us.

Christa is making sounds but not saying anything, while I see Starr leaning in and whispering to Danny. Danny offers Starr his hand and she starts licking his fingers. She then takes his hand and moves it to her ass. As she whispers again to him she reaches back with her hands and spreads he cheeks as wide as possible. Another whisper and Danny shoves his finger up her ass until his palm is against her ass cheek. When Christa hears Starr’s moan, she lifts her left leg and places it on my shoulder and leans in and whispers to me to turn her around. Somehow we achieve this, and she is now in reverse cowgirl on my dick with us both facing Danny.

Arching back until her head is on my shoulder she says: “Play with my pussy!” I know when to do as I am told. I reach around and start stroking her clit. Christa starts pinching her nipples and rocking hard as I stroke her and then starts it seems almost like taunting Danny. “You like seeing his dick in me — don’t you? You know I like this! I bet if you try you can get two fingers up that slut’s ass!”

Starr says out loud this time: “Do it!” Danny does and we can literally see the flood of juices from Starr’s pussy run down Danny’s legs. Again, while turned on beyond all believe, I am aware that neither Starr nor Christa are really fucking us in a manner designed to make us come.

Christa then says: “How do your own fingers fell against you cock?” Danny is at a loss for words on this one so Christa leans back and says quietly to me: “Hold on the best is yet come!” She then moves my hand away from her pussy and stands up and walks over to Danny and Starr. I am hoping this is planned and she that isn’t going to get into a cat fight with Starr. It becomes obvious that the game is still on when she drops to her knees in front of Danny and pulls his fingers out of Starr’s ass and starts licking them. The she dips her head and sucks both of Danny’s balls into her mouth, which of course puts her nose right in Starr’s winking rosebud.

Starr then rises up letting Danny’s dick slip from her cunt and backs away. Without missing a beat as soon as Danny is free from Starr pussy, Christa takes the whole length of his cock down her throat. Starr moves over to me and motions me to loss the chair. Once we move the chair, Starr pushes me to the floor and climbs on. I have never felt her pussy this wet in all the time I have known her.

Lying down on top, Starr asks “Having fun?” “The Cialais seems to be working.”

All I can think to say is: “You bitch!” At this point I am not really paying any attention to Danny and Christa until I feel, more than see, their presence behind Starr. I feel something cooler and wetter dripping on my balls and look up to see Christa pouring some lube down Starr’s crack. She then pours some in her hand and starts stroking Danny’s cock. It’s not hard to figure it’s now sandwich time. Sure enough Christa pushes Danny to his knees and pulls him forward by his cock until it is lined up with Starr’s rosebud. Keeping his dick in place Christa moves behind Danny and kneels. Starr arches her ass a little and places my hands on each cheek so I can spread her open, as far as possible. Christa then thrust herself forward, pushing Danny’s cock home into Starr’s ass.

Starr lets out almost a growl and says: “Oh Fuck Me!” I can feel the whole length of Danny’s cock slid up mine through the thin wall between Starr’s pussy and ass. After she moves around to get everything lined up, Starr says: “Do it!!” Christa is still behind Danny and I can feel her hand reaching between us griping both of our balls as first Danny pulls out a little and then plunges back in. Starr now starts a rocking motion so that when Danny bottoms out she is pulling up on me and as he pulls back she is dropping on me. As we start to build a rhythm, Christa, releases our balls, moves around from behind Danny and squats on my face.

At first her pussy is lined up, but then Starr leans in and latches onto Christa’s clit. This moves Christa forward on me, so I say: “What the hell.” and shove my tongue up Christa’s ass. From the sounds Christa was making she must have liked it. Shortly, Christa lets out a scream, climaxes and falls to the side. I can feel Danny growing harder and feel Starr really clamping down with her sphincter on his dick. Danny is the next to come. Once Danny has slipped out and moved over by Christa, Starr sits straight up and takes me as deep as possible. Instead of bouncing she is using her muscles to essentially milk me. When I reach down and give her ring a tweak, that is all she needed and as soon as she starts cumming I let loose with the most cum that I have pumped out of there in years.

While Starr and I are recovering, Christa gets up and fixes us fresh drinks. We all, slimy, wet and bare assed, curl up on the couch and light up our respective cigarettes. I won’t bore you with the inane conversation which then took place most of which involves asking Danny if he was enjoying his birthday. If it hadn’t been for the Cialais this would probably have been the end of this story…. But no!

Since they had 24 hours room service, Starr gets up and orders us all a breakfast and before it arrives we have all showered and put on our robes. After eating we all dropped our robes and climbed into the Jacuzzi on the balcony and relaxed letting the jets work out our kinks. While the commercial says: “Not tested for multiple erections.” On this occasion it sure worked. When Starr reaches down under the water and grips my cock I realize I am hard once again. So does she and climbs back on. When I look over, Christa has moved Danny up to edge of the tub and is bringing him back to life with her mouth.

After a few minutes of this Christa says: “Let’s move this to a bed.” We all get out and move into the double king in Danny and Christa’s room. I see Starr stop and grab the lube as we move into bedroom and thought: Now Christa is going to get it up the ass — wrong!

It turns out by this time both girls want basically an old fashioned face to face normal fuck. That is if you think two couples in one bed, either normal or old fashioned. The girls’ position themselves with their head next to one another so that Danny and I are basically facing one another. No Karma Sutra action, just a slow in and out from missionary. It’s as if the girls are respecting our “Old Fart” status and realize this one is going to take some time for both of us. (The interesting thing is that with women, the opposite is true. Once their engines have been revved up they are ready for the long run.) Both girls seem to already be having little orgasms. They scoot so that, while still inverted, they now overlap. They turn toward each and move Danny and me so we are both straddling one of their legs. Getting some “on the side” so to speak. Probably more to turn us on, then actually for themselves, they again start kissing and fondling each other breasts. Starr may have started this as an act but as Christa pinches her nipples I can feel the contractions in her pussy, signaling a really high orgasmic state. In this position Starr’s rosebud falls right to hand, so to speak, and it is just to inviting not to fill. So, I start with one finger, then two and create a counterpoint rhythm and actually start pulling all the way out with my dick and then doing my best imitation of slamming it back in. I see that Starr has now reached down and is sliding a couple of her fingers into Christa’s box, along with Danny’s dick. Christa is now shaking like she had earlier. The expression on Danny’s face is like he is begging his dick to pop. (As if there can be too much of a good thing.) Christa seems to catch her breath and reaches down and slips what most have been three fingers into Starr, because I fell one on each side of my dick and one along the underside of it.

That’s it for Starr and her whole body goes totally ridged and she clamps down so hard on Christa’s hand and my dick that I am surprised that she didn’t break Christa’s fingers or my dick. This is the orgasm of the night and her whole body shakes for what seemed like forever. I am so intent on what she is doing that it isn’t until she relaxes that I realize I have shot again. (Fluids, I need fluids- I must re-hydrate!) I had thought she might pass out, but as soon as Christa removes he fingers and I slip out, she spins around grabs Christa’s hands and pulls them over her head and says: “Hold her tight.”

I take Christa’s hands and do as instructed. Starr moves around behind Danny and while rubbing her tits in his back adds three of her fingers to Danny’s dick in Christa’s box. She later tells me that with her other hand she had penetrated Danny’s ass and massaged his prostate. That’s it for Danny. With an almost pained look on his face, or maybe relief, he thrust as deep as he can into Christa and cuts loose with whatever come he has left. This triggers Christa and it is hard to tell who is shaking more, Danny or Christa. Think this is the big finish— Guess again!

As Danny falls to Christa’s side, Starr says: “Keep a hold of her.” Starr then pushes one of Christa’s legs over to Danny and tells him: “You hold her, too!” Starr then moves over Christa’s other leg and gripes it with her thighs, effectively putting Christa in bondage. I have no idea what Starr is up to until she grabs the lube and starts coating her hand. Yes — here comes – the fist fuck! Starr doesn’t play around. She immediately slips four fingers into Christa’s box and starts pumping.

Christa is now starting to recover from her orgasm and says: “What the fuck are you doing?” and tries to pull away. Starr just smiles and drops her thumb in the hollow of the four fingers and goes into her wrist.

Danny’s eyes pop open like a deer in the headlights and says: “Holy Shit!” Christa must have realized that trying to fight it would only make it worse and tries to relax her whole body. Starr has obviously balled her hand up into a fist because as she starts twisting it we can actually see the outline of her hand on Christa’s lower abdomen. If I thought Christa’s last orgasm was the “Big One”, man was I wrong. Starr tells Danny to release the other leg and grab the lube. Starr has Danny add more lube to her arm and then has him pour some lube on Christa’s leg and damn if Starr isn’t now rubbing her clit on Christa’s leg.

Starr nods to me to release Christa’s arms and says: “Ok boys, suck on those tits.” As we start sucking, Starr starts actually thrusting into Christa. I am torn as to what to watch, the look on Christa’s face or Starr’s arm pumping into her. On each stroke Christa’s ass starts coming off the bed as if to ask for more.

Christa pushes both Danny and I off her nipples and between raged gasps, offers us her hands and says: “Hold me.” As we each take an arm Christa arches up so only her ankle and the back of her head are touching the bed and is again shaking like during a seizure. Her body goes tense. We see her eyes roll back. Then, I hear the “pop” as Starr apparently, without un-balling her fist, pulls it out of Christa. Christa whole body goes limp and it is obvious she has the granddaddy of all le petite morts.

Danny is the first to speak and says: “I hope we haven’t killed her.” Starr and I can’t keep from laughing.

We can, however, see the pulse in her neck and Starr reassures Danny with: “No – We didn’t kill her – But she will probably be out for a good long while.” I was absolutely unequivocally certain this was the last act of the night — wrong again!

As I am starting to get off the bed Starr says: “Help me role her over.” Starr pulls Christa’s legs up and puts a couple of pillows under her, and positions her so that her ass is elevated at the edge of the bed. Starr then has Danny stand next to the bed while she starts sucking on him. I find it hard to believe, but Danny starts getting hard one more time. As soon Starr is satisfied his dick is up to the job. Starr takes the lube and pours some on his dick and says: “Now fuck her in the ass. She is going to be so sore in the morning she will never know the difference.” Starr gets behind Danny aims his dick at Christa’s bulls eye and using her body pushes Danny into Christa’s ass. We see Danny pumping away as we walked out to go to “our” room.

Starr and I don’t even wipe off, or shower, we just drop into bed and for the first time ever – I actually sleep with Starr. Several hours later, I wake to the smell of coffee and realize that what woke me up was my dick being in Starr’s mouth.

“Good morning – Stud, we need to get up I have another surprise for you.”

I honestly reply: “I hope it is not sexual!”

Starr laughs and says: “No — I brought your golf clubs and we have a tee time in forty five minutes.”

I am thinking “Hell this was supposed to be Danny’s Birthday, but Starr he has made it pretty special for me, too.”

Coffee, Cigarette, Piss, and Shower. Actually that isn’t exactly correct, Starr wouldn’t let me piss until we were in the shower. She surprised me again, by teaching me about golden showers. We clean up and when I started to dress, Starr pulls out a whole new golf outfit for me. I guess giving them money to shop, paid off, all around. I wasn’t sure the outfit Starr had on would be allowed on the course, but man did she look good — none the worse for last nights wear. We fix a couple of cups of coffee and go ever to Danny and Christa’s room and find them more or less still asleep and in their case looking like hell. (My Dad’s old expression – “Rode hard and put up wet!”) We tell them we are headed to the golf course and Danny says he will probably go back to the Casino. Christa tries to sit up with a pained look on her face and just lays back down waving us to leave her alone.

When we arrive at the course my clubs are already on a cart and we are informed the other half of our foursome is already on the practice tee. “What other half”, I ask.

Starr just smiles and as we approach the tee I see a gray haired man apparently even older than me with a young girl dressed very much like Starr, i.e. Barely Legal. Starr then introduces Mr. Smith and his “niece” Tiffany. As we start playing, Starr tells me she met Mr. Smith and Tiffany while at the casino last night and was propositioned by them. Knowing what was ahead of her last night she declined but set up this golf date for today. On about the third hole Starr leans over and says: “We had better beat them.”

“Why?” I Ask.

“Because if we don’t, they get me for the night!” replies Starr.

“And if we win?”

“Duh… We get Tiffany!”

But that is a whole other story…

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