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First Time with Lois

Category: Fetish
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Another typical day of golf.

I hit some good shots, some bad shots. Didn’t score as well as I wanted to, but am not totally unhappy with my game.

It’s a hot day and I’ve been drinking water all day on the course. So much so, I swear I had to stop behind a tree on 4 of the last 5 holes.

After the round is over, me and the guys head into the clubhouse for a quick lunch and a few beers. I eat quickly, because all I can think about is the fucking hot and nasty text messages you’ve been sending me all morning on the course, and I can’t wait to get home and jump in on the action. I get up to leave, but the guys convince me to stay for one more beer, which I almost chug and then make a quick get-away to the parking lot.

I hop in the car and start heading from home, when the feeling hits me. I gotta pee and I gotta pee bad! It’s about a 15 minute ride from the course so I take a deep breath and convince myself that I can make it. What’s making the situation worse, is that I keep thinking about your text messages and my cock is rock hard and throbbing. As I’m driving, I reach down to rub myself, mainly to keep from peeing my pants, but mostly because I’m thinking about you.

I’m almost home but what the fuck is that up ahead….oh shit, it’s a construction zone, and a line of about 20 cars. I stop and try to peer around the cars to see what the hold up is. A dump truck has gone off the shoulder and is trying to be towed out of a ditch. This did NOT factor into my plans and I feel the pressure building in my loins. I reach down to hold myself, and I feel a little squirt in my pants. I’m not sure if it’s piss, or precum, but I just know this traffic better start flowing soon, before I do.

Thankfully, they free the truck from the ditch and wave us on.

I can barely concentrate on the road and am zipping through the neighborhood until I pull into our driveway. I jump out of the car as soon as I put it in park and rush into the house, hell-bent on getting to the bathroom. I burst into the master bathroom like a bag of hand grenades, only to find you on the toilet….totally naked….rubbing your pussy with one hand while holding some papers in the other. You’re reading the story I emailed you the other night, while playing with yourself.

Now wonder you’ve been texting me all morning about your dripping pussy, and tingling ass, and what you intend to do to me with your mouth.

You look up at me, while still stroking your slit, and say “what the hell took you so long to get home? I’ve been waiting for you so I can cum”

For a moment I forget how badly I have to piss, and I instinctively start shedding my clothes, so I can be naked with you. As I remove my boxer-briefs and my throbbing cock hits the cool air, the feeling of desperation returns to my bladder, and a small amount of piss squirts out of my dick.

“Lois…I got a real problem here.” I say, “I’m going to have to borrow the toilet for a moment.”

You look up at me with a sly grin and tease…”I’m not moving until you make me cum.” and you dip three fingers into your pussy and pinch your left nipple, just to accentuate your point. The sight makes my cock twitch and pulse, and I start rubbing myself without thinking.

Our eyes are locked together as we both stroke our pink parts and I’m standing so close that our bare feet are caressing each other.

“Lois, do you trust me?” I ask, knowing full well this will send a sexual charge down your spine, with the memories of the intense orgasms that you have experienced, every time I’ve asked you this simple question.

“Of course I trust you”, you reply, and I can see your pussy glistening in the afternoon sun that’s shining through the window.

“Who is the master of your pussy, Lois?” I ask. I know you hate to admit it, but you also know it’s true, so you reply “You are. You are the master of my pussy”

“So I can do anything I want with it, right?”

“Uh-Huh” you reply, a little nervously because you can’t really tell what I have in mind, but you know you’re probably going to be wild about it.

“Then spread your legs a little wider for me please…and trust me”

No words are spoken, but you spread your knees as wide as you can, still casually rubbing your pussy and clit.

I stop rubbing my cock and just aim it. You see this and open up just a little bit wider, because you now realize that I really, REALLY need to piss, and you figure I’m aiming for the open area between your legs.

As my powerful stream of urine starts to flow, you realize I had something very very different in mind.

Like an Army sharpshooter, the first jet of steaming hot piss hits you square in the clit. You don’t know what to think at first, because you have never experienced this before. But the warm liquid now flowing through your legs, and vibrating off your clit like a shower massage, causes a surge of sexual energy directly to your pussy, and you begin rubbing your hand faster and harder against your clit and my piss is splashing over your hand, and legs and stomach.

Within a few more seconds, the wave of orgasm hits you like truck, and you start bucking your ass up and down on the toilet seat as my piss continues to attack your clit like a fire hose.

As you writhe in ecstasy, I slowly move the stream up your belly and aim it at each of your breasts. Your other hand follows my stream and rubs the hot liquid into your flesh. My stream is starting to die down, so I take a small step forward and aim it at your chin. Without thinking, you open your mouth and feel the warm liquid on your tongue. We haven’t spoken a word, but you can see on my face how happy you’ve made me by indulging this fetish that I hadn’t had a chance yet to tell you about.

You know this is a very, very special moment in our relationship, and you look up at me with a “what do I do now?” look on your face.

“Swallow it for me baby”, I command, and with your eyes locked on mine, you close your mouth and swallow hard.

As you do you reach up and grab my ass and pull me toward you, opening your mouth and taking my cock deep inside.

I grab your head and start fucking your mouth, as you rub my ass and swirl your tongue around my cock.

We have a nice pace going and I can feel my orgasm start at my toes and work it’s way to the tip of my cock, as I my cum hits the back of your throat, and you swallow it all.

Looking down on you, I see you’re covered in piss and your own cum and say “I think we’d better jump in the shower.”

“Not so fast” you say, “I think it’s your turn now.”

I was really really hoping you’d say that!

I’ve been dreaming of the day that Lois would let me drink her piss. Before I knew it, she had stood up and we were locked in a tight embrace. I can feel her piss-soaked flesh against mine and taste myself on her tongue as she is jamming it in my mouth.

My hand reaches down and starts fingering her sopping cunt and I can feel my cock stirring back to attention. Lois breaks our embrace and slides herself up on the bathroom vanity. Her ass is right at the edge with her feet on either side of it. She lets her knees fall to the sides so her pussy gapes wide open for me. I can see her throbbing clit and little piss hole.

I drop to my knees and plant my face deep in her wet and pissy cunt. I start by plunging my tongue deep into her pussy, and then bring it up to tease and flick her clit. I jam two fingers into her and she begins to moan. After getting my fingers nice and lubed with her juices, I trace my index finger back to her tight asshole and slide it in up to the second knuckle.

I’m now fucking her cunt and asshole with my fingers, and working my tongue over her clit for all it’s worth. Her breathing starts to quicken and her moans have been getting longer and louder, so I know she’s about to cum.

I slide a second finger up her ass and that sends her over the edge. She has both hands on the back of my head now and is bucking against my face and fingers, and I can taste her cum as she’s lost in a mind blowing orgasm.

Her orgasm is subsiding but she still has a tight grip on my head, holding me tight against her crotch, and my mind is racing, hoping that she is going to follow through on her promise.

And then I feel it. The hot spray of her piss hitting the back of my throat. I swallow hard to keep up with the flow and my cock is now harder and hotter than I ever remember it. The taste of her is intoxicating and I’m swallowing for all that I’m worth, but her flow is too strong and her piss is now leaking out of my mouth.

I feel the warmth as her piss is running down my chest, and my cock twitches as it dribbles down my shaft and over my balls. Her flow is starting to slow now, so I save up the last of it and hold it in my mouth. I rise up and plant my cock in her cunt while simultaneously locking my lips on hers, and we share the last mouthful of her piss together, as our tongues intertwine together.

I’m so hot from finally getting her to agree to pee on me, that it only takes a little while before my cock is spasming deep within her cunt and I’m filling her up with my sweet cream.

“Bloody Hell” she says to me, breaking the silence, “that was fricken hotter than I had ever imagined it would be.”

I smiled broadly, knowing that I had a new pee partner, and started looking forward to our next piss adventure.

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