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First Time Fun For The Girls

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The girls had been out into town for a few drinks and had come back to Charlie’s house, opening a bottle of wine on their return and chatting till the early hours. They knew each other through a friend and had been on many nights out together over the past 8 years. They were both in their 20’s with curvaceous bodies. Charlotte, Charlie to her friends, was tall and blonde, whilst Jane was small and had an exotic look about her. But however different their appearances were they had similar minds when it came to sex.

They were watching a raunchy lesbian scene on the tv and the conversation turned towards their sex lives, a topic they often discussed. They both loved knowing all the details about each other!

“Have you ever been with a woman?” Jane asked Charlie.

“I’ve kissed an old friend and played with her tits. To be honest I was fascinated by her nipples!” Charlie giggled.

“Did it turn you on?!” Jane was dying to know!

“Yes!! I was really turned on, my pussy was VERY wet, but we didn’t take it any further… It was sort of strange but nice. She had soft skin and she smelt good,” Charlie smiled to herself remembering that night.

Jane moved a bit closer to Charlie on the sofa, “Would you kiss me?” she asked with a hint of longing in her voice.

“Do you want me to?” Charlie said as she looked at her, a naughty grin on her face.

Jane licked her lips and then nodded. She tried to relax as Charlie moved closer to her, their lips touched and Jane closed her eyes pushing her tongue into Charlie’s mouth. Jane was shocked how good Charlie’s mouth felt on hers, it was a much softer and delicate kiss than she had ever shared with a man but it was turning her on just as much.

Charlie moved her hands to Jane’s chest and pulled her top down to reveal her black bra. Jane’s tits were huge and Charlie fondled them in her hands, Jane found herself enjoying Charlie’s touch and was eager to see where things were going to lead. She had always been curious about women and the way Charlie’s kisses felt she knew she wanted more.

Charlie pulled away from Jane and stood up to take her dress off, she pulled it over her head and stood there in nothing but a pair of tiny pink knickers. Jane couldn’t take her eyes of Charlie’s breasts, they were smaller than her own but still large and they were pert, her nipples were dark and erect. Charlie pulled Jane to her feet and undressed her down to her black bra and knickers, she ran her hands over Jane’s shoulders and down her back to the fastening of her bra which she unclipped and slipped the straps over Jane’s arms.

Jane put her hands on Charlie’s tits and cupped them in her hands, she’d never felt another woman’s breasts before and she was surprised at the urge she had to tease her nipples. Charlie sat back down on the sofa leaning forward and pulled Jane on to her knees before her, Jane took a nipple in her mouth and sucked it gently at first then sucking harder as she grew used to the feel of it on her lips. She heard Charlie moan as she teased her with her teeth and it made her want more, her pussy was getting wet now and she wondered if Charlie’s was, she had to find out.

She pushed Charlie back on the sofa and moved her head towards Charlie’s crotch, she gripped the elastic at each side of her pink knickers and pulled them down over her legs. Charlie opened her legs wide now, her heart was beating in her ears, she was about to have her cunt teased by another woman!

Jane looked at Charlie’s bald pussy and spread her lips with her fingers, she felt the wetness on her hands and saw it glistening on Charlie’s inner lips and her clit, she ran a finger inside and felt the soft warm texture that she was used to from playing with her own pussy. She licked it and tasted the sweet salty juices, she looked up at Charlie’s face and saw that her eyes were fixed what she was doing. Charlie’s fingers were teasing her own nipples. Jane pushed her tongue back inside and started to tease Charlie’s swelling clit the way she liked hers to be teased, maybe there were advantages to pleasing a woman!

Her cunt tasted so good and Charlie was moaning a lot, Jane was finding pleasing Charlie very satisfying, her tongue working on the ripe clit in front of her and her own cunt getting wetter while she was doing it. Charlie was breathing hard now and couldn’t believe how good Jane’s mouth was on her pussy, she really knew what she was doing, she tickled it with her tongue and then every so often moved it up and down her lips then back to it, building her up towards orgasm each time. Charlie threw her head back and rocked her hips as she felt the tension build inside her, Jane was hitting all the right spots with her tongue, it was so hot having a woman do that for her, she couldn’t hold back much longer, she put her hands in Jane’s hair. Charlie screamed as her body shivered with delight, Jane kept her tongue moving inside her, making the most of it until Charlie couldn’t take it any more.

Jane pulled her face away from Charlie’s dripping wet pussy and sat back in shock at what she’d just done, she couldn’t believe she had just given her friend an orgasm!

Charlie sat forward, “Its your turn now!”

She pushed Jane on to the floor and kissed her mouth tasting her own sweet pussy, she moved her kisses down over Jane’s neck to those huge titty’s that were waiting for her, she caressed them in her hands and ran her tongue around each nipple. Jane was biting her lip now and her hands were pushing her dark hair back from her flushed face, Charlie’s mouth on her was making her feel so hot, she’d never expected it to be this good with a woman. Charlie made her way down to the black knickers, she ran her fingers over the gusset and felt it was hot and wet, Jane raised her hips up to make it easier for the knickers to come off as Charlie removed them.

Jane had a tiny strip of black pubic hair either side of her lips which Charlie slid a finger down and then pushed it into the warm wetness, she eased the lips apart and came face to face with a Jane’s pink swollen clit. Charlie flicked her tongue against it and heard Jane moan, she licked all around her pussy lapping up the juices before gently clamping her clit between her teeth. Jane was screaming now and gasping for breath. Charlie slid 2 fingers inside the dripping wet hole and felt her fingers surrounded by pussy, she fucked Jane with them while flicking her tongue against her clit.

Jane had never had oral so good, Charlie knew exactly what to do and with so little effort, Jane had her eyes closed and was enjoying feeling the sensation of Charlie’s mouth and fingers, she felt the waves of pleasure begin to come over her. Charlie felt Jane’s pussy tensing and knew she would cum soon, she buried her face in Jane’s pussy and teased her clit with her tongue and teeth until she heard Jane gasp and felt her body trembling. As she gently finished with her tongue Charlie heard the front door open behind them.

Jane was oblivious in her moment of ecstasy, Charlie turned to look and her eyes met his, she grinned.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, Jane and Charlotte, both girls he desired, were naked on the floor Charlotte had her face and fingers in Jane’s cunt and by the looks of it she’d just given Jane a damn good orgasm. He felt his cock stirring in his jeans as his eyes moved over the girls noticing Charlie’s arse facing towards him.

“Shit!” Charlie said. “Thank god its only you, will you lock the door please? And what the hell are you doing coming in here in the middle of the night?!!”

Mike was gorgeous, tall and fair, a friend of Charlie’s for a few years now and she couldn’t believe her luck at him turning up tonight! There was a sexual chemistry between them and she had been hoping for a long time that she would one day get her hands on him. This was the perfect opportunity.

“You left your jacket and I was walking past when I saw the lights on. You said you were going home for a few more drinks so I thought I’d join you,” he said moving towards them feeling his cock growing stiffer every second.

“You could join in with this if you’d prefer?” Charlie purred.

Jane had now come to her senses and was staring at the bulge in Mike’s pants, Charlie’s eyes were also fixed on the bulge.

“I guess we’re cock lovers after all. What do you think, Jane?!”

“Yes big hard cock lovers,” Jane giggled.

Mike couldn’t believe his ears, he was in heaven!!! He walked to the living room and the girls stood up, immediately starting to undress him. Jane took his t-shirt off and his hands wandered over her body straight to those huge breasts he’d been longing to touch, Charlie was on her knees removing all clothing from his lower body, her hands going straight to his huge shaft. She gripped it with her hand and moved up it slowly, she pushed her hand down to the base and then took him deep into her mouth.

Mike groaned as he felt Charlie’s hot mouth on his length, she knew how to tease him, her tongue lingering at the head before sliding down him. His mouth was now working on Jane’s tits, his tongue and teeth teasing her gorgeous nipples while his hands caressed her, those large breasts spilling out of his hands as he tried to cup them. Jane was biting her lip, he knew how to make her wet just with his tongue on her tits!

“Lie down on the floor next to each other,” Mike panted.

He needed a break before he got too excited! The girls lay with their legs open in front of him and he got to work on their pussies, dipping down between their legs, his tongue in one while his fingers were fucking the other, the girls were loving every minute and were teasing each others clits to add to the pleasure Mike was giving them.

Both the girls cunts tasted good and Mike’s cock was twitching as he made them both very juicy and wet, the girls hands were all over each other now roaming from their breasts, to their pussies and then to each others mouths to taste each others pussy juice. Charlie pushed Mike away from her using her foot on his shoulder and moved towards Jane, she whispered something in Jane’s ear.

“We think you should get rid of all that pent up excitement and then you can last longer on round 2,” she said.

“Really?” Mike said in a playful manner, “Your gonna have to give me something to watch to make me cum!”

The girls moved into a 69 position and started to lick each others dripping wet pussies while Mike sat and watched. He started wanking himself, his hand gripping his thick shaft. There was going to be a round 2?!!!!

It wasn’t going to take him long to cum watching this, the girls were moaning and gasping, each ones face covered in the others juice, Jane started to scream and her head moved away from Charlie’s cunt. Her eyes closed and her hands gripping onto her tits as her body shook with pleasure. With Charlie’s ass in the air in front of him Mike moved forward and wanked against her arse hole just in time for him to shoot his load all over her. He groaned as the hot whilte milky cum spurted against her arse cheeks and dripped down her crack.

“Shower time I think!!” Jane shouted and all 3 of them made their way upstairs.

The bathroom was hot and steamy and the girls stood together in the shower as Mike soaped their gorgeous curves, their heavy breasts slipping out of his hands. They both bent over legs spread for him to wash them and he made sure he did a thorough job while feeling their swollen pussies with his fingers and teasing their asses.

They left him in the shower to wash himself and went to the bedroom, Charlie got her vibrators out, a pink one for Jane and her favourite purple one for herself! She straddled Jane’s face so that Jane could get to work on her pussy while she pleasured Jane with a long pink vibrator.

Mike stood watching them from the door way, his dick stood to attention, Charlie gave him a slutty look as she half closed her eyes and moaned, Jane face buried in her pussy. He got on to the bed and moved towards them, he removed the pink shaft from Jane’s cunt and replaced it with his own very stiff cock, his hands moved to Charlie’s pert breasts and his mouth to hers. This was heaven!

Charlie was struggling to stay in control of her orgasm as Mike’s mouth moved down her neck and she felt his tongue on her nipple. Jane was driving her crazy flicking her tongue and biting her clit. Jane was amazed at the size of Mike’s cock, it was huge and it felt so good in her, filling her pussy as he fucked her, she was licking Charlie’s cunt and from the moans she was going to be tasting a lot more pussy juice very soon! Mike was glad he’d cum downstairs already, he wouldn’t have lasted long taking part in this and they’d only just got started!

Charlie’s screams became uncontrollable as she came, she gripped hold of Mike’s shoulders for support as the hot feeling of orgasm shot through her, god that girl could lick pussy! She climbed off Jane and took a moment to relax, watching as Mike lent forward to Jane’s mouth and tasted Charlie’s cunt on her tongue, she felt like she was watching a real live porn movie! It was so surreal how the night had turned out she had to pinch herself.

Mike was fucking Jane hard now, pounding her, his balls slapping against her ass as she screamed with delight! Charlie got her vibrator and put it up her own cunt, she moved over to Jane’s tits with her arse in the air and her legs open so Mike could see the buzzing toy inside her. Charlie started to gently bit Jane’s nipples and run her fingers round the outline of her tits, Jane was screaming uncontrollably now and her hands moved to Charlie’s hair. Charlie got the pink toy Jane had used earlier and put it against Jane’s clit so she could feel the buzzing on her as Mike’s cock rammed her pussy. Jane came almost instantly, her legs tensing around Mike’s body as her pussy tightened around him.

Mike pulled out of Jane, letting her rest after her second orgasm of the night. He moved his hand to Charlie’s white ass, the only part of her that wasn’t tanned and rubbed his finger around her ass hole using her wetness as a lubricant, she raised her ass higher to make it easier for him to play with. His cock was throbbing now, he pushed his finger up Charlie’s anus and fucked it.

She moaned, “Ooooh yeah. Your finger feels so good in my ass,” said said in a slutty voice.

He’s always known she was a dirty bitch but never did he expect to find her giving her friend an orgasm and then inviting him for a threesome!

Mike wanted Charlie’s ass so much. He watched Charlie slid her tongue down Jane’s body to her pussy. Not taking her eyes of Jane’s face, Charlie pushed the other pink vibrator up Jane’s awaiting pussy and then set to work on her clit with her tongue. Mike stood on the floor behind Charlie and slid the purple toy out of her cunt, he thrust his cock up her, she was incredibly wet and her she felt tight against him, she gasped as he started to fuck her and his finger entering her ass again.

Mike slipped 2 fingers in Charlie’s tight arse hole and started stretching it that little bit more, getting it ready for his shaft. Charlie was so turned on and taking out all her pleasure on Jane’s cunt, fucking her hard with the vibrator and circling her tongue around her clit driving Jane wild. Mike’s cock felt amazing inside her, he was so big and she loved it, she was struggling to concentrate on Jane’s pussy, keeping her mind on her own pussy and trying not to cum.

Jane moved away from Charlie towards Mike with the vibrator still inside her buzzing and caressing her pussy. As Mike withdrew himself from Charlie’s cunt Jane pushed Charlie’s purple vibrator up Charlie’s cunt and started to fuck her with it. Mike slowly pushed his solid shaft into Charlie’s tight pink ass hole and groaned, she felt amazing!

“Oooohhh!” Charlie threw her head back.

She had never felt pleasure like it, her first night with a girl had turned into her first night of double penetration aswell! Jane was moaning, the vibrator in her and watching Charlie and Mike was driving her wild. Jane was fucking Charlie’s pussy with her vibrator and she had her thumb rubbing her clit.

“Oh god!” screamed Charlie. Mike’s cock felt so big in her ass, she definately felt like a porn star now!

“Fuck me hard… both of you,” she panted as the two of them worked hard at her.

She was breathing hard now, she couldn’t hold back any longer she felt the muscles in her ass and cunt start to tighten as Jane rubbed her clit faster. Charlie’s hands reached out and her fingers grabbed the sheet on the bed, she let out a loud scream and her legs trembled.

“Don’t pull out either of you!” Charlie cried.

Charlie wanted to carry on through her orgasm, she didn’t want to stop now she was loving it, the slut in her coming out. Mike was finding it hard to stay in control knew he couldn’t last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum you dirty bitch” he said.

Charlie put her sluttiest voice on for him, “I want you to fill my ass with cum!”

He started to groan, he had never met anyone like her. She wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted and she was going to get it, he felt the pressure in his balls reach boiling point as her ass tensed around his length, she was squeezing her muscles on purpose to bring him closer to his climax! He gripped her arse cheeks as he thrust into her hard, squirting his cum inside of her, he thrust for as long as he could manage, his cum still spurting inside her, it had to be a record amount especially for his second time of the night! Eventually his knees gave way and he lay on the bed. Charlie felt his hot sticky cum dripping down her legs.

The three of them were hot and sticky with each others juices and their bodies entwined on the bed. Jane headed for the bathroom first for a well deserved shower.

Charlie turned to Mike and grinned, “I’d say it was well worth you calling by with my jacket, wouldn’t you?”

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