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It all started when Tom broke his finger. He was helping to move some of his elderly Father’s furniture when the middle finger of his right hand got caught between the shelf he was carrying and the door frame. A quick trip to the hospital and Tom’s middle finger was in a brace.

As injuries go, the finger was pretty minor, but being right-handed Tom quickly found a world of inconveniences. Everything took a little longer to do, and some jobs were nearly impossible without at least a little thought.

He was complaining about it to his friend Gayle during an instant messenger session.

Tomcat: Busted my finger today – it’s making typing a bitch

Gayle Force: Oh no! Are you going to be all right?

TC: Yeah, but I can tell it’s going to be a frustrating six weeks – Lots of things I can’t do.

GF: Anything I can do to help out.

TC: Well there is one thing – ah never mind.

GF: What?

TC: I could use a hand at one thing, but I doubt you’ll agree.

GF: Again, what?

TC: It involves lubricant…

GF: Sure.

TC: I’m joking of course.

TC: Wait, did you just agree?!?!

GF: Yes.

TC: You realize I just asked you for a hand job?

GF: Yes.

TC: God. Now I’m beat red and my heart is pounding.

GF: lol

GF: I win!

After logging off, Tom couldn’t get the exchange out of his head. She couldn’t be serious could she? It wasn’t as if he really needed someone to jerk him off – his left hand was perfectly OK; plus, he has an assortment of toys to get himself off with.

The problem was that Tom and Gayle were “just good friends”, which is to say, Tom would have dropped everything to have sex with Gayle, but Gayle didn’t see him that way. Tom was the archetypical urban nerd and Gayle liked country boys. Tom knew it, so he limited his attraction to surreptitious glances and double entendres. They flirted, and they both knew that a flirt was not a promise.

Or at least, that was what Tom thought until that night online. Now there was a glimmer of hope for something more. Normally this would fuel a week’s worth of masturbation fantasies. But this time, Tom went to bed hard and untouched. He drifted off imagining Gayle’s hands on his cock.

The next day, work proved to be as difficult as he had thought it would be. Working with a computer all day necessitated that he relearn how to type with one finger out of action. By the end of the day his hand was cramped in addition to the dull ache in his finger. He also had to contend with a general buzz of low-level horniness all day. Every time he thought about his hand, he also thought about Gayle’s promise (in his mind it had grown from a throwaway line to a promise). Despite the cramp in his palm, Tom signed on when he got home and immediately noticed that Gayle was online.

GF: So how was your day.

TC: It was OK, my hand was giving me problems, but I’m learning to cope.

GF: Is it throbbing?

TC: Nah, more of a dull ache radiating from the fracture.

GF: I wasn’t talking about you hand.

TC: Oh that – well, it’s only been two days since my last, uh, session. I’m not desperate yet.

TC: Although I am looking forward to a helping hand.

GF: I bet you are.

TC: I haven’t quite decided if you’re a tease or a NightinGAYLE.

GF: Oh, definitely a nightingale.

TC: And how can I know that for sure?

GF: I’m a good girl…

GF: …with kinky bits.

TC: Coming to the party tomorrow?

GF: Of course – I’ll have some happiness just for you.

Tom signed off and just sat there. Every sentence in their chat session had sent a rush of blood to his groin and now he was rock solid.

My drop-dead gorgeous friend is going to give me a hand job tomorrow, he thought.

He resisted the urge to whack off right there, instead going to bed. It was a long night, with the thoughts that raced through his head preventing him from relaxing enough to fall asleep. Eventually, exhaustion set in and he passed out. He dreamed of Gayle’s body, her face, her legs, her ass – but mostly he dreamt of her hands.

At the party the next day, Tom thought, “Ok, just keep it cool, you’re two friends out with a bunch of other friends having a good time. She was probably just kidding, so don’t make a pest of yourself.”

Gayle had shown up wearing a short skirt and a tank top, a combination that made the most of her long legs, small breasts and spectacular ass. A belly button piercing and multiple bracelets topped off the ensemble. Also along was her young son, Dylan.

“You know we’re going out clubbing tonight, don’t you? I don’t think your six year old will get past the bouncer,” said Tom.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Something came up and I have to take him to Edmonton. Can I have a rain check for the dancing? I know it was last minute, but I thought I’d at least make an appearance before I left,” she said.

“That depends, do I get a rain check too?”

“Of course, I’d never leave you… short handed,” she giggled.

Was her smile just a little more impish than usual, Tom thought, or is it just my imagination.

“Do I at least get a good-bye hug?”

She held her arms open and Tom rushed in. They hugged warmly. As they held each other, Tom whispered “I had no idea you could be such a tease”.

“Count on it,” she whispered back.

They let go of each other and Gayle turned to walk back to her truck, where her son were waiting, oblivious to the exchange taking place.

“I thought you were a nightingale?” Tom asked.

“I can be both”, she replied.

Monday night, they chatted again on line.

GF: So how was your weekend?

TC: Pretty good, I got to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, I had some banked hours at work so I took Friday off, and I didn’t even have to help my Dad finish moving on account of my finger.

GF: So it was a 100 percent good weekend?

TC: Well, there was one small part of me that was disappointed.

GF: I hope it isn’t that small a part. lol.

TC: It’s been six days without for me, I’m starting to get pretty frustrated.

GF: *GASP* six days?

GF: You mean you’ve been waiting for me?

TC: Well, yeah.

TC: I want it to be a good one – I don’t get opportunities like this very often.

TC: It’s getting hard to wait though.

GF: I bet it’s getting hard. Can you wait until next weekend?

TC: Are you serious? I can hardly wait until supper time.

GF: Wait until this weekend, and I guarantee it will be a good one.

She signed off before he could reply.

Another week, he thought? The conversation had definitely crossed the line from teasing flirt to verbal foreplay. Tom hoped Gayle and he were on the same wavelength – he’d hate to wait that long just to have her say she wasn’t serious. Frustration was one thing, but combining it with an embarrassing faux pas was quite another.

It was a long week and Tom made it even longer by jerking off every night. With a Herculean force of will he managed to stop before coming. He didn’t know what was coming over him – it would obviously be less frustrating to leave his anxious cock alone, but he couldn’t help himself. Every time he was on the brink of orgasm he would imagine how much better it would feel if it was Gayle’s fingers wrapped around his shaft, her hand slick with lube sliding up and down.

He found himself staring at women’s hands a lot more, imagining them slowly masturbating him. In just ten days he had gone from never thinking about hands at all to seriously fetishizing them.

At the same time, the frustration was making him strangely eager to please every woman he talked to. He went out of his way to be extra polite to them all. It even attracted a few comments from his coworkers.

“You certainly are cheerful today.”

“It’s almost Friday,” said Tom.

“Got big plans for the weekend, do you? Going out of town?”

“Nope, I just think It’s going to be a great weekend.”

Meanwhile, his nightly chats with Gayle had become strangely chaste – she never mentioned their weekend plans, and when Tom surreptitiously tried to bring it up she would feign ignorance or suddenly have to sign off.

After an eternity, Friday came. As soon as Tom was off work, he phoned Gayle.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hey nightingale – mind if I come over tonight?” asked Tom, trying to sound casual.

“Sure – I sent Dylan to see his cousins for the weekend and I definitely have plans for you. When you come over, dress casual – in clothes you don’t mind losing.”

“Um, Ok. Seems like an odd request for a first date though.”

“Who said anything about a date – I plan on putting you to work painting the kitchen. You can do that one-handed, right?”

Tom stood there, mouth open with his phone against his ear.

“Hello? Are you still there?” asked Gayle?

“Yeah, um, so we’re painting – I’ve got some coveralls.”

Crestfallen, Tom made his way home to get a change of clothes, and from there went to Gayle’s. The whole way there, he felt like a fool for assuming anything could ever happen between the two of them.

Gayle was waiting at the door when he arrived. She was wearing cutoffs and a grubby T-shirt, both of which had specks of green paint on them. A handkerchief kept paint off her auburn hair.

“Hi, I saw you coming up the street so I came to open the door,” she held the door open for him, “You can change in the bathroom. In addition to painting, I have a fine meal of Thai take out prepared.”

They exchanged more pleasantries as Tom moved to the bathroom. He changed into his coveralls and came out.

“Well, we look like quite the pair don’t we – I’m the bald guy from the American Gothic painting, and you’re Daisy Duke,” said Tom.

“We’re painting – we don’t have to look like fashion models,” replied Gayle.

“C’mon, follow me,” she said, gesturing as she turned towards the kitchen, “Watch your step.”

Tom followed her closely, keeping an eye out for misplaced boxes and furniture – but also keeping half an eye on her rear end. Suddenly, in mid stride, Gayle stopped and took a step backwards. Without enough time to stop, Tom bumped into her. Gayle continued backwards, pushing her ass into his crotch.

Smiling back at Tom, she said, “Oops, sorry about that – thought I was going to trip.”

Once again, conflicting thoughts flooded into Tom’s mind. Was that deliberate? Was there going to be anything other than painting and Thai food on the menu tonight? Was he imagining things? Tom’s cock had no such worries – it was now standing at attention, ready for Gayle to move backwards again.

Throughout the evening, Gayle was very forward. She smiled, touching him often and seemed to be bending over an awful lot more than was strictly necessary. Bending away, she would give her backside a little wiggle, bending towards him she would jut her chest out, her nipples revealing that she was bra-less. It was all subtle enough that Tom wasn’t sure what was going on, but it did make the evening go faster.

Afterwards, the mixed messages continued.

“It’s awfully late – maybe you should spend the night?”

“Sure, I’d like that,” answered Tom.

“Ok, I’ll get you some sheets for the couch.”

“Maybe I should go home after all.”

“No, don’t do that – I’ll cook crepes tomorrow as a thank you for all the help,” she said as she slid a hand up his arm.

“Well, Ok.”

Later, in the wee hours, Tom finally fell asleep on the couch, the previous hours being equally spent on frustration and self-doubt.

Gayle woke him up the next morning.

“Wake up sleepy head”, she said leaning over him, “We’ve got a busy day ahead of us – I promised my brother I’d rescue him from Dylan at three o’clock.”

Gayle was wearing a plush bathrobe and her hair was wrapped in a towel.

“What time is it?” asked Tom.

“Time for you to have a shower – that would be nine o’clock for you geeks,” she said. “The downstairs shower isn’t working, so you’ll have to use mine upstairs.”

Tom got up and wrapped the sheet around him.

“So we’re having pancakes,” he asked, still a little bleary.

“Oh, I’ve changed my mind about the crepes, I have a better breakfast in mind – go have you’re shower.”

Tom went about his morning ritual. He freshened up and had a hot shower. The heat (and Gayle’s shower massage) removed all the kinks his shoulders he had developed while sleeping on the couch. The water running down his front also reminded his cock that it had had no attention in quite a while. He gave it a few soapy strokes before resuming.

Drying off afterwards, he wrapped himself in a towel and walked out into the bedroom.

“Gayle, have you seen my overnight bag, I thought I’d left…,” he came up short by what he saw.

Gayle was kneeling on the bed, facing him. She was wearing panties, a red corset and black elbow length gloves. The panties shone like silk and were thin enough that they couldn’t possibly be practical – only decorative. The corset accentuated her already fantastic figure and pushed her breasts up and out. A thin gold chain connected both of her erect nipples.

“Are you ready for your hand job now?” she asked, one eyebrow crooked.

Tom stared speechless at the vision in front of him. His heart raced and he could feel himself blush from his face to his chest.

Gayle stepped off the bed and sauntered towards him. “What’s the matter – cat got your tongue?”

She walked around behind him and took his hands off the towel that was wrapped around him.

“I don’t think we need this, do you? It’s certainly not doing anything to hide you hard cock.”

“What is this?” Tom finally managed to stammer out.

“Silly, It’s the prelude to the best hand job you’ve ever had, of course.”

“You’ve been such a good friend, and ever so patient with me,” she said as she guided him to the bed, “Imagine, almost a whole two weeks without getting off. I can barely go two days without myself. I can’t imagine how frustrated you must feel. Lie down now.”

Tom lay down on the bed. Gayle, leaning over him, grabbed a leather restraint.

“Do you trust me?” she asked, holding the restraint up.

“What’s that for?” asked Tom, now a little nervous for reasons other than his sexy friend.

“It’s to keep you from ruining a truly spectacular morning. You know I like a little bit of bondage – this is your opportunity to find out why.”

“I’m not so sure about this.”

“Don’t worry – if there is anything, and I mean ANYTHING that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can just say your safe word and I’ll let you out,” She whispered into his ear. Giving the earlobe a little lick, she continued, “What is your safe word anyway? Pick something that doesn’t normally come up in conversation.”

It just popped into his mind, unbidden. “Rutabaga” he said.

“Rutabaga it is then,” she said.

Gayle secured first one wrist, then the other to the headboard with her restraints. “Let me know if that restraint is bothering your hand and I’ll adjust it.”

“It’s fine. To be honest, it’s not my hand that has my attention right now.”

She smiled at him. “I bet there are other parts of you that are just aching.” She moved to the footboard and attached restraints to his ankles.

“Here’s the thing about safe words – saying ‘rutabaga’ means I’ll stop and release you, no questions asked. It also means the session is over. I promise you, this will be a day to remember, but only if you don’t chicken out.”

“Ok,” Tom heard himself say.

Gayle smiled at him. “I knew you’d say that.”

Placing her gloved hands on his chest, she threw a leg over his waist and straddled him. Leaning back, she grabbed his erection and held it as if she were going to lower herself onto him. Instead, his cock met resistance on her panties as she settled her weight down on him, pinning his cock between them.

My god, Tom thought, I’ve been here less than a minute and I already want to come just by having her dry hump me. He could feel the heat of her pussy through the thin silk, the underside of his cock resting in the groove of her labia.

Gayle leaned forward until they were nose to nose, looking into each other’s eyes. She smiled at Tom and he swallowed hard. Then she tilted her head sideways, closed her eyes and kissed him.

For the first few minutes that was all she did, kissing him lightly, her tongue darting forward occasionally. Whenever he tried to deepen the kiss she would pull away. Their crotches stayed locked together during all this.

Finally, almost involuntarily, Tom began to thrust against her. Gayle pulled her head back slightly and looked at him with half-lidded eyes. Her mouth partially open she began to grind back as she watched him. Finally, she reached under his shoulders and hugged him deeply. Their mouths met again and this time their tongues dueled wildly. Both Gayle and Tom made little moaning noises into each other’s mouth as their combined friction dampened Gayle’s panties.

She pulled away with a gasp. Tom was straining against the restraints and his cock was poking her cunt through the panties.

“That was a pretty good warm up,” she said as she rolled off of him. “God, this is getting me all hot and bothered.”

“Why did you stop?” asked Tom, afraid he knew the answer.

“You asked for a hand job, and a hand job is what you’re going to get” she said, suddenly serious.

Gayle spun around so that she one arm was draped over Tom’s waist. With the other hand she slowly and deliberately wrapped her fingers around his cock. Holding the skin tightly, she slowly began stroking him up and down. Tom relaxed back into the pillow and concentrated on the wonderful sensations of Gayle’s gloved hand jerking him off.

Her pace was almost agonizingly slow, but it was also deliberate. Tom’s nearly two weeks of denial, combined with her stroking, started to ramp up to the inevitable orgasm.

Wanting it to be a good one, Tom tried to relax completely and just let the orgasm come. He could feel a wave of increasing pleasure with every stroke, the warm anticipation building up within him. He was oh so very close now.

And Gayle stopped and let go of him.

“Ahh, don’t stop now! I was almost there.”

“I know – I’ve been watching your balls. Did you know that the closer a man is to coming the tighter his scrotum becomes? Right now, your balls are almost all the way up – I have to give them time to loosen up again.”

Gayle pushed herself up and turned around to look at Tom. “You know, all of this playing with you is just getting me wet, but I don’t think I’ll be able to come just by stroking your cock.”

She sat up. “I know – I can get myself off . You don’t mind do you?” Without waiting for an answer, Gayle leaned over to her bedside table and opened a drawer. Tom strained to look, but could only see a mass of wires. Finally, Gayle took out a small egg vibrator.

She pulled her panties off and kicked them aside. Kneeling back onto the bed she straddled Tom’s chest. Tom had an unobstructed view of her pussy. Her trimmed bush was dewy with her juice.

“I like this toy. It packs quite a punch for such a small package, and it’s oh so very versatile,” said Gayle, looking down at Tom.

She turned the vibe on and Tom could hear the buzz of a powerful motor. She held it just below her left nipple, causing it to shake the chain she was wearing rather than directing it against herself. After a moment she switched to the other side. Tom was amazed to see her nips getting even more erect. His mouth watered at the thought of sucking on them.

Gayle now moved the vibe down to her belly, just below the corset she was wearing. She touched the egg to her skin at the top of her pubic mound, then moved it farther down still. Tom didn’t blink once, intent on soaking in every last detail of this show.

At last, Gayle held the egg against her clit and a soft moan escaped from her lips. Tom saw the muscles in her belly contract involuntarily as she did so. She didn’t hold it there long enough to come, at least not yet. Instead she moved the vibe to her vagina and slowly inserted it. After a small amount of resistance, it popped in. She then pulled it right back out. She watched Tom, his eyes focused on her cunt, as she slowly worked the egg in and out of her pussy.

After a few minutes the egg, as well as most of her crotch, was slippery with lubricant. Now the egg returned to her clit, where she slowly worked it around, trying to find just the right angle. Her eyes drooped closed, she leaned back and finally just held the vibrating egg firmly against her clit.

Though clenched teeth, Gayle finally moaned, “Oh… God” and started to come. Tom watched her pussy clench and the muscles in her belly quiver. She ground her crotch down onto Tom’s chest as she cried out. Finally, she pulled the vibe away from her clit and fell sideways onto the bed.

Gayle pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged them as she laid there. After a few minutes she uncurled and looked up at Tom. “Well, let’s see if you’re a little more relaxed now,” she said as she looked his cock over. “I don’t know, your balls aren’t quite so tight, but your cock seems to have gotten harder… and there’s an awful lot of precum on your belly. I’d say you enjoyed my little show just now.”

“Are you kidding – I’ve never seen anything that hot before in my life”, said Tom.

“Flatterer. We’ll see if I can do better before the morning is out”, she said.

Gayle once again returned to the bedside table and opened her drawer full of toys. She fumbled around inside it for a moment.

“There we go, everything a man needs to have the hand job of a lifetime.”

She held – something – against her chest, but would not let Tom see it. Walking around to the foot of the bed she squatted down and placed it on the floor. She then took her opera gloves off and wrapped her toys in them and placed them on the bed between his knees. Tom craned his neck, trying to see what it was.

“You know, I’m still pretty horny. One orgasm is definitely not going to be enough for me today.” Gayle again kneeled on the bed. “But I really should get back to stroking your hard cock. I’ve got it – I’ll put you to work too”. She kneeled over his head, then slowly splayed her legs until she was laying on the top of his chest with her pussy against Tom’s chin. Without having to be told, Tom immediately started to eat her out.

“Mmm. Good boy,” she said, smiling as Tom polished her labia with his tongue.

If there was one thing that Tom enjoyed, it was going down on a woman. He just wished his arms weren’t restrained – he wanted to wrap them around Gayle’s thighs. Instead he concentrated on using his mouth to please her. He worked his tongue all over her vulva from top to bottom, stopping occasionally to concentrate on her clit. He took it between his lips and sucked gently on the little bead.

“Oh, fuck, I had no idea you were so good at that,” gasped Gayle. She was splayed over him, concentrating on the wonderful jolts of pleasure that Tom was giving her. She could feel the orgasm building deep within her and her hips started to roll unconsciously.

Through half-lidded eyes, Gayle stared down at Tom’s cock – she hadn’t so much as touched it since he started, but it seemed almost bigger. It was steel-hard and the head was a fierce purple. It flexed as she watched and a large drop of precum oozed out. Tom was on the verge of coming, just from eating her. That thought was all she needed to careen her over the edge.

“Oh my god – I’m coming,” she cried as she ground her pussy into Tom’s face.

Tom continued the stimulation. He sucked on her clit and flicked his tongue against it, hummingbird fast. He could feel the muscles in her belly vibrating from the contractions of her climax. He was determined not to stop until she pulled away and when her orgasms subsided.

For a few minutes she simply laid there on top of him, her pussy just out of reach. She was panting from the exertion of her orgasms and a fine gleam of sweat covered her body.

“Oh my”, she said eventually. “Why is it you don’t have a girlfriend?”

“I think it might have something to do with being too shy to ask women out”, he said.

“Well if it’s any consolation, you’ll have no trouble keeping them around once they’ve sampled your tongue.” She rolled off his chest, turned around and looked him in the eye. “Thank you,” she said and with that she gave him a quick kiss, her tongue darting out once to flick his.

“Now where was I? Oh yes, I was jerking you off.”

Gayle reached past his cock to her stash of unknown items and grabbed a small bottle of clear fluid. She squeezed a dollop of it into her palm and closed it. She was looking into his eyes as she reached down with her now lubed up hand as she slowly curled her fingers around his cock. He closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure.

With agonizing slowness Gayle slid her hand up and down his shaft. She took care to avoid the head for now. Having seen the look on his face, she now turned her full attention (and both hands) to pleasuring him.

Her left arm was draped across him and the hand snaked around to play with his balls. Her right hand continued its slow journey up and down his shaft. Tom closed his eyes and just let the sensations engulf him. Every stroke brought him a little closer. It wasn’t as fast as he’d have liked, but he knew the pace would bring him off if she kept at it for just a little longer.

Her grip tightened on every upstroke, and he could feel her forcing a new bead of precum out of the head each time. It dripped down onto her hand, adding to the lubrication. Every now and then she would stroke just high enough for his glans to get some stimulation and that always brought an extra jolt of pleasure. Finally he was there, right on the edge.

Again she stopped, but this time he could feel her pressing her other hand between his cock and balls, forcing his balls down and away. Immediately, his urge to climax faded. He still wanted to come, but now found that he couldn’t.

Gayle shifted the grip to underneath his balls. Now she pushed up and away, trying to hold his cock and balls with one hand, by the base. Tom’s scrotum was stretched tightly over his nuts and the pressure was on the edge between taut and painful.

“Gahh! What are you doing,” he exclaimed.

“Almost finished, just hold on a bit longer,” Gayle replied.

Tom felt some kind of rubber ring being placed against him, taking the place of Gayle’s firm grip. With a snap she let go, but he was still held firmly by the ring.

“This,” said Gayle, “is a cock ring. It’ll keep you nice and hard and, at the same time, keep you from coming too soon.”

Gayle sat up and put some more lube into her hand. This time she warmed it up by rubbing both her palms together.

“Now I get to give you a two-fisted hand job without worrying about you shooting off.”

Gayle repositioned herself so that she ws sitting cross-legged between Tom’s restrained legs. She formed her two hands into a tunnel and began to stroke him again. These strokes were different from before – Tom wasn’t used to two hands at once, and not from this angle. The pleasure was still intense, but the cock ring did its job well.

“You want a lot more than my hands, don’t you?” whispered Gayle. “I bet you wish you were sliding into a nice, tight pussy.”

As she said that, she tightened her grip and engulfed the head of his cock as well as his shaft, forcing him to penetrate her well-lubricated fist. Tom gasped with the shock of this pleasure. He strained against his bonds, willing himself to come, but the ring thwarted him.

Gayle slowed down and leaned forward. Now she stroked him with just the first finger and thumb of her right hand, shaped into an OK sign. Her mouth was an inch away from the head of his cock and she breathed heavily on it as she said, “Or maybe you’d like to come in my mouth?” She leaned back up and giggled. “God this is fun – are you having fun? You sure feel like you’re having fun.”

“I think I might die if you don’t let me come,” said Tom.

“Oh, I think you can go a little longer”, she said. With that, she started stroking him again. Almost immediately he was at that point where he needed to come, but couldn’t. In his desperation, Tom had a revelation – Gayle wasn’t going to leave him high and dry; he didn’t need to try and come, it would get there in its own time.

So Tom tried not to think about it. Instead he just concentrated on the wonderful sensations produced by Gayle’s slick hands on his hard cock.

She worked him with her hands. She would alternate her hands going down over his shaft, so that it felt like he was sinking into an endless vagina. She would switch directions and “milk” his cock. A constant stream of pre come was leaking from his cock by now and Gayle didn’t have to re-lubricate her palms – Tom was doing it for her.

Each stroke was its own jolt of pleasure and Tom just relaxed and let it happen. And each jolt pushed his threshold up a notch until he thought he had died and gone to heaven.

Sometimes she would jerk him lightning fast, with her fist barely touching his cock. Other times she would grip him tightly and work it up and down slowly. Then she circled her palm around the head, and just under the head. These sensations were so intense that Tom bucked and tried to keep Gayle from doing it, which of course only served to encourage her.

“Do you like that?” She teased as she slowly pressed her slick palm along the head of his cock.

“It’s too intense – I can’t take it.”

“Oh poor Tom,” she said as the circular rub continued. “It’s not like you have a choice”.

The excruciating pleasure continued as Tom turned his head and bit down on the pillow. Gayle had one hand around the lower half of his shaft, giving him firm half strokes at the base. Her other hand continued it’s slow slick rotation.

Tom was whimpering through the pillow he had clenched between his teeth. This was it – He was going to finally come, cock ring or no cock ring. He cold feel the semen boiling in his balls. But just as he was on the brink of orgasm, Gayle stopped completely. His steel-hard cock was quivering in the air with nothing touching it but a fine sheen of lube and precum.

“Noooo,” he cried, “I was right there”.

“I know, I was worried I might have misjudged. Don’t worry baby, we’re on the home stretch now.”

The threat of Tom’s orgasm was now safely over. Gayle grabbed his cock and pulled it downwards with one hand while she gently, gently stretched the cock ring off of him. His balls were tender, and they retreated tightly back into his body. Her warm hand gently cupped them.

Gayle got up from between his legs and laid down beside Tom. Laying on her side, she propped her head up with her hand and looked deeply into Tom’s eyes.

“Are you ready for the grand finale?” she asked.

“Oh god, anything you want,” he replied, never looking away for an instant.

She leaned in closer. “I think you really like being tied up, don’t you?”

She kissed him instead of waiting for his answer. At first the kiss was shallow, but Gayle shifted position so that they fit together better and she started a frantic deep, French kiss. Tom was in heaven, necking with his beautiful friend. So much so that for a moment he forgot about his cock, but only for a moment – Gayle reached down and slowly wrapped her fingers around it.

She slowly slid her fist up and down the lower half of his shaft. With every stroke it got a tiny bit faster, her fist a tiny bit tighter and she slid closer to the head.

Tom again didn’t try to come, he just rode the wave as he again experienced the ever increasing jolts of pleasure. This time, she wasn’t watching him – she was kissing him, deeply.

Finally he was right on the brink of orgasm, he whimpered into her mouth and that told her all she needed to know. She paused, briefly, then her fist, lightning fast now, rode over the whole length of his cock. Tom exploded with pleasure like he had never imagined – he had no idea an orgasm could be this intense and he screamed into Gayle’s open mouth as he came. She kept up the stroking, allowing him to ride out each explosive contraction to its maximum pleasure. Her hand and his chest were now soaked with his cum. Finally, she stopped stroking when he was well and truly spent. She left her hand on his now shrinking cock.

After a minute, Tom opened his eyes to see her looking at him from inches away. “Hi,” he said.

“Hi yourself,” she said smiling.

They lay there for a few minutes as Tom caught his breath. The exchanged small kisses for a time. Finally, Gayle got up and unbuckled the leather cuffs that had held Tom into place. Tom sat up and rubbed his wrists and ankles.

“So, did you like that?” she asked him.

“You know I did,” said Tom, gesturing to the splattered semen on his chest.

“No, I mean did you like being tied up and at my mercy? Did you like being teased for over an hour like that?”

Tom thought for a moment about the experience he had just had – about the two weeks with no release and the incredible things she had just done to him. Mostly he thought about how he had finally reached a point of total trust and submitted himself to her will.

He looked her deep in the eyes and said, “Yes”. After a moment he added, “I don’t think I could take it very often, but I did like it – and I’d do it again.”

Gayle smiled and hugged him. Then, joking to show that the serious confessional moment had passed she said, “You’re lucky my arm was getting tired, or you’d have been tied up for a lot longer. Hurry up and get dressed, I think we both deserve a big breakfast.”

It was later, after breakfast, when Gayle had to leave to fetch her son, that it came time for Tom to go home.

They stood at the threshold of her front door, they again hugging and sharing kisses, both unwilling for the day to end.

“My ex has Dylan in two weeks. Want to come over and help me… paint,” she said, giving him a sly smile and running a hand down his chest.

“You bet,” said Tom enthusiastically.

“Can you do something for me in the mean time,” she asked?


“No orgasms.”

“What’s in it for me?” he asked.

“Next time I won’t use my hands,” she said.

Tom knew it was going to be a difficult wait. He also knew it would be worth every moment.

The end.

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