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With me being retired and Eileen working part-time in her own business it means we can take advantage of last minute holiday offers if they come our way.

Just over a month ago I bumped into an old work colleague who offered me the use of his apartment in the “Food Capital of Ireland” for a long w/e. He said it might be quiet enough but the restaurants were good, the Guinness excellent, the pubs great crack and the golf courses challenging.

We had never been and Eileen was really up for it rather brazenly saying that she had always fancied Irish men! I had to remind her we couldn’t do a lot in my friends’ apartment.

We got into the village on Friday afternoon and found it quaint but rather out of season and a little deserted.

I thought Eileen had both rather overdressed and underdressed for the night out for our meal in the local hotel and a mini pub crawl. Since I encouraged her to dress sexier and since her sexual awakening she does tend to dress to show off her assets. This time it was in a short black pleated skirt, lace top hold-ups, 4 inch heels, and a see through black lace vest. This actually emphasised and showed off her ripe 39c breasts but she did wear a light jacket over it.

I wasn’t complaining for it showed off her heavy breasts, her shapely legs and ripe thighs and when she strode out the bottom of the creamy cheeks of her big ripe ass, but I felt it a little extreme for this sleepy Irish town.

The meal was superb and I think the elderly waiter fully enjoyed the view of Eileen’s breasts as he was terribly attentive. I think she was a bit disappointed at the lack of possible suitable male talent in the hotel or in the more traditional bars we visited. Although in the penultimate bar we were in she described the young barman as “quite fanciable” and said as she was very randy would I mind if she picked him up.

I didn’t really think it was a good idea as we had never really tried to pick someone up cold before and suggested that I ask him if there were any livelier places in town when I went up to the bar to order another round of drinks. When I asked him he smiled and looking across at Eileen said “with a lady like that I should have thought you ‘d have enough entertainment.” Following his gaze I saw Eileen had crossed her legs showing a large expanse of creamy thigh above her stocking tops and when she saw us looking she smiled and without pulling her skirt down uncrossed her legs and crossed them again giving us a flash of her big shaven pussy mound. The skirt rode even higher and she put on display her thighs above the stocking top right up to the bottom of her butt cheeks.

He murmured that there was a livelier sports bar a few streets away but if he had a lady like her he knew where he would be taking her.

When we left the bar and followed his directions we could hear the noise coming from the sports bar and when we looked in saw that it was a really young crowd of mainly young guys. Eileen was all for going in but I demurred as I thought we would look quite out of place — especially the way Eileen was dressed. I suggested we have a night cap in a quieter bar and investigate the sports bar on Saturday night.

Eileen agreed with very bad grace and so we made our way to the bar of a nearby hotel. By this stage I was ready for bed and a session with Eileen but she was obviously wanting more. She said as no one knew us it was a glorious opportunity to have some fun. I said I would have found it alright say if we had got into conversation with one or two guys but I didn’t really fancy trying to go into a crowded bar full of young people to try to pick someone up. I was rather shocked when she said she would find it fun and suggested that she go into the bar first and see if she got picked up. I could come in later and join her saying I had been held up. When I said I wasn’t really up for it she suggested she would go in on her own just for a recce for the next night. She would have one drink and follow me back to the apartment. I suggested that to make sure she was all right I would go round the corner for a drink and meet her outside in about 15 -20 minutes.

I have to say it was with a mixture of both some concern and sexual excitement to see my mature wife, who was very provocatively dressed stride boldly into a bar crowded with mainly young guys.


When I heard we had the opportunity of going to Ireland I was really up for it because I love the Irish brogue and think dark haired Irish guys are really fanciable. I was a bit disappointed when Tom said we couldn’t do much in his friend’s apartment and quite disappointed when it appeared he really was intending to go for the fine food reputation of the village rather than for a sexual adventure.

In fact bearing in mind how he was always wanting me to dress sexier I was quite annoyed when he said he thought I was a bit overdressed when I wore one of my short skirts and see through tops.

I was also disappointed with the hotel he took me to because while it certainly lived up to its reputation for fine food there was absolutely no male talent in the bar or restaurant and I had to make do with the admiring glances of our rather elderly waiter.

Our mini pub crawl didn’t really generate any fanciable guys except one barman and Tom wasn’t keen for me to try to pick him up. To tease Tom and him I flashed him a bit of thigh and possibly a bit of pussy when Tom was up at the bar asking him was there someone livelier in town.

When we followed his directions to an Aussie themed sports bar I could see all the male talent appeared to be crowded in to one place and wanted to try it but Tom didn’t like the ‘ idea of going into a bar full of young guys to try to pick someone up.’

We went to another hotel for a night cap but while I fancied a bit of fun and to be frank a couple of young cocks, I think Tom rather fancied an early night and me pleasuring him. He turned down my suggestion of me going into the bar and picking someone up and him joining us when I had done this but I think it quite excited him when I suggested my going into the bar for a recce and one drink and following him back to the apartment. He said he would see me into the bar, go to another bar and come back for me in about 10 -15 minutes. I said if he saw me with someone he could either join us and we would see if they were up for a session or if he wasn’t up for it just simply go to the bar, have a drink and leave and I would follow him back to the apartment .

He rather reluctantly went off for a drink while I walked into the bar.

By this stage I had quite a few drinks and any of my inhibitions had been removed. It was ‘wall to wall, young Irish male talent with a few younger girls but there was definitely a good preponderance of good Irish beef cake from late teens to mid twenties and I remember thinking to myself “if I can’t get some young cock in this bar I’m not going to get it anywhere tonight”.

As I walked up to the bar I let my jacket open to show off my boobs ( which I have always thought of as my main asset) and I wasn’t disappointed to see the guys at the bar and the bar tender check me out. I ordered a large G&T and made my way over through groups of guys standing around over to the nearest unoccupied booth.

As I sat down and glanced back towards the bar I realised from the guys looking in my direction that my outfit had created quite a bit of interest. I caught the eye of one dark haired guy who had stepped aside to let me pass. When he smiled I returned his smile and crossed my legs to show him a bit of stocking top and thigh. That caused him to widen his grin and to come across and introduce himself as Seamus and ask could he join me.

I told him I was waiting for my hubby who seemed to have been delayed but that he was welcome to join me until Tom came. He really was handsome with dark curly hair, even white teeth and from what I could see in his tight white shirt and jeans was young and very fit looking. In addition he had the sexiest husky brogue.

Although only 24 and college educated he was the skipper of a local fishing boat which he had recently inherited from an uncle. He said that while he loved the life it was hard to make money with the fishing restrictions and local guys not wanting the hard work and long hours. He had been forced to employ an Eastern European staff to help staff the boat in order to get the hours in and make it pay.

He said that in fact he would normally have been out fishing that night but they had made a good catch the night before and he and his crew were in celebrating. He grinned infectiously as he went on to say he might also be celebrating another catch!

When I asked him would he not be better celebrating with some of the younger girls in the bar rather than an old married woman he said that I was not only the most attractive woman in the bar but one of the sexiest he had seen for some time. He said I had it all fantastic hair, a pretty face, great breasts and great thighs and legs and he loved women who were confident enough to show off what they had!

He asked me if I would like another drink and I said it looked as if my hubby was going to stand me up so I would have one more before going back to the apartment.

When he went to the bar to get our drinks I saw him chatting to a group of guys at the bar and when he came back he had three in tow. He asked did I mind if some of his crew joined us “rather than them standing at the bar with their tongues hanging out lusting after me.” He introduced a red haired early twenties Irish guy as Pauric his brother and the other two as his international crew. One Ivan in his late teens was Latvian, and the other a very heavily built but muscular guy, Peter, in his mid to late thirties was Polish.

Paurac came into the booth on the other side of me to Seamus, while the other guys pulled up stools opposite me. The two Eastern European guys spoke fairly good English and appeared fairly gentlemanly and the conversation initially covered me, fishing, their countries and their families. I did see them ogling my breasts and nipples which I knew were fairly exposed in my lacey vest and I do find it a real turn on to be the centre of attention in a group of fanciable young men. I wondered when one of them would try to move things along.

I noticed Tom come into the bar, order a drink and sit at the bar so I decided to go to the loo to grab a chance to speak to him. As I got up my short skirt which barely covers my rather large rear had obviously ridden up a bit because as I got up to squeeze past Seamus I felt his hand brush it down and he whispered ” you don’t want to be showing the whole bar that fantastic ass.”

Tom followed me out to the loo and said that he wasn’t really up for picking someone up tonight and certainly not four. He suggested that I simply thank the guys for the drink and leave. I suggested he head back to the apartment and I would finish my drink with the guys, buy them a drink and follow him. He agreed to this with very bad grace.


I soon realised Eileen wanted to get laid by someone as well of or perhaps instead of me when she suggested going into a very lively bar packed with young guys. I was tired and didn’t want the hassle and to be frank was slightly concerned that we would end up with some guys back in my friends’ apartment.

However she was so keen and horny that I decided to go with the flow and go for a drink round the corner while she did a recce in the bar. I sank a quick couple of pints and returned about 15 minutes but no sign of Eileen outside of the pub. When I went into the bar I saw her in the middle of a group of guys at a booth over across the room. She was laughing and flirting with them and whether by accident or design was showing quite a bit of thigh above her stocking tops.

When she saw me she got up to go to the loo and as she did I saw one of the guys pat her ass. I didn’t catch all of what he said but I heard the words ‘fantastic ass’ and as I walked past them I heard them saying what they would like to do to her ‘big ass.’

I caught her outside the ladies and asked her to thank the guys for the drink and leave. I was quite annoyed when she said she felt she had to get them a drink and would follow me back to the flat.

I thought to myself that there was no way the guys would let her go without her putting out and I was right!

Eileen It was obvious I had been the topic of conversation when I was at the loo because as I pushed through the crowd back to the table they obviously hadn’t seen me and as I approached the table I heard them discussing my boobs, thighs and rear and whether I would be up for it or not.

I had enough to drink to make it feel dangerously exciting to see and hear that these four young guys wanted me and when Seamus got up to let me in I didn’t object when his hand lingered a little long on my rear.

I said I would have to go after I finished my drink but offered to buy a round. They wouldn’t hear of me buying and persuaded me to stay for one more.. Parauc was despatched to get me a very large G&T. When the guys came back it was not just with one but two very large G&Ts I asked ” Are you guys trying to get me drunk to have your wicked way with me?” Seamus laughed and said ” Possibly the first and very definitely the second!” As he said this he squeezed my thigh and when I didn’t object to this I felt him start to stroke it up to just below my stocking top.

When I smiled at the back handed compliment and asked why such young and attractive guys weren’t trying to have their wicked way with pretty young girls instead of an old married woman, there was a chorus of compliments about my breasts, legs and rear. I also felt Seamus’s hand push my skirt further up and move further over my stocking top to gently stroke my uncovered thigh. At the same time Paurac suggested that I might like to take my jacket off and I saw the look of interest in four sets of eyes when my jacket came off as my vest very nearly showed off completely my boobs and nipples. Paurac said ” Wow, your hubby is a lucky man those tits are absolutely fantastic.”

As the conversation got a bit racier, Seamus’s hand probed further up my thigh until it covered my uncovered mound. I must have jerked slightly when I felt him try to put a couple of fingers into me and as I sat back slightly and looked down caught Paurac’s gaze at my largely uncovered thighs and Seamus’s probing hand and fingers. I didn’t want the other guys to know what was happening and leant forward slightly and as I did I felt Paurac’s hand on my other thigh.

It was exciting but slightly unreal to be sitting in a bar surrounded by young guys talking about their romantic lives, or in the case of Peter and the Latvian the lack of it in Ireland, while two of them groped me under the table and I tried to turn the conversation towards lighter topics such as holidays. Seamus eased off trying to get his fingers into me and said ” I bet you look good on holidays probably topless and a small g string.” When I said I had a range of swimwear including that he asked me how hubby felt about me showing off my assets. He seemed surprised when I said that Tom had encouraged me.

Just then I felt Paurac’s fingers probe my pussy and gasped slightly when he penetrated me and started to gently finger fuck me. Seamus having explored my pussy obviously decided to leave that to Paurac and he took the opportunity to put his arm round my waist and when I leant back into it I felt him gently cup the bottom of my right breast.

Having had one of what must have been two very large G&T on top of what I had drunk earlier I was sufficiently relaxed not to worry about them fondling me in public but I remember thinking that I didn’t think I was really up for having sex with all four of them. So I gently removed Paurac’s hand and said I really would have to be going. Seamus said to finish my drink and Paurac and he would see me home. The last drink must have been a very strong one because when I knocked it back I was slightly unsteady when I got to my feet to go to the loo I really did feel I needed escorted back to the apartment.

When I came back from the loo I was relieved to see the the other guys had gone and as we left the bar both Seamus and Paurac put an arm round my waist and they asked me would I like to see their boat.

We took a short detour down by the harbour and when I said it looked lovely with the moon shining on the water and the boats Seamus very gently bent down and turning my face kissed me whispering ” nearly as beautiful as you.” When I didn’t pull away he got bolder and I felt his right hand cup and feel the weight of one of my breasts and as his tongue sought mine he pulled me against him and I could feel the hardness of body and his erection against me.

We kissed for few minutes and I didn’t resist until I felt Parauc come up behind me and I felt his erection hard against my buttocks. When I felt his hand go up my skirt and part my bum cheeks I said “hey I thought we were just going to look at a boat.”

I don’t know whether I was pleased or disappointed when they released me and said ” you really are so sexy , you can’t blame guys for trying.” Taking my hand Seamus said ” well it’s a lovely night let’s walk up and look at the boats.”

As we strolled up the harbour they pointed out their own traditional boat tied up mid way down the pier before taking me further up to show me the later more technological advanced ones. When I said I thought theirs was nicer he suggested we go on board.

When I said “Hey guys, I really have to get back hubby will be worried.” Seamus said ” Eileen he can’t be too worried if he let you go out on your own dressed like that.”

“So you don’t like what I’m wearing.”

“No we really do like what you’re wearing and what you’re showing but we really want to see the lot.”

At that the two guys pushed me against the harbour wall kissing me in turn and hands everywhere. My boobs were pulled out of my top and described as ” a fucking great set of tits” as they were rather roughly groped and my skirt rucked up round my waist to expose my shaven pussy described as ” a fantastic big box that will take some cock.” In my rather tipsy state I was fairly powerless to resist and I think they would have both taken me then and there but we heard some people coming.

I was hastily pulling my top up and my skirt down when I found it was the rest of the crew who were all grins when they saw what we had been up to. Peter rather leered and said “Sorry Boss for disturbing you we thought you would be on board.”

Parauc ” I was just inviting Eileen to have a nightcap on board.” In spite of my protestations they wouldn’t take no for an answer and I rather reluctantly agreed to have one drink.

I hadn’t realised that to get on board I had to go down some steps and up a short wooden ladder to get on board and I was not wearing the footwear or dress appropriate for either but I had many willing hands to help me!

Seamus went up the ladder first and leaned over to help me as Paurac helped me up on to it. From the mutterings of the other two guys they obviously liked the view up my skirt at my exposed puss, thighs and bum.

The boat was not the prettiest of smells in fact it rather reeked of fish and I was amazed to see the cramped living conditions in the galley where we went for a drink. Initially I was rather relieved when it appeared that it was really only a night cap because to be frank I couldn’t see anything romantic happening in such surroundings. But having downed my glass of wine and standing up to go I found that the guys had something different in mind. As I got up Seamus bent down claiming a ‘goodnight kiss’ and when I didn’t object the rest appeared to take this as the ‘green light’ to get involved and I was soon being rather mauled by all the guys. My tits came out of my top and my skirt went up and boobs, pussy and bum were groped by four sets of hands. Peter the older Polish guy was particularly rough on groping my breasts with his big calloused hands.

When I said ” hey guys I didn’t agree to this.” Seamus asked the guys to calm down and give me some space. He suggested Paurac, he and I go to their cabin while the crew had a night cap. This was much neater, cleaner and fresher smelling with two bunks.

He poured me a glass of wine and said that he and Paurac genuinely thought I was up for it. I said I might have been but I wasn’t going to be mauled in a filthy galley. He smiled kissed me and smiled ” is this better?” I was really quite tipsy but thought I would really quite like to do what I had originally set out to do and get laid by a couple of gorgeous Irish men. So I sat down on the bunk crossed my legs and said “let’s have another drink and I’ll see but if I do, only with you two guys.” Paurac smiled and said ” Old pirates rules Captain and first mate have first choice of the women!”

At that the guys sat down on either side of me and started kissing me and fondling my breasts. They were really good looking hard bodied young guys and I was soon responding and as they reached for my pussy I started fondling their erect cocks through their tight jeans. The bunk was too small for all of us and the guys didn’t even wait to take off my clothes or their own before tumbling with me in a tangle heap on a rug on the floor.

I have to admit finding exciting to see how much these two really good looking fit young guys wanted me and although their initial compliments about my body turned to much cruder comments about what they were going to do to me that too turned me on. Both were quite well endowed and both were very hard and rigid — that is what I particularly like about younger guys. I love seeing and holding young hard cocks and realising that my body is still attractive enough to stimulate this rigidity. I also find it fantastic to feel a hard young cock go into me.

While Paurac kissed me and pulled my breasts out of my top to fondle them, Seamus pushed my skirt up and rather roughly mounted me. At the same time Paurac pulled my head to the side and fed me a length of his very hard, stiff and throbbing cock.

Both of them were obviously very excited because neither of them lasted long and were soon ejaculating in their respective orifices. Still hard Paurac turned me over and pulling me to my knees mounted me doggy fashion while Seamus offered me his cock to suck. In spite of their initial exertions they were still up for it and they soon pulled me to my feet and “roasted” me riding me very hard at both ends. After a few minutes riding once again both came off again this time Seamus first followed shortly after by Paurac. This appeared to have sated them as Paurac slapped me hard on the rear saying I was as good a bit of ass as I had looked while Seamus said ” Its just time out while we recover we want a lot more of you.”

I was surprised when he called out to Peter to bring them some beers and was trying to pull up my top when Seamus said “don’t be silly those tits are well worth showing off and he has seen most of them through your top.” At that he started to help me off with my top and when Peter came in I was topless . As he put the beers down on the table Seamus said to him ” Well Peter, do her tits look as good nude as they did in the top?” Peter grinned and said ” better they look nice and heavy.” In spite of my attempted protests Seamus then lifted my skirt and showing him my pussy said ” Well what about her cunt does it live up to your expectations?”

” Really good — could take some cock.”

And turning me round ” And her ass?”

” The best of the lot. Big ass, good for fucking.”

I thought Seamus was going to offer him to me then and there but he smiled and dismissed him by saying ” Go and have another drink, Paurac and I have still a lot of fun to have with Eileen.”

When he had gone I said to Seamus ” I thought you were going to ask him to join us.”

He smiled ” Maybe later, but Paurac and I think we’ve a bit left for you. We want to see if that big ass is really good for fucking. Let’s get that skirt off to see how good it is.”

As I took off my skirt to leave me just in my thigh highs and heels, in some ways it was flattering to hear what I had always thought of my worst feature described by the guys as “Wow, that really is a fantastic big ripe ass — I think every guy in the bar fancied a bit off it.” And ” a real woman’s ass.” But I knew it was a prelude to them wanting to have anal sex with me.

Before my recent sexual awakening I didn’t do anal sex — now I quite enjoy it but only if I am excited and if I am well lubricated I have always said to guys the way to my backdoor is through the front.

I had hardly the skirt off when I could see the very obvious effect my rear had on the guys as two drooping cooks stood to attention.

Initially the two guys started to kiss and cuddle me fondling my breasts and pussy but their hands were soon cupping my ass cheeks and Seamus whispered to me, ” Eileen we’ve been keeping the best to last — we have been wanting to fuck that big ass since we saw you come into the bar. I hope you’re up for it.”

When I said ” I’m Ok with it so long as you’re gentle and I’m well lubricated.” He smiled and told Parauc to go and get some vasilene from the galley while “Eileen lubricates me.”

As I he pulled me down to a sitting position on the bunk he started to ride my breasts before pushing me head down to his erect cock. As I deep throated him I heard Paurac ask the guys where the vasilene was as Seamus and he were going “fuck the ass hole ” off me. I hadn’t time to protest as Seamus moaned ” Easy Eileen you are really good at this but when I saw those big butt cheeks exposed in the bar I really wanted to give you it in the ass.”

When Paurac came back with the Vaseline the two guys pulled me to my feet and Paurac sat on the bunk to get the lubrication treatment from my mouth and finger my cunt, Seamus gently parted my hips and inserted initially one and then a couple of well lubricated fingers in my bum. I was enjoying being finger fucked hard in my pussy and gently in my rear and stopped sucking Paurac to respond to the thrusts. When the guys increased their thrusts and I was soon climaxing really noisily completely oblivious to the audience in the other room.

I heard Seamus say” She really loves it in both holes. You give her a length in her cunt while I take her ass.” Paurac lay back and encouraged me to straddle him and as I lowered myself on to his erect cock I felt Seamus enter the head of his in my anus.

As Paurac thrust upwards to fully impale me on his length Seamus thrust hard into me and while it initially hurt a little all three of us soon got into a very easy and increasingly pleasurable rhythym. The sense of being completely filled by two young hard cocks plus the ego trip of having two such attractive young guys so obviously turned on by my mature body turned me on and I was soon as eager to take their cocks as they were to give me them and I actually climaxed first followed by Seamus ejaculating deep into my bowels..

Paurac rode me to a second climax as Seamus dismounted and as I lay moaning and trembling on top of Paurac, I was startled out of my reverie by Seamus giving me a friendly slap on the rear and saying ” Come on Eileen I am sure Paurac wants some ass and I want some more oral.”

He helped me up of Paurac before lying back on the bed and inviting me to “clean him up.” I don’t normally do this but with the amount I had to drink and my heightened sexuality I quite willingly bent over to deep throat him. While Paurac, still very hard as he hadn’t had his climax, grabbed me very firmly by the buttocks and mounted me quite firmly. I was well lubricated and as I said I quite enjoy anal when I am sexually aroused and I was soon responding to his thrusts while dealing with Seamus’s quite insistent thrusts into my throat.

At the time I thought it was quite funny to hear them talking about me in the third person as they fucked me in their respective orifices. That I was insatiable; that I had the best butt they ever had; that I loved cock; I was a real cock hound etc.

Paurac didn’t last too long and as he fell forward embedded in my rear while he climaxed I fell forward on the bunk dislodging Seamus’s cock from my mouth. As Paurac dismounted Seamus rolled me on to my back and thinking he was going to take my pussy I thrust up my pelvis and moaned ” Oh yes please give me some more cock in my pussy.” I heard him say “You’ll get plenty of cock in your pussy but for now I want to ride those big tits.” At that he straddled me and grabbing my boobs started to ride them quite hard. He had obviously been near to climax in my mouth as he soon ejaculated spraying my face and hair with spunk.

Both guys were at least temporarily sated and we shared some beer. When I said I need to go to the loo first to see if I could get myself cleaned up a bit, in spite of still being slightly drunk I was a bit horrified when they told me it was on the other side of the galley. When I went to get my clothing — Seamus said not to be a prude the guys would love to see me in my stockings and heels.

We eventually compromised on my skirt only and although I am a lot more confident now than when I first showed my mature body off to younger guys and I was not completely sober I felt terribly exposed as I pushed past the two guys in the galley to go to ” the Head” at the front of the boat. With ejaculate on my hair and skirt , and the fact that the guys knew I had been taken by both their bosses including up my ass, I also felt a bit embarrassed, This was emphasised when I heard one of them say I had been well fucked and other pass comment on my breasts and butt.

The mirror in the very basic loo was poor but I could see with my make up smudged I looked an absolute fright. It took me some time to wash and make myself look half presentable. The cold water sobered me up a bit and I was determined to tough it out when I passed the guys and display a bit of confidence.

As I was returning to the galley I was surprised to hear Seamus telling the guys he and Paurac had never had such an insatiable woman who ” would take it in all her holes” and I paused to eavesdrop a little. Paurac said I had almost totally exhausted them and was still up for more and that I had really “loved it up her big fat ass.”

When I entered the galley Paurac invited me to come and sit on a chair beside him while Seamus got me a coffee. I thought this would be to sober me up before I went back to the flat but I thought they might have other things on their mind when I found it was heavily laced with brandy!

As I drank my coffee I soon realised from the testosterone laden atmosphere that my night on the boat wasn’t over when Seamus reached down from behind my chair nuzzled my necked and quite openly fondled my nude breasts from behind. He whispered to me loudly enough for the others to hear ” Well Eileen you were wanting more cock which one of these lads do you fancy?” Spinning my chair round so I was facing them he said more loudly, ” Young Ivan has never had an older woman and Peter hasn’t had anyone since he was at home with his wife six months ago.”

I was a bit embarrassed and said ” How do I know these guys would want to go to bed with me?” I was even more embarrassed when he reached forward and lifted my skirt to expose my pussy and asked ” Which of these guys don’t fancy giving this one?” They both made it clear they were up for it.

I was a bit annoyed at these young guys taking control of the situation and thought I should re-assert myself and said “Mmmm, you are both quite fanciable. Ivan — I think you’re sweet and probably got the most stamina and Peter, I think you need it the most.”

I quickly lost control of the situation, literally as well as metaphorically, when Seamus pulled the chair on to its back legs and said “Ivan it is.” He didn’t need a second invitation as he quickly dropped his trousers at reveal a long thin throbbing cock- the longest I had seen that night. As I was lying back, legs splayed, his entry was almost immediate and without ceremony I remember thinking this must be how a mare feels when she is being taken by a stallion. This was just raw sex. I could feel his hard hands grip my thighs as he thrust urgently into me with the raw desire of youth. He must have driven the chair back a couple of feet with his urgent thrustings before I felt him tense and the warm flood of ejaculate hit my womb. Initially I thought he was going to take me again as after a few seconds he started to thrust again but the chair slipped and I was tumbled on to the floor. As I fell forward on my knees on the rather dirty rug Peter and Ivan were on me like wolves. Ivan pulling up my head to put his cock into my mouth while I felt Peter’s rough hands on my rear lifting up my buttocks.

Peter was strong and when I felt his large calloused hands dig deep into my buttocks I remember thinking that they were going to be bruised the next day. I felt him very roughly part my hips and shove two fingers up my anus and I knew that I was going to be rather roughly sodomised by a guy who hadn’t had a woman for six months.

In spite of me being lubricated by Vaseline and the guys ejaculate I cried out quite loudly at the pain of his very rough entry and the intrusion of the size of what appeared a huge very thick erection. With his rampant desire built up over time he appeared either oblivious to my discomfort or perhaps turned on by it as he thrust his huge weapon deep into my bowels. In spite of being larger built than the average woman I remember feeling like a helpless toy as these two guys took their pleasure at either end.

I felt Ivan tense and soon his cum was flooding my mouth. I gagged slightly as Peter’s insistent thrusting forced Ivan’s cock and cum deep into my throat. However Peter didn’t miss a stroke — he was like a jack hammer thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into my bowels as he almost lifted me off the ground with the power of his thrusts.

I relaxed a bit when I felt what was, initially, the salve of a huge flush of ejaculate but apart from a large sigh of satisfaction from Peter and a momentary pause, followed by a grunted “good” and a heavy slap on my right buttock he was straight back to more eager thrusting. As I said I don’t mind anal sex and I know guys can often get carried away when they see a woman’s willing rear in front of them and bizarrely for me anyway, I am amazed that they seem to be really turned on by a more mature woman letting them ‘ass fuck’ her. Usually once they climax for the first time it takes the sting out of them and if they want more it is usually less frenetic and more enjoyable for both of us.

However this guys desire for my rear was seriously focused, I learned later that he didn’t look on taking my ass or mouth as being unfaithful to his wife, and he was determined to make up for six months of celibacy. I felt like a rag doll as he thrust hard into me again and again as he used my body for his pleasure. He climaxed a second time and as he started insatiably on a third I heard Seamus say “fucking hell Peter you’re going to destroy her ass — take her pussy or mouth instead.”

Peter rather reluctantly dismounted still with a huge erection and Seamus helped me to my feet saying ” Are you ok? Sorry I didn’t realise he would bugger you as hard as that. Take him off with your mouth.”

Peter sat on the table with a huge grin on his face while I bent down to suck him and Ivan mounted my pussy from behind. It was a relief to have my bowel pounding stopped and I relaxed enough to enjoy Ivan’s young thin cock in my pussy. I was beginning to quite enjoy my ‘roasting’ when Peter rather cruelly grabbed a handful of my hair and as I yelled out pulled out of my mouth ejaculated over my face.

At this Seamus intervened and told he was an animal and sent him to his quarters. He sat me down with a brandy laden coffee and explained that Peter was a strict catholic who was largely faithful to his wife and was probably annoyed at himself and me for getting him so lust driven. When he fucked women he never took them in the pussy usually only orally but he had raved about my rear and was obviously excited at being able to take it.

I relaxed enough to allow the three of them to take me back into Seamus’s cabin where although they all took me in various combinations, including a memorable triple penetration with Ivan getting his first anal mount, it was a largely pleasurable experience.

Seamus made me a final coffee and saw me back to the flat extracting a promise I would call him the next day.


Although I was tired and drifted off to sleep I was obviously worried about Eileen and woke about 3.30 am. I made a cup of coffee and was debating whether to go looking for her when I heard a knock at the door and opened it to a very bedraggled wife.

It was obvious that she had been well and truly laid as she reeked of sex and fish!

Her top was torn her stockings laddered and her hair, and skirt were covered in dried cum. When I fondled her a bit while I made her a coffee her pussy and anus were absolutely seeping cum. As she told me of the events of the night my erection rose as I fingered her in each orifice. I was both a bit annoyed and very excited when I heard how my wife had allowed herself to be used like a slut by four guys.

I would have mounted her there and then but she suggested I wait until she had washed the “fish stink “off her.

When she came out in her robe with some cream — she said “I assume you want my bum but please take it gently I feel as if I am really bruised inside.” I was ready for her and went between her thighs before turning her round and parting her hips. In spite of the shower her rear was both swollen and gaping from the pounding it had and was still seeping cum. I was soon mounting this well used rear and adding mine to it.

She slept late and when she got up it was obvious she had been very well used the night before with finger mark bruises on her thighs, tits and ass and her pussy and ass was so bruised she had difficulty walking. It certainly put her off seeking to be laid that night.

It was only fine food on the menu for Saturday night but she was back on the menu for Sunday.

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