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Finding My F-Stop, and More

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“Hey, this is really terrific!” Bobby exclaimed, as he opened the present I had just given to him. “I can’t wait to try this out!”

I had purchased a nice, high-end digital camera as a gift for Bobby for Valentine’s Day, and he had bought some beautiful jewelry and lingerie for me. This was how the whole crazy thing had gotten started – I think every guy fantasizes about taking sexy photos of his woman, and this was the first time Bobby would have that chance with me.

Well, it turns out he has some natural talent and a good eye as a photographer, and the photos were really quite good for an amateur. He caught me in some very sensuous and seductive poses, and he continued to photograph me on a regular basis for several months afterward. He even bought some professional lighting equipment and studied several photography books, which helped him improve his skills remarkably.

Our little photo sessions were a lot of fun for me, too, because I liked modeling for him, and I liked the attention. I also discovered that being photographed in sexy and sultry poses was a huge turn-on for both of us. We always enjoyed some great sex afterwards, and Bobby always commented on how turned on and wet I became during our “photo shoots.”

So, I decided that it would be a wonderful surprise gift for him if I were to have some professional boudoir shots taken, but this time by a serious photographer in a studio. My good friend Anna had done this for her husband, and she said that he was so appreciative that the sex was fantastic for days afterward.

“Kathy, you have got to do this,” Anna explained to me. “I hired Jake, who is a photographer for one of the local newspapers, and he free-lances for weddings and other things. He does great work, and I know that he is trustworthy and discreet.”

I wasn’t comfortable with being totally nude in front of a complete stranger, but I liked the idea of the professional quality photos. I knew Bobby would love them, too, so after some careful consideration I decided to surprise him and go for it.

My initial appointment at Jake’s studio was late on a Wednesday afternoon, and I arrived with a small bag of lingerie that I had selected just for this occasion. I had an assortment of lacy bras and panties, in a variety of pastel colors, as well as a couple of camisoles.

“What types of photos are you interested in doing?” Jake asked me, while placing several of his portfolios on his office desk. He was of medium height, slender, and probably in his early thirties. He was good-looking, with a winning smile and warm brown eyes. He wore his hair a little on the longish side for my taste, but he was otherwise very well-groomed.

I was a little bit nervous, which Jake had sensed, and he quickly put me at ease. He offered me a glass of wine, and we sat in his office and talked about the kinds of photos that I wanted for Bobby. Jake showed me a portfolio of his work to give me some ideas for poses. The women in the photos were all gorgeous, and I thought that they were all far better looking than I am, but Jake calmly reassured me that my pictures would be just as beautiful. He was very considerate, and I appreciated that he was trying to build rapport and make me feel comfortable.

As I thumbed slowly through the portfolios, I began to recognize some of the models – Anna was in there, of course, along with several other women that I knew socially. Most of them were photographed wearing lingerie, but a few were actually topless, and a few others were posed as “implied nudes”. Jake explained that the idea of these photos was to create the illusion of total nudity without necessarily showing everything. By careful lighting and the use of shadows, or the artful placement of props, the most intimate areas of the body could be obscured. These photos were very sexy and provocative, and I made mental notes of the poses so that I could recreate them when it was my turn to model.

Of course, there were a few total nudes, too, but they were done tastefully and with elegance. I’m not an expert, but the nudity seemed to be understated and reserved, and the models were well-lit and beautifully posed. I admired their bodies, and I was a little shocked at who had posed for Jake – I knew some of these women from various dinners and cocktail parties, and they were the last people in the world that you would expect to see posing nude.

Jake noticed my surprise, and he chuckled a little. “Boudoir photography is a big part of my business,” he explained. “I have a lot of repeat customers, and they get me a lot of referrals.”

I complimented him on his work. “You certainly do a great job,” I said “How long have you been photographing professionally?”

“About six years. Come over here, let me show you the studio set-up that I have, and you can decide how you want to do this,” Jake said. “We can take some photos, and then review them together on a monitor. We will then make adjustments and take more shots, OK?”

We walked into his studio, and I saw a variety of light stands, photographic backgrounds, a few props, and some other equipment. There was also a queen-sized bed, all white with white linens, which was used as a prop. I recognized it from some of the photos that Jake had just shown to me.

“Let’s start with some shots where you are fully clothed,” Jake said. “That will help you relax, and get into a rhythm.”

There was a white background already set up behind the bed, and he placed a pretty, antique cheval-style mirror in front of it. He positioned a couple of large lighting umbrellas so that their reflected light would fall softly in front of the mirror and onto the bed. He moved a couple of other light stands so that the bed was totally illuminated.

“Stand in front of the mirror, and look at yourself the way you would if you had just gotten dressed and you were getting ready to go out,” Jake explained.

I walked over to a spot just in front of the mirror, and adjusted my skirt and jacket while viewing my reflection. Jake was working behind the lights, in the darkness, so he was totally invisible. He started playing a CD softly, and the background music helped me get into the mood.

I heard the whir and click of his digital camera as he began taking photos. I could hear his disembodied voice quietly instructing me, telling me how to hold my arms, my hands, and how to pose.

“Good, now take off your jacket,” he said, after a few minutes of poses with me fully clothed.

I removed my jacket, and heard the camera continue to click away. I struck several poses, looking at the mirror. With a little encouragement from Jake, I then unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor.

“Good, good – hold that for one second, good…”

I stood in front of the mirror, now wearing only a light blue turtleneck and pantyhose, with a bra and French-cut panties underneath. I had kept my heels on, too.

“Good, now slowly pull your turtleneck up…”

I continued to follow his directions, and I slowly pulled my top up and over my head. The camera continued to click away. I began to feel sexy, and more than a little turned on. I started to breathe a little heavier.

“OK, good, good…” he said.

I was starting to get into a rhythm, just as Jake had said I would. I tossed my hair, moved toward the bed, and as seductively as possible I slipped off my heels and then removed my pantyhose. I moved slowly and smoothly, and the non-stop clicking of the camera told me he was catching all of this.

“Excellent, you are doing beautifully,” Jake continued to encourage me.

Now wearing only my bra and panties, I climbed onto the bed, and started striking some more sensuous poses. At first, I used the bed linens to partially conceal myself, but then I became more daring.

Without waiting for Jake’s instructions, I reached up to my shoulder straps, slowly removed my bra, and continued to pose. I used my hands and the bed sheets to obscure my breasts, only occasionally allowing the camera to capture quick glimpses of my aroused nipples.

“Perfect, perfect,” Jake called from the darkness.

It was time, and I was ready. Here goes, I thought to myself.

“How’s this?” I asked, tilting my head back, letting my long hair fall behind me. I leaned back, dropping the sheet from in front of me, so that my breasts were now completely revealed. In this pose, they were shown to their best advantage. There was no turning back now.

“Good, good, oh, that’s great!” Jake said.

Emboldened now, I held several more poses, and then I moved off the bed and stood next to it. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband at the sides of my panties, slightly tugging at them. The camera continued to click in rapid-fire, and I began to slide the panties slowly down my thighs.

“Very nice, very nice,” Jake said. “Perfect!”

I stood there with my panties at my ankles, and my neatly trimmed thatch of dark pubic hair was plainly visible for Jake’s camera. With my eyes closed, I slid my hands upward along the sides of my body upward to my shoulders. I let my fingertips lightly touch the sides of my breasts. My nipples were completely erect, and I was extremely turned on – I could feel the moistness in between my legs.

Surprisingly, I was not feeling very self-conscious at all. This was the first time I had been nude in front of someone other than Bobby in a long time, but I was relaxed and comfortable.

“Nice work, Kathy,” Jake called from the darkened studio. “Excellent, we have some very good shots here. Let’s take a short break, and look at a few of these.”

Jake stopped photographing and handed me a white terrycloth robe. I slipped it on to cover my nude body while he turned up the lights in the studio. He plugged a cable into his camera and plugged the other end into a television monitor and turned it on.

“Let’s see what we have here,” Jake said. “Would you like another glass of wine?”

“Another glass would be perfect,” I replied. The wine WAS helping me to relax.

Jake began to scroll through the photos, carefully studying the lighting and the poses. I was surprised at how good the photos had come out – the lighting seem to highlight my best features while hiding my flaws. Jake really knew what he was doing. I was pleased, and I knew that Bobby would love some of these pictures.

After we had evaluated the first series of shots, I went to my bag and chose some of my other lingerie. I removed the robe, again not feeling self-conscious about my nudity in front of Jake.

We took more photos for another hour or so, and I became more and more interested in the process of creating beautiful and erotic images. I struck poses in front of the mirror, on the bed, and on a small platform in front of a blue-sky background. We adjusted lighting, and I did both classical “fine art” nude poses and more seductive strip teases. My favorite was a shot of me in front of the mirror, where I am pulling my top off, and underneath I am completely nude. The photo showed my ass, while the reflection in the mirror also showed my breasts and my small triangle of carefully groomed pubic hair.

I felt glamorous and sexy, and decided then and there to make another appointment for more photos with Jake. I was aroused and I had become very wet, and I knew that Bobby was in for some great loving once I got home.

“Let me make some prints of the better shots, and you can pick them up on Friday,” Jake told me. “Would you like to do this again?” he asked.

“Absolutely!” I said. “How about in two weeks?”

I got dressed while Jake walked out to the office for his appointment book. He checked his calendar and put me in for two hours at the same time, two weeks later. I wrote him a check for $300 for the photo session and left for home, feeling exquisitely feminine and VERY turned on.

Bobby had no idea what had gotten into me that night, but he wasn’t complaining. We made love twice that night, and a third time when we woke up early in the morning. I had several satisfying orgasms, and couldn’t wait to see the prints of my new photos.

Two days later, I stopped at Jake’s studio to pick up the photographic prints. I was actually a little nervous, hoping that they were good, and at the same time not expecting much. It turns out that I had no need to worry, as Jake had done an incredible job.

The prints looked even better than the photos on the television monitor. Jake had made some digital adjustments, slightly improving the contrast, air-brushing some imperfections, and brightening the colors. I was pleased that he had chosen my favorite mirror image photo as one of the best, and he had printed it in a large size on fine art paper. The glossy photos were impressive, and he had also printed a beautiful canvas of one of the best nudes.

“Oh, Jake, these are wonderful! How can I ever thank you?”

“Well, for starters, you can refer me to your friends,” he said. He handed me several of his business cards. “Hand these out, and show your friends your photos. That’s the best advertising in the world.”

“Gladly, Jake! I would be happy to! And I will see you in two weeks!”

Chapter 2

“Wow, Kathy, these are unbelievable!” Bobby was thrilled with the photographs, and I was amused at his reaction. He loved the photos for their own sake, of course, and as an amateur photographer he was impressed with how Jake had captured both my inner and outer beauty. We sat on the large sofa in our living room, enjoying the photos as we spread them out on the coffee table.

The last photo that we looked at was the large canvas nude, which I had also had framed, and Bobby was admiring it.

“Oh, this is gorgeous!” he said. He was clearly aroused, and I could see his erection stretching the front of his trousers.

Bobby’s enthusiasm for the photos was surprising to me – I knew that he would love them, of course, but I hadn’t expected this strong of a reaction. He was totally turned on as he reached for me, pulling me closer, and then giving me a long, lingering kiss.

Our mouths stayed locked together, and our tongues began to probe and tease each other. We fumbled with each other’s clothing, and I reached down, fondling his erection through the outside of his jeans. I sucked lightly on his tongue while his hands began fondling my breasts through my clothing.

We quickly undressed each other, not bothering to go to the bedroom. We stood naked in the living room, kissing passionately, and I felt a jolt of sexual electricity run through me. I wanted and needed his cock inside me more than ever, and I sensed that Bobby shared my urgency.

I dropped to my knees, and took Bobby’s cock in my mouth. I began sucking while I stroked his shaft, tasting his pre-come. He groaned from deep inside, but I didn’t want him to finish in my mouth, at least not yet. I lay back on the sofa, and pulled him onto, and then into, me. I was soaked, so he slid his cock into my pussy easily, and he began to pump me vigorously.

After several minutes of his thrusting, I was very close to coming. Without warning, Bobby surprised me and pulled out, quickly going down on me, licking my slit and sucking at my clitoris. I came violently, bucking wildly against his mouth, pressing hard against his lips as I went over the edge.

“Oh, that felt GREAT!” I exclaimed. “Where did you get THAT idea?”

Bobby just chuckled, positioned himself in between my legs, and plunged his hard cock into my pussy for the second time.

He pumped and pumped inside me, and I started feeling the stirrings of a second orgasm. “Please do it again!’ I begged, “please lick and suck me again. Make me come in your mouth!”

Just as I was about to explode, Bobby again pulled out and went down on me, his tongue and mouth getting me off for the second time.

After my second orgasm had subsided, Bobby slipped his cock inside me and started pumping once more, and I opened my eyes and looked at him. His eyes were closed tightly, and his mouth was locked into a grimace with his strenuous efforts. This time he came quickly, and I used my pussy muscles to squeeze and milk every drop of come from his cock. He collapsed with a satisfied sigh in my arms when we were finally finished.

Chapter 3

This pattern continued for four months. Every two or three weeks, I would schedule a modeling session at Jake’s, during which I would get phenomenally aroused, and the result would be torrid love-making with Bobby afterward. Bobby and I enjoyed some very hot sex, and we gradually became more and more adventurous together. In addition to oral sex, we began to experiment with anal sex, sex in public places, and some light bondage with blindfolds – we were doing it all!

In addition, my modeling ability was improving, and the results were actually quite good. Jake was always completely professional, and I had become a confident, relaxed model for him.

He liked working with me so much that he had hired me to pose for a private camera club that he had started. What a turn-on – I spent two hours, totally nude, posing for seven or eight serious amateur photographers! And if that wasn’t enough, he even hired me for a glamour photo workshop he was conducting one long weekend, and I became quite the exhibitionist – I was nude or nearly nude the entire time, with a whole group of photographers snapping away!

Jake’s studio business, in the meantime, was thriving. I had referred at least six other women to him, and they had become regular paying customers. It was more and more difficult to get appointments for studio sessions, since so many women were being photographed on a regular basis. Jake was busy, and these private studio sessions were his major source of income now. He had the economic freedom, for the first time in his career, to pick and choose his free-lance assignments.

On top of all of this, Bobby had also met Jake several times socially, and they got along well. Jake was very happy to give Bobby photography tips, and they became good friends. They spoke on the phone fairly regularly, played golf and tennis together, and were occasional drinking buddies.

So, eventually all this led up to my big idea. When I sprang it on Bobby, his reaction was both swift and amusing.

“You want to do WHAT?” Bobby asked, not sure he was hearing me correctly.

“I said, I want to do Jake while you watch,” I repeated, matter-of-factly. “He wouldn’t know you were there, of course. You would be hidden, maybe in the closet.”

He considered this for a few moments, and I could tell that he was seriously thinking about the idea.

I added, “Listen, I have been posing for Jake for about four months now. He is always completely professional, and never says or does anything inappropriate during our sessions. It’s the same with all our friends who have been photographed by him, they have all told me that he is a complete gentleman the entire time they are posing.”

“But,” I continued, “I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, and the idea of you watching while I fuck him is really a turn-on for me. I get wet just thinking about it. After we’re done and he leaves, I will make sure you have the best sex of your life!”

Bobby continued thinking for a moment, and it was obvious that the idea had some appeal to him. We had done a few kinky things together, but this would certainly top any of the other fantasies that we had recently acted out.

“Have any of your other friends done this?” he asked, quietly.

“Not that I know of. That is, I really don’t think so, but who knows? He’s a good-looking guy, he is unattached, and he has a lot of women posing nude for him,” I replied.

“How would we set this up? He can’t know,” Bobby asked.

“I’ve thought about that. As you know, I have my photos taken every three or four weeks, and I always stop by his studio a couple days later to pick up the prints,” I said. “This time, instead of picking them up, I will ask him to deliver them to me here. I will give him a glass of wine, we’ll look them over the pictures together, one thing will lead to another, and…” I let my voice trail off.

Bobby continued to mull over the idea, and I was pretty certain that I had him convinced. I decided to play my trump card, just in case he was on the fence.

“I’ll tell you what – if you let me do this, then I will reciprocate for you,” I said. “You know Anna, right? She’s pretty hot. I can set it up for you to sleep with both of us in a threesome. What do you say?”

Of course, I knew his answer. If you promise a man a threesome with one of your best friends, especially a hottie, he will do anything you ask.

“Deal!” he said. “What do we do first?”

“The first thing we do involves just the two of us,” I said suggestively, as I unzipped his jeans. I kissed him deeply, our tongues teasing, and then I reached down and found his hard cock and began stroking it. I kissed him again, keeping my mouth on his while I pushed his jeans to the floor.

We continued kissing while we undressed each other, and soon we were both nude. Bobby’s cock stood straight up, nearly vertical, and a tiny drop of pre-come had appeared at its tiny slit.

We stumbled to the bed, and I pushed Bobby down so that he was lying on his back. I moved over him, and reached for his rigid cock with my right hand. I encircled the shaft with my thumb and forefinger, and began stroking him.

Without any prompting from Bobby, I maneuvered myself into a 69 position and started to suck his cock while I continued to stroke its shaft with my hand. I heard him moan softly, and he began to lick my slit, a little tentatively at first, then a little more aggressively.

We mutually licked and sucked each other for a few minutes, then I could taste a bit more pre-come as Bobby got closer to his orgasm. I started to suck him more in earnest, trying to bring him off, and I was rewarded with a long, slightly acrid spurt as he came in my mouth. I swallowed it all, and continued to suck him until I was sure he was finished.

Then, something very unusual happened – I had stopped sucking, and was just giving Bobby a few final strokes with my hand, when he unexpectedly tensed and arched his back.

“Don’t stop,” he said, groaning loudly, “please don’t stop!”

I started stroking more energetically, and he then squirted a long stream of warm come from his still-hard cock, shooting it onto his stomach and chest. What was happening? I continued stroking, mesmerized by this – I had never seen anything like it before, my man was having a multiple orgasm!

This time, Bobby really WAS finished, and he soon begged me to stop stroking.

“Oh, God, if you don’t stop, you’ll kill me!” he said.

I laughed, but I promised myself that I would do whatever it takes to make THIS happen again! Wow, was this HOT!

Chapter 4

Our plan was actually pretty straightforward. Instead of stopping at Jake’s to get my photo prints, the way I normally did, I would call and ask him if he could drop them off at the house. I would be waiting for him, freshly showered, and wearing only a silk bathrobe. Jake and I would be sitting side-by-side on the sofa, reviewing the photos, enjoying a glass of wine, and making small talk. I was pretty sure I could seduce him, perhaps by telling him that Bobby was out of town and I was lonely, needing some attention.

Bobby, in the meantime, would be quietly hiding in the large closet in our bedroom. I would set up a comfortable perch for him to be sitting on, with a good view of the bed through the slats on the closet door. I only needed to wait until my next photo session to get things started.

When I showed up for my scheduled shoot at Jake’s, I was in a great mood. The session was excellent – physically, I was in top shape because I had been working out regularly. I had also become a very skilled model, and I no longer needed much direction from Jake while posing. He and I had developed an intuitive, unspoken relationship when he was behind the camera lens – I could sense how and where he wanted me to move, how he wanted me positioned, and how long to hold the pose. We produced some truly beautiful and erotic photographs together.

At the conclusion of the session, Jake and I followed our usual practice of reviewing the digital images on the television monitor. We both congratulated each other on our work, and I gave Jake a hug and a kiss on the cheek when I was ready to leave. He returned the affectionate squeeze, and I got in the car and started home.

Three days later, Jake called and said the prints were ready. There was excitement in his voice as he said, “Kathy, these are your best yet. I think we are going to be able to sell some of these commercially, if you want to. They are really, really good!”

“Jake, that is really sweet. I won’t be able to pick them up today, though, and I really want to see them. Why don’t you stop by the house, and we will review them together?”

Jake was silent for a moment, and then he said, “Sure, that would be OK. What time should I come by? Is five o’clock all right?”

“Perfect, Jake. I will see you at five at my house. And thanks again.”

Chapter 5

A few minutes past five, Jake’s car rolled into my driveway. Bobby was already comfortably in position in the closet of our bedroom, waiting for me and our guest to make our appearance there.

I was freshly showered, and wearing just a slight amount of scented cologne and a thin silk robe, I went to the foyer to allow Jake into the house. When I opened the door, I nearly died – Jake wasn’t alone! He had brought someone with him!

Recovering my composure, and cinching my robe more securely around me, I greeted Jake and his friend.

“Jake, hi, thanks for coming,” I stammered, while I looked at his companion. “I really appreciate your stopping by.”

“Not a problem, Kathy, really. This is Marty, by the way. He just arrived from New York. He is a photographer, too – we have worked together on many shoots before.”

“Nice to meet you, Marty,” I said, recovering my composure. “Are you going to be here in town long?”

“Just a few days. I am on my way to a swimsuit shoot in Hawaii, and I had a couple of days off, so here I am!”

“A swimsuit shoot? So you do glamour photography, too?” I asked, leading the two men into the living room.

“Yes, I have a studio,” Marty replied, “and I do a lot of glamour and fine art nude photography.”

“Before we get started with evaluating my newest photos, can I get either of you a glass of wine?” I asked. They were now sitting on the sofa, and Jake had placed the portfolio with my new photos on the coffee table in front of them.

“Yes, please,” both of them replied, as I went to the kitchen. I returned with three wineglasses and a nice chilled bottle of white wine. I placed the wineglasses on the coffee table, and Jake made room for me to sit in between the two of them while we reviewed the photo prints. He poured each of us a glass.

On the sofa, with Jake sitting closely on my left and Marty on my right, I began to look through the photos. At first, I was a little embarrassed – Marty was a stranger, and I usually didn’t share my pictures with any men but Jake and Bobby. After seeing the first few photos, though, I grew more comfortable. After all, Marty was a professional photographer too, and his comments were insightful.

We finished the first bottle of wine, and I started a second bottle while we continued to look through the prints. We were feeling very relaxed and mellow by the time we had reviewed all the photos, and the second bottle of wine was nearly gone. I leaned over toward Jake and thanked him.

“Jake, you were right. This really IS some of our best work together.”

The wine and the erotic photos had made me feel very warm. I leaned forward a little further, and kissed him on the corner of his lips. Jake turned toward me, and he kissed me full on the mouth. I allowed my lips to part, and his tongue tentatively probed forward, touching my tongue and teasing it.

I returned the kiss, my mouth and tongue eagerly seeking his. My robe had fallen open a bit when I had leaned forward, and when Jake turned toward me for our kiss I allowed his hand to reach up inside my robe and lightly touch and stroke my breast. My nipples became hard almost instantly, and I moaned slightly.

I continued kissing Jake, and then I felt a second pair of hands reach around from behind and gently take hold of me. While I was kissing Jake, Marty was touching and stroking me gently, and I didn’t want him to stop! I briefly pulled away from Jake, and turned to face Marty. I reached around his neck and pulled him closer, giving him a full wet kiss on the lips, while his hands continued to lightly stroke and massage my breasts and nipples.

My robe had slipped off my shoulders completely, and I could feel two pairs of hands stroking and caressing me. My nipples were stiff with excitement, and both men were touch and teasing them, lightly brushing their fingertips over them and gently tweaking them. We sat on the sofa, taking turns kissing, and I allowed them to have complete access to fondle my breasts. The robe was loosely bunched at my waist, and I was hoping that one or both of them would touch me down there before I went crazy.

My breathing grew shallow and rapid, and I reached down to touch them with my hands – both men were obviously becoming as excited as I was, and their erections were bulging at the front of their trousers.

“Not here,” I whispered hoarsely, “let’s go into the bedroom”.

When I stood up, my robe fell to the floor. I was standing completely nude in front of both men, and I was very hot and wet.

We made our way to the bedroom, and I climbed onto the bed while both Jake and Marty stripped. They were both slender, with good builds, and their cocks were standing nearly straight up.

They quickly joined me on the bed, and we continued to kiss and fondle each other.

“I love the feeling of having both of your cocks in my hands,” I said, as I started stroking them simultaneously.

I wondered briefly, just a quick passing thought, if I could jerk them off at the same time with my hands, but I don’t remember many details of our encounter after that. The next couple of hours were a hazy blur of tongues, cocks, fucking, and sucking.

“Suck my breasts at the same time,” I ordered them.

With Jake on the right and Marty on the left, they started sucking my breasts together, and I had a mild orgasm just from that stimulation alone.

Things started to happen fast. My pussy was dripping, and I vaguely remember only a few details. I remember being on all fours, with Jake fucking me from behind while I sucked Marty off. I also remember them switching places, and Marty fucking me while I sucked Jake’s cock.

Next, I was kneeling and straddling Jake’s mouth as he lay on his back, licking and sucking my pussy, and at the same time I was sucking Marty’s cock as he stood on the bed next to me.

We sucked and fucked in every possible combination, and I only stopped the two of them when I really couldn’t take anymore. I lost count of how many times I had come, and my legs were trembling uncontrollably. I know that both of them came at least twice apiece, once in my mouth and once in my pussy, and their mixed sticky wetness was running down my legs.

The ultimate orgasm for me occurred when I was in a 69 with Jake, and as I felt his cock begin to twitch and jerk in my mouth, I began to come with him at the same time. As I began to swallow, I started feeling an incredible muscle contraction that began deep inside me, then started radiating out to the rest of my body in intense, warm waves. In that very instant, Marty inserted his cock deep into my pussy, and I experienced an overwhelming, turn-you-inside-out spasm that was so intense and pleasurable that it bordered on painful.

The three of us collapsed on the bed, exhausted, and I felt a remarkable sense of sexual fulfillment as I cuddled and snuggled with the two men.

I could only allow myself to indulge in this afterglow for a few minutes, though, and then I told them, “Guys, that was wonderful, and I hope we can do it again soon, but you have to leave now!”

I had to hustle them out of there – I knew Bobby had been hiding in the closet watching us for nearly three hours. It was awkward, but I managed to get Jake and Marty out the door, and I went back to the bedroom to let Bobby know they had left.

Chapter 6

When I got back to the bedroom, Bobby was already lying on the bed naked. His engorged cock was enormous, it seemed to be larger than I had ever seen it before.

Without a word, I went down on him and began sucking. I could taste his semen already, as he had obviously jerked off while in the closet watching us. He had come at least once in there, and I suspect perhaps more. He groaned as I sucked him, and I could sense that he was close to yet another orgasm. It also occurred to me that I had been sucking the cocks of three different men in the last forty minutes or so, and the thought of THAT got me aroused again!

“I want you inside me, baby,” I said. “I need your cock, and I need it NOW!”

I lay on my back, and Bobby got in-between my legs. His cock was rock hard, and I wanted it plunged into me to put out the fire inside. He slid in easily, and again I had the passing thought that I had been fucked by three different men in the previous hour.

I squeezed Bobby’s cock with my pussy, and he relentlessly plunged into me, pumping and pumping. His eyes were closed tightly and his mouth was twisted with the strain of his effort, so I knew that he would be coming soon. I could see the muscles and cords of his arms and neck tense with exertion.

Just before he could come inside me, though, Bobby pulled out. He supported his upper body his arms, with his rigid cock suspended in mid-air over my stomach. Without touching his cock, Bobby squirted a long, warm stream of his come directly onto me!

“Oh, wow, I can’t believe that!” I exclaimed. It was unreal, watching his cock pulse and spurt without him touching or stroking himself.

He re-inserted himself into my pussy, again without using his hands, and continued to pump into me. On my belly, his sticky wetness was sandwiched between us, being whipped into a lather by his relentless fucking.

A few minutes later, Bobby somehow repeated this – he pulled out, and without any additional stimulation with his hands, spurted a warm ribbon of come all over my already sticky belly. Incredibly, there was as much fluid this time as the first!

He re-inserted himself once more, and this time he rode me until he came, a low moan escaping from his mouth as he ejaculated deep inside me.

“What the hell was THAT?” I asked, laughing. “I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“Oh, God, I don’t know,” Bobby said breathlessly. “When I was ejaculating on you, it was without the usual intense coming sensations, but when I finally came inside you, it was like an explosion, I never came that hard before!”

I began lightly tracing circles in the sticky come that was smeared all over my stomach.

“Well, I guess that I have to deliver on my end of the bargain now,” I smiled.

“Oh, yeah,” Bobby replied, “Oh, yeah.”

Chapter 7

I wasn’t sure how I could set up this threesome with me, Anna, and Bobby, although I was pretty sure Anna would agree to it. She and I had often discussed sex, and I know that she had a pretty wild sex life outside of her marriage. I personally knew at least two guys that she had been screwing on the side, and I know there were others. In terms of craziness, though, I think my little encounter with Jake and Marty probably exceeded anything that she had ever done.

“You won’t believe what happened last night,” I said to her, on the following day. I relayed the play-by-play of the whole encounter, not leaving out any details. Anna grew more and more incredulous with each revelation, not believing what she was hearing.

When I had finished, Anna looked at me in amazement, and her face was flushed with excitement. “You really fucked BOTH of those guys in your own bed, with Bobby watching? How the hell did you ever get him to agree to THAT?”

Honesty and candor had taken me this far, so I told her about the deal with Bobby.

“WHAT?! You told him that we could have a threesome if he let you do this? Are you nuts?”

“Listen, Anna,” I explained, “this isn’t as crazy as you think. Consider this for a moment. You have always wanted to push the sexual envelope, and now you have a chance. This would be fun, and safe, and I can guarantee you that you will have one hell of a great time.”

“Yes,” she replied, “that’s all true, but what about afterward? What if this screws up our friendship?”

“It won’t,” I promised.

“Let me ask you this,” Anna said thoughtfully. “What if I were the one coming to you with this idea? Would you do it? Would you go for in a threesome with me and my husband?”

I thought quickly. This might be the only way to get her to agree to my proposal. “Of course,” I said. “I’ll do it, if you will.”

“Then I’m in,” Anna exclaimed. “What the hell, it’ll be fun, let’s do it!”

Chapter 8

Anna arrived at the house early, and we were sitting on the sofa together sharing a glass of white wine. She was gorgeous, even when just dressed casually in jeans and a denim shirt. She smelled great and I was excited about the prospect of sharing Bobby with her.

“I brought my portfolio,” Anna said.

“Great! I’ve never seen your photos before,” I replied.

We compared our photos, and I complimented her on her great body – she had slightly larger breasts than I, and her pubic hair was shaped and trimmed in a neatly groomed strip. I quickly became moist as I looked over her photos.

The other thing that I noticed about Anna’s photos was her tendency to go for more overt sexuality in her poses. My photos tended to be more artsy and erotic, while her photos were edgier and more explicit. There were a couple of shots where she appeared to be masturbating, and in a few she even had sex toys for props.

“Wow,” I said. “Your poses are a lot more sexual than mine are – you look like you are really masturbating in this one.”

She looked at me with a mischievous grin.

“You WERE masturbating, weren’t you! I can’t believe it! Did you actually come, too?” I asked incredulously.

She smiled and nodded. “It was great! Jake kept on taking pictures, too!”

“I have to see those someday,” I replied.

Just then the door opened, and Bobby popped in. He saw Anna, and he smiled broadly when he realized what was about to happen – he was about to collect on his end of the bargain.

He came over to the sofa and sat between us, and it wasn’t long before the three of us were taking turns kissing and lightly touching each other through our clothes. I kissed Bobby, Bobby kissed and touched Anna, and Anna would lean over to kiss me, full on the mouth. I had never been intimate with a woman before, and it felt vaguely like being a first-timer again. I was tremendously excited, and the tentative kisses and gropes became more urgent as we three became more and more aroused.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I said.

We quickly shed all of our clothes before climbing onto the bed. Anna and I had sandwiched Bobby between us on the bed, and we were taking turns kissing, nibbling on his neck and ears, and touching his chest. For a few minutes, Anna and I purposely avoided touching Bobby’s rigid cock, but his excitement was obvious: a thin clear trickle of pre-come was starting to leak from the slit at the tip. We allowed our hands to stroke his inner thighs, and we would get close, but not quite touch, his cock. It was driving him crazy.

Every couple of minutes, Anna and I really amped it up, and we would kiss each other deeply in front of Bobby. I started to tentatively reach for and touch her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples. Her moans were echoed by Bobby, and it was clear that he needed some immediate relief.

I took hold of the base of the shaft of Bobby’s cock .”Take it in your mouth,” I said to Anna.

She supported herself with her arms, and began to suck and slurp hungrily while I tugged at his shaft. Bobby could only hold out for a few moments. His entire body went rigid for an instant, and he groaned loudly as Anna swallowed his first spurt. He continued coming, and Anna managed to keep up with him until she had sucked the last few drops.

I decided to let Bobby take the lead, and let him do whatever he wanted. I assumed that he would focus his attentions on Anna, taking advantage of the novelty of being with someone new. After he rested a few minutes, he was ready for action again.

Like my threesome with Jake and Marty from the day before, the details from this incredible experience with Anna and Bobby remain a bit hazy. There were memorable highlights, of course, like when I was locked in a passionate 69 with Anna, and Bobby started to fuck her from behind. She and I were simultaneously licking and sucking each other, while Bobby was pumping furiously and filling her.

At one point, I was sucking Bobby’s cock while he licked Anna’s pussy, and she in turn was licking mine, our bodies forming a neat triangle on the bed. We then reversed positions, and I got to lick her pussy while Bobby licked mine, and Anna was sucking on Bobby’s cock. Oh, how I wish that “sexual geometry” had been a course at college!

In then process of exhausting all possible sexual combinations, the three of us had finally exhausted ourselves. We drifted off to sleep in a tangle of warm bodies on the bed, content to pick this up another day.

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