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The Executive

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I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the 34th floor. Being country born and bred I had never liked high buildings and I held my breath as I was rushed upwards. I looked in the mirror and straightened my tie, made sure my hair was neat and soon the doors quietly opened and I stepped out into the plush decor of the executive suites.

I approached the expensively dressed receptionist and before I could speak she said, “Mr. Wilson? Please go down that corridor to room eight, Ms. Green is expecting you.”

I smiled my thanks and followed her directions down the thick wool carpeted corridor, located room eight, knocked and entered, to be greeted by another secretary.

“Ah, Mr. Wilson, please come in, Ms. Green will be with you in a few minutes, would you like coffee or tea while you wait?”

“No, but I would like a glass of water,” I replied and sat on one of the soft armchairs, laughing to myself that I wished they would call me Matt or Sir, I wasn’t used to this “Mister” stuff.

“Certainly Mr. Wilson”, Miss Efficiency said and left the room. She soon returned with a crystal glass of clear water on a small silver tray, obviously no expense spared for the executives of this company.

After a few minutes the intercom buzzed and a lady’s voice said, “Send Mr. Wilson in please Celeste, and you may leave for the day, see you in the morning.”

Celeste rose and ushered me to the door to the inner sanctum; I smiled my thanks and entered, closing the door and Celeste behind me. The sheer size of the office and the class of the furniture almost took my breath away as I strode toward the large desk near the tall glass windows.

Behind the desk sat Ms. Green, immaculately dressed and not a hair out of place. She stood as I reached the desk and held out a hand in welcome, she was shorter than I had expected. Her hair was blond and pulled back off her face, and of course the makeup was impeccable. The smile was confident and delightful and her figure was very trim.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Wilson, please sit down and make yourself comfortable.”

“Thank you, and please call me Matt,” I replied as I sat on the chair.

“Great, and please call me Kristen, I do prefer first names whenever possible. Now Matt as I said on the phone on Monday your services were recommended to me by Deanne. I have known her for many years and when I saw her last week she was looking absolutely wonderful. It didn’t take too much persuasion for her to tell me of her dealings with you. As you can see I am in a very controlling position in my job and I have had a great need for many years to give up that control and submit to a dominant man. It was a fantasy I thought would never come true, most the men I come in contact with are wimps, but when I heard of your services my hopes soared. So here you are,” Kristen stopped and gave a girlish giggle and blushed, “Oh, I am dominating the conversation, I am sorry, I am a bit nervous”

“That’s fine Kristen and being nervous is understandable. You are about to break a pattern of control that has been part of your life for many years and it takes courage to do that. Now, Celeste, what does she think I am here for?”

“Celeste thinks that you are an investment advisor from one of the large banks and with the suit and the large briefcase you do look the part so there will be no problems with her or any of the other staff.” Kristen rose from her desk and locked the office door. “All the offices are sound proofed too so what happens here is just between you and I.”

“Before we commence do you have any questions? Anything that has occurred to you since our long talk on the phone? What safe word do you wish to use?” I fired the questions at her.

“No more questions Matt, I just want to let go and be in your control. I know I am safe from what Deanne said and I have made arrangements as you ordered to phone her at 7.00pm. If I don’t phone she will call security to come up here. The safe word is “red” and I will call “amber” if I’m getting close, can we start please?”

I smiled at her excitement, “Certainly Kristen but perhaps you should close the curtains first, anyone with binoculars or a telescope could see right in here from those other buildings.”

Kristen blushed and rushed to close the thick curtains and I dimmed the bright lighting to suit the mood of the occasion.

“Come here Kristen, take off your shoes and stand at attention, from here on you are in my control, you speak only when spoken to and you call me Sir, understand?” I instructed as I removed my coat and tie, rolled my sleeves up and unbuttoned the collar to be more comfortable.

Kristen kicked off her shoes and scuttled to stand in front of me, her eyes shining with excitement.

“Yes Sir!”

“Take off your jacket and place it on the chair,” I ordered and Kristen immediately obeyed.

I walked slowly around her knowing that the parade ground inspection always gives the feeling of being subordinate to a new submissive.

“Now young lady it’s time to let go of all your long held beliefs that you have control. Oh yes, I know that since you were born you have wrapped everyone around your little finger. You learnt very early how to get your own way, didn’t you? You used your beauty and your feminine wiles to get your own way just about every time. Oh yes, and how you pouted and carried on when something went against you. What a foot stomping little brat you must have been when you were a child, I wonder if your parents ever considered putting you over their knees and giving you the hiding you no doubt deserved? No, probably not, it was easier for them to give you what you wanted and your life has gone on like that, through school, college and since you entered into the corporate world.”

I continued to walk around Kristen as I spoke in a calm, controlled fashion. “I bet your quick rise through the corporate ranks has left many a wrecked man behind you. Men who have been captivated and tongue-tied by your beauty, and your ability to use them for your gain. And when you get what you want from them you spit them out and leave them behind don’t you? Well Ms corporate success it’s time for you to be taken down a peg or two. It’s time for you to get some much needed discipline into your life, to learn to do what you are told, to accept that you are not the most important person in the world. I’m going to give you what you should have been given when you were three years old. And that is control. Kristen, you will give me total control of yourself and I will show you just how rewarding that can be.”

I stopped behind Kristen and ran my fingers down the spine and smiled as a shiver ran through her body. Returning to stand in front, I reached out and took the ornate silver belt from around her waist, then I pulled her turquoise blouse out from the top of her short dark blue skirt. I stroked her neck a few times with the back of a finger and then took hold of the top button of the blouse. Slowly I proceeded to undo the buttons, one by one until the front fell open revealing a white bra covering her pert breasts. I slipped the blouse from her shoulders and threw it on top of her jacket.

“Drop your skirt to the floor then give it to me.”

Kristen jumped when I spoke and then with fumbling fingers loosened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She bent down, picked it up, handed it too me and stood, again at attention. I threw the skirt with her other clothing and stepped back to look her over once again. Now only dressed in bra and panties with garter belt and stockings she looked good enough to eat. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing and her eyes were downcast at the floor.

I moved back and stood close beside her, reached out with my right hand and took a handful of her hair, jerking her head back.

“Eyes straight ahead Kristen,” I barked in her ear, “And hands on your head!”

Kristen’s looked straight ahead as I released her hair from my grasp so I placed my left hand on her tummy and stood still. Kristen’s breathing stopped as she waited expectantly for my next movement.

At least ninety seconds passed by so I whispered, “If you don’t start breathing you may faint.”

“Oh my God, Matt, Sir, I didn’t realize, OUCH!” as I slapped her arse firmly for the first time.

I steadied Kristen with my left hand as my right rose and fell onto her lovely arse cheeks.

Spank! “Ohhh!”

Spank! “Ouch!”

Spank! “Ahhhh”

Spank! “Oh Yes!!”

I gave Kristen about ten firm but not hard slaps on each cheek; she took them very well and managed to keep her hands on her head.

I stepped behind her and heard a sharp intake of breath as I unclipped her bra and then I moved back in front of this delightful lady.

“Hands down Kristen.”

I noticed the quickness of her obedience and I reached forward with both hands and took the shoulder straps in my fingers. The straps slid off her shoulders and down her arms and I flicked the bra over with her other clothes.

“Take off your stockings.”

Kristen’s eyes briefly met mine as if surprised that I did not touch her lovely breasts and she bent and unclipped the stockings from the suspender belt. Both stockings and the belt soon joined the pile of clothing on the chair. I took hold of her left arm and led her over to her desk, pushing her shoulders so she bent at the waist over the edge of the desk, her breasts flattening on the polished timber. Kristen moaned as I raked my fingernails from her neck down her spine to her panties. I slapped between her thighs and she obediently spread her legs wider apart. Grasping the elastic of her panties I made as if to lower them slowly, but suddenly pulled hard and they ripped themselves off her body.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes!” Kristen cried as the panties tore and my hand roamed over her now bare arse. I ran a finger down her crack, over her arse hole and teased it over the entrance to her vagina. As I expected she was quite wet and another long low moan escaped her lips.

I resumed the spanking on the bare skin, gradually increasing the force of my hand on the skin that slowly turned from white to pink.

Whack! “Ouch”

Whack! “Ahhh”

Whack! “Owww”

Whack! “Oh God!”

Whack! “Oh shit!”

I kept spanking Kristen as she had told me on the phone that submitting to a spanking was one of her hottest fantasies. She had been spoilt as a child and never had a hand laid on her by her affluent parents. Her need to submit may have been a subconscious desire to rebel against the patterns that had long been instilled in her brain. But I really didn’t care about the psychological reasons, as long as she was enjoying her submission that was what counted most as far as I was concerned.


“Oh Sir, this is fantastic, even better than I imagined, please keep going,”

Kristen was obviously enjoying herself but I wanted her to experience more than a hand spanking so I stopped.

“I’ll ignore that you spoke first, but this is your last warning. Stay there Kristen and don’t move.” I directed as I opened my brief case and took out a crop, strap and a small, thin, whippy cane.

“These will sting more in a smaller area Kristen, remember the safe words,” I said as I tapped her arse cheeks with the tip of the crop.

Kristen nodded her head as the muscles in her buttocks clenched in preparation for the sting. Her hands reached out and grabbed the far side of her desk as a low moan escaped her lips.

I raised the crop and brought it down smartly across her pink globes leaving a light red mark. To her credit Kristen took the sting without making a sound, she certainly was determined to be brave.

Without pausing I beat a quick tattoo across her arse cheeks, leaving lovely criss-crossed marks on the skin. Kristen was squirming on the desktop and emitting small yelps with each stroke but there was no sign of her nearing the use of the safe word. I paused and without warning changed the crop to the strap, with a little more force.

“Owwwwww, oh Sir! What was that?” she cried.

“Just a leather strap Kristen, want me to ease up?” I inquired as the strap landed another time; once again I ignored that she had spoken first.

“Yahhhhhh, oh no Sir keep going, it stings like hell, owwwwww, it just took me by surprise.”

I alternated the use of the crop and the strap with a few whacks with one before changing to the other. Kristen was amazing me with her ability to take this punishment, as her arse was now bright red. I stopped and rubbed my hand over her hot cheeks, Kristen murmured with pleasure and pushed back at my hand.

“I’m going to give you six strokes with the cane to complete this part of your session,” I said as I pushed the telephone across the desk, “But first I think you should phone Deanne.”

“Oh is it that time already?” Kristen replied, her voice showing a mixture of excitement, arousal and pleasure as she grabbed the phone and punched in the numbers.

“Hello Deanne, yes its me.” A pause and then, “Oh yes I’m fine, Matt, I mean Sir, is wonderful, my arse is on fire and I think I’m going to cum soon. What? Oh the code! Ummmmm, it’s oh, four, a, nought, e.”

“Don’t hang up Kristen,” I ordered as I tapped her arse with the cane, “Keep the phone by your mouth and count the strokes.”

The cane whooshed through the air and landed on Kristen’s arse.

“Owwwww, oh one.”

Whoosh ~ crack! – “Ouch!! Two.” Kristen gave a few sobs as I raised the cane again.

Whoosh ~ crack! – “Yaaaahhhh, oh god, three.”

Whoosh ~ crack!! – “Ohhhhhhh shit, its too much, four.”

I paused and admired the four bright red marks across her cheeks as Kristen sobbed into the desktop, the phone still close to her mouth. She was shaking her head from side to side as if saying ‘no more’ but she still had not used the safe word so I continued.

Whoosh ~ crack!!! – “Owwwwwwww, oh Sir orange, oh God I mean amber, I don’t know if I can take anymore.” Kristen’s whole body was shaking, partly with pleasure and partly because of the pain.

“One more Kristen or will I stop?” My voice was firm and commanding but the decision was hers.

“Yes! One more Sir, oh fuck I am so close to cumming, please……….”

WHOOSH ~ CRACK! – “Aiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!” The cane landed across both her cheeks and Kristen screamed loudly and she jerked uncontrollably as the orgasm swamped through her body.

I dropped the cane and held Kristen as she collapsed across the desk. I reached out and replaced the telephone, smiling to myself as I pictured Deanne’s face on the other end of the line. I stroked Kristen’s back as she slowly calmed down, her panting body testimony to the intensity of her orgasm. After a few minutes I gathered Kristen in my arms and carried her across the large conference table where I laid her face down on the cool timber top. Moving to cupboards against a side wall I found a pack of tissues and then the bar fridge where I grabbed some ice, then I returned to the table and gently rubbed the ice over her still very warm arse cheeks.

“This will reduce the pain and also limit the bruising a little Kristen,” I said, “You will still feel the pain for some time, a nice reminder for you of your first punishment session.”

Kristen turned her head sideways and looked at me as she wiped the few last tears away. “Oh Sir that was amazing, as the stories say it hurt so good, I have never cum like that before in my life.”

I smiled down at her as I continued to cool her buttocks with the ice. “Turn over onto your back Kristen and spread your legs wide apart, if you want me to continue.”

Kristen’s reply was to turn over immediately, wincing as her arse cheeks touched the hard timber. I went to my brief case and took out four lengths of soft rope. It wasn’t long before I had Kristen’s wrists and ankles secured to the legs of the solid table.

“I wonder what your fellow director’s would say if they could see you on top of the table instead of at the head?” I asked with a grin.

“Oh some of them would love to have me on top like this, I can see it in their eyes,” she replied as her eyes watched my movements, widening as I held up some nipple clamps.

I rubbed a piece of ice over Kristen’s nipples to make them even harder and then attached the clamps to each of the nipples. Her breasts heaved with the sudden pain and the joining chain rattled quietly as her hips rose off the table. I grasped the chain and lifted it straight above her breasts, watching her face closely as her nipples were pulled upward. Kristen’s eyes narrowed and she clenched her teeth; and as I increased the pressure a long low moan escaped her lips. I lowered the chain to ease the pressure on her nipples and then jerked it up again causing a shriek from her lips. I played with the chain for a short time, never having the same pressure on each nipple, while I watched Kristen’s body pull against the ropes as she moaned and groaned at each tug.

Dropping the chain I left the clamps attached to her nipples and grabbed my bag of tricks. I pulled out a handful of clothespins and attached one to each ear lobe. Kristen grimaced and then watched as I squeezed some skin of her left breast between my thumb and first finger. I clipped a clothespin to the trapped piece of skin and repeated the procedure over again. Soon I had five clothespins and the nipple clamps attached to each heaving breast and Kristen was moaning loudly.

“Please Sir, the nipple clamps are killing me, red to those please,” Kristen pleaded with tears welling again in her eyes.

I quickly removed the clamps, leaving the clothespins still attached. Kristen gave a huge sigh of relief as the intense pain suddenly diminished and once again her eyes sparkled at me. I played with a few remaining clothespins, moving them from hand to hand while I looked down her slightly perspiring body, teasing her with my actions. After dropping the pins back into my bag I ran my fingertips over her torso, moving them down over her hips, thighs and calves and back up again. I repeated this several times causing moans of anticipation from my lovely captive.

Kristen’s eyes opened wide as I reached down and picked up the crop again, but I wandered away from the table slapping the leather tip against my hand. I could feel her eyes watching me as I moved to the drink cabinet and poured two glasses of water. After drinking mine I took the second one over to Kristen, holding her head up while she sipped at the cooling liquid.

“Thank you Sir, I needed that,” she said, still warily eyeing the crop in my hand.

“Did I give you permission to speak silly girl?” I inquired.

“Oh I’m sorry Sir, I thought, I………………” her voice faded.

Kristen then yelped several times as I quickly pulled all the clothespins off her ear lobes and breasts, leaving small red marks attesting to the pressure they had applied.

I placed the crop on the table beside her and started to slap her breasts from side to side.

“You will learn to obey Kristen, when I say speak only when spoken to I mean it.”

Kristen nodded her head and grimaced each time my hands made contact with the softness of her breasts.

Slap, slap, slap was the only noise in the room as somehow Kristen managed to keep quiet. This soon changed as I picked up the crop and commenced flicking the leather tip onto her breasts and nipples. I was not using much force but I knew from past experience that the sting was quite appreciable on the soft flesh.

“Sssssssssshit, ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Kristen’s cries were loud and I hoped that the room was completely sound proof.

I moved the tip of the crop down to her inner thighs, using a bit more power as I flicked it across the soft skin, very close to her pussy and then moving it down to near her knees. Up and down the insides of both thighs the crop moved, leaving red marks after each little crack. Kristen’s cries were the loudest of the session and the familiar scent of a very turned on lady reached my nostrils.

I paused with the tip hovering over her pussy and looked directly into her eyes. Kristen’s gaze went from my eyes to the tip of the crop and she bit her bottom lip as she looked back at me and nodded.

One, two, three quick clips on her vagina with the tip of the crop was enough to send Kristen over the edge once again. Her body arched up off the table as she orgasmed and a loud piercing scream echoed around the large office.

One, two, three softer touches from the crop and another orgasm hit her. Kristen was gasping for breath as her arms and legs fought against the ropes while the spasms of pleasure continued to shake through her body. Finally she collapsed back onto the table, her breasts still heaving as she fought for air. I helped her to sip a little more water and then stood beside her, stroking her hair as she slowly calmed down.

I could see that Kristen wanted to speak to me so I teased her a little more by remaining silent as I untied the knots and released her wrists and ankles. I rolled the ropes into small balls and threw them into my bag, knowing that the silence was infuriating my latest subbie. When I had finished tidying all my equipment I returned to the table and held out my arms.

Kristen raised her arms and I pulled her into a sitting position, smiling as she winced when her arse moved across the smooth timber. As her legs dropped over the side I pulled her to me in a hug which she returned with as much power as her arms could muster.

“Speak to me little girl, tell me what’s on your mind.” I whispered in her ear as we hugged.

“Oh Sir, that was incredible. That pain on my breasts and nipples just turned me on so much, I think I must have nerves direct from there to my cunt.”

“Tsk, tsk, such unladylike language,” I laughed.

“Fuck the language,” Kristen said with a giggle, “That cum was the greatest, I have never had multiple orgasms before, oh that was amazing. Sir I have a request if you don’t mind?”

Releasing her from the hug I held her at arms length, “And what would that be little girl?”

“Please Sir, I would love to give you something in return, to pleasure you. I know when we spoke on the phone I specified that the first session be no sexual contact.” Kristen looked at me and suggestively licked her lips. “But I feel so wonderful, may I pleasure you, please Sir?”

My reply was to move over to one of the empty armchairs where I quickly kicked off my shoes and removed my sox, followed by my underwear and pants in one motion. I sat in the chair with my legs spread wide, my hard cock ready for her.

I gestured for her to come to me and Kristen got down from the table and walked to me on slightly shaky legs.

“I guess if Bill and Monica can do what they did and not have sexual relations then it’s ok for us too,” I said with a laugh. “Kneel down Kristen and suck me off.”

“Yes Sir, oh my pleasure Sir.” Kristen said with a giggle, “What’s good for the White House is good enough for me.”

I lay back in the large chair as Kristen knelt between my legs, looking up and licking her lips.

“This is for you Sir, relax and enjoy.”

I nodded as her breasts grazed over my cock and then she kissed her way lower, down past my navel. Her hands caressed my sac as her mouth reached and then kissed the tip, and then she traced the head of my cock with her tongue. I reached out with a hand and stroked her hair, still damp from the earlier exertions and Kristen looked up and smiled. She lowered her lips once again, moving them past my cock to my balls, bathing them and darting her tongue over the smooth skin behind the sac. Next she flattened her tongue at the base of my cock, then flicked it maddeningly up the length to capture the head between her lips, sucking softly, tasting the pre cum. She was making cooing noises, the vibrations travelling along my shaft to my balls. Slowly her head moved lower as my cock slipped into the wetness of her mouth, my hand pushing firmly on the back of her head. A low moan escaped her lips as she stopped, I removed my hand and her head rose, paused for a second and then fell again. My executive subbie used my cock to fuck her mouth, her tongue swirling around my shaft.

A few days earlier Kristen had sent me a photo of herself by email and since then I had lusted over this sexy lady. I had been aroused from the moment I walked into her office and I knew that it would not be long until I also orgasmed. Kristen’s head continued to bob up and down my shaft. Her breathing was synchronized with her movements and her cheeks puffed in and out as she sucked. Very soon her ministrations had the desired effect and I felt my balls swell just before my imminent orgasm.

“I’m nearly there Kristen!” I cried as my hips thrust forward off the chair to her mouth. Her eyes flashed to mine as her lips opened wide and took as much of my cock as she could. I reached out again and held her head down as I started to orgasm, pumping my sperm into her waiting mouth. My hips jerked and I moaned with ecstasy as this lovely lady sucked hard on my cock head, swallowing hard as my cum flowed into her mouth. As my orgasm came to its natural ending I slumped back in the chair watching as Kristen licked her lips to capture the last of my juices and then lay her head down on my stomach.

“Mmmmmmm, I have not done that for some time Sir, thank you for letting me please you.”

“Your pleasure was mine Kristen, I think it has been a very successful session.” I replied as I lay back in the comfortable chair.

With that comment Kristen stood, smiled contentedly at me and moved over to her clothes where she commenced dressing. I stood, slipped back into my undies and pants and moved over beside her.

As she started to button up her blouse I reached out and stopped her. “What do you think you are doing? Did I give you permission to dress?”

“What? Oh I thought we had finished,” Kristen’s head dropped and she looked contrite, “I’m sorry Sir, I made an assumption that I should not have.”

“Strip!” I ordered.

Kristen’s eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open. I was ready for the spoilt brat to speak but she fought back the urge and quickly undressed again.


She quickly dropped to her knees, her head downcast, eyes looking at my feet.

“Kristen you do not assume anything with me while we are together. I am in charge here, in control of you and you must get that into your stubborn head. You seem to be learning very quickly and that pleases me but a brat like you will only learn the hard way.”

I grabbed a handful of hair and hauled her to her feet, pulling her once again over to her desk. I forced her back into the original position and noticed that she spread her legs without any guidance.

A low moan escaped Kristen’s lips as my hand went to her arse cheeks, smacking and pinching the flesh. I moved to my briefcase, took out the cat of nine tails and positioned myself to whip her again.

The cat whooshed through the air and exploded across her arse.

“Owwwwwwwwww, oh no!”

Whoosh ~ crack!

Whoosh ~ crack!

Whoosh ~ crack!

My arm rose and fell as the cat left red marks over her arse, thighs and back. Kristen was screaming loudly at each blow and I kept going until I reached an even dozen. Dropping the cat I hauled the sobbing Kristen to her feet, held her by the shoulders and shook her.

“Now do you know who is in charge?” I shouted.

Kristen looked at me through tearful eyes and nodded her head up and down. I let her down on her hands and knees, grasped a handful of hair, led her over to my shoes and sox and I sat once again on the chair.

“Kiss my feet Kristen and put my shoes and sox on!” I ordered.

I watched her whole body stiffen at the words ‘kiss my feet’. Was this to be the moment of rebellion? How would she react to being ordered to perform what she would regard as such a degrading task? I could almost hear the demons fighting within her. Her desire to submit fighting of all her life long patterns. Apart from her sniffles there was silence and stillness in the large office until with a large sigh Kristen bent and kissed both my feet. After slipping my sox and shoes on and tying the laces, Kristen kissed my shoes and remained in the same position, on her hands and knees, head bowed.

I reached forward and lifted her head up so that our eyes met, “Congratulations Kristen, I know that was tough for you but you defeated your demons and obeyed, stand up and you may speak, the session has ended.”

Kristen smiled at me through some tears and as she climbed to her feet I pulled her to me and sat her down on my lap. I hugged her to me and we sat in silence and I wiped away the tears as I let her thoughts settle.

“Oh wow, Sir, Matt, whoever,” she giggled at her own words, “That was amazing, my head is spinning with so many thoughts and emotions.”

“Yes I know Kristen, BDSM can be a very emotional time as we break down long held belief systems. Your patterns are very strong because you learnt them at a very early age, but you took to my form of control like a duck to water. I admit I thought the duck was going to fly at the end when I said to kiss my feet, but as I said, you fought your demons and won, congratulations.”

“Thank you so much Matt,” Kristen said as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, “You are the best.”

“Hmmm Kristen, that’s a big statement from someone who has only had one control session in her life.”

“No, you were absolutely great. Deanne was right, I am so glad I trusted you.”

“Too many of both sexes have been turned off the scene by a bad first time. If you look at all the so-called Mistresses and Masters who advertise on the Internet, how many of them have had any sort of training? How many of them would attract a man to a session and then put him off BDSM for life? Plenty in my opinion, so you were fortunate that Deanne was able to tell you about me.”

“Oh Deanne was so happy with your services, she has been involved with a messy divorce but told me she is coming to see you soon at your dungeon.” Kristen’s tears had stopped and she was smiling happily.

“Hmmm maybe I’ll get the two of you together one day for a joint session?” I wondered out loud, thinking to myself of the possibilities of that scenario.

Kristen gulped, “I think a few more private sessions are called for before I venture into that sort of thing Matt.”

“Don’t panic Kristen, nothing will be forced on you, I want you to understand that. I would love to see you again in private, either here or at my dungeon. I look forward to testing your limits but never going beyond them. The punishment you took today was unusually severe for a first timer, I guess you really wanted to atone for some of your past misdeeds.”

“I don’t know about that Matt,” Kristen said as she got off my lap, “All I know is that from the first spank I knew it was what I needed so badly and I need to have more. May I dress now Sir?”

“Don’t be too cheeky brat,” I said with a grin as I rose from the chair, “Of course you may dress, I’m hungry, would you like to have a quick pasta in the restaurant downstairs?”

“Yes I would Matt, that would be lovely,” Kristen replied as she finished dressing, “I would love to toast our future, I know they have soft cushions on the seats, so that will suit me fine.”

I laughed as I took Kristen’s hand and led her from the office; I looked forward to spending more time with this lovely lady in the future.

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