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Surprise! I’m Gay & I Love It

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Carl is the type of black man that white women fantasize about having sex with. He’s tall, muscular, very dark skinned, 36 years old with a shaved head and strong African features. I am a tall, slim 48 year old white guy who looks much younger than his age. I met Carl while playing on a local softball team. We quickly became friends and fell into the habit of spending Saturday nights together when neither of us had dates. He would come to my house and we would order pizza and drink beer.

One of those Saturday nights he showed up with a bottle of Jack Daniels which we promptly started to drink. We didn’t order pizza that night and very quickly got more than a little drunk. At least I was. We were sitting on the soft talking and laughing when I commented about how sensuous I thought thick black African lips were. Carl has big, thick beautiful lips. I told him I had always wanted to kiss a thick-lipped black woman but had never had the chance. Carl laughed and said that I was welcome to close my eyes, call him Ruby and kiss his big lips if I wanted to. I was just drunk enough that I leaned over and pressed my thin white lips against his and instinctively stuck my tongue in his mouth.

It was good. Carl’s lips were amazing and it turned out he was a great kisser. He put a hand behind my head, pulled me to him and started exploring my mouth with his thick tongue. It was very nice and I made no effort to do anything except enjoy it. Carl apparently was enjoying it also because he made no effort to stop. For a good while we continued to kiss, lick each other lips and suck each other’s tongues. To my surprise I began to get turned on and even more to my surprise I was comfortable with it. Carl was obviously comfortable with it as he was also getting turned on. After a while Carl stopped kissing me and with a little laugh asked me if I had ever touched a black man’s cock. I shook my head no and started kissing him again. Carl pulled away and reaching down he unhooked and unzipped his pants.

With some trouble he proceeded to pull a huge, thick, cut cock out of his pants. It was a solid ten inches long with a big head that can only be described as beautiful. It was interesting that even though the shaft was black as coal there was some pink in the head. Nestled below his cock was a set of balls as big as my fist. Without saying a word Carl took my hand and placed it on his cock. Without me saying a word I started to stroke and explore it with my hand. It was very warm and hard as steel yet at the same time kind of soft. Pre-cum was dripping out of the big eye on the end of his cock and I used it to lube him while I stroked him. Carl pulled me to him and again shoved his thick tongue into my willing mouth. It was very good and I was very aroused.

After a few minutes of kissing and stroking Carl’s cock he pulled away from my very hungry mouth. Without saying a word he put his big hands on my shoulders and slowly, but firmly, maneuvered me off the sofa to where I was on my knees between his legs. He put a hand behind my head, pulled me forward and started to wipe the pre-cum dripping from his cock all over my cheeks and lips. The thought of pulling away or asking him to stop never entered my mind. Instead I had this feeling I was about to experience something exciting and wonderful. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick the underside of Carl’s cock head. Carl liked this and started to moan. I remember feeling a great sense of satisfaction that I was bringing such obvious pleasure to Carl. I licked the big cock head for a couple of minutes then Carl’s hand, which was still on the back of my head, pulled me forward and for the first time in my life a man’s cock was in my mouth. It was warm, it was natural and it was good. Without any hesitation or embarrassment I started to suck my first cock.

After gagging a few times I quickly found my limit as to how much of Carl’s cock I could take in my mouth. I settled down to a slow rhythmic sucking while I stroked his shaft with one hand and fondled his balls with the other. It was very, very good and from the sounds Carl was making he was enjoying it also. After a few minutes, too few for me, I could tell from the sounds coming from Carl and the changes in his cock that he was going to cum. Instinctively I started to pull away but Carl’s big hand held my head firmly in place as he started to cum. When Carl cums he doesn’t put out a big load, he puts out a monstrous load. Stream after stream of cum flew out of Carl’s cock into my mouth. I had always thought it would be repulsive and disgusting to have another man cum in your mouth, but it’s not.

Carl’s cum was warm, sensuous and had very little taste. Feeling his cock cumming in my mouth was the most erotic, exciting thing I had ever experienced. As I kneeled there savoring the moment Carl just continued to cum and cum and cum. Half of it I swallowed and half of it ran out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin. Finally he stopped. I could feel his cock still throbbing in my mouth but there was no more cum. I felt a little sad. Carl released the hold on the back of my head a little but did not remove his cock from my mouth. I took this opportunity to finish swallowing the last of the cum in my mouth and went back to sucking his cock. Carl removed his hand from my head and fell back on the sofa. As I sucked and licked his cock it slowly began to get soft. To my joy I discovered that the softer it got the further back in my throat I could take it. Eventually I was able to get the head of Carl’s cock down my throat, just a little. I was impressed with myself being that I was a first time cock-sucker.

Much to soon I relinquished Carl’s sweet, black cock and set up. Carl had a big smile on his face. He leaned forward, wiped some cum off my chin with his finger and kissed me. Carl got up from the sofa, pulled me up from my knees and led me into the bedroom. He sat on the side of my bed and positioned me in front of him. His big hands unbuckled my pants, unzipped them and pulled them down around my ankles. My briefs were absolutely soaked with my pre-cum. Carl pulled them down around my ankles and there I stood with my little six inch, snow-white cock standing at attention. Carl leaned forward, pulled back my foreskin and started to lick the pre-cum off of my cock head.

It was wonderful. Three or four licks from his big tongue and my cock head was clean. Then it happened. My cock disappeared between a man’s lips for the first time. And even better those lips were big, thick, black lips. I was in heaven. I have had hundreds of blowjobs from women but it was like I was getting my first one. I want to tell you that no matter how many women have sucked your cock; you have never had a real blowjob until a man sucks you. Carl was sensuous, wonderful and erotic. Looking down at my cock buried in his handsome black face was almost too much to stand. Five minutes before I was gloating over how good a cocksucker I was and now I felt like a total amateur. Much, much to quickly it was over with. I shot my little load into Carl’s mouth, which he dutifully swallowed, and then I collapsed on the bed.

Carl removed the rest of my clothes, then removed all of his and crawled up on the bed with me. I had never seen him naked and it almost took my breath away. He was absolutely gorgeous, a perfect black God. I couldn’t believe that a man this beautiful had just sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. Carl pulled me close to him, kissed me a few times and started to talk. He told me he had discovered he was gay in high school. A couple of times he had tried women but long ago gave them up. I was surprised when he told me he knew I was gay the first time he met me. According to Carl, gay men can tell when a straight man has gay tendencies even when the man himself has no clue. I confessed to Carl that my being gay was big news to me but I had occasionally wondered what it would be like to suck a man’s cock. I had never, ever seriously considered actually doing it though. Carl asked me if I liked sucking his cock and I told him I loved it. He asked if I would ever do it again and I told him anytime he wanted.

After about thirty minutes of kissing and talking I noticed Carl’s cock was getting very hard. I started caressing it and asked if he would like me to suck it again. He kissed me and then said that what he would really like was for me to let him fuck me. All of a sudden it dawned on me that gay men do more than kiss and suck. For the first time that evening I began to get a little apprehensive. I looked down at Carl’s thick, black, ten inches and the thought of that cock forcing itself into my little white ass was not pleasant. I told Carl this and he kissed me long and slow. He then told me that anal sex had to do with the right preparation. He told me that he really wanted to fuck me bad and that he would prepare me in such a way that I would enjoy it. He promised he would go slow and be gentle and if I really didn’t like it he would stop. As afraid as I was, I was starting to get excited at the thought of Carl’s big cock buried deep inside of me. Reluctantly I told him I was willing to try with one condition. I refused to be fucked from the rear like a dog. I told him I wanted him to fuck me face to face where we could kiss and see each other’s expressions while he fucked me. He agreed.

Using a jar of Vaseline I gave him Carl started applying it liberally to my ass hole while kissing me. Slowly he inserted a finger into my ass and started sliding it in and out. It felt good and I told him so. Carl kept applying more Vaseline to my ass and working it in with his finger. After a few minutes he inserted two fingers in me and I started to feel some pressure but it still felt good, and I was getting very aroused. Carl kept kissing me, applying Vaseline and sliding his fingers in and out. I began to relax and enjoy it, so much so that he was able to slip three fingers in me. As he slid his fingers in and out of me I began to get an inkling of the pleasures that might be had from a cock in my ass.

Carl sensed this and without saying a word positioned him self between my legs, all the time keeping his fingers in me. He lifted my legs up and placed one on each of his shoulders. Moving forward he rolled me back which lifted my ass up in the air. Slowly he removed his fingers and placed the head of his cock against my now lubed and stretched ass hole. He leaned forward more and his cock started to move into me. I immediately felt pain and gasped which made him stop. He kissed me and told me to relax which I tried to do. He leaned forward again and I felt a little more of his cock slip into me and a lot more pain. This time I yelled. Again sweet Carl stopped and started kissing me. I told him I didn’t think I could do it. He smiled and said that it was done, the head of his cock was in me and the painful part was over.

He lifted my head up so I could see and sure enough his cock head was gone. The only thing I saw was his thick black shaft outlined against my lily-white ass. He let my head back down and slowly began to move his cock in and out of me, each thrust going a little deeper. It was painful but with each thrust the pain became less and a strange, pleasurable sensation began taking over. Very quickly he had his entire cock buried in me. I could tell it was all inside of me because I could feel his balls flopping against me with every thrust. I could also tell from the expression on Carl’s face that he was experiencing extreme pleasure. For me it felt like his cock head was in my stomach and his every thrust took my breath away. So there we lay. A lily white, white man laying on his back, legs up in the air, with a coal black, black man laying on top of him, thrusting a huge black cock in and out of my most private place. I absolutely loved it.

As painful as it was I wanted it to be over and at the same time I didn’t want it to end. Carl continued to give me my first fucking and I could not believe how much I loved it, even with the pain. As with all things though it finally began to end. Carl began to moan loudly, yell and his beautiful face went into awful contortions. Finally, Carl started yelling “Ow fuck, Ow fuck” and I could feel his cock convulsing deep inside of me. I knew he was letting loose another monstrous load and I wanted it. I never dreamed the emotional pleasure could be so great when a man pumps his cum deep inside of you. I wanted to lay there all night feeling Carl cum in me but unfortunately it ended.

We lay there for a minute then Carl slowly pulled his cock out of me. I looked down and there was a hole the size of a beer can where my ass hole use to be. Great gobs of cum were running out of it all over my bed and it hurt. We lay there next to each other a while then Carl rewarded me with the second male blow joy of my life. It was wonderful until I came which sent a terrible pain through my ass.

Two weeks later Carl gave up his apartment and moved in with me. We have been together six months now. Carl fucks me almost every night. About half the time I cum while he is fucking me and the other half he sucks me when he is through. Carl never takes a turn on the bottom. I have never turned down his request to suck his cock and have done so in places that you would not believe. I am his total bitch and I love it. I give myself to Carl any time he wants me, anywhere he wants me and anyway he wants me. He is always good to me. Sometimes he shares me with a black friend of his. I think they may be ex-lovers but have never asked and don’t care. You can’t imagine what it’s like to spend an evening as the object of two horny black men’s lust. I highly recommend it.

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Bob wrote

Well now that sure made this evening read very horny & happy one wrote more please.