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Out of the Darkness Ch. 02

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“I should call the cops and charge you with rape,” Kristi said.

“I’m not sure it’s rape when you beg me to fuck you,” Ryan replied.

“Temporary insanity.”

Ryan laughed sarcastically. “Insane with lust.”

Mother and son were sitting in Ryan’s college apartment, less than twenty four hours since the nineteen year old student fucked his thirty nine year old mother on the lawn of a nearby house.

It was their first effort at intercourse, but would not be their last. With several days looming when they would be in the apartment alone, the scene was set for all the experimentation they wanted to try.

Kristi was taking a short vacation while her husband, persistently out of town for business, was on another trip. When Ryan invited her to spend time with him at school during the summer, she accepted with some hesitation. But her ever-growing sexual interest in Ryan finally exploded in a wild romp in the grass the night before.

She helped initiate the whole thing by sneaking into his bedroom while Ryan was home a few days earlier. Caught in the midst of masturbating, Ryan allowed her to give him the blowjob of his young life.

Now they waited for the next installment of their affair.

Ryan discovered a clue of how it would happen quite accidentally. He was sitting at his computer when he realized his mother had been using her e-mail and was still signed in. He noticed a new message waiting for Kristi from his aunt Judy, his Mom’s sister. Looking once over his shoulder to make sure he could still hear his mother in the shower, Ryan opened the e-mail.

It started out, “I think it’s so cool you found somebody at Ryan’s school.”

That’s when Ryan noticed his mother’s original message was attached at the bottom. He read it silently:

“You can’t believe what happened to me. I met this guy last night and he practically raped me on the lawn of somebody’s house in the dark. It was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Ever. He’s young and gorgeous and I think we’re going to have some more sex. Judy, I know this is crazy, but it felt so good. I hope to see him again, along with a few of his friends if I can arrange it. I get wet thinking about it.”

Ryan had to stop reading to adjust his cock. Clearly, Kristi didn’t want to tell her sister the guy she met was her son. That was OK with Ryan, but the part about wanting group sex, that was almost too much for him to comprehend. Still, it made him hard and if that’s what she wanted…

Ryan closed the message, marked it as unread and began the process of figuring out how to make his mother’s fantasy come true. It wasn’t that Ryan didn’t have male friends, but very few of them were in summer school. Then it struck him that Kristi had no trouble making friends at the bar they went to the night before. She had even danced with a guy for a long time and seemed to hit it off pretty well.

Perhaps one more trip to the bar was in order; a recruiting expedition. With a little luck, the old mansion that had been renovated into apartments for Ryan and his housemates would soon be the site of Kristi’s next big adventure. Ryan, of course, would be near the front of the line.

He had no doubt that his mother, with her wavy brown hair, great body, and long legs, would attract a lot of attention, regardless of her age. She proved that the other night. If she wore the right outfit, and he was sure she would, his job would be easy.

He finalized the plans in his head and waited for the best time to ask Kristi if she wanted to make another visit to the bar. She eagerly accepted, making Ryan promise that they would wait until getting back to the house before having sex. He promised, but gave no hint of how that would happen.

They ate dinner at home and waited until almost nine o’clock before heading to the same strip of bars they were at before. Kristi was good with trying their luck at the same establishment as earlier in the week. She knew Ryan had a lot of friends working there and the place had music she could stomach.

It was slightly warmer than the day before, and Kristi compensated by wearing a sleeveless top that was unbuttoned to her cleavage. Her jeans were tight and rode low on her hips. Just the right amount of skin separated the shirt from the jeans. Ryan suspected she didn’t have a bra on, but didn’t make a fuss over it other than to say, “Wow! You look great. Most of the girls here would kill for that body.”

Kristi kissed him on the cheek and gave him a ‘Thank you’ pat on the ass.

“Let’s go,” she said as they headed out.

The first good news the couple got after the short walk to the bar was that it was a little more crowded than the other night. Ryan would have more people to invite back to the house and Kristi had more potential dance partners. They walked past the first group of tables, past the long bar, and into the back room. Nearly all of the tables were taken, but one close to the entrance was available and Kristi grabbed it.

While still maintaining its place as a campus bar, more locals than normal inhabited the place during the summer when most of the kids were gone. As a result, the crowd ranged in age from late teens to late thirties. Very few of the females were in their late thirties and none of them matched Kristi’s looks.

None of the patrons knew it yet, but none of the other women matched Kristi’s ability to flirt, either.

The same pretty, young waitress that waited on them the last time came by and took drink orders. Ryan kept her at the table for an extended conversation, and Kristi’s jealousy swelled. She knew Ryan called every female employee in the joint by their first name. She’d have to live with it.

When fifteen minutes passed and Kristi hadn’t been approached by anybody either to dance or just talk, Ryan took the lead and accompanied his mother onto the large, already packed dance floor in front of the live band. That worked. Before long, he had handed Kristi off to a guy he knew, but not well. All he wanted was for her to be in capable hands while he worked the room to complete his plans for later.

Ryan occasionally sat at the bar and made mental note of who she talked to or danced with. Then, when he had the opportunity, he talked to the guys while Kristi was off somewhere else.

By the end of the evening, Ryan had more than a dozen potential participants, knowing that some of them wouldn’t follow through on their promise to him. Still, if only a handful showed up, it would be a success.

The walk back to Ryan’s apartment was not nearly as eventful as the previous trip. But Kristi was looking forward to what she expected to be a long night together with Ryan. As soon as they got back, Kristi said she was going up to change clothes.

“No,” Ryan said with surprising urgency. “You’re fine just like that. Don’t change, please.”

Kristi obeyed, a little confounded by her son’s insistence. She spent the next few minutes in the bathroom and, finally, the kitchen where she threw some snacks together for them. They had only been sitting in the living room a short time after that when the doorbell rang.

Ryan sprung up and welcomed in three of his friends. Kristi immediately recognized them from the bar and she was as much stunned as she was happy that they showed up at the house. Two more guys were at the door soon after that, followed about another pair within minutes.

Kristi never professed to be a genius, but she quickly figured out what was going on and managed to get Ryan alone in a separate room. She said, “Ryan, I can’t believe you did all this. I love you so much.”

They kissed passionately before Ryan could answer.

“Just have a good time, Mom. Don’t be afraid of any of these guys. I know them all. Have fun.”

“Oh, I plan on it.”

Plenty of beer was available either from Ryan’s supply or from what the guests brought with them. Kristi offered more snacks, but that wasn’t what the guys had in mind. They became increasingly playful with her and she teased them right back. Nearly all the guys were Ryan’s age or a few years older. The few days Kristi had spent with Ryan on campus had made her almost forget the age difference between her and his friends. Her flirtatious attitude and great body permitted them to look at her in a different way, as well.

The most flamboyant of Ryan’s friends was Evan, a star on the school’s baseball team. Kristi had danced with him at the bar but never got his name. Now they were in the living room standing near the door to the kitchen, discussing Evan’s dating exploits.

Kristi had instantly been attracted to his blonde hair and blue eyes. Evan had been attracted to her ass. So it shouldn’t have surprised Kristi when he moved behind her and put his hands around her waist.

It was the first time any of the guys had embraced her, their touches up to now being almost by accident. Evan’s hug did not go unnoticed, either by Kristi or anybody else within sight of them.

He put his face on her wavy hair, next to her ear, and said, “Want to start the party?”

The words sent a tingle up and down her spine. She was pretty sure she could feel his erection against her ass. All eyes were on them, including her son’s.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked.

Evan unbuttoned the bottom button of her shirt. If she was of the mind to stop him, it would have to be now. Ryan, for one, suspected she wouldn’t stop him. The others in the room were watching intently, hoping, but not expecting, that she would allow Evan to continue.

Another button was opened and Kristi’s firm, flat stomach was exposed. Evan ran his fingers over the cool skin, pushing the flaps of the shirt back as he went. The room was suddenly much quieter.

Two buttons held the shirt closed over Kristi’s tits. Evan undid the lower one. The woman’s heart pounded as the consequences of what he was doing became clearer and clearer. She had made up her mind: she wanted to be exposed to this group of young guys; she wanted to be ravished by them.

She looked at Ryan and they exchanged nervous smiles. Evan’s hand was inside her shirt, just beginning to find the bottom of her tits. She felt his fingers extend over her soft skin and then up, onto her breasts and around her sensitive nipples. She closed her eyes as he massaged her; his hard cock firmly planted between her cheeks.

“Do it, Evan!” somebody shouted.

Kristi opened her eyes.

“Show us her tits!” another voice rang out.

“Should I?” Evan whispered into her ear. He gripped her nipples and squeezed tightly.

“Oh God. Yes,” Kristi moaned.

Not knowing, or caring, if she was answering his question or responding to his fingers, Evan opened the last button. He let the shirt hang open naturally for a second, and then put his hands between her soft mounds. Evan moved from her cleavage to the very sides of Kristi’s tits, taking the shirt with him.

Sounds of approval filled the room. Kristi was on the verge of shaking with excitement at her exposure to the entire crowd, her legs weakly holding her up. Evan returned his hands to her nipples and dark areolas. Each time he touched her the nipples were a bit harder and longer. Kristi felt her pussy begin to dampen from his manipulation of her tits.

Evan pulled off the sleeveless top and allowed Kristi to stand freely for the first time. She was unsure where to put her arms, tapping them nervously against her thighs while the guys admired her full chest.

“We need a volunteer to taste these awesome tits,” Evan announced. “How about Ryan? Doesn’t that sound appropriate. He arranged all this. I think it’s the least we can do for him.”

Cheers and hoots signaled the collective endorsement of the idea. For everybody in the room, minus two people, the concept of a son enjoying his mother’s body was taboo. Little did they know the history of THIS mother and son.

“C’mon, Ryan,” Evan urged his friend. “Show us how it’s done.”

Ryan would act reluctant. Kristi would act shocked. Then the real show would begin.

Ryan worked his way across the room to where Evan and Kristi stood. Evan took hold of Kristi’s wrists and pulled them behind her. It made what was about to happen even more erotic. It also caused Kristi’s breasts to jut out farther than they already were.

Ryan hesitated while his friends yelled louder. Then a sudden hush fell upon the room as Ryan grabbed his mother by the waist, just above her jeans. Holding her lightly, he leaned down. Nearly all noise ceased by the time his lips met her breast.

When he opened his mouth wider and took in a good portion of her tit, somebody said, “Oh…my…God.”

Ryan sucked on the breast, taking the nipple between his teeth and biting gently. Kristi tried to hold back her gasp, the stiffening of her body plainly obvious to everybody. Ryan used his hand to hold up the breast while he licked and sucked. Encouragement once again began to come from the guys watching.

Both breasts were soon under attack and Kristi’s body reacted to the licking, nibbling, and chewing her son applied. She could feel her panties getting wetter and wetter while the area around her nipples turned red from attention.

“Get her naked, Ryan. We want it all,” a voice behind him shouted.

A rhythmic chant of ‘jeans, jeans, jeans’ started up.

Ryan stood up and said, “Evan, I think you should have the pleasure.”

The look on his face said it all. He instantly let go of Kristi’s wrists and moved around in front of her. He licked a breast one time before unbuttoning her jeans and pulling down the zipper.

Her bright red panties were immediately visible. Evan pushed the pants down and the tiny underwear came into full view. Kristi felt the rush of cool air between her legs, and then farther down, as Evan removed her jeans.

Kristi had never felt so horny, so sexy, so wanted in her life. Evan took her by the hand and walked her out into the very center of the room.

“What do you think guys?” he said.

Loud cheers were the response.

“Do we let her finish the job?”

A unanimous ‘Yeah’ told Kristi what was next. She smiled and looked at Ryan. He nodded almost imperceptibly.

Kristi’s hands took hold of the waistband of her panties. She took them down far enough to reveal nearly all of her pussy and half of her ass. Then she continued, leaning over at the waist to step out of the panties. Every set of eyes tried to capture the best view of her breasts as they hung from her chest, or her tight ass and shaved pussy.

After she tossed the underwear aside, she stood motionless for their review. Her legs were tightly held together and her hands feebly hung in front of her, partially hiding the space between her legs.

Kristi was outwardly uncomfortable, but inside her body was waiting to explode. She wished she was more experienced in such a setting and able to provide them with a better ‘performance’. But she also knew she’d have a chance to make up for it soon.

“Let’s go, Evan. What are you waiting for?” somebody asked.

“Yeah. Fuck her. She wants it,” another voice added.

The athletic young man pulled off his shirt. Although Kristi already wanted him, as soon as she saw his muscular arms and chest she fought the urge to throw herself on him. Her eyes instinctively dropped to his crotch where signs of his own lust were evident. Within seconds, Evan’s shorts were off and he was in his briefs standing directly in front of Kristi.

“Take it out, Kristi,” he said.

The room quieted again as Kristi ran her hand up and down the outline of his shaft. She pulled down the top of his underwear to display a very thick cock.

“Now suck on it.”

Kristi dropped to her knees. She licked the underside of Evan’s cock a couple times before putting her lips around the side of it. She kissed it and licked the sides and head, purposely avoiding actually taking it all into her mouth. The guys looking on practically begged her to give the blowjob they knew was coming.

Finally, she put her mouth in front of the large, pink head and put her lips around the tip. Salty precum hit her tongue and she very slowly pushed forward.

Evan, Ryan and every other guy in the room looked on in awe as the entirety of Evan’s cock disappeared.

“Holy shit, Ryan. Did you know your Mom could do that?” somebody asked.

He could only smile and shrug as Kristi began a rhythmic motion up and down the cock. The harder Evan got the more Kristi thought about how he would feel inside her. She sucked him faster, her tits swaying to the delight of the other guys.

The blowjob went on for several minutes. Evan eventually interrupted it himself by saying, “OK, babe. I think it’s time.”

Kristi let his cock slide free and looked up at Evan.

“Lay down.”

Kristi was on her back quickly, her feet on the floor and her knees raised. Evan moved between her legs and she spread them for him. His cock stuck out and up in an intimidating manner. Even when she was his age, Kristi couldn’t remember seeing a more inviting erection.

Evan did not immediately begin to fuck her. Instead, he leaned down and sucked on both tits, returning the nipples to their aroused state and bringing back the reddish glow around them. His cock rested on the inside of one of her thighs, more than ready to impale her.

Just as Kristi began to moan from his aggressive bites, Evan moved his cock into place.

All of the girls Evan had fucked before, and there were many, did not prepare him for the incredible, mature hole he was about to enter. All of his previous partners may have thought they knew how to have sex, but they really didn’t. Kristi knew how.

As she expected, Evan penetrated her fast and hard. She wrapped her legs around his waist, partly for her own satisfaction and partly to control him as much as she could. Kristi clung to him tightly, steadily slowing him down to a less frantic pace. Still, it was a remarkable scene being played out in front of a roomful of young men. Evan pounded away at Kristi’s cunt and she took everything he offered.

There couldn’t have been a soft cock in the house when Evan soon showed signs of cumming. Kristi had expected him to be fast, and she was prepared, fully expecting that he wouldn’t be the last one inside her. She tightened her cunt’s grip on his swollen cock. She pulled him closer with her heels against his ass.

Then with a series of deep grunts and the encouragement of every other guy, except perhaps Ryan, Evan poured his warm cum into Kristi’s cunt. His thrusts nearly drove her backwards on the carpet, but she held her ground and eagerly allowed him to empty his balls inside her.

Kristi was sure Evan thought it was a great fuck. She hadn’t even orgasmed.

“God damn,” Evan sighed as he collapsed on top of her. He kissed her cheek and sucked on her tit for a second.

“I don’t even think she came,” Evan added. “Who’s next? Maybe Ryan? How about it guys? Do we want to see Ryan fuck his gorgeous Mom and make her cum?”

Not a single negative vote was cast. Watching Evan do Kristi in the middle of the room was one thing; having her son fuck her dazzling body was another. It was something none of them had ever expected to witness, or ever witness again in the future. They wouldn’t have let Ryan escape it even if he’d wanted to.

Long before Ryan had his pants and underwear off, the other guys realized the erect state of his cock. Many of them commented on it in a derisive way, but the erection really only showed Ryan’s desire when it came to Kristi. Anybody in the room who expected indecision on Ryan’s part would be disappointed.

Just as Ryan was getting between Kristi’s legs, Evan said, “Wait! Not like that. On your knees, Mom. There’s no reason two guys can’t go at once.”

The implications were obvious. Kristi would have to suck a cock while being nailed from behind by Ryan. She tried not to show her enthusiasm towards the idea as she unhurriedly rolled onto her hands and knees. Ryan stroked his cock in the meantime, anxious to stay hard but not wanting to cum too fast once inside his mother. He knew she wanted to cum this time and it was his job to satisfy her.

There was a sudden rush to see who could get their cocks out first and take their place in front of Kristi’s face. One of Evan’s friends, Blake, won the sprint and had his cock hanging out before the others. It was by no means in the same class as Evan’s, but Kristi would service it with pleasure. She was much more concerned with Ryan behind her.

Those not participating began to focus on the lovely, round ass pointing back at Ryan and the nice tits hanging free as Kristi raised her head towards Blake. She hooked her hair behind her ears and took Blake’s cock in her hand. At the same time, Ryan was touching her ass and moving his cock between her legs.

Kristi spread her legs. Moisture from her juices combined with Evan’s cum shimmered in the room’s light. Ryan knew he would have no trouble getting his throbbing cock inside her cunt.

By pure coincidence, Blake’s cock disappeared inside her mouth at the same time Ryan thrust forward and plunged deep into her waiting body. The onlookers, some of which kept their cocks out even though they lost the race, got a double shot of Kristi’s skills. A few masturbated as the show went on.

Ryan held his mother by her waist as he fucked her harder. The ease with which he slid in and out of her cunt may have lessened her grip on him, but it allowed for a more aggressive slapping of his balls against her ass and deeper penetration. Any discomfort he felt from being in front of the other guys was eliminated by Kristi’s obvious joy in sucking off Blake while being fucked.

Her tits swayed lazily. Ryan reached under her and found her clit with his middle finger. The entire area was wet and he had no trouble freely rubbing her very hard nub. Everyone who heard Kristi moan knew that, his time, she would cum.

Her attention at the moment was directed at Blake and the ever-hardening cock sandwiched between her lips. His hand held her head in place while he fucked her face and, by all indications, was about ready to explode. Kristi was gaining a greater appreciation of Ryan’s ability to hold back and prolong the sex.

Sure enough, Blake let out a guttural yell and shot his first load onto Kristi’s tongue. The crowd wanted more, so Blake allowed the last couple of shots to stream over her face and chin. She put the head of his cock back between her lips and sucked him dry, getting closer and closer to her own orgasm.

Ryan rubbed her clit harder and Kristi cried out, “Yes! Yes, Ryan. Oh God!”

The guys in the living room collectively hushed in anticipation of the woman’s climax. Ryan hammered away and the sound of his body hitting Kristi’s ass was amplified.

“God yes! Now, Ryan! I’m cumming…now!”

He ran his fingers over her clit and Kristi exploded, her head near the floor and her hands clutching at the carpet. She offered her ass to him and felt her entire body shake as he fucked her harder. The thought of so many young guys watching her cum only extended her ecstasy. She could see two or three of them beating off while her orgasm began to end.

Finally, Ryan could not wait and with little warning began to pour his cum inside her cunt. He held Kristi by the tits and plunged into her with a force approaching violence. But she begged him to continue and his grunts increased in intensity.

Sweat formed on Ryan’s brow by the time he couldn’t cum any more and reluctantly pulled out. Kristi felt empty, but satisfied. She rolled onto her back.

That was all many of the guys needed. A couple stood over her waist and a couple more aimed for her tits. They masturbated for a few seconds and then, one at a time, spewed Kristi’s body with stream after stream of warm, white cum. By the time it was over, she was covered from pussy to chin.

The shower she took to clean off was witnessed by most of Ryan’s friends, resulting in another couple of blowjobs in the bathroom.

It was early morning before the house was empty except for mother and son, lying together on the couch.

“Thank you, Ryan. That was the most fun I’ve had in years,” Kristi told him.

“So you can stay for a few more days?”

“If you’ll have me,” she said.

Ryan smiled. “I’d love to have you…alone this time.”

Kristi turned off the only light and climbed on top of her new favorite lover.

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