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Lyn is Donated

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We returned from the garden.

‘Let’s go up to our room. I want you to take me and enjoy me. Telling the story for so long has made me very excited; I want you to take my clothes off and tell me what you want of me.’

‘Aren’t you at least going to tell me what else happened that evening?’

‘All right. We’ll go to bed and I’ll tell you. It’s room seventeen.’

Lyn blushed prettily. I was much older, at forty-nine, than any of her other partners. I wanted her very much. We reached the door of our room. I asked if she’d ever been donated.

‘Yes, four or five times, it depends how you define it.

Once Ben blindfolded me and took me by car to a house. I guessed it was in the country and I knew it was a test of my love and my willingness to be Ben’s property to do with sexually as he willed. I knew he wouldn’t do anything outside of our shared understanding of our love but I was incredibly aroused already when we reached the house. I was introduced to Jill and Andrew, if those were their real names and, still blindfolded I was offered a drink. Ben explained that I should do whatever Jill or Andrew asked. Ben would be Jill’s partner for some of the evening but the four of us would meet up again together later. I was to remain blindfolded throughout.

Ben and Jill left the room. Andrew suggested I finish my wine. I raised my glass. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It felt reassuring.

‘No hurry, love,’ he said.

I was shocked when Andrew asked me how many male partners I had had. I said four and five female.’

‘Short-term encounters?’

‘No,’ I said firmly. ‘All long-standing and enduring.’

‘Tonight will be different then.’

I nodded. Andrew took my hand and led me out of the room to another room. I presumed a bedroom. Andrew undressed me taking great care not to touch my skin at all.

‘Reach your hand out,’ he said. I felt his chest and knew he had been naked since we arrived. He hadn’t had time to undress.

Lyn started to undress me as she told this new tale. I reciprocated and undid her pretty black lacy cocktail dress. It fell to the floor. She was wearing matching black bra and panties. Lyn looked beautiful with her evenly tanned firm young body.

She continued:

‘Andrew kissed me and I responded. Most of all I wanted Ben to be told how good I was. I wanted him to be pleased with me and I knew Ben expected me to ‘total’, as he loves to call it, with anyone I was given to.

Lyn looked at me. She unfastened my trousers and they dropped to the carpet. My excited cock made a tent in my boxer shorts. Lyn turned her back on me and I realized she was inviting me to unclasp her bra. I did and before she could turn again I moved my hands to the waist of her black lace panties and began to push them down.

‘Yes,’ she sighed as she wriggled her legs to help them helter skelter to the floor. She turned back to me.

‘I think we’d better let him come out to play,’ she grinned and pulled my boxers down. She kissed me. We were now both naked and she briefly held my stiffened cock in her hands. We kissed and slipped slowly back down on the mattress. The night was cool and I pulled the duvet over us both. Lyn pushed it away. ‘I’m fine and I like to be seen.’

‘Go on’, I said.

‘Well, Andrew led me until I felt the bed at my side. He embraced me pulling me against his chest. I felt his cock on my tummy and moved a hand to place it in my crutch.

‘You are here to be used,’ he said and sucked hard on one of my breasts. ‘I will tell you what to do.’

‘I’m sorry,’ I said. He pushed me face down onto the bed and immediately mounted me pushing his dick hard into my anus. I screamed but told him to push hard. He maintained a steady rhythm until I was pleading for him to fill me.

‘Harder, harder’ I said. I want to feel your cum shooting into me.’

He came and slowly slipped from me and rolled over.

‘Thank you,’ I said. Andrew turned me onto my back and we kissed and he explored my body for a while. I played with his cock and soon it was hard again.

‘Now, what would you like?’ he asked.

‘Fuck me, please, fuck me hard and then spank me until I cry.’ He didn’t rush to do me; in fact he was an attentive lover and made sure I was on the verge before he inserted himself into my cunt and fucked me with long full strokes virtually coming completely out of me before ramming himself home again. I told him it was fantastic. We both came. He spanked me enthusiastically and I felt he liked to hurt people. His cruel streak certainly aroused him as whilst he held me over his knee I felt him pressing up into me.

Shortly after Jill took me to a shower and we showered together. I quite enjoyed this but the wet blindfold became unpleasant and although Jill was happy to feel me and to be felt she wasn’t really into it. I wondered if it was something she did because Andrew wanted her to.

Ben took me home and we showered again and made love slowly together before we fell asleep. Ben told me Andrew thought I was an angel.’

Lyn rolled into me and said: ‘Please come inside me. We were on our sides facing each other. I moved to position myself near her cunt. She asked if she could come on top of me. She looked magnificent astride my body, my cock rubbing on her tummy as she pretended she was thrusting into me. ‘That’s unbelievable,’ I stammered.

She raised herself and moving her hips imperceptibly further forward she forced herself down on to me. ‘God,’ was all I said. She rode me hard and physically it was a wonderful but exhausting experience. I had held off as long as I could but I was desperate to come inside her if she would let me.

‘I’m going to come,’ she said.

”Can you just touch my balls,’ I asked. She managed to reach round and I started to climax into her with a judder. She trembled violently too and grabbed me. We fell back on the mattress and embraced. Lyn pulled the duvet over us.

‘I’m going to enjoy you,’ she murmured.

It was probably an hour before Lyn continued her story.

‘Have you seen Andrew again?’ I asked.

‘Yes. For my birthday Ben took me to their house again. I was blindfolded. Andrew undressed me and took me on the lounge carpet quite roughly. I remember I felt tearful and degraded after but he didn’t break any of our basic rules. He just didn’t seem to respect me. Another couple arrived and I was given to this new man. He never told me his name and of course, I never saw him. He took me to a different bedroom and he used me but in a way that I could enjoy. After a while I told him I wanted him again and he managed to come four times that evening. I particularly enjoyed the way he took my anus and used me whilst pleasuring me greatly at the same time. I thanked him before I was taken home by Ben. My final treat was to spend that night with both Ben and his sister Clare. That has always been my own nirvana.’

Lyn continued: ‘One night Ben asked if there was anything he made me do that I disliked. I said I would always follow his wishes and seek to pleasure anyone I was to be with because it was for me the most erotic form of sexual fulfillment to serve him in that way. I went on to say that I preferred longer term partners I could grow to know. Whose desires I could learn to respond to and who could learn to respond to me too. I did say I liked instant donation rather less although sometimes it could be very arousing. I told Ben that I still wanted instant donation to continue because I knew it was such an erotic experience for Ben to see me acquiesce. I mentioned my negative feelings about Andrew. I was never taken to him again.’

‘Tell me of an occasion that you did enjoy,’ I prompted her, putting an arm round her shoulder. This time I did pull the duvet over us and Lyn placed a hand across my tummy and her head on my shoulder.

‘I’m not totally dissolute you know. Even now at 23 I’ve only ever had six male partners, including you. I suppose most of my partners apart from Ben were people I was ‘donated’ to the first time. I’m very loyal to them, except for Andrew and his friends. I’m going to tell you about the second occasion which happened the very first time we went away on a winter holiday just the two us without the rest of Ben’s family.


We deliberately chose an area with naturist colonies. We went to the island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands archipelago. The hotel was a large concrete family hotel – we couldn’t find naturist accommodation but we spent the days naked and easily went naked when we were in our rooms – a small bedroom and a lounge with a balcony. Topless sunbathing was allowed near the hotel pool. Even in winter the weather was warm enough for swimming and sunbathing, protected as the islands were by the African coast not far away. One evening in the hotel restaurant we found ourselves with a young couple from Canterbury. Sarah was a Math teacher and Neil worked for a house furniture removal company. Sarah was very attractive in a waifish way, quite tall but slight. Neil was tall, with dark brown hair and was quite good looking but no more.

We chatted and I liked them both. It turned out that they had been spending most of their time on the naturist beaches and we said that we had too. It was their first naturist experience. Sarah said, flushing attractively pink as she spoke, that she had been very nervous about stripping off like that. Neil had persuaded her but she had soon got used to it as she watched everyone else on the beach. ‘I’m quite a voyeur now,’ she said, ‘so I expect to be looked at too!’ Sarah and I prattled on about our jobs and Ben and Neil talked boys’ talk.

After finishing two bottles of wine between us Neil said. ‘I’ve got another bottle up in our room if you fancy joining us for a while.’ Ben looked at me and I nodded. ‘Good,’ said Sarah – ‘I need to get these awful shoes off.’

We took the lift to their floor, four floors above us with a super view out over the sea. Theirs was just one large room with twin single beds. I stood on the balcony. Three of us were in shorts and tops or shirts and Sarah was wearing a top very similar to mine with a very sexy little flared pale blue skirt. I sensed a cool breeze so high up from the ground. Ben stood behind me and placed a hand on my waist. Sarah wandered over and I realized that with our shoes off she was much the same height as me. Her boyish figure and short hair made her very attractive to me and I desperately wanted to touch her. Ben found it very erotic to see me with another female. I put an arm round her waist. She looked at me and lightly kissed my shoulder, then shyly turned her head back to the view, blushing. Neil passed me a glass of white wine and gave Ben one too. He then disappeared briefly and came back with a glass for Sarah and one for himself. She took two big gulps and smiled at me again. Neil was just behind her but Ben had moved away and had picked up a naturist magazine he’d seen on the bed. We had never bought that kind of thing or felt we needed to but Ben was obviously interested as he sat down to skim the pages. It was quite dark outside now but the moonlight and lamps from the town enabled you to discern the beach and the breakers coming in.

I was still standing to Sarah’s left on the balcony. Neil cupped Sarah’s left breast from behind her and she pushed back into him. She smiled at me. Neil said ‘OK?’ quietly questioning Sarah in a code she must have understood. She nodded and went ‘Mmmmm. Yes, Neil’ I glanced at her and she stared into my eyes, moving her free left hand to my abdomen. She just placed it there. I tensed, but in anticipation not because I was uncomfortable or unwilling. I had removed my hand from her waist when Neil brought Sarah her wine but now I put it back, but lower, a couple of inches below the waistband of her skirt. I stroked her.

Neil slipped the narrow strap of Sarah’s cream coloured sleeveless top from her shoulder and it fell away revealing her tiny breast and erect pink nipple. Almost surreptitiously I moved my hand lower and more central on Sarah’s behind and pushed two fingers fractionally into her crack. I felt her go rigid, maybe in shock or distaste, I was unsure. Then slowly she pushed back towards my hand and at the same time she pressed her own hand quite firmly into my abdomen, lowering her fingers to my mound. I was alight.

Sarah stared into my eyes as I touched her through her skirt and Neil cupped her breast again and fingered and squeezed her nipple. I could tell she was in bliss and that I was contributing to her feelings. Sarah raised her right hand to her right shoulder and slid the remaining strap down so her top dropped away fully. She looked radiant wearing nothing but her micro skirt; I turned to see if Ben was watching or reading his magazine. Our eyes met and he said, simply: ‘Now you.’

I took the right hand strap of my own top in my hand and moved it off my shoulder, revealing my own excited, firm right breast. Sarah moved her hand immediately from my mound to my breast only to be joined there by Neil’s fingers. I sighed in pleasure and removed the other strap with my left hand.

Neil and Sarah had taken the first suggestive step. I wanted Ben to tell me what to do. He had now come up behind me and his hands came round my front and then pushed down into my shorts. I prayed he would give me to Neil and, hopefully, later to Sarah.

‘I want you to let Neil fuck you, Lyn. Now, while Sarah and I watch, you will give him your cunt.’ He pulled my shorts down over my hips and they dropped to the floor. Neil moved away slightly from Sarah and turned to me. He put his hands on my shoulders and then moved them to my breasts which he handled firmly. I pushed my lower body out towards him as a token of my willingness to be given to him. Neil reached a hand to my cunt and felt my wetness.

Neil led me over to one of the beds and lifted me on to it. He stripped quickly and got on the bed astride me and began to kiss me and play with my breasts. I pushed myself up towards him in response. He sucked my nipples and nibbled on my shoulder. I reached for his hardened cock and moved a hand up and down his firm shaft. He began to move his hips gyrating back and forth before me. I thrust my crutch and thighs high up to meet him, inviting him inside. Neil spread my legs wide and stroked my smooth mound and labia, kneeling now between my legs. He pushed fingers gently inside me and I responded by telling him how wonderful I felt. He moved his cock to my opening and said: ‘Are you sure, Lyn?’

I said:’ Ben has given me to you and it’s what I hoped he would do, Neil. I want you to do whatever you wish to me, Neil, please.’ I arched my back and raised myself so my cunt bumped against his purple hooded cock. He thrust firmly into me and withdrew again.

‘Oh, please, again.’

He pushed in and went further up into me. I cried out ‘Fuck me as hard as you can, Neil. Oh, yes, fuck me.’ He rammed harder and harder into me and I banged back. He paused and lowered himself nearer to me and kissed me. You’re the first since we married and you’re fabulous,’ he whispered. I used my cunt to grab him, hold him and gently squeeze his penis. He started to copulate hard with me again.

I heard a moan and realized Sarah was on the other bed. Ben and Sarah were lying there watching us. Ben had fingers in Sarah’s cunt and she was was clearly near her first climax as she groaned and squirmed and pulled on Ben’s cock. He rolled and turned his body so he could move onto her. She complied by shifting her hips and raising her knees. Ben moved in close and inserted himself smoothly into Sarah’s dilated cunt. She wanted it and was totally ready to broaden her sexual experience with a new partner. After coming once Ben turned her over and was soon using her, banging himself into Sarah’s anus. She howled as he achieved maximum penetration and Ben came again. I couldn’t stand watching this and lost control. I freaked into an enormous orgasm begging Neil to do all sorts of disgusting things. He managed to get two fingers into me as well as his cock as he too erupted into me.

We all lay still for a while. Later we finished our wine and discussed how we might spend the next few days together. Ben asked Sarah if he could have her cunt again. She said you are only the second man to have me, so I may have a lot to learn,’ she smiled, parting her legs slightly and touching herself. Ben mounted her and this time Neil and I sat and watched for a while.

I was very turned on watching Sarah and reached for Neil and slowly played with his stiff rod. I asked if he would like to use me.

‘Do you mean fuck you in the ass when you say ‘use me’?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘I’d like you to use me.’

‘Would you mind if I fuck you again first; last time was so mind-blowing I want to do you again and I think I’d like to be rougher with you. Would you like that?’

‘You know I would.’ I pulled him down onto me and whispered: ‘Spank me first.’

We spent the rest of the holiday together. I found that Neil liked to use me in the shower so I encouraged him to take me in this way whenever we showered together. Although he occasionally showered alone down by the beach or tenderly washed his wife, Sarah, as they showered, normally he showered with me and I think he enjoyed pushing his penis up into my arsehole. I certainly wanted him to do me every time we went.

In bed one night with Neil [Ben and Sarah were in Sarah’s room and I was in our room with Neil] he told me that one afternoon when he and Ben showered briefly just to wash sand off themselves after a mess about on the beach he washed Ben all over, back and front, including making sure his cock was clean. Ben then had done the same to him. They had both been very turned on and they played with each other’s cock and masturbated together until they came spurting into each other.

‘We kissed’, said Neil and then we showered each other off again and came back to you. ‘It was a wonderful feeling.’

‘Fuck me, Neil fuck me now. Fuck me stupid. Nail me to the bed! I wailed in arousal. Neil mounted me and pushed himself inside me. We enjoyed each other immensely as we came together.

One afternoon there was some big match, rugby or football, I’ve no idea which and the boys said they were going to some bar to watch it on a big screen.’

‘And have a few drinks, I suppose?’ I pulled my tongue out at him.

‘Well, why not? I’m on holiday,’ was Ben’s riposte.

‘Then don’t get Neil paralytic for this evening,’ I told him.

‘Don’t worry, Lyn. I’ll bring him back fully functional for you.’

Sarah laughed.

They went off together. Sarah and I were in the foyer of the hotel. There was an air of tension between us as if we both wanted something but neither of us had the confidence to make it clear what that was. I felt I could easily tell Sarah I fancied her desperately but I was afraid of frightening her away and spoiling things for Ben and Neil too.

For those reasons I was surprised when Sarah took the first very tentative step. She was pretty intelligent and had decided well in advance what she would say. She surprised herself how easily it came out, she told me later.

‘Let’s go up to your room, Lyn,’ she suggested. ‘I would like us to be in the shower together.’ She stared at me and in the foyer of the hotel she moved a hand to her breast. I felt it was either an offer or a request for a new level of intimacy between us.

I took her hand as we walked to the lift.

I turned and closed the door of our little suite. As I turned back round Sarah was just standing, looking at me. I smiled warmly.

‘I’ve never done this before,’ she said. ‘I don’t know what to do to please you. Show me, Lyn.’

I put my hands on her hips and she raised her arms above her head. I lifted her top slowly up and over her and dropped it on the cool marble floor. Sarah stood still. I kissed her on the lips, briefly. She was about to speak but now I placed a finger on her lips. ‘Sssshhh,’ I said.

I raised my arms now and Sarah removed my t-shirt. I pulled Sarah to me and we hugged and kissed, Sarah’s tiny breasts and my more average sized ones contacted for the first time. I felt Sarah shiver suddenly and whimper quietly.

‘We can stop any time, just say,’ I said. I sensed she was unsure.

‘No, no, I’ve come,’ she said, simply. ‘I was so excited by you, I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t be sorry. Enjoy how you feel, I’m thrilled I made you come’ I whispered as I held her breast and then fingered her erect nipples. I bent my head and sucked on one.

When I raised my head she bent hers and sucked hungrily on both my breasts. I let her. I felt she was comfortable and I put my hands on the elasticated waist of her shorts and pulled down in the centre revealing the blond hair on her mound. She moaned as I put my hand inside her shorts.

‘May I take them off, Sarah?’ I asked.

Yes, yes, please I’d like that.’

I pulled them down very slowly, stroking her skin as it was revealed.

‘We’ve been naked together so much recently, every day, why is it so different today?’ she asked.

‘Because we’re doing this for each other to see, for each other to touch. You’re having sex with me, Sarah. I want it to be wonderful for you.’

‘I know. I did tell Neil I wanted to.’

‘What did he say?’ I asked. I was keen to know because of what Neil had told me about him and Ben.

‘He’s often fantasized about me with a woman but he knows I would like to try but that I am very nervous too. He said you’d show me. He told me to trust you totally.’

Sarah stepped from her shorts, naked but for her rings, which she slid from her fingers and placed on a shelf by the door. She looked at me with a half-smile and said:

‘I want to be completely free this afternoon.’

We kissed again and I fondled her breasts and she mine. I didn’t want to rush our pleasure. I lowered my hand to her crutch and stroked the inside of the top of her leg and then her cunt lips. I made no attempt to enter her, I just gently played and fondled her. After a while I turned her and massaged her rear and touched her anus. I pushed gently and my finger popped inside. I pushed up, just the one finger. I knew she was used to being taken like this by Neil and Ben, so I didn’t think I’d hurt her.

‘God, that’s amazing,’ she said as I worked my finger around inside her. ‘That’s better than cock,’ she moaned in ecstasy.

I removed my finger and turned her back to me. I continued to alternate between sucking her breasts and stroking her cunt gently.

I suspected I was blowing her mind. She seemed to be transported away somewhere.

Sarah moved a hand to my mound. I was still wearing my shorts and much as I wanted Sarah to touch me and push herself hard up into me, I wanted to wait. I wanted her to ask.

Sarah was really mauling at the crutch of my shorts as I sensed she was starting to rise towards another climax. I wanted us to be naked together under the shower as she came. I pushed my abdomen towards her in as clear an offer of consent and desire as I could.

Sarah came back to me and whispered: ‘May I strip you now, Lyn?’

‘Oh yes, yes please, Sarah’ I replied as she unfastened the little belt on my shorts and then the waist button. She pushed them down.

‘Come,’ I said simply and taking her hand I led her into the shower. It soon ran warm and we moved under its head. My hand went to Sarah’s cunt and immediately I pushed four fingers deep into her cunt and groped her. She responded as soon as she recovered from the shock of my invasion by pushing fingers into me, but much more hesitantly as if she was exploring a foreign land. She groaned. ‘I’m coming again, now. Hurt me, push into me Lyn, please push up,’ she pleaded.

I responded to her needs.

‘That’s fantastic, oh yes, push’, she shook and relaxed into my arms.

‘Grope me again,’ I asked as I needed to come. Sarah was learning and found my clit and worked on it, whilst squeezing hard on one breast and on the nipple. She bent her head to my neck and bit me. I sought to plant a fierce love bite on her shoulder. The delicious thought of her explaining it to both Neil and Ben crossed my mind. I came brilliantly.

Sarah and I dried each other off and collapsed on the bed. I pulled one sheet over us and for an hour we lay together in a new intimacy of spent lovers.

‘Thank you for showing me. It was wonderful, you were wonderful.’

‘It was a pleasure, ‘ I smiled and gently tongued a nipple. ‘I’d like us to do it again, if you would,’ I said.

‘I’d like Neil to watch me, would you mind?’

‘No, of course not, but I want to be with you on our own again as well. It was special.’ We kissed and just lay together in each other’s arms. A couple of hours later as the boys were still not back, we showered again. Sarah took more of a lead and I came first.

Sarah had never been with a woman but said it was the second best thing she’d ever done in her life. I asked her what the first was. She said: ‘When Neil asked me to undress for him and he deflowered me late one night in my Maths room at my school.’

Most of the time I was Neil’s partner, although Ben encouraged me to have sex at least once an evening with Sarah. One night we spent together, just the two of us. Ben and Neil slept up in his room and they felt each other and jerked each other off again but didn’t enter each other. Neil has told me he’d like to fuck Ben and I think one day he will and Ben will then fuck Neil. Men seem to make a bigger deal of it all,’ Lyn said simply to me.

Lyn concluded: ‘We still meet regularly, about once a month. As far as I know neither Neil nor Sarah has had other partners than Ben and me.’


I held Lyn and she asked me to do her again. We made love. Lyn knew how to arouse me and I stiffened again. She started to pump me and I was afraid I would come. She seemed to recognize this and took me in her mouth and sucked gently. I came and blew off into her mouth. I felt fantastic and more relaxed than I had felt in years. She smiled at me and lay back. After a few minutes hugging and kissing when I tasted my own cum in Lyn’s mouth she said: ‘Shall we go back to the main story now?’

‘Yes, I’d like that,’ I said, gently kissing her breast.

‘If you remember I was making love for the first time in front of Ben’s family and it felt right and natural to do so. I had given myself willingly to be part of their lives and lifestyle….

‘I had come after only a few thorough grinding strokes from Ben. I had never felt so sensuous lying on that rug with Gail, Clare and Dave devouring me with their eyes as I performed with Ben. I screamed as I came a second time and raised my hips clear of the ground. Ben pushed his hand up into my behind and I groaned. He stayed on top of me, fondling me and petting me. ‘You were wonderful as ever’ he said. ‘You make me so proud every time you cross a new threshold in your sexual confidence.’ We crawled the three feet back to our armchair but leaned back against it without climbing on.

Dave had started to massage Clare’s breasts as he watched Ben and me. They were both fixated by us and clearly ready themselves. Clare looked at her mum and Gail said: ‘Go on. I’ll see to him later. You have him now!’

Clare rose to her feet and gave Dave her hands as he too stood. They entwined and Dave pressed her tight little bottom into his lower abdomen. Clare leaned away at the same time and Dave squeezed her nipples in turn. Then Clare put her arms around his neck and lifted her feet off the ground. I saw Dave’s cock banging against her as Dave slowly moved to the rug. He lifted Clare by the bum into his arms and they kissed for what seemed ages as he stood with his daughter in his arms. He shifted one hand and supported Clare’s lower back by coming up between her legs. He was now able to continue holding her and kissing her while his fingers lingered in her gaping hole. She was illuminated by her sexuality and I envied her playful naturalness. In her body she knew no shame and I hoped too that eventually she would become my trusted friend, and sexual partner.

I snuggled into Ben as we watched. I wanted to touch Dave’s cock and without realizing I took hold of Ben and began to play. He stiffened slowly but clearly approved as he gently fingered my lovely nipples and rubbed my mound.

Dave lowered Clare to the rug and they sat up, facing each other. Their legs stretched out past each other, Clare’s over his. They touched each other on the shoulders, on the neck; they leaned and kissed. Dave pulled on her breasts, quite hard, I felt, but I realized she liked this. When he stopped she said. ‘No, carry on.’

Clare moved first by shuffling in nearer to Dave so his outstretched cock was almost touching her inner thigh. Clare held it and squeezed hard. Dave winced and groaned at length as she continued to squeeze. When she let go he pushed forwards and his cockhead just started to push against her tunnel. Clare grabbed Dave’s hips like handles and pulled herself as hard as she could into Dave’s arms. This had the effect of impaling herself on Dave’s cock. He screamed in pleasure and swinging his legs he came down on top of her. Then they fucked hard and both clearly enjoyed doing this together. I think Dave came first but he seemed to come for longer than Ben normally does. He stayed inside Clare and continued thrusting her gently for a while. I liked that idea and told Ben to do that to me in future. He smiled and pulled my legs up so he could finger my behind. I let him and I stared at Gail as he used me in his way. Gail half smiled at me I think she understood that I was imagining her doing this to me. To my surprise Gail came over and sat next to me so I was between Ben and her. She moved fingers to my cunt and pushed three in as Ben groped my other hole. I moved a hand to her and placed it on her lap. She took hold of my hand and taking gentle hold of three of my fingers she pushed them into her. I came again.

Dave sat up and stroking Clare’s tummy softly he said: ‘Clare, I want you to go over to Lyn and clean her holes. Lick them out so she is clean and pretty.’

Clare looked at him wide-eyed. ‘You weren’t punished the other day when perhaps you should have been. Show Lyn how sorry you are.’

I wasn’t going to interfere this time. I lay as I was against the armchair. Ben and Gail had withdrawn their fingers from me. Clare crawled over and began to lick my cunt. I adored it.

‘You must just lie still,’ Clare said to me. She moved to my anus and licked that too pushing her pointy little tongue into me. Delicious thoughts cruised my mind.

Ben started to touch his sister’s legs and bum as she serviced me. She grinned at him and said: ‘Hi, Ben.’ she took his cock and gave it a squeeze. Ben said: ‘Come here.’

She stopped and moved her face to his. They kissed in a way I had been longing to see and Ben rolled her away from me so he could lie alongside her but still be very near to me. He simply said: ‘I want to fuck you.’

Clare replied: ‘I want you to fuck me, too. I want Lyn to watch us but I want her to accept and enjoy.’ Clare sat up and grasped Ben’s cock. She moved her lips to it and took it in her mouth. Ben moved so he could eat her cunt at the same time. Clare paused a moment, removing Ben’s cock for her mouth, and said: ‘Not for long. Don’t make me too wet, I want to feel you when you come.’

Soon after Ben moved turning Clare on to her back. He laid himself on to her and they wrestled, grabbing, rubbing and holding each other in places that pleasured each other. Ben entered her and they moved together with a lovely fluid rhythm like lovers who were in tune with each other. I was slightly jealous but dismissed such fancies as I reminded myself that I wanted this to happen and had told Ben that he could do it whenever he wanted. I knew that sometimes they would spend the night together whilst I was alone or with Dave or Gail even. I smiled at that thought.

‘You are bisexual, then,’

‘I’ve never thought of myself like that,’ said Lyn. Usually when I’ve been with a woman, like Clare or Sarah, it’s been in Ben’s presence and he is an important part of that experience or it’s been after being fucked by a man. I suppose I do have a tendency that way, especially with older women like Gail and my mother, but… you know….’ She cradled my cock gently in the palm of her hand: ‘These come first, always.’ She kissed me long and full and my fingers moved gently inside her.

‘Your stories have a magical effect on me,’ I suggested.

‘Then the next few minutes may more than interest you.’

Lyn continued: ‘Ben and Clare separated and he moved round and tongued her cunt while she sucked him again, but briefly. He pulled roughly on her breast and nipples, as Dave had: she clearly enjoyed this and was driven to new heights of ecstasy.

‘I can’t stop it,’ she screamed. ‘I’m going to cum soon.’ Ben mounted her and pushed himself deeply back into his sister. Then he almost withdrew and pushed home again. He must have repeated this ten times. On the ninth occasion he managed to get his thumb round and into her anus. ‘Oh, Case, Oh my Case,’ he cried. That drove her over the precipice into orgasmic chaos. Ben followed her as they spasmed together, crying out their love for each other. I was screaming internally to be taken myself and fucked out of my mind.

Slowly Ben and Clare subsided into each other’s arms, surrounded by the glow of post-coital relaxation and self-pride. They were very beautiful and mingling with that nuance of jealousy was my own utter thrill of watching them coalesce as one.

As the fire blazed away in the warm room I looked around at my new family. In the orange glow from the fire I watched Dave and Gail who were together opposite in Dave’s armchair, just nuzzling quietly whilst they watched their wonderful children make love. I was leaning back against another armchair, my feet almost touching Clare’s as she relaxed, her breasts ceased heaving as her panting slowed. She was exhausted by her father’s and then her brother’s lovemaking. There was nothing crude or disgusting about what I had watched; it had been beautiful in intent and beautiful in visual effect.

Ben looked at me and smiled. ‘Are you all right, Lyn?’ he said, reaching over Clare and patting my ankle.

‘I’m fine,’ I said. ‘You were lovely together’, brushing a finger across my nipples in a way I hoped they both found sexy. Gail smiled at me.

‘Are you ready to complete your journey?’ Ben asked.

I wanted to sound confident and sure of myself. I sat up straight and looked round the room at them all. ‘If you want me, I am ready to do as you tell me, Ben,’ I answered.

‘It may surprise you, Lyn. You need to be sure.’

‘I’ve imagined so many times how you will give me to the others that I am ready and want to do it, please. I am sure, Ben.’

My skin felt taut and I felt my body looked attractive. Ben stood up and walked over to the window ledge where he had left the book he was currently reading. He picked it up and opened it. We were all watching. He pulled out three slips of paper. As he came back across the room he gave one to his mum, one to his dad and one to his sister.

Then he bent towards me and gave me his hand as he tenderly pulled me to my feet and kissed me. He surprised me with these words:

‘I love Clare very, very much, as I love my mum and dad too. But I need you to hear me say in front of them that I love you most of all. I believe I always will as I believe you will fulfill me as I want to fulfill you beyond both our dreams.’

Wow, I thought. I hugged him and kissed him. He walked me over to the rug and gently lowered me and laid me on my back. Kneeling beside me he said: ‘I want you to enjoy, but once it starts I won’t let it stop. Even if you beg me, you will then experience it all. You won’t be hurt, you know that. Mum and dad want me to ask you one last time, are you ready for this?’

I nodded, very aroused by everything Ben had said and whispered: ‘You know I want it. I have no doubts.’

Ben stood and moved away. I lay there, still, wondering what was to happen to me. Gail stood and came over to me and knelt between my legs.

‘Do as I say, Lyn, but don’t speak. You may react in any way you feel you wish to. Be happy.’ She bent her head to my cunt and started to lick me. She pushed her tongue inside me finding my clitoris and rasping her tongue across it. I was flying through the clouds in exhilaration. Gail’s tongue darted in and out as I felt a finger probing my other hole.

‘Raise yourself somehow, Lyn,’ Gail instructed me. I pulled my legs over my body to my shoulders and grasped them hard. This placed me in a very stretched position, exposing my anus at a comfortable height for Gail to attack. She thrust several fingers into me and worked me and then entered here with her tongue.’

‘Oh, Jenny, I want Jenny to see’ I screamed incredibly loudly, asking for my mother who was, of course, far away. I wished she could see me.

Someone clicked their fingers and Gail stopped and sat up.

‘Relax and lower your legs, my second beautiful daughter,’ she said reassuringly. ‘I hope that was half as wonderful for you as it was for me.’

Gail moved back to her seat and Dave got up. He came and knelt between my legs and looked into my eyes. I knew that at last he was going to take me and I knew that our relationship was going to be very special. Somehow I might want to do things with Dave that I did with no-one else.

His rigid cock pointed towards me. He sat there just looking at me. I suddenly remembered something I had been told and I said to myself: ‘You have to initiate this one, Lyn.’

‘Do whatever the piece of paper tells you to do, Dave,’ I murmured.

He showed it to me. Written on it in Ben’s best handwriting were the following words:

Do whatever you want but be very thorough. Concentrate on doing what you want to do and not on pleasing your partner.

I read them and faced him unafraid. ‘That’s fine, Dave,’ I said.

I felt he would be firm but not rough. He told me to get on my hands and knees. He then entered me straightaway, achieving full penetration of my rear on the first thrust. He managed to reach to grab my breasts as he thrust into me again. I whimpered but pushed back. Dave thrust himself again and again into me and I orgasmed in total delirium. Suddenly he withdrew, although I knew he hadn’t come yet. Immediately he burst into my cunt, still from behind me, thrusting me upwards. I cried out, shrieking the word ‘Yessss!’ I orgasmed briefly again.

Dave now came, stammering how much I turned him on and how much he wanted me. I felt him fill me as a long burst of semen jetted into me. His cock became flaccid and slipped from me. I lay down on my tummy and waited. Dave stroked me and fondled me, occasionally fingering my arse as he told me he loved me.

‘Turn over, my daughter,’ he said. Face to face we kissed and he held me tight and told me how proud he was to have me in the family as his lover. I felt warm and safe and stroked his balls gently. His rod began to climb again so I took it in my mouth and caressed it, moving my tongue around its now engorged head.

‘You’re fantastic, Lyn,’ he sighed in ecstasy. Then gently he pushed me down on my back and mounted me, lowering his chest to mine. With one hand he pulled on my nipples as he had with Clare and I tried to express my pleasure in this by biting him hard on the neck. He bit me back and I grinned at him. We licked and kissed and I whispered to him:

‘Now would be nice, dad.’

Dave entered me once more and we built up a smooth rhythm that made me feel we performed very well together. We maintained this for a long time. I needed Dave to hurt me in some way to push me to another climax which I desperately wanted. I wanted him to come too. ‘Hurt me,’ I urged him. He grabbed my breasts and pulled down hard. The pain was excruciating but he soon let go. Then he pushed my legs even wider apart and managed to put three or four fingers, I don’t know for sure, in my cunt whilst his dick banged into it. I felt myself exploding with his lust and I started to shake and tremble as I came like a train rumbling over a country bridge. Dave managed to thrust even deeper and harder forcing himself to reach orgasm almost at the same time as I did. We were spent.

Dave continued to fuck me very gently and slowly and I enjoyed the tenderness of his post-coital caressing. We cuddled and whispered of our sense of enjoyment with each other.

Dave thanked me and moved away. I looked around the room from my position prone in front of the warm fire. Ben smiled at me as he stroked himself. He was very aroused.

Clare stood and walked over to me, shoulders thrown back with her young body taut and lean. She threw her piece of paper on the fire and then she too knelt between my tired, sweating thighs. She bent her head to my cunt and began to eat me, slurping her dad’s cum into her mouth. Suddenly she stopped and moved up my body, stroking me with her erect little breasts as she came. She placed her mouth on mine and as we kissed her juices mingled with Dave’s and washed into my mouth. I swallowed and she bobbed back down to my cunt and ate me again, harvesting more of Dave’s cum. She came back up to me and as we kissed she let it into my mouth. I loved the taste. We kissed passionately as she lowered herself to me. She fingered me again and I fingered her as we sucked and nuzzled together. We were joined together, for the rest of the family to watch, in an event which was intensely private.

‘I want you to call me Case from now on, Lyn, if that’s all right.’

‘And I want you to think of a special name you can all call me. Can you do that – but a nice name, please!’

Case looked at me and giggled. ‘I promise.’

I sat up and they all clapped. I blushed. Ben said:

‘You were wonderful. Now I’m going to take you upstairs and lie with you, my love. Is that all right?

‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘And thank you everyone – that was truly the most wonderful night of my life.’

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