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Finding One Lover at a Time

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“Harry; I really do love you but no I don’t want to get married.” Harry looked at me with big sad eyes and I only smiled. Harry and I had been dating for a few days when I let him bed me. He’s near my age and was very good at doing what we were doing at the time. I am quick to climax and I am some what vocal when I do. Harry had never had a women show how much she enjoyed his charms before this and he thought I was the one for him.

Harry is well to do in our small community and it would have been a good match for me and a steady fine piece of ass for Harry. But no I was not about to relinquish my new found freedom in this sexist world and I did not want to once more be bound to one dick. I had been married to the world’s biggest ass hole and did not know it until he died. Now I am finding I lost so many of my good years and I was not about to stop now. At this point in my new found freedom I had fucked a few guys and had learned to suck cocks with the best of them. Or so I have been told. Any way I liked what had come my way so far and wanted to enjoy more of the same before I was too old to really enjoy free sex and party times.

Harry brought me a drink he still looked so sad I had to do something so I told him I had a good time with him but I did not want to be bound to just one man. Again he did not seem to understand and gave me that hound dog look so I said “Harry love, I like to fuck and I love to suck a nice hard cock. But I want to suck a lot of different cocks and have a lot of different guys fuck me before I get too old to enjoy it.” But in my heart I don’t think that will ever happen.

Harry puffed up like a rooster in a hen house and said “Well if that is what you want then why don’t we have a sex party here in my house and you can invite all your fucking friends and I mean that literally. Plus a few ladies to keep every one happy so I can see you in action. Hell who knows I might like it. Old Harry and Wilda the swinging local whore.”

Then he laughed walked back to the bed were I was still naked and slowly rubbing my wet pussy. I was going to show Harry a trick its call sixty nine. I do that very well with him on top so he can fuck my mouth while I get my pussy licked and that is a wonderful trick. God I do love to get fucked in every orifice I have. The party idea sounded good to me I hoped Harry was serious.

He was and so I started a list of who to invite; I thought six couples should be enough for Harry’s first swinging party. But I did not know that many swingers but I knew who did so I called. I called as soon as I got home the next morning.

“Donald my love, I have a party to fill up with our special kind of guests and I don’t know that many. Can you help me out?

About six couples I think should be a fair number for this first gathering.

A friend’s house.

I would like you to be an extra. My friend thinks it would be fun to see me with another man.

Yes, Of course you can do that too. No, he has not.

I think it would teach him a lesson for being a bit of a prude.

OK; love, I’ll call you back later. Well OK, I’ll meet you for lunch. Sorry we will not have time for that. I have so much to do.

Yes, my love you can bring the K-Y jelly to the party.” I said and hung up.

For those of you who do not know me. I am five foot five, one hundred and fifty pounds. Slightly plump, round but not too fat. Nice legs that spread easily and often. Breast that are a sagging forty-DD. I have been told I have a lovely face. I am a natural blonde Polish lady. Yes of course I am a lady. Oh, yes my mouth is wide, generous and has been known to fit around most any size appendage. Of course I mean a cock.

The sun was bright and here in South Georgia that means it is hot as hell out there already. Even if it was only half past May.

A lacy Victoria secret bra, soft thin cotton panties and a near see through blouse and a short soft jersey cotton skirt that clung to my ass in a way that showed every thing but still kept it legal.

My dark brown Jaguar air-conditioning cooled the car in a minute and off I went to meet Donald for lunch at the Stark Hotel.

Donald was my first love after I became a widow and he was the one that woke in me this insatiable need for sex, every kind known to man and we even to invent a few new ways of having sex. So the swinging thing was just want I needed to get this new life style off to a good start.

There were no cat calls as I walked into the bar through the back door. But I did notice a few men’s head turn my way as I sauntered across to where Donald sat in a booth. We kiss lightly and hugged then sat back down in a corner curved booth.

Donald said he had ordered a light cool lunch and a drink was sat in front of me with out my need to order. He toasted me for the cool sexy way I had dressed and this pleased me. I had noticed he had a hard-on as he stood to kiss me. Yes; anticipation will do that every time. Donald slid a short list of names across the table to me. I knew a few of the names but not all. I was instructed to call each talk to those I knew and give them instruction on how to get the location. Those I did not know I was to introduce my self be friendly and let them know who had given me their names. This swinging party might work out yet.

Lunch was light not too filling and the second drink sent a slight signal through me telling me I was warming all over. Donald had found my knee and was holding on to keep me from slipping out of the booth. A third drink and his hand progressed to my thigh. There must me a nerve in my leg that as soon as a male hand touches it my thighs slide apart. This is an involuntary move and completely uncontrollable.

I was warming up nicely and remembering how sexy Donald could be and how long it had been for us. Our last meeting was my first threesome. It was wonderful to say the least and one I’ll never forget and hopefully will be repeated several times. Repeated with men I have not even met yet but repeated it will be.

Donald is a sly guy and quick with the hands. I was sipping my drink when he wiggled a finger past my panties and into my very wet pussy. Undaunted by his spicy public advances I took another sip and sure enough two fingers slipped in me. I was so aroused and hot I was about to explode right there in the bar.

Looking over the rim of my glass I saw a man seated in the only seat in the house that would allow him to see what Donald was doing. I lowered my glass and smiled at him. My eyes were no totally in focus but even in this dim light he looked familiar. He rose and came over toward us.

“Well hello Harry.” I said and laughed because I knew I had been set up.

Donald said “Love I hope you don’t mind that I asked my dear old friend Harry to join us for lunch.” I knew that this supposedly first time party at Harry’s house was not a first time party at all. These guys were old friends and I was sure had been swingers for a long time. I had been had and it looked like I was soon going to get fucked too………

Harry had already rented a room and I did not object when the three of us entered the elevator and rode up to the sixth floor. I hoped there was no video feeds in the elevator because some one had a hand up my skirt and another down the back of my panties and a couple more on my tits for good measure.

Harry took time to undress slowly while Donald laid me back on the bed lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties so he could get his mouth over my dripping wet cunt. Donald loves to eat pussy and is an expert at it. I was getting very aroused and feeling myself lifting my ass off the bed as I came dangerously close to my first climax. Donald stopped just short of my exploding and stood to look down at me. I was looking past him at a very long hard cock that belonged to my dear Harry. I sat up long enough to remove my blouse and bra. In a naked state, a state I like to be in as often as I can I welcomed Harry as I lifted and spread my legs.

Harry hit the very wet and juicy mark as his cock sunk into the very bottom of my soul. Harry was pumping slowly in and out of my wet pussy and I was feeling the urge to explode again rising within me. Harry has a nice cock and I was feeling every inch of it. In, out, in out… Oh, how nice that felt. I arched my back to let Harry get some move of his wonderful cock in me. All of a sudden Donald was there next to me with is cock poking my cheek. He had a hand full of hair turning my head the side. Eager to please I did as I was bid opening my mouth as I turned to face the broom handle poking at me.

A salty cock slipped into my mouth and my day was nearly complete. God knows I love to feel a stiff cock in my mouth and I love the taste of strong pungent sperm flowing freely over my tongue.

The two men worked in unison for what seemed a long time and I was wallowing between breathtaking and ecstasy when I could not hold back any longer but I never try to hold back any way. I cried out in all my splendor filling the room with enough vibrations that I may have rattled the windows as Harry filled me with a warm peaceful flow of his manly sperm. Donald followed soon after and I was forced to gulp down his steady flow of sperm to keep it from running out of my mouth. Donald let me know how much he liked my gulping and said I was the best cock-sucker in town. I wondered how he knew this but did not ask.

Both men got up and washed off. I was still resting in a peaceful stupor when Harry came and sat next to me. He was saying something but I was not listening I was wondering if all those poor women that do not indulge in such joy would or could ever understand the feelings one get when two men fuck you at he same time.

Harry got me up in a sitting position and said he had to go but he would like to take me to dinner later tonight. I said I would have to call him later.

Donald was standing at the window looking out over the lake. “Wilda my love do you remember the first time I brought you to the hotel?” he said not really wanting an answer. Of course I did and always will I lost my virginity that night. My anal virginity that is. It was something that was so outrageous it enflamed me to a point I nearly passed out before he entered me.

Donald was such a great teacher in every thing I welcomed him in any way he wanted to do me. He fingered my rosy bottom with lots of K-Y jelly and he said if I sucked his cock while he fingered my ass it would be more pleasing and exciting. He as so correct. He moved his finger in and out of my tender little ass hole in time with my mouth sliding up and down his magnificent cock. I moved my mouth faster he moved his finger faster. I slowed down he slowed down. So in fact he allowed me to control the speed at which we played this new game. I remember how exciting I found this and I must say it was not long before I was begging him to replace his finger with his rigid cock.

He did as I asked but he made me apply a generous amount of K-Y jell to his cock first. He knew this would give me time to think about what he was going to do and by me apply the lubricant he knew I was going to accept him more willingly. He was right again and I easily accepted his cock into my ass and felt every inch of it as it traveled up my happy cannel. He cum and that first time was so exciting I think I exploded inside my pussy. But how could him fucking my ass set fire to my pussy so that I climaxed. I have never understood that but it was good and I learned to enjoy anal sex that night.

I knew why Donald had asked me that question and when he turned from the window I got up on all fours and lowered my head to the mattress. My ass was in the position he liked and I was happily waiting for him to come and take his pleasure and give me pleasure at the same time. It just did not get any better than this.

I may not have been as sober as a judge but I made it home and parked my Jaguar in the drive not bothering to raise the garage door. As I approached the front door the Youngman that I had talked to about putting in a watering system came up behind me.

“Mrs. Raven do you have time to talk about the system you want put in. I know we did not have an appointment but I was working down the street and saw you drive up.” He was a nice young man of about thirty, married with two little girls as I had met his wife and children.

I turned at the sound of his voice. He was so young and so handsome and I was still so horny. My cunt twitched at the sound of his voice. I knew I looked like I had just fucked a couple of guys and smelled it too. My bra had been shoved in my bag along with my panties. My tits were still swinging inside my thin blouse when I turned I knew he was sure to see the hard nipples thought the cotton material.

There it was a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face. I smiled and he smiled as we moved inside and locked the door.

How is it I know when a man is in rut? Jim stood there a few inches away as I pulled my blouse off and let his gaze at my big old tits. I said “Jim I am going to take a shower if you have been working you may as well join me.”

No words came from him we just walked to my bedroom and dropped clothing as we went. I adjusted the shower and stepped in. Jim followed with a nice looking hard-on leading the way. Soaping my hands I washed his cock. A steady stream of water rinsed it clean just before I dropped to my knees. In my short lived sexual freedom life I have sucked maybe ten different cocks. But this young man had a nice thick cock not too long but it curved to the side which gave it style. I sucked his cock down my throat and was holding his balls in one hand and fingering his ass with the other. His cock had such a curve it was not really down my throat but was touching it. I had to suck it from the side it was so curved.

He was trembling and I was too. He pulled me up so we could get out of the shower and stager to the king size bed. I fell back legs flying high and wide apart. He did not jump between my open legs but lay down beside me and came in from the side. One of my legs was between his and the other up over his hip. He knew just what he was dong and the moment his cock slipped into me his cock curved up so it was rubbing my G-spot and doing a wonderful job of it.

This was something I had not had done before. Not with a cock any way. It was so arousing and exciting I let the first of three climaxes pour from me in seconds. As I vocalized my pleasure he rolled up driving his cock deer into me and harder against the G-spot. I arched my back lifting both of us off the bed and jerked with the second climax. It was more than I could take and I fell back motionless.

He slowed to a near stop but even this minimum of movement was enough to set me afire and squeeze out a third climax. Then he pulled from me. He rolled over on his back with his wonderful cock sticking out but pointing at the wall. I moved over him and lowered my mouth down over his cock as he milked a load of tantalizing sperm from it and into my mouth.

I sat up while he mindlessly played with my tits. I asked “How do you fuck your wife in the ass with that thing?”

He laughed and said “Very carefully.”

I signed a contract and wrote him a check. He was going to do the job next week. But today he had done a hell of a job on me.

It was early evening when I got around to calling the names on the list Donald had provided. Those whom I knew said they would love to cum to the party and were looking forward to a great time. The three I did not know I introduced my self and told them how I got there names and what we had in mind for the party. First a few drinks out by the pool. Swimming was optional. Then a catered meal would be sent in and then drinks and soft music along with a few games. After that movies would be played on all the TV’s in the house. Then it was anything goes as long as it was welcomed. They all accepted my invitation.

I went down stairs and fixed myself a salad and a drink. I was sitting on the back porch in the dark listening to night sounds when the phone rang. I had the phone next to me and answered o the first ring.

A women’s voice asked if she was talking to Wilda Raven and I said “Yes this is Mrs. Raven”

She said her name was Connie Deforest one of the names on my list. It was a Richard and Connie if I remember the list correctly. She said she was sorry for calling so late but there had been a change in plans since I talked to her husband a few hours ago. It seems Richard had been called out of town on business and would not be available to join the party. I said that was too bad as I had never met either and was looking for ward to that.

Then Connie said “Would it be acceptable for me to come alone?”

I though it would always be a good idea to have an extra single or two at these parties. So I told her she would be most welcome and if it was with her husband blessing I thought it would be fine.

I said “Connie I also was gong at a single and even though I had the blessing of the home owner I was basically unescorted.”

We talked and I found she lived only a few blocks from me. So I said “Connie I am alone and if you would like to come over for a drink we could talk and get acquainted. I am a bit of a night owl and have been sitting here on my back screened porch enjoying the night.” I told her there was room to park in back off the alley and she could come in through the back gate.

“Wilda I have on my PJ’s if that is OK.” She said I a low throaty voice.

“I also Connie, so come a head.” I answered.

The head light flicked out and a tall shadowy figured came in the back gate. Connie was tall slim with long hair the color of coal I would find out later. She held a white terry cloth robe pulled tight around her slender body. I welcomed her to my home and pointed her to a seat. I poured a drink for the pitcher I had made up and we sat close in this darkest part of my back porch. She was fifty four and had been married for twenty six years. No children from this union but she had a son that lived out of state. I told her Donald was my first after becoming a widow and it was so wonderful that he had been the one to introduce me to the wonders of this new life.

We talked about homes and clothing and all manner of girl thing but the conversation kept coming back to the swinging party. She said they had been into it for about nine years off and on. She asked if I was bi. I told her I could enjoy sex with who ever was interested in me at the time. She admitted she missed the romance and the slow foreplay some times at these parties. I agreed and said that she had found what had been missing all day long. I had fucked, sucked and fucked again. But there had been no foreplay and that is what I missed most of all about my day.

I did not tell her I had been fucked three times today and had sucked off three guys but I knew where she was going and I let her have her say. She reached out in the dark to touch my arm as I poured drinks. I let her see I did not mind her touch as I placed my hand over hers.

We had leaned close in this darkness and were whispering so our voices would not carry to the neighbors. I reached out and rubbed her hair and ask what color it was. She said “Dark brown. And you?”

I said “Natural blonde”

I asked if she would like to come inside as the night air was getting cool. She said that would be nice. Once inside I took her by the hand and lead her through the dark house to the den. There I turned on a dim light and took her in my arms. She did not pull back or even resist in the slightest.

She was taller than I but she let me kiss her full on the mouth and our tongues found each other and we held that tender kiss for a long time.

She was the first to touch and she touched my breasts ever so softly. Her finger tips moved across my robe barely touching me but it was so erotic my nipples raised to the occasion.

I let my hands slide up her sides up all the way to her arm pits then around to cup two small firm breasts with long hard nipples. We parted and I asked in heavy breath if she wanted another drink. She said no.

Her fingers were pulling on my belt and my robe came open. Her hands traced a line around my hips and down my belly to the point where my thighs joined. Our eyes were locked together and I let her have her way.

She pinched the puffy lips of my cunt and pushed them together in a way that was very sexy and erotic. My clitoris was beginning to come alive as her hands left my pussy and lifted my gown up to my hips.

I had felt like the aggressor from the moment we talked on the phone. But now I was the passive one and she was the dominx. How or when it changed I did not know. But she was the leader and I a follower. But she was not mean, harsh or spiteful. No; not at all she was loving and tender. I felt the romance flow from her to me as her hands circled my waist and ran down over my plump little ass cheeks. Her hands were tracing my body so in her mind she was seeing every inch of me. I stood like an obedient child letting her do with me as she wanted.

Cupping both cheeks she pulled me closer to her and I looked up tilting my face skyward to the heaven she had brought me to. She looked down into my eyes and lowered her mouth over mine. The kiss was soft our lips hardly touching, the tip of her tongue licking my lips tasting me, her nostrils flared as she sucked my body odor in smiling me, tasting me loving me like I had not been loved in a very long time.

What ever she was doing it sent me to a new place a place of peace and serenity a place of pure happiness. I felt loved, I felt wanted I felt as if this was want I was always meant to be part of. A union like no other a love I had never known, felt or understood before. She pressed her lips tighter to mine and I welcomed her tongue in my mouth as I would God into my heart. I was all of a sudden in love.

I fumbled for her robe and she pushed my hands away. She was still in control. I stood again passive as she moved back to allow me to see the unveiling. The robe dropped away as did her silk pajamas. I marveled at her slender body. Straight, slightly broad in the shoulders, narrow at the waist, long sculptured legs that looked like white marble. Smooth curves from head to foot and back again.

I let my eyes feast on her stunning beauty. Her breasts were mere mounds of swollen muscle with nipples as long as any I had ever seen. But the nipples were firm protruding straight outward seeking my attention. I was ready to play that child’s game “Simon says” I wanted to ask “May I touch” but my mouth remained mute.

Her face was long and thin with large wide eyes as dark as a coal pit. Her mouth was wide like my own generous mouth but her lips were fuller as my lips were thinner but I think my mouth was wider and this little fact was what let me entertain men in the way they so lovingly desire. Her hair was dark brown a mass of tight curls but yet loose enough to hang down around her neck. She was a beautiful sexy wonderful women and I was her chosen one for tonight if not forever.

She opened her arms beckoning me to her as I moved close she took my face and pulled it to her breast as if she had read my mind. I suckled her nipples as if I were a baby once more. My hands ran over her hips as she had done to me. I let my finger barrow into her thick tangle of public hair. My prize was there beneath the surface, it was as long as her nipples and it was as hard. Her clitoris was like a tiny little cock about three quarters of an inch long but without the little helmet head.

I trailed kisses down her fine flat stomach and found the little cock hiding in her brush. I parted the hair and quickly sucked her tiny lovely little cock. I was born to suck cock and I was good at it no matter if it was male or female.

She parted her legs allowing me free access to the treasure. I let both hands go around her to dig into her firm cheeks and also to pull her closer as my lips and mouth worked feverishly on her joyous mound.

I was lost in a new world of lust, love and debauchery and I loved it. From here to the bed I don’t remember as much as I was lost in a sexual fog and one I will always think of as a sensual needful part of my life.

Later we rolled first me on top and then her. Our fingers digging and our tongues digging into each others private places. Our souls opened up and we gave freely to one another as well as taking as much as we could. We were ravenous and hungry for that which each gave to the other.

Connie left before dawn with a parting kiss as I stood naked on the back porch. I stood naked shivering in the morning air. But I was hot inside I was like molten lava. I had erupted and I loved the feeling she had given me and I wanted more. I felt so strange I wondered if my life had changed.

I was still in a hot bath at nine when the phone rang. I was still feeling the heavenly grace that embraced me from my night with a wonderful woman. Connie had bestowed upon me the most wonderful of sexual pleasures and I felt wonderful this morning. I suspect I kind of felt like a young man the morning after he got laid for the first time in his life.

The one time I had not brought the phone with in arms length of the tub and it was persistent. I dripped water across the tile floor and into the bedroom. I was so warm the water had been near scalding hot and I was red as a well done lobster. I saw my self I the mirror as I reached for he phone. There were little bit welts on my breasts and inside my thighs. I knew she was a bitter but I had not noticed the welts before the hot bath. I turned to see a few on the cheeks of my ass. “Had I bitten her back?” I do remember getting highly excited by everything she did and I tried to play her game as well as she. I was still looking at my chubby plump fifty-eight year old body when the phone stopped ringing.

I was out now so I dried off and slipped into my thick soft white cotton robe. God this felt good and a cup of coffee would enrich my life this morning. I went out back and sat with my feet up on the seat of the chair Connie had sit on last night while we were out here in the dark. I parted my legs and slipped my robe off thighs to let the cool morning air cool my burning pussy.

Tilting my head back I pressed my fingers to my clitoris. Rubbing my self slowly pressing ever so softly on my clitoris I masturbated with visions of Connie licking and biting my clitoris as I screamed through another climax. ‘How many climaxes had she brought me last night?” God only knows I was not keeping count. I parted my pussy lips and felt the cool air touch me like a tender kiss. Two fingers entered my swollen pussy while my palm rubbed across my mound.

As my fingers played around the entrance of my pussy I started to remember how good those three stiff dicks had felt yesterday. Three hard wonderful dicks had played homage to my charms yesterday and I loved every minute of it. But had I enjoyed Connie’s charms more or less then those wonderful hard cocks. I loved what Connie had done to me and for me last night. But now in the light of day I was thinking how much I loved a good stiff dick in my lovingly tender pussy and my mouth and yes, in my ass as well. God I was becoming such a fucking whore.

I had all of a sudden lost interest in masturbating so I went in got dressed and decided to go for a dive to clear my head. My blonde Polish head. This may take a long drive.

I left the city and drove up through the mountains and along the Grand Ridge Parkway totally unaware of the time. Checking the fuel gage I saw I was getting down so I pulled into a rest area that also supplied fuel. I parked at the full service pump and got out. There on the other side of the pumps was a mirror reflection of my dark green Jaguar with brown leather seats. I had never seen one just like mine and that was one reason I liked it. It was one of a kind as was I.

The young man came out to give me service so I took a moment to step around and get a better look at this other Jaguar. It seemed to be an identical twin to my little baby. It was shinny and clean unlike my dusty replica. I felt bad that I had not had it washed in a few days.

I turned to see a stout broad shouldered man looking at me. He wore one of those English driving caps and a waist jacket with ribbed corduroy trousers. “She is a real beauty is she not?” he asked.

Pointing to my Jaguar I said “As is mine.”

His smile widened and he said “It is as beautiful as the driver herself.”

I lowered my head blinking my eyes a few times and in an outrageous way said “Oh, thank you kind sir I think your find car is as lovely as my own.”

He laughed and offered me a hand introducing himself as Darwin Monique. I gave him my hand and told him my name. Just then the boy said our cars were filled and waited payment. We walked to the island and paid up like good little patrons.

Darwin said “Mrs. Raven may I buy you a cup of coffee before we part ways?” I accepted and we entered the restaurant. It was close to lunch so he bought me lunch as well as coffee. We found a nice clean table by the window and started to talk about cars. However the conversation soon came around to the fact that we were both the same age, retired and both were single. Darwin asked if I live here about and I told him I lived down in Valley Town. He said he was just out traveling and had no plans of any fixed nature and asked if he might come to Valley Town and take to me to dinner later tonight. I; in my openly audacious way suggested he follow me to town and stop by my home so he would know where it was. He pulled into behind me and took me by the arm as we mounted the front steps. How nice he was a real gentleman.

In the few minutes we had shard up on the parkway we had come to some kind of understanding and once in the house he pulled me to him and I let him kiss me.

We are not kids and we both knew what we wanted so there was no reason to fool around and be coy about it. He had powerful hands that fond my sizable tits to his liking. I took him by the hand and lead him up stairs were we each stood face to face and slowly undressed for the other pure lustful enjoyment. He let his sad eyes sweep from head to foot as my bra and panties dropped to the floor. I stood there proud of my round soft features and waited the unveiling as he dropped his trousers and short to the floor. He was as proud of his chubby older body as I was of my own. My eyes fixed on a soft thick cock that looked very nice indeed to me. I had loved Connie and all her charms but a good cock was what I needed and here one was.

We lay on the bed locked in one another’s arms kissing and touching letting out fingers find the wonders of the other. I felt life come to his manhood as it grew thicker and longer with every touch. His fingers had found my pussy wet and hot. He was soon kissing down my belly and pushing my willing legs even wider apart. I lifted my ass and parted my legs to give this lovely man all the room he wanted. He was a pussy licker and I was ready for the touch of a tongue along with the feel of a day’s growth of beard. There is something about the feel of stubble rubbing my thighs that adds a great amount of excitement to the pleasure of having my pussy licked. Connie was great but this for some strange reason was even more to my liking.

Darwin was an expert at this pleasure and I soon rewarded him with a juicy climax which he licked and suck as fast as it flowed from me. He slowed his licking and I slowed down to a mild roar. He came back up along side me. We kissed and I tasted my own juices as we darted tongues into each others mouths.

He rolled over on his back and asked me to sit upon him. I sat up and took her very powerful thick cock in my hand. I looked at him and straddled him. But I did not sit on his cock I sat farther down on his thighs. He smiled as I lowered my mouth to his throbbing cock. His cock was so thick my generous mouth would hardly fit around the long pointed head. But I do love the feel of a smooth skinned cock head in my mouth and I love to feel my lover strain as I suck his cock deep in my mouth. In other words I love to suck cock and I love the way a strong cock feels in my mouth. I wanted to give Darwin as much joy as he had given me from oral sex before I consumed his cock in my burning cunt. My head was bobbing up and down fast and then slow. All the time his cock seemed to grow in every direction.

Cupping his heavy hairy balls in my hand told me he was nearly ready to explode. I thought about letting him cum in my mouth as I would love to taste him as he had tasted me. But I knew he would was the kind of man that wanted to feel his cock in my juicy warm cunt. I also knew he would like to reach up and take my heavy tits in his hands as he filled my cunt with cum. So just at the right moment I rose up and mounted him. His thick hard cock found my pussy wet and ready for him. I wanted to please his stranger and I wanted him to always remember who I was long after he was gone from here.

I don’t have a large pussy in fact I have a rather small tight pussy and his thick cock filled me full and was rubbing every thing in side there. I screamed and he lifted my ass off the bed ramming his cock deeper still. I fell forward resting my hands on either side of him shoulders as he pumped into me. His cock would have ripped me apart if I had not been wet and juicy from his wonderful tongue fucking.

He found a nipple with his mouth and bit down. I cried and jerked back. He took both tits in his hands and squeezed them as he once again jerked my ass off the bed just as he shot his load in my throbbing, squeezing, pulsating pussy exploded to match his every jerk. We both squeezed and jerked tossed and rolled until her were totally exhausted and I fell upon his sweaty chest as he heaved under me.

I was fully conscious of how his cock was not going soft. It was still throbbing slower yes, but it was still filing every nook and cranny in there. Finely I felt his wonderful cock slowly decrease in size. It pulled back and fell from my dripping pussy. I also felt a river of cum, and bodily fluids flow down and out of me. I rolled off him and closed my eyes. A few moments later I felt him move between my legs and lick all he juices his and my own from my cunt. I liked that it was a tender was of saying he liked what we had done ads was not afraid of showing it. Many men will not lick a cunt they had just filled with cum. But he seemed to like it and I did too.

He said he would call me later after he got a room at the Stark hotel. He never called and I found out later he never checked in at the hotel. I won, I lost and we had our moment in the sun together. Maybe once was enough. Maybe he felt this strange wonderful moment could not be bettered or duplicated so he wanted to leave while he was at the peak of his game. I understood him and will always remember him. I showered and went to look for my list of party goers for the weekend.

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