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Run in with the Law

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Alisha was looking forward to a night out with the girls. Since Grant had come into her world six months ago; she’d spent her days at the office and her nights underneath, on top of, and beside him.

He’d brought out an insatiable lust within her and no amount of sex with him was enough. This was the first time they’d been apart since becoming exclusive and she’d promised Callie and Stacie that she’d go out with them.

“Come on Al; it’s been way too long. We miss you and you need to stop neglecting us,” Callie whined into the phone.

“Grant is out of town for this convention; what are you supposed to do, just stay at home and wait?” Stacie chimed in on the other line.

“Okay, okay.” she laughed. “If I say yes; will you stop being a couple of babies?”

“Al; don’t make us come and drag you out. You know we will.”

“Alright, alright; Friday after work. We’ll head out, have a few, and hit Sam’s. How’s that sound?”

“Don’t you stand us up girl,” Stacie said in a mock threatening tone.

Grant was due back in town on Friday night, but he’d probably be tired from the trip. She left a voicemail to let him know that she’d be out with Callie and Stacie and that she’d catch up with him on Saturday.

She rushed home after work and picked out a red, draped-neck halter top that set off her caramel-toned skin perfectly; a black mini, and some red strappy heels to wear. After a quick shower and only 20 minutes of prep time; she was out the door.

She scanned the parking garage for anyone out of place and made her way to her car. It was her 26th birthday present from her mom and stepfather, and even though two years had passed; she still loved that Mercedes SL500 as much as she did the day it was delivered to her job.

Once she’d exited the garage; she let the top down to enjoy the balmy night, hoping that it wasn’t humid enough to frizz her straightened hair. About 2 blocks away from the restaurant where she was meeting Callie and Stacie; there were blue lights in her mirror.

“Fuck…wait a minute; I haven’t done anything wrong,” she said aloud to herself.

She was right; she’d come to complete stops, signaled when necessary, and hadn’t run any red lights. It couldn’t be her registration because she’d just renewed it the month before. Why was she being stopped?

As she waited for the officer to approach; her ‘pissed-off’ meter started to go haywire and she took a quick moment to shoot Callie a text to let her know that she’d been pulled. Callie’s two-word reply; ‘jackass cops’.

“Not only does he pull my ass over for no good reason; he’s taking his fucking time getting up here. Keep it together girl; you never know what kind of prick you’ll get,” she said trying to calm herself.

After a few minutes; the officer started to make his way over to her. She watched him approach from her side mirror and immediately started to get herself together.

His hat and the time of day masked his face; but he was tall, probably about 6’2″, and she could see that he was chiseled beneath that uniform. After he’d cleared the solid metal of the trunk; he ran his hand along her car as he walked, and stopped when he was right beside her.

Irked by his gall; all thoughts left her as she looked into the most handsome face and the most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen. Not blue, green, or gray; his eyes were turquoise, unmistakably turquoise.

“Good evening ma’am; where are you off to?”

Was he for real? It was none of his damn business, but as she looked back into those eyes all irritated responses escaped her.

“Just a night out with some friends; they’re expecting me any moment now. Officer…” she paused to read the name on his badge “Davis; I know that I wasn’t speeding, and I obeyed all of the traffic laws. Why did you pull me over?”

“Well; your busted taillight gave us a reason and you match the description of the perp in a rash of bank robberies,” he said easily while his eyes hungrily roamed her body.


As she tried to process the bullshit that was spewing from his beautiful mouth; she noticed that he’d started to walk to the rear of her car. Before she’d realized what was happening; he took his nightstick out and smashed her driver’s side taillight.

“What the fuck are you doing? Do you have any idea how much that’s gonna cost your sorry ass?”

“Such nasty language from such a beautiful lady,” he said after clicking his tongue.

“Ma’am; I’m gonna need you to calm yourself and have a seat while we get this situation cleared up.”

“What situation is that?” she asked as she angrily got out and slammed the door behind her. “The situation that you just fabricated by busting my $800 taillight? Officer Davis; I’ll have your badge for…”

As she walked closer to him; he’d grabbed her arm and slammed her against the trunk of the car. Not hard enough to hurt her; but hard enough to scare the shit out of her and to shut her up. It only fired her up more.

“Get the fuck off me!” she yelled against the warm metal pressed against her cheek. She began to feel a warmth radiate from a lower region as he pressed his body against her to whisper in her ear.

“My partner is a trigger-happy son-of-a-bitch and he’s got his weapon drawn and ready. Please calm down before I have to place you under arrest,” he said tenderly as he brushed her hair out of her face.

“You have no idea who I am, do you?”

“I’m thinking that you could be Black Beauty; the name that the press has given to the bank robber, but I’m also thinking that she probably wouldn’t be driving around in such an expensive ride.”

He hadn’t released or pushed himself off of her while he spoke. His voice was barely above a whisper and she could smell spearmint as his hot breath was on her ear.

“Shit Davis; that’s the DA’s girl,” she heard an unfamiliar voice say in the distance.

“I knew she looked familiar,” he said still not moving from his current position. “It would be quite a twist if the DA’s girl was Black Beauty, wouldn’t it? It would definitely take that prick down a notch,” he laughed wickedly.

“I’m not this Black Beauty that you keep referring to. I’m a Vice-President of my advertising firm, and I don’t have the time or the need to rob banks. Now kindly get off of me or I’ll see to it that you’re busted down to the equivalent of a meter maid.”

“Is Miss High-and-Mighty threatening me?”

“No sweetheart; I don’t threaten,” she replied in a sinister tone.

“Sweetheart huh? Well then; let’s make it worth both our while. You’re under arrest.”

“What? You can’t be serious; on what charges?”

“Suspicion of bank robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, attempted assault on a police officer; I can keep going.”

“A concealed weapon? You’ve been all over me for the better part of 5 minutes now; you know that I don’t have a concealed weapon.”

“I don’t know; I can only assume until I pat you down,” he said as he eased up.

“Now real slow; stand up, place your palms on the trunk, and spread your legs.”

In a state of disbelief; she slowly rose up and placed her palms on the trunk. Before she could move; he was behind her again, pressed his thigh between hers, and bumped them to motion her to spread her legs.

After she’d complied; he squatted down, circled his hands around her right ankle, and slowly ran his hands up her toned leg, stopping about an inch from the juncture between her thighs. He repeated the action on her left leg but this time he brushed the back of his hand against her swelling clit.

She looked around for the other officer, but he’d since returned to the driver’s seat in the squad car. Since her mouth may have already got her in deeper than necessary; she bit her tongue about his deliberate contact and tried to remain still.

He ran his hands over her hips and ass, then slowly roamed over her sides and stomach; stopping just shy of her breasts. Anger had been coursing through her veins since she’d been pulled over, but now another emotion had joined it and her body was in turmoil.

His hands roamed over her body; obviously not to search her, but to relish in the feel of her smooth, toned legs, her generous hips, and her round ass. He knew that the course that he was on was far from appropriate, but when she’d passed by him earlier; he knew that he had to have her by whatever means necessary.

She jumped when she felt the cold steel bracelet close around her right wrist and stared at him in disbelief when he uttered his next words.

“Ma’am; you’re under arrest.”

“You’re taking this way too far,” she said matter-of-factly.

“A more thorough search is necessary and I’m sure that you don’t want every passerby to know your business; do you?”

“What about my car?”

“I’d hate for anything to happen to it, so Officer Ramirez will be driving it to the station.”

“And I’m going to be left alone with you.”

He pulled her arms behind her back and finished cuffing her. He ran his fingers down her right shoulder blade; tracing the outline of her dragon tattoo, producing goose bumps with his actions, and leaned in very close to her left ear.

“I can think of worse people to be alone with. I don’t bite; unless you want me to,” he said as he lightly brushed his nose against her earlobe.

“I will make you pay for this,” she stated through gritted teeth.

“I don’t doubt that gorgeous, but I’ll make sure that it’s worth both our while…Sweetheart.”

He pressed a quick kiss onto her neck that sent a shiver down her spine. She knew that he would, and she was in too deep to get out of it now.

He helped her into the backseat of the police cruiser and brazenly ran his hand over her bronze thigh after strapping her into the seatbelt. She made no move to escape his touch and he looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Don’t worry sweetheart; after you’ve been with a real man, you’ll wonder what you ever saw in that prick of a DA.”

“He’s more of a real man than you could ever be,” she responded while glaring at him. “He would never use his position to get what he wanted; he waits and gets it willingly.”

He chuckled a little as Ramirez drove off in her car. She turned her head in disgust as he inched closer to her ear.

“Willingly huh? I’ve never had to force myself onto someone and I’m not about to start now. I’m just taking you somewhere more private so that we can sort this whole thing out. I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to. Although, you’ll probably be begging me to keep going before we’re through.”

He lightly ran his nose across her jaw bone while he snaked his hand underneath her skirt and ran his index finger across her protruding clit; which elicited a soft moan.

“Mmmm; feels like someone’s ready to go; let’s get out of here.”

“It’s not like I have much of a choice Officer.”


He drove for about 20 minutes and pulled up in front of a warehouse. He reached into a bag in the passenger seat and produced a remote control for one of the overhead doors.

“So; you come here often?” she mocked.

“Not really. I reserve this place for special occasions,” he replied as he pushed a button.

She noticed the door opening and swallowed deeply. The anticipation of what was going to happen inside was getting to her and she closed her eyes. After a few moments; she heard the engine cut off and his door open and close. She expected him to open one of the back doors, but was surprised when she heard him outside talking.

‘There better not be anyone else here,’ she thought to herself before opening her eyes. She was relieved to see him standing outside the window on his cell phone.

“Yeah, yeah. Ramirez; I’ve got to go and question the suspect. She does seem like a tough nut to crack, but I’ll do my best.” She watched his eyes roam over her body through the car door window as he spoke. He flipped the phone closed, and she watched the smug smirk appear on his face. She held firm as he opened the door, and gently placed his hand on her right arm to help her out of the car.

“Just what do you think is going to happen, Officer Davis?” she spat his name out with all the venom she could muster. Her eyes dropped to his hands as he reached for his belt. He undid the clasp, removed the belt, and put it on the trunk of the car behind her. Afterward; he took his hat off, and his sandy-blonde hair fell in a shaggy cut around his ears. He put his arms on either side of her and leaned in just inches from her face.

“You are truly gorgeous you know that?” he said as he looked into her eyes.

“You’re too good looking to need to do something like this,” she managed to get out as he started to nuzzle her neck. “It’s not too late…you can just take me to my…oh gosh”

She lost her train of thought as he started to kiss and nibble her neck just below her left ear. Grant knew that spot was her undoing, and it seemed that Davis was figuring that out as well.

“You were saying,” he questioned as he took a step back and began unbuttoning his shirt. Her mouth had gone dry as he took the shirt off; leaving him in just a wife beater, and deeply tanned, sculpted arms. She stood staring for a moment before he stopped and met her eyes; tilting his head, indicating for her to continue.

“You can still stop this; you haven’t gone too far yet.”

“I haven’t? Hmph; guess I’ll have to do a little better than that,” he said with a growl as he grabbed her and spun her around. He slowly put his hands on the outside of her thighs, and started running them up her legs; hiking her skirt up in the process.

He continued to lift her skirt until it was bunched up at her waist, and wrapped his left arm around her waist; pulling her flush against his body. She could feel the hard planes of his chest against her back and the outline of his hard cock against her ass.

Her breath hitched when he placed his hand on her lower abdomen, and she held her breath as he eased his hand over her mound. As he started his slow assault; she tried to plead with him again.

“Stop now and we can pretend like this never happened. You don’t have to do this…mmnnh”

She moaned as he put his hand into her g-string and started to rub her clit with a feather-light touch, driving her insane. He untied the string on her halter, and began to stroke her newly-freed breasts. He spoke as he kissed her neck.

“God you smell good. I don’t want to stop and let’s face it; you don’t want me to stop. ”

He felt her shudder slightly and decided to keep his steady pace. He could tell that she was getting close, and when her breathing became ragged he stopped abruptly.

“Oh God, what are you doing?”

“I did what you asked me to do; I stopped,” he cockily replied. “That’s what you wanted wasn’t it?”

Was it what she wanted? She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to stop, or to finish her off. Her glistening lips started to feel a bit chilly due to their exposure, and the lack of his expert fingers to keep them warm.

“Tell me what you want pretty girl,” he breathed into her ear as his nose nuzzled into her hair; he lightly stroked her pebbled nipples as he waited for a reply. “Stop or finish; the choice is yours.”

She’d decided that there was only one thing that she could do in the situation. After he’d brought her to completion with his fingers; she’d bargain to get away from him.

“Finish it,” she barely got out before he pushed her top half back onto the trunk of the car, and squatted down behind her to view his prize. It was unexpected, but she went along with it; unable to stop now.

Electricity shot through her as he starting strumming her clit again, and then began to probe her core with his tongue. She moaned out loud; losing all control as he devoured her. She felt the approach of her ecstasy, and resigned herself to the fact that she enjoyed this feeling as much as she did being with Grant. Davis was one skilled motherfucker.

He could tell that she was getting close, and decided that it was time to take this thing to the next level. With his free hand; he unbuttoned his pants, and freed the beast within. It was already rock-hard, but he began stroking it to keep it ready for the moment that was soon approaching.

His assault on her clit and her pussy was too much to take, and she felt her legs start to shake; grateful for the trunk that supported her.

“Ohhhhhh Gaaawwwdd!” it hit her like a ton of bricks, and at the peak; she felt him shove his thick cock into her spasming pussy. He moved slowly at first; drawing out her climax, and adding to its intensity in the process. He took his finger off her clit, and braced her hips with both hands. He began pounding with abandon; long, hard strokes that kept her in a constant state of orgasm the entire time.

She could feel the muscles in his thighs flex as he ground his cock deep inside her, and she could hear his grunts above her.

“Damn; you love this cock don’t you baby,” he stated more than questioned, as he continued to jackhammer her pussy.

“OH GOD YESSSS!” she screamed, and then hissed as he hit a particularly sensitive spot within her. She let out a shocked squeal as he hooked her right leg over his arm, and rested his palm on the trunk.

From that angle; he was so deep inside, that she felt every ridge, bump, and vein of his shaft. She could hear a guttural moan off in the distance, and it sounded somewhat like a wounded animal. She wondered where that noise was coming from, and realized shortly thereafter that the noise was coming from her. She was having a sort of out-of-body experience from the fucking that Davis was putting on her, and after she’d figured out the sounds her moans projected; she heard his feral grunts, and that turned her on even more.

“Damnit, you’re so wet and hot,” he ground out as he kept up his impossible pace.

She didn’t know how he’d managed it, but she felt her hands fall to her sides, and heard the cuffs hit the ground. Somewhere in the back of her mind; she knew that she could make a break for it, but the feel of his skillful fucking was keeping her in place. She wasn’t going anywhere, and now she knew that she didn’t want to.

He surprised her yet again when he withdrew from her velvety enclosure, and lifted her up only to sit her back down on the trunk of the car. She was feral when he stepped between her legs, and when he pulled her against him; she began to tug at his tank top. He indulged her by pulling it off the rest of the way. She appreciated his chiseled form out of the uniform for just a few moments before he pulled her flush against his chest and claimed her lips in a crushing kiss.

Nothing about their coupling was gentle. The kiss was a gnashing of lips, teeth, and tongues; their arms moving wildly around one another, and her hips rolling and tilting to match his thrusts. The air was filled with the squeaky sounds of wet flesh rubbing against metal; grunts, groans, and permeated with the smell of sex.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUUCCKKK!” she screamed out as he brought her to a joint-quaking orgasm. Her legs felt like Jello, as she held onto his shoulders. He slowed his pace, and tightened his grip on her waist.

She locked her legs behind him as he carried her to the back seat of the car; never dislodging himself from her depths. He was still rock-hard and ready, and even though she was spent; she looked forward to what came next.

He slid to the middle of the back seat, and brushed some strands of hair from her face. When she looked into his eyes; he smiled sweetly at her before placing a soft, sensual kiss on her swollen lips.

“Damn girl, do you feel what you’ve done to me?” he asked as he starting rocking them in the back seat of the patrol car.

His movements were slow, delicious torture, and before long; he was watching her thighs flex as she started to come back to life and ride his cock. He put his hands on the sides of her waist, and ran his thumbs on the sides of her toned belly. When he felt her walls start to contract again; he knew that his own release was close at hand.

“You gonna cum for me again sweetheart? Come on baby, ride this dick and cum for me. Yeah girl, cum on this cock” he said the words like a hypnotic chant, and used his hands on her waist to help her ride his cock.

“Ohhhh…ohhhhh…oooohhhhhh shiiiiiiitt!” she cried out.

When he felt her clench and spasm; he pulled her close to him and wrapped his arms around her and made several deep thrusts before he came with her with a growl of his own.


They sat that way for a good five minutes; breathing heavily, hips still rocking slightly of their own volition.

She couldn’t believe this had happened, and in the end; she’d been a willing participant. She leaned back and looked at his face; his eyes closed, and a serene smile on his face.

“I can’t believe you did this.”

“So I sneak out of the convention 5 hours early to get back to see my girl, and you just leave me a voicemail to let me know that you were going out with the girls? How was that supposed to make me feel?”

“Grant!” she said with an irritated sigh before she smiled and hit him in the shoulder. “My friends are never going to invite me out again. You can’t keep doing this” she said with a laugh as she hit him again.

“OW!” he said as he started to laugh and rub his shoulder. “Stop playing; you know you like it when I play dirty cop.”

She let out a squeal when he started to nibble and bite her neck, and then began to laugh loudly as he continued to torture her.

“The girls will forgive you baby doll; they always do. I’ll take them out to dinner on Sunday to apologize.”

“So where did ‘Black Beauty’ come from?” she asked with genuine curiosity.

“Well, you’re my ‘Black Beauty’ and you did steal my heart…so you’re kind of a thief,” he answered with a grin.

“The DA’s a prick huh? And what about my car? I can’t believe you destroyed my tail light!”

“Jimmy’s getting it fixed as we speak. It’ll be good as new by Tuesday. And as I recall; you don’t really seem to mind the DA’s prick,” he answered with a laugh at his play on words. “As a matter of fact; you seem to love it” he said with a cocky smile.

He began to kiss her neck, and she was just a little surprised when she felt him start to grow rigid inside her.

“Oh my God Grant, you can’t be serious….oooohhhh.”

“Mmmhhh hmmmnn, looks like you’re on lockdown tonight baby.”

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