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Sunbathing with Sister & Her Frien

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Ever since my fantasies started with Terri I’ve been going crazy over every pretty women that I see. Recently my sister came over to the house with her girlfriend to sunbath. I was wet the second Becky stepped through the door.

My sister, Kristen and her girlfriend, Becky are 19 and go to college together. Kristen was over this past week sunbathing with me and mentioned that she’d like to bring Becky over to meet me. I tried not to sound too excited about the opportunity to meet her new friend. We arranged for them to come over Saturday when my husband would be out golfing.

When the doorbell rang I was very excited. I opened the door and there stood an incredible brunet with my sister. Becky had long dark curly hair; deep light brown eyes, a little perky nose, super long very tan legs, a tiny waist and what seemed to be fairly are breasts. She had on denim short-shorts and an old ratty and baggy UCLA t-shirt. My sister too was dressed very casual – a short mini skirt and a wife-beater with her string bikini top underneath.

They came in to the house and we were introduced to each other. Her voice was somewhat husky – kind of Demi Moore like. She seemed very outgoing and comfortable with herself. We all made small talk as we made our way to the kitchen to get drinks and snacks for the pool. I got everything ready and we walked out to the pool. I was admiring Becky cute ass in her little shorts. Her legs were so long and beautiful. She knew how to strut. All I could do was think about watching her strip out of her clothes so I could admire more of her.

Once at the pool I quickly put the stuff down so I would be freed up to watch Becky. She wasn’t shy at all. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her stomach was completely flat and hard. I moved my eyes from her belly button up to her breasts. They were big alright. Covered in a pretty hot pink string bikini – her nipples were slightly visible. After she fully removed her t-shirt she turned sideways and unbuttoned her shorts. Her breasts were perfectly in place. I’m guessing about a 36-C. I watched her with lustful eyes and she wiggled out of her shorts – exposing her matching string bikini bottoms that were tied on the sides.

I didn’t want to be obvious that I was staring at Becky so I turned and caught a glimpse of my sister shedding her clothes. It must have been all the lust that I was feeling – because I was just as turned on watching Kristen undress. Kristen is a petite blonde with small perky breasts, straight blonde shoulder length hair and a very shapely body. Kristen was wearing a strapless yellow top – one that I hadn’t really noticed until just now. I stared at her B size breasts as she unzipped her mini and slid it down her legs. She turned to put her clothes on the lawn chair and to my surprise she had on a thong bottom. Her ass was beautiful! All tan, round and perfect. She bent over and I swear – I squinted to get a better look at her crotch.

Again I snapped out of it and pulled away from my sister. I quickly began to undress myself. I had picked for just this occasion my gold super skimpy bikini set. My husband loves it because it barely holds me in. After a few adjustments I turned my attention to being a good host.

I got everyone a drink and laid out the snacks. Then laid down to sunbath in between Becky and Kristen. The two of them where chatting about whatever, but I was busy having lesbian fantasies.

“Susan. Hey. Susan, you awake?”

“Yeah, sorry Kristen – what’s up?”

“I was asking you if it was OK if we took our tops off. Becky doesn’t want to get tan lines and I would love to get rid of mine.”

“Sure, that’s fine – I don’t mind.”

I looked over at Becky who was already sitting up with her hands behind her back undoing her top. My mouth dropped when she pulled her pink top off. Her nipples popped out instantly. She grabbed both of them giving them a hard squeeze and said that it felt so much better not to have that “DAMN” thing on.

I then heard my sister comment on how excited it felt. I quickly looked over at her sitting in her lounge chair topless rubbing her breasts too. This was really the first time that I could remember seeing her breasts. They were so cute, small and perky that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. She was very tan – but her breasts were milky white – with light pink small nipples. I was so overwhelmed with lust for her breasts that I didn’t even hear Becky saying that I should take off my top.

“What…” I turned to Becky who was looking right at my breasts.

“I asked if you sunbath nude.”

“Yeah, I…um, sure.” God I sounded like an idiot. I couldn’t believe that it was this over powering that I couldn’t even complete a full sentence.

“Then you’re OK with me taking off my bottoms.” She wasn’t even finished with her sentence. She slid them down to her ankles then lifted her legs up in the air and pulled them off. I watched as her legs came back down – staring right at her pubic area. She had the smallest of pubic hair – making a perfect little strip leading right to her pink young pussy. She discarded her bottoms and started rubbing her thighs and pubic strip. She was talking about how good it was to be naked out in the open and how horny it makes her.

“What about you Susan?” She said turning her head towards me. I quickly looked away – but came face to face with my sister standing right in front of me. She too was slipping off her bottoms. As she stood back up, now completely naked, I got a bird’s eye view of her shaved pussy. It too was milky white from her tan lines. I watched her move back over to her lounge, lie down and put her hands between her legs.

I was so embarrassed with lusting after my own sister that I turned way. Just about two feet from me was Becky saying something and moving her hands deeper into her crotch. She was full on masturbating. I watched as her right hand moved over her pubic mound and down in between her legs while her left hand made its way to her large breasts. She teased both of them – tracing her fingers over her nipples then down to the underside then back up again. I watched intently as my pussy began to get soaking wet. Then I heard a soft moan from over my shoulder. My sister was full on masturbating too. I tried to fight the urge to turn my attention to Kristen, but it was just too powerful. I looked back over to my sister and was looking right at my now fully naked, masturbating sister.

She was lying with her legs spread open, left index finger running up and down the length of her young smooth pussy. Her other hand pinched her nipples. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was sandwiched between two beautiful women that where completely nude and fucking themselves.

“Aren’t you going to join us,” I heard Becky say with her husky voice.

Again I turned back towards Becky only to find that she was sitting on the side of her lounge chair facing me with her legs spread wide open. I got a perfect, close-up view of her soaking wet pussy. She was so close that I could smell her scent. She was staring at me with lust and want in her eyes. Both her hands grabbed her wonderful tits and squeezed them together. “It feels so good to have someone watching. I could cum just looking at you – watching me play with my tits. They are so sensitive! I just love to pull on my nipples. It makes me…OH!” She closed her eyes and let her head fall back.

My sister then walked behind Becky – grabbed her head and placed her lips on hers. I could see their tongues going in and out of their mouths. After a few minutes they broke their kiss and Becky look back at me. She just stared at me as my sister reached around and cupped her breasts. Becky’s eyes got small, her lips parted and she took in a deep breath. I couldn’t hold out any longer – I need to taste her. And the next thing I knew I was between her legs just inches from her dripping wet pink pussy. Closer and closer my lips got until they made contact. My tongue left my mouth and went right in between her lips – filling my taste buds with the sweet unique taste of another woman’s pussy. I licked all the way up to her pelvic bone then back down to her juicy hole.

I was in heaven – all my senses where going crazy. I was tingling with excitement. I wanted her entire pussy all over my face. I pushed my face hard against her and stuck my tongue as deep as I could inside of her. I started fucking this little 19 year old girl with my tongue. And she was loving every minute of it too. Her hands started gently stroking my hair. When I moved up to her clit, I circled her little bud, and then slowly flicked it with my tongue.

She then pushed me away and turned around doggie style. I watched her for a few moments as she looked up at my sister – begging for her to let her suck on her breasts. Kristen then took Becky’s head in her hands, looked me right in the eyes as if to say, ‘wouldn’t you like to do this,’ then slowly lowered herself to Becky’s waiting mouth. Kristen moaned loudly, closed her eyes and pushed Becky’s head harder into her chest. My mouth was watering. She was right. At this moment I would easily suck my little sister’s tits. But for now, I’d concentrate on Becky’s wonderful juicy pussy.

I grabbed her ass hard and buried my face in between her legs. I was going crazy – licking her pussy, tongue fucking her and licking her clit. I was so horny that, without thinking about it, started licking her asshole. It just felt like the most natural, kinky thing to do at the time. I was running my tongue around her asshole while my fingers played with her pussy. I had two fingers inside of her fucking her like mad. She was having a hard time sucking Kristen’s tits because she was so aroused. Her orgasm was building and building. I was sure that anytime she would erupt. And she did. She grabbed Kristen around the waist, laid her head in between her breasts and started moaning loader and loader. She was begging to lick her ass and fuck her pussy. She screaming in ecstasy and started shaking. I moved my mouth down to her pussy to catch as much juice as I could. Her orgasm must have lasted 5 minutes. And I licked her entire bottom half with pleasure.

She stood up, gave Kristen and little kiss then turned to me. She picked me up, grabbed me around the neck and pulled herself to me. Our lips smashed together in the most powerful kisses in all my life. We we’re going at it. We were running our fingers though each others hair and all over our bodies. Then she ran her hands up my back to my clasp and unbuckled it. She tore it away and grabbed both my breasts and squeezed them. My body tingled and a rush went down my spine. Her hands where so soft on my breasts. They felt like silk running over my nipples and encircling my throbbing chest. She toyed with my nipples – pinching them and tweaking them. I was seriously ready to cum.

Becky broke off our kiss and lowered her head to my heaving chest. I watched in anticipation as she stuck out her tongue, looked up at me and slowly inched her way towards my nipple. God, I wanted her badly. When her tongue finally touched me – I lost it. I gabbed at her hair, pulling and twisting it. She moved from one breast to another. Giving just the right amount of attention to each one. She knew exactly what pleased a woman. She sucked lightly at just the right times, then hard and biting exactly when I needed it. I was getting weak at the knees and she knew it. She pushed me back on to lounge chair. Still sucking at my breasts, she began to work my bottoms off. I played with her dangling breasts urging her to make her way to my wanting pussy.

With my bottoms removed now – she moved her hand up my thigh getting ever so close to my burring wet hole. The teasing was driving me crazy – and also the reason this was so incredible. She finally made her way straight to my wet waiting pussy. The second her hand touched my lips I screamed out in my most powerful orgasm. She stuck two fingers in immediately and pumped them in and out. She was moving them faster and faster when she started kissing her way down my belly, over my shaved pussy and down to my throbbing clit. I arched my back grabbed her head and started grinding into her. My orgasms were now coming back to back. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than this – Kristen wrapped her pretty red young sisterly lips around my breast. My eyes flew open and I screamed – “OH FUCK YEAH! Suck my tits! Oh yeah, bite them! Oh fuck Kristen – YEAH!”

Kristen mouth was even better than Becky’s. Or maybe it was just the taboo factor. Either way, my body had never felt anything as wonderful as what was happening to me right now. I pulled Kristen up to me so I could kiss her. I needed to kiss her. I just had to have my sister’s lips on mine. I need to taste her sweet young lips. It was like slow motion. Her lips were inching closer and closer. I could see them starting to part. I could see how moist they were. Fireworks went off as we engaged in one of the ultimate sins. INCEST. Our mouths were working overtime. But I still needed more. I needed to feel more of her. My hand started to tingle as it made its way up in between her legs. I didn’t waste any time with teasing – I put my fingers straight into her – as deep as I could. She pulled away from our kiss, grabbed the side of the lounge and rocked back and forth on my hand.

Becky was now laying on me sucking on Kristen’s tits as I finger fucked her. It didn’t take her long either – she was cumming in no time. I watched as her pretty little face tightened up and her mouth opened. “Oh, fuck Susan – make me cum! Fuck me with your fingers! Give them to me! Yeah Sis! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming!”

Suddenly I woke up – sat straight up in my lounge chair – looking around to see what was happening. Both Becky and Kristen where both looking at me, still wearing their bikinis and laying on either side of me. That was a hell of a dream, I thought to myself. I hope that they didn’t know what I was dreaming about.

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