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Lydia Is Bound For Pleasure

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Lydia stood before me petrified. She wore a loose fitting tank top over her bra and panties. Her arms were crossed behind her back and each wrist was tied to her opposite shoulder. She stood erect and scared, her body trembling ever so slightly. I motioned her forward and the approached me cautiously.

“Closer.” I said as she stood before me. To get any closer she had to part her legs and straddle my knees. “Now sit down.”

I instructed her and the terrified, young beauty slowly lowered her beautiful body until she sat across my knees. Her sleek thighs were parted and draped over my legs as her beautifully full chest thrust out in front of my face.

“Take a deep breath.” I said and the young beauty filled her lungs. Her chest was just amazing. Her huge breasts strained at the sheer material of her tank top. What a body she had and for the next few hours it was all mine. Reaching forward, I placed my hands on her swelling hips and I could feel her tremble with fear. Taking hold of the bottom edge of her shirt, I slowly peeled the soft material up her beautiful body. I rolled it over her swelling breasts and then lifted it over her head. As the material pinched together behind her slender neck, it ran over her shoulders and under her arms, framing her magnificent chest beautifully. Lydia wore a dark brown bra and matching panties that contrasted beautifully with her creamy white skin.

“You know these are quite beautiful,” I complimented her as I looked down at her ample breasts. “Not to mention huge.” I added sarcastically. Lydia did not respond. Her back was arched slightly and her huge tits thrust forward by the way I’d bound her arms. I cupped her giant breasts in my hands and began to squeeze them through her lacy bra. They felt full and very solid in my hands.

I slid my finger into her deep cleavage and her tits pressed firmly against my finger. I shook her tits and they jiggled nicely. I began to pinch her nipples through her bra and could feel them harden under my fingers. Lydia was humiliated by the way her body was responding to the abuse. I slid my hand around her side and then slid my finger under the tight panel of her bra. I pulled my finger around under her huge tit and holding her steady with my other hand, pulled her left cup out and then over her huge mam, exposing it to my view. This was no easy task with a woman as full breasted as Lydia. I looked down at her one bare breast which the elastic of the bra pushed down. I toyed with her small, pink nipple, rolling it between my fingers and then pulling on it. It grew even harder in my hand. She was responding to my touch even if she didn’t want to.

Taking a firm grip on her breast, I lifted it to my mouth and sucked her hard nipple between my lips. Trapping her nub between my teeth, I teased it with my tongue. I heard Lydia moan as she tried to pull away from the sensation in her chest. I sucked hard on her tender nipple and it grew rock hard in my mouth. Her breathing became labored and she squirmed on my legs. When I finally released her tender nipple, it was puffy and red and quite wet. I blew a cool stream of air across her exposed breast and her already aroused aereolae got even harder. I lifted the other cup of her bra, baring her entire chest. She was magnificent. Her tits were truly beautiful as they thrust out naked before me. They were firm and weighty in my hands and I began to play with them once again. Each tit was huge, almost the size of her head and creamy white with a small and very hard, pink nipple. One was now slightly harder than the other, thanks to the attention I had just given it.

I took out my knife and holding it up in front of Lydia’s face, I popped open the blade. Her face paled and her expression was one of fear. I slid the blade up between her full breasts and slit open the front of her bra. It was so tight around her chest, that with the lightest touch, the material sliced open and popped open.

Leaning forward, I sucked on her huge tits and pinched them as I taunted her tender nipples. I got a bit rough on her tender nubs, biting and chewing on her sensitive flesh. I tried to see how much of her huge tit I could force into my mouth. There was a lot of tit there. Pressing her tits together, I was able to suck first one and then the other nipple into my mouth and eventually to suck both nipples at once. Clamping my teeth down on both nipples, I used my tongue to tease them both at the same time. Holding her taut nipples firmly between my teeth, I shook my head and watched as her huge tits moved back and forth on her chest. I could hear the young beauty whimpering as I abused and enjoyed her magnificent titflesh. Lydia’s chest began to heave as her nipples got more and more excited and her tight pussy began to moisten with sexual excitement. I truly enjoyed her beautiful titflesh.

I picked up a length of cord I’d prepared and making a loop, slid it over Lydia’s huge tit. She watched in fascination as I pulled her shoulders forward and her pendulous breasts hung away from her body. I closed the loop around her massive breast and then pulled it until it was snug. I then pulled it a bit tighter and began to wrap it several times around her firm titflesh before tying it off. I then did the same thing to her other breast. These bindings forced her tits to almost stand out from her body and restricted the blood flow in her huge mams. Soon they would begin to discolor as they fell asleep from lack of circulation. As the blood was trapped in her huge tits, her nipples flattened out and I bit at them.

I looked at my beautiful captive and carefully slid my knees apart. Lydia had to readjust her position to maintain her balance. Now she sat with her legs split and her pussy was suspended in the air between my knees. I slid my hand between her firm thighs and pressed it against the crotch of her moist panties. I began to probe and tease her soft pussy as the young woman squirmed about on my lap. Her huge chest began to heave as I teased her spread pussy and felt the moistness of her panties. I slid my hand up the front her her panties and then dipping my fingers into the small space where her panties were drawn tightly across her pelvis I slid it down into the front of her silk panties and my fingers searched for the entrance to her love channel. Her lips were engorged as my finger easily slid between them and then entered her wet pussy. I tore away her silky panties, revealing her steaming twat. She was a natural blond.

My fingers probed her soft womanflesh as her body began to respond to my caresses. Her chest heaved as her breathing grew heavier and my fingers were coated with her sweet flow as they closed on her sensitive clit. Teasing her clit, I felt her body tense and then she gasoed as I felt her insides let go with creamy cum that made it easier to finger fuck her tight pussy. She was unbelievably tight but I managed to slide a second finger into her oozing quim.

Shifting my hand slightly, I inserted my thumb deep into her dripping womanflesh. Lydia was a bit surprised by the size of it and the depth to which it could probe. Meanwhile my wet fingers teased her tight asshole and she twisted her body in an effort to escape my probing fingers. Her body went stiff as I inserted my finger into her tight asshole. I could feel my thumb in her cunt against my finger in her ass. Lydia could feel it too. I continued to pump her twin holes with my finger and thumb as her face showed the evidence of her sexual excitement and her tits heaved as her breathing got even heavier.

Opening my robe, I revealed my raging ramrod. Lydia looked down at it and gasped. Withdrawing my fingers from her dripping loins, I placed both hands on her firm hips and pulled her body forward. In a moment my cockhead slid across her swollen pussy lips. I looked down at her bound titflesh and her tits were dark with discoloration. In a few minutes I would have to release her bound breasts. I felt her massive tits brush against my chest and she was amazed at the sensation in her chest. I could feel the moistness of her pussy as her sweet juices flowed out of her tight pussy and coated the top of my cock. She could feel its hardness as it pressed up firmly across her engorged pussy lips. I reached up to her bound titflesh and grasping her cold and dark breasts, I leaned her body back. As the angle changed, I pressed the tip of my cock to the entrance of her steaming twat. Once the tip was wedged between her moist lips, I pulled her body forward until the tip entered her tightness.

Without warning, I opened my legs and Lydia’s body dropped hard onto my impaling shaft. She let out a scream in surprise as she felt my huge cock fill her tight pussy to the hilt. As she filled her lungs to scream, she felt the tightness of the bindings around her huge breasts.

Lydia was wet and she was tight – very tight. She felt unbelievable inside. I rocked her body several times as her tightness slid over the length of my cock. Was she ever so wet.

“Wrap your legs around me.” I instructed and I felt her thighs tighten around my hips. I reached out and untied the cords that imprisoned her massive titflesh. I pinched her sleeping tits and bounced them gently. She winced at my touch. Then I wrapped my arms around her slender waist and stood up. Lydia slid all the way down onto my shaft as her tender mams were crushed against my chest.

“You’re about to be fucked and fucked good,” I announced as I walked over to the bed. Not wanting to slip out of her loins, I dove onto the bed with Lydia beneath me. With her arms still bound behind her, her chest was thrust upward and her sleeping breasts were starting to regain their circulation. She couldn’t believe the sensations in her tits.

As I pounded into her seething cunt, her huge tits bounced all over the place. I could see by her face the mixture of pain and pleasure that she felt. I could feel her powerful inner muscles massaging my ramrod as it plunged in and out of her tightness. Reaching under her thighs, I pulled them up, folding her beautiful body in half. This gave me greater penetration and support.

Once her legs were under my shoulders, I was able to lift my hands off the mattress. With my hands free and my shaft buried in her dripping cunt, I took a firm grip on Lydia’s massive tits. My touch on her mams now was a mixture of pain and excitement for the young beauty. I pulled on her titflesh as my rod sliced deep into her soft body. Her muscles worked my cock and I started to feel my load rising.

Lydia’s body went rigid and she gasped as her tight pussy flooded with her sweet cum. Mine joined hers as I felt my balls explode and I shot my wad deep into her loins. I released her aching tits and gently nuzzled them as I sucked her hard nipples into my mouth. I felt her inner muscles continue to massage my cock until it finally slid out of her wetness.

Fully satisfied, I lay in her warm saddle for several minutes before rolling off of her luscious, young body. Stepping off of the bed, I reached down to her slender ankles and pulled her body to lie diagnally cross the large mattress. I watched as Lydia’s massive titflesh heaved with physical and sexual excitement. What a body. Then, holding her long legs, I rolled her onto her side. Her huge breasts lay one on top of the other as they continued to move as she breathed deeply.

Moving back onto the bed, I propped up the pillows on the headboard and straddling her head leaned back and got comfortable, my leg bent above her slender waist. Reaching down for a handful of her soft, blonde hair, I lifted her head and slid my other thigh beneath her silky soft cheek. Lying on her side, the way she was, Lydia’s face rested on my thigh, only inches from my spent and cum-covered cock. The scent of our fucking was powerful on my tool and her eyes were riveted to it. The young beauty felt my fingers slide through her silky hair and she slid her face along my thigh and kissed the tip of my cock.

I watched as the naked beauty looked up at me and then parting her soft lips enveloped my manhood with her mouth. I moaned deeply as she sucked my cock all the way into her talented mouth. Satisfied that she was doing all she could to pleasure my cock, I released her head and moved my hands down to her massive breasts. They were marvelous as I caressed them and her tongue pleasured my cock.

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