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Filling Gaps

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Marcie’s head flew up and down over my cock, licking the sides like they were coated in chocolate. Now, there was nothing unusual about Marcie giving me a blow job, nor was there anything unusual about her enjoying it. But there was something more there today. An urgency to her work that raised a flag that something was up.

I just sat back and enjoyed the ride, although when I felt that familiar buzz run up my shaft telling me I was close to cumming, I did nothing to stop it. Within seconds, I had pumped three blasts of my cum into Marcie’s mouth. After swallowing it all down, Marcie moved next to me on the bed, lying on my chest, rubbing my chest and stomach with her hand.

“A little quick on the draw today?”

“Thanks to you. What’s going on?”


“Marcie, I know you too well.”

And she knew I did. She picked herself up and leaned back on the headboard. I straightened up next to her.

I was ready to hear what she wanted. A week-long trip to her parents? Maybe it was the tub. I haven’t gotten around to caulking it yet. Or, maybe she wanted me to agree to having a yard sale.

Marcie began: “You know I love you, right? And you know how much you sexually satisfy me?”

I though to myself, “Uh, this can’t be good.” But I said, “Of course.”

She continued: “But no matter how good our sex life is, there will always be gaps. I would never go outside of our marriage to fill them. But, I don’t think there is anything wrong with us filling them together.”

The room started to spin. I always thought I was a pretty good lover. And, Marcie never seemed to have any complaints.


She must have seen the wheels turning inside of me.

“Jack, this is not an insult.”

“No, of course.” Uh, I hope.

Marcie threw caution to the wind and dove in. “You know I have no desire to do anal, and yet that’s something you would like to try.”

I nodded.

Marcie continued. “And, I think you know I’ve been thinking of what it would be like to be with another woman.”

“Hold on there one second,” I thought to myself. Another woman? No, THAT I would remember. I felt a little unsettled, but my dick started growing. Hell, it was like a lead pipe along the side of my leg.

Marcie glanced down at my cock and smiled. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Marcie, you’ve never said anything about wanting to be with another woman.”

“Well, Jack, didn’t you ever think it was odd how I got aroused at lesbian porn as much as you did?”

That was true. Marcie loved all porn, but the girl-on-girl stuff seemed to get her really hot. Wait, does this mean she’s a lesbian?

“Jack, I’m not a lesbian.”

Sometimes it felt like she could read my mind, but then again, I’m not that tough to figure out.

“But, I think touching another woman, and being touched by another woman, is something I want to experience. At least once. It’s a gap, if you will.”

Wow. Marcie wanted to be with another woman. I couldn’t quite get my brain around it. But, my cock was understanding just fine. It was throbbing on my leg.

Marcie reached down and grabbed hold of my shaft. She gently rubbed it up and down, and damn, it felt good.

I needed some more information, though, no matter how happy my penis was.

I started in: “Okay, so how does my gap relate to your gap?

“Well, I was having lunch with Nadia yesterday …”

Okay, things were starting to make sense. Whenever my wife had a surprise for me, good or bad, or whenever my wife came to me with an idea that seemed out of character, good or bad, inevitably Nadia was behind it.

I always thought of Nadia as my wife’s devilish little sister, even though they weren’t really related. They were both about the same height, and they both had the most arresting blue eyes.

But, while Marcie had long, straight, brown hair that ran down to the small of her back, Nadia had short, spikey blonde hair. And, while they both had killer bodies, they were totally different. Marcie was soft and feminine, with curves in all the right places, Nadia had a more athletic build, with smaller, perter breasts and a flat stomach.

But more than the differences in their looks, it was Nadia’s personality that got your attention. She was absolutely sure of herself and what she thought and wanted. Especially what she wanted. Nadia had a way about her that just made you feel okay about following. Marcie always did. Which brings us back to her lunch with Nadia …

“I should have known Nadia was behind this.”

Marcie ignored my comment and soldiered on. “We just realized, Nadia has had experience with other women and she loves anal sex.”

And Marcie just stopped there, expecting me to fill in the blanks.

Only, if I filled them in wrong, I could find myself in some serious trouble. This was definitely a great opportunity to play dumb. Considering Marcie had quickened the pace of her stroking, and had moved her face down to my crotch, licking my shaft every few strokes, my lack of intelligence at that moment was quite believable.

“Marcie, what are you saying?”

Marcie took a long lick up the side of my cock, and then plunged her mouth over the head, moving so far down, and taking so much of me into her, that I felt the tip of my tool rub her throat, while at the same time feeling her lips buried in my pubic hair.

Marcie quickly moved her head up, licking my shaft along the way, until my cock popped out of her mouth with an audible pop. She smiled at me, started rubbing my cock, and matter-of-factly said: “Nadia is coming over tomorrow night to fill our gaps.”

The minute she finished the statement, I came, with the first blast hitting Marcie in the face. She laughed as the next spurts coated her hand.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Needless to say, the next 24 hours were among the longest of my life. I was so excited at the prospect of not only fulfilling my fantasy of having anal sex, but even more, I was looking forward to having a sexual liaison with Nadia. While she pissed me off sometimes, there was no doubt that she was a beautiful, sexy woman, and next to Marcie, there was nobody I’d rather have sex with.

Wait a minute? Was I going to be able to do anything besides have anal sex with Nadia? Could I kiss her? Go down on her? Play with her tits? No rules had been set. And wait a minute: Would I be able to watch Marcie and Nadia together? Could I join in?

My excitement and my anxiety were battling for my brain’s attention, leaving me unable to sleep, concentrate on the football game the next day, or do anything else that required a skill learned after second grade.

I even started to ask Marcie about the ground rules, but she cut me off, saying I worry too much, and that tonight was going to be great.

As Nadia’s arrival time grew near, everything had been put into place. Marcie had arranged pillows and candles all around our bedroom. After I showered, Marcie took a long bath with scented oils. When she came out of the bathroom she looked and smelled so good, I think I would have been fine with it if she cancelled Nadia and we spent the rest of the night in bed pleasuring each other until we were spent.

But Nadia was coming, and Marcie and I were both excited about it. Marcie put on a brand new negligee she had bought for the occasion: Black (she knows I love her in black), lace over her stomach and sides, satin over her breasts and pubic area, G-string in the back showing off the nicest ass I’ve ever seen.

She also laid out a new pair of boxers for me, black, silk and fitted. When I put them on, they felt so good.

Soon, the door bell rang, and I answered it, finding Nadia at the door in a rain coat.

“Hi Jack. Aren’t you the lucky devil?”

With that, Nadia walked in, Kissed me on the cheek, and dropped her rain coat, revealing that she was wearing … absolutely nothing. Her breasts, which Marcie swears up and down are real, sat impossibly firm on her chest, almost offering themselves to me. Her nipples, long and hard, were pointing at me.

As my eyes trailed down her body, I immediately noticed that when Nadia went naked, Nadia went naked. There wasn’t a pubic hair to be found, her lips hanging out, seemingly begging to be licked. At least they seemed that way to me.

I heard a finger snap, and it dawned on me. I’d been staring.

“It’s good that you like what you see. You don’t look half bad yourself.”

Marcie then came down the steps, dressed in her negligee. Still, after all these years, she took my breath away.

Marcie stopped on seeing Nadia. “Wow, you don’t waste any time!”

“We all know why I’m here. I know I can’t wait.”

Then Nadia reached out and ran her finger over my silk-covered erection.

“Jack looks ready to burst. So, what are we waiting for?”

Nadia took my hand and headed for the steps.

My mind was reeling. I didn’t expect things to move so quickly. I wasn’t complaining, mind you, but I was definitely caught off guard. I don’t know what made me say it, but I blurted out: “Nadia, would you like a drink?”

“I think we’re past the have a drink state, don’t you think Jack?”

She smiled at me. I smiled back. When we reached Marcie, Nadia took a second to drink her in. Then she let out a whistle.

“Darling, you look so beautiful, and so sexy, I’m speechless.”

Marcie started to blush a little, but before she could get too embarrassed, Nadia leaned in and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on Marcie’s lips. Marcie gasped in surprise, but soon her gasps took on a desperate, extremely turned on air. Marcie ran her hands all over Nadia’s naked body, up and down her tanned, toned legs, over her muscular, perfectly shaped ass, and over her taut, flawless back.

Nadia had one hand around Marcie’s head, her fingers entwined in Marcie’s beautiful brown hair. The other hand? Still holding on to my hand, squeezing hard, probably to let me know she knew I was still there.

After a couple of minutes of furious making out, Nadia broke the kiss and smiled wide. Marcie smiled back, almost giggling, and started running her perfectly manicured hands through Nadia’s spiky hair.

(I should point out that Marcie has the most beautiful hands I’ve ever seen: Not too long, not stubby, with perfectly shaped nails that she always keeps polished in light, simple colors. That night it was a pale pink.)

Nadia broke the silence. “I think we’ll be more comfortable upstairs. And besides, we need some more room so Jack isn’t left out.”

And with that, Nadia turned to me and started kissing me with the same fever and passion she had kissed Marcie, using her free hand to massage and rub my butt. Any question about what I would or would not be allowed to do washed away in that moment. I knew that nothing was off limits. That tonight was going to be three people making love to each other completely and without restraint.

As we spilled into the bedroom, Nadia took charge, but not in an off-putting, military commander way. Instead, she gently guided Marcie to the bed, laying her on her back, with her lovely legs draped over the end. Nadia then took my hand and sat me on the floor, leaning against the bed, inches from Marcie’s legs. I wanted to start licking her legs up and down, but I had a feeling Nadia had something else in mind. And she did.

Nadia moved between Marcie’s legs and started kissing her ankles. She went back and forth, licking, kissing, and nibbling away. Marcie is pretty ticklish, and she giggled a little, but she seemed to be enjoying it. Nadia then started kissing up Marcie’s left leg, paying special attention to the soft skin behind Marcie’s knee. Marcie moaned, purred actually, and smiled.

Watching Marcie’s face gave me a warm feeling. I loved seeing her pleasured. And, a bit surprisingly, I didn’t mind that it was another person doing it. The fact that it was a beautiful woman was probably the reason.

Soon Nadia had reached Marcie’s pubic area. She steadily moved Marcie’s G-string down, pulling it over one foot, then the other. Nadia then moved her hands over Marcie’s stomach, pushing the negligee up so that she (and I) could see right up to the underside of Marcie’s lovely breasts.

My dick was as hard as it has ever been, pulsing and rhythmically banging off my leg. Nadia looked down at my silk tent and said, “Jack, you better let him out of there or you may do some serious damage.” My boxers were off in an instant.

Nadia then dove in, licking Marcie’s outer lips up and down, eliciting a loud, guttural moan from Marcie that drove me wild. Nadia’s tongue darted up and down, in and out, not hurried, but insistent.

Marcie’s moans continued, and I could see that her pussy was getting very wet. When I noticed a coating of Marcie’s liquid on Nadia’s nose, I let out a low moan. It might have been one of the most erotic things I had ever seen live in my whole life.

My moan got Nadia’s attention. She smiled at me and asked: “Enjoying the show?”

“More than you can imagine.” My hand slowly moved back and forth on my cock.

“Feel free to dive in whenever you want. There’s plenty of us to go around.”

My mind raced. What do I want? So much to choose from. Even in a heightened erotic state, Marcie still knew me too well. She gasped out, “Toes.”

See, I know some guys have a foot fetish. I have would I would call a reverse foot fetish. Most human feet are ugly. They skeeze me out. So, if a woman has feet that don’t repulse me, I find that really arousing. Marcie’s feet were beautiful, not too big, not too small, always nicely pedicured, and with all of her toes in proportion.

Marcie’s comment pushed me to look at Nadia’s feet. They, too, were perfect. More muscular and less delicate than Marcie’s, but still very pleasing to the eye. Marcie knew that I always wondered if I would enjoy a little toe sucking, reveling in the lack of offensiveness of a beautiful foot. But, I never had the guts to try it.

Marcie knew that this night was about filling gaps, and this was my chance to see if I had a gap to fill.

I carefully moved down to Nadia’s feet, noticing again how beautiful they were. Nadia wore no polish on her toes, but she didn’t need to. Her toes were flawless. I summoned my courage and bent down. Nadia moved her foot up, giving me easier access.

I extended my tongue, running along the top of her foot until I reached her toes. I put her big toe in my mouth and exhaled hot air. I heard Nadia moan (though it was partially muffled, since her mouth was buried in Marcie’s pussy), and I knew I must be doing something right. I continued working over her toes, one at a time, swirling my tongue and exhaling hot air.

Turns out, I’m quite a toe sucker.

Nadia, meanwhile, continued to work on Marcie’s pussy, moving her tongue up and flicking Marcie’s clit. Marcie jumped and let out a shriek of pleasure, and Nadia moved in for the kill, sucking, licking and nibbling on Marcie’s clit.

Nadia lifted her head and said to me, “Jack, if you don’t stop working on my toes like that, I am going to cum way too soon.”

Proud of myself, I climbed up on the bed and sat at Marcie’s head, placing her head between my knees. I reached down and kissed her. Marcie responded with passion, lashing her tongue over my teeth and tongue, and moaning and purring like I had never seen her before, at least not from this angle.

I reached down under her negligee and palmed her beautiful breasts, feeling her hard nipples jamming my palms. I broke our kiss for a moment and put two of my fingers into Marcie’s mouth. She licked them and sucked them for a moment and then stopped. Like I said, Marcie always knows what I am thinking.

After she released my fingers, I reached down and rubbed her taut nipples between my slick fingers. It felt so good, and I know Marcie was happy as she rocked back and forth under the assault from both ends.

I knew Marcie wouldn’t last much longer. Nadia increased the pace of her tongue lashing of Marcie’s clit, and Marcie started bucking her hips as she came, her juices running freely over Nadia’s face. I held her breasts the whole time, cradling them from below like I know she likes it.

The look on Marcie’s face was wonderful. A sexually blissful smile.

Nadia peeked out from over Marcie’s crotch and looked up, her face slick with Marcie’s juices. Nadia’s smile was one of the cat that ate the canary, proud of what she had accomplished.

Marcie groaned out, “That was wonderful.”

Nadia quickly responded, “That was only the beginning. But, it’s time we gave Jack some attention, don’t you think?”

Marcie looked up at me, ran her perfect hand through my hair, and said: “I want this to be the best night Jack ever had.” And with that, the two women had me on my back. Marcie had switched positions with me, and my head lied between her knees. Feeling the smooth skin of her inner thighs on my cheeks was so arousing I thought I would explode.

Nadia, meanwhile, had begun an assault on my dick, licking up from the bottom and back down the other side, all while holding my sack in her hand, gently applying pressure.

As I’ve told you, Marcie gives incredible blow jobs. But it was so arousing having a woman do it completely different. It was no better than what Marcie does, but the variety was delicious. I’m sure Marcie was thinking the same thing when Nadia had her face buried in Marcie’s pussy.

Marcie leaned over and started kissing me and running her hands over my chest. Nadia started deep throating me, and I could feel my cock head slamming against the back of her throat. If Nadia ever decided to go pro, she could earn a fortune without ever taking off her panties.

Just as I was really getting into it, Nadia stopped and announced, “I haven’t forgotten why we’re here.”

Nadia got on all fours on the bed, showing her beautiful, toned ass off to Marcie and me. She looked over her shoulder, seductively wiggled her butt, and slyly said, “You each have a job to do.”

With that, Marcie crawled on her back under Nadia and began licking Nadia’s pussy up and down, lapping at her like a dog drinking water on an August day. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself and think that Marcie was a natural pussy licker. Her face showed pure passion for her task, smiling as she enjoyed Nadia’s taste and wetness.

Nadia was obviously enjoying it too, her eyes locked closed, her lips slightly parted, and her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

I moved around Nadia’s backside and put my finger deep in Nadia’s snatch. She was so hot and wet, I went all the way in to my knuckle in one thrust. Nadia let out a low, aggressive moan. I knew she needed more. And I was going to fuck an ass for the first time in my life.

But not quite yet. I had read enough to know that I had to prepare the playing field before the game could begin. I spread Nadia’s juices over her butt hole, and then slowly inserted my finger, leaving it there for a few seconds so Nadia’s muscle could get used to me.

Soon, I felt her relax, and I was able to bottom out my finger. Nadia started moving her ass against my finger, getting into the sensation of being probed.

Meanwhile, Marcie had started to suck hard on Nadia’s clit while inserting two fingers into Nadia’s pussy, thrusting them in and out slowly and steadily.

I could feel Marcie’s finger inside of Nadia. It was wild, and such a turn on. I soon started thrusting in rhythm with Marcie.

Nadia was now a lustful animal, pounding herself against our fingers while letting out a stream of steady, guttural moans. Watching these two women, naked, covered in sweat, and bathed in lust, I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world.

What moment in my life would ever eclipse this? Short of hitting a home run in Game 7 of the World Series (unlikely given my age and eye-hand coordination) or winning a Nobel prize (unlikely given my career B+ average), this was as good as it would ever get.

But, amazingly, I still had more to go.

With her fingers going in and out, Nadia looked over her shoulder and grunted out a demand, “Jack … NOW!”

I didn’t hesitate a nanosecond. I pulled out my finger, jumped up, and positioned my six-and-a-half inches at Nadia’s ass hole. I rubbed my cock head against the hole, feeling it give a bit, and then I slowly started to insert it up Nadia’s ass. The sensation of tightness was incredible. I couldn’t believe anything could grip me that hard.

After a few introductory short strokes to get Nadia ready, I was at full penetration, moving in and out at a steady pace.

Marcie matched me with her fingers (there were three in Nadia now), stroke for stroke. She also had her mouth locked on Nadia’s clit, her tongue flicking over it spelling out the alphabet (Marcie did her homework), occasionally nibbling it. Nadia moaned and barked out “Yes!” over and over.

After everything, I knew I wouldn’t last long. When Nadia yelled out, “It’s cum time,” and her muscles started contracting, I knew I was done. With Nadia’s juices flowing over Marcie, I pumped my load into Nadia’s ass. It was different than any orgasm I’d ever had. Just wonderful.

Marcie slid out from under Nadia just in time for Nadia to collapse on her stomach, and for me to collapse on Nadia. Marcie cuddled next to us, her hand resting on my ass, softly stroking my skin.

We laid there for ten minutes or so, and I was totally content, thinking this had been the best sexual experience of my life. But, little did I know, there was a little more life left in this fuck session.

Marcie lifted her head up and said, “What about Nadia’s gaps?”

Nadia lifted her head and smiled. “Sweetie, I’m not married. I have no gaps.”

Marcie smiled back. “I think there is one.”

Marcie cocked her head as if to say, “And that is?”

Marcie replied, “The first time I went out with Jack, you told me that if it didn’t work out, you would like to go for a ride on him.”

What? Nadia was attracted to me? That shocked the hell out of me. It also made me feel like quite the stud, which, as you may have guessed by now, is not a feeling I have quite often.

Nadia, betraying no embarrassment at all, smiled. “I remember. He was cute. I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with me for more than a date, but I thought we could have a nice fuck. But Marcie, I wouldn’t quite call that a gap.”

“Whatever you call it, here’s your chance. And besides, I think, while we’re all here, why shouldn’t Jack have a chance to fuck you?”

They were talking about me like I wasn’t there. But, I didn’t mind. They were talking about how they were going to fuck me, and what’s wrong with that? If I was going to fuck Nadia, I needed some more energy, not to mention to attend to some hygiene matters.

I excused myself, got up, and went to the bathroom, where I took a quick, cool shower. The soap felt so good on my body, especially my cock.

When I got out, I was ready for round two, and I stepped back into the bedroom, where I found Nadia and Marcie locked in 69, each licking and tasting the other like we hadn’t spent the previous hour engaged in a major fucking session.

Feeling bold, I walked to the bed and announced, “We have some rearranging to do. I want to taste Nadia. I’ve wanted to since you dropped your rain coat at the door.”

Nadia pulled her knees back so her ankles were at her ears. I locked my arms around her knees and stared at her naked pussy. Marcie keeps her light brown pubes trimmed into a landing strip, and her pussy is so beautiful and sexy I can look at it for hours.

But I have to admit, I was enjoying the utter brazenness and full exposure of Nadia’s naked pussy. Her lips were swollen and protruding from all of the attention they had gotten that night. And, the whole area glistened with her juices.

I dove right in with my tongue, licking up and down the length of her opening. She tasted fantastic, stronger than Marcie (Marcie’s juices have the most delicate taste, it’s magical), but still delicious and erotic.

I licked Nadia hard, and her breathing started to increase. I then moved my finger up and entered her, curving up to massage her G spot. Nadia gave out a scream of pleasure, and she immediately started ramming her crotch into my finger with abandon.

The G spot massaging was really getting to her. I moved down and started tonguing her clit while I continued my work inside her. Her gasps and moans were delicious. I won’t lie. I liked turning the tables on Nadia a little. It was nice to take the initiative. And, Nadia didn’t seem to mind.

Marcie moved around to Nadia’s head, facing me, and gave out a big smile at me, impressed with my work. I smiled back, thinking how I had the most beautiful, lovely and best wife in the world (not at all struck with the irony that I was having that feeling as I was nearly wrist deep in her best friend’s pussy).

Marcie leaned over and after kissing Nadia on the lips, started licking her long nipples, sucking them into her mouth. Wow, what a sight that was.

Nadia was overwhelmed with sensation. Her clit was being tongued. Her G spot was being massaged. And a beautiful woman was devouring her nipples. Nadia started gasping and moaning and came with a guttural scream, spilling her juices all over my face and hand.

Nadia took a couple of deep breaths. I was afraid that I had taken everything out of her and wasn’t going to get the chance to fuck her. I was so wrong. Nadia sprung up, invigorated, and ready to reassert herself. She pushed me on my back on the bed and grabbed my cock, squeezing it to make sure it was full and properly hard.

Meanwhile, I guided Marcie so she was squatting over my face, putting that beautiful pussy right over my face.

Nadia mounted me roughly, coming down with such force that I thought I would rip her insides to shreds. She started hopping up and down on my shaft, bracing herself with her hands on my legs.

Meanwhile, I reached up, grabbed Marcie’s beautiful, round ass, and pulled her pussy lips to my mouth. My tongue reached out and ran up and down on her lips. The teasing was too much for Marcie, and she started rubbing her clit with her finger, harder than I’d ever seen her do it before.

Meanwhile, Nadia was riding me for all she was worth. Her pussy muscles were so strong, it almost felt like I was in her ass again. With each downward thrust she would tighten her muscles around my cock. It almost felt like a hand job, only with the softest, wettest, hottest hand ever.

I reached up, and although I couldn’t see Nadia, I could feel her firm tits. I felt there fullness in my hand, those long, hard nipples nestled in my palms. Nadia reached up and pressed my hands to her chest.

“They won’t break, I promise you,” she gasped between moans.

I started pulling her nipples hard, and she cried out in pleasure, only increasing the speed of her bobbing on my cock.

Meanwhile, the combination of my tongue in Marcie’s pussy and her finger on her clit was taking it’s toll. Marcie started making her familiar pre-orgasm gasping noises, and soon she came hard, her juices running over my face. It was a heavenly feeling.

Marcie moved off me, lying on my side and resting her head on my chest.

Luckily, since I had cum earlier, I had a little more stamina this time, and I could fully enjoy Nadia moving up and down on me. And, I could now see Nadia’s toned, athletic body as she moved. Marcie had my right arm under her, but with my left hand I pulled and tweaked Nadia’s nipples.

I started feeling like I was going to cum, but I was determined to hold out until Nadia had cum first. Then I figured, Marcie could help. After all, what are wives for, if not helping their husbands … even if it is to help the other woman in their bed orgasm?

I whispered to Marcie that she might like to taste Nadia’s pussy again, and Marcie smiled and moved to the site of our smashing crotches.

Marcie started licking Nadia’s clit hard. I could feel her tongue as my dick moved in and out of Nadia. It was such a rush.

Soon, Marcie’s licking took its toll and Nadia started her familiar gasping and moaning again. Soon, I felt her pussy muscles lock on to my cock as she came hard. That was all I could stand, and I came, pumping what I had up Nadia’s pussy.

We managed to make our way to the shower and clean off, and then we moved back to the bed and got under the covers, me between these two beautiful, nude women, each nuzzled up to one side of me.

As I drifted off to sleep, I started thinking to myself, “What will life be without gaps?”

Marcie, eyes closed, close to sleep, purred, “Jack, honey, stop worrying and go to sleep.”

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