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Not So Old

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It is the middle of the night and Jon Mason returns from the bathroom. Sara sleeps on her back and the bright moonlight filters through the curtains casting a soft glow across her body. Through the open window, he can hear the roar of the surf. The sheet, wadded and tossed towards the bottom of the bed, leaves just one of her feet covered.

He stands beside the bed with one hand resting on the headboard and marvels at how beautiful she is. At fifty-nine, her beauty rivals that of women a third her age. Her hair is long, straight, and the beautiful gray some women’s hair becomes. Neither care that he is thirty-three years younger than she is. Neither care that she is his mother.

With each breath, her sumptuous breasts rise and fall. Her slim stomach and lovely mound remain covered with his orgasm. Her long slender legs lay spread apart, one knee slightly cocked to the side.

Jon stands for a few minutes just watching, his erection again begging for release, bobbing up and down occasionally, sometimes casting a shadow across her face as if it were making love to her mouth. He does not touch himself and instead, he saves it for her. He knows it will not be long.

Her arm reaches out slowly. Softly, her long fingers stroke the underside of his cock.

“I missed you. I missed this lovely cock.”

“I know Mom. I had to…”

She interrupts and whispers. “I love the warmth of you next to me on a cool night. You’re the perfect thing to cover me with.”

Her fingers touch him all along his shaft as it rises and falls, and then she touches the large smooth head with a single finger.

“For some reason, I love this part the most.”

She continues touching just the head, then her thumb slides over it once or twice before touching that tender place just under the tip. It is the hair-trigger for him. The one that will make him fire, shoot, unload. Her head moves a little, just enough to wrap her lips around the tip of his cock. He feels her suck and lick that wonderful spot with her lips and her tongue.

It is just a reflex movement, but his cock jerks upward and away from her lips. “No Jon.” He senses her disappointment. It falls back down, where it had been. “Much better.” She resumes her kissing.

His hand tightens on the headboard. His legs grow a little weaker. She senses his growing discomfort. “Lay next to me.” She pats the sheet and slides towards the other side of the bed. He lies down and moves next to her. His hand rests on her mound. A finger slides gently through her labia until it pulls her clit up.

She gasps as he first touches it. “I love that,” she whimpers.

His thumb touches opposite the finger and grasps her clit. “Me too. One of my favorite places on your body.”

She kisses his mouth. Her tongue is deep inside, probing for his. They find, touch, and rub against each other. Seconds, maybe minutes, maybe longer, pass as their tongues make love to each other. She stops, and then sucks his lower lip between hers, then into her mouth. Her teeth nibble. She sucks it deeper. She lets go and nibbles more.

“You’re the best kisser Mom.” His hand slides up her stomach, and rests on her breast. A finger darts around and over the nipple. The dark pink nipple grows and hardens under his touch.

“Nice,” is all she says. She grasps the other breast and kneads it.

He lean down and sucks. She gasps. He pulls more of her breast into his mouth. She moans. The sound is louder than the ocean. He swats and bats at the nipple with his tongue. She moans again. His cock rests against the top of her hip, pulsing, tapping as it rises and falls, almost like it is gently knocking on a door, begging to enter a warm inviting place. He strains to look up at her without losing contact with her breast. While fondling the other breast, her fingers stroke against his face. Her lips pucker as she blows a kiss.

“I’m so wet. Fill me with your warm smooth cock. Make me overflow with your cum. I need you to fuck your Mother. Ride me hard, my Son and my lover, ride me hard. Fuck me like you did earlier.”

Her legs spread wider and he moves between them. A glow, a smile, fills her face. All the foreplay, all the touches, were good. This was what she l-o-v-e-s the most, and he too.

“Right there, just slide it back and forth a little. Oh when that swollen head slides over my clit … like that … just like that…”

Jon can tell from the now so familiar expression on her face, she is basking in the warmth of a pleasurable experience, one that he can only wonder what it might be like. For her, it will last until long after they stop. He continues to let the head of his cock massage the entrance of her pussy. Her hand rests on his shoulder, squeezing it, rubbing it. Her face contorts and twists. Her breathing stops and then becomes labored. She bites her lower lip. A loud, “Ah-h-h,” echoes though the room. Her orgasm comes, peaks, and wanes.

“It was so wonderful.” That is her endearing way of letting him know he can now enjoy his orgasm.

She sits up and leans over his cock, covered in both of their fluids. “The best part of your body. Well one of them.” She takes his still erect cock and begins sucking the whole thing into her mouth. He watches as her lips slide along the taught skin. She gulps as his cum fills her mouth. She kisses his mouth and he tastes himself. He wipes away a small amount as it dribbles from the corner of her mouth.

They lay next to each other, the fronts of their bodies pressing together, their nipples touching, their lips resting on each other, their fingers touching, touching everywhere.

“I’ve never felt love so wonderful as with you Mom. Never.”

He lies and watches as she drifts back to sleep. To him, she is so sexy, so dreamy. He loves to look at her, awake or asleep. Even asleep, she exudes sensual beauty and raw sexual passion.

Once she is asleep, Jon lays on his back with his hands clasped behind his head, thinking about how lucky he is to have found a woman that shares so many of the same feelings he has, and visa versa.


Jon’s parents married later in life than most people do. He was born that same year. Growing up, Jon’s Dad had been one of those ‘my way or the highway’ kind of men. For years he thought that was the way men just were. As he grew older and visited friends homes, he started comparing other men with his Dad. Not all of them acted as his Dad did towards members of their families.

He did not really ‘date’ until he was in college and never had a chance to do much more than kiss, actually just an occasional peck, until he moved far away from home after graduation.

Jon met Sue at the lake. His eyes fluttered in the bright sunlight and she was standing next to him.

“Wow!” she exclaimed as she looked at his swimsuit. She did not wait for an invitation and sat on the edge of his beach towel. In a velvet soft voice, she murmured, “Were you dreaming about me?”

“Sorry,” he mumbled. He knew there was not much he could do about it and chose to sit.

“That’s too bad. Now it is gone.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the water, not stopping until it was above their waist. He pulled her close, rubbing his erection against her.

“Oh baby,” was all she said just before she inserted her tongue nearly to his throat. With one swipe of her hand across the front of his swimsuit, she reached in and wrapped her fingers around the turgid shaft. “Very nice,” she groaned around his tongue as her fingers roamed along the full length of his cock.

Sue became a regular in Jon’s bed, spending several nights a week with him. She also helped him learn all the details of making love. The month had been heaven. They were alone in the glass elevator to the restaurant on the 25th floor to celebrate. She punched the stop button.


“Shut up.” She shoved her hand in his pants and grabbed his cock. “You’re not hard. Don’t you find this short skirt and my long legs exciting?” She pulled her skirt up showing him her naked pussy. She gripped his cock harder. “I still don’t feel it getting hard. What do I have to do?”

“Maybe it’s the fact everyone in the lobby can see us.”

“Why? That is making my pussy drip … a lot. Get it up and fuck me. Fuck me or I won’t start the elevator.”

Jon was not able to and that was the last time he saw her.

Her lessons were not lost on him. Many of his future women would comment on his skills in bed, or in public. Occasionally, he would even run his hand under their skirt as they walked down a sidewalk at night. Sometimes they would pull him into an alley, push him up against the wall, and fuck him.

There were some dry spells between women. He tried to have standards and never felt it was worthwhile to pickup a woman just to fuck. He could often have a higher quality jerk off than the sex some women could give him. He found some were even worse than he was before Sue so aptly taught him. It was sad but true.


Fran was his first older woman. Not old mind you, but she was at least twenty years older than he was. She sat next to him at the bar one night with lovely ‘fuck me’ blue eyes that were watching only him. Her graceful fingers slipped though the moisture on her drink glass as if she was trying to bring it to a pleasant orgasm. Just watching had his erection straining at his zipper, ready to feel her hand around it.

At first, she said nothing, just a slow swipe of her tongue across already wet lips, then a simple, “Hello,” in a sultry voice that probably launched a thousand ships.

Even without the hand action on the glass, he would have been lusting after her. There was something about the long brown curls draped over one shoulder, the way her blouse was unbuttoned just enough to give him a wonderful look into the chasm between her tanned well formed breasts, or even the red lipstick on her smooth kissable lips. Of course, the smile she just flashed him while he was mentally fucking her on top of the bar in front of everyone would have been enough to drag him by the teeth into any bed.

“Can I get you another drink?” Her glass was still full and he was just teasing her, almost playing with her, waiting to see if she would make the first move.

She dipped her index finger deep into the drink exactly the way he wanted to dip his finger inside her. Her finger stroked in and out a few times before she sucked her finger dry with a nosy slurping sound. He could still hear the drink sizzling. “Want some?” she cooed.

There was no reason to answer that stupid question. ‘Hell yeah!’ he screamed in his mind. He was playing it cool though. He quietly nodded in her direction as he laid his hand at the top of her thigh. Her skirt short, her thigh bare, her legs apart, and she nudged his fingers up a little more. It did not take a genius to know it would be okay with her if he just happened to snake his fingers all the way up. She was wet. He was hard. She sucked her whiskey soaked finger again and he circled and massaged her clit.

In a sultry slow drawl, the words raped her lips, “Honey, you do that like a pro.” Her hand touched his crotch and she moaned softly. “Maybe you’d let me refine my skills on this.”

She held his hand and led him to her Mercedes parked at the edge of the neighboring parking lot. “Call me Fran,” she told him as she opened the back door and slid across the seat. Before the door was closed, his pants were unzipped and his erection waving in the cool night air. “This is a fine specimen,” she proclaimed as she tightly wrapped her fingers near the base of the shaft and watch the head swell.

Fran’s lips fit over the head like a custom made pair of lips. The faint glow of the parking lot lights though the steamed windows was just enough for him to see exactly what was happening. The steamed windows became more so with each gasp. Rope after rope of thick milky cum filled her mouth. Not a drop remained between his legs. She smiled as she wiped her mouth.

“I know there’s more.” He knew from the way she had just said that, he was in for a night of oral pleasure. She followed him to his place. His boss was used to him calling in sick.

Now years after graduating from college and moving away from home, Jon receives a call from his Mom. It has been a while since he last visited his Mom and Dad. He loves his Mom. He hates his Dad. Jon hates the way Dad treated him, and Jon hates the way Dad treated her.

“Jon…” He can hear her crying and struggling to speak. She starts words and never finishes. She sniffles and blows her nose.

“What’s wrong Mom?”

“I left your Dad.”

“Good for you.”

“I moved out and got my own place. Your Dad was being so horrible to me. It got a lot worse after you moved away. He would hit me at times. He had even stopped fucking me. He got the divorce papers soon after I left.”

Jon is slightly shocked to her his Mom say ‘fucking’ in a conversation. Behind their bedroom door, he used to hear them say all kinds of things to each other intermixed with other sounds of passion. There were the usual moans and groans, grunts, and even the smack of a hand on bare skin. He often tried to picture Mom spanking Dad. He assumed it was the other way around.

“What can I do? Do you want to come stay with me? You know you’re my most favorite woman.”

“I’m okay Son.”

“No you’re not. Come and let me make wild passionate love to you. You’ll never want another man after me.”

“You’re doing a good job of making me think I’m still desirable.”

“Oh Mom! You are incredibly sexy. Any guy would be jealous of me as we walked hand in hand along the sidewalk. And your legs, Mom you know you have the greatest legs.”

“Maybe I should let you take me for a romp in the sack. I might like that.”

He knows she is teasing him and she thinks he is teasing her.

“Are your panties getting wet thinking about me making love to you?”

“Jon … you nasty man. How’d you know?”

“Because I’m rock hard thinking about you.”

“What are you doing to me in your thoughts?”

“I’m dragging my tongue through your sopping wet pussy.”

“And I’m sucking your hard cock.”

“My tongue is pulling your clit from its hood and then I nibble and suck it.”

“I pound my hands against the floor of the living room as I cum. I’m laying in front of the fireplace exactly where you first put your hands over my pussy.”

“I don’t let you stop and I press my fingers against that spot in your pussy.”

“My God YES Jon! Touch my g-spot. Press hard and make me roar. Make it hard for me to breathe.”

“Your fingers are wrapped tight around my cock.”

“I’m guiding it into my pussy. Drive your cock deep in my pussy. Fuck me!”

“I love the way it looks as my cock slides into your cunt.”

“Yes, yes! My cunt! I love it when you call it a cunt! I want it filled with your huge cock, my Son’s lovely cock. Fill my cunt with your cum.”

“I wish it were thicker.”

“It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had in me. I’m cuming, again!”

The warm stream of cum spurts repeatedly as it lands all over his stomach and crotch. “You made me cum Mom. That was the best.”

“Me too Son, and more than once.”

“You’re so sexy Mom. It could really be like that in person. Don’t you know?”

“I’ve had a few dreams about you, but I’ve never, well rarely, let myself think about us … together.”

“Me too. Maybe it’s time to see what the reality would be like.”

“Oh Jon. The fantasy could never be as good as the phone sex for you. Maybe for me, but never for you.”

“How do you know? I’ve always thought of you as a ‘hot babe’ you know?”

“Shit Jon, you’re too kind to say that. We’d have to keep the lights off and the drapes drawn so you wouldn’t puke on me.”

“Listen Mom, I’ve seen you naked, I’ve even peeked a few times when you were in the shower. You are so lovely. It is Dad’s loss that you are not with him. It’s my turn to show you what real love is all about.”

“Let me think for a few days.”

“No way! I am not letting you think about this just so later you can say no. Mom, I am going to hang up and jump in the car.”

“I have money too. I had great jobs and I have made a lot. Your Dad never knew how much I had saved. I can help you.”

“I just want to hold you tight in my arms. I just want to sleep next to you after we make love.”

“Oh Jon, that does sound good.”

The next call is to his boss, Mr. Jackson. Jon explains there is a family emergency and will be away at least a week. He tosses a few clothes in a suitcase, makes sure he has paid all the bills lying around, and locks all the windows. Jon heads east on the Interstate.

In the headlights, the road stripes pass under the car one after another. Mileposts along the side of the road pass, 256, 257 … He entertains himself by stroking his cock, listening to porn tapes, and thinking about his Mom.

It has been a long night’s drive and now the sun is coming up, almost blinding him for a few hours. That is one of the problems driving east in the morning. The hot Starbucks coffee and egg sandwich help keep him awake. The thing that keeps him awake the most are the hot thoughts of what awaits him.

The coast is lovely. The very white sand of the beach contrasts nicely against the various shades of blue water. He had forgotten how lovely this part of the coast is as he drives along the beach road. The houses pass, 5902, 5912, she said the address is 5949. There it is. The house is still painted dark pink with white trim. The back of the house faces the ocean with nothing between it and the water. Sand has drifted across the pavement of the driveway. Parked in the carport is her nice BMW. He parks behind it.

Mom is standing in the opened door. The doorframe hides all but her right side. She is still just as pretty as he remembers. Not bothering to get his suitcase out of the trunk, he walks quickly, almost runs, towards the front door.

His face presses against hers instantly. Their mouths are open, tongues looking for each other, finding them, and rubbing together. He lets his hands roam across her back, her hips, and his fingers dig through the fabric of her skirt into the crack of her ass. Her hands press against him mirroring the movements of his hands. Her body feels as good, no better, than most women he has hugged, felt, and kissed.

He feels a hand over his bulging pants grasping his cock firmly. “Oh Jon. I want you. Want you right here on the cold hard terrazzo floor. I cannot wait even long enough to close the door or to go into the bedroom. Take me right here. Now!”

They lay down, their legs dangling over the threshold of the door. He began kissing her chest as he undresses her, as she undresses him. She demands, “Just fuck me hard.”

In the doorway, naked, the afternoon sun starting to shine on their bodies, they hump, suck, lick, fuck, and made love. Later, they are able to pause just long enough to close the door and walk into the bedroom.

Jon’s arm is around her waist and he looks at her face. “Even better than our phone sex.”

“I don’t know, you should see my phone. Didn’t take time to clean it off after our call so I could smell myself and think of you every time the phone would ring.”

They lay together, their tongues leisurely exploring the other’s mouth. Their hands are enjoying the travels over hills and though valleys. The sounds of pleasure are louder than the roaring surf nearby. He hates to pull his face away from hers, but he wants to sample other parts of her body.

His hands stoke her face and play with her ears as he kisses the indention of her throat. She moans and says, “Your Dad would never kiss me there.” He drags his tongue along her throat to her chin and kisses her lips. “I’ll kiss you everywhere.”

He teases her clit as he nibbles his way across her breasts letting the tip of his tongue lightly drag across the bumpy brown skin around her nipple. The flat tips of the erect nipples plead. He ignores them. They plead. He sucks them deep inside his mouth. She breathes deeply.

She is sopping wet and the nectar drips along the strip of skin between her pussy and anus and over the sides of her thighs. As his mouth crosses her navel, their mixed fragrance began to fill his nostrils, he finds himself rushing to taste her. It is thick like peach nectar and he laps it, as a man stranded in the desert would drink from a puddle. It is the honey of the gods and he worships at her alter.

His tongue licks her clit and a few fingers fill her pussy. Her hips buck against his face and he bites slightly. Her fingers work though his hair.

“Don’t stop,” she demands repeatedly until she groans, “Yes-s-s.” One of her legs pulls up against her stomach and then falls across his shoulder. He adds another finger. “Ah-h-h,” is all he hears over the sloshing sounds in front of his mouth as his fingers fly in and out.


The next morning just as the sun is about to peek over the horizon, Jon stands exhausted and naked on the deck with a cup of coffee and watches the surf. Sara stands just as naked behind him and rests her head on his back.

“I’m not letting you go back home,” she says as she nibbles on his back.

“My home is with you.”

“Together, we don’t have to work.”

“Guess we’d have plenty of time too…”

She cuts him off. “Fuck!”

It was mid-morning and Jon calls Mr. Jackson. He tells him he will not be returning due to personal business that he needs to handle. Mr. Jackson does not understand how personal or exactly how Jon will ‘handle’ them. Jon hopes Mr. Jackson does not hear his Mom sucking his cock during the conversation.

Jon has a few things and a few personal mementos that he wants from his house. They drive back and pack them. A for sale sign is in the yard as they back out of the driveway.

Jon and Sara Mason spend days taking long walks on the beach. The water rolls across their feet and then washes away their footprints. They walk hand in hand, their fingers wrapped together. People smile at them as they walk. They only see an older woman with a younger man and will never know that they are in love, that they are Mother and Son in love, so deeply in love.

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