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Visit With An Old Friend

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I had recently moved to Denver with my husband after he got a job as a systems manager at the new Denver airport. Matt and I had been married for just over three years and, frankly, I must say that our marriage had lost much of the luster it had at its start. Matt always was, and still is, a very decent guy and he’s a good provider. Though I do my share by teaching modern dance and ballet classes at a dance academy. I had hoped to become a professional dancer myself, but that didn’t work out.

The problem was that Matt just didn’t seem to pay the kind of attention to me I needed. Sometimes I felt as though he hardly had a sense that I was even there, with him, sharing his bed, trying to have a life together. A woman needs to be appreciated. She wants her husband to acknowledge her, to talk to her, to be aware of her presence. All this my husband has been showing less and less inclination and willingness to do.

And where all this was now most striking was, as one might imagine, in the sex department. I can’t say that I married Matt because he was the most sexually exciting of men, or the most ardent lover. I had enjoyed many men prior to him and many of those men were rather more sexually responsive and attractive than Matt was, even at the height of our courtship. I had always been a rather sexual, easily aroused woman, and several of my girlfriends told me I was making a mistake marrying Matt. When I had confessed to them that his sexual temperament was much more tepid than my own, they wagged their fingers at me scoldingly, predicting that such a difference, such an incompatibility, would lead to certain trouble in the future.

And by this point in time, three years into my marriage, I had to acknowledge that they were probably correct. One marries a man for much more than sex, of course. But sex is and should be a pivotal part of a marriage, especially in its early years. The fact that Matt wasn’t the greatest of lovers was not the issue. He was satisfactory enough, and I am a sensually imaginative enough woman that I was able to fashion a sexually satisfying relationship with Matt at first.

But pretty soon his interest in sex, and in any kind of physical intimacy had waned. Even when I leaned over to give him a wifely kiss he seemed to be reluctant. And in the bedroom there began to be real tension as my needs began to exceed his own, and he and I both were clearly aware of this discrepancy. This made it awkward being with him. Luckily a horny young woman always has her fingers to help her out, so I was able to relieve much of my often overpowering sexual tension. But sex is not just about release. It is about two people, equally aroused by each other, coming together in a deeply felt physical and emotional rapport. For me, with my intensely sexual nature, the lack of physical rapport was particularly irksome.

And then about a year ago things took an even sharper turn for the worse. Matt stopped fucking me altogether. Even when I tried to coax him into arousal by bringing my mouth down to his cock and trying to suck him to hardness I usually failed. Sometimes he would ejaculate limply into my mouth and then turn over and fall asleep. More often he would push me away when I even began to approach him intimately.

Just this morning I tried again. It was Sunday and I knew Matt didn’t have to rush to work. Matt had a very demanding job and at first I attributed his flagging interest in sex to the intensity of his job at the airport. This often happens to men when their workload becomes stressful or excessively demanding. But I knew that other men managed to attend to their wives, despite the demands of their jobs or professions.

We had gone to sleep early and I knew he had gotten a full eight hours, something Matt is rarely able to get these days.

And so I leaned over to him as he was waking and kissed him on the lips. Then I slid my hand slowly down his chest and over his stomach to his flaccid cock.

“What are you doing?” he drawled sleepily.

“I’m just touching you,” I said.

“Don’t,” he said, placing his hand on mine and removing it from his cock.

“Why, honey? You used to like it when I played with you down there right after we woke up,” I said.

“I just don’t feel like it, that’s all,” he said tensely.

“You never feel like it!” I said, pulling away harshly, unable to hide my frustration and anger.

He turned away from me.

“It’s like I’m married to a monk. What’s the matter with you anyway? You used to be turned on by me, or so you said?”

As usual when our conversation took this turn, as more and more often it did in recent months, Matt’s response was silence and avoidance. And that’s what he did now, getting up out of bed and going to the kitchen to find his precious newspaper.

I bolted out of bed after him.

“At least talk to me!” I demanded. “Tell me what’s the matter? Maybe we can do something about it.”

“Listen, I’ve told you,” he said. “I just don’t feel like it today.”

“Today! Today! You never feel like it. I don’t know how long I can go on like this,” I pleaded.

“Do what you have to do,” he said dismissively.

He didn’t even care! I think that’s what irked me most of all. At twenty-four I was still a young woman, a young wife, and I didn’t feel that this kind of sexual cold shoulder from my husband was acceptable. I had tried to talk to Matt about it but that approach had failed. What was I going to do now? I had vowed that when I got married I would remain faithful to my husband. I had seen, in my family and friends, the path to infidelity lead to many troubles. But I wasn’t about to close myself up in a mental convent. I was a red-blooded American woman with a healthy libido and I wasn’t about to shut it down just because my husband had shut his down. That was my dilemma. And my burden.

I tried to focus my mind on other things. I took on more classes at the dance school. I cultivated new friendships and new interests. I took some classes at the University and thought about getting an advanced degree. And I renewed my friendship with my old college roommate, who was originally from Denver, and who had moved back to her hometown after graduating from college. I had been delighted to learn she still lived here.

I had seen Tina a few times since I had moved to Denver, but we both had been quite busy and finally we were going to spend a leisurely evening together. She invited me to have dinner at her place with her, and her girlfriend Marge. Now when I say her ‘girlfriend’ Marge, I have to explain what I mean.

Tina and I had gone to a women’s college back East where I quickly learned that Tina was not like all the other girls I had known until then. And so when I heard she was living with a woman named Marge I immediately thought back to my first introduction to Tina back on campus eight years ago.

The day I moved into my freshman dorm, Tina, assigned to be my roommate, nonchalantly informed me that she was a lesbian. I can’t say that I was shocked, or even surprised, to hear her tell me this. When you go to an all-women’s college you have to be prepared for that. My girlfriends in high school had kidded me once they found out I’d be going to this well-known women’s college that I had better practice up on my muffdiving. It was just teasing in good fun. But I had always viewed myself as a very tolerant person and I was somewhat of a feminist too. So I had no problem at all with having a gay roommate.

Tina never once pressured me or insisted that I, like all women who claimed to be straight, had ‘latent’ gay sensibilities. This was the gospel I heard often from more militantly gay women on campus who had difficulty accepting that any woman was straight. They insisted that, deep down, all seemingly ‘straight’ women harbored a latent and very real homosexuality.

Nor did Tina ever urge me to at least try bi sex, or anything like that. So in spite of our different sexual orientations we became really close as roommates and as friends, freely confiding in each other about all our feelings and concerns and problems.

And even though Tina hung out with a primarily lesbian crowd on our all-female campus I was never excluded. In fact I was often the one straight woman hanging out with a bunch of gays. Some of them would tease me and ask me when I was going to join their ‘club,’ and I used to tease them back and vividly describe the cock of the guy who had fucked me the previous night as they turned up their noses in exaggerated disgust. But all of this was in good fun.

Now Tina was living with her lover, Marge. In the few weeks I had been in Denver Tina and I had once again become very close, reigniting the trust and intimacy we had always felt with one another in college. I had met her lover Marge once when the three of us went out, but this would be the first time I’d be visiting them over at their place.

We were just finishing up having dinner and had polished off a bottle of an excellent Burgundy. Tina was in a frisky mood as was I, partly as a result of all the vino we were consuming, and pretty soon Tina and I were gossiping and filling each other in on the sex lives of our old friends from college. Marge listened avidly as Tina and I offered up gossipy tidbits to each other. Marge had grown up on a ranch in Wyoming, and dropped out of high school, so the hi-jinx of New England college students were quite exotic to her.

“It’s amazing how many of them are gay, isn’t it?” I said, remarking on the girls who lived in our old dorm.

“See what I mean, Becky?” Tina said. “There must be something to it, huh? You were always so adamant about how you had chosen the straight and narrow path. Have you ever strayed from that path?”

“No I haven’t,” I said truthfully.

“Not even once? Not even just to try it and see what it was like?” Marge asked, evidently finding it hard to believe that another woman could resist at least once tasting of the forbidden fruit of Lesbos.

“Not even once,” I reaffirmed. “See, Marge,” Tina said, turning to her lover. “I told you.”

“Well,” Marge persisted. “Once in your life you should at least try it. Who knows? You might like it.”

Marge was evidently one of those who believed it was unnatural to fail to address what she felt was a natural and inevitable inclination to have a latent attraction to the same sex.

“Leave her alone, Marge, Becky’s a married woman,” Tina said, sipping from her wine glass.

“So I heard,” Marge said. “Though I understand the marital bed hasn’t been exactly thrilling as of late.”

“Marge!” Tina admonished.

“It’s okay,” I said, drinking some more wine. I had confessed to Tina that sex with my husband had taken a turn for the worse recently and I expected she would share this detail with her lover.

“Actually, didn’t you ever just think about it, just a little?” Tina asked with a sly smile, evidently emboldened by Marge’s more brazen probing.

She poured me another glass of wine.

“Sure I’ve thought about it now and then, and I used to think about it back in college too. I even told you that then,” I said. “But it just isn’t in my nature. I just happen to be straight. Just the way you two happen to be gay.”

Marge shook her head skeptically, smiling at me wryly. I knew that expression. Confirmed lesbians, I had found, find it impossible to believe that any woman could be devoid of urges, or at least curiosity, regarding girl-girl sex.

“Did you ever watch two women make it?” Marge now asked. “Did Tina ever let you stay and watch her go down on one of her girlfriends when you two were back in school? You know, Tina can be quite the sex freak, she just loves to show off her enthusiasm sometimes.”

Tina blushed, slapping her lover playfully.

“No, Tina was a bit more shy back then. And I never did watch her, or any other girl or woman have sex, for that matter,” I said.

“Well perhaps you’d like to watch us tonight?” Marge said, looking at me with a clear, determined gaze.

“Marge!” Tina said, blushing slightly.

I was speechless.

“Well, would you?” Marge persisted.

“Wait a minute, you’re actually suggesting that I watch the two of you get it on?” I said to Marge, stunned.

“That’s exactly what I’m suggesting,” Marge said.

“Well what about Tina, how’d she feel about that?”

Tina lowered her eyes a little nervously, not saying anything.

“Oh Tina’ll love it,” Marge said boldly. “We even talked about it a little before you came over, how maybe we’d have you as an appreciative audience for a round of our lovemaking before the evening was over.”

“Marge, you’re incorrigible!” Tina said, feigning protest.

Maybe it was the wine, or maybe it was just feeling horny. Or maybe it was the frustration I was feeling about the virtually nonexistent sex life I had with my husband. But all I knew was that Marge’s suggestion that I watch her and Tina make love suddenly seemed very provocative and appealing to me.

“Sure, I’ll watch you two sluts get it on,” I said, stunned at my own audacity. “Why the hell not!”

Bringing wine glasses to our lips, the three of us laughed lustily.

Marge stood up and took my hand, leading me to their bedroom, with Tina following. My heart was racing as I realized that the intimacy of my friendship with Tina was about to take a new turn. Back in college there had been more than one opportunity for me to remain in our room when Tina was about to make it with one of her many lovers. But though I had been a touch curious once or twice, discretion always won out, and I’d tip-toe out of the room when I sensed that the erotic tempo was about to pick up. Tina was always very sexual and often invited other women to her room for long, often all-night, rounds of very lively lovemaking. So I found myself tip-toeing out discreetly on quite a few occasions.

Now, finally, after all these years, it appeared as though I was finally going to get to witness what I could easily have witnessed back then, but chose not to.

Tina and Marge began to undress each other while I sat back in a chair and watched, a tad apprehensive about what I was about to get into with the two of them here. But the apprehension was easily outweighed by anticipation and excited curiosity

Tina reached over and unzipped Marge’s jeans, pulling them down over Marge’s smooth, muscular thighs. Then she slowly removed one sock at a time, revealing Marge’s pretty, shapely feet, all the while staring over at me while she was doing this. Tina had a rapt, aroused glint in her eyes as she eyed me while undressing her girlfriend. Marge, too, looked my way, a rather carnal, almost lewd, gleam in her eye. Her jeans now off, I could see Marge was wearing a pair of plain white cotton briefs, cut low at the waist so that much of her taut, athletic stomach was revealed. Now Marge herself unbuttoned her denim shirt and flung it aside. As I already knew, she was wearing no bra. Earlier I had noticed the clear, sharp outline of Marge’s nipple even under the thick cloth of her sweatshirt.

Marge was a tall, willowy blonde of Norwegian extraction with sun-bleached hair and pale blue eyes. She was very fit and had an exceptionally well-toned body, with a slender waist, narrow hips, big shoulders and, as I could see now, very modest breasts topped by stiff, perky nipples.

Now, clad only in her panties, Marge began to help Tina undress. She got behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Tina and I had been roommates so, naturally, I had seen her naked many times and was familiar with the details of her body. Like Marge, Tina wore no bra. But unlike her she had big breasts and they were still as firm and springy as they had been in college where I had last laid my eyes on them four years ago. The two of them turned towards me, holding hands, asking me with that look in their eyes to luxuriate in this panorama of their two lovely and nearly naked bodies. They were quite a contrast, Marge the big blonde, and Tina the petite brunette. Everyone always thought Tina had a fabulous body, a body which had grown no less fabulous over the four years since I had last laid eyes on it.

“Like what you see?” Marge cooed sexily.

“It’s a pretty enough sight,” I said.

Now they began to pull down their panties and of course my eyes couldn’t help riveting on what was now revealed. I should have been alerted by Marge’s thick blonde eyebrows. For now I could see that Marge, like myself, had a thick and luxuriant bush of golden curls covering her pubic `V’.

Fully naked now, they stood proudly before me, again holding hands. I couldn’t believe I was about to watch the two of them make love!

Now Marge gently pushed Tina down on the bed, falling alongside her. They began to caress each other, cuddling and hugging, their mouths opening in a breathy, passionate kiss, eyes darting in my direction. I was so overwhelmed and mesmerized by the sight of their intimacy that I couldn’t even blink. They moaned softly as their hands traveled tenderly, intimately over the familiar contours of each others’ bodies. Then Marge glanced over at me and smiled.

“Look!” she said to Tina, who turned towards me. “Becky’s got her hand between her legs!”

It’s true, I did. And I hadn’t even realized it. As I was watching them, I had unconsciously slid my hand over the denim of my jeans to the region of my crotch. I could feel myself quickly becoming warm and moist down below.

“Don’t sit way over there,” Tina said. “Why don’t you at least come up on the bed and join us?”

I hesitated a moment. Watching them from where I was sitting was one thing, joining them on the bed was a very definite step in a much more intimate direction. But I did join them. And with very little hesitation too. In fact, by this point I absolutely longed to be right by their sides as they began to make love!

At first I sat down next to them rather nervously. It felt strange to be so close to their naked bodies as they continued to caress one another. Though I was having my troubles in the sex department with Matt, I had always been faithful and never once seriously considered cheating on him during the three years of our marriage. Of course getting on the bed right next to two naked women who were about to have sex wasn’t what you could really call `cheating,’ but, nonetheless, it was heading into awkward territory.

Now, looking straight into my eyes, Marge lowered her face to one of Tina’s breasts and started sucking on a nipple, a nipple which had quickly become erect with excitement.

“Maybe you’d like to suck the other one, huh Becky?” Marge said softly, turning to me.

“I don’t think so,” I said with a little nervous laugh. “You’re forgetting I’m a married woman.”

“Yeah, but… so what,” Marge said, mesmerizing me with her searing, insistent gaze. “It’s not like you’d be doing something with another man, is it? It’s not really cheating. C’mon, won’t you? I’d really like to see you do that. To kiss and lick and suck on Tina’s nipple, and I’m sure Tina would love to feel your lips on her sensitive breasts.”

“Oh I don’t know. I’ve just never ever done that kind of thing. I mean not only haven’t I ever done it with — uh — a woman. But, like I’ve been saying, I’ve never cheated on Matt. I don’t know if I should start now.”

“Well, from everything Tina’s been saying to me it sure sounds like you’ll be doing that sooner or later. Either, that or you’re just going to remain very frustrated. I’s sure you’ve thought about all that. C’mon. Here’s your chance. You can really break some serious ice tonight.”

“Yeah,” Tina purred, looking at me with a softer gaze. “I’d really like it. I’d really like to feel your lips on my nipple. I wanted that back then, and I want it now.”

I realized that they had effectively seduced me. Here I was on their bed with them, being asked to bring my lips down to one of their breasts. And the truth of it was that I felt absolutely desperate to do just what they asked. And so I took a deep breath… and succumbed to their seductive entreaties. Succumbed to their electric, feminine allure… succumbed to the temptations of infidelity….

I brought my mouth down to Tina’s breast, ready to get sexually intimate with a woman for the first time in my life. Tina’s big, beautiful breasts were topped with dark, sharply contoured nipples. Marge now again took one of those nipples between her lips, gazing at me with her liquid blue eyes as she waited for me to do the same. And so I took Tina’s other nipple in my mouth as Marge and I gazed into each others’ eyes. I brought my hand up to Tina’s firm breast, cupping it while I sucked her.

“That feels so nice, Becky,” Tina moaned softly, tenderly running her fingers through my hair.

“See, it’s not so bad,” Marge teased as she took hold of one of my hands and gently brought it down over the warm, smooth skin of Tina’s stomach and down to her curly pubic mound. Then she moved her hand away, leaving mine there. I looked up at Tina, knowing I was blushing as I rested my hand on her pubic bush while I licked and sucked her breast. Partly it was the blush of slight embarrassment. But primarily it was the blush of excitement and arousal.

My curious fingers now began searching, running over the folds of her warm and thoroughly moist vulva, finding the slit and sliding a finger inside her vagina. I could barely believe that I was doing this, actually fingering another woman’s cunt!

I had shared a dorm room with Tina for over three years and never once had I even come close to being intimate with her. Now, four years later, here I was digging my fingers into her pussy!

I explored Tina’s warm, tight interior with my fingers, then pulled those fingers out and fondled every nook and cranny of her exterior, running a fingertip over her hard, pronounced clit.

“Look at you, Becky. You’re touching me, you’re actually touching me down there!” Tina said excitedly. “It feels so damned good too!”

“Oh, I’m sure she’s had plenty of practice on herself!” Marge cackled lustfully.

“Yeah,” Tina giggled, as she lustily ground her public mound against my probing fingers, “You should have seen Becky back in college. I’d come back to the dorm room late and always catch her playing with herself, under her quilt and rubbing away like crazy. Remember how embarrassed you’d get when I’d catch you doing that?”

I sure did remember! I had been and still was a chronic masturbator, and even though I had never touched another woman’s pussy until now, it somehow felt perfectly natural for me to be doing that. Having had many, many years of active practice on myself, my fingers knew exactly what to do.

Suddenly Marge and Tina changed positions, getting on either side of me and pressing up against my body. To feel their warm naked bodies against me was electrifying even though I, myself, was still fully dressed.

“Something tells me Becky is going to join the club tonight,” Marge said as she and Tina started to unbutton my shirt and unzip my jeans.

“Something tells me you’re right,” I said, finally acknowledging it.

Marge had unzipped my jeans and was pulling them off. Tina already had my shirt off and was reaching back to unsnap my bra, just as Marge was pulling down my panties. I was naked now, naked between the warm bodies of these two naked women!

“Nice bod!” Marge said, pulling back to have an overview. I do pride myself on having a rather nice figure. I’ve been a dancer for many years, and I have a dancer’s body. Slim but very toned and with what I think are graceful movements. Tina came close and pressed her lips against mine. My mouth opened and our tongues entwined in a hot, passionate kiss. Meanwhile Marge brought her face down to my breasts and began to suck on one of my nipples. Soon Tina joined her, each squeezing a breast and softly chewing on a nipple.

“Back in the dorm I used to stare at these tits and drool, wanting to get close to them like this. And now look!” she said, breaking off for a moment.

I felt hands slowly gliding down my stomach as I instinctively opened my legs. Soon I felt fingers tenderly fondling my pussy, both Tina’s and Marge’s.

“God! You are really wet!” Marge said.

I was wet. I was soaked, in fact. I had been from the moment I walked into their bedroom. Now Tina slid down the bed and brought her face between my legs. A moment later I felt her warm slippery tongue expertly working its way over the surface of my pussy. I’ve always loved getting head, though most guys never do it quite right. But Tina knew just what to do. It was true, I suppose, that no one could know a woman sexually like another woman. As Tina licked my cunt, Marge straddled my face and slowly lowered her pussy down to my mouth. Now I stared up at her vividly exposed vulva, only inches from my face. It was such a pretty little pussy too, sharply etched and vivid, and resting in a thick, rich bush of pubic hairs that looked like curls of spun gold. And its sweet aroma intoxicated me. I could feel the hot, smooth skin of her thighs brush against my cheeks as she lowered herself. This was the moment of truth. I was being offered a woman’s cunt to devour. And devour it is what I desperately sought to do as my tongue reached out for her tender young vulva, the first I had ever licked! Now, with deeply aroused eagerness, I licked it, licked it while Tina licked me. Pretty soon I could hear Marge groaning and her pussy throbbing against my lips.

“Oh my God!” I heard her wail suddenly, as she desperately pressed her aroused flesh against my excited, probing tongue, her bottom quivering as pangs of pleasure began to overtake her.

“Yes!” she screeched, nearly smothering me as her pussy fused with my eager, greedy tongue.

I knew she had climaxed. And it was me who had made her climax! That thought, along with the sublime sensations Tina’s tongue was providing, took me right to the blissful edge! I ran my fingers through Tina’s hair, pressing her head firmly against me, drunk with the need for her profoundly arousing oral caresses. And then I felt it. That searing, burning arrow of pleasure. And yet it was different, like no orgasm I had ever experienced before. There was something about Tina’s finesse, the rhythm of her caresses that brought me to a unique and excruciatingly intense pinnacle of pleasure.

“That was really something!” I said, coming off my high, my body still shaking and covered in sweat.

And then I just collapsed, satiated.

“Don’t get too comfy yet,” Marge said to me. “We still have some work to do, you and I. I know Tina. If she doesn’t get off soon she’ll turn into such a crank, the orgasm queen.”

“Oh you’re so terrible, Marge!” Tina said, slapping her playfully.

“But it’s true, isn’t it? You’re such a grouch if you don’t get off while everybody else does. She needs to off at least once a day, preferably twice or three times. Damn, Becky, your horny old roommate sure keeps me busy day and night!”

Tina looked at me with a sassy gleam to her eyes.

“I guess I do have my needs,” she said.

“And I know just what they are, so turn over, okay?” Marge asked her lover. I wondered why she wanted Tina to turn over. I thought the idea was to get her off.

But when I looked down at Tina’s pretty ass I knew that Marge wanted me to appreciate this lovely sight before we did anything else! I had always thought Tina had such a perfect bottom and it certainly hadn’t changed any for the worse over the past four years. It was end of summer and Tina had told me she and Marge liked to sunbathe in the buff up at a secluded mountain lake in the Rockies. So, consequently, Tina’s butt was now colored a deep tan. The skin of her buttocks was smooth as silk. Tina was very slender and, like Marge, had narrow hips. But her firm, springy buns stuck out beautifully.

“Tell me that isn’t a true work of art,” Marge said, pointing to her lover’s spectacularly bronzed buttocks.

As I stared at those buns Tina wiggled them in my face, turning back with a sexy little smile.

“Becky?” Tina purred. “Will you rub some lotion over my butt. I remember how you used to give the greatest massages and somehow I now feel like a massage back there.”

Tina used to appreciate my skillful massages back in college, though back then I avoided massaging her buttocks and other frankly sexual and `private’ parts of her body.

Marge handed me a bottle of scented massage oil and I squeezed some out over Tina’s buns, rubbing it in. I just loved having my hands all over Tina’s firm, oiled ass. And from the way she was moving that bottom of hers I could sense that she was really appreciating the attention.

“Spread her open now,” Marge told me.

“Spread her open?” I said a little dumbly.

“Yeah, spread her open. Spread her buns apart and let’s take a look at what she’s hiding down there.”

And so I did, exposing the crinkled rosette of Tina’s anus. She arched her neck to stare back at me, perfectly aware of what an intimate moment this was. Here Tina lay on her belly, vulnerable and exposed, as I held open her buttocks with Marge and I both staring down into the crack to gaze at her asshole.

“Tina just loves showing off her pretty little sphincter to sluts like us,” Marge said. “Don’t you, Tina?”

“Oh Marge! You’re so awful!” Tina said, laughing as she pushed out her bottom. This had the effect of even more brazenly exposing her pretty, puckered anus to our view. It looked like a little rosy jewel hidden between those golden globes.

“Uh huh, spread her wide open!” Marge told me.

I did, as Marge now pushed back gently on the back of my neck, urging me to bring my mouth down to Tina’s crack.

“Doesn’t it just look so appetizing?” Marge purred huskily.

I knew exactly what I was being urged to do. I’m very oral and sometimes when I went down on a guy — if I was really turned on by him, that is — I usually spend a little time licking his ass. Most guys like that a lot, and I’ve always really liked doing it to them. My husband used to love it when I did that to him, but for the past year he could’ve cared less.

“Lick it, let’s see you lick it!” Marge hissed.

I was still in a little bit of shock. When this evening had begun I sure didn’t expect, before the evening was over, to be licking my old college roommate’s asshole!

Now I slowly lowered my face to her crack.

Then I took a deep breath as I tentatively flickered my tongue against the rubbery surface of Tina’s anus. She groaned, pushing her sphincter against the flickers of my teasing tongue. I began to lick her asshole in earnest now, running my wet tongue over every little hill and valley of her anal cleft. This was different from licking a guy’s ass, and somehow more appealing. There weren’t those balls hanging right below. And unlike guys, Tina was hairless down there, just the rubbery rosette of her anus and the smooth, silky skin of her buttocks adjoining it.

“Feels good, huh Tina?” Marge said to her lover. “Bet you never thought your old roommate would be eating your asshole.”

I used to date a guy who loved having his ass licked more than just about anything else. And there was something I used to do to him that just made him go crazy. So now I did the same thing to Tina. I rolled up my tongue and dug it up her anal passage, sort of stabbing her with it.

“That’s it, Becky! Stick it that tongue in there,” Marge urged, pressing my head down firmly as I probed Tina’s anal passage with my hot, slippery tongue.

After leisurely tending to her behind like this while she luxuriated in the exotic pleasure, Tina turned around, breathing deeply, a lascivious smile on her face.

“What about my pussy? When are you two going to take care of that?” she cooed sexily.

“All in good time, all in good time,” Marge said to her lover as I just kept lapping away with my tongue.

I was so turned tending to Tina’s bottom and hearing all this obscene talk that my own pussy was as wet as a dishrag and I had to bring a finger down there to relieve myself.

I could have feasted on Tina’s tasty bottom all night, but finally Marge had me stop and told her girlfriend to roll over.

I pulled back from Tina and we looked at each other, our eyes meeting in a deep, searching gaze. I marveled again how for all those years in college Tina had been my roommate and I hadn’t even touched her. Now here I was, just having devoured her tasty little asshole, and about to feast on her pussy.

Tina spread her legs wide and wagged a finger at me, pointing down to her pussy with her other hand. I never knew Tina could be quite so lewd and sassy.

“Now my pussy needs that hot tongue of yours, Becky,” she meowed.

Marge now settled back into a chair to watch, excitedly rubbing her own cunt as I lowered my face to her lover’s.

I really concentrated on Tina’s pussy now. Before, Tina was eating mine while I licked Marge’s, so between what I was doing to Marge and the pleasure Tina was giving me, I was a little unfocused. Sort of like what happens when you do ‘69′ with a guy. It’s great. But it’s different than just concentrating on the sensations of being licked, or focusing just on licking (or, in my case until now, on sucking) someone else. I actually prefer that one-at-a-time sort of oral lovemaking to simultaneous reciprocity.

So now I dug in to devour Tina’s cunt. After all our hot sex, after all the anal play, Tina was sopping wet down there. Her thighs were all sticky from her own juices and her thick pubic bush was a tangle of damp curls.

I dug into that bush now, sliding my tongue up and down her creamy slit as she wailed and cried out.

“Stick a finger up her ass, she loves that when she’s getting head,” Marge hissed, obviously enjoying the role of helping to orchestrate what I was doing to her girlfriend.

I brought a finger down to her anus, already slick with my saliva from all the licking, and slid it up into her rectum. it went in smooth as butter as she cried out, feeling the new sensation. She was holding on to me, her fingernails even digging into my skin, she was so hot!

Suddenly I could sense Tina’s whole body beginning to tremble as the clit I was licking seemed to become even harder and larger. I knew Tina was close. And then it came. First a soft moaning, followed by a deep, carnal groan, then out and out howling and shrieking, her whole body shaking, Tina pressing my face against her so tightly I almost suffocated. I remember Tina telling me in college how she had really strong orgasms when she had sex. And now I guess I was finding that out for myself, just having brought her to one!

“Oh God! I’ve just been to heaven!” Tina shrieked. “A hot tongue on my pussy, a finger up my ass! What more can a horny dyke want!”

“This. She can want this!” Marge said, suddenly reaching into a drawer and pulling out what I immediately could see was a big strap-on dildo.

I actually own a dildo myself which I sometimes like to use when masturbating, but this one was a strap-on model. I had seen them before. I once even wanted to get one so I could fuck an old boyfriend up the ass. But he had nixed that idea the moment I mentioned the fantasy of doing that to him.

“Here, Becky,” Marge said, handing me the dildo. “I think dear Tina needs to get fucked now. She swears she’s always been a dyke, but she sure loves big, rubber cocks.”

I strapped on the dildo now as Tina looked on, mesmerized.

“You’re going to screw me, Becky, aren’t you? You’re actually going to screw the shit out of me?” she shrieked. “I can hardly fuckin’ believe it!”

I got down between her legs and even though I had never done this kind of thing before, I felt like a natural born fucker, spreading those legs wide apart and coming in between them, plunging my rubber cock inside her and fucking her with deep, smooth strokes.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded.

“Yeah, fuck her,” Marge urged. “Give it to her!”

I always knew Tina was a sexual woman, but I hadn’t realized just how wild she was, almost out of control, shrieking and crying and shaking uninhibitedly as I screwed her.

As I plunged inside, fucking her with the deep strokes of a smooth, steady rhythm, I could feel Marge’s hands on my ass, spreading open my buttocks. And then I felt her hot tongue digging into my asshole as I continued to fuck her lover. Now Tina reached around with her hands to hold open my buttocks as her girlfriend continued to lap away at my asshole.

“She’s licking you back there, isn’t she?” Tina gasped, peering into my eyes, a look of demented lust contorting her face. “She’s licking your ass while you’re fucking me.”

“Yes she is,” I said calmly, all hesitance and anxiety having utterly vanished by now as I felt totally in command, fucking the daylights out of my dear old friend Tina while her lover greedily devoured my ass!

Two hours later and after several more rounds of utterly uninhibited lovemaking, we were getting dressed, radiant smiles on our faces accompanying the luscious afterglow of deeply felt pleasures.

At the door a little later, getting ready to leave, I kissed them both.

“So long and drive safely,” Marge said sweetly. “We’ll have to do this again. And soon, too.”

“For sure,” I said, “and will you two promise to do something for me next time?”

“What’s that?” Tina asked, curious.

“I want one, or preferably, both of you to strap on that big old thing and fuck the living daylights out of me!

“We promise!” they said in unison, eyes blazing with anticipation.

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