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It had been too long of a day for Alexandra. Her classes had assigned above and beyond her average workload, she broke one of her favorite heels, and she was forced into covering her friend’s shift at the café. Not only was she stressed and tired, she had to study for her marketing test at 9:00 the next morning.

Alexandra reached her apartment a little after seven. The night was cold and she was chilled in her black dress skirt and thin white blouse. She had always wished she could wear pants to the café, but it was strictly enforced that she wear a black shirt, knee length, with panty-hose and high heels, and a white, button up blouse that, in her opinion, barely contained her chest. All female employees must keep their hair up, preferably in a pony tail, though Alexandra used two Chinese sticks, and all females must wear limited makeup, which Alexandra was perfectly fine with. She wasn’t the type of girl to focus extremely on looks, though she had to admit, she was rather pretty.

Tossing her keys on the wooden coffee table, Alexandra noticed that her boyfriend, Michael, must have already been home, being that there was a dim light from the study.

She took off her coat and folded it over her arm as she kicked off her shoes and tossed her purse onto the sofa. Crossing the room she entered their bedroom and threw her skirt and blouse on the floor as she changed into jeans and a cute, pink, long-sleeved shirt. She bent her leg back and quickly rubbed the soreness from her foot, which was paining her a bit from walking on the broken heel, then walked out of the room into the study and leaned in the doorway.

She didn’t say anything at first as she looked at her boyfriend. Michael was older than her, slightly, but was still attending the same college. He was dressed casually, in a pair of jeans and his favorite blue shirt. His blonde hair caught the light and his long legs were crossed in front of him. Sitting in the recliner he was reading some sort of complicated book for his chemistry class in the dim light. He closed the book and looked up at her expectedly, waiting for her to speak.

“Hey,” Alexandra nodded her head towards him, and rested her head on the wooden frame.

“Hello.” Michael raised his eyebrow at her, “You’re late. I was waiting.”

Alexandra puffed air up to move the falling strands of hair that was settling on her face, “Sorry, honey, I had to cover Marie’s shift at the café and my cell phone’s batteries died. I couldn’t call.”

“There wasn’t a phone at your work?” Michael asked, laying the book on the table beside the chair before crossing his arms in front of him.

“Well, you know, it gets really busy and I didn’t get a break, I figured you wouldn’t mind.” She shrugged and gave a small smile, “Love you?”

Alexandra was used to Michael. He was slightly protective, but she knew he truly loved her, though his often mysterious ways never really showed her how he felt. He always held an air of authority that Alexandra never really understood how to interpret. He was a good person though; deep under his strict exterior he had a good heart and a witty sense of humor.

Michael smirked back, but didn’t respond. He kept his arms slightly crossed and his head high. Alexandra was becoming slightly uncomfortable, but she had realized long ago that he liked her on her toes. She liked the submissive aspect of the uneasiness, but she did not enjoy it tonight. She had enough to worry about besides trying to sort out what he had in mind.

Alexandra looked the room over and wiggled slightly out of anxiety. She could never tell if Michael was really mad at her or not, and she never knew exactly what he was thinking. She slowly started to walk towards him and set her jacket down on the coffee table before leaning over the chair and giving him a brief kiss.

She backed away and looked into his eyes. They were a beautiful blue, but did not revel what Michael was thinking at the moment, which slightly irritated Alexandra. She didn’t have the time or patience to play games with him. She had to go study at the library while it was still open. She then averted her eyes and scuffed her toe.

“I’m going to go to the library to study for a little.” She announced, trying to sound more secure.

Michael paused and looked Alexandra from top to bottom, then caught her eye again.

“It’s rather late to be going to the library, isn’t it?” He asked.

“I have that marketing test tomorrow, I need to study.” She answered, taking a piece of hair and twisting it in her fingers.

“But you’ve known of this test for a week, haven’t you?” Michael prompted.

“. . .Well, yeah.” She shrugged and focused more intently on her hair.

“Then you aren’t going.” Michael declared, uncrossing his legs.

“Michael, I have to go!” Alexandra sighed and dropped her arms to her sides, “I haven’t studied at all!”

“You didn’t call me when you were going to be late, you dropped your things all over the apartment and made a mess, and now you are giving me an attitude,” Michael warned, “Do not make me angry.”

“Oh, Michael, I’ll straighten up when I come back, now I really have to go. I’ll be back before nine.” Alexandra rolled her eyes and walked back towards the coffee table to grab her coat.

“You aren’t going.” Michael stated calmly.

“Yes, I am!” Alexandra argued through clenched teeth.

“No,” Michael moved quickly and grabbed Alexandra by the wrist forcefully, “You are not.”

Alexandra pulled her arm back slightly, trying to get Michael to let go, but to no avail.

“Michael, really, this is ridiculous.” She looked him in the eye, “Let me go!”

“You will not give me any attitude, and you will do what I say. You are not going anywhere. You will go back into the bedroom, pick up the clothes that are undoubtedly strewn across the floor, and then gather your things together and put your purse where it belongs.” He coolly ordered.

“I’ll do it when I get home.” Alexandra compromised, “I really need to leave now.”

“You aren’t going, go pick up the mess, and do not make me repeat myself again.” Michael growled.

“No!” Alexandra stubbornly cried and began struggling against his iron grip.

Michael didn’t answer this time; he was strong enough to hold Alexandra with one hand while sitting, so he wasn’t troubling himself with her struggling. He smoothly rose to his feet, while Alexandra began to furiously resist him. He reached out and grabbed her other wrist with no great effort and held her still for a moment.

“I hope you realize what you’ve done.” He growled and his eyes gleamed lustful light.

Alexandra always realized she would push Michael too far. She had dated him a long while and she was aware of his mindset. He was always in control and in charge, and he had no problems disciplining the fight out of her, as she had learned before. Unfortunately, today was just not the day she wished to be ordered around.

She stood still for a moment, looking up to her see her taller boyfriend, letting him think she had submitted, then suddenly dropped to her knees and began wiggling her body in various directions. She had moved so quickly that Michael had actually lost his grip on one of her wrists and she was free for a moment. Michael recovered easily though and used the free wrist to smack the sticks out of her hair and then thrust his hand into her thick, brunette mass to steady her.

She dared not move now, as she was stuck on her knees in front of her very angry boyfriend with his hands grabbing her hair. Slowly he twisted it until her head was pointed up towards his face and his grip was painful enough for her pay attention.

“I was very civil with you, little lady. You disobeyed me and tried to fight. You will be punished for this.” He then suddenly released her hair from his hand and stepped back. “Go to the bedroom.”

Alexandra knew not to make him angrier so she swallowed her pride and stood, then slowly walked past Michael with a scowl on her face.

She pouted and sat on the bed, bitter with the fact that she knew Michael would not let her go to the library and she would now be punished. She looked up when he entered, but without a word from him, promptly stood in her position she had been taught.

With her arms behind her back, her feet together, and her eyes cast down she wasn’t able to focus on Michael directly, but she was completely aware of the fact that he was circling her.

He then grabbed her from behind and threw her onto the bed. She was caught completely off guard and became tangled within the comforter and her own legs. Michael was too quick her and pushed her head into the bed, and leaned behind her in a doggie style position.

He reached under her and unbuttoned her jeans, her breath ragged. If all he wanted was a quickie she might still be okay. The punishment would be good for her too and then maybe she could still get to the library before it closed.

But Michael was not in the mood for any sort of quick satisfaction. His mind was set on what had to be done to his impudent little girlfriend. With a graceful movement of his arms Alexandra was thrown off balance again. With a mouthful of comforter her jeans were strust down to her ankles. Now all that was separating her bottom from the outside world was a thin pair of pink, cotton panties.

“Stay.” Michael ordered while maneuvering her legs to the position he wanted her in. “And do not talk. I want you to keep your ass in the air and your head down. You have been very bad lately, and I will not allow this behavior to continue. You will count the strokes and thank me after each one. Then I will expect an apology for your transgressions. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Alexandra gulped. She closed her eyes. Though she typically liked the prospect of getting spanked—Michael’s skilled hand slapping her ass, her submission evident, her arousal— she did not want to have to go through it tonight. Yes, she had been misbehaving lately, and yes, Michael had been letting it slide, but she really was a little nervous at his intentions. How bad did he think she had been? How harsh would this punishment be? Would she be allowed to go to the library after?


The first of many hard, but controlled, blows hit her bottom. He had left her panties on for the moment, finding pleasure in giving her a little salvation from his hand. She suppressed the yelp she usually emitted, choosing to be brave and stubborn. She had to save her pride; after all, she didn’t want him to think she realized she needed the punishment, or that she secretly wanted it.


Another slap, then another. Alexandra bit her lip. He wasn’t going easy on her. She struggled to remain in the position he had her in, fighting the urge to jump from the bed out of the way of his steady pulse on her sore bottom.

“You do realize you aren’t counting.” Michael’s voice reprimanded her further.

“Oh!” She groaned, “I’m sorry, sir!”

“You’re out of line, slut. What am I going to do with you?” His voice was cold. “I don’t like being disappointed.”

Alexandra said nothing in her embarrassment.

“I guess I’ve just been too easy on you.” Michael shrugged, his hand caressing the panties. “Obviously you only respond when I’m strict.”

With this said Michael gripped the thin fabric and ripped it right off of her body. The sudden abrasiveness startled Alexandra and she gasped. Michael’s hand swung down and hit her bare ass.

“Now count!” He demanded.

“One!” She winced, and then quickly remembered without being told, “Thank you, sir.”

“Ahh. You remembered. That’s one thing you did well, whore.” Michael commented. His hand hit her flesh again.

“Two, thank you, sir.” Alexandra obediently answered, gritting her teeth to hide the pain.

“Good, good.” He encouraged, continuing the slaps.

Alexandra counted until twenty, when her responses were short gasps for air. She was grateful when he pulled away. Her body relaxed and she sighed. He never hit hard, but his stroke combined with her embarrassment created a more emotional sensation than a powerful hit. She knew that the punishment was more than just a spanking. She was punished only when she had somehow been naughty and disappointed her master. This made her even more humiliated as she never wished Michael to be dissatisfied with her. She had to make it up to him, somehow.

“What did you learn?” Michael asked from somewhere behind her.

She answered immediately, “I learned that I will never disobey you, that I will never fight you, and that I should be more responsible.”

“Or else?”

“Or else I’m punished.”

“Good girl.” Michael rubbed his hand over her pinkish bottom.

Alexandra paused, took a breath, and then gathered as much courage as she could muster.

“Sir. . .I realize that I was bad, and I am sorry for what I did, but, I was wondering if I may make it up to you.” She closed her eyes, expecting to be spanked again for overstepping her bounds. She had just disappointed him; she was not to expect to be allowed to give him pleasure after behaving so horribly.

Michael was silent for a moment. With her head still buried in the bed Alexandra struggled to hear what he was doing. To her surprise, and delight, she heard the tinkling of his belt being unbuckled and the rustling of jeans hitting the floor.

“You are a little slut, but a good slut. You’ve learned your lesson, so you may have a reward. Get on your knees.” He replied.

Alexandra could not hide the grin on her face as she turned over on the bed and bounded to the floor in front of her master. She knelt before him, leaving her hands on her hips and opening her mouth expectantly.

“Take off your shirt.” He ordered, not allowing her to taste him yet.

She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted up, then paused, folded the shirt, and laid it awkwardly on the bed behind her, to prove she learned her lesson. He smiled and caressed her face, then gestured for her bra to follow.

Her nipples were already stiff from her arousal during the spanking, but they hardened even more as the cool air brushed against them. This obviously pleased her master as he reached down and petted one before reaching in his pants and bearing his hardness to his slave.

“Suck.” Michael grabbed a fistful of her hair and brought her onto him.

Her mouth immediately closed around the head of his cock. She sealed her lips tight, trying to suck as hard as she could. Her tongue traced the outline of the head as she leaned in closer to allow more of him into her mouth. Slowly, but quick enough for her master’s tastes, she began to swallow more and more of his shaft. She was no expert in deep-throating, but she tried as hard as she could to fill her mouth with his entire length. Once Alexandra had as much of her master as would fit, she began to swish her tongue around and gently moved her head forward and back, allowing only an inch at a time to shift. She wished desperately to please him, so she focused on making love to his cock with her tongue.

Michael’s groans were that of pleasure, but he obviously did not wish her to go slow. He used his hand to roughly force her to take more of his cock into her mouth. He moved her head quickly up and down him, not caring that her muffled grunts were that of slight discomfort. She tried desperately to keep her throat relaxed, but his size was too large for ease. Alexandra struggled against his grip on her head to reposition herself so she could suck him without gagging, but instead his hand released and he backed away, shoving her away from him onto the ground.

Alexandra panicked and feared her resistance had made him angry again, but his mannerisms were not that of irritation. He picked her up off of the floor and threw her onto her back on the bed. She was almost helpless to stop him as he gripped her thighs and spread her open, revealing her wetness to him.

With an animalistic grunt Michael moved close to her and shoved his entire cock into her drenched pussy. She cried out in surprise and pleasure. Without waiting for her to accommodate his size, he immediately began thrusting in and out, groaning in satisfaction of his prize.

Alexandra tossed her head back on the bed and closed her eyes with a squeal. It took only a few seconds before she clenched her muscles and squeezed his body with her legs. The waves of pleasure were increasing to an almost painful point. Time seemed to slow as she surrendered her orgasm, her head and shoulders rising off the bed, her hands clutching Michael’s arms, her pussy tightening with long pulses around his still pumping cock.

She moaned as her orgasm subsided only to be greeted by another familiar rising feeling. She came again seconds later, tossing her arms around Michael’s neck.

He leaned down and kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth to match the pace below. Alexandra was delirious with pleasure. She could hardly concentrate on Michael’s mouth, cock, and her next impending orgasm. Everything was a mix of orgasmic ecstasy as she was overcome with releases.

Alexandra was somehow aware that Michael explicitly intended to use her for his pleasure, though he was even more aroused by her orgasms. He pulled out of her suddenly and rolled her over, pushing her head back into the bed and pulling her arms behind her. He positioned his cock above her entrance and changed his pace, slowly entering her from behind.

The slow sensation was overwhelming for Alexandra. She struggled to remain still as he tortured her pussy with slow strokes. In and out, in and out. Every muscle in her body was screaming as he toyed with her pleasure, making her slowly submit to his will once again. She realized that this entire time she had been thinking of her own orgasms instead of her master’s, and immediately ceased her wiggling, allowing him the chance to use her how he wished.

“Good girl.” Michael growled, “What are you?”

Alexandra found it hard to concentrate, but gasped the phrases she had obediently learned and believed.

“A worthless slut.”

“And what are you here for?” Michael thrust his cock hard inside of Alexandra, causing her to cry out.

“Your pleasure.” She answered. He slowly pulled himself from her, leaving only his head inside.

“And what do you live for?”

“Your cock.” She responded, grunting as he shoved himself back inside.

“And where do you take my cum?” He demanded, resuming a hard tempo.

“In my pussy or in my mouth.” She squealed as another climax overwhelmed her, partly from his resuming but primarily from thinking of her master’s orgasm.

“Good girl.”

Michael then began thrusting as hard and as fast as possible, aided with the position Alexandra was in. She screamed as his cock pounded her contracting pussy, not caring if he slammed against her cervix. Pleasure mixed with pain and Alexandra found herself gasping her air and overwhelmed with emotions. Tears came to her eyes and her pussy was gripped with another orgasm as Michael’s balls slapped her swollen clit.

After only a few seconds Michael groaned. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, bringing her body back towards him.

“I’m cumming, slave.” He grunted, and then slowed his movements. He continued to groan as he thrusted hard into her quivering mound. One, two, three thrusts was all it took before his hot cum began spraying inside her pussy, causing her to orgasm also as the warmth radiated through her body. Michael kept his cock still but moved her, letting her pussy milk the remaining drops of cum from him. She felt as if she were to pass out; his cock was twitching deep within her, sending tiny vibrations from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. She could feel his thick cum within her pussy, causing to her shudder in delight.

He then released his grip on her and she tumbled into bed. He laid beside her, with his cock still within her. She snuggled back against him, catching her breath and sighing with contentment.

“Thank you, sir.” She murmured, yawning in her exhaustion.

“Did you learn your lesson?” He asked, wrapping his arms around her.

“Sure did.” She nodded, “If I make you mad and try to go to the library you’ll fuck me really good.”

Michael reached up and grabbed her nipple, twisting the little bud hard.

“You’re going to need to be punished for that, slut.” He sighed, trying to hide his smile.

“Yes, sir.” She giggled, realizing she now didn’t want to go to the library as much.

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