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Favour for an Old Man

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Lisa was 18 years old, blonde and perfectly filled out for a young woman. She drove over to her old neighbour’s house, Mr Wilson. Mr Wilson was getting on in years and had called the house asking if she could come by and help him out a bit.

Lisa and her family had known Mr Wilson for years. He had been their neighbour and had helped her and her family on more than one occasion when they needed it.

He was a bit of a handyman and had fixed more than one leaky pipe or something in their house. Lisa felt he was kind of like an uncle to her and loved his gentle nature.

Lisa was dressed in her favourite tight t-shirt that highlighted her breasts complete with a nice pair of shorts that showed off her long, slender, tanned legs. These warm summer days were really helping Lisa with her tan. She had been out at the beach a lot lately. She usually wore a slim two piece bikini when she was there too. She had never worn bikinis before but finally this year she bought one and after facing her fear of being a bit more exposed in public grew quite used to it. The result was a gorgeous tan and a slightly more confident Lisa.

As she pulled into the driveway she found Mr Wilson waiting at the door. A charming smile on his face and gentle nature shining through. Dressed for some reason in long sleeves and old man grey slacks, despite the weather, he stood waiting.

“Hi Mr Wilson. Nice to see you,” Lisa greeted him warmly.

Fred Wilson watched his young neighbour approach from the car and took note of her womanly shape. Having not seen her in a few months, he watched her bounce out of her car in a tight t-shirt and shorts. He watched her youthful breasts bounce in her shirt as she walked across the driveway and up to his door. Fred took note of her long, tanned, firm legs that disappeared into her tight, white shorts.

As Lisa moved to hug him, Fred felt her youthful breasts push into his chest and wrapped his arms around her as well, subconsciously rubbing his hand up and down her back two or three times before they broke the embrace and stood apart.

“My Lord Lisa, you have really grown up lately”, Fred stated and didn’t realize he was gazing down at his young neighbour’s chest as he said it.

Lisa smiled shyly and waited for Mr Wilson to move his gaze back up to her face. “Where are those boxes you needed moved?”

“Oh Lisa, you have really grown up. My word, you’re beautiful,” Fred said again while Lisa stood waiting. “Now, the boxes are all downstairs. I just need them moved outside where the delivery boys will load them up. Shouldn’t take long, it’s just I can’t lift anything up these stairs anymore”, Fred answered holding his back for emphasis.

“No problem, Mr Wilson. Show me the way,” Lisa answered and followed Fred down the stairs where he pointed out several boxes loaded with old possessions Fred needed to clear out. Fred watched as Lisa grabbed the first box and set out up the stairs carrying it. He watched her backside as she raised herself up each stair. Fred noticed how tight and firm her young ass was. Her tanned legs contrasting with the white colour of her shorts. He noted how the material of her shorts wrapped around her tight ass cheeks and given the ability to stare, he watched her rise up each step of the stairs until she got to the landing and placed the first box outside. He stood watching as she bounded back down the stairs, her breasts bouncing madly inside her t-shirt with each step she came down. Lisa seemed oblivious to Fred’s stare, still seeing him as an old family friend, and paid him little attention while she repeated the task. As Lisa progressed in the task, she slowed slightly which gave Fred extra time to watch her beautiful ass sway up each stair as she climbed.

Soon, Lisa had all the boxes moved. A slight sweat had covered her forehead. Lisa lifted the bottom of her shirt to wipe her brow while Fred watched. Her t-shirt raised up to reveal a firm, flat, well tanned stomach. Lisa stopped short of showing off her bra underneath as she quickly wiped the sweat from her brow, then returning the shirt down, she smiled as she met Mr Wilson’s eyes.

“Whew! All done Mr Wilson. Anything else I can do?”

“Oh no darling…that’s all. What a pleasure to watch you work. I mean well, you know…umm”

“What is it Mr Wilson?” Lisa asked, intrigued by Fred’s stuttering.

“Well Lisa, it’s just been so long since I’ve seen a woman’s body, especially one as beautiful as yours Lisa. I hope you didn’t think I was being an old creep when I watched you work.”

“Really, Mr Wilson? No, not at all. I didn’t even notice!….hahaha. I mean you really think I have a nice body”, Lisa asked and subconsciously ran her hands along her sides up past her hips and onto her stomach.

“Oh yes, Lisa…you really are very beautiful. I wonder if you could do me a favour? Umm, I mean…no forget it….I shouldn’t even ask…..sorry”

Lisa paused and watched the old man avert his gaze for a second, drifting off and mumbling a bit confused and awkwardly.

“What is it Mr Wilson? You’ve helped us out so much, what kind of favour can I do for you?” Really, I can try to help…”

“No, Lisa…I shouldn’t have even said anything….it’s just that when I saw you working away in your outfit today, I realized how long it’s been since I had seen a gorgeous woman and was able to admire her body.”

“Mr Wilson….well, thank you, I guess. I didn’t realize that but my….well…what is it?” Lisa implored.

“Oh, I feel foolish now…’s just that I was hoping maybe you could show me more of yourself… know, maybe show me some of your sexy underwear or something….or bathing suit or something. It would just be a way for me to remember and appreciate what a woman really looks like”

“Oh Mr Wilson, I don’t know…..that is kind of a different favour… I mean, uh, I’m kind of shy and I really don’t have any kind of underwear like that to wear, you know.”

“No, it’s okay, I shouldn’t have even asked. Please forget I even said anything…I don’t want you to think I’m a dirty old creep….I’m sorry.”

“Oh, it’s okay Mr Wilson. Actually you kind of made me feel nice. It’s just don’t have anything like that around. I guess it’s not really any different than the swimsuit I wear. I just started to wear a bikini this summer, and well, now that I’m used to it, I kind of like it a bit.”

Mr Wilson smiled shyly again and said, “Lisa, you should buy some things like that….or I could? Would you like some nice outfits? Tell you what, for all the work you’ve done here I can buy you some of those outfits for you and you can wear them whenever you like”

“Hmmmm, well I guess so Mr Wilson. I’ll write down my sizes for you. I was thinking about buying some before I left for college next year but I didn’t really know when I would ever wear them.”

“Well, if I buy you something….you know…tasteful, maybe you could model it for me here, just for a few minutes, then it’ll be yours.” Fred suggested and Lisa tilted her head to one side thinking of the proposal. Really, this was a bit odd, she thought. Old Mr Wilson just asked me to model lingerie for him to remind him of what a female looks like. Hmmm, if anyone but him had said this, he probably get arrested. I guess he must really be lonesome. And it has been years since Mrs Wilson was alive, she thought. Well, how bad could it be. Most lingerie covered more than her bikini, some even covered more than what she had on now.”

“Well, I guess it would be nice to have an outfit or two Mr Wilson, so……why not?”

“Well that settles it, I’ll pick something out for you and you can have it for yourself, think of it as a college gift from me!”

“Deal!” Lisa stated and found a pen on the table and wrote down her measurements.

Mr Wilson smiled a bit awkwardly and then offered her some tea.

“No, it’s okay Mr Wilson. I really should be going,” Lisa turned and headed back up the stairs. Fred followed close behind, getting an even closer look at her delicious derriere.

“Ok, Lisa, thanks again for helping me move that stuff today.” Fred said as he got to the top landing.

Lisa hugged Mr Wilson goodbye and made her way out the door. As she bent down to put on her shoes, Mr Wilson watched her shirt open up and caught the tops of her full white breasts as she moved to tie up her shoes. When Lisa stood up, Fred quickly averted his eyes and watched the smiling Lisa wave goodbye and make her way out the door.

Fred walked over to the table where Lisa had written down her sizes. He smiled to himself and pictured her again in her shorts and t-shirt. Such a beauty he thought.

Lisa drove away thinking about the arrangement Mr Wilson had just come up with. She again wondered at this funny way it had come up but then again remembered all the times she had sat up on Mr Wilson’s knee when he came over to family events. If she could help him out a bit, it was worth it she thought. Fairly harmless stuff really.

The next day Fred drove up to a lingerie shop he had driven past many times but had never been inside. He parked his car and started to walk up to the shop. He realized he was a bit nervous and wiped his hands on his pants.

As he entered, a young woman behind the till greeted him warmly. “Hello sir, come on in”, she called.

“What can I help you with today?” she asked.

“Well, I’m shopping for a nice outfit for a friend,” Fred answered and pulled out the sheet of paper with Lisa’ sizes.

“Oh yes, we have a lot of things in this size. Come on over”, the woman told Fred and showed him a rack of lingerie. “Have a look and let me know if you need any help”, she cheerfully stated and then made her way back to the till.

Fred perused the rack and found some items that he thought would look great on Lisa. He first pulled out a solid white teddy that was fairly concealing matched with a pair of panties that was also equally concealing. Fred didn’t want to push things too far so he kept both items. The teddy came down on the stomach much like a short t-shirt would and the panties seemed to cover everything up in the back as well. This seemed to be a conservative type of outfit. Not too revealing and something Lisa would at least show him if she modeled it. He didn’t want to blow it and come off as too creepy. But still, maybe she’d try on more things if he bought them.

Fred kept looking through and eventually found a lacy bra that seemed to be her size. As he held it up he noted the white fabric was a bit transparent in the full light. Ahhh, perfect he thought. This will go well with her tanned skin.

Fred kept searching and found a matching pair of panties that looked a bit transparent on the front. Fred noted the g-string in the back that connected it and tried to imagine Lisa’s tight ass cheeks swallowing up the string and showing herself nearly completely off if she turned around in these. Fred then asked the clerk for a few more items to go with the outfit. She dutifully picked out some garters, stockings, and straps to go with each item. Fred purchased the items and drove back home, nearly ran a few red lights as he tried to imagine what Lisa would look like wearing them.

The next day Lisa showed up again in the afternoon. It was a warm summer day again so Lisa was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, showing off her tanned legs again.

Fred greeted her at the door and welcomed her inside. Fred had separated the two outfits and had them in little bags on his kitchen table. Once Lisa was inside Fred busied himself making them both tea and listened to Lisa’s story about her evening out with friends.

Once Lisa was seated Fred could hardly contain himself any further so he decided to present her with her gift. He gave her the bag containing the conservative teddy and panties complete with the stockings and garter. He watched as Lisa nervously opened the bag and pulled out the lingerie.

“Oh thank you, Mr Wilson!” Lisa exclaimed when she opened the bag. She saw the outfit and held it up against herself. She realized it wouldn’t be all that revealing when she wore it and in fact was a touch disappointed but was still very excited about the outfit.

“Did you want to try it on? I mean, you don’t have to here but if it doesn’t fit you know, I can get it exchanged”, Fred asked.

“Oh, I guess so Mr Wilson. I mean, I’ve never worn something like this before and I’m not sure I will but I suppose it’s not showing much more than even my shorts and t-shirt are right now so…..well, I guess why not?” she said and shrugged her shoulders.

“That would be nice Lisa, why don’t you change in there and see how it looks. I’d love to see you in it!” Fred gestured towards the bathroom.

“Ok, I’ll give it a go…” Lisa said and took the bag with her to the bathroom.

Lisa took the bag with her to the bathroom and changed into the new outfit. She liked how it looked and noticed her already full breasts were pushed up by the teddy. This was a bit of a surprise as her bikini didn’t even do this. Her nipples were covered well but the material really showed off her tits. She followed the mirror down and noted the panties covered nearly as much as her summer shorts had. The only difference was there was now only one layer between her naked body and the clothing. The panties fit perfectly and pulled tightly in front. Her ass filled out the back of them and though not revealing much, showed the shape of each cheek fully.

Lisa pulled on the stockings and garter belt. It added another layer she felt and in fact covered up a bit more. It did look quite sexy she thought and she felt like a madame in some old west novel.

Fred waited patiently on his couch hardly able to contain himself. He could hear the sounds of clothing sliding on and off Lisa’s skin inside the bathroom and could only imagine the scene inside.

Finally he heard the bathroom door open and Lisa’s head peered around the corner.

“Mr Wilson…..I’m not sure about this…..I mean, I uh…it’s just that I uh…you know.”

“Lisa, It’s fine, please, I’m sure you look great. I mean if it doesn’t fit I should return it you know…but I understand. I’m sure you look great though… I’d love to see how it looks”

“Well, ok, I guess…..” Lisa thought maybe this wasn’t such a great idea now. Fred was hardly the man she thought she’d be modeling lingerie for, but still, he was such a gentle old guy and really harmless. If anyone was to appreciate her it was him.

“Well, here goes nothing,” Lisa said to herself and stepped out the door and into the living room.

Fred watched as Lisa shyly stepped out of the bathroom wearing the outfit. Fred couldn’t believe his eyes. Lisa’s magnificent tits were propped up by the material of the teddy. The tops of her beautiful breasts were pushed up and visible while the lower half disappeared into the material and pushed out the fabric. His eyes slowly went down and he could see the imprint of Lisa’s nipples pushing out the thin fabric. He continued his gaze downwards over Lisa’s flat, trim stomach that was mainly covered by the teddy but lifted a couple of inches below her belly button. He noted the tanned skin that he had glimpsed the day before when Lisa wiped the sweat off her brow. Fred continued to stare and gazed further downwards at Lisa’s panties. Her shyness had kept her hands held together blocking his eyes from staring at her crotch. It was then that Fred realized he had been staring for several minutes and looked up at Lisa. He noted she shyly cast her eyes downward as if awaiting his approval.

“Lisa, my lord, you are a beautiful young lady,” Fred exclaimed. “I mean, wow, that outfit looks fantastic on you. It’s perfect”.

“Really, Mr Wilson. I mean I wasn’t sure about it,” and as Lisa started to speak her hands pulled away from her front and towards her side. She slowly stepped closer to Fred.

Fred now gazed downward once again at her panties. They were full and didn’t reveal much skin but Fred noticed how perfect a fit they were and stared directly at her vaginal area. He thought he could see the outline of her vagina lips across the material but didn’t stare too long. She was perfect Fred thought.

Lisa then slowly turned around in the outfit, as though she were modeling it. Fred watched as she turned and saw how the panties held her tight cheeks in place as she turned.

Lisa then completed her turn and somewhat unsure of what to do next stood still.

“Well Lisa, it looks great. I’m sure any young man who gets to see this will be the luckiest boy on campus”.

Lisa felt her face flush a bit from the compliment. “Thank you Mr Wilson, I really do like it.”

“Well, why don’t you see how it feels on you. Walk up and down the hall. Try a spin or two”, Fred suggested, wanting to keep her in this state as long as possible.

Lisa did just that and with each passing minute in her new outfit, became more confident. It really made her look hot and didn’t show off much at all either. Mr Wilson hardly moved his eyes off of her and while at first disarmed her, she was now getting used to it and started to enjoy his appreciative gaze.

Mr Wilson then started to clap in a beat. 1 and, 2 and, 3 and, 4 and…he called out as she walked. Lisa reacted by putting a bit of sway in her steps… she was really walking down a runway and turned and spun in front of him. She made another run up and down the hallway stopping slightly closer to him each time until she nearly brushed her ass up against him.

Finally Lisa slowed, a bit out of breath, and turned to face Mr Wilson….laughing with him about her imitation of a runway model.

“Well, Lisa. I think you could do that professional if I do say so myself. You really fill out the outfit and can even do the strut!” Fred complimented her.

“Thanks, Mr Wilson….it’s actually kind of fun,” Lisa answered, a bit flushed still from her movements.

“Ummm, Lisa. I did get one more outfit for you. You might like it too. It’s a bit smaller so you can try it on now or later but I think it will make you look really sexy”.

Lisa looked over at Fred. “It’s over here on the table. Let me fetch it for you.” Fred retrieved the items and pulled them out of a bag. Lisa stood waiting, suddenly a bit more nervous as she watched him pick up another bag.

“The lady in the store said that they all match well so I just bought them. Here you go, it’s up to you but if you want to try them on, you’d be doing an old man a big favour”.

Lisa took the bag from Fred and looked inside to find another bra and panty set. This was the kind of lingerie she had really wanted but it looked much too revealing to try on for Mr. Wilson.

“Take them in the room Lisa and see how you like them. If you feel okay, then come on out with them.”

Lisa nodded lightly and took the items back to the bathroom. Once inside she held up the bra and panties and noticed that they would be considerably smaller and revealing than the outfit she had on. She undid the garter belt, and removed the white teddy and conservative panties. She stared again at the outfit before her, contemplating the revealing nature of it.

It looks kind of like my bikini, Lisa thought as she looked at the lingerie before her. She noted the lacey qualities of it seeing that the g-string was much more narrow than the bikini bottoms she had just gotten comfortable wearing.

Lisa, thought she may as well try it on at least. She didn’t have to leave the room.

Lisa pulled the bra on and pulled it tight. It seemed to fit perfectly. This bra too lifted up her already firm tits and held each one up as if on display. She then slid on the panties and felt the string pull between her butt cheeks. She noticed how much of her ass would be showing in these. “Hmmm, well, maybe I better not turn around in these for Mr Wilson”, she thought still not prepared to show too much off. Lisa didn’t look down to see how narrow the front of the panties actually were and since the bathroom mirror was only waist high, she couldn’t appreciate how revealing it really was.

Lisa then pulled up the stockings which rose just above her knees and pulled the garter belt around her waist. Although not much, this seemed to add to her sense of wearing more and she quite liked the look.

Had Lisa really looked down at her outfit instead of just through the mirror and the dim bathroom lights it reflected she might have noticed that her bra and panties were quite sheer and her rose pink nipples were visible through the material. Had she also been able to see her panties, she might have noticed that her blondish pubic hair showed through and peeked around the sides.

Unsure if she should model the outfit, Lisa heard Mr Wilson ask if everything fit ok.

“Yes, Mr Wilson…well I think so.”

“Well, come on out and we’ll check for sure”, she heard him reply. He was so sweet she thought. “I guess there’s no harm in showing the outfit off, I mean, he did buy it. It’s a bit more revealing than the bikini, but then again, it’s only Mr Wilson here. Can’t be that bad.”

“Ok, Mr Wilson, I guess you can have a look”, and she slowly cracked open the door. Again, with mild hesitation Lisa walked through the doorway to find Mr Wilson seated on his couch. She noted an instant rise in his eyes as she walked out.

Fred leaning back in his chair could not believe his luck as he watched Lisa exit the bathroom in the sexiest outfit he could imagine. This one showed off nearly everything she had. As she walked into the well lit living room, the sheer material showed off her full breasts. Fred noted the rose pink nipples on Lisa’s large breasts as she walked slowly forward, each breast slightly swaying with her steps. As she got closer he realized he could see through the outfit. He noted the full swell of her tits as they gentled swayed with her steps. The lacy trim hid some but Fred could see exactly the shape and size of her tits. He gazed further down across that same flat stomach and this time noted her hands were at her sides and not covering her pubic mound.

Fred saw that the panties were also partly sheer and that he could see how the thin material barely covered her vagina. Lisa stepped a bit closer and Fred’s stare continued. Fred thought, “She mustn’t know how much of her I can see,” and realized how the light in his bathroom likely confused her before she stepped out. His gaze continued downwards and Fred could see wispy blonde pubic hair poking out the sides of the panties. Maybe she didn’t even realize how little the panties actually cover….

The stockings added a sexy, naughty element and as Lisa approached she stopped. Unsure of what to do she, tilted on one hip and bent at her knee, intending on showing the stocking and garters.

“Lisa, you are amazing. I mean, this is such a treat for an old man, you just don’t know. Can I ask you to spin?”

Lisa remembered the revealing nature of the panties and hesitated. “Mr Wilson, really there is not much back there to cover me….I’m sorry…..I’m not sure about it.”

“Oh, it’s ok Lisa, I just wanted to see how it fit.”

Lisa pondered it for a second, then thought to herself, well it’s not that bad and before she knew what she was doing she had already completed a spin and was facing Mr Wilson again.

Fred was not prepare for the spin but saw enough of it to realize he has just seen the most beautiful ass in years not more than a few feet from his eyes.

“Come on Lisa, I hardly could tell if everything fit from that move.”

Lisa hesitated, then thought, to heck with it and slowly spun her body and faced away from Mr Wilson. She knew he could see most of her ass now and stayed facing away, partly from embarassment and partly since she didn’t know what to do next.

Fred was now able to take in the full view of Lisa’s nearly naked ass. Not a blemish on either cheek. He followed the material that rose from between her legs and disappeared in her ass cheeks and reappeared above. He drank in the sight before him, a perfect ass mere feet from him.

“Lisa, it looks great.”

Unsure if Mr Wilson meant the outfit or her butt, Lisa spun around to face him.

“Really, Mr Wilson, I wasn’t sure how it looked back there, I mean I couldn’t really see.”

“No Lisa, it’s perfect. A perfect fit, thanks for showing me.”

Lisa stood there while Fred perused her form. She seemed to be relaxing a bit as he remained seated. She soon began to enjoy his appreciation of her and felt a warm glow through her body. It was really quite something to be so appreciated. He was really enjoying this she thought, and well, so was she a little bit. This wasn’t so bad at all she thought. She had been stared at before at the beach but this was much more comfortable, it was like she was helping to heal someone. Mr Wilson was such a nice old man, if she could bring him some small joy, this wasn’t such a big deal.

“Try the runway walk again Lisa. See if it feels okay when you move around,” Fred asked.

Lisa complied and made the same walk up and down the hallway, spinning at the end and returning.

Fred took full advantage of this and stared at her perfect ass cheeks as they bounced with each step as she walked away. Then he watched as her tits bounced as she returned to him.

Lisa again heard Fred start the slow clapping and after one trip up and down the hallway, was able to get the sway back in her hips and move her arms a bit as if she were dancing.

“One and, two and, three, and, four and…” Fred’s claps called out. Lisa continued the runway act and each time got closer to Mr Wilson seated in his chair. She then began to nearly brush up against him as she spun and since her ass was nearly naked, Fred was able to view it mere inches from his face. Fred watched as Lisa approached him again and put his hand up. As Lisa spun, his hand brushed up the entire width of her ass cheek.

“Ohh”…Lisa jumped a bit, not realizing how close she had been getting. Lisa then stopped and turned to face Mr Wilson a few feet from his seated position.

She seemed to be waiting for an instruction. With each passing trip she made, she seemed to be relaxing and enjoying her exhibition.

Lisa too thought she liked the show. She didn’t even mind so much that most of her ass was now visible. She could see the effect she was having on Mr Wilson and felt it was a favour to an old man that he would never be able to get anywhere else. She now stood facing Mr Wilson, again, a bit fatigued from her parading up and down the hallway.

Sensing that Lisa was maybe willing to show more if he persisted, Fred asked “You know Lisa, this is beautiful but it’s been so many years since I’ve seen a female body quite like you. Is there any way you would be comfortable showing me a bit more? I promise not to do anything but your body is so perfect. It would just be our secret deal.”

Lisa nearly ran out but stood frozen in spot. What was Mr Wilson asking her? To let him watch as she stood there naked? Really, this had started as a small favour in trying on the outfits he bought, now this. She stood motionless.

“Ummmh, Mr Wilson, you really want to see me more? I mean me naked? I mean, it’s kind of weird don’t you think?”

“No Lisa, it’s fine, I’m sorry I asked but I think any man would want to see you naked, you’re so pretty you know.” Fred answered, still seated and scared to move due to the erection in his pants. “If you could do me this favour, I would never forget it. Maybe just your top?”

Lisa stood confused thinking she had never been naked in front of a man before. The outfit was one thing she thought. It was comparable to a bikini she might wear but this was entirely different. But still, Mr Wilson was so gentle and who knows if he’ll ever find another girlfriend. Really, is it that big a deal? It was just so strange though to think he would want to see her naked. However, she thought, if ever there was someone to be naked in front of it certainly would not be intimidating in front of Mr Wilson.

“Well, I suppose”……and with that Lisa reached behind her searching for the hook on her bra before she could talk herself out of it. Fred watched in anticipation wondering if he would really see her tits before him. Would Lisa really remove her bra and show off her perfect mounds? She wouldn’t tease him like this then change her mind would she? No, come on Lisa, keep going….nearly there…just unclasp it…that’s it…once it’s off the clasp, she’ll do it.

She hesitated a moment, thinking about what she was about to do. Show off her tits to old Mr Wilson. Was this really proper? I mean, he’s like an uncle to me…. Lisa realized she was enjoying the attention he gave her though as the clasp unhooked and the bra rested on her large tits. Lisa looked up at Mr Wilson who was sitting forward in his seat staring waitingly. She watched his eyes which were unflinchingly staring at her chest.

“Well, here goes”, thought Lisa and shrugged the bra off her shoulders. As it slid down her arms and off, her large perfect breasts sprang free and bounced slightly.

“My god” Fred gasped….nearly ready to explode as this young goddess had complied with his request and now he took in the sight of her tits in his own living room. She stood motionless, unable to meet his stare but felt her nipples stiffen as she knew he was staring intently at them. No one said anything for several moments. Lisa stood still while Fred stared at her, unblinking as he took in the sight of her perfect young breasts. He noted the small freckles on her chest and followed them down the creamy white skin of her breasts, to the rosy pink nipples now stiffly standing at the end of each breast.

Lisa moved slightly and her breasts shook a touch. Fred finally broke his stare and looked up at Lisa who was seeking Fred’s reaction.

“Lisa, my god, they are magnificent. I mean, I umm, I can’t believe how perfect they are.”

“You really like them Mr Wilson”, Lisa asked and cupped each breast in her hand lifting them up while Fred nodded yes. Lisa let them drop down again and their firmness quickly brought them into place.

“Yes, Lisa, they are perfect.”

Lisa stood while Fred stared. She became more used to being topless while she stood and allowed Mr Wilson to gaze at her. It must have been minutes, but Lisa grew comfortable knowing Mr Wilson was still taking her all in.

Fred now, sensing her comfort, felt maybe he could see more.

“Lisa, you know, this is really something for an old man like me. It would mean the world to me if I could see a bit more. Is there any way, you know, you could show me the rest?”

Lisa looked at Mr Wilson’s pleading eyes. She was unsure if she could go this far but her recent comfort in the living room had disarmed her guard. Lisa had noticed a bit of wetness in her panties now as she was showing herself to Mr Wilson. She had already showed him most of her ass and her tits. Would showing him her pussy be that much more of a big deal?”

Lisa didn’t answer him but reached down and pulled the garter belt off and unstrapped each stocking. She slowly, steadily unrolled each stocking down and off. Lisa then stood up straight again and stared at Mr Wilson.

“You want me to take these off too, Mr Wilson?” Lisa asked pointing at her panties.

“Yes, please Lisa…please if you could do me this favour”

Lisa stood waiting, teasing in fact as she slowly dropped her hands to her hips.

Fred could hardly believe his luck. Was he really going to see Lisa’s most private area in his own living room.


Lisa stood back up and lifted her hands to her sides above the panties. She looked up at Fred who again was fully forward in his chair. She then slowly slid her hands down and pulled the waistband of her panties with her. Slowly they slid down, the top of her pubic hair now wisping out, slowly more as she teasingly pulled them, now her pubic hair was visible, and Fred strained to see the outer lips of her vagina come into view. Lisa tugged further until the straps were over her hips and slid them down her long legs bringing her pretty full vagina into Fred’s view.

Fred nearly came in his pants as she got his first view of a perfectly shaped pussy in front of him. Lisa’s cunt was unshaven but he was able to see the lips of her pussy through that. As Lisa let the panties fall down she stepped out of them and spread her legs slightly in the process, allowing her vagina lips to part and allow Fred to see more of her pussy.

“Oh, my….” Fred gasped as he could hardly speak.

“You like it Mr Wilson?” Lisa asked. I was never sure about it. I think it might be a little too hairy but I didn’t know what to do with it.

“Lisa, it’s perfect. I love it, thank you so much for this……It’s perfect. I love the shape, your lips, and uhhhh…..ohh, the smell of it….sweet jesus Lisa!”

Lisa stood allowing Mr Wilson to stare at her fully. As he craned his neck, she moved forward, slowly step by step until she stood a mere foot or two away from him.

“You know Mr Wilson, I’ve always thought of shaving it. What do you think?”

“Oh Lisa, you know, I used to cut hair when I was in the army….I could help you out if you want?” Fred asked, boldly thinking he could get closer to this goddess.

“Oh Mr Wilson, I would like that. I was just never sure what to do”.

“Well, Follow me, let’s help you out”, Fred answered and rose from his chair making no effort to hide the erection in his pants.

Fred walked with Lisa to his bathroom and dug for his electric razor, straight razor and shaving cream. Lisa followed him naked and excited to be given the attention.

Fred dug out the items and then led Lisa to his bedroom where he laid a towel on his bed.

“Here Lisa, sit down on this for now and I’ll be right back”. Fred soaked a towel in warm water and brought it back.

“Now, spread your legs out a bit” Lisa complied and Fred got a closer look at her pussy. Her pink lips parted now and allowed Fred to see everything. Fred laid the towel over her pussy and let it soak in a bit.

He then took the electric razor out and trimmed off all the long hairs. Lisa laid back on her elbows and was fascinated with Mr Wilson’s attention to this. He seemed to be so very happy she thought and she was really enjoying all of this. Who would have thought she could have stripped down to nothing and enjoyed this old man looking at her in detail.

Lisa jumped a bit when the electric razor started. She felt it’s cold metal press up against her but soon it warmed up as it started to trim her. It took only a few passes to get the long hair off but Mr Wilson had nudged her clit and she felt herself jump. “Ohh”, she involuntarily uttered.

“Sorry Lisa, just getting the long hair off first.” Mr Wilson replied and finished up with it. He then sprayed out some shaving cream on his hand and without warning placed his hand on her exposed pussy. Lisa again jumped a bit then settled as he spread it out on her vagina, not used to anyone’s hands ever being on her pussy before.

“Stay still Lisa”, Fred said as he grabbed a container of water and the straight razor. He started above her vagina and worked his way down. Fred soon had most of the hair with a few strokes and moved lower to her outer lips. Fred used one hand to hold her lips and the other to pull the razor down. Lisa remained still and felt Mr Wilson’s hands now on her vagina lips. It felt good after a few strokes she thought and concentrated on the feel of the razor, Mr Wilsons hands and his attention to her. Fred continued and got below her vagina where he finished up with a few wispy hairs that remained. He then got the warm wet towel and wiped off everything.

“There you go darling”, Fred declared as he wiped her clean. Have a look.

Lisa sat up and looked down. My lord she thought, she was now completely exposed. Everything was gone and her lips shone up at her. She never felt more exposed.

“Oh my, it’s all gone”, she said surprised.

“Why yes, it looks great though”, Fred said and patted her on the vagina unexpectedly.

“Ohhh”, Lisa stated and closed her legs.

“Sorry Lisa, I didn’t mean to touch too much. It’s just so smooth now. Try it..” Fred said and took her hand and placed it on her pussy.

Lisa felt the smoothness of her once hairy vagina and how her hand glided across it. She opened her legs back up again. Mr Wilson put his hand back on her, this time Lisa didn’t move it.

“It feels great Lisa. You’re so smooth now,” Fred said and ran his hand over her pussy lips.

“Yes, Mr Wilson, this is better…..thank you so much! Can I see a mirror?”

“Why yes, there’s a full length one here at the end of the room.”

Lisa got up from the bed and stared at herself in the mirror. Fred was now able to see her full behind in all it’s glory as well as the reflection of Lisa in the mirror. What an image he thought. Fred took a step forward and placed his hands on her naked hips. Lisa felt his erection pushing into her from behind.

Lisa ran her hands up and down her body and over her now bald pussy. She loved it now. A clean look she thought and turned back to Mr Wilson.

“I love it Mr Wilson, thank you for helping me,” Lisa exclaimed and opened her arms and hugged Fred. Fred pulled her in and closed his arms around her. His hands drifted down to the top of her butt, then drifted down where he slowly rubbed his hand in circles over her ass cheek.

“Helping me, Lisa, showing me your body in first the lingerie, then taking it off, and then allowing me to shave your pussy! Don’t thank me for anything, this was the best day of my life!”

Lisa blushed as she realized how much she had shown off especially when Mr Wilson called her vagina a pussy.

Lisa broke the hug and pulled back. She sat back on the bed, looking down at herself again. She playfully opened her legs up and spread them out…..unaware she was showing nearly every part of her inner vagina to Mr Wilson who stood at the bedside.

“Well, Mr Wilson, now what?”

“Hmmm, well Lisa, I mean, I really shouldn’t ask this but is there any way you would let me…umm, well, never mind.”

“Mr Wilson! Lisa laughed….What is it really, I mean I’m naked and shaved in your house, what else could there possibly be?”

“Well, one thing…’s been years since I’ve been able to have an ejaculation and if I could just enter you I think I might be able to.”

“Mr Wilson! Really! I’m sorry you haven’t been able to? That is really too far for me though…I’m sorry.”

“Lisa, if you haven’t noticed, I have the biggest erection I’ve had in years and I might be able to use it.”

Fred thought he should just go on the momentum he had now. Lisa laid before him on the edge of his bed on her elbows. Her perfect youthful pussy on the edge of his bed. Despite turning him down, she still playfully opened and closed her legs. Her newly shaved lips glistening up at him.

Fred pulled at his belt and dropped his pants. His erect penis sprang out. Lisa didn’t even realize what had occurred as Mr Wilson suddenly whipped out his cock. She froze in her position as Mr Wilson turned his erect cock towards her newly shaved vagina.

“Mr Wilson….I uhhh” Lisa started to say but Fred had already moved towards her. Her pussy was conveniently positioned at the edge of the bed. Fred spun towards her where the head of his cock brushed up against her exposed pussy.

“Mr Wilson…” Lisa started but Fred ignored her and pushed the head of his cock towards her reddened and moistened lips stood exposed before him.

Before Lisa could move or think about it Mr Wilson’s cock was starting to enter her. She couldn’t move mostly out of shock but also the position she laid in gave her no room to move other than forward. She laid still and felt him enter her already well moistened pussy.

Fred hesitated a bit, but now with his cock head in her lips and Lisa not moving, he took it as an invitation to continue and pushed further. He felt Lisa’s vagina take him in wrapping around his cock as he pushed.

“Ohhh!” Mr Wilson….I uhhhh…” Lisa exclaimed but felt Mr Wilson push his penis inside her. She remained still, shocked and surprised by the sudden invasion. She laid still and felt Mr Wilson push his full penis into her not stopping until she felt his pubic hair hit her now cleanly shaven pussy.

Fred felt his full length penetrate Lisa and pulled back, then thrusted forward again. Lisa had not moved. Fred did it again, 3 times, 4 times, 5…..

“Oh, Mr Wilson….it’s ok, I guess….really, keep going if you want” and with the unexpected permission granted, Fred began to thrust harder and faster. He felt Lisa’s tight vagina pulling his cock deeper inside with each thrust. He put his hands out and gripped on to each of her perfect tits. He grabbed her and let loose with years of tension inside.

With her unexpected permission just granted, Fred let loose with the biggest orgasm he had in years and exploded inside Lisa.

Lisa felt the sudden thrusts and suddenly felt Fred’s sperm exploding out of him and into her. She felt he had finally released years of stress and felt him collapse on her, his hands holding her tits. He laid there for minutes until he finally came out of it and stood up.

“Lisa, I’m sorry…but I couldn’t help it”, Fred exclaimed and pulled his penis out of her.

“It’s okay, Mr Wilson. I think I helped you today”, Lisa said and stood up, cum dripping out of her.

Fred guided her back to the bathroom and fixed the tub for her to allow her to clean up.

Lisa came out once she was clean and was still naked. Fred thought she must have liked this. She looked for her clothes which Fred helped her find, dressed and gave Fred a big hug before leaving.

“See ya later Mr Wilson! I can help out anytime!”

Lisa waved and walked out the door while Fred still stood naked, mixes of Lisa and him dripping off his old penis.

What a day for an old man.

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