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Favor for a Friend

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You were always there for me. And I for you. A week before my sweet sixteenth birthday I came to you crying because I was “Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed.” So, even though all of the exploring we had up until then had only been the hiking in the woods, or swimming in the creek, or at the most, in-depth verbal discussions of our passing childhood and maturing sexuality, you kissed me.

We fumbled through it and afterwards we laughed, deciding it was gross and from now on we’d just be best friends forever. None of that sex crap, it would ruin a good thing.

That’s just what best friends do, we both agreed.

When your girlfriend dumped you a week before your prom you called me up, crying. It broke my heart and I offered to go to her house and give her a black eye so she wouldn’t be able to go to the prom with anyone else. No, you said, and instead asked me to be your date. I borrowed my sister’s prom dress from last year, cancelled an all night roller skating event I had planned to attend with a bunch of my friends, and went to your lame prom. Afterwards we went to the beach bonfire with the rest of your class. We laid down on the blanket and listened to and watched everyone laughing and singing and making out all around us. You fell asleep with your head in my lap, crying. I cried too. We woke up at dawn, when the sun was beginning to rise pink, orange and magenta over the rolling ocean horizon.

That’s just what best friends do.

Every time I broke up with a boyfriend, regardless of who was at fault, you were there. Every time you broke up with a girlfriend, regardless of who did the dumping, I was there. We talked, we hugged, we snuggled. We loved each other but we never made love. We never even kissed again.

That’s just what best friends do.

Eventually we started living our own lives. We double dated a while, but that soon became messy when I started realizing none of your girlfriends were good enough for you. And all of my boyfriends were jerks, you told me repeatedly.

Finally, we came to an understanding where we would talk on the phone weekly, and we would get together a few times a month without our respective partners.

Now? We still love each other. That’s just what best friends do.

So I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when you called me up for your weekly bitch session, complaining about Joanie. She loved you, I was sure of this, but she just didn’t like sex. And it was driving you nuts. Sometimes when we had these conversations we would get horny as all hell, and we’d talk each other through cumming. That was the closest we ever allowed ourselves to get to having sex. I figured tonight would end up like that so I made myself comfortable on the couch and slipped a hand beneath my nightgown while we talked on the phone.

“It’s driving me crazy. How am I supposed to go on like this?” You asked me in earnest. “It’s been two months and she’s fine with it.”

“You sure she isn’t cheating on you?” I asked again. How could she NOT want to make love to this man? He was everything I ever dreamed about in a man, a lover. So much so that none of the men I ever dated matched up to him-my measure of the perfect man.

“I don’t know. I try to be a good lover. I spend so much time on her, I don’t rush. I could eat her out for hours if she would only let me, Lee. She just doesn’t like it. She never cums. Not like you, Miss Two Minute Moaner.”

“How can she not let you???” I slipped a finger over my clit, imagining it was your tongue. I moaned softly and I heard you chuckle.

“Are you gonna cum for me tonight, babe?” I just love it when you call me babe.

“If you want me to I can. I would cum for you every night if I were your woman.” I love you so much, I can’t understand how any woman wouldn’t want to cum for you.

I heard you groan and the phone made a rustling noise, as you shifted position. “Me too.” You said. There was silence and I knew you were slipping your hand down your pants as well. I always know the exact moment you do that. You don’t even have to tell me, I can hear it in your sigh.

“Where is she now?” I bit my lip and slipped a finger inside my cunt, dripping already with anticipation of you cumming with me.

“Inside watching the Soprano’s.”

“Ohh.” A quick, involuntary shudder of a mini climax, trembled through me. I removed my soaking wet finger out from between my cunt lips and sucked on it loudly, so you could hear what I was doing.

“Taste good?” You asked knowing all too well my reply. Your answers were coming clipped and short, and I knew you were working your cock as feverishly as I was rubbing my clit.

“Mmmm hmmmmmmm.” I responded and moaned again, a bit louder this time. “I’m cumming,” I offered you.

“Me too,” You replied, panting a bit. “Oh shiiiiitttt.” You said this breathlessly as you came and that set me off so I echoed your phrase. We breathed heavily for a moment together, then both of us laughed at the same time.

“I love you so much.” I said, waiting for your response. But you hesitated this time.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I was just thinking.”

“About?” I continued to rub my clit, enjoying the small tremors rippling out through my body.

“About why Joanie can’t enjoy sex like you do.”

“Maybe she’s gay?” I teased.

“Bi would be better. I could handle that. I wish she could just see. I wish you could just talk with her. Just once.”

“Ohhh no. No way. This is your relationship, I’m not gettin involved.”

Silence filled the air between us.


“Are you still touching yourself?” Your voice was still deep, deep like it gets when you’re working your hard cock and looking to get off with me.

“Um. Yeah. I guess you would say that.” I started caressing and rubbing in earnest again, circling my clit, massaging the folds where the lips part, slipping a finger in and out of the very juicy entrance to my cunt.

“What if you came over for dinner tomorrow night. And talked to her.”


“Come on. What if we just started talking about sex in front of her. Maybe she would open up. There’s got to be a reason she doesn’t like to have sex with me.”

“There is. She’s insane. Dump her and keep looking. I’ll bet she is gay. How can she resist you?”

“I can’t dump her. I think she loves me. I don’t want to hurt her.” You sucked in your breath and I heard the tissue box on your end rustle as he pulled out a wad of tissues. You were ready to shoot your load again.

“If I talk to her I may just tell her what a jerk she is and how she should be taking care of her man.”

You laughed and responded softly, “As well as you do?”

“No one can do it as well as me, darlin’.” I flirted with you, wishing for once I could break our vow and just fuck you. Just once.

“Come for dinner tomorrow night. Let’s just see what happens.”

“What could happen?” I slipped two fingers inside of myself and I felt my pussy pulse.

“Maybe I will get lucky and have both of you at the same time.” You groaned with the thought. “Fuuuuuuuuck,” you blew softly into the receiver and dropped the phone.

That was a good one for you, I thought, imagining you jerking off. That sent me over the edge. I cum again, thinking of having sex with you while your girlfriend watches.

“So. Uh. What time is dinner?” I asked breathlessly, the shudders of my last climax echoing in my words.

I arrived at 7 sharp, with a bottle of Jacks and a 6 pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. We have always drank Jack Daniels for as long as I can remember. She drinks the lemonade.

She hugged me and told me you were in the shower. I hugged her back, then followed her into the kitchen where we cracked open the JD and lemonade.

“How’s things?” She asked, a bit nervously. She was always nervous around me, touching things, straightening stuff, never just chilled out and relaxed. “Dating anyone yet?”

Nah. I shook my head, already very annoyed with her. I wanted to make her as uncomfortable as she was making me. “Lately it takes too much energy to find someone. I think all the good ones are taken.”

“Aww… I’m sorry. How long has it been since you and Pete split up?”

“Six months. No biggie. He annoyed the shit out of me. But at least he was good in bed.” I grinned and she blushed.

“So. How’s work?” She asked, ripping a napkin into tiny shreads and avoiding my eyes.

“Not bad. I work a lot of OT now so I’ve been busy.”

“Ah.” She swigged her drink and narrowed her gaze, lowering her voice. “Can I ask you a question?”

Sure. I nodded.

“I don’t want to pry.”

I shrugged. “Go for it.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t. I’m sorry.”

“Just ask!”

“Um. Peter. You said he was good in bed?”

I grinned again and rolled my eyes. “Was he ever.”

“Um. How… how many times a month did you guys do … you know.. do ‘it’?”

“A month??” I laughed. “You mean a week?”

“A week??? Oh no. I meant a month. You mean you did it every WEEK?”

“Um.. Yeahhh. Sometimes two and three times a night,” I clarified and she sputtered her lemonade, unprepared for my confession.


“Did you like it? or was it just like, you know, something he demanded you had to do so you did it just to keep him?”

It was my turn to sputter, a horrible waste of JD on the rocks. “I don’t do anything to keep any guy. I love sex.”

I looked her straight in the eye with that one.

“Me too,” You chime in from behind. I turn around to find you standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped around your waist. Droplets of water glisten on your shoulders. Your hair, still wet, is slicked back. You have the most incredible smile broadening your face. Your eyes are glittering. I see a lump in the middle of your towel just below your waist.

“Oh gosh, honey. You weren’t listening were you? We were having a girl talk here.” Her voice squeaks with humiliation as she questions you, seemingly unaffected by the sexy, masculine vision you create.

I don’t even think she realizes there’s nothing but a thin piece of yellow terry cloth separating her from complete euphoria.

“As a matter of fact I was, Joanie.” You walk over, never breaking eye contact with me, and reach for my glass. With one quick, swift toss you down its contents, then turn towards your girlfriend.

I feel my pantiless crotch grow moist. I think I am going to fuck you tonight.


“See Joanie? It’s okay to like sex.”

She looks at me, her face a bright hue of crimson, and shakes her head. “My mom once told me–”

“Honey, forget what Mom told you. She lied. Sex is great. Cumming is great. Making love is great. Don’t tell me you don’t like to fuck?” I tried to be as blunt as I could.

She gasps.

“Sorry.” I shrug and look at you. You wink with approval.

“You tell her,” You cheer me on. “Go on.” You grab her hand and pick up her drink, then lead her to the couch.

I get her another bottle from the fridge, refill my glass and pour you one, and carefully follow you two into the living. I sit on one side of you, she is on the other. Your towel, I notice, is parted and your leg is completely uncovered, all the way up your thigh. Your cock, I see, is as alert as ever.

Slowly I lean over and grab her hand. “Touch him.”

She pulls away and reaches for her drink, shaking her head. “Cut it out, this isn’t funny.”

You answer for both of us. “We’re not laughing.” Then, holy shit, you blow me away with your next move as you lean toward me and kiss me gently on the lips as your hand slips up and gently fondles my breast through my cotton button down shirt.

My thighs squeeze together of their own volition and I suck my breath in, pulling away. Your girlfriend, I notice, is mesmerized. I lean over and grab her hand, then slip it beneath your towel, laying it on your hard thick cock. I let go of her hand and trace a finger over her knuckles, downward, to your sack and fondle your balls softly. I watch you lean towards her and kiss her on the lips. She murmurs a protest and mutters something about embarassing her, but we both ignore her as I gulp my drink down then get on my knees between your legs.

I slip her hand lower, to cup your balls, and I push your towel aside as you continue to kiss her deeply. Licking my lips I lean forward and draw my tongue slowly up your beautiful cock, from your balls to your tip. You thrust forward, never breaking the kiss. I hear you groan.
Her hand moves from your balls to my head, resting on my crown.

I begin my assault on your rock hard rod, sucking and swirling my tongue around its tip. Slowly I inch you into my mouth, between my lips, over my tongue. You snake your way into my mouth, inch by inch, inch by inch, until the head of your cock is pressing against the back of my throat. I begin to bob my head slowly up and down, working your balls and your shaft with one hand, sucking and licking your cock with my mouth and tongue.

I taste your pre-cum and begin to moan as I work you a bit faster. You move your hand to the top of my head and apply a bit of pressure. I keep going- completely caught up in blowing you, finally. I feel your cock tighten, your balls feel like they’re ready to explode. You grab my hair. So I stop. I pull you slowly out of my mouth breathing heavily and lick the tip of your cock clean. Looking up, I notice the two of you have stopped kissing and are watching me. Her mouth is hanging open. Your hand is is still wrapped in my hair. I grin and look up at you and you wink again.

“Maybe we should go in the bedroom where there’s more room?”

“I… I … I…” she stammers as you and I stand. She follows us without uttering another word.

I turn the bed back as you undress her slowly, blouse first, then kneeling, you unzip her jeans and slowly drag them down over her thighs. Her panties come off as I unclasp her bra. She is naked now. We both look at each other, a bit in shock, as if to say “Now what?”

“You two want me to leave?” I ask, suddenly feeling like an outsider.

Both of you, surprisingly, shout “No!” in unison. You look at her with total disbelief, as do I. I begin to strip slowly, seeing as how I am the last one dressed.

I unbutton my cotton black blouse slowly, one button at a time, my gaze never leaving your face. The longing is apparent as you take in my lace black bra, my bared midriff, my belly button as I unbutton and unzip my jeans. You swear softly when you notice I have no panties on.

My gaze moves to your girlfriend as I slip my hand inside between my legs, pushing my middle finger against my slick clit, my newly shaved bald pussy. I move toward her, and reach out my hand to her curly haired patch. She jerks involuntarily as I touch her. I lower my mouth to her breast and slip my finger between the lips of her cunt. She’s wet. So wet.

You move away and disappear into the bathroom and I pause, not knowing what to do next. So I take this time to move towards the bed, maneuvering her gently down so that her head rests against the pillows. She moves like she is in a trance, not sure what to do unless I direct her.

You return with a scissor, razor, a bowl of hot, soapy water and some towels and look at me with a look of surprise that echoes my own sentiments. I shrug as you hand me the scissor and razor, but you nod your head towards her and climb on the bed, laying next to her.

As you kiss her soundly I kneel between her legs, lathering up her pussy until its a nice, soapy mess. The second I touch the scissor to her curly pubic hair she squeals and sits up. You cradle her and nudge her to lay down, your hand sliding over her nipples as you begin to kiss her again. She moans softly and you give me a thumbs up as I continue to trim her bush.

Once her hair is cropped closely I begin to shave her so that her pussy is completely bald. Each stroke of the razor turns me on as I’ve never been turned on before. I find myself licking my lips in anticipation of her newly shaved pussy. I want to have first licks. I chuckle to myself, wondering if that’s how that saying was originated. I continue to shave and trim until she is as bald as I am. I slide a hand over her glistening lips, wiping them clean with a damp washcloth. I slip a finger inside of her and at the same time inside my own pussy and we both moan softly. The sound of us causes you to stop kissing her and look up. You shake your head in disbelief once again at what you are witnessing, what you are taking part in, and move away from her to come towards me.

Your girlfriend watches through half closed lids, unable to move as you wrap your arms around me and pull me to you. Your lips mold around mine and you steal my breath away with your urgency. You whisper how badly you want to fuck me but I shake my head and push you away.

I crawl over to your girlfriend and begin suckling her breasts, one at a time while kneading the other, pinching the nipple softly between my index finger and thumb. I suck on the other, rolling my tongue around the tip until it beads up like a hard little pearl. I rake my teeth ever so softly across it and she whimpers and squirms.

You slip your finger inside my sopping wet cunt, working my clit as if your fingers were my own fingers and I cum within seconds, washing your hand with my juices. I bite her nipple and moan loudly, pushing my cunt into your palm and arching my back as the trembling shakes my body. When finally the rippling slows and ceases I release her breast and focus my gaze on your straining cock, licking my lips with my intention quite evident.

Grabbing her ankles you gently slide her down the bed so her butt comes just to the edge. You kneel on the carpetted floor, thighs spread apart just enough so I can slide beneath you on my back. As you bend over to lick her slick cunt I rest my head against the side of the bed nice and comfy and begin to lick your long, thick shaft slowly upwards from the base. I bring my hands around your legs and grab your ass, raking my nails across your skin as I push the tip of your cock between my parted moistened lips. My tongue flicks your tip, and I tickle the hole with the tip of my tongue, tasting your cum already.

Slowly I suck you into my mouth, licking my way around your cock and back down. You start thrusting your hips, driving your cock deeper down my throat. Your girlfriend yells, “Ohhh Goddddddddd!” as your tongue and lips and teeth bring her to the best orgasm she’s ever had. You cum as well, shooting your load in my mouth, on my face over my breasts and belly. You taste sweet and hot and I just love the way you fuck my mouth. You slow down as she quiets down and the three of us just stay connected for a minute, your lips and tongue licking and kissing her clit, my lips wrapped around your still hard cock.

Finally you move away from me, offering me a hand to help me stand and the two of us crawl up onto the bed next to Joanie. We lay for a while, dozing and not saying anything, she under one of your arms, me under the other.

After all, what are best friends for?

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