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Fantasy Weekend

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I got home late Thursday night…exhausted from a long day at school. Luckily tomorrow was a holiday and I had just completed my midterm and turned in all my papers. I had absolutely nothing to do…and was very much looking forward to the three day weekend. It had been a couple weeks since that magical spring break week at the beach house with Ally. I had high expectations for this weekend…perhaps a tryst with Ally.

But all that was shot to hell when I learned that Ally would be spending the entire three day weekend over at Melissa’s house. Melissa and Ally were both on the cheerleading team at their college and a group of girls were spending the weekend over at Melissa’s house to practice over the long weekend since Melissa’s parents were not going to be at home the entire weekend…something about an out of town wedding they had to attend. I was crushed upon hearing the news…Ally and I hadn’t really gotten the opportunity to fool around much since the beach house and I was sure that this would be the weekend for an opportune encounter….but alas…I guess it was not to be.

After learning the devastating news I made my way to my room collapsing on my bed…falling fast asleep. I tossed and turned all night due to my sexual frustration. I was awoken early Friday morning by Ally who was standing in my room with her bags.

“Hey James…sorry to wake you…but mom’s a bit busy…could you give me a lift over to Melly’s place?” she questioned.

Not wanting to disappoint her I agreed, “Just give me a few minutes…I’ll meet you in the car.”

“Thanks lil bro,” she bubbly responded planting a kiss on my cheek, and making her way out my room.

I got off my bed…and made my way into my bathroom…after a quick shower and brushing my teeth I went down to the car to meet Ally. She was patiently waiting sitting on the trunk of the car…her legs crossed beneath her cheerleading skirt and a bag pack on her lap.

“Took you long enough,” she jokingly said.

I stuck out my tongue teasingly at her in reply.

“Don’t show it if you don’t intend to use it!” she retorted…with a sly grin.

I hopped in the car and started the engine…Ally soon followed and we were off.

“So James…what are you going to be doing this weekend?” Ally questioned.

“Well I don’t know…you’re gone so there’ll be less excitement than expected,” I replied.

“Awww…I really wished I could be with you this weekend but we have a big game coming up this weekend and the girls and I really need to practice.”

“Yea…I know…don’t even worry about it…I understand.”

The rest of the trip was pretty much Ally and I making small talk. As we neared the corner of Melissa’ house Ally turned to me.

“Jimmy…when was the last time you masturbated?”

Catching me a bit off guard with her question I was a bit confused. “Umm…well I haven’t really masturbated since we umm…you know…” was my reply.

“So that’ll be like two or three weeks right?”

“Umm yea…I guess so.”

“So I guess you’re probably going to beat off this weekend being so long since you hadn’t and since you’re all alone?”

“Well…I hadn’t really thought about it…but I guess I would,” I told her as I pulled up in front Melissa’s house.

“What if I made you an offer that would be much more enjoyable than jerking off by yourself?” she continued.

“What kind of offer?” I inquisitively asked as I began to become intrigued.

“What do you say you come spend the weekend with me and the girls?”

Befuddled and excited at the proposal “Well I don’t know Ally…that’ll be kind of awkward…they’re all your friends.”

“Ohh come on James…you know they all love you, and you could help us…you know tell us if any of our moves need improving…and I promise you…it’ll be the best weekend of your life…I’ll make sure of it,” she replied smiling at me.

“Well ok…but we’ll have to head back home for me to get some clothes.” I finally agreed.

“Ohh…no don’t worry…we’ll figure something out when that time comes,” she replied, with that coy look on her face as though a million ideas were running through her head.

“Well ok…I guess we better go inside now,” I said opening my door to step out.

“Not so fast mister…there’s just one little catch to this fantasy weekend,” Ally said grabbing my hand preventing me from leaving.

I closed the door to hear what she had to say.

“You have to wear this the entire weekend…and only remove it when I give you permission,” Ally instructed rummaging through her purse and raising her hand which was gripping some sort of rubber ring.

“It’s a cock ring James…it’s designed to keep you in a certain state and help prevent you from cumming.”

Shocked at Ally’s intentions I didn’t know what to say. And without waiting for an answer Ally unzipped my fly. She dipped her hands through the fly of my boxers and retrieved my cock, her warm hand wrapped right around me. My shaft was semi erect only till the point that Ally started stroking me. After I became fully erect Ally placed the ring on the tip of my penis. She then started to roll the device down the length of my shaft. The rubber ring was sturdy…and tight around my cock. Ally rolled it right down to the base of my shaft. When she was done she gave me two more quick strokes smirking at the predicament she had put me in. She stuffed my cock back into my pants against its will and zipped me up.

I followed Ally to the front door my cock aching under my pants. Ally knocked on the door and we waited. Melissa opened the door…her beauty struck me right away. She was really a stunning girl…long brown hair to her shoulders…perfect breasts…round and firm just as my sister’s. She was wearing her short pleated cheerleading skirt showing off her legs, and a tight halter top…apparently with out a bra, her nipples pressing against the sheer material.

“Hey…Ally…the girls are in the backyard…come on in.”

Ally stepped aside to reveal my presence.

“Mel…you know James…he’s decided to join us for the weekend.”

“Ohh…hey James…that’s great…come in come in,” she shrieked.

Ally and I followed Melissa inside…Ally dumping her bag at the base of the staircase.

“Well James…I’m sure the girls will be delighted you’re joining us…I know I am,” Melissa said while leading us into the backyard.

Feeling shy…and blushing quite a lot I murmured back, “Umm…thanks Melissa.”

We finally made it to the back yard to greet the other two girls.

I stood in awe at the two beauties I discovered in the back yard. Ashley the blonde haired vixen wasn’t wearing much…a sports bra to support her pert breasts and one of those skin tight shorts that ended on the curve of her ass. When I first saw her she was stretching…in preparation for practice. She was bending over her arms outstretched in front her…the tights she had on caused a perfect camel to be displayed. My loins immediately began to stir…then I turned my attention to Roxy…she was sitting on the grass…her legs spread wide apart…if there wasn’t the presence of her short pink skirt I probably would have exploded right there in my pants. When the girls saw us they came over and hugged Ally, then turned their attention to me.

“Hey James…what are you still doing here? Trying to catch an eyeful I bet,” teased Roxy, causing me to blush more than I already was.

“Oooo…he’s going to be spending the weekend here with us,” announced Melissa.

“Awesome…glad you could stay Jimmy,” Ashley said shyly. She was the youngest of all the girls…yet still a year older than me.

“Well…I guess we better get started girls,” Melissa said…taking my hand and leading me over to the patio table and chairs.

“You sit here James….you could help judge our moves.”

“Umm…sure thing Melissa,” I casually replied.

I sat down while the girls lined up on the grass and started their routine. Needless to say, the sight of these four girls frolicking around in their skimpy attire…their toned bodies filling out the right places was a major turn on. I kept shifting in my chair trying to adjust the position of my hardened cock which was now permanently stiff…thanks to Ally’s cock ring.

“Damn…we need Steven to do the lift…how else will we know if the routine meets the time requirement,” I heard Roxy angrily grunt.

“Maybe James could help…you wouldn’t mind that would you James?” chimed in Melissa

“Umm…I guess not…just tell me what I have to do,” I reluctantly said.

“All you have to do is grab Melly by the waist and lift her above you head when I give you the word…in the meanwhile…just stand behind the line and wait for your cue…you think you can mange?” Roxy informed me.

“Sure…no problem.” I replied.

“Great…lets go!” and excited Melissa shrieked.

I stood behind the four girls. Ally to my far right…then Ashley…then Melissa in front of me…and Roxy to my left. I stared at all of them from behind; Ashley’s ass in those tights was amazing…perfectly round. Melissa’s and Roxy’s skirts were so low…the lower half of their firm butt cheeks were visible from under them.

“OK….lets go!!” screamed my sister.

The girls started their routine…jumping, kicking, and screaming when Roxy gave me my cue.

“Now James!” she screamed.

I immediately put my hands of the small of Melissa’s back…lifting her above my shoulders…allowing me the perfect view up her skirt to see her white cotton panties…the lips of her pussy pressed tightly against them. I sat her down on me…her firm ass pressed on my shoulder. When we were done I brought her back down to her feet. Thankfully we had to practice this over and over again. About a half hour later we were still practicing when rain slowly but surely started to fall. I looked around to see the girls slowly becoming exposed by the wetness hitting their bodies. Everyone was now soaked and it was apparent that the between Roxy, Ally, and Melissa…only Roxy was wearing a bra. Ally and Melissa were so soaked that their pert breasts were clearly on display. Their bra-less tits showed how cold they were with their nipples fully erect…poking through their shirts. I looked at Ashley, her blonde hair plastered to her face…water running down her stomach…drenching her shorts. As I turned to Roxy…I looked down to her wet skirt clinging to her ass. Her top stuck to her skin… her lace bra showing clearly through the almost transparent tee shirt, her rounded breasts and her nipples, hardened by the cold.

We continued practicing…as Melissa mounted my shoulder for like the 12th time…I began to lose my grip…due to her now slick body. Melissa came crashing down on me…I leaned back and fell to the floor so I could break her fall. Melissa landed straight on top of me…her legs wrapping around mine. I looked up at her…she was staring into my eyes with a smile. The rest of the girls started to laugh at what had happened. In the meantime…a soaked blonde haired girl lay on top of me. My permanently stiff cock began to twitch beneath my pants. My dick was lodged into Melissa’s inner thigh…and no doubt…she felt it. Melissa looked down at me…a wide grin across her face as she shifted her legs a bit…sliding it along the length of my hard cock…subtly enough not to lead on the other girls but to make sure I knew what she was doing.

After a few seconds of Melissa grinding into me she got off…offering me her hand to pull me up. As she brought me to her feet she said to the other girls.

“I think James’ hands are tiring…and with the rain and all…we better call it a day…what do you say we hit the mall?”

“Sure thing,” replied Ally.

“Ok…Ally…you’re bunking with Ashley and Roxy…so you can carry your bag in the downstairs guestroom with theirs and you all can get changed,” announced Melissa, the three girls following her instructions and heading inside.

“James…you’re all alone in the upstairs guest room next to my bedroom so you can get changed there.”

I nodded my head and Melissa and I headed upstairs to the guest room. Melissa went into her room and closed the door and I went into the guest room…where it then dawned on me that I had no clothes. I had totally forgotten. I headed downstairs to the girls’ room to speak with Ally but she was in the shower. I headed back upstairs to wait for her….right before I entered my room I heard Melissa’s voice.

“James…is that you…are you ready?”

“Umm…yea…about that…I kinda forgot…I have no clothes…I guess I’m going to head home to get some…I’m just waiting for Ally to get out the shower to tell her.”

“Ohh…nonsense James…you cant drive home soaked like that…come in here….I’m sure we can find something for you to wear.”

I opened the door to Melissa’s room and entered. I found her standing by the bed. She was wearing a pink bra that squeezed her B cup breasts together and a black skirt. Upon seeing her I quickly closed the door.

“I’m sorry…I thought you said to come in…I didn’t know you weren’t dressed,” I tried to explain.

“James…its ok…I did say you could come in…its not like I’m naked,” she replied, laughing as she did so… “Now get back in here!”

I re-entered the room and now found Melissa rummaging through her draws…then her closet.

“Here we go,” I heard her say as she emerged from her closet.

“I knew my ex forgot these,” she continued…tossing me a pair of jeans.

“Now for a shirt,” she said as she perused her own clothes to find something suitable.

“Ahh…this’ll work,” she said handing me on of her shirts…it looked as if it would fit.

“Now…lets get these off,” said Melissa…as she held on to my wet t-shirt, pulling it over my head.

“Umm…I can handle it…I’ll just do it in my room,” I tried to protest.

“Well…James…I need to see how it looks…I can’t have you out there looking foolish in a girl’s shirt…I wouldn’t want to embarrass you like that,” Melissa explained as she completely removed my damp tee revealing my chest. I shivered a little…feeling the cold air of the AC hit my naked wet skin. I quickly put on the shirt…it was a bit tight but was usable. Melissa took a step back to get a good look and nodded in a sign of satisfaction.

“Now…lets get these icky wet pants off,” she continued as she started unbuckling my belt….followed by the button of my pants.

“Melissa…I don’t think we should be doing this,” I said in an attempt to stop her.

“James…don’t be silly…we’re all adults…its not like you have anything I haven’t seen,” she said as she hunched over and unzipped me. In the position she was in…leaned over…I was able to get a great view of her cleavage…her pink bra pushing her firm breasts up. The sight caused my penis to twitch ever so slightly. As Melissa finished unzipping me…she pulled my pants down to my ankles…coming face to face with my wet boxers snaked around the length of my hardon.

“These wet boxers will have to go too,” and without hesitation or before I could stop her, Melissa pulled the wet material clinging to my crotch right down…my dick bouncing up as she passed my underwear over it. Melissa’s eyes locked onto the sight of my cock…and then she realized the ring.

“What’s this James?” she questioned…trying to hold back laughter.

“Umm…well you see…hmm…it’s a…umm…it was Ally’s idea…she said if I wanted to spend the weekend I’d have to wear it the whole weekend,” I tried to explain…feeling completely embarrassed.

“Oh…that Ally…such a devil…anyway…its nice,” she replied with a smile.

“Now…unfortunately my ex didn’t leave behind any underwear…and considering the state you are in…it’s not a good idea to go commando…in someone else’s jeans no less…you wouldn’t want to catch something.”

“Well…what would you suggest?” I asked.

“Hmm…let me see,” Melissa replied as she got up and again started rummaging through her draw. “You could wear this,” she excitedly said pulling out a pair of navy blue bikini cut panties”

I was shocked, “What…no way…are you crazy?” I protested.

“James…don’t be a baby…its only a piece of clothing…no different from briefs…we will however need to give you a little trim…I wouldn’t want your pubes getting all over my knickers.”

Without even getting my consent she grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into her bathroom.

“Sit here!” she said pointing to the edge of her tub…I complied…

“Spread you legs…I promise to be careful.”

“Ally said I was not to remove the ring though,” I protested.

“No problem,” replied Melissa…taking the ring in her fingers rolling it up my shaft…right up below the head of my penis. “There…it’s not off…and it’s out of my way…now…spread em!”

I opened my legs as Melissa went to work on me with a pair of scissors. With every snip I saw my pubes drop to the white tile floor of the bathroom. When my hair was relatively short…she grabbed a can of shaving cream. “As long as we’re doing this we might as well do a good job,” she coyly said as I nodded, giving her permission. Melissa sprayed the cream into her palms and started rubbing it over my crotch building up lather. She took hold of my cock…sliding her warm hands over the slick shaft. Then she turned on the faucet of the tub…and wiped her hands clean. Melissa then took a disposable razor in her hand and began to slowly stroke away my pubes. After each stroke she would let the water of the faucet run over the blade…washing it clean. As I sat there in utter bliss, I took a moment to admire the sheer beauty of the girl before me. Melissa was in fine shape…every inch of her body toned…her flat stomach…up to her delectable breasts. Melissa took the tip of my penis and held it between her index finger and thumb while she used the other hand to shave around the curves where my shaft met my body. When it was all over…I was completely shaved…Melissa running her hands over the now smooth surface of my crotch…and enjoying it quite a bit. She finally rolled the cock ring back down from the tip to the base continuing my agony. Melissa saw the pain/pleasure the device was causing me.

“Don’t worry James…I’m sure you will get some before the weekend is over,” she said with a smirk… as she laid a quick but wet kiss on my lips…her tongue briefly exploring my mouth. “Now lets get you dressed…you’re now able to wear these,” she said…holding up the panties. She slipped the garment under my ankles an up my legs…stretching them a bit to fit around my waist. She took hold of my stiff cock one last time to stuff it into her panties and adjust it into a comfortable position. “You can finish getting dressed now…meet us in the car.” I watched as Melissa left…grabbing a shirt on her way out. I quickly put on the jeans and made my way down to the car.

“Hey James…have a seat,” said Ashley from the backseat of Melissa’s yellow Volkswagen Beatle. Ashley slid over…her pink short dress riding up her legs to giving me an enjoyable eyeful. I sat down beside her; Melissa was in the driver’s seat and Ally shotgun.

“We’re just waiting for Roxy,” Ashley informed me.

As Roxy came out wearing a short white skirt and tank top we realized that there was not enough room. No matter how we positioned ourselves…the three of us could not fit.

“Well…Roxy…just sit on James’ lap…it’s not a long trip,” suggested Ally

Roxy quickly took that as a personal invitation from me and plopped herself down on my lap…adjusting her skirt so she wasn’t revealing too much. Her hair was right in front my face…and the smell was amazing…the great scent that only a female has. As we made our way down Melissa’s street we passed over some speed bumps in the road. The frequent movements up and down caused Roxy to be frequently pressing down weight on me…almost jiggling up and down on me. Soon…my hardon began to grow…poking Roxy from below. She let out a soft gasp as she felt me. The others were not aware…but Roxy looked down at me…holding my face in her hand smiling at me. Roxy began shifting her weight around…sliding her ass over my dick….all the while looking at my eyes and smiling as she gyrated over me. Thankfully we had arrived at the mall…I didn’t know how much more teasing I could have taken before cumming in my pants. We all filed out of the car and into the mall. After about an hour of walking around we found ourselves in front of a Victoria’s Secret.

“Oh…I just need to pop in here to pick up some stuff,” said Melissa…leading us into the store.

The girls quickly dispersed through the store…leaving Roxy and I together.

“Well this must be a little awkward…a guy in this kinda store with four girls,” she commented.

“Umm…yea…a little,” I murmured feeling a bit shy since it was Roxy who was sitting atop my hardon in the car.

Roxy grabbed my arm and led me to the back of the store… “Maybe I could help you feel a little more comfortable,” she said as she led me into a dressing room…locking the door behind her.

Roxy then leaned in and started to kiss me…penetrating my mouth with her warm wet tongue. My hands instinctively moved down to her ass. I laid both my hands on Roxy’s firm ass…rubbing the material of her skirt against that of her panties. Roxy moved her hands south as she began to fondle my hardened cock through my jeans. I raised one of my hands, bringing it to her breasts and began groping her milky white tits through her top. Before long…there was a knock at the door… “We’re good to go…” came Ally’s voice from the other side of the door…bringing our make out session to a devastating halt. Roxy retracted her tongue from my mouth…and fixed her skirt.

“Looks like we’re going to have to finish up a little later” said Roxy…as she licked her lips smiling up at me.

I let go of her ass and positioned my cock in my jeans and we left the room. When we made our way to the front of the store we met the girls, who were all clutching Victoria’s Secret bags and giggling at Roxy and myself. Apparently they had no doubt of what we were doing in the dressing room.

We once again piled into the car…Roxy…again on my lap…this time being more aggressive with her gyrations on the way home. We pulled up into Melissa’s driveway and all went inside. The girls decided to watch a movie so they were in the kitchen making popcorn while I filed through Melissa’s movie collection trying to select one. They all came out…popcorn and all and sat down on the couch. I slid in the DVD and pulled up a chair.

“C’mon James…there’s enough room on the couch for all of us,” yelled Ashley…shifting around making room for me between Ally and herself. So I made my way over…sitting down between the two blondes. As the movie came to an end the girls made their way to their room and Melissa and I headed upstairs to our rooms. Once in my room I decided to take a shower so I took off my clothes, jumped in the shower and turned on the faucet only to be greeted with a loud croaking noise and no water. I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist and headed over to Melissa’s room. I was about to knock on her door when I realized it was already opened. I opened it just a bit …

“Hey…umm…Melissa…I think there’s something wrong with the shower in the guest room.”

Melissa swung open the door…she too was in a towel…. “Ohh…I totally forgot…that shower doesn’t work…it completely slipped my mind…I was now about to jump into the shower myself…but you can go in first,” she explained.

“No…its okay…you can go ahead…I’ll wait,” I replied.

“No no…you’re the guest…you first,” she insisted.

“No really…it’s fine…you go,” I continued to protest.

Then….a smile came across her face… “I’ll tell you what James….why don’t you come shower with me…”

Shocked and excited at her offer I agreed…nodding my head.

“Okay then…follow me,” Melissa said…turning and walking towards her bathroom…dropping her towel right before she walked in. I too dropped my towel and followed her in…my bouncing cock leading the way. As I entered I saw Melissa had already turned on the shower and was standing there waiting for me…completely naked. Her tanned body was a thing of beauty…her breasts now completely free were so perky…her nipples fully erect. I glanced down to her nether regions…a thin strip of hair below her flat stomach lead to her pussy. The magnificent view was causing me to grow at a remarkable speed. Seeing this Melissa swiftly moved forward grabbing my cock.

“We better take this off before you get too hard to remove it,” she said smiling as she rolled the cock ring off me. Its removal was a great relief to me. Dropping the ring to the floor Melissa stepped into the shower. I watched as the water cascaded off her body…her hair slowly becoming drenched. Melissa turned around…facing her ass to me…looking over her shoulder smiling at me. She handed me a bar of soap… “A little help James.”

I took the soap and lathered up my hands…then moved them to her body. I rubbed my hands all over her back…the suds quickly building. I dropped my hands to her round ass…groping them with my hands…I slipped my fingers deeper…gently gliding them over Melissa’s smooth pussy…resulting in a sultry moan from Melissa. I raised my hands and reached around…fondling her tits which soon became slippery with lather.

Melissa turned around facing me…my cock now pressed upwards into her stomach. She kissed me lightly as she took my cock in her hands and slowly began stroking me. When she broke our kiss…Melissa dropped to her knees…the water running all over her. She stared intensely at my engorged cock before slipping it insider her mouth. I ran my fingers through her wet hair as she engulfed my cock over and over…her warm saliva bringing loud moans to my mouth. After a couple minutes of sucking on my dick she stood up taking my hands in hers. She pushed me back…pinning me against the cold tile walls. With her left hand pushing mine into the wall she lowered her right hand…taking hold of my bobbing cock. She lined it up with her vagina…pressing the head of my cock against her swollen lips. Melissa then pushed her hips forward…my cock sliding into her slick cunt.

“Ohh God!…mhmmmm!” she moaned.

When her right arm released mine…I took the opportunity to grab her by the waist. I spun her around…pinning her into the wall. She wrapped her legs around my waist while I held her up…my hands gripping her ass. I started thrusting into her tight pussy…its warmth swallowing my cock as I slid back and forth into her. Before long I felt her cunt spasm as it gripped on to my shaft.

“OOhhhhhh Fuck!!!…..Yess…..Mmhmmmm!!! Ahhh!” she screamed as her orgasm peaked…her vagina pulsating around my cock.

As she was coming down from her high she swiftly turned around…sticking out her ass…lowering her hands and spreading the lips of her pussy. I took hold of my dick…pressing it once again into her waiting cunt. I pushed forward penetrating her again. I felt her as she pressed her ass back…meeting the thrusts of my waist. I took hold of her hips as I continued driving my cock in and out of her pussy…the water from the shower cascading over both out bodies.

“Ahh….mhmmmm…ahhhh!! ooohhhh!” she began to scream as Melissa’s second orgasm approached. This time I was also about to cum…as I felt cum nearing the tip of my cock. I started thrusting my cock harder and deeper into Melissa’s body as she continued screaming…her cunt once again tightening around my shaft. I felt my cock twitch right before I started violently bucking my hips…as my cock exploded…and I began spurting warm cum deep inside of Melissa.

“Ohh God…” I grunted as I continued ramming Melissa from behind.

When I felt Melissa’s cunt loosen its grip on me I finished off with two slow thrusts expelling my last drop of cum. I pulled out my dick from her pussy as Melissa turned around smiling at me…exhausted. She leaned in to kiss me…sliding her tongue into my mouth. She then leaned back…propping herself up on the wall completely spent…the warm water of the shower beating down on us.

After we finished up in the shower we made our way to Melissa’s bedroom.

“Ohh…James…I almost forgot…I picked you up something at the store today,” she said…tossing me a pink hipster panty.

“I thought you’d like it,” she smiled.

Knowing I had nothing else to wear I slipped the garment on…the tight fabric once again constraining my penis. Melissa walked up to me…rubbing my cock through the smooth material. She planted a kiss on my cheek and jumped into bed.

“Good night sweetie….see you in the morning.”

I made my way out her room…peeking around the corner just to be sure no one was there…since I didn’t want the other girls seeing me dressed like this. Once I was safely in my room I closed the door and jumped under the covers…falling fast asleep.

When morning finally came…I awoke with a pestering hardon pressing into the smooth texture of the panties Melissa had given me. I changed into my shirt and boxers that were now dry and made my way downstairs. I was greeted by an empty house…the girls were no where to be seen. I found myself in the backyard where I found a lone Ashley lounging by the pool in purple bikini. I took a moment to admire her beautiful body in her skimpy outfit before speaking.

“Hey Ashley…where is everyone?”

“Oh hi James…they all went out to get some breakfast…I just thought I’d work on my tan,” she replied, “Why don’t you join me?” she continued.

I approached her and lay down on the lounge chair next to hers. Ashley glanced over at me smiling before laying her head back down. I tried to keep my eyes straight ahead but couldn’t help glance over to the young beautiful toned body lying right next to me. Sure enough…after a few minutes of stealing glances at her perfectly firm breasts and smooth flat stomach, my cock started to twitch as it began to harden beneath my boxers. I rustled around trying to adjust my cock so Ashley would not notice it. All my movements caught Ashley’s attention and she turned over to see what I was up to. Before I could successfully conceal my hardon…Ashley had already locked her eyes on it.

“Did I cause that?” she asked.

Embarrassed that I was caught I fumbled for words, “Um..well…I’m sorry…I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“No no James…it’s perfectly fine…you’re only human…but you didn’t answer my question…Did I do that?”

“Well..umm…I guess so,” I replied.

“You guess so?!?” she retorted.

“Well no…I know so,” I replied.

This brought a wide grin to Ashley’s face.

“Umm…do you mind showing…umm…what I mean is…hmm…can I see it?” Ashley reluctantly asked.

Enticed by her curiosity I complied… slowly raising my body…slipping my boxers down my legs…my study cock revealing itself…standing at attention. Ashley’s eyes widened at the sight of my engorged cock. She sat there speechless.

“Do you mind…rubbing it for me?” she shyly asked.

Feeling a little bold now I replied, “Well…I’m going to need some visual stimulation.”

Hesitating for a minute, Ashley brought her hand up to her breasts and started massaging them…squeezing her firm tits together. As she continued her assault on her breasts, I started my own on my cock. I laid my hand on my shaft and slowly began stroking up and down…all the while keeping my eyes on Ashley’s magnificent breasts…her eyes locked onto my cock. As my show continued I noticed the crotch of Ashley’s bikini slowly becoming damp. Ashley looked down to see what I was staring at and she too now saw what was happening to her. Leaving one hand on her right breast, she brought the other down to her crotch and started rubbing her pussy lips through the now wet bikini. As our actions became more intense we were startled by the sound of Melissa’s car pulling up in the driveway. I saw Ashley quickly cover up her breasts and remove her hand from her crotch. I followed her…packing my hardon back into my boxers.

“I guess we’ll have to finish up later,” said Ashley smiling at me as she headed inside to greet the girls.

I stood up and followed her into the kitchen. The girls greeted us with huge bags from IHOP. We all sat around the table as we started eating breakfast. Ashley and Ally were seated opposite me, and Roxy and Melissa on the sides of the square table. I sat alone on one side. Halfway through the meal I felt something that sent shockwaves through my entire body…a foot…running along my thigh. I looked up from my plate to the other girls…they all had their heads down. It could have been any one of them. I kept my eyes on them all as the mystery foot made its way closer to my crotch clutching my boxers in its toes…gently tugging on them. I subtly lowered my hand to hold on to my boxers and accidentally grabbed the wondrous foot. It was then I saw Roxy to my left raise her head…grinning at me while the foot at my crotch pushed harder forcing me to release my grip on her. At least I knew now that it was Roxy who was my tormentor. I shot her back a smile of my own as her foot finally reached the depths of my crotch. I felt her as soon as her foot made contact with my stiffening shaft through the material of my boxers. I looked around…the other girls busy with their meals…unaware of the sheer pleasure I was experiencing beneath the table. Roxy was now rubbing the length of my cock with the curl of her toes. Soon enough she got me really worked up and I was fully erect and she was violently stroking me with the sole of her foot. As time went by, the girls left the table one by one going off to do various activities leaving Roxy and I at the table alone. She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes…her foot still resting in my lap. Without a word…Roxy got up took me by the arm and led me up the stairs…leaving me staring at her sweet ass entrapped in her short skirt. When we reached my room Roxy sat me down on a chair and started walking over to the shelf.

“I have a little treat for you James,” she said as she turned on the stereo, softly so the others would not be able to hear. As Roxy turned around she began moving her hips…slowly beginning a sultry dance, swaying her hips to the rhythm of the music. She slowly removed her skirt and top revealing her matching black bra and panties. Seeing her tight body nearly naked…my dick immediately stood up…pushing against my boxers. Roxy…seeing my reaction Roxy knelt down in front me and started tugging on my boxers. Soon enough she had slipped them off me…my cock springing to life before her eyes. I saw her big brown eyes brighten as she stepped back continuing her sultry moves. My eyes were locked on to her breasts…pushed together by her tight bra. Roxy turned away from me…slightly pushing out her ass to me…her silk panties wedged between her cheeks. I stared as she unclasped her bra…letting it fall to the floor…and turned to face me…her breasts now covered by her hands. She smiled at me acknowledging my obvious delight. Roxy slowly lowered her hands revealing her marvelous tits to me. They appeared so firm…and topped with hard pink nipples. Roxy made her way towards me…straddling the chair I was sitting on. She placed her hands below my shirt…lifting it over my head. Her panty clad pussy was now pressed against my hardened cock as she started gyrating…rubbing up and down my length. I lowered my head taking her right nipple in my mouth as she began to moan.

As Roxy continued her grinding she lowered her hand to her crotch… bringing it back up to my face…soaked with her juices. She ran her wet fingers along the outlines of my lips before slipping her fingers into my mouth allowing me to suck on them…tasting her juices. She shifted back a little…releasing my cock that was trapped between our pressed together stomachs. Roxy then removed her fingers from my mouth…lowering them once again…taking hold of my shaft and slowly stroking me…causing me to moan in ecstasy. Before long…Roxy released me and lifted herself off my just a bit…with her now free hand she grabbed her panties and pushed them to the side…briefly revealing to me her completely shaved pussy. She moved up a little more so that she was over my sturdy cock. She slowly lowered herself…causing the tip of my penis to now press against her warm opening. She brought her face to mine…planting a deep sensuous kiss on me…slipping her tongue into my mouth before pushing down…my cock plunging deep into her tight cunt. She sat on me a while…my cock buried in her as we reveled in our kiss…before she started shifting herself up and down. Within a couple minutes Roxy was moving up and down on my cock in a swift rhythm…her panty clad ass slapping down on my lap as she came down. Roxy was now leaned back…her head arched behind her as she continued gyrating on me…moaning in pleasure. Being in that position…trapped beneath Roxy…I could do nothing but sit there as she continued thrashing about on me, my cock plunging in and out of her. As she was still wearing her panties…the experience was more enjoyable since the pushed aside underwear provided a tighter fit. Roxy raised her head and now stared deep into my eyes hinting that she was close. Considering I had no relief from my earlier encounter with Ashley out at the pool I was pretty close to cumming myself. I placed my hands on Roxy’s hips as I began thrusting into her cunt…my thrusts meeting her movements. After only a short while I felt Roxy’s lips tighten as she began moaning a little louder now. Almost the same time…I felt my cock start to surge as I continued thrusting. I wrapped my arms around Roxy…hugging her close to my body as I felt my own body start to spasm just as I felt Roxy’s juices begin to flow…making our movements slicker. With one final thrust I felt my cock explode its juices deep inside Roxy’s cunt…as her screaming became louder. Roxy collapsed over my shoulder…breathing heavily…my dick still buried inside her. As my shaft began to shrink…she lifted herself off me…but not before laying another tongue penetrating kiss on me.

“Whew!…Melly said you were a good fuck, but she didn’t say you were that good,” Roxy panted.

“What?” I replied…trying to catch my breath.

“Ohh…don’t act so surprised…she told me about your little rendezvous last night in the shower…the thought of you two fucking in the shower got me so wet I just had to have some for myself,” she explained.

Not knowing what to say I just sat there…trying to collect my thoughts as Roxy started to get dressed.

“Come…we better go find the girls…before they get suspicious.”

I got up…still exhausted and put on my clothes…following Roxy downstairs.

We found the girls in the living room just lying around chatting.

“You two look a little flushed,” remarked Ally.

“Oh…um….I hope we’re not coming down with something,” replied Roxy…smiling back at her.

“Well…we better get to work”, interrupted Ashley as the girls got up heading out to the backyard. The girls resumed cheerleading practice…exhausted from my earlier encounters I opted just to watch. As late afternoon arrived, the girls called it a day heading inside…gathering in the kitchen. I followed their tight sweat covered bodies into the house. All four girls were around the kitchen counter talking about the routine. After about five minutes Melissa headed upstairs to take a shower. Roxy and Ashley headed out to lounge by the pool while Ally used the downstairs shower. I was headed out to the pool when I heard Ally’s voice.

“Hey Jim…can you help me with this shirt…it’s one of those weird ones…buttons on the back.”

I followed Ally into the bathroom. She faced the mirror over the sink awaiting me. I stood behind her and began fumbling with the buttons of her shirt.

“So James…how’s your weekend been so far?” she questioned as she pushed her ass back a bit…attempting to press into my crotch.

“It’s been fine,” I replied.

“Oh…just fine??” she continued…now pressing further back till she felt the stir of my cock… “There’s my boy!” she shrieked.

I jumped a little as a result of Ally’s actions when I finally unbuttoned the last button on Ally’s shirt…the garment falling swiftly to the floor…revealing Ally’s naked breasts to me. They were firm…glistening with sweat…her pink nipples at attention. The sight caused my cock to grow. Ally looked at me in the mirror…smiling…before turning to face me. She looked down to see the tent in my boxers. I couldn’t believe how hard I was…considering Roxy had fucked my brains out just this morning…but never the less…there was my cock…at full mass. Ally lowered her hands to the waistline of my boxers…lowering them to my knees, revealing my shaven crotch to her for the first time. A soft gasped escaped as my hairless cock came into her view.

“Well well…somebody has some explaining,” she said…standing up so that she was now face to face with me.

I explained to her how I had no clothes…and my experience with Melissa.

“And here I thought you only liked my panties,” she giggled in response. Ally knelt down in front of me…inspecting the smooth surface of my crotch. She ran her smooth hands over my shaft sending a shiver down my spine. After a couple minutes of exploration…Ally got up…turned around facing the mirror again…and smiled at me.

“It’s so beautiful…I just have to take it for a test run,” she coyly said…as she placed her hands below her skirt…lowering her panties around her knees… “Come on…I need it…we haven’t fucked in quite sometime…and it seems that you have been having all the fun this weekend”

Looking down at Ally’s body…I was in awe…her pink thong wrapped around her knees…it drove me insane. Without another word I lowered my hands to Ally’s body…raising her skirt…admiring her firm behind. Ally…smiling at me in the mirror reached behind with her hand…taking full grasp of my cock. After just two quick strokes she pulled me by my member closer to her body….my hardened penis now pressing into the firm flesh of her ass. Ally was moving so quick…I sensed that she wanted it bad. She guided the almost purple head of my cock to the entrance of her waiting pussy. I could feel the heat emanating from her body as she began breathing a little more heavily….anxious with anticipation. I moved my hips forward…causing the head of my cock to press against the slick folds of her labia. Ally’s cunt was tight…resisting my pressing cock. She pushed her body back…pressing into my crotch….my penis delving deep into her pussy. We both let out a simultaneous moan…acknowledging the sheer pleasure we felt. Ally and I launched into an in sync rhythm…her pressing her ass back to meet the thrusts of my hips…my pulsating cock slipping in and out of her swallowing cunt.

“OOHhhh God James….harder!…mmhmmm….mmm…yesss!!….ahhhh…mmmhmm!!!” she screamed as I continued plugging her from behind. The absence of hair from both our bodies made the experience that much better…as I felt her round ass every time as she pressed back…it hitting the sides of my crotch each time. I looked into the mirror to find Ally staring right back at me…a devilish grin on her face as she used her hands to molest her breasts. Ally looked like she was putting on lotion…her marvelous breasts damp with sweat glistening under the lights of the bathroom. My own hands were busy at the moment…grasping each side of Ally’s naked waist as I continued thrusting myself into her…the length of my cock running along the throbbing lips of her pussy. Before long, Ally released her grasp of her breasts and slightly leaning forward holding on to each side of the sink as our movements became more vigorous. When I looked u at her again in the mirror, her head was down and she was breathing and moaning pretty heavily.

“Ahhh….yesss!!!….mmmm….I’m cumming!!…ohh god yess!!” she screamed as her orgasm took control of her. Ally’s entire body tensed up as her yells became louder. I increased the pace of my thrusts sensing that my own climax would be very soon. My cock was now slicker due to the increase in flow of Ally’s juices as I continued ramming her cunt from behind. As Ally stood in front me…still reveling in the aftershocks of her orgasm…I felt my own body tense up as my cock began to twitch…exploding cum into Ally’s pussy. I continued thrusting into her…expelling every last drop of my sperm…her cunt draining my cock. As we both stood there panting I hunched over Ally’s shoulder…burying my face in the crook of her neck as I retracted my cock from her pussy. She turned around facing me and leaned in close planting a kiss on my lips.

“That was amazing James…as usual…you’re getting pretty good,” she complimented.

“Uhh…..mhmm….thanks,” I managed to blurt out…trying to catch my breath.

“Well…I better get in the shower before the other girls get suspicious…run along now,” she quipped. I pulled up my boxers over my deflating cock and exited the bathroom. As I walked out into the living room I could see Ashley and Roxy lying out by the pool. Normally I would have gone out and joined them but I was just so exhausted. I headed up to my room…collapsing on the bed and falling asleep.

When I awoke I wasn’t sure what time it was…I looked outside and saw it was dark meaning I had been out for quite sometime. I stumbled out of bed and headed downstairs to see what the girls were doing. The entire house was deafly silent. No signs of life anywhere. I peeped my head into the living room but was only met with darkness. It was then I looked up at the clock in the kitchen and say that it was 1:15 in the morning.

“Holy shit…I was out for a long ass time,” I thought to myself. Coming to the realization that the girls were all asleep I headed back up to my room. Before going back to sleep I removed my boxers…considering I had been wearing them since the beginning of the weekend. I thought about putting on the panties Melissa had given me but chose not to since they would be so constricting. Since I wasn’t wearing underwear…I opted to also remove my tee shirt before climbing my naked body into bed and under the covers where I swiftly fell asleep.

In what I assume was a couple hours after I had fallen to sleep I was slightly awoken my muffled noises and quick movements in the room. Soon enough I was feeling soft touches on my body…and the sense that my arms and legs were being fastened. I raised my neck as far as I could as I quickly began to gain my senses. I could make out three figures in the darkness at the front of the bed facing me. One of the figures moved towards the wall and turned on all the lights in the room. The sudden switch from dark to bright caused my eyes to squint temporarily before I had regular sight. I looked up at my arms…they were tied to the bed posts with scarves…same for my feet. I then looked to the head of the bed and saw the identity of the three figures. It was Melissa, Roxy, and my sister Ally…and they were all dressed in tight fitting corsets. The girls wore skin tight corsets…their breasts pushed together very tightly offering a great view. Melissa wore red, Roxy black, and Ally white. They all had matching panties to their corsets…snugly clinging to their little waists…the lines forming the lips of their pussies visible on the material of their underwear. The girls stood there in their skimpy outfits staring at me…each of them with a smile on their faces. Obviously the sight was causing my cock to stiffen… it was then I remembered that I was completely naked under the sheets.

“So James…you like?” questioned Roxy as she stood provocatively in the middle of the other two girls. Seeing the sheet over my cock move up and up little by little…Melissa quickly chimed in before I could answer… “Oh…I think James likes very much!” she squealed pointing at my crotch… indicating to Ally and Roxy the sight of my growing hardon.

Ally grabbed the end of the bed sheet and began to slowly pull it off my body. As more and more of my body was revealed the girls quickly realized that I was nude. The sheet was just below my waistline…raised a little because of my protruding cock when with one swift tug…Ally pulled the entire sheet off me…revealing my naked body…bound to each corner of the bed…my cock pointing straight to the ceiling.

“Wow James…I never knew you liked sleeping in the nude,” Ally joked as the three girls stood there admiring my body.

“Damn Ally…this was such a great idea…I couldn’t believe it would have been this good when you told me,” I heard Roxy say.

Feeling a bit confused by her comment I joined in the conversation… “What…told you what?”

“You see James…Ally told Roxy and myself how she had been sleeping with you since your family reunion thingy…and the time you spent at the beach…so when Roxy and I heard this we wanted so badly to get piece of the action we begged Ally to share…so she devised this little weekend here…and well…you know the rest,” explained Melissa.

It all became clear to me as to why I had been getting so much action this weekend…Roxy and Melissa had known all along exactly what they were doing.

Seeing the clarity slowly coming to my eyes the girls made their way on the bed around me. All three of them started running their hands all over my body…all of them culminating their palms to my dick resulting in a very crowded handjob. Their warm hands running over my crotch was an amazing feeling. Roxy left the mix standing up and removing her panties…revealing the wonderfully wet lips of her pussy. Throwing her panties to the floor Roxy straddled my chest…her soft warm pussy ground into me. She started sliding slowly upwards leaving a trail of her nectarous juices on my chest. When she reached my head she raised her body a little…bringing her pussy within distance of my waiting mouth. I immediately began lapping up the slick lips of her cunt with my tongue…tasting her tangy juice in my mouth. Roxy ground her hips down onto my face…making sure I could dive my tongue deep into her pussy. I flicked my tongue back and forth over and around her clit…bringing loud moans to Roxy’s mouth. In the meantime Ally and Melissa were taking turns at sucking my cock…one of them engulfing the length of my shaft deep into their throats then the other…all the while both of them fondling with my balls. Once in a while they would both dip their heads the same time and lick the length of my penis from the base to the top…their tongues entwining around each other and my cock. Before long Roxy began sliding her body down my own…backing her ass further and further down my chest. Melissa and Ally, seeing Roxy’s movement brought their wondrous blowjob to a halt to allow her room to push back further. Roxy did so until she finally felt my slick cock jab her on the cheek of her ass. She stopped at this position and lowered her head to meet my own…invading my mouth with her tongue in a very passionate…very wet kiss. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Ally and Melissa stripping themselves of their corsets and panties. Now completely naked the girls approached Roxy and myself and sat at the base of the bed behind Roxy who was still caught up in her deep erotic kiss and now rubbing her ass on my stiff hardon. I felt a warm familiar hand on my cock…lifting it away from Roxy’s ass and then slowly stroking its length. Then out of no where came Melissa’s face lowering to insert her tongue between Roxy and mines mouths. Melissa spent some time exploring my mouth with her tongue before breaking our kiss and engaging in a kiss with Roxy. The sight of these two girls making out drove me crazy…their tongues slipping inside the other’s mouth and entwining around each other…all this and a slow handjob from Ally all at the same time. When Melissa and Roxy finally broke their kiss Melissa looked at me very devilishly.

“James…you’re gonna have to wear this again…since there are three of us…and we want to keep you up all night,” she said…dangling the black cock ring over my face. As if I had a choice considering that I was tied down to the bed…Melissa handed the device to Ally who began sliding it over the bulbous head of my cock…lowering it to the base…trapping the red hot blood in my shaft ensuring my endurance.

I looked up to Roxy…her eyes locked on to mine…as she inched her body back. Ally, holding on to my cock…lowered it a little…positioning me at the entrance of Roxy’s pussy…evident by the heat emanating from it. Roxy continued moving back till finally I felt my cock penetrate and a sultry moan escaped her. Feeling the marvelous sensation…Roxy began rocking back and forth atop me…my cock sliding in and out of her hungry vagina. Melissa and Ally stood admiring us for a while then moved to the head of the bed where they started making out…shortly before I saw their bodies lower to the floor and out of my sight. In the mean time I had this magnificent nymph bouncing herself up and down my shaft.

“Ohhh…ahhh…yesss!!……mhmm,” came the screams from Roxy confirming the sheer pleasure she was experiencing…same as myself. Before long Roxy quickened the pace of her gyrations as I felt the lips of her labia constrict as they slid up and down my throbbing cock. Roxy began to moan louder as her orgasm heightened…evident by the warm sensation I now felt on my cock.

“Ahhh!! FUCK yeaaa!!!!….mhhmmmmm!!…ahhh!” Roxy began to scream before collapsing on my body as she came down from her climax. My cock…still hard as rock since I was unable to cum as I normally would…was still buried deep inside Roxy’s cunt as she lay upon me breathing heavily. As she lay there recuperating we began to hear soft moans from somewhere in the room.

“Mmm…ahh..mmmmmmm ohh ooooo,” came the mystery moans.

Lifting her pussy off my hard cock…Roxy turned and shuffled to the head of the bed…peering over the edge. As a grin came over her face Roxy started to untie the scarves that bound me to the bed.

“Ohh…James…you just have to see this…it would be wrong of me to treasure this for myself,” said Roxy…as she untied my left arm…finally freeing me. I sat up in the middle of the bed and peered over the edge to see Ally…lying on her back…with her knees in the air…legs spread, and Melissa…her ass in the air…kneeling over…her head buried in Ally’s crotch…her tongue slipping in and out of Ally’s cunt. I was now sitting at the edge of the bed when Roxy shuffled herself up next to me to admire the sight before us. Ally had her finger at her crotch…spreading the pink lips of her pussy allowing Melissa to lap up her cunt using her tongue.

The sight was too erotic for me not to start rubbing my aching cock…which caught Roxy’s attention. Before I could get in a few good strokes she took over with some of her own. She grasped my shaft very tightly and slowly moved her hands up and down. As I continued to admire the view, Roxy grasped hold of my cock very hard. She stood up and still holding on firmly to my member pulled me in her direction behind Melissa. With her other hand Roxy held my chin and pointed my face to the amazing view of Melissa’s ass from behind. I stood in amazement at Melissa ass puckered in the air…her slick cunt pressing through her legs shining under the lights of the room. Just then Roxy pulled me by my cock closer to Melissa. Roxy ran a hand over Melissa’s smooth ass venturing deep into the crevice of her crotch and sliding her finger along the lips of Melissa’s cunt. Roxy then brought her palm up to my face…slipping her wet fingers in my mouth…allowing me to taste Melissa’s sweet feminine juices. After licking her fingers clean…Roxy retrieved her fingers from my mouth and with my cock still in hand pulled my body right up behind Melissa. Roxy released her hold of me and dropped to the floor. She placed her hands on the lower cheeks of Melissa’s ass and spread them providing a better view of Melissa’s pussy. Melissa…still eating away at Ally’s mound was softly moaning at Roxy’s touch. After a few quick glides of her fingers over the lips of Melissa’s cunt Roxy looked up at me and tilted her head. Know exactly what Roxy was hinting at I took hold of my cock and lined it up right behind Melissa’s waiting cunt. Roxy took hold of my shaft and gently began rubbing the tip of my penis along the lips of Melissa’s pussy before slowing pushing it in. Melissa’s cunt was tight…probably because of the positioning…but Roxy was there all along spreading the lips of her vagina as I started to push deeper into her. At the same time I was beginning a slow rhythm into and out of Melissa, Ally began to moan rather loudly. I looked up at her…she was using her hands to press Melissa’s head hard into her crotch as she began to cum…her screams becoming louder. I continued plunging in and out of Melissa…my cock sliding along the lips of her tight cunt.

As Ally’s orgasm subsided she released Melissa, who immediately raised her head and started screaming.

“Ohh…fuckkk……ahhhh…harder….mhmmm….yesss!!…ahh,” was what I head from her as I held on to her hips with my hands to get a better grip as I started thrusting harder into her. Ally now sitting up…playing with her nipples as she watched from in front as I continued my assault on Melissa from behind. I continued thrusting deeper and harder from behind, my pelvis now hitting Melissa’ round ass with every thrust in. I hunched over a bit so that I could reach my hand under her and get a feel of Melissa’s firm breasts.

“Ahhh yesss….fuck!!….I’m…cuuuuummmingg!!!’ yelled Melissa as her pussy tightened like a vice around my shaft as her orgasm took control of her body. I continued working Melissa from behind as I looked down at Roxy…her fingers buried in her cunt as she got a close up view of my throbbing cock sliding in and out along the lips of Melissa’s cunt. When Melissa’s orgasm ended she shuffled her body forward…my rock hard cock slipping out of her pussy. Melissa rolled over on her back…collapsing on Ally’s lap…and satisfactory smile on her face. I however was going insane with the restrictive cock ring on me. Seeing the torment in my eyes…Roxy took hold of my throbbing cock and began to roll the ring off my shaft…which was no easy task considering how engorged my cock had become.

“Don’t worry James…you’ll get yours soon…I think we just need a little breather first,” said Roxy as she finally slipped the ring over the tip of my penis providing immediate relief.

“It’s a pity Ashley’s such a prude…she could have really enjoyed herself,” said Ally.

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“Well Ashley didn’t know anything about this weekend…we didn’t tell her because we know how she gets…but we wanted her here this weekend cause she’s our friend,” explained a still panting Melissa.

“I think you have her all wrong,” I told the girls…a grin on my face as I explained the events this morning about Ashley asking me to jerk off for her and how she began massaging her breasts and pussy when I did.

“That little liar…she’s just as slutty as the rest of us!” chimed in Ally jokingly.

“Well…our boy James here has a massive load to blow and I can’t think of a better place to blow it,” said Roxy…while she gently massaged my cock in her hands.

“Well…that’s it…let’s go…we just have to be really quiet,” said Melissa as she and Ally got up and headed downstairs…Roxy and I close behind.

Ally…as quietly as possible…cracked the door to the guest room as our four naked bodies tiptoed in. Melissa slowly turned the dial of the light dimmer just a little so we could see Ashley asleep on the bed. Ashley was sprawled out in the middle of the bed…wearing just a pair of white soffe shorts and a pink tank top…her legs spread just a little. Roxy ventured nearer to the bed and was inspecting Ashley’s crotch…she slipped a finger under the material of the shorts…not from the waistline…but under from the leg part…and pulled the material a little as she peered up Ashley’s leg.

“We’re in luck…she isn’t wearing any underwear,” informed Roxy… “James…get on the bed,” she continued. Ally and Melissa stood on either side of the bed as a got up on the mattress as gently as possible. I knelt over Ashley’s body…on knee planted in between her legs…the other on the side of her left leg. Roxy…now using both hands…pulled Ashley’s shorts to the side…exposing her shaved pussy.

“Ok James…go for it…be gentle at first,” whispered Melissa. I place my hands on the bed on both sides of Ashley as I lowered my body. Ally leaned over and took hold of my dangling penis and lined it up just right. She nodded her head giving the ‘go ahead’, seeing this…I slowly lowered myself till the tip of my penis was just touching the lips of her pussy. I slowly rubbed up and down…loosening up her opening as it became more inviting to my cock. Soon enough the lips of her vagina was slick and wet with her juices as well as my precum. A soft moan escaped Ashley as she began to wriggle about still asleep. Seeing this I lowered my body…fully sliding my cock into her vagina. She was the tightest of all the girls, but not a virgin as my cock met no obstacle on its way in. As soon as I entered her…Ashley’s eyes popped opened and she raised her body startled…thankfully she didn’t scream in horror. By then I had worked up a slow rhythm so the feeling was probably most pleasurable for her. Roxy was now kneeling on the floor…hunched over the side of the bed still holding Ashley’s shorts to the side. Ally and Melissa now sat down on the bed…on each side of Ashley. The both reached for Ashley’s tank top lifting it over her head…revealing her pert breasts…her round hard nipples at attention. After removing her top…Ally and Melissa placed their hands on Ashley’s shoulder…gently pushing her back down on the bed. By now…Ashley was well aware of what was going on…and who was surrounding her…as she started moaning in satisfaction. Seeing that everything was going ok I started to increase my pace and thrusting harder into Ashley. I knew that I would be lasting very long…given the build up of the entire night and how tight Ashley’s cunt was. So when I saw Ashley pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts I was happy in knowing her orgasm would be coming along soon. I looked down at Roxy…still holding on to Ashley’s shorts…now only with one hand…the other…buried below her…fingering her on cunt. Ally and Melissa were now massaging Ashley’s tits as I continued fucking her. Soon enough Ashley’s moans elevated into screams.

“Mhmm…ahhhh!….ohhh GOD yesss!!!!FUCK YES!!!!!” she screamed as her juices began to flow…her pussy becoming even tighter.

“Oohhhh yesss……I’m cumming!!” Ashley continued to yell as her body wriggled and thrashed about beneath me. As Ashley’s pussy loosened it’s grasp around my shaft and her orgasm subsided I felt my own cock start to pulsate.

“Ohh…god….I’m close,” I announced.

“Ohh shit…not in me…I’m not on the pill,” Ashley blurted out over her heavy breathing.

“Over here!” came another voice…also over heavy breathing.

I looked down and say Roxy…spread out on the floor…both hands spreading the lips of her pussy. I as fast as an action that I could…I dismounted Ashley’s body and jumped on the floor over Roxy’s, plunging my cock deep into her cunt as fast as I could…Roxy letting out a yelp as I did so. My hard cock was met by the inviting inner walls of Roxy’s warm cunt as I started to pump her body with my own. Roxy was pushing her hips up…hard into my thrusts as her orgasm approached…just in time to meet my own. I felt Roxy’s warm juices the same time I felt a twitch in my cock…as I exploded deep inside her cunt.

“OHhhhhhFUCK!!! ….YESS!” I yelled as I continued pumping my hips only to be matched by Roxy.

“OHHHH yess!!! Fuck yea!!” she screamed as her cunt drained my cock for what seemed like ages of every last drop of cum. As we both came down together…I collapsed upon Roxy’s inviting body…I rolled over on my back…sliding my cum soaked cock from her pussy slick with a mix of our juices… lying beside her… looking up at Ally, Ashley, and Melissa all laying sideways on the bed looking down at us.

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