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The Husband You Know

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Susan Bloom thought she knew her husband Ron as well as anyone could ever know another human being. She and Ron had met when they were still just teenagers and had got married at 20 just over ten years ago. As with most marriages they had had their ups and downs but overall she felt that their marriage had been and still was successful.

Normally Susan worked as a secretary but today was the first Monday of her well deserved two week vacation. She had originally planned to go to the beach but it was a bit cool and looked like it might rain so she decided she would tidy up the loft unaware that by so doing she was about to change her whole life.

About half an hour into the job she came across a suitcase she didn’t even know they had. It was quite big and light tan in color and it was very heavy. She discovered that it was locked and her first reaction was that, since it must be Rons’, she would ask him about it when he got home from work but then curiosity got the better of her and she set about trying to find the key. She knew that there were old bunches of keys in several drawers around the house and there was a whole ice cream container full of old keys in the garage somewhere.

So it was that about an hour later after finding and trying lots of keys without any success that she actually found a key that worked. Quickly she opened up the case and looked inside and anyone watching would have seen the color drain from her face as she found about forty magazines with pictures of naked women tied up and spanked and under these she found ropes, handcuffs, chains, two types of leather gags a leather blindfold and god knows how many other kinky items. In a state of mild shock she put everything back the way she found them and went back downstairs.

She made herself a cup of tea and considered what she might do about her new discovery. Clearly the man she thought she knew so well had dark secrets he had never shared with her perhaps afraid that she would think him a pervert and that their marriage would be harmed. Susan did not regard herself as a prude and she knew that lots of people were into bondage and kinky sex games. In fact she herself had often fantasized about being kidnapped, tied up and made to do naughty things she would never normally even dream of doing or even talking about. Had Ron told her of his kinky fantasies she might even have gone along with them but it hurt her that he had kept such a secret from her.

She decided that the best solution would be to confront Ron with her discovery as soon as possible.

Ron arrived home as normal around six-thirty and again as normal they had small talk about their various days’ events and then had sat down for dinner. Steeling herself she then told him about her find and how disappointed she was he had kept this secret from her.

‘Susan I’m really sorry that you found out about my kinky secret in this way. All the things in the case I had bought to use in sexy games that I hoped one day you and I might share but I never had the nerve to bring up the subject with you. I was frightened that if you knew of my fantasies you might stop loving me. I am into bondage and control as a game between consenting lovers I’m not a sick sadist who wants to hurt anyone. I want you to understand that’.

Susan didn’t know what to say in response and the silence hung between them.

‘In my fantasy I do tell you and you do understand and you let me tie you up and tease you and make love to you night after night and you enjoy it as much as I do. Together we play wild games and each night you are my willing sex slave and I make you cum again and again.’

‘You were wrong not to tell me Ron but I guess I can understand why you didn’t. The problem is what happens now? Do we both pretend that today never happened or do I have to go along with your fantasy and give bondage a try?’.

Ron stood up and walked behind her and reaching round he cupped her breasts and, using his thumbs, caressed her nipples through the thin material of her blouse.

‘Let me tie you up right now and I will show you how exciting being helpless can really be. You know you can trust me not to hurt you say ‘Yes’ and the adventure will start’.

Susan leaned back, Ron’s hands on her breasts making her feel good.

‘Yes’ she whispered ‘I do trust you completely, undress me, tie me up and make me your slave for the night, do anything you want with me. I love you.’

‘Are you sure?’ Ron asked ‘Once you are tied there will be no turning back’.

‘I’m sure…Master’.

Taking her hand Ron led her up to the loft and she stood nervously watching as he unlocked the case and began taking out his bondage toys. She offered no resistance as he unbuttoned her blouse and took it off her nor when her bra was also removed. She closed her eyes in surrender as she felt him unbuckle the belt holding up her skirt so that the garment fell around her ankles and she gasped in excitement as she felt her panties eased down.

She wanted to cover her sex and her breasts, she wanted to tell him she had changed her mind but her arms remained at her sides her eyes remained closed and she said nothing. Then she felt the blindfold strapped over eyes and the darkness was no longer of her own choosing. Ron gently guided her so that she was backed up against one of the stout vertical beams that ran from floor to ceiling and her belly shuddered as she felt her wrists pulled together behind the beam and firmly roped together.

‘Ow! That is too tight’ She protested as ropes circled each arm just above her elbows and then the ropes tightened so that her elbows were drawn towards each other behind the post.

‘Just a knot or two to hold them in place’ Ron whispered into her ear. ‘You should see how having your elbows being tied like that push out those beautiful tits of yours’ and then she felt his lips closing around her left nipple whilst his fingers squeezed and pinched the right one.

‘Spread your legs slave’ he commanded ‘I want to see your pussy and feel how wet it is’.

Susan obeyed instantly and was rewarded with a soft caress on her clitoris from a warm rough hand.

‘Hump my hand slave I want to see you cum for me’.

It took her only seconds and she was cumming like the proverbial fountain spraying Ron’s hand with her juices and panting like some bitch on heat. Never had she cum like that before if this was bondage she loved it and wanted more.

Her whole body was shuddering and twitching as she felt leather being buckled around each ankle and her legs held wide apart by a four foot steel pole.

‘It’s called a spreader bar’ Ron said as his fingers caressed Susan’s wet pussy once again. ‘Once I have fixed the middle of the bar to the beam and also roped your tiny waist to it, you will ready for your shave’.

‘Shave?’ she groaned knowing full well what was to be shaved and knowing that she could do nothing to prevent it.

‘Of course Susan I hate getting pubic hair in my mouth and after I have had rings inserted in your big thick nipples and pussy lips I want people to be able to see them’. Don’t go away I need to get the video camera set up for the before and after pictures’.

‘Ron Ron come back I am not going to let you video me or put rings in me and no-one is allowed to see me like this ever…do you understand…this is not negotiable.’

‘You are right Susan. It is not negotiable, you are going to have rings in your nipples and pussy and I am going to have a few of my friends round and show you off in all your naked splendor and you had better start getting used to the idea’.

‘Ahhh!’ Susan gasped as the shaving brush twirled to and fro across her clitoris and her pubic hair was turned into a mass of lather and foam. ‘Oh God, I’m cumming again please don’t video this please Ron I beg you….Please…Ahhhh!’.

Ron smiled as his gorgeous wife came on camera as if on cue. The combination of her bonds and of the razor and shaving brush attacking her pussy was too much for anyone to bear. He reached for the ball gag and pressed it gently against her lips.

‘Open wide slave’ he ordered and he grinned in triumph as she opened her mouth wide to accept the gag. Her resistance was fading fast soon she would do anything and everything he asked, but for now he had to take one step at a time. After all it was only Monday night and he knew she didn’t have to be back at work for a whole week. He reached for her discarded belt, doubled it up and them slashed it across her out-thrust tits first one then the other then both together then across her belly and lastly between her legs on her bald and exposed pussy. Susan howled in protest as the blows landed but Ron only laughed as he realized she was cumming again. Christ she loves it he thought to himself and he couldn’t wait to leave her in her helplessness and go downstairs and watch the video.

‘Bye for now slave’ he told her and then he placed the cruel bulldog clips which he had brought home from his office over each of her nipples and as he let go they bit deeply into her tender pink pouting rosebud nipples.

‘MMMRMMPH!!!!’ She yelled through her gag for him to take the cruel clips off and that they hurt too badly but only a muffled gibberish was to be heard.

Perhaps the clips are a bit severe he thought as he left the loft, turned out the light and closed the door behind him. Susan heard him whistling as he went downstairs and she knew the clips would stay and she came again as she realised that she was totally at the mercy of a man that she thought she knew.….but didn’t really know at all.

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