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My eyes slowly opened to a new day. This day was not like those gone by and as the sun shone through my window all I could do is watch its beauty. The pink streaks that peaked through the crags in the mountains reminded me of her rosebud just before his cock pushed its way into her swollen pussy. The day glistened growing ever pinker until the sun mounted ever higher in the sky, ever strong, ever dominant.

Watching the deepening rose color brought a smile to my face and made me wonder if it had all been a dream. Did I really taste my husband’s release on the pussy of our friend Sadie? Was her excitement of me licking and rubbing her clitty really what made her arch. My husband had been watching. His throbbing member excited by the prospect of our new playmate, was waiting for its chance. He watched anticipating with pre-cum glistening on the swollen head. He moaned softly as not to disturb the two tangled bodies on the bed and wiped his thick white pre-cum slowly around the ridge that defined his cock.

Snapping back to the present I sat back on the bed and I spread my legs. Closing my eyes I relived our first threesome experience. Picturing Sadie, I instantly felt a pulling. My fingers began a slow massage of my clit as I thought of the woman who had shared our evening.

Sadie worked at the local bookstore, and even though her hours had been cut, the bookstore had weathered the economic hard times and now was on the upturn. She had found a second job at a bakery and since many of the customers shopped at both stores she enjoyed working at both. The part-time jobs held her over and now she was, once again, working full time and loving every minute of it.

In the college town of Ashland, Oregon people read and buy books regularly at the bookstore. At this small store the reading areas, the book clubs, and the new author events kept the payroll in the black. Sadie fit right into this laid back environment; she was an unassuming woman with a quiet way about her. The loose blouse and gauze skirt she wore each day hid the tight and subtly curved body. Her breasts were firm and although she wore sports bras when she stretched up to reach a book on the top shelf the taunt nibbles could easily be seen. Walking through the store she would chat with the locals and generally would not get a second look. That was until I needed some reading material.

My husband and I had just settled into our rented bungalow and had yet to get the cable hooked up. The autumn days were crisp and the rain seemed to fall all of the time. My husband, Mike, had long hours and often did not get home until late in the evening. My first trip to the “Nook” was not by accident; with my favorite author having just released her new book this trip was specific. Looking up and down the aisles I had not found the book. This store, although quaint, you really had to know where to look for things and after going browsing several aisles I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Sadie.

It was her green eyes that immediately caught my attention and the full lips that just begged to be nipped. A smile slowly spread across her face and she asked what I had been looking for. I told her the name of the author and with a start she looked deep into my eyes as she answered.

“Ah yes I know that author well.”

She spoke slowly looking for words that would not make any customers nearby turn for it was a book that had got big attention in the media.

“We do have a couple of her new books; have you already read the first two in the series? There isn’t much demand for erotica here in Ashland but I would be a happy to order you the latest if you can wait for a few days.”

I nodded and gave her a smile, I was sure I could find some less interesting fiction to read while I waited. She lightly touched my arm and led me to the shiny wooden counter.

“If you leave your number I can call you when they come in,” pushing a notepad forward she handed me a pen.

Visibly disappointed I wrote my information on the pad. Looking up at those green eyes I had to smile when she offered me a substitute by an erotica author she enjoyed. Although I appreciated the offer I tried to read good erotica, and unless you had done your homework the some stories can leave you unfulfilled. But the good stories had added spice to my love life and these cold nights needed some extra warmth.

Don’t get me wrong, Mike is a great lover. We both enjoy our evening of play. Each session is different but sometimes I start by having him lie on the bed all showered and fresh. Reading to him several pages of a hot intimate erotic love story always bring a smile to his face. Glancing across the top of the book I will sneak a look as he relaxes, closing his eyes and slowly becoming part of the world I am sharing. His hand will make its way to his cock and as I read he will begin slowly stroking. It is what makes my pussy wet; I love to watch as he strokes his erection. The head of his cock changes shape and size as the blood begins to work its magic. Becoming engorged his pre-cum makes its way to the top of the slit. Glistening just begin to show at the top of the head his breathing increases and the clear love juice makes its way to the ridge I so love to suck.

Not more than a few pages read I slide into bed next to him and take over the stroking, taking him deep into my throat. His moans only work to make me more wet and ready. Sucking his cock I move rhythmically up and down. Before long I am moaning as well and my pelvis would tip back achingly wanting to feel him slide in. I will pull myself to my knees and beg him to enter me. The cool air of the evening dances on my exposed pussy and just like his pre-cum my place of the goddess begins to tremor. The wetness intensifying I moan just aching for the release I would feel after his member would fill me.

Variety is always on the menu. I like it when he pulls his cock from my mouth and turns me around to suck on my growing clitty bringing me to the edge of reason. Just when I am about to edge over the top he stops. Standing beside the bed he beckons me to bring my pussy to him so he can slide his rigid member deep into me. I arch in pleasure and he start to slowly increase his urgency. Pumping deep he asks me if I like what he was doing. Holding on to my hips he pounds into my pussy. I move my hips move to accept all he has to offer. If he is feeling especially frisky he stops and just holds my hips not moving his cock. This game of seeing just how long I could stand him not finishing brings a look of such ownership, it is his pussy.

We are so connected so in tune with one another that how he finished always leaves me with at smile. Some evenings he wants to fill my pussy with his cum then tell me not to move as it makes its way to my labia lips and dribbles onto the bed. He watches and sometimes fingers the silky result wanting more. On other evenings he will pull out and feed his cock to me crying out in ecstasy as I relaxed my throat and take him all as he comes. Easing it into my mouth his stream of cum dribbles from my lips as I take his member and spank my tongue. Rolling the white stream in my mouth I rub his penis over my lips finishing him in style.

We experiment and love to explore the limits of our lust. Over time it includes our fantasies. Sharing a woman was first on our list. We talked about how it might happen. Scenarios and hearing each others’ dreams we look at each other in surprise as our imagination had no limits.

The book Sadie offered was one that I had already read so she walked around the counter to show me where other books were. Moving past me she leaned close and brushed my breast, was it an accident? I watched her walk away and swore her hips were swaying in a way that I had not seen earlier.

“Have you read any books by Guine?” she asked. “He is one of my favorites, especially on the long nights we have here in Ashland. It can get quite lonely”

We had walked down aisles and had turned into a small area. At the end of the row a wing-back chair beckon the shopper to sit while reviewing a selection. She stopped midway down and turned as she spoke. Looking directly at me she seemed to watch my reaction.

“Why yes, I have enjoy his books, especially The Rosebud Garden.” I found myself whispering and my voice caught in my throat as I gazed at her. “I have an interest in complex relationships and the way he brought Janine and Sylvia together and then how they explored their sexuality was new and inventive.”

Sadie’s eyes searched mine and for an instant there was no denying the connection. Those full lips, oh the lips, I knew at that moment that they could be a source of pleasure for us both.

“I know exactly what you mean,” her cheeks turning a light pink. “The language he used to express their arousal, well it was almost as though he had been a woman in another life”

Then she laughed a laugh that was genuine and the light in her eyes made me realize that I wanted to know this gal better.

Chapter Two

Later that evening while relaxing I had a feeling that I was being watched and it was that sensation that brought me back to reality. Sure enough, Mike was standing in the bathroom doorway with a towel wrapped and knotted at his waist. I never tired of looking at his body and his gaze told me all that I needed to know.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to see your fingers moving under the sheet in an area that I can only hope is being made ready for me. Long enough to see your eyes living a dream in a distant time and place and long enough to know you were not here. Do you want to tell me about it or do you want me to just help finish the pleasure that you clearly need to feel?”

The towel drops to the floor and not taking his eyes off of me slowly he walks toward the bed. His manhood erect he gives me a look that says he needs release. What a lusty man he is. Only last night he joined two women after he had sat across the room watching cardinal knowledge being shared by his wife and new best friend. But now as he walks slowly toward me I sense that last night has only increased his desire for his wife and that desire will not be denied.

“I need for you to get on your knees facing the window,” his voice low and husky. “This is not a request, do it now.”

This is an actor I know well and the role he is assuming is one I like. He wants me to be quiet, not a word to be uttered and to follow his instructions explicitly. It will be mostly about him, but he will see that I also feel pleasure.

Pulling my legs up to my chin I let the sheet that had been hiding my pleasure seeking activities slip over my knees and fall bunched at my feet. Slowly I uncurled revealing the soft mound of hair that is always neatly trimmed. Rolling over on my stomach I arched my back letting my arms raise my torso so that he can admire the outline of my form. Pausing just a moment I pull my knees up under my tummy ending in the position he requested.

I feel his presence behind me before he touches me. Bending over my back he kisses the base of my neck softly. Unable to help myself I arch back and just at this moment he takes hold of my hips and starts to rub his hard cock between my legs. As he finds my pussy opening he pushes in the head of his hardness just enough to feel my wetness.

“So you were dreaming about last night weren’t you? No need to speak my love your juice lubricating my cock gives me the answer,” he laughs as he pushes into the warm essence of my pussy.

It takes all that I have not to beg him to push in further. I am so ready to feel him enter me. Knowing that if I say a word he will tease me unmercifully, I stay quiet.

Pulling his swollen head out of me he bends down on the floor by the bed and spreads my lips so he can enjoy my swollen pink pussy. Slowly his tongue savors the nectar. Pushing his mouth lightly on my clit he softly, slowly sucks and licks.

“Oh, my God, please, harder.” I moan and push back on his face trying to force him to give me an organism that is only a lick or two away. I know Mike is smiling even though I cannot see his face. The sensation is increasing. As his passion grows I hear him moan and I know that he needs to fuck me more then he needs to get me off.

Standing up he plunges into my wet pussy that is aching with need. Slamming into me he stops suddenly and holds onto my hips grinding and enjoying my body response to his need.

“Don’t stop, come on Mike, I need more!” pleading I can stand it no longer.

It is my turn and I push back on him ramming myself over and over on his hard manhood. Between the moaning and the sweet mewing sound he resumes the motion that we both need. His hands digging into my hips he no longer holds back.

“Is this what you need? Does my cock fill your pussy, do you want it harder?” he is mocking me as he pushes into me.

“I can take it; give it to me as hard as you want.” Feigning power I really don’t feel I banter back. As the words come out I know I have made a mistake. Stopping suddenly he laughs. I know that if I talk that I don’t get it. We both know this role and game and I fell for his trick.

“Ahh come on Mike please don’t stop.”

“Turn around now. If you continue to talk I am going to be the only one getting off.” His voice is serious and I know that if I am going get fulfilled I better play the game right.

My pussy is throbbing. Tonight is his night to do whatever he wants and this is his game. I turn and am met with his glistening cock. Mike smiles and he continues to stroke his hard cock. The way his torso meets his thighs the groin muscles that point the way to his cock was undeniably the sexist thing I had ever seen. Pulling my head down he beckons me to take him in my mouth.

“Baby, I’m just not ready yet, you are ahead of me, so put those lips around me and give me a show. Suck me like it is the last cock you will ever suck. Now is the time to please me like you do, come on baby take it.”

His hand slides down the back of my head and he gently pulls my head toward his engorged cock. It was gorgeous and as my hand wraps around the base he stands up with his legs spread to better watch what is coming.

First I lick from the base to the head my tongue dancing around the ridge. My hand encircles the base of his cock and using a motion of up and around I engulf his love stick with my mouth. My hands begin a frenzy of grasping and twisting while my mouth draws him in and out. Keeping the pressure on the base I once again concentrated on the ridge and the sensation I know would be giving him maximum pleasure.

“That’s right baby, you know what I need. Ah, work it more, you found it. Now take me!”

Mike’s hands are massaging my neck as I worked my magic. I can feel the base of his cock thicken as cum begins to work its’ way to the head. We both knew if I don’t stop I will be swallowing his seed.

In a strain and husky voice Mike’s hand grips my hair pulling me back.

“You need to stop now.”

Grabbing my hair firmly I am pulled back to the bed. Spreading my legs he mounts me and plunges once again into my waiting pussy. Melting into one we pull on one another in the eternal dance of lust. Wrapping my legs around his hips I pull him into me with as much yearning and force as I can. He returns the overture in kind and before we know it I am flexing on him as he explodes.

His sheepish smile does not hide the fact he just loves the dance. “Did that fill you up? Show me.” Pulling up my nightgown he slides his hands between my legs massaging my thighs and slowly working towards my pleasure spot. Knowing how he wants to suck and lick just makes me want him all the more. Yes, this is a man who loves the “fairer sex” like no one I have ever met.

I roll onto my back purring like a content cat, spreading my legs I watch as his eyes make their way to my tight pussy.

“Oh, you want to see your silk coming from me?” Liking what he sees he gives a moan and a kiss and offers.

“Want me to lick you clean? I will clean you right up if you want me to”

Just as I was about to answer his cell phone alarm starts that incessant noise which means it is time for Mike to leave.

Mike frowns and wraps his arms around me. “Damn, this is one of the parts I really like, next time you take the lead. Surprise me with something new.”

My contented smile is all the conversation that is needed.

“You better get your ass moving Mike; you know how you are depended on. It was why you were hired. Your boss is a nice guy, maybe we should include him one night in our play, perhaps a Fuzzy Animal night I tease. He needs to get laid and I know more than one wild animal that would step up for that one.”

“Well I think we will need to go slow on that one, he is a bit conservative and the very mention of putting on a costume to attract a lady friend would probably send him into a seizure.” Mike’s face takes on a thoughtful gaze and I know he is saving this conversation for later. “We can start slow, a barbeque maybe?”

Coming out of the bathroom after shower number two for the morning I watch as he drops his towel to the floor, again. His wide shoulders muscles taunt and ready accentuate his tan body. Working as the general contractor on a housing project keeps him in shape. Working his mind as well as his body was just the recipe for a happy wife and well used cock.

Slipping on his jeans I watch as he slowly buttons them. Knowing that I am watching he moves his hips just ever so slowly as he notches the top one. And oh the white T-shirt, it slides on over his well muscles chest hugging as it went.

“Ah, come here for just a minute, please,” I need just one more touch.

“Now babe, I have to leave, what do you want?”

“Come on Babe, just one more taste, a kiss or something.” Now I am pleading and hoping that he gives in.

With a smile he walks over to the bed while unbuttoning his pants.

My hands work their way down the front of him into his boxers stroking his rod which was immediately comes to life. Bending over the side of the bed I pulled his cock out and stroked it affectionately taking him into my mouth. I love this man, and want him all of the time.

His moaning brings me back as he pushes my head down further onto his cock I know he won’t last long.

“Suck harder, nicely done now swallow what I give you; you know you want it.”

Licking my lips I fall back onto the bed as Mike turns and trots out the door to work.

Chapter Three

While Mike loved his job as a General Contractor it did make us move to new places every couple of years. I have learned to love the nomadic life and the new environments we would find ourselves seemed to make us a closer couple.

I create websites so it didn’t matter where I was as long as I have an internet access. Currently this is a bit of a problem. An order for a satellite connection had been placed but I would be without access for at least a week. My work was ongoing so I was heading to the coffee shop in town to use their wireless; this was my destination after my shower.

Pulling out my jeans and a top I look around and admired the large master bedroom. Like the rest of the house the bedroom was large with windows that looked over the hills of Oregon. It was such a beautiful place. The management company had warned us that it was a bit out in the country, but the view and quiet neighborhood, made it well worth the drive. In describing the house as a peaceful getaway they were right. Gazing at the world outside of the French doors across the room was so peaceful. The cooler weather did not allow for open doors but the winter pansies and kale in the flower boxes that hung on the deck rail offered a bit of welcomed color.

This was the life; with Mike home each evening and with his project on-time we had taken time for each other. Lately the sex was almost every night. The new surroundings and the closeness we share was wonderful. With the excitement of finding one another again, our sex life was better than ever. Both of us were so comfortable with what brought both lust and love we could experiment and fantasize without worrying about what the other thought. Knowing each other’s fantasies and how many were alike made them even more intriguing.

The sharing of a woman was the first fantasy we wanted to explore. Someone of like mind, a progressive woman who wanted a “no judgment” affair with their wants and desires added to our own. Mike loved the erotic so much that the idea of watching me with a woman evoked only lustful longings. Would he join in or would he have to be happy with just watching, it would be up to the ladies. I had a woman lover when going to college and that was an experience that I cherished. Caring and loving another woman brought a different kind of closeness then when with a man. The simple act of holding a woman close with her scent blending with mine was arousing. Holding her close in bed with our bodies rubbing and caressing each other was such a natural high.

Not to take anything away from a relationship with a man, it is just different. At this point in my life, being so very lucky to have Mike as a partner I knew it was time to find another woman lover that both of us could enjoy, and for her a safe erotic relationship without jealousies.

Time was slipping by on this day and I had lounged far too long in bed dreaming of what was to come. Sliding out from the sheets I walked naked to the shower to wash off the morning’s romp and get ready for my trip to town.

Glancing at the full length mirror on the bathroom door I stopped to assess the body in the reflection. Running my fingers over the outline of my breasts and gently caressing them made me smile. I could almost feel Mike sucking and fondling them. The size and shape of my lean fit body; not too big or small they seem perfect for my form. Although one would easily fit in Mike’s hand they were round and full. My nipples were framed by the light brown areoles and when excited would stand out and beckon to be licked and gently sucked. Stepping away from the mirror I gave my ass a look. My husband enjoyed the small of my back and while he mounted me from behind would hold on to my hips and ride me with abandon. All the walking I do kept my ass tight and although I would have liked longer fingers that body in the mirror was a fun body to live in. I enjoyed my role as a wife and lover as time progressed the relationship had grown in direction that my mother had never discussed with me as a girl. No one would have ever guessed what went on behind the door of our home. It was here that clothes became optional and you could be whomever you wished without fear.

Picking up my toothbrush I gave my teeth a good brushing while the heat from the shower filled the room. Behind the glass shower doors droplets of water worked their way lazily down drawing paths in the steam that collected there. Stepping in I adjust the shower body bar, Mike is taller and his setting didn’t let the water flow where I needed it. Whoever invented that bar should be given a metal. It is the brass bar type that is hung vertically and has six water jets that managed the water flow and direction. They had been moved for Mike and after a few turns the hot life sustaining flow hit me. I held onto the wall as I exhaled, the jets were working their magic and had I not had such a good session earlier I would have rubbed my clitty and dreamed of what I would do later that evening. After dressing I put my sexual needs aside and jumped into my Jeep and headed for town and a coffee shop that had free Wi-Fi.

Ashland is a scenic town that hosts a world event once a year called the Shakespeare Festival. The population swells during this event, and invariably Ashland will get new citizens. Nestled in the hills above Medford it is well within driving distance to large cities and Costco. It was because of the new growth that brought Mike and I here. A general contractor was needed for a new upscale tract of homes and since we had been in Southern California for three years this sounded like a nice change of pace.

Whether fall, spring or summer the hills are lush green and in the town proper old Victorian houses grace the streets. Eclectic shops line Main Street and antique hunters routinely make this a stop on their treks up the coast. What a wonderful place to land after the hustle of California, I was thrilled to be here.

Evo’s Coffee Lounge is my favorite coffee shop and I stop in at least three times a week. It is a favorite spot for local Ashlanders; this is the cafe for those of the edgier touch. Art abound the walls and they offer baked specials every so often. Slightly more relaxed than the more corporate counterparts, this was a great place to dabble in my studies or work on a website design. This was a great place to watch the social scene but not have to be involved more than I wanted to be. But overall it is a great place to chill and hype up on caffeine while coming up with a killer site design. With my own special table in the corner by the window I was lucky to have a quiet place to work. From this spot I watch the comings and goings of the community and still work rather undetected. The staff know me and would ask as I walked in if I wanted the “regular” or try something new. With coffee I did not stray – it was hot and black although they occasionally tempted me with the hot cinnamon rolls.

Now this place has additional memories for it was here that I first talked with Sadie outside of the bookstore. Early one morning I was working on a group of images when a flash of white caught my eye. Looking up Sadie was smiling through the window at me with a grin that warmed my heart. I returned her smile and gave her a nod and she came in to join me. Her gauze skirt flounced through the door and I was once again taken aback by her natural beauty.

“Well I thought it was you.” Her green eyes were so alluring and her lips called to me.

“The book you ordered is in, I tried to call but just got your machine, I guess you can ignore the message.”

“I would never ignore anything from you.” I glance back into the pools of her eyes and we both laughed.

“I come here every day for my morning caffeine lift and have never seen you here. Is this your first time?” her voice so unassuming, such a nice tone.

Answering her I took time to move past her eyes down to her neck and the blouse she was wearing. It was a lovely shade of teal which only enhanced the color of her eyes. A delicate chain with a garnet stone hung loosely on her neck.

“I have tried the other coffee shops in town; I don’t have Wi-Fi connected yet and need to do some work. It is usually around eleven when I get here, you would have been working by then but today I got here early so we must just miss each other.”

“Ahh, yes unfortunately the books haven’t learned to jump on the shelves without help yet. Which is why I called, the book your ordered is in, I put it in my cubby so that I could make sure it made it to you. I was hoping that after you finished reading it you might lend it to me.” She looked at me with a question in her eyes.

This was my chance as I had not stopped thinking about her since I met her. She had a quality that made me want her and yet, would she be open to such an arrangement? I spoke a bit tentatively.

“You would certainly be welcomed to read it after I finish, but I have another idea. Mike has to work late a couple evenings a week, how about you come over and we can read it together? It would be an “adult book club” with the membership of two. With a good book and a bottle of wine we could have a great time.”

Lowering her eyes she paused a moment before answering,

“I would love to join your book club, and after we finish that book I know a few others that will keep our minds flowing.” Her eyes met mine and held my gaze.

Now who was shocked, I looked at her my eyes wide, never did I think she would take me up on my offer.

“Well, how about tomorrow night for our first meeting? I will make us dinner, provide the wine and you can bring the book, are you available?”

Her face was pink with excitement,

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world; you rented the “tree house” right?”

“Yes, that is what I was told. Maybe you can tell me the history of the amazing place I call home,” this would be a topic that could make us both relax.

Pausing for a moment she said “I’ll bring the wine,” and with a shaking her head she turned and headed out the door with a quick glance and wave.

I continued my work but I have to say my heart was not in it. Thinking about my date and even more important was how I was going to bring Mike up to speed. I was sure he would understand, and there must be something he could do for a few hours while I got to know Sadie. He would just have to find something to do for I had a feeling that Sadie would become our real version of a fantasy we both shared.

The afternoon came and went and before I knew it I needed to drive home and make a good meal for Mike. The minutes seemed to just tick away while waiting for Mike to get home. Not that he was late; no it was that I had so much to tell him. At last he came through the front door.

“And how is my lady today?” Such a nice guy, even if his day was hard he would always give me a smile and ask how I was.

“I missed you today, after this morning it took a me dropping a hammer on my foot to realize I had to stay focused; good thing for steel-toed boots.”

Before he could blink I was in his arms with my lips pressing against his. His tongue danced with mine and he pulled me close. My hands rubbed his chest and pulling up his T-shirt I let my hand roam. Ahh, I had missed him, so much to talk about, later. Right now I just needed to be held by him and in return I wanted to just hold and touch him. He pulled my head back by my ponytail and gave me a long and deep kiss. Pressing against him I pushed my pelvis into his and slowly grinded into him.

Dinner was in the formal dining room. It was a rectangular room that had an old oak table that seated eight. A chair rail and the buffet and sideboard match the table. This was a special house and coming furnished it was so beautiful. It has three bedrooms so company would be comfortable and a living room that had a wall of window that looked out over the valley. The fireplace kept the house at a reasonable temperature. The kitchen had been updated with plank floors and stainless steel appliances in modern surroundings. But the best part was the master bedroom it was a very large room that allowed for a chaise lounge as well as the usual bedroom furniture. It has a balcony that also looked over the valley. The great part was that the balcony hung over a steep hillside of slate and no neighbor in site. The deck has a Jacuzzi jetted hot tub. It was a small hot tub that four could share. Up to this point only Mike and I had used it, and it was marvelous. After a long day at work I would sit up on the edge and massage the knots that hard labor caused. It has also been the site of many a hot love making session and I looked forward to it on this evening

With the table set with the formal dinnerware Mike’s eyebrows were raised, “Well I must have really powered you motor boat this morning” he patted my bottom as I walked by toward the kitchen. “Either that or you took me up on my suggestion of a surprise”

Our eyes met for a minute before I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I started to laugh.

“Oh hon, I have the best news and before I tell you let’s have a relaxing dinner you must be famished. Sit down and let’s eat.”

Mike looked a bit perplexed but went along with a smile. Brushing by him I brought dinner out and served the courses to the man who would share a fantasy.

Wiping his mouth he put his napkin down and looked across the table at me.

“So what’s the news?”

“Well you know that I have been going to town to work, meeting all kinds of people. This town is very unique with a blending of young and old”

Mike looked a bit impatient, “and?”

“As I was saying; when we first moved here I stopped at a local bookstore to find another book by our favorite author, Leatris, so we could have some light night reading before closing our eyes for the day. The store I went to didn’t have the latest in the series but they ordered it. The woman who helped me that day was a gal named Sadie. She also loves Leatris, and ordered the new book straight away. I went to Evo’s this morning to work she happened to stop in and let me know it had arrived.”

Mike grinned, “Well I am happy for us both but I don’t know if it deserves a special dinner”

I furthered explained, “When I was at the bookstore the first time and told Sadie what I wanted she was very willing to help me. Now I don’t know if it was my imagination or not but I swear there was electricity between us. Yesterday when she said it had arrived she asked if she could borrow it after I finished.”

“That is great that you are making friends,” Mike still had that somewhat perplexed look on his face.

“No you do not get it Mike, I invited her to come here and read it with me. I told her that you had to work late some nights.”

“Oh really, but that is our thing, to read together” his face fell.

“Mike. I am telling you that there is a very real connection with Sadie. I have met her only a few times and yet I would take her to bed tonight if I could.”

It was like a light going on. “Well in that case I will take up poker at the local tavern. How many nights a week do I have to be gone. And while I am gone you will be taking all kinds of mental notes to discuss with me when I get home. How far do you think this might go?” Words were tumbling out and he was very interested.

I could feel my face getting red. “How far? If I have my way, and she is as interested as I think she Is, how far will be our bed.”

Now I really had his attention. “Please tell me all about her and don’t leave out any special parts.”

Cleanup was a breeze it was amazing how quickly the dishes were washed and put away. The dining room was wiped down and the hot tub calling.

Whoever built this house thought of everything, not only was there a hot tub on the balcony, there was also a rinse station. A wall of river stone had been built in the far corner of the balcony so you could rinse off before going into the tub. It was here that my blouse was lifted over my head and bra slowly unfastened. Mike’s hands ever so lightly ran over my back, up under my arms and gently squeezed my breasts. Applying pressure to my nipples I leaned back and immediately was aware of his shirtless chest. Moving my hair from my neck he kissed my ear softly and his hands moved down to unzip my jeans.

My earlobe was now being sucked and his hands pushed my jeans down over my butt. His hardness poked at my ass and he offered that this night he needed more than just pussy; tonight my ass was his. Turning on the shower we kissed under the spray as our hands roamed over each other, passion building.

“I thought you wanted to hear about Sadie?” I spoke in low husky voice, betraying the need that was building.

“Oh I do, but right now I need my wife to give me some love; then we can talk.” His need was apparent and the pressure on my breasts had increased.

He turned me and we kissed as the water continued to fall down my back now. His cock was already calling for me and I moved down sucking on his nipples before dropping to my knees. He grabbed my hair and leaned into my waiting mouth. Only two strokes before He raised me up and we walked to the tub.

It didn’t matter that it was cold outside as that only made my nipples stand at attention all the more. He helped me into the tub and the hot water instantly relaxed every muscle, all except my pussy whose little man in the boat stood tall waiting for attention. Mike slid in behind me and I floated in his arms while he held me still by my breasts, rubbing my nipples while again kissing my neck.

Grabbing the sides of the tub I arched my back and slide onto his hard cock. Reverse cowgirl was a favorite of mine and I reached down between my legs to give my clitty some much needed attention. Mike holding on to my torso helped to raise and lower me onto his swollen rod. It didn’t take long before my orgasm took over; the day’s excitement had me ready.

“Now that’s the way I like it babe. Your pussy just spasms and squeezes my cock as you cum, I wanted to squirt my hot cum deep inside you but we aren’t done yet. Get your ass up and stand on the bench and turn around.” His voice was strained and I could tell he had been thinking about my ass before he even got home.

Turning around I leaned into him putting his cock between my breasts. Sliding up and down I would suck the head and gave a little nip and suck each time it appeared above my breasts.

“Oh, you bitch! What are you doing to me?”

It proved too much for my man, he so wanted my ass but this was so arousing.

“You know I can continue and you can shoot your wad right into my mouth.” I liked the power my mouth and tits had over him and I smiled.

“Oh, do whatever you want just finish me in a way that I will remember.” his eyes pleaded for release and I was not going to leave him wanting.

I slide back down into the water and grabbed his shoulders and mounted his cock. Riding him harder and harder I locked my hands behind his head and pulled him into me over and over. He grabbed my ass and pushed me down with a ferocity that told me that he wouldn’t last long. His finger found my butthole and he forced it in without hesitation.

“Oh, I need some lube, hon that hurts a bit”

“I told you I wanted your ass tonight, so adjust. If my cock isn’t going to feel the pressure of your ass then my fingers are.”

He pulled me closer and lifted me up so he had just the access he needed. Half standing he continued to ram me up and down on his cock as he pushed a second finger in my asshole. Without knowing it I started to moan, the feeling of both cock and fingers filled every hole and the sensation was great.

“Harder Mike!”

He leaned back and gave my lip a bite, then forced his tongue into my mouth as he shoved and pulled me on him harder and harder as I had asked. I couldn’t stand it any longer and once again I shook with orgasms that forced a strained groan from my mouth.

“Like that huh,” Mike was watching me with a smile “might remember that I know you just like you know me and knowledge is power” His eyes were dancing with lust. “Now it is my turn, ride me hard.”

My pussy clinched his dick as I rode him to completion. His face relaxed and he gently kissed my forehead.

“Now tell me about Sadie.”

Slipping back onto the bench I locked my legs with Mike’s and we gazed at one another completely satisfied. I recounted the story of how I met Sadie and he listened quietly. Leaving out some information I stopped and looked at him.

“Now, you and I are in such sync. We have talked about our fantasies but that was just it, talk. I have taken another step, I met this wonderful woman who seems to like what we like and she seems willing to entertain the notion of a mature relationship. Are you sure you are OK with this?”

“You are right Babe, we are in sync. Our connection is strong and I am so ready to take this to the next level.” His voice was earnest. “What does she look like?”

I was looking at him but I really was not there. Recalling Sadie was an exercise that I would enjoy.

“Well,” I began, “let me start by just saying she has a natural beauty that does not come along often. She has olive colored skin that glows with health. I touched her arm and her skin is soft; she smells like she wears a very subtle fragrance; possibly just a shampoo. Her long black hair falls down mid-way on her back and is thick and shiny. She usually wears it in a braid down her back; but once I saw her shopping and she had let it fall free, it was so beautiful.”

His hands held on to my legs as he listened intently. I let my hand slip down between my legs and ever so lightly circled my lips putting just a hint of pressure on my clitty. This did not go unnoticed Mike just watched never moving his hands from my legs.


“She generally wears loose fitting skirts and blouses. But tucks her top in which accentuates her small waist; she isn’t as tall as me, but seems to be the exact height for her body type.”

“Hmm, what is it about her that excites you?” His voice was low and one of his hands had moved to cover mine, so lightly that it was as though he was learning the motion my hands were making.

“It is the quality of self-assurance that lets one know that she is confident, yet soft and yielding when the mood strikes her. When I first met her in the bookstore and we had to brush by one another in a small aisle, well, she looked me right in the eyes as the squeezed past me. Our breasts rubbing through our tops then she gently reached down and put her hands on my hips so she could get by. Not a second of embarrassment only a slightly questioning look along with a wonderful smile.”

“That does sound like an introduction that I would have cataloged for use later, as well. Now don’t even try and say that you haven’t spent some quality time thinking about her.” His eyes were sparkling and his laugh infectious. His hands went around my waist and he squeezed until we both were laughing.

Looking into his eyes I said,” I have never lied to you about my fantasies, and for sure this is one of them that when I am alone and you are going to be late and tired I do think about. What would she be like to hold?”

My eye drifted past Mike as I continued.

“What wouldn’t I do to feel her lips on mine, mmm, they are perfect. Somewhat full and deliciously pink they just beg to be tasted. I would start slowly with our lips just barely parted. With firm pressure I would start to explore testing to make sure she was feeling the same. Leaning into her I would hold her head gently and pull away and see if she answered.”

“Show me my love; show me how you would kiss her.” Mike slowly moved toward my lips and before I knew it I was gently kissing him.

Back to earth I came, and looked at Mike with his handsome face. Pulling closer I sat up straight so that his cock could rub against my pussy as we kissed. Slowly I lightly kissed his lips, and as he parted them I softly sucked on the bottom one, ever so gently. Pulling away I once again pressed against his mouth darting my tongue just inside teasing him. Rocking on his legs I felt his cock getting interested and reached down taking his half-hard member and began rubbing it on my clitty.

“OK, OK, I’m getting the picture, so this is the woman for whom the Book Club will be started. For all the years you and I have talked about adding another woman I have never seen you so connected to the idea before. She really has got under your skin. Should this work out, I think this will be an experience we both will not soon forget.”

When our heads hit the pillow sleep was almost instant. I cuddled up close to Mike and he put his arms around me holding me close. This was how life was meant to be.


Chapter Four

The sun hadn’t even thought of coming up when my eyes opened. Mike snored softly next to me and I rolled over onto my back looking out on the dark morning. What would I make for dinner? What should I get us to drink and what should I wear? Like a school girl on a first date my mind was spinning. What will I do if she thinks I am a just taking advantage of her? I held back my inclination to laugh loudly and gave a small laugh. She had been on my mind for a long time but what if I had blown this all out of proportion because of the talks Mike and I had. I will need to take it slow and really make sure this is not one sided. The alarm sounded with its usual obnoxious ring, Mike rolled over giving me a quick kiss.

“No time for play this morning, my love, I have an early meeting. Besides I don’t want to take even a drop of need away from you and your reading pal. No sex for you today but later tonight I have no doubt you will be juicy and wanting!”

Reaching for him as he climbed out to bed I gave his ass a smack. I could wait, and by the time he got home I knew he would be as ready as me. The day would crawl by with each hour seemingly equal to ten; with my date coming later the minutes would tick by slowly, my mind wondering what my evening could hold.

Glancing around I hollered, “remember; do not show up before 10:30. Go to Chester’s Tavern after work and play some poker. It’s not that I don’t love you, quite the contrary it is one of the many reasons I do. The gift of time to get to know Sadie will buy you a special gift afterwards. I am a bit nervous that I am expecting more then what she is. I just don’t want to scare her off.” Looking at his face I could tell he knew how important it was to me.

“You just have a great time, whether it leads to anything or not at least now we know we are ready to live out one of our fantasies.”

I was right and the day did indeed crawl. The shopping and house cleaning was done. In the kitchen I had salad ingredients in the crisper and the salmon that I would be grilling in the cooler. The wine that I picked was a 2005 Wild Horse Central Coast Viognier. I had taken extra time in the wine shop for just the right one. I felt that since the Cooper River Salmon had just reached the store it would be an unexpected treat. Choosing to grill such a special fish the wine needed to complement the main course and bring out the best taste and flavor of each other. I wanted to taste the best of both worlds, the salmon and the wine; not to mention Sadie. I liked this wine as it would indeed enhance the flavors of the grilled salmon with mango and grilled pineapple salsa. Yes, this would be a dinner to impress.

The Royal Copenhagen china had already been set at our formal table. I had even taken time to re-iron the napkins and I knew that after I lit the candles that the table would be complete. Going over the evening in my mind I hoped Sadie would be comfortable and enjoy our first dance.

The clock struck five and I headed for the shower. It seemed odd that I jumped when the hot spray hit the back of my ass; the anticipation of this evening had me on edge. Taking out the jasmine scented body wash I squeezed the viscous liquid into my hand and slowly worked it into lather. The hot water was doing its magic and my tense neck muscles began to relax. Picking up my washcloth I spread the lather generously and began to wash. My nipples had not quite got the news to stand-down and as I washed them tingling snakes of pleasure pulsed from my round breast down to my tummy. This was such a treat, taking my time I carefully washed between my legs. Being intimate might not be in the cards for me with Sadie tonight but it never hurt to be ready.

Out of the shower I dried my hair; it was always out of control. Locks of strawberry blonde curls had a mind of their own and usually I would pull it back into a pony tail, but even that looked like it was always trying to escape the tie. But tonight would be different, tonight I would let it rule. Full and curly it fell onto my shoulders. Drying it did nothing to tame it and although it was unruly I loved how it felt so light and airy. The outfit of the evening, well that was taking more time to choose then it should have. First I thought of jeans and a sweater but that felt a bit too stuffy. Then a dress but that felt too formal; finally I decided to wear a long loosely fitting skirt that I had tie-dyed along with a teal top. Yes, it would be comfortable and if I wanted to sit cross legged I could. Clasping the button on the neck of the blouse I looked in the mirror. I was tall and the fall of the skirt hinted at the round hips and high ass but laid flat on my stomach. All in all this had been a great choice.

At long last the doorbell rang and my heart jumped.

“Hi Sadie, you found me.” I opened the door and swept my arm into the house inviting her in.

Smiling she said, “Oh, yes this place has quite a history around here; it would have been hard to miss.”

“Come on in and let me take you jacket, I have a fire going in the living room. Would you like a glass of wine to get us started or would you like to wait for dinner?”

With a hand from behind her back Sadie handed me a bottle.

“Why don’t you open this and let it breathe for a bit and then we can share a glass as we read, unless that will ruin your dinner.” She looked so pleased, her eyes sparkling.

“No, dinner will not take long and we can start it whenever we wish.”

It was such a relief to take the wine and turn toward the kitchen, for as she took her jacket off I was having a hard time taking my eyes off of her. Her black hair, like mine, had been set free for the night. It fell over her shoulders and onto a deep-necked red sweater that left nothing to the imagination. Between her breasts was a gold chain with a jade pendant. She was stunning.

Her eyes watched me as I took her coat.

“That is a lovely necklace.”

“Thank you, I got it at Burning Man last year, have you ever been?”

“No, not yet but we have been to the Oregon Fair and had such a great time.” The conversation was easy and at that instant I knew if nothing else she would be a great friend.

“Oh, I have been to both and love each of them for their own reasons. You cannot beat the freedom that Burning Man offers; leave your inhibitions at home and just enjoy your surroundings. You and Mike really need to go”

It was just that fast that Sadie and I fell into conversation like we had known one another forever. We enjoyed the same types of recreation and it was clear very quickly that she, like me, did not have any problems thinking for herself. Settling on the couch by the fire I took out our book; we took turns reading until my stomach insisted I start dinner.

“How about we call it a night for the book club and have a bit of dinner? The salmon is ready for the grill and I just have to throw a salad together.” Rising we walked toward the kitchen chatting like old friends.

“Did you get some of the Copper River salmon? I saw it at the market; you know fall is here when its available.”

“Yes, I simply couldn’t resist a wonderful treat to share with a new friend.”

“Why don’t you get the salmon started and I’ll make the salad.” she flashed that smile and once again I was thinking about how much I wanted to kiss her.

Sitting at the dinner table was just as I hoped. The chandelier lights were turned down low and the candles flickered through the crystal candleholders. The crystal wine glasses caught the flames and the wine I had picked up added just the right color to the table, not to mention it was the perfect combination for the salmon.”

“Oh, Nicole this is such a beautiful setting, thank you for inviting me over. I have not had such a good time in eons. I know who to call when I need a special dinner created, you are quite the chef.”

“The pleasure has been mine; I have so missed having someone to talk with about books, love and life. When we first met I felt as though we connected.” I looked at my plate not wanting to give away the desire I was feeling.

“I had the same feeling” Sadie blushed and looked down as well, it was the first time I had seen any kind of shyness and I hoped it was because she had the same need as I.

“Well here is to friendship, today and beyond” Clicking our wine glasses brought giggles from both of us. We chatted about the “tree house” and the entire scandalous goings on that had created the reputation. Mike and I had found the right house that was for sure, he would love this story.”

With dinner complete Sadie helped with the dishes and the conversation continued.

Hey Sadie, “are you up for more or do you need to leave? How rude of me, I don’t even know if you have someone waiting for you at home. “The wine and conversation had my lips loose and I felt a bit of prying wouldn’t be much noticed.

“No, I am between relationships, but can’t say that I am unhappy about it. It is really nice to have my own space.” Flipping back a loose strand of hair she smiled. Returning to the living room I added some logs to the fire.

“Really, you aren’t lonely?”

“No, you know I have had a lot of lovers over the years, and with each one I grew in my understanding of what I wanted from life. And with that understanding I now know that it isn’t about one person or having to be with someone all the time, it is about the experience and the enjoyment you have with a the one you are with.”

Handing Sadie another glass of wine our hands brushed. She looked at me and smiled a knowing smile.

“We should clear something up right now before I drink more wine” Sadie said as she leaned back and crossed her ankles looking directly at me.

“What’s the matter, was I to nosey?”

“Oh no, I wouldn’t mind telling you whatever you wanted to know, but first I need for you to understand that most of my past relationships have been with women. It’s not that I don’t find men interesting in bed but they just seem not to be necessary for me on a day to day basis. I am so attracted to you that I don’t want to act in a way that you would find insulting.” Looking out the window she continued to talk.

“Around here with the history that this college town has you wouldn’t think it would be a big deal. But I try to be careful with my reputation and so have many evening with my books. After I met you I got the idea that maybe you and I could have something special between us.” The house was quiet and the woman sitting next to me looked at me questioningly. It was very brave of her to offer this up and my heart melted as I looked at her.

“I really don’t understand not wanting a man around, but I do understand having feelings for women. I do,” my voice low I began. She smiled and took a sip of wine as I continued.

“But the thing is since college I have not had the opportunity to explore that side of my sexuality. As I got older and because Mike and I have the same type of fantasies I find I want it more than ever.”

She looked at the fire and just listened.

“The moment I first met you I have been drawn to you. Please do not think I am a weirdo, really I am not, but you fascinate me. I think about you and what it would be like to be with you. Oh, my God I cannot believe I just said that. You must think me…” My voice seemed to leave me as I looked at her.

It was then that Sadie leaned over took my head in her hands and lightly kissed my lips. Then pulled ever so slightly away and paused.


I leaned back in toward her and she met me this time kissing me with more need. Our tongues touched and she slid her hands back holding my hair away from my face.

“I have wanted to kiss you all night, and your hair is so sexy and your curls make me crazy. Why do you bind them up?” She stroked my hair running her hands through my mane of curls. Her hands kneaded back of my neck and she softly ran her hands up once again collecting my hair in her hands.

There wasn’t any time to answer before her lips found mine. Only this time I wanted to taste and touch her just as much as she wanted me. Her hands continued to hold my hair then they worked their way to my breasts.

“Sadie,” I said breathlessly,” we need to stop before I cannot” I sat back looking at the temptress before me.

“But I thought you wanted this?” her voice was low.

“I do want this but I want to make sure that you understand that I share my life with Mike. Are you open to him sharing this experience with us? He will only have to be as involved as you are comfortable with.”

“Oh what a bad vixen you are,” Sadie smiled and once again kissed me. “When will Mike be home? I don’t know how long I can sit here and not ravage the woman before me.” I looked at her and she was serious.

“He should be walking in any minute, are you sure about this?”

Sadie sat up and found my eyes once again, “I am completely sure, do you think he would mind if we got a head start? Where is the bedroom?”

Standing I reached for her hand and pulled her toward me. She leaned into me and I felt her firm breasts against mine; this made me weak in the knees and wet in the panties. My hands caressed her and roamed over her body and we kissed passionately.

It was the door opening that stopped us in our tracks.

“Well, I guess I made it home just in time,” Mike looked at me and then at Sadie. “Sadie, I am Mike, it is a honor to meet you,” he smiled and took off his coat. From where we were standing we could smell the beer that he had been drinking and although not drunk he wasn’t feeling any pain.

“So Nicole tells me you are the sexist woman she has ever met and judging by the “deer in the headlights” look you two have the book club must have been a success.”

Sadie smiled at Mike.

“Well I guess you are onboard with me spending the night with your wife. You are welcome to join in but not until Nicole calls for you. But of course, you can watch until invited, we were just heading for the bedroom. Will that work for you?” She looked at Mike questioningly.

Mike appraised the fine woman standing by his wife.

“Yes, those are instructions I can follow. I will be very happy just to watch or be as involved you and Nicole want.”

Taking my hand Sadie turned her attention back to me, “so what direction is the bed?”

Glancing at Mike, he smiled. Her grip was firm and we walked down the hall to the room. Mike and I have played out scenes just like this, only this time it was real.

Mike went to the bathroom while Sadie and I looked at each other. Her hands slowly unbuttoned my top before pulling it over my head. While whispering, “You are so beautiful” she kissed my neck and her hands unclasped my bra. “This is one thing you will not be needing.” my bra was flung across the room only to be caught by Mike. He was now sitting in our winged back chair not saying a word. He had taken off his shirt and pants.

I gasped as my nipple was sucked and she worked her way back up my neck to kiss me once again. Deftly she removed my skirt and panties and even before she took off her clothes she was on her knees spreading my lips and licking my pussy. She ran her tongue up to my clitty and I moaned taking in all the pleasure she gave me.

I glanced up at Mike as he stroked his hard cock. Sadie was doing to me what I often do for Mike; on my knees giving him oral pleasure. I closed my eyes as she expertly worked my clitty with her tongue.

“Why don’t you lie on the bed?” Sadie almost purred the suggestion as she rose to her feet.

Sliding back I stretched out and watched as each piece of her wardrobe was slipped off and dropped to her feet. Like a tigress she climbed on the bed on all fours. Mike who was sitting off to one side of the bed stroked faster as her wet labia came into view. Looking over her shoulder She arched her back as she made her way to me and I could hear Mike give out a sigh.

Watching and smiling Sadie made her way up to where I sat. I am almost a bit embarrassed to say that the throbbing that I felt in my pussy made me want her to hurry. She spread my legs and moved toward my pink pussy and I held my breath.

Half way up my leg she stopped and sucked hard on the skin behind my knee. The sensation was so strong I had a hard time sitting still. Her tongue darting in and out on soft flesh and the shocks of pleasure and pure agony make me cry out.

“Do you want me to stop?” She whispered looking up at me.

“No, don’t” I fling myself back grabbing a pillow to hold as my body contorts as it tries to stay still.

“Let us enjoy those amazing tits of yours” Sadie made her way up to my breasts once again was sucking and caressing them. She took one nipple between her fingers and rolled it with increasing pressure. Her tongue worked the other one and the rotation of her movement on my body brought out sensations I have never felt.

When Mike mounts me and is on top I feel his hard rod against my pubic bone. Usually I will maneuver my body so that it works its’ way between my lips and rubs my clitty. With Sadie her soft mound of hair rubbing against mine had a way of pushing my lips open and allowing our clits to find each other. She continued her movements until both of our juices were mixing. Lifting her head she moved back up to once again kissing my lips that yearn for her. Her body on top of my body, arching and pushing against each other; she nibbles on my ear lobe as her hands knead my breasts once again. She straddles my legs and begins to rub her clit on my thigh. Pushing against me she moans as I reach for her breasts and gently roll the nipples between my fingers. I lift my leg ever so slightly so her pussy can better rub against it. She instantly arches and moans reaching a crescendo of pleasure.

The passion and heat between my legs continues to grow. She understands that need and slides down and licks my clitty gently but urgently. Taking the tender clitoris in her mouth she sucks and manipulates her tongue over my engorged nub. Arching I moaned in pleasure, all but blinded by the passion that is being given; and she takes all that I have and continues to move with me.

With her fingers working my vagina, I know that I can’t take much more. She is sliding them in an inch and then back out over and over again, not stopping her sucking but adding to the pleasure I am feeling. She moans as she pushes her fingers deeper into me, curving them she finds my ‘G’ spot. A subtle massage brings me to climax. Screaming out her name I buck up trying to gain control of my body which is in ecstasy. Slowing down Sadie eases the sucking allowing me to once again begin the climb to another orgasm.

Opening my eyes I see Mike has moved behind Sadie. He has spread her legs and is licking her pussy. Her moans are becoming louder, as she becomes more excited the faster she moves her fingers in me. The faster she moves in me the louder I become. The louder I become the harder Mike pushes his mouth around her pleasure place.

“Oh, fuck me Sadie” I arch up trying to both pull away and pull her in at the same time.

Mike can’t wait another minute. Standing up he rubs his cock up and down Sadie’s pussy. He is watching me, but using her. Sadie arches her back and he smiles as her slit pushes toward him. He slides his well lubricated cock into Sadie and stops short holding her hips. He smiles at me as he plays with Sadie.

“Oh my God, don’t just stand there, FUCK ME!” Sadie lifts her head for only a moment to give Mike instructions. He pulls out only to shove his engorged cock deeper into Sadie’s snatch. Now along with me Sadie is moaning as well. Mike has reached around and is rubbing her clit. Sadie’s body responds to the pounding and moves faster and faster until I cannot stand it any longer and cum again. Arching up she continues to work my pussy for her enjoyment.

“Stop Sadie, stop please,” the pleasure so intense I need a moment to allow my body to accept all that it is feeling. It is all that I can do and need to stop. Pulling away I move to the top of the bed and watch in delight as Sadie, still on her knees, is being serviced by Mike from behind. With her head turned she reaches around with one hand and grabs Mike’s hip pushing and pulling mimicking his motion.

His is lost to the pleasure and his eyes are far away. Sadie pulls away leaving Mike’s cock fully engorged.

“Mike I want you in that chair” Pointing to the chair he was sitting in Sadie slides off the bed and straddles Mike. Her legs over the arms he pulls her pussy down on his hard cock and helps her move up and down. Feeding her tits to him he suckles them; it is a picture of pure animal sex.

Once again she pulls away and turns around. Backing onto his cock she looks right at me and moans as she rides him. Rubbing her clitty she throws back her head. I can’t stand it any longer and move between Sadie’s legs. Taking the cock out of her pussy I lick their juices from it and then reinsert it. Leaning forward I lick her pussy as she rides my man.

Mike is getting close and his voice strains. “I’m going to come if you don’t stop.”

“Baby, squirt your hot seed deep in her pussy.” Looking at Sadie she smiles in agreement.

That is all that is takes and he explodes yelling as he shoots stream after stream of hot cum filling her pussy. Sadie slides off of Mike and smiles.

“Oh no you don’t Sadie, you aren’t done yet” I push her to the bed and climbed between her legs. Mike’s silk is spilling out of her, and I lick and suck it up. The blending of their juices is hot and my attention to every detail is seared in my mind. Sadie moans and starts arching into me.

“That’s right little lady, just lay back.” Mike is taking all of this in with a look of lustful wonder in his eyes.

My fingers work her clitty and slide in and out of her pink swollen pussy until she can no longer stand it and climaxes squirting her juices and Mike’s seed into my mouth.

I stop. Mike is just staring. He cannot believe what he has just seen.

Taking Sadie by her hand I lead her to the shower. We take our time washing each other and the caressing and the kissing continue. Finally we just hold on to each other as the water cascades gently over our very well fucked bodies.

While Drying ourselves Sadie states, “I would love to stay but I have to open the Nook tomorrow, so I better get home I know I will have my best night’s sleep in years. This was a great night and I want to thank you both for fucking me. She smiles walks over and gives Mike a kiss.

“Nicole, will the book club meeting be at the same time next week?”

“Well yes, I look forward to it”

“Will Mike be able to join us again?” she looks over at Mike with lowered eyes.

“If you want him here he will be.” Looking at Mike and back at Sadie I cannot believe what has just happened. This was a woman who could do without a cock, and yet now after a nice fuck by a gorgeous cock she wants more.

“Why yes, and maybe we could all enjoy reading the book in the hot tub.” Wrapping her hair in a bun she winks at me, blows Mike a kiss and leaves us with a smile.

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