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They Call Her BJ

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I was 18 and had a job as a paperboy for a while when I was growing up. Once a month I’d go around to all the customers and collect their payment. I had just about finished one day, but still had to collect from several new customers. I’d been dodging light showers for a while and was trying to hurry since I could see darker rain clouds coming in. In the process I’d gotten a bit wet but I didn’t want to stop because I’d be getting paid as soon as I turned in these payments.

I was headed to the home of a newcomer I’d seen out washing her car. I was especially looking forward to meeting her for two reasons: (1) she liked to wash her car in her bathing suit, and (2) her name, B.J. Good, which was rather interesting since on my sheet it was written as, ‘Good, BJ.’

She was maybe in her 40s, which I’d determined since I’d occasionally seen college age guys there on the weekend that I figured were her sons. I guessed they went to school out of town because I had never seen them on weekdays. Forties or not, she was definitely a babe based upon the shots I’d had of her washing the car.

I was almost at her house when the skies broke loose with a terrible downpour. Drenched, I walked up and rang the bell.

“Good evening, are you Ms. BJ, BJ Good?” I asked trying to hold back the smirk on my face.

Seeing her nod, she added, “My name is Billy Jean but ever since I was a teenager my friends, especially the guys, called me BJ.”

Showing total restraint, I remembered my manners and said, “Well Ms. BJ, I’m your paper boy and I’m here to collect for your newspaper.”

“Oh why sure honey. That’s a horrible rain and you’re already soaked. Come in for a few minutes before you catch a death of a cold,” she responded as she ushered me inside.

“Why thank you. Sorry to bother you,” I said, just before a loud, “Achooooooo!!”

“Well now this storm is obviously going to last a while and you’re not gonna die of pneumonia while you’re here,” she said. “First order of business young man is to get you out of those wet clothes. March yourself into the laundry room at the end of the hall there and toss all of those things into the dryer. You’ll find some of my son’s clothes in the basket that you can put on.”

Heading off for the laundry room I replied, “Why yes maam, thank you very much.”

Returning to the kitchen I said, “This was all I could find but I’m afraid the shorts don’t fit too well.” I walked into the kitchen wearing a T-shirt while holding onto the tie-string of some gym shorts that were too big for me.

“Well now they are a bit large aren’t they? It won’t take that long for your clothes to dry,” she said. “Sit and have a cup of hot cocoa, it’ll warm you up,” she said putting a large mug in front of me.

“Thank you,” I said quietly.

We sat down and had our cocoa. Ms. BJ proceeded to tell me all about herself and wanted to know all about my family too. We went on for about ten minutes and I thought nothing was out of the ordinary.

Ms. BJ paused for a second and took a good look at me saying, “My, my honey, you’re quite fit there aren’t you.”

Blushing I replied, “Not like some of the guys.”

She reached out put her hands on the tops of my shoulders and said, “Well such nice broad shoulders.” Reaching down she put her hands on the top of my thighs and said, “And these legs! Now honey, there’s no doubt about it, you’re a fine specimen.”

Feeling her hands on my legs caused my cock to spring to life. I couldn’t help notice her too. Her thin housedress did little to hide that fact that she was a knockout. The most striking feature of which were her fabulous breasts. Having spent many hours examining the bras in the JC Penny’s catalog, in my expert opinion Ms. BJ was at least a 36DD! Breasts that I was all to conscious of as I tried not to stare at them.

She broke the silence by asking, “So tell me honey, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not one in particular,” I answered.

“Oh too bad,” she said. “Do you date much?”

“Well a good bit yes,” I said.

Smiling at me she said, “Now I remember when I was your age, I sure got around. And I had some fine times too. So tell me honey, do you have much experience?”

“Well just this paper route right now. But I’ll be getting a good job this summer,” I responded proudly.

Laughing out loud, she chuckled, “Now honey. That’s not the kind of experience I was talking about.”

I paused for a second looking a bit puzzled, then turned beet red. Finally I said, “Now Ms. BJ really, I couldn’t say.”

“You can tell me, honey, I’m not going to tell anyone,” she said. “I know all about the things boys and girls do together.”

“Well, we kiss a lot, and some of the girls let me feel them up,” I said, red with embarrassment.

Ms. BJ just sat there a few seconds then said, “Yes, go on. What else please?”

“Well a lot of the girls touch me too,” I said.

Quickly she asked, “They jerk you off?”

“Ye…Yes…. they do,” I stammered, amazed at the question.

“That’s cool honey, I used to jack my boyfriends off all the time,” she said. “Now tell me, have any of them ever sucked your cock?”

“No,” I said disappointedly, “at least not yet.”

All this talk about sex had managed to give me a huge hardon. I had tried to block it from Ms. BJ view but finally it was fruitless. My cock had those gym shorts standing up like a tent pole. I noticed her eyes look down at my crotch and her mouth opened wide as she realized I had a hardon.

As soon as I saw her staring at the bulge in my shorts, I quickly stood up and began to quickly apologize, “I’m so sorry Ms. BJ. I didn’t mean to do anything. I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Its fine honey. I know it was just a natural reaction,” Ms. BJ said in a soothing voice. “In fact if anything I take it as a compliment.”

I noticed that her eyes never left the bulge in my shorts while she was talking. Her attention only caused the bulge in my shorts to grow from a pup tent to the circus big top. Her eyes grew wide as saucers.

“I guess I’d better get going,” I said.

“Noooooo, you can’t leave,” Ms. BJ said loudly standing up quickly. “Now honey it’s still pouring out and your clothes are still in the dryer.”

In jumping up her boobs swayed and I felt my cock begin throbbing. This time it was my eyes that grew wide as saucers. I looked around the kitchen, trying to look at anything but Ms. BJ’s fabulous knockers.

“Just out of curiosity, I wonder how big that cock of yours is honey,” she said.

I then almost passed out as Ms. BJ reached out and slid her hand into the gym shorts and pulled out my hard cock.

“Impressive,” Ms. BJ said with a smile as she rubbed the length of my cock while bending over to get a closer look. “This is one fabulous cock and that head is truly a work of art. What a fine piece of sculpture!”

All I could do was sigh “Ms. BJ, ahhhhh” as she continued to stroke my pecker.

Pushing my shorts to the ground, she reached down and cupped my balls, playing with them with her one hand while the other continued to stroke my cock.

“Do you want me to stop honey?” She asked, looking up at me, knowing full well I would never say yes.

“No, it feels too good,” I responded.

She smiled as she circled her fingers making a big O and stroked my cock like a musical instrument. Meanwhile, she would lift and squeeze my balls in rhythm with her stroking. I quickly lost myself in the pleasure Ms. BJ’s fingers brought me as I closed my eyes. I was in heaven!

A sudden warm wetness engulfed my cock, causing my eyes to spring open. To my astonishment, Ms. BJ was kneeling in front of me. She had taken my cock into her mouth and was now sucking it lick a lollipop. My knees felt a bit wobbly as I felt the sensation of her sucking down to my toes. Her experienced touch was quickly evident as she brought me to the verge of orgasm.

“I think I’m going to cum!” I announced as I felt my balls ready to unload. Ms. BJ was too experienced not to recognize this too. She leaned back released my cock from her mouth and clamped her fingers around the base of it. My orgasm quickly abated.

Ms. BJ then turned her head and began running her tongue up and down along the side of my cock. Reaching the head she circled along the underside of it with her tongue. She lapped the head round and round until she reached the tip.

She pulled back for a second to look at the head of my cock. She took my cock in her hand, squeezed it and said, “Give me a little sample there honey. Come on now just a taste.”

She cupped my balls and after a couple more squeezes on my cock a tiny drop of precum appeared. She quickly scooped it up with her tongue and swallowed it with a loud “Ahhhhh.”

She then devoured my cock whole, taking it to the back of her mouth. She paused for a few seconds then began bobbing up and down on it while bathing the tip with her tongue. After working the head she went back to licking up and down the shaft. She acted as if it were one big lollipop. Licking the sides, then taking the whole thing in her mouth all the while massaging my cum-filled balls. She repeated this time and time again. Every lick of her tongue, every time she mouthed my cock, every time she squeezed my balls, it was such a wonderful feeling. I could feel the cum churning in my balls again.

Ms. BJ pulled back a second, looked up at me and said, “Give me a mouthful honey!”

She picked right back up with her multiple assaults. The combination of her exhortation and watching her work my cock and balls was too much. The Saturn 5B rocket boosters kicked in and in no time, I felt the rush of hot cum erupt from my balls and blast into her mouth. She deep throated my cock, massaging it with her gulping throat, swallowing every spurt of luscious cum.

After what seemed like an endless supply of juice, my cock began to soften and Ms. BJ let it slip from her mouth. She wiped her lips with her tongue, catching the few drops with had escaped her.

“Did you enjoy that honey?” she asked.

“Oh Ms. BJ, I don’t think the word ‘enjoy’ does that justice,” I panted. “I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Well now you see what those girls were keeping from you,” she said with a grin.

With that the buzzer of the dryer went off – signaling that my clothes were now dry. “I guess that’s my cue to head home.” I said disappointedly.

“Hell no! You can’t leave,” Ms. BJ said emphatically as she jumped to her feet. “I’m hotter than a fire…… Ahh, I mean, it’s still raining. I really couldn’t send you back out there to get soaked again. Let me call your mother and tell her that you’re here.”

As Ms. BJ talked on the phone with my mother, I took a good hard look at her. I sure liked her tits and ass. I could feel my dick getting hard again.

“Well, your mother said that it was OK for you to stay,” she said, “just let her know if you want her to come pick you up.”

“That’s great,” I replied.

“She won’t need to pick you up any time soon. Well now, what can we do to pass the time?” Ms. BJ asked with a big smile on her face as she struck a pose, highlighting her bodacious breasts.

For a second, I though they were going to pop out of her dress.

“Would you like to see my knockers, honey?” Ms. BJ asked.

“Oh yes please,” I quickly responded.

“Well as long as you asked so politely,” she said.

Ms. BJ reached behind her neck and unzipped her dress. Then with a flourish she let it drop to the floor, leaving her standing there in bra and panties. She reached up between her twin mounds and undid the clasp. Like a slingshot the bra burst open and her boobs popped free. Ms. BJ had nipples that stuck up like eraser heads and aureole bigger than silver dollars. Her boobs were as outstanding as any I seen in the magazines I hid under my bed.

“Well don’t just stand there looking, don’t you want to touch them?” Ms. BJ said as she massaged them and played with the nipples.

Without further encouragement, I shot forward and took a boob in each hand. I squeezed each one, moving them in circles. I began to kiss them all over, starting near the center where they swelled up, then around to the outsides, and back around to where I started. Raising one to my mouth, I began to suck on it, initially taking a big a mouthful as I could into my mouth. I sucked on it real gently while lapping it with my tongue; them began to just barely flick the tip of her nipple with the tip of my tongue.

Moving to the other boob, I repeated the process. Ms. BJ arched back and closed her eyes and let out a loud “Mmmmmm” as I continued to suck her tits. After a couple of minutes I could tell her knees were becoming a bit wobbly.

“Come on,” Ms. BJ said as she took me by the hand. “Lets go into the bedroom.”

Once there, she took off my T-shirt then stepped back to take a good look at me.

“My, my honey, I can’t believe my good fortune,” she exclaimed as she reached out and ran her fingers across my chest. “So nice, so sexy,” she said as she played with my nipples.

I was surprised that it felt so good, I’d never thought of men having sensitive nipples. When Ms. BJ squeezed them between her thumb and forefinger, I felt a tingle go through my body. “That feels really nice,” I told her.

“That’s only the start honey,” she said as she bent forward and licked the nipple with her tongue and nibbled it gently.

Then she moved to the one, sucking it really hard this time. She played with my nipples for a while; reaching down while she did so to squeeze my cock and give it a tug now and then like it was a fire hose or something.

“By the feel of this kielbasa in my hand I can tell you’re already to go again,” she smiled. “I’m glad to see that.”

Ms. BJ moved up from my chest and reached behind my head, caressing it with her fingernails. Pulling me toward her, she kissed me for the first time, gently at first, then harder. A second kiss followed then a third. Finally she opened her mouth and slid her tongue into mine.

I quickly reacted to the warm, slippery tongue in my mouth, instinctively reaching out with my own. Our tongues dueled back and forth.

“Are you ready for more?” Ms. BJ asked after a final kiss.

“Oh yes, Ms. BJ,” I replied.

“Then follow me,” she said as she lay back across the bed and spread her legs. “What I’m going to teach you now is the most important thing a young man can learn about pleasing a woman.”

I knew what she meant and knelt in front of her eager to taste her pussy. I had never even seen a woman’s pussy outside of a skin mag, much less had my mouth this close to one. I thought to myself, ‘Gee having my first blowjob and now licking some pussy. This is turning out to be one fine day!’

Ms. BJ reached down and parted her pussy lips with her fingers, allowing me easy access. She said, “Go ahead honey, lick it for me please.”

I reached out with my tongue and lapped at her pussy like a puppy. Surprisingly I found I liked the taste.

“Mmmm honey, keep that up, you’re a natural!” she said with glee.

Encouraged, I reached out again and drove my tongue in as deep as it would go, savoring the new found delicacy. Ms. BJ let out a soft moan as she thought, ‘This boy is an absolute treasure. What would he be like with a little experience.’

I then ran my tongue up and down the length of her pussy, slithering side to side as I moved up and down. At times it was only a touch, but it was enough to cause Ms. BJ’s body to quiver as she moved her hips in circles.

I was getting cocky now and thought to myself, ‘There’s no doubt about it, I’m a natural born pussy-eater.’

Each thrust of my tongue made me want more. I loved the reactions I could elicit just by a flick of the tongue. Guided by the now louder moans and sighs, I drove deeper and deeper into her pussy. As I did so I was rewarded as my mouth began filling with her wet juices. Whatever doubts I might have had were now gone, here I was, giving head to an old woman, and driving her wild.

“Oh yes, honey, eat me,” Ms. BJ yelled as she grabbed hold of my head and pulled my mouth deeper between her legs. “Eat my pussy, God, yes!”

A steady flow of pussy-juice now coated my tongue and mouth as I attacked Ms. BJ’s honey pie once more. Her moans increased in intensity and she pulled me harder and harder as if she were trying to bury my face in her pussy. I wanted it to never end, so I was momentarily disappointed when Ms. BJ pulled my up by the ears.

“I want you inside me,” she said. Before I could add a word she said, “I want you to fuck me now!”

Ms. BJ quickly took hold of my now rock hard cock and guided it to her dripping hole. Coated with pussy-juice it slid deep within her, as her pussy wrapped around it. For this I needed no instruction, I’d done in my dreams a thousand times. Yet never in my most erotic dream could I ever have fantasized that the first woman I would fuck would be a woman on my newspaper route.

With boyish energy I repeatedly slammed my pelvis against hers. The sounds of my balls slapping against her butt reverberated throughout the room. A little while ago, I thought having my cock sucked was the most wonderful feeling I could ever have, but this went far beyond that feeling.

Ms. BJ grabbed my butt and added her own energy to my thrusts. We moved like a well-lubricated machine, each responding to the other’s body. With each movement, our breathing increased and I could feel my balls ready to unload once again.

My body tensed up and I yelled, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes, honey, now cum with me!” she replied.

She took firm hold of my butt now and rammed my body into her, just as the first spurts of hot, creamy cum filled her pussy. Her arms held me so tight I couldn’t breath as her own body exploded, sending a fresh new wave of her love juice to mix with mine. Even though she had pumped every last drop of cum from my cock, we continued to thrash wildly for several more seconds until Ms. BJ’s orgasm subsided. Then we both lay silent and still.

After a minute or two, I eased off her and onto my back. My cock was once again semi-soft, coated with a thick mix of both their juices. Bringing her mouth down to it, she began to lick it clean.

“Mmm that was tasty. Now honey, you’d better hop in the shower,” she said as she finished. “You’re mother will be wondering what’s happened to you. We can’t have you going home smelling like pussy juice.”

“Good idea Ms. BJ,” I replied with a big smile. “Oh one thing, would you prefer that I pick up your newspaper payments weekly instead of the unusual monthly payment?”

“Smart boy,” she answered laughing. “You be sure to come get it every week.”

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