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Fantasy Becomes Love

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I had just made love to my best friend’s wife.

Okay, that was a bit of a strong statement. Technically, we didn’t ‘make love’ and further, they weren’t married. Yet.

But I just had the most incredible sexual experience of my life and it was with her. She’d played out a fantasy of mine I’d had for a very long time. She was perfect in the role and when it was all said and done with, I’d sheathed myself in her body and lost myself completely.

It was damned near making love. Because I think I may have fallen in love with her. Maybe.

I’m awfully damned unsure about a lot of things. But that’s kind of fair.

The play part was pretty straightforward sex. I was her Daddy and she played my ‘little girl.’ Easy, right? Sure. And that wasn’t too bad. They’d surprised me when he gave me her pussy to finish in. I’d been with her before – oral and anal, but not in her pussy. I sort of figured that was completely off-limits.

But last night was supposed to be for me. My girlfriend of six years had just left me after telling me she loved my best friend. Yeah, the one who’s wife — sorry fiancé — I just banged. She’d been in love with him for a long time, she said and when she saw him fall for this woman , well, she realized that she needed to beat a hasty retreat.

Great six years, had a blast, gotta go.

And like I told my friend last night. The most fucked up part of it all was that I didn’t get that upset. It hurt my pride more than anything. But when it came down to it, I wasn’t very hurt. That told me all I needed to know.

So, when I got over to their place – my friend and his intended, I figured we’d play some cards, have a bit of food, maybe watch the first pre-season game. Maybe, if I was really lucky, I’d get a blow job from her or have another nice three-way and get to fuck her ass. I’d get dressed, go home, no big, right?

Not quite. We’re hanging in the library, my friend and I — yeah, he has a library. Did I mention he’s rich? As fuckin’ Midas. His dad could turn things to gold, I swear. Anyway, we’re in the library and she comes in dressed in this hot as hell outfit. Micro-damn skirt, tits hanging out, spike-heel boots and fucking pigtails. Two of them.

My hard-on sprang to life as if it really could think for itself. Which, it probably did, then because the brain in the head on my shoulders couldn’t form a coherent thought. Then she said the magic words, “Daddy? I’ve been a bad girl.” It took me a full minute to realize she was talking to me.

I’d vaguely heard my friend say something and when it registered that he was giving me her safe word, I managed to pull myself in and focus. I nodded in comprehension and turned back to her.

“What did you do, little girl?” I asked her and shifted a little in my seat.

She played coy, twisting a pigtail in one hand and sucking on one of her fingers. My hard on was downright painful by this time. She blushed. “I’ve been touching myself, Daddy.”

By now I was thinking a little more clearly, though I had next to no blood left above my belt. “Oh really, little girl? Come here to your Daddy and show him where.”

She lifted her skirt and I saw she’d gone so far as to shave her pussy clean and was showing me how she’d been bad by touching herself. I had to get my act together. I’d just been given the damned golden goose. At least for one night.

Her pussy was already dripping wet. I could see drops of her juice sliding down her lips and onto her inner thigh. “Here, Daddy.” She said and put the finger she’d been sucking on between the outer lips of her cunt.

Holy fuck. I had to swallow. This was going to kill me. “You know that’s bad. Only your Daddy should be allowed to touch you there.” I took a couple of shallow breaths and forced myself to relax. I would not ruin this opportunity. “Your Daddy’s going to have to punish you for that.”

“Oh, Daddy! What are you going to do?” I swear I saw real tears form in the corners of her eyes.

It was time to take a bit more active role in this little play. “Come here, Caty. I think you need a spanking, to start.” I arranged her across my lap so that my friend, Joe, could see her ass. This may have been for me, but I knew he would enjoy it, too. I lifted her skirt and exposed her bare ass.

She had a beautiful ass. I swear it was perfect in every way. It was nicely round, had something to it to grab onto when you fucked her and jiggled just right. I ran my hand over it and rested it across both cheeks.

Now, I knew how to spank. I had some experience with it before and I’d learned how to go about it the right way. I knew she liked ass play and she’d been tapped once or twice during the play I’d been part of before.

She looked over her shoulder and her huge blue eyes and pouty lips nearly made me cum right then and there. “Daddy? Please be gentle! You’ve never had to spank me before.” And I watched as her lower lip actually quivered.

I figured this was also a slick way of letting me know she’d never seriously been spanked before. I was glad for the knowledge, and it gave me a way to start. “Now, Caty, you know better than to beg.” I admonished her. “It’s only going to make Daddy more upset.” I rubbed once more, pulled my hand back and landed a firm ‘smack!’ on her ass.

I felt it warm almost immediately. Her moan went through her body and I felt it in my legs where she lay. I caught out of the corner of my eye Joe pulling his cock out of his pants at the show. I was determined to give him a good one. It was the least I could do.

She didn’t seem to know what to do with her hands, so I stretched them out over her head and rested them on the arm of the sofa. She gripped it gently and I laid my hand on her back to help hold her still. I could tell she was enjoying this and I figured that controlling the situation would only help heighten her arousal.

“Now, you don’t really want to upset Daddy, do you?” I asked her and was rewarded with her head shaking and her pigtails swinging around.

“No, Daddy. But it feels so good.” She whimpered.

“But that’s Daddy’s job,” I said and brought my hand down on her hot ass again. I loved to watch ass cheeks jiggle from a good spanking and hers were wonderful for that. “And if you take Daddy’s job away from him, it makes Daddy very disappointed.” I dropped another light swat on her ass and paused to squeeze and massage them to make sure the blood was flowing nicely.

She turned those big blue eyes back to me and there really were a few tears running down her face. I knew it was time to really start. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I understand. I’ll be a good girl now and take my punishment.”

I watched her face another second. “Good girl.” It sounded almost like a growl. Now that we were warmed up, I raised my hand again and rained a good number of slaps onto her ass in rapid succession. First one cheek, then the other. I switched back and forth, making sure not to be too predictable. As I continued, I felt a few drops of her pussy juices on my hand and when I glanced down saw that she was even wetter.

“Spread your legs for me, sweetheart, so I can spank my little girl properly.” I pulled on one leg and she spread her legs wider.

My cock bobbed as I saw her swollen, full cunt in front of me. I could smell her arousal rise up from her pussy and it took all my willpower to not flip her over and take her. Her clit was standing proudly erect, peeking out from under its hood and the heat that I could feel was incredible. Her body wanted to be fucked in the worst way.

And my body wanted to respond. I reigned in my urge and said, “That’s a good girl.” I rubbed her ass again before spanking her again. I lost count of the number of slaps, but her ass was turning a respectable red by the time I paused.

“Oh, Daddy! I’ll be a good girl, I promise!” I knew she was starting to feel the real sting of the spanking. I had to be careful here. If I was too rough, I could spoil spanking for her forever. But if I did it right, she could enjoy it. A lot. As she struggled a little more, I cupped my hand a bit to take the sting down a little, but the landed my blows harder. I delivered them faster, too, to keep her from recovering too much between them.

I looked at her face, which was a beautiful study in distress and nearly creamed my pants. I was going to have to get out of them soon. I caught Joe moving out of the corner of my eye and very quick glance showed my just how far gone he was.

I could give her a break, let her deal with this spanking and move on to the next part. “I don’t know.” I said. “We’ll have to see just how good you are. But before we continue your punishment, I think your Uncle Joe needs some special attention. Remember what I showed you how to do with that pretty little mouth of yours?”

She was a quick one and she caught on. I caught the relief on his face as she climbed down and turned her tear-streaked face toward him. “Yes, Daddy.” She said enthusiastically. “You taught me how to kiss your cock so it makes that yummy stuff for me to drink.”

I knew she’d be a bit stiff, so I helped her kneel in front of Joe. I watched as she teased his cock, running her lips over it and tonguing his balls before taking him into her mouth. I took that opportunity to get undressed. I made sure to pull my belt out of my pants and set it aside, then watched as he pushed his cock into the back of her throat and came.

I could see her throat working as she swallowed his hot load and my cock strained for the same attention. But I wasn’t through with her ass yet and I forced myself to calm a little. When she pulled her mouth off of him, she turned back to me and looked up with those eyes. “Did I do good, Daddy? I got Uncle Joe to give me the yummy stuff to drink.”

She looked for all the world like she really did need his praise for a job well done. My cock twitched again. “Yes, sweetheart, you did a good job. Now, it’s time to continue your punishment. You want to please your daddy, don’t you?” I asked her.

She nodded eagerly, a small smile on her feigned innocent face. “Yes, Daddy. Do I get to kiss your cock now and taste your yummy cream?”

I knew she liked oral. It was one of the fascinating things about her, but I had a bit more conditioning I could give and take her well on the way to thoroughly enjoying getting spanked. I knew that Joe hadn’t done much of it, but he was watching everything intently and, when we weren’t in the minute, I could teach him other things to help her enjoy it.

Right now, I also wanted the feel of her body stretched across mine again. I sat back on the couch. “Not yet, baby. I don’t know that you’ve learned your lesson just yet.” I took one hand and helped her stretch across my lap again and I placed her hands back on the arm of the sofa.

The redness from my hand had started to fade a bit. This was good. It gave her a chance to recover a bit before we changed things up. I carefully massaged her ass cheeks, getting the blood flowing again, and up the sensitivity a bit. I picked my belt up and leaned down to her ear. “This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you.” I said, “But it’s for your own good, baby. You know you have to obey your daddy.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said with tears running down her face once more. Dear God, this woman was a treasure.

I raised my belt and brought it down over her ass. She jumped because the belt was much sharper than my hand. As she did, I felt more of her pussy juices dribble down over my leg. I realized she hadn’t opened her legs, so I nudged them open and started in again.

I concentrated on making sure I didn’t break skin or cause her any real harm. My cock strained even more as I spanked her over and over again with the belt and she started to squirm on my lap. It was a natural reaction and it only heighten both of our experience. Her sex swelled even more and her pussy was putting out a steady stream of its juice.

“Oh, Daddy, stop! It hurts so much!” She cried out. She hadn’t used the safe word, and her pussy belied her words, so I continued.

“Remember, sweetheart, it hurts me more.” I brought the belt down again and this time I concentrated a bit on the sensitive spot at the bottom of her ass where it meets her leg. A swat or two there would make a nice lasting impression.

“Yes, Daddy.” She moaned louder.

I gave her a number of more smacks with the belt and when I set it aside to test her ass, she moaned so loudly just from a light finger caress. She was ready. I could see her clit standing completely erect, begging for attention. Her lips were so full and swollen, I knew that part of the tears on her face were a good amount of sexual frustration as well as those that are spawned from the spanking.

I helped her sit up and saw her nipples tighten a little as her hot ass came in contact with my legs. “I think you might have learned your lesson, young lady. But now you must help your Daddy.” I couldn’t hold on any longer. My cock was purple from the strain, the veins standing out and I thought I might actually be in danger of blue ball.

“I need you to kiss my cock the way you did for Uncle Joe.” I knew that this would help to arouse her even further. I wanted her mindless until it was over, knowing that her orgasm would almost kill her. I wanted to give that to her, after all she was doing for me, and I knew I could. If I handled this right.

She got up on her knees and I loved the look of distress on her face when her sore ass landed on her boots. It wouldn’t hurt her, just remind her of that part of her body and so when she leaned up off of them, I swung the belt enough to give her another crack on the butt. “Did I tell you that you could sit up?”

Her tears ran even more. “No, Daddy.” She shook her head and sat back on her heels. I knew it was tormenting her and I made sure that her legs were spread as she did so. I didn’t want her to manage to cum by accident.

She leaned forward and put her mouth around my cock. I thought she was going to start sucking it right away, but then she pulled her mouth off and tortured me by slowly licking it from top to bottom. I’d lost all coherent thought. When she got back to the tip of my dick and took it into her mouth, I couldn’t hold it. I grabbed her pigtails and pulled her face down onto my cock and shot my hot load into her mouth.

I was full of it. Her throat closed around me and pulled more cum out of me. Her eyes closed in near ecstasy as my cock pulsed in her mouth. She worked her mouth around me a little bit more, pulling every bit of cum from me she could.

When I was drained, she pulled back and cleaned the cum that she hadn’t been able to swallow off of me with her tongue. Then she sat back, her ass firmly on her boots, bent her head and waited for me to recover.

My friend was the luckiest man on the face of the planet. The woman in front of me had just taken a full spanking from me, is aroused beyond reason, sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. Then she proceeded to clean me up afterwards.

I wanted nothing more right that moment than to lay her back and fuck her until she couldn’t think of anyone but me. That beautiful sexy mouth for my own, that red ass that liked to be spanked, that hot pussy that could drive any man truly insane. Those were dangerous thoughts that went down the wrong road and I forcefully pushed them away.

They had given me an incredible gift. I was not going to spit in their face with it. I got off the couch and knelt next to her. It was time to take some of those clothes off of her. I gave myself one small thing first. I tilted her face up to me and kissed her gently, trying to show a tiny bit of the gratitude and, yes, love that I was feeling for her. “You’re my beautiful little girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She said and smiled. “I’m your only girl.”

I gave myself one more second to wish that were true, then pushed it away. Joe deserved a woman like this and I was not going to do to him what Suzan just did to me. I turned my attention back to her and unbuttoned her shirt. I took the tie off of her and slipped the shirt down over her shoulders.

I paused to drink in the visual of those beautiful tits sitting just so on the shelf of the bra. She had fantastic nipples that some call puffies and I loved them. They were tight and hard, begging to be sucked. I leaned in and took one into my mouth and sucked on her. I used my other hand to massage the other breast, preparing it for a similar assault.

She writhed as I did so and I felt her pussy leak on my leg even more. She was getting close to that mindless point, but she wasn’t quite there, yet. I thought I knew what might put her over the edge.

I took care to suck on the other nipple, leaving them both wet and exposed to the air, then I unhooked her bra and let it drop. The sight of her perfect tits, tight nipples and exposed cunt nearly made me cum without any touch.

“Fuck, my baby girl’s hot. Are you my hot little slut?” I asked. I had a moment of panic, hoping I hadn’t crossed a line, but she just moaned.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m your slut, Daddy.” She panted with the force of her arousal.

I picked up the tie and laid her back, positioning her carefully. I didn’t want her back to get rug burn, so I laid her back on the soft part of the rug. But I left her nice red ass on the carpet where it would get bumped now and again and keep her a little bit crazy.

I tied her hands to the coffee table. It was a symbol, not a real attempt to bind her, but it showed her that I had the control in the situation. I pulled the skirt down over her hips, but left the garter, stockings and boots. I spread her legs wide and knelt between them.

She stared at me, sure I was going to fuck her then, but instead I took my cock in my hand and began stroking it. She watched it harden completely and I kept eye contact with her, when the first bits of pre-cum leaked out. I wiped it onto my finger and when she opened her mouth to take it, I put it on her tongue.

She moaned and closed her eyes to savor the flavor. When her eyes were open and I had her full attention again, I took one finger and traced the edge of one of her labia.

Her moan grew louder and she bucked up towards me. I almost wish she hadn’t done that because I didn’t know for sure if she was ready for what I would do. I picked up the belt and took a small portion of the end and used it to slap her clit.

She nearly screamed and I would have stopped if she hadn’t just squirted her pussy juice all over me. “Don’t move unless Daddy tells you to.” I said and slapped it a few more times.

“Yes, Daddy! I won’t, Daddy! I’ll be your good girl, Daddy!” She cried out and I watched as it caused a few more tears to fall.

I took the moment to sensitize her breasts and nipples by spanking each of them lightly with the belt, too. By the time I finished, I could tell she had stopped thinking. She was ready.

I glanced over my shoulder at Joe. I wanted permission one more time. Could I really have her?

He nodded his consent and I turned back to the hot dripping pussy in front of me. I positioned myself carefully and pushed myself home, hard, with one single stroke.

She came. Hard, unbelievably hard. Her body seized up, she pulled on the tie, her breasts heaved and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. He pussy damn near squeezed my cock off, and I held her down, buried firmly in her and as she rode the waves of ecstasy.

It took her five full minutes. Five maddening minutes of her cunt squeezing my dick. Five insane minutes of her body trying to milk mine.

When she finally opened her eyes and they met mine, I started moving in her. I couldn’t hold it long, I knew I was going to cum fast. “Fuck, you’re hot, baby. You’ve got such a tight little cunt.” I wasn’t sure if I was in character or not. Her sex was unbelievably tight, despite the insane amount of sex I was sure was happening over the last couple of weeks.

“OH, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me!” She screamed in my ear.

“That’s it, baby girl, tell your daddy what you want.” I said, reminding myself of where we were. I pumped into her harder, lifted her legs and grabbed onto those thrice-damned boots of hers. Her cum splashed all over me and her tits bounced hard. She’d been reduced to moaning and screaming wordlessly.

I glanced over and saw Joe’s hand furiously stroking his own cock. I turned to him. “I think my daughter needs to have her mouth full while I fuck her.”

I pulled out and she whined deep in her throat. I knew she was pretty lost in what was going on, but I slapped her ass once hard, anyway. I knew it was right when she blushed and said, “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

I untied her arms, and told her to get on her hands and knees. She turned around, giving me a beautiful view of her still-fire red ass. It was so hot to the touch and I hoped that she had a good experience with all of this. I plunged my cock back into her pussy, unable to keep it out for long. “Now, open your mouth for your Uncle Joe.” I said.

I watched as Joe pushed his cock deep into her mouth and take her pigtails into his hands. I waited for a few seconds as he started fucking her mouth and then I started pumping, too. I thrust hard and long into her and I felt her moan and knew it would do good things for Joe, too. I wanted to cum so badly, but I held off. I wanted another hard orgasm out of her first. I reached around her and fingered her clit. “You see how Daddy’s fucking you, baby? You see how he’s touching you?”

Joe pulled out long enough for her to answer. “Yes, Daddy. My pussy belongs only to you, Daddy.”

I caught myself thinking, ‘if only that were true’, and checked myself. Instead I said, “That’s right, sweetheart. Now, cum for Daddy, give him that sweet cum he likes from you.”

Then I pumped faster, concentrating on the physical so I didn’t think about the emotional. Joe pushed back into her mouth and then she started coming. She screamed around Joe’s cock and her pussy started contracting around me again. I saw Joe close his eyes and thrust once more into her.

It nearly did me in, but what really cinched it was when Joe pulled out and came all over her face, tits and back. “FUCK, Baby, I’m coming! I’m filling my little girl with cum!” And my cock unloaded into her pussy.

It took me a minute to catch my breath, but when I did I realized I was still quite hard. Joe looked up at me. “Is it alright if Uncle Joe fucks her ass?” He asked me.

I knew what it meant. I would have exclusive use of her pussy, at least until we all cleaned up. I could feel Caty squeeze me in reaction to those words and there was no decision. “I think that would be okay. Come here, baby girl and mount your Daddy.”

I pulled out of her long enough for her to turn around and get ready to climb onto my cock again. I watched as Joe swatted her sore ass a couple of times while he dipped his cock into her to lube himself up, then he slid into her tight ass. “Oh, fuck, your little slut feels good.”

I loved how he was into the scene with us. “I’ve taught my baby girl well how to fuck, haven’t I, princess?” I asked her as I pushed into her tight cunt again.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Oh it feels so good for you and Uncle Joe to fuck me at the same time!” She moaned again and we started moving in her together.

Joe offered me a breast and I took it, sucking on it. We did this often when we’d shared the same woman. It had happened more than once during college and I was glad we could still do this good. We’d played together with Suzan, but it was never like this.

I sucked hard on her tit. “Your tits taste so good, honey.” Then I looked at Joe and together we started to thrust. Joe massaged her breasts as I held on and pumped into her pussy. We concentrated on her, trying to draw her pleasure out, but she was so far gone that she came again.

I captured her lips and poured the emotions I was hiding into her. I hoped that in her state, she wouldn’t catch it, but I didn’t know and with our lips fused, I couldn’t stop it, either.

I pulled away from her lips and looked over her shoulder at my best friend. Without conscious thought, we pumped faster and instead of moving together, we switched off. I could see he was straining and a few seconds later, he groaned a warning. “Gene…”

I knew he was close and I wasn’t any further away. I leaned in to her ear. “Baby…I want you to cum hard for your Daddy. I want to feel your pussy gush all over my cock and I want to know how much my baby loves to fuck her daddy.”

Her muscles contracted at my words and we both thrust one last hard time into her and I came, pouring myself into her, coming like I couldn’t remember ever coming before. I could feel Joe unloading into her ass and it only made me spasm more. She screamed loudly and I held her face to my shoulder so she could bite it.

I was still coming inside her and I had a brief moment of panic. I was fairly certain she was protected, but what if she got pregnant? I couldn’t think that way, so I let it go and concentrated on holding her to me throughout her orgasm.

When we finally started to come down from it, Joe and I carefully lay her down between us on the soft rug. We stayed firmly buried in her, and I found I needed that connection with her, and even with Joe in that moment. They’d given me such a precious gift. I didn’t even notice when I started to tremble. We were kissing her everywhere, touching anything we could.

It was time to get out of the role play and I lifted her leg to take off the boots. After a bit of work, we managed to get them both off of her, along with her garter, stockings and the ties in her hair. Her soft blond hair fell down over Joe’s arms and my shoulder and I buried my face in it an inhaled her scent.

I felt Caty’s skin get cool, despite the fire, so I leaned up and pulled one of the throws off of the couch. I spread it over us, then turned back to her. Her beauty took my breath away and I fought the emotions that threatened again. I could not love her. I couldn’t. No!

She kissed me then and I felt myself lose the battle. I had no idea what I was going to do. I had no idea how to handle it, but I knew I wouldn’t figure it out now. I returned the kiss gently and tried not to feel jealous when she turned back to the man who was going to be her husband.

My best friend. Fuck.

I could feel Caty was still aroused and she moved a little on my cock. Intent on giving her as much as I could, we rolled a bit and Joe leaned back. She settled herself more firmly on his cock and I slid back into her pussy yet again.

She wrapped her arms around me and held on as I loved her. She reached one hand back to hold Joe, but her eyes never left me. I felt like she was telling me something, but in that moment, I couldn’t have deciphered it if my life depended on it.

She shifted slightly and the angle changed. Joe started pumping as much as he could from there and Caty started to come again. I held her to me, and Joe held her to him, so that we were all very close.

When she calmed down, we switched positions one more time. It was my turn to lay back and she slid her body down onto mine and down over my cock. When I was into her to the hilt, Joe entered her again and began moving.

I knew he was trying to give us both pleasure and while I would never have considered myself homosexual or even bi-sexual, having it happen through Caty was something else altogether. I cupped her breasts in my hands as Joe thrust and then he ran his hands down over her ass.

She came once more and this time, it was long and hard. I surged up into her and emptied myself of my seed one more time. Joe finished a few seconds later and we all collapsed together.

We stayed buried inside her, savoring the connection one last time. We arranged the blanket over us and I stared into the face of the woman I’d just fallen in love with. The questions that ran through my mind had no answers and I pushed them aside for the light of day and fell asleep.

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