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Running Into Trouble

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The cool autumn air took my breath away when I stepped out of the dorm building for my evening run. I paused for a moment to consider whether I needed another layer of clothes. Second-guessing my running attire has become a habit by mid-October. I decided that I would warm up quickly once I got going.

Still, I now wonder whether things would have been different if I wore something less revealing that night.

I wore my favorite running outfit: royal blue tights and a yellow tight-fitting T-shirt over my sports bra. I always loved the way my legs and ass looked in those tights; I knew that every guy I passed would stare at my athletic bottom. I never considered myself a knockout, but I liked body. I’m 5’7 and have dark-red hair. I keep it shoulder-length and pulled back in a ponytail when I run. I have runner’s body–tight, muscular, but feminine. I suppose I’ve wondered what it would be like to have a larger chest, but I’m happy with my perky B-cup breasts. I’m told I have a pretty face. Most people describe me as “cute.” I have a fair complexion and dark-blue eyes.

I’ve run competitively since junior high and considered myself a bit of a jock. I even got a partial cross-country scholarship from a private collage here in Northeast Massachusetts. It was my first year here and I would train twice a day. On this night, I planned for an easy run from the campus out to Oceanside Park. I jogged through main campus. I passed a couple of campus cops–middle-aged guys who smiled at me and made no attempt to hide their staring. I gave them a closed-lip smile and nod. I made my way through the Student Square where burnouts smoke and play hacky-sack. I’m nearly out of their sight when one shouts, “Nice ass!” I can’t help but to laugh. I don’t condone such behavior, but it does make me feel a little sexy.

Still feeling a bit high from my admirer’s comment, I made my way off campus. I wondered briefly what one of them would do if I showed interest. Some guy would say, “Nice ass,” and I’d circle back, stop in front of him, and look him over from head to toe. “Thanks for noticing; you have terrific shoulders.” But I don’t dare. I’m not that kind of girl.

About halfway through with my workout, I reached Oceanside Park. I love this place: grassy hills, a few snack shacks that are closed this time of the year, and a boathouse near a pier. I didn’t notice anyone around as I picked up my pace over the hills and circled the park a few times. I’ve warmed up now and my heart rate was really kicking. I slowed it down and decided to cool off with an easy jog out to the end of the pier.

I had almost reached the pier when I noticed silhouettes leaning against the railing. It was getting dark, and there were only a few lamps and the full moon to give me light.

“Hey, baby,” said one of the shadowy figures. There were four of them. Getting closer, I could see that they were Hispanic men, probably in their mid-20s. My heart rate picked up again. I smirked back at him and kept jogging. “Damn, she’s got a tight ass!” one said. Another made kissing noises. I was a little frightened now, but what could I do? I told myself that it’s just more of the same and, in fact, I was being prejudice. After all, I wouldn’t be the least bit scared if these were white guys. The boys at the Student Square have said far worse to me. By the time I reached the end of the pier, I was at ease but feeling slightly ashamed of myself. I paused for a moment to admire the refection of the full moon on the calm ocean.

I tuned to head back. I was three-fourth of the way off the pier before I noticed that the men had changed position and were slowly walking shoulder-to-shoulder toward me. My heart rate jumped again, this time pounding as though it knew something my mind refused to comprehend. I could see their faces gazing at me. One with a flag bandana on his head said, “Hey, baby.” I looked down at the ground as I ran past him. He grabbed my arm. My legs almost went out from under me. “Yo! I said, hey! Don’t you got no manners?”

“Let me go!” I shouted. My fingernails, which I always keep trimmed, were feebly trying to dig into his hand. Another of the men took hold of my free arm. I immediately tried to bite and scream and kick out at them. Instantly another man yanked hard on my ponytail. “You want to fucking die, bitch!”

I actually considered the question for a moment. No, I don’t want to die. In my perfect middle-class upbringing, I’d never in my life been abused. I’d never been in an actual fight. I was totally out of my element. The rational voice in my head said to relax; there’s no one around, and the only way you’re getting out of this is to remain calm.

I stopped struggling. “No. I don’t want to die,” I cried. “Please don’t hurt me. I didn’t mean to upset you.” I felt their grips on me loosen slightly, but I knew they had control of me. The four of them surrounded me. I stood still and tried to catch my breath.

“We were only being friendly, but you gotta go and be a bitch,” the flagman said, as he grabbed my butt forcefully with his free hand. “What’s your name, bitch?”

“Julie. Please, I just want to go home,” I said, trying to keep my head.

“You gonna be friends with us, Julie?”

“Please don’t hurt me. You don’t have to do this,” I said, as though I were introducing a new option that they never would have considered on their own.

“We don’t have to do shit, dumb bitch,” said the man yanking my ponytail.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, you do what we say. We’re the bosses of you.” The bearded man standing in front of me slipped a hand up my shirt and pinched my erect nipple though my sports bra. “You don’t do what we say, and we’ll cut you up and throw you in the ocean. We don’t give a fuck.”

Maybe I was naïve, but they had me convinced. I had to do what they said. They really could have been killers. “OK. You’re the boss. I’ll do anything. Please…”

The flagman gave a nod to the man feeling me up. He took a rock and smashed the padlock off the nearby boathouse. These guys are clods, I thought briefly. They’re making way too much noise. Someone will come along soon, probably the police!

They pushed me into the dark boathouse. It smelled musty like wet wood, which it was. One of the men kept hold of my ponytail. I didn’t dare move a muscle as I listened to them bump around in the dark. Finally they found the chain to a bare light bulb overhead.

All eyes were on me. I was shivering now, my nipples poking through my light shirt. The man who held my ponytail let go and leaned casually against the door. The room was fairly big and cleaner than I expected. There was a large bay door that I was sure was locked. A large overturned rowboat lay near the back wall where the only window looked out to the ocean. Some odd-looking tools were stacked in a corner. The floor was bare wood.

“Alright, take off your shirt,” said the doorman.

“Yeah, show us those pointy tits,” laughed another man.

I was embarrassed looking at their staring eyes through my now visible breath. “Please don’t,” I said in a final plea.

“Julie, take off the fucking shirt, or we’ll rip it off you and you can run home naked!” said flagman.

I closed my eyes and quickly removed my shirt. Nervously I kept it wadded up in my hands.

“Take that top off too,” flagman demanded.

I pulled my sports bra over my head. I thought about how this is the most naked any man had ever seen me. I’d fooled around with guys before. But it was in cars or in bedrooms with parents nearby. Blouses and pants were loosened, hands and fingers were given temporary access, but clothes were never removed.

It was then that I lost my head for a moment. I noticed how their faces were looking at my body approvingly. Isn’t this what I loved about my body, the look of desire that it produced in men? I guess it’s hard to turn off those things with which we’ve become conditioned. I felt my breath deepen and my face become flush with excitement. Then I caught myself. What was I doing? Did I want to get raped?

I was half-stimulated and half-appalled when I felt flagman reach around and massage my ass cheeks. “Your tits are nicer than I thought,” he said, grabbing one firmly. I was caught off guard by the warmth of his voice. My body warmed.

“That ain’t bad!” shouted the doorman.

“Let’s get on with it!” said the one with the beard.

Flagman took my shirt and bra from my trembling hands. He was about 6’2 with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. I admired his light goatee. “I’m gonna help you off with those pants,” he said. He smiled and nodded to his friends. Then, he turned me toward the overturned rowboat, pushing my shoulders down. I was now in a bent-over position, with my hands on the bottom of the boat and my feet slightly apart. “Get down more,” he demanded. “And stick that ass up … higher.”

I complied. Breathing heavily now, I felt his fingers dig under the waistband of my tights. Slowly he pealed them over my round, white bottom. The room filled with hoots and crude comments from the other men. I could feel their nervous excitement–or was it mine?

My feet came together as my tights reached my sneakers, which I kicked off without encouragement. I stepped one foot out of the tights, then the other.

The catcalls from the men behind me were thrilling; I could feel my vagina moisten. I was still frightened, but not for my life. I now was scared because I was unsure of what was to come. I knew I was to loose my virginity to these men, and I was afraid that it would be a long, painful experience.

“Shake that ass, Julie!” said flagman; he gave my butt a slap. I was surprised that I liked it. I think it was the sound it made when his large hand came down on my skin, or maybe I liked that this spanking came suddenly, unexpectedly. I began to move my butt back and forth slowly. Their chants and whoops coaxed an eagerness within me. I started rolling my hips quicker and in a circular motion, arching my lower back as my ass reached the apex of its movement.

I couldn’t believe how aroused I was. I wondered whether this would be it. Perhaps they just wanted me to put on a show for them to humiliate me. Maybe they were about to let me be on my way. I felt great relief and slight disappointment at this notion.

Of course, my disappointment didn’t last long. Keeping up my performance, I heard the men removing their coats. Flagman began massaging my ass again as the others watched. With each motion, his fingers reached deeper into the crack of my butt. His fingers tickled then penetrated my wet vagina. I began to rock my body with his rhythmic probing.

“Shit, this bitch is lovin’ this!” yelled one of the men as the others laughed.

I paused for a moment, but didn’t resist.

“Is that right, Julie? You like this?” asked flagman.

“No,” I lied, looking over my shoulder at him.

“That’s too bad.” He began thrusting his fingers quickly inside of me. I noticed his determined, almost angry, expression. I rocked back and forth, pushing my slit hard against his fingers. “Mmmmm, uhhh, mmm,” I moaned. Soon I felt my vagina aflame then clinch around his dripping fingers. I climaxed to my first full-fledged orgasm. I forgot my surroundings, and I called out, “Hold it deep, right there … please!” He pushed his fingers as far as they’d go, and I pushed right back into them as forcefully as I could.

The men laughed and taunted. “Oh, yeah. You really hate this.” Trembling with a stranger’s fingers deep inside me, I felt a wave of shame. What was I doing?

“Can I please go now,” I said in a meek little girl voice. This brought much laughter, and I closed my eyes, thinking about how stupid I sounded.

“We’re just getting started, Julie. Besides, you don’t really want to go anywhere, do you?” said flagman. I just looked at the floor. He took his fingers out of me and placed them to my mouth. “See how wet you got? Lick it up.” I tasted my cum, licking and sucking it off his fingers. My mouth watered. I was getting excited again. “Good girl,” he said in a soothing voice. He turned me around to face my audience. Looking at them, I thought of how handsome these men were. I certainly could have done worse, but then questioned my sanity. Handsome rapists? Is that what I’ll tell the police? (“Oh they were all gorgeous and tall, at least six feet. The heaviest was about 200lbs. The lightest–in weight, not color–was about 170lbs. No, the one with the flag bandana had fuller lips and bedroom eyes.”)

Flagman walked me over to the muscular man leaning against the door. His face beamed. “You want Julie to suck your dick?” (What?!) “Oh yeah. I bet you suck dick great,” he said. My eyes bulged in shock.

Then flagman did something that at the moment I thought was very sweet. He spread his coat in front of the doorman. I caught myself smiling at him for a second before he said, “You better swallow it all up and not get a drop on my jacket.”

I dumbly knelt before the large man, looking up at him blankly. The other men stood closer now; flagman stood next to me. The man at the door unbuckled his belt and opened his loose-fitting trousers. He then pushed his boxer shorts down to his knees. I eyed his large penis; it was poking half-erect through his dark pubic hair. His big testicles hung low. “Go ahead and get to work, slut.” (Slut? Me?)

My mouth watered, and I licked my lips. Slowly, I opened my mouth, placing my tongue to the tip of his penis. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock as it began to grow and expand. (Remarkable!) “That’s right, bitch. Tease me with it. Make me want it.” I moved my tongue side-to-side and around the tip of his cock, looking up at him. He’s grin was so cute, and I instinctively smiled back. I was struck by an odd feeling of pride. My pretty face and mouth were exciting this man. How could this be? His cock swelled and now pressed against the roof of my mouth. I couldn’t believe how thick his penis became. He started to move his hips as I took him deeper into my mouth. I relaxed my throat, swallowing his massive member. My mouth watered and drooled when I first experienced the bitter and sweet flavor of his precum. I was amazing myself with my quick study and heard the other men agree with my thoughts. “She sucks dick better than a whore!” I heard the men undress–belts unbuckled and jeans unzipped. But I was fixated on the fat cock in my mouth.

Flagman massaged my back and ass. Then he whispered in my ear: “You’re gonna love this.” (How could it get any better?) He gently pushed my shoulders down so that I was on all fours. The doorman kept his cock was in my mouth, easing himself to his knees. We didn’t miss a beat.

“Get that fine ass up high for me, baby,” he said softly. I did as I was told. Flagman got behind me; spreading my butt cheeks with his hands he began licking my vagina. I moaned deeply (Mmmmm), which from the taste of it seemed to stimulate the thick rod in my watering mouth. “That’s right, girl. You love that cock,” doorman said.

Flagman tickled my clitoris and ran his tongue up my dripping slit. He surprised me by continuing up to my anus; my hole and cheeks clinched involuntary. He gave my butt a sharp slap, “Relax that ass.” I whimpered and moaned. His tongue first moved in circles then probed into my asshole. I couldn’t believe how stimulated the new sensation made me. I totally relaxed as he spread my cheeks and worked his tongue deep into my tight hole.

He paused and held my cheeks wide open, “That’s a damn fine ass!” He declared to the other two men.

“Damn right, yo!” one agreed.

“Shit you gonna tap that or what?” the other asked.

“Not just yet,” flagman said.

“Fuck! Then I’m gonna get some head, too,” one man said. He knelt next to the doorman, who guided my head to his friend’s already stiff penis. This man was thinner than the others, and his cock wasn’t as impressive as the fat dick I’d been working on. They took turns fucking my face. Flagman continued to torture my pussy and ass. When the fourth guy slid his head under my hanging breasts, sucking and pinching my erect nipples, I couldn’t take it anymore. I climaxed hard, bucking my ass into flagman’s face and furiously sucking whichever cock I could get. I made sounds that I’ve never heard before, groans and grunts and sighs.

And the men responded.

Doorman’s fat cock exploded in my mouth. Remembering what flagman said, I swallowed three big gulps of his cum. “Damn, shit, damn. I just blew down the bitch’s throat,” he said. As he retreated to lean against the rowboat, I started working on the other man’s penis.

“Get up, cuz,” flagman said to the man stimulating my nipples. He rolled my body over, so that I was lying on my back. I looked up at the three naked me standing above me. Their eyes danced all over my body. “That is a nice pussy,” one remarked. (I had trimmed it into a perfect triangle the previous night.) I smiled and blushed with pride. Flagman, who was still wearing his bandana, eased his face back down to my clit. He relentlessly tickled it and massaged my anus with his thumb. The other two knelt on each side of my face and took turns fucking it. I felt another surge as my back arched and I came again. Flagman urged one of the men, the one with an indiscernible tattoo on his thigh, to move down. “Go ahead and fuck this bitch, bro,” he said. “She’s ready.”

The tattooed man lifted under my knees, raising my legs and ass up in the air, and forcefully drove his cock into my pussy. Needless to say, I screamed. But he was without mercy. He drove his prick in and out of my vagina hard and fast. “Fuck! This is the fucking tightest fuck I’ve ever had! Fuck!” he said. “Take my big dick, cunt. You love it don’t you?” My cries and tears said I didn’t. After what seemed like a few hundred trusts, I began to relax my body. Discomfort eventually faded and my pussy felt warm and full. His grunts and groans were in synch with my sighs and moans. Flagman was working on my breasts, and the bearded guy was rubbing his penis and balls all over my mouth and face.

“I’m gonna blow, slut!” said the tattooed man. “You’re gonna get another drink!” He shoved his friend aside and stuck his cock in my mouth. He blew two hot shots of cum deep down my throat. “You love the taste, don’t you, slut? Tell me! Fucking tell me!”

“I love drinking cum!” I said. “I love cum in my mouth!”

The tattooed guy staggered off and leaned against the rowboat next to the other man I had satisfied.

“Don’t let that little cunt go to waste,” Flagman said. “Go get it!”

They flipped me over on all fours again, and my pussy was filled with the bearded man’s nice eight-inch dick. I loved taking this cock from behind. Flagman knelt in front of my face. “You want to suck my dick, Julie?”

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“Don’t worry; I have plans you,” he assured me. I looked at his hard cock. It was about nine inches and thick, but not like the doorman’s. It was beautiful actually. I never knew how perfect a man’s penis could be. I wondered about his plans for me. I took him in my mouth, giving him the best blowjob I could.

I was going crazy with these two cocks fucking me. Our rhythm got faster and faster. The guy in my pussy spanked me, and I let out a loud moan of pleasure. “You like rough, bitch? I’m good like that.” He spanked me repeatedly, each time a bit harder. Flagman reached down and pinched the nipples of my swinging breasts while he fucked my face with his amazing shaft. I felt my pussy clinch; I was going to cum again! I moaned, “Mmmm!” The guy fucking my pussy got terribly excited, swearing and spanking me. “I’m cumming in your tight hole, slut! I know you love this!” I felt his cock jolt and thrust as he squirted hot cum in my throbbing pussy. As he pulled out of my slick slit, he gave my ass a final hard slap. I winced and groaned.

Flagman took his penis out of my mouth and slapped it playfully against my face. “You want me now?” he asked.

“God yes.”

He helped me to my feet and walked me over to the rowboat. “Bend over like you did before.” I did as I was told. “Yeah, get that ass up, Julie.” He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the lips of my slippery pussy. “Watch this,” he said to his friends, who gathered around us. He got his thumb wet with my juices, then began rubbing it around my anus. I began to clinch, but he spanked me. “Hold still, cunt.” He worked his thumb in and out of my asshole while he fucked my pussy. I felt my pussy get wetter and warmer as he stimulated both my holes. “Check it out,” he said to our audience.

He slid his dripping rod from my pussy and laid the hot thick head against my tight anus. “You ready to get that ass broken into, Julie?”

And I was. I wanted to give him anything he wanted. “Yes. Fuck me anyway you want. I’m ready for you.” This brought much laughter and discussion from our viewers.

He eased the head of his slick cock into my ass. My breathing became heavy. I felt uncomfortable burning in my ass. I tried to relax and control my breathing, while a sobbed. His cock slid in deeper. He was about halfway in, and I couldn’t take it. I was in pain, but I desperately wanted it inside of me. I held my breath, arched my back, and pushed my ass hard into his cock until I felt his thighs slap against my cheeks. I screamed. “Ouch, ouch! Now fuck it; fuck my ass!” I cried. The men cheered at my unexpected aggressiveness.

“She’s fucking you back–with her ass!” one pointed out.

“Yeah, she loves the cock,” said flagman. We threw our bodies together and got ourselves into a fast, steady rhythm. I looked over my shoulder as he fucked my ass. His hot body glistened with sweat. I scanned the room at the others; their mouths open in disbelief. I surprised myself at how well my ass took it and how I actually enjoyed it. “You’re gonna get me now, Julie. You’re gonna take my load in this tight ass.”

“Do it, baby. Cum in my ass,” I purred.

He pulled my hips into him as he slammed that penis as far as it could go. I loved how his cock pulsed as he filled my asshole with cum. We held our bodies close for a moment before he slowly took his rod out of me. I quivered as I felt it slide from my aching anus. When he left me I started to stand upright before the doorman shoved me back into position.

“Now you didn’t think I’d be satisfied with just a blowjob did you?” After fucking my still wet pussy for a few moments, he plunged his fat cock hard into my ass. “No!” I cried. He held my hips tightly, forcing me to take it.

“But I thought you liked it up the ass, slut,” he said laughing. The other men chuckled at my pain. The doorman cruelly gave my ass a workout. I said nothing, trying to relax. After a few minutes, my hot asshole began to loosen. I fucked him back out of spite. “You want to fuck my ass? Fuck it then! Fuck it like a man!” I screamed, smashing my ass against his hips. Once I got going, he didn’t last long.

“What? You want to see what I got, you dumb bitch? You ready for this?”

“Go ahead and give it to me, dick!” He suddenly broke from me, and ripped me down to my knees by my ponytail. He stuck his smelly cock in my mouth a few times. Then the pulled it out.

“Open your mouth up wide for it, cunt!” he demanded, tugging hard at my hair. With his other hand he jerked himself off. Even after all the action I just had, I couldn’t imagine that one man could cum so much. He blew all over my face and breasts. When he finished, he eased his penis back in my mouth. “Good girl,” he said. “You suck on that for awhile.” He then took his cock out and slapped it across my face.

I collapsed to my sore ass, leaning my body against the rowboat. I watched the men put their clothes back on, and listened to them talk about what a slut I was. “Damn, I thought she’d be fun, but I didn’t think she’d be such a whore,” one said. While the others filed out, flagman stood, looking down on me. “Here, Julie,” he said, taking off his bandana and tossing it to me. “Clean that pretty face up.” I stared at his gorgeous head of curly black hair. He smiled at me, pulled the string to put out the light, and followed after his friends. I used my new gift to wipe the sticky sperm from my face and chest, then got dressed in the dark. I waded up the bandana, and tucked it into my tights. When I got back to my dorm, I woke up my roommate. “Wow, Julie, you’re dedicated! How far did you go?” she asked.

I thought of telling her about how I took on four men-not boys, but men. I was proud of myself. But, I knew she wouldn’t understand. “It was such a beautiful night, I made it a long workout,” I said. The next day, I skipped my classes and practice. (I was far too sore to even think about running.) Later that week, I was training with some other members of the team. We passed by a parked red car. Its hood was open, and young men in jeans and T-shirts stood in front of it. The men stood up to look at us; I recognized the smirking faces gazing at me. My face became flush and my heart pounded. Please don’t recognize me, I thought. “Yo! It’s Julie!” one called playfully. “Hey, girl get back here!”

“You know those guys, Julie?” my friend, Pam, asked, as we continued down the street.

“Yeah. They’re friends of friends,” I said. “They’re not as bad as they look.” After few more strides, I said I had to go back because I lent one of them a book that I needed. This statement produced odd looks from my friends. But before I knew it I was dashing the other way.

I approached them from behind, but they didn’t seem surprised to see me. “So you guys remember me from the other night, huh?” The men turned and shot big toothy grins.

“Hey, it’s Julie!” the curly topped one said, as though I were a long-lost friend. “What’s up?”

“What’s your name?” I asked


“Do you live near here?”

“I live in an apartment above that store right there,” he said pointing. “Stairs are on the side. Stop by sometime; maybe we can party again.” His friends laughed.

“Sorry, I can’t” I said. “But thanks.”

Two nights later, I found myself running alone on Roberto’s street. Taking a breath and swallowing hard, I tiptoed up his steps. I could hear rap music coming from inside. I stopped myself outside his door and prayed that I wouldn’t get hurt. Then, I knocked softly. “Roberto? It’s Julie.”

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