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Explorations on the Trail

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A few miles into her hike, Cara was aching. It wasn’t because the trail was hard, or that she was out of shape. The ache radiated from her between her legs. She was sure her cutoffs had been comfortable last time she’d worn them, but today, they rode up and were pressing hard against her clit with every step.

“God damn it,” she whispered. The pretty 20-year-old was camping with her friend, and she hadn’t seen another soul in the vast woods all day, but it wasn’t like she could just drop her pants in the middle of the forest. If anyone saw her, she’d die of embarrassment. Although at this point, maybe all it would take was a touch, just a few seconds of work with her fingers… Cara bit her full lower lip as she rounded a corner, looking from side to side for a place to sneak off the trail.

Suddenly, she shrieked, tripped, and fell. Half hidden behind a tree, she’d seen a pair of eyes watching her.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry,” someone said. “Are you okay?”

She tried to answer but could only groan. A man squatted down beside her, and despite the pain shooting through her ankle, she noticed he was cute: blonde hair, brown eyes, lean and muscular.

“My ankle,” she said. She realized her face was scrunched up in pain and tried to smooth her features.

Seriously, Cara, stop, she told herself. Like you’d ever fuck some guy you randomly met in the forest, even if your ankle weren’t…

She pulled her leg up to look.

“Can you move it?” he asked.

Gingerly, she wiggled it, and felt a spike of pain.

“Ow,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Do you mind if I touch it?” The guy asked.

“Go ahead,” she said.

As he looked down at her foot, she stole a glance at his face. God, he was hot. If she hadn’t gotten hurt, she’d never have had the courage to talk to him.

“Ow!” she yelped when he gently touched her hiking shoe.

“Yikes. Um… I’m Dean, by the way,” he said, offering his hand.

“Oh. Hi. Um, I’m Cara.” She quickly wiped her hand before shaking his, which was broad and strong.

“God, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I guess you didn’t hear me walking.”

Walking? She could have sworn he was standing still. But her mind had been elsewhere, she remembered, and felt her face flush.

“It’s not your fault,” she said quickly. “I mean, I just happened to find the one rock on this whole part of the trail to trip over.”

“Bad luck,” he said. His brown eyes looked at her warmly.


“Where’s your campsite?”

“It’s a few miles down the trail.”

“Well, shit.”


“Is anyone with you?”

“My friend. But she’s biking all day.”

“Maybe you better come back to my camp. It’s like a hundred yards that way.” He pointed back where he’d come from, and she saw there was a narrow trail leading off the main one.

Cara bit her lip again. She didn’t want to intrude, and she couldn’t possibly talk to a guy this hot without making a total idiot of herself.

“If you rest it awhile, it might feel better. And we’re only a couple miles from the road. If you want, a couple of us could carry you to the car and take you to town.”

“Oh, no, you don’t have to do that,” she said, blushing at the thought of his arms around her. “I have some aspirin in my bag. I’ll take some of that and maybe I’ll be able to walk after awhile, or something,” she babbled. She had her doubts, but what was she supposed to do?

He helped her up. She tried to walk, but she could barely put any weight on her foot. He wrapped a well-muscled arm around her, but even then, she could only hobble. Finally, she let him carry her. It would have been nice if he had swept her up in his arms, but of course he carried her piggyback.

Even with the pain coming from her ankle, the throb between her legs returned, and it was even stronger. The pace of her weight shifting back and forth reminded her of a steady fucking rhythm. Her breasts brushed against his shoulders and her nipples were hard under her shirt. She had her arms over his shoulders and she could feel his pecs lightly move under her fingertips.

“Is it much further?” she asked, her voice breathy. “Do you need a rest or anything?” She did.

“We’re about halfway there,” he said. “Don’t worry about it, you’re not heavy.”

She bit her lip. God, he smelled good. Not like cologne, just clean and male. As she closed her eyes to focus on the scent she arched her back unconsciously, pressing her crotch harder against the seam of her shorts.

Stop it, she told herself. This is so wrong.

But she didn’t stop.

Oh god, she thought.

She squirmed slightly, working her clit against the hard seam of her shorts.

Oh shit.

She squirmed again, and just then, he raised her up to adjust her weight. He lifted too high, almost throwing her, and she came down hard, her clit slamming into the seam of her shorts.

The orgasm that had been waiting all day exploded. Her body spasmed and she gripped his chest, crying out.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Oh god oh god oh god.

“Yeah, I just, um, jostled my ankle.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll be more careful,” he said, sounding guilty.

“It’s okay,” she said quickly.

“Hey guys!” He called. “I have an injured hiker with me!”

Her heart raced. Shit, they were close. Another few steps and they might have seen her in the throes of her orgasm. And she was still flushed and sweating. And her pussy—her blush deepened just thinking the word—was wet. She prayed her shorts would hide it.

Up ahead, she saw another guy looking down the trail at them. Like Dean, he was in his twenties, and he was also pretty good-looking.

“Hey,” he said uncertainly.

“Hey Bret,” Dean said. “This is Cara. She took a fall back there and jacked up her ankle pretty bad. She’s gonna sit and rest awhile while we figure out how to get her back to her camp.”

Bret nodded and glanced at her, then back to Dean. His expression was strained.

“That sucks,” he said.

“Yeah, it looks pretty bad,” Dean said pointedly.

“Hi,” Cara said over Dean’s shoulder. “Um, I’m sorry to crash your camp.”

“It’s okay,” he said, but he didn’t sound too thrilled. “Come on back.”

Dean hoisted her again, sending another thrill through her clit. She’d thought after that orgasm she’d relax, but she was still turned on. A few more strides, and she saw the campsite. Two other attractive men were sitting by a fire pit. Jeez, did they travel in packs now?

“Here we go,” Dean said. He lowered her down. She wobbled on one foot and Bret grabbed her by the waist, easily steadying her with his strong arms.

“Thanks,” she said.

Dean grabbed a chair so she could sit and explained to the other guys, Ryan and Will, what had happened. He got her some ice—she couldn’t believe they’d hauled it all the way out there. Boys.

“Do you want to take your shoe off?” he asked.

“I’m not sure I’d be able to get it back on,” she said reluctantly.

“Shit, that is swollen,” Ryan said. He looked at her sympathetically before leaning back to brood over his beer.

“Yeah,” she said. “Hopefully if I ice it for awhile I can make my way back.” She doubted that was true, but she had to hope, especially since these guys were so unwelcoming.

“Yeah,” Dean said. “Here, put it up on this.” He brought out another chair and gently helped lift her leg up. She was glad she’d shaved.

“Maybe one of us should go meet up with Alyssa,” Bret said.

“I’ll go,” Will offered. He stood and stretched, and his teeshirt lifted to reveal the bottom of his six-pack and the top of a sexy happy trail. Cara wanted to grab him by the belt and…

“Our friend is camping near here and she’s supposed to meet up with us,” Dean explained, interrupting her thought. “We’re not sure she’ll be able to see the trail, though.”

“I didn’t,” Cara said.

There was a moment of awkward silence.

“Hey, do you want a beer?” Ryan asked, almost sighing.

“Um. Thanks, yeah,” she said.

Half an hour later, she tried to walk, but it was no good. Her ankle couldn’t take the slightest weight. Even with a branch to lean on and her ankle in a splint, it was clear she wouldn’t make it.

As she sat back down, she wiped tears from her eyes. She saw Ryan and Bret exchange a glance.

“Are you okay?” Bret asked.

“Yeah, it just really hurts,” she said, trying to laugh the pain off. “I’ll take more aspirin.”

Bret handed her her bag and smiled tensely. Jeez, what was with these people? She didn’t ask to be stranded at their campsite.

“Hey guys,” a female voice said behind her. She turned.

The girl was gorgeous. Her makeup was natural looking and her hair sexily mussed. She looked like she’d just stepped out of a lingerie catalog, although of course she was fully dressed in cute denim shorts and a tank top that draped over her curves.

Who the hell goes hiking like that? Cara wondered. She was sure she herself looked sweaty and grubby.

The guys gave Alyssa a much warmer greeting than Cara had gotten, but it was still subdued.

“Will told me you hurt your leg,” Alyssa said to Cara. She set down her pack and sat near her. She even smelled good.

“Yeah, I got startled and then I tripped on a rock,” Cara said, embarrassed.

“Oh my god, it looks swollen,” she said.

“It doesn’t feel too good,” Cara admitted. The pain wasn’t too bad after the ice, the aspirin and the beer, unless of course she tried to stand on it.

“Maybe we should try to take you to the car,” Ryan said. “We could drive you to the doctor, or to your campsite.”

After a long discussion, they realized that the only thing that made sense was for her to get pushed back on her friend’s bike. She had nowhere to stay in town, and she couldn’t drive back. She couldn’t hike from the road to her campsite, and it was too far for any of the guys to carry her.

They all seemed a little too eager for her to get out of there. She wondered what the big deal was. They were camping, what were they really going to do besides sit around in the woods?

She called her friend Stacy, who she was camping with. It went to her voicemail.

“Hey, Stace, it’s Cara. I sprained my ankle pretty bad, like six or seven miles from our camp? Some guys are helping me out but I’m not sure how I’ll get back, because I can’t walk. I think the only way is if I borrow your bike. Um, I don’t want you to have to cut your ride short, but I hope you get this soon,” she said.

“How long did she think she’d be gone?” Alyssa asked.

“All day,” Cara said. “Look, if you guys want to hike or whatever, I promise I won’t steal your stuff.”

Alyssa laughed. “No, no one thinks that. We were planning on just hanging out.”

“Cool,” Cara said. She was baffled. Alyssa was being nice, but even she was clearly disappointed, or anxious, or—something.

They made small talk for half an hour, slowly drinking beer. Cara checked her phone often, and every time she did, it seemed like everyone looked at her. Obviously, they wanted her gone, but why?

After awhile, Ryan and Dean wandered a little ways up the trail and started speaking in low tones. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it looked intense. Alyssa wandered over to join in the debate, then Will and Bret did too.

Now the five of them were standing forty feet away from their own campsite, where Cara was sitting alone, and having an animated conversation. It was ridiculous. She knew she wasn’t a social butterfly, but she hadn’t done anything terrible enough to make them all ignore her. Cara put on her pack and grabbed the walking stick. It was going to hurt, but no way was she hanging around.

She’d made it twenty feet back down the trail when she heard Alyssa call out.


She didn’t stop. She heard feet jogging up behind her.

“Wait,” Alyssa said, putting her hand on Cara’s arm. “I’m so sorry. We didn’t mean to ditch you.”

“It’s really fine,” Cara said. “You guys are… whatever. I’m just going to go back to the main trail and wait there until my friend calls back. I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems like you don’t want me around.”

“Oh god,” Alyssa sighed. “I am so, so sorry.” She glanced back at the guys. “Look, I know we’ve been super weird and rude. We just… we kind of had a special plan for this trip.”

“It’s fine,” Cara said. “You don’t need to explain.”

“I want to! I feel so bad. But I… I guess I shouldn’t. You’d probably think it was really weird.”

“If you guys want to do drugs or whatever, I don’t care,” Cara said, growing more confused.

“No, it’s not that,” Alyssa said. “Um…” she put her face in her hands, then looked at Cara again. “I’m sorry, this is so… look, if I tell you, will you promise to keep it a secret?”

Cara looked at her blankly. “Yeah, I guess. I don’t even know any of you. I don’t know who I would tell.”

“Okay.” She took a deep breath. “We kind of came out here to have sex.”

Cara’s mouth fell open.

“I know that’s totally weird,” Alyssa said quickly. “I just… it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I trust these guys, I’m attracted to them—I’m sorry, you don’t want to hear this. It’s just, we were looking forward to it and that’s why we’re being so weird.”

“Oh,” Cara said. “Wait, why did you come out to the middle of the woods for this?” Of all the questions going through her mind, she didn’t know why she asked that one.

Alyssa sighed. “We all live in apartments and have roommates and we don’t really want everyone to know.”

“Well, I guess that explains… all of that,” Cara said. “Thanks for telling me. I’ll just go wait at the trail, like I said.”

“No. Don’t be silly. Come back and sit down.”

“No, I don’t want to be in the way.”

“Oh, we won’t—obviously,” Alyssa quickly interrupted herself. “We’ll just wait for your friend to call.”

Cara sighed. “It won’t be for hours,” she said. She suddenly remembered her morning and laughed.

“What?” Alyssa asked.

“Nothing,” she said automatically, then thought of the confession Alyssa had just made. “It’s just ironic. I had such a hot dream this morning,” she said brazenly.

“Really?” Alyssa giggled. “What was it about?”

“Oh. It was just about this guy I like.”

“Yeah? What was he doing?”

“Well he was about to… go down on me. But I woke up,” she said in a rush.

“You got dream cock-blocked!” Alyssa said.

“And now I am a cock-block,” Cara said, making a face.

“It’s not your fault,” Alyssa said. “You didn’t ask to get stuck here.”

“I still feel bad,” Cara said.

“No, we feel bad,” Alyssa said. “The guys are all even more shy about this than I am, but I promise, they feel like jerks.”

Cara wobbled and Alyssa reached out an arm to steady her. “Will you please come sit down? I mean what else are you going to do, really?”

Cara hesitated. “I guess. But…”


“Look, if you want to just go ahead and do your thing, I can, you know, look away or something,” she said. What did she care? It was so brave of Alyssa—she wished she had that kind of courage.

Alyssa’s face brightened. “That is so nice of you to offer. Are you sure? I don’t know if the guys would go for it, but we don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“You know what? It’s fine. I mean, I can sit down here, you guys can go up there.” She gestured to the area beyond the fire circle, where the tents were set up.

“Thanks for being so open-minded,” Alyssa said. “Look, I don’t know you, obviously, and I don’t want to freak you out, but if you wanted to join in, I’m sure the guys would be into it.”

“Oh, no,” Cara said quickly. “I don’t think I could do that.” She’d only had sex with a couple guys, and that was in bed, with the lights off.

“Sorry, I just didn’t want you to think you’re not… um, hot? God, this is awkward,” Alyssa said. “Look, come sit down, I’ll explain to the guys.”

Cara limped back with Alyssa’s help. Walking had been a bad idea, and she was grateful Alyssa had brought her back. Even though this was sure to be a strange experience, she had to admit she was curious—and still a little turned on.

“I explained to Cara,” Alyssa said when they reached the men. “She said it was okay if we went ahead. I don’t know about you guys, but I think if we go out of sight it’ll be fine.”

The men were all speechless. Ryan was bright red, and none of them could meet her eyes.

“Cara, are you sure it wouldn’t make you uncomfortable?” Dean asked.

“It would be a little weird,” Cara admitted, “but I don’t have to watch or anything. I don’t want you guys to miss your… fun, and it looks like I’m not going anywhere for awhile.”

“You are one dope chick,” Will said appreciatively.

“I’m sorry if we were rude,” Ryan said. “We were just, ah…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Cara said quickly.

“Why don’t we all just chill for a minute?” Dean suggested. “I could use another beer. Anyone else?”

Cara quickly accepted.

They sat and drank, and this time the conversation flowed much more easily. The guys were funny—and way cuter when they didn’t look so grim. Cara could see why Alyssa picked them. Time went on, and no one made a move.

She thought maybe it wasn’t going to happen, and couldn’t decide if she was relieved or disappointed. Then she saw Alyssa start to rub Bret’s arm. Soon, she got up and sat in his lap. After a few whispered words, they kissed: first gently, then deeply. Alyssa hopped up and held out her hand.

He got up, and they headed to the clearing past where some of the tents were set up. He caught Cara’s eye — accidentally? – as he walked and she felt a thrill so electric she almost gasped out loud.

The rest of the group struggled to make small talk for a few minutes, then one by one, the boys excused themselves until only Dean was left with Cara. A bank of tall grass stood between where they were sitting and the clearing. She couldn’t see much, but she could hear some moans and wet, fleshy sounds.

“You can…” she tilted her head towards the clearing. “I really don’t mind. I might even take a nap. This made me kind of sleepy,” she said, lifting her beer, although she thought she was way too turned on to sleep.

“I—I might,” he said, not looking at her. “If you want to take a nap, you’re welcome to that tent.”

“Okay,” she said reluctantly. It was on their side of the bank of grass, and she wouldn’t be able to see anything from in there. On the other hand, she wanted to let Dean go join in, and she thought he might be too shy with her sitting there. She got up and hobbled to the tent. She wondered why he wasn’t helping her. She wanted to feel his strong arms around her again.

In the tent, she sat on a sleeping bag and glanced toward the grass. She stifled a gasp. She actually had a better view from there: the tent had a window, and the grass was thinner. Alyssa was sitting on Ryan’s lap, bouncing away, and she was enthusiastically sucking Will’s cock. Bret moved around: playing with her breasts, pulling her hair, smacking her ass, stroking himself. His hand slid between her legs.

He’s going to rub her clit, Cara thought. Her own fingers twitched. Alyssa stopped sucking Will’s dick as Bret’s arm moved.

“Oh god,” she said. “Oh fuck. Yes. Fuck me. Give me that cock. I’m coming, I’m COMING.” She collapsed forward onto Ryan.

Cara’s hand was trembling on top of the crotch of her shorts. What if they saw her watching? They’d call her a pervert. They’d be so mad. They’d strip off her clothes. Alyssa would smack her ass the way Bret was smacking Alyssa’s now. Then they’d fuck her. All of them.

Breathing hard, she glanced towards the door of the tent. The slight movement made the sleeping bag slither loudly beneath her, and she cringed. Were they looking? She couldn’t see Dean, so he shouldn’t be able to see her. But he still wasn’t in the clearing. She pressed her hand over her crotch. The angle wasn’t quite right. She shifted, and the sleeping bag made another loud noise.

“There you are,” she heard Alyssa say.

Her eyes widened. Dean must finally have joined the others! She could hide behind the tent and touch herself. Carefully watching her ankle, she wriggled out.

The minute she looked up she saw him. Dean was still in his chair. His dick was out and he was stroking herself.

“Shit!” he said when he saw her. He started to try to stuff his cock back in his shorts—not a very easy task, since it was a big one.

“Wait,” she said. “Don’t.” She licked her lips and realized she’d been staring with her mouth open.

“What?” he said. He was frozen, his hand still on his cock.

In a daze, she crawled to him. Her heart was pounding like a jackhammer. At first she could only look at his cock. She was too embarrassed and too entranced to look anywhere else. Kneeling in front of him him, she reached out and took it in her hand. It had to be at least 7 inches, and it was fat. The skin was wonderfully smooth and soft. The slit was drooling precum. She spread it over the head with her fingers. She couldn’t believe how horny she was, how badly she wanted that dick inside her.

She leaned forward and started kissing and licking it. Her pussy throbbed. She ran her tongue around the head, then opened her mouth and worked it between her lips. She wasn’t experienced, but she was enthusiastic, and he moaned.

“Come here,” he said. He pulled her shirt over her head and unfastened her bra. She held her arms up, keeping it in place, but when she saw his hungry stare she let it fall. He reached out and started running his hands over her small, pretty tits. Her dark nipples were hard as rocks. He reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. He helped her stand up and yanked them down over her hips. Swaying on one leg with her shorts around her ankles, she was trapped.

Dean ran a thick finger over the crotch of her underwear.

“Your pussy is so wet,” he said hoarsely. “You like watching? That turn you on?”

“Uh-huh,” she said.

He sucked one nipple into her mouth and she gasped. He raked his teeth over the tender bud, flicked it with his tongue, and licked it. She pulled his shirt off and let her fingers roam over his muscles. His shoulders were strong and broad. He took her breast back in his mouth and his hand slipped down to rub the front of her underwear. Then he grabbed them hard, pulling them up tight against her sensitive lips before yanking them down.

His finger found the wet opening of her bare pussy and she moaned, rocking her hips, trying to capture him.

“Hey,” a male voice said. “Come over here and do that.”

She gasped and pulled away, turning around to see who had spoken. She crossed her arms over her chest. Bret was staring at her.

She looked back at Dean.

“Do you want to?” he asked quietly.

She bit her lip. Fucking a guy she’d just met was one thing, but an orgy? Maybe with a girl involved?

“I don’t know if I want to—with them,” she said.

“You don’t have to do anything,” he said. “We can just go over there and do what we’re doing here.”

It sounded so hot. She nodded. He lifted her, his cock brushing against her bare pussy. She closed her eyes as he carried her, then laid her on a blanket. When she opened her eyes she realized that it was the same blanket the others were on—Alyssa and Bret were only six feet away. She looked over and blushed when she saw Alyssa staring straight back at her. Dean took Cara’s breast into her mouth and she arched her back and moaned.

“You look so fucking sexy like that,” Alyssa whispered sensually. Dean’s fingers brushed against her lower lips teasingly. Cara kissed him hard. She felt like she was on fire. She stroked his muscular arms, his chest, his hips, his cock. She wanted to take him in her mouth again, but even more than that, she wanted to feel him inside her. He dipped a finger into her warmth and growled in her ear.

“You are so fucking wet.”

He guided his cock to the entrance of the cunt and pushed the head in. She cried out wordlessly as he moved back and forward, dipping a little deeper inside of her each time. She looked up into his gorgeous eyes and he plunged in, filling her, stretching her. As he began to ease in and out, she heard the movement beside her becoming more rapid and looked over. Bret and Alyssa were both watching them, and they were fucking hard now.

“Don’t stop,” Alyssa panted. “I’m fucking close. Keep going. Just like that. Yes. Yes, yes—” and her words became meaningless noise as she bucked on his cock. He kept pumping—Cara admired his round ass—then pulled out and shot his cum over Alyssa’s beautiful smooth skin. Will started rubbing it in, and Cara licked her lips. That was so hot, a guy touching, rubbing, another guy’s cum.

Alyssa rolled over and smiled. Cara stared at her tits. They were fuller than Cara’s, with larger nipples. She wasn’t into girls, but she couldn’t help staring. They were just gorgeous. Will and Ryan must have thought so too, because they both started sucking and biting them. Alyssa smiled even wider and ran her long fingers over their heads.

“Turn her on her side so she can watch,” she told Dean. If Cara could have blushed, she would have, but she was already flushed. She let Dean roll her on her side. He got behind her and slipped back inside her. She bent at the waist so he could get deeper. He grabbed her breast roughly, then snaked his hand down and ran a big finger over her clit.

She was so lost in pleasure she almost didn’t notice Alyssa maneuver the two men closer to her. When she looked up, they were only a few feet away. If she just reached out, she could touch one of their cocks… no! It was one thing to have wild sex with a stranger, none of her friends would ever believe it, but as long as she only had sex with him, she wouldn’t have participated in the orgy.

Alyssa took both cocks in her hands and bent and licked Will’s, then Ryan’s. Cara moaned. She felt the surge of pleasure that meant she was going to cum soon. Dean’s hand stroked her clit as he steadily fucked her. She watched Alyssa take Will’s cock deep in her full mouth. Her other hand was jerking off Ryan, who had reached between her legs. He was playing with her ass!

“So fucking hot,” Cara whispered, barely aware that she was speaking.

Alyssa leaned over and breathed in Cara’s ear.

“If you let him cum inside you, I’ll eat it out,” she whispered.

With a bolt of white heat, Cara came. Dean groaned as her pussy muscles clenched at his dick.

“I’m gonna cum,” he panted, still pounding away. Cara felt another orgasm building. “Where do you want it?” he asked.

She opened her eyes and saw Alyssa staring hungrily down at her.

“Inside me,” she panted. “Cum in my cunt!”

Dean grabbed her by the waist and set her on her elbows and knees. She stuck her ass back sluttily so he could grind into her hard. His thrusts came faster and faster and she started to cum again. When he felt her orgasm, he drove all the way into her and, with a shout, came. The feeling of his cock pumping into her pussy made her orgasm go on. He held her hips tight against his, his still-hard cock stuffed tight inside her.

He thrust back in and out of her a few times, slowly, making her moan.

“Hold it there,” she heard Alyssa say. “Hold that cum in her snatch.”

He obeyed. Cara opened her eyes and saw Alyssa crawling over to her. She grabbed her hair and kissed Cara hard on the mouth.

“I’m not normally into girls,” Alyssa said, “but you’re so fucking hot.”

She playfully pushed Dean back and he slid out of Cara.

“Turn over for me, baby,” Alyssa murmured. Cara obeyed, instinctively holding her muscles tight so no spunk leaked out of her used pussy.

Alyssa leaned over her and kissed her again, letting their nipples gently graze. Cara gasped at the sensation and tentatively ran her fingers over the other girl’s chest. Alyssa kissed Cara’s breasts, then trailed down between her legs. Cara felt nervous and excited and when she felt Alyssa’s warm tongue flick at her clit, she cried out almost instantly.

“Will,” Alyssa said, “Come here and fuck me while I eat this beautiful pussy.”

She grinned up at Cara, who was too dazed by sensation to smile back.

Will got behind Alyssa and started fucking her. His thrusts drove Alyssa’s nose up against Cara’s clit as her tongue swirled around her opening. She looked up at Cara to show her the load of semen she’d sucked onto her tongue. She got up onto her hands and knees and leaned over Cara again to share the salty spunk with her. Will moved with her, and Cara could feel his thrusts move Alyssa’s body. Alyssa sank down so she was almost lying on top of her. She started to play with Cara’s clit, driving her wild. Pleasure built all through her body again. Alyssa’s fingers slowed, teasing her.

“Will’s cock is so thick and hard,” she whispered into Cara’s ear, so the others couldn’t hear. “Do you want some?”

The thought was so hot Cara shuddered. Will’s cock, wet with Alyssa’s pussy juice, pounding into her…

“Yes,” Cara said quietly. Alyssa kissed her, her skillful tongue making Cara press her breasts up against hers. Alyssa pulled back and reached behind her. She slipped Will’s cock out of her and guided it to Cara’s entrance. She felt it nestled against her, hot and waiting.

Slowly, he pushed into her, just the head at first, teasing her entrance, then deeper. They both moaned. She looked down and saw Will’s dick slowly work its way in and out of her, shining with her juices and Dean’s cum. I’m in an orgy, she thought. Oh my god. Will thrust all the way in and she came hard, her cunt spasming around his cock. Will grunted when he felt it and thrust into her harder.

Alyssa leaned over and kissed her again.

“I’m taking this cock back now,” she said with a smile. “But if you want more, I think you should be able to find someone to help you out.”

Cara looked over at the hot, naked men, who looked back at her lustfully. She licked her lips.

“I might need a break,” she breathed, and they all laughed. Bret went to get beer, and Dean started to rub her shoulders.

By her side, Alyssa rode Will’s cock. The rest of them drank and watched. Cara could tell it was turning Alyssa on to be watched. She moaned loudly, turning her face to them, holding her tits out towards them. After a few minutes, Bret poured his beer down her front, streaming it over her hard nipples and making it pool up up around their crotches. Alyssa laughed.

Cara could see the tiny bubbles break against Alyssa’s skin. Bret stepped over and started licking the droplets of beer off her skin, his tongue traveling down towards her shaved snatch. As he licked he seemed to notice a large droplet on Will’s stomach, and he licked that up. Then he licked his belly button, and his happy trail. He lapped at Alyssa’s clit, and when she rose up halfway off Will’s cock, he ran his tongue over it.

“Ah, fuck, yeah,” Will groaned.

Alyssa delicately rode the head of his cock, letting Bret lap at the base of the shaft. Dean leaned over and kissed her, and soon he had pulled her away from Will. Cara felt a little pang of jealousy she knew was unreasonable. Bret kept licking Will’s cock, and soon he had taken the head in his mouth. Cara started to rub herself and saw Ryan watching her.

“I don’t think they’ve ever done this before,” he whispered.

“I think it’s kind of hot,” she whispered back. More like really hot. Dean was just starting to thrust into Alyssa, and that was hot, too.

“You’re pretty hot yourself,” Ryan said. He reached out and flicked her nipple, and she gasped in pleasure. He kissed her, but after a moment she turned her head away to watch Bret sucking Will. He must have been good, because Will was really moaning. Ryan kissed her neck and breasts. She realized she’d started to stroke his cock and cup his balls.

Will cried out and held Bret’s head in place as his hips jerked. Cara lay back, pulling Ryan down on top of her. His hard dick found her wet hole and she rocked her hips against him.

By some silent agreement, Will rolled over and got on his knees. Bret started playing with his ass, teasing it with a finger. He moved back, and Cara saw him get a bottle of lube. He spread a little on his finger and started working it into Will. Soon he was pumping two fingers in and out. Cara felt Alyssa’s hand in her hair. She looked up.

“So hot,” Alyssa said, indicating Bret and Will.

“I know,” Cara moaned. Naughtily, she started teasing Will’s ass. She’d never had the courage to do anything like that before. She traced the puckered bud with her fingertip, then pressed just a little.

“Dirty girl,” Will growled by her ear.

“Do you like it?” she asked coyly.

But she didn’t hear his answer, because just then Bret sat up and lined his cock up with Will’s asshole.

“You ready for this?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Will said. He groaned as the head went in.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” Bret said.

“Never done it before,” Will grunted.

Bret drove forward, burying another couple of inches. “So I’m taking your anal cherry?”

“Guess so,” Will said, and laughed. His laughter must have made him relax, because soon Bret was all the way inside him. Cara thrust her finger into Ryan’s ass and started fucking it in and out to the pace of his cock.

“Oh fuck,” Ryan said, thrusting faster.

“You like that?” she whispered to Ryan. “You wish that was you?”

“Hell no,” he grunted. “I like girls.” He pounded harder, making Cara bounce and moan. Her ankle hurt, but somehow the pain almost felt good.

“I think you like it,” Cara whispered, tickling the stubble on his jaw with her lips. She thrust her finger deeper.

“Shut up,” he said, and thrust harder. She didn’t think she’d ever been fucked so hard in her life. He was reaching depths she didn’t even know she had. Soon she was crying out as she came. She pushed her finger all the way in Ryan’s ass and he shouted and pulled out to spurt all over her stomach and tits.

Bret was steadily banging Will’s ass. Cara thought Will’s cock was starting to get hard again.

“You want this?” Bret asked Will. “You ready for this load up your ass?”

“Fuck,” Will groaned.

“Shit,” Bret said, and with a few last rapid thrusts, came. He pulled out and Will rolled onto his back and laughed.

“Will,” Alyssa whined. “Is your dick hard?”

“It’s starting to be,” he said. “What you need, baby?” He got up and walked over. Cara turned to watch and realized Dean had three fingers working in and out of Alyssa’s butthole. Will squeezed some lube onto his cock and Dean stretched Alyssa’s ass cheeks wide. Cara moved to get a better view as Will started to work his cock into Alyssa’s ass. She was breathing deeply, her face creased as she adjusted to the sensation. Will waited, then slid a little more of his length in.

“Fuck,” Alyssa said. “It’s so good. Give me more.”

Will worked himself in a little more. Dean started rubbing Alyssa’s clit, and she reached back to spread her butt cheeks open for Will. Cara saw more cock slip in.

“Oh my god,” Alyssa said. “More. More.”

Will grunted as he pushed forward. “You’re so fucking tight,” he gasped. At last he was buried balls-deep in her little butt. The men let Alyssa adjust to the feeling of being stuffed full of cock. She started rocking her hips back and forth, moving them in and out of her.

“Uhhhn,” she moaned throatily. “Oh god. Oh god! Fuck!”

Her body jerked, and the men kept fucking her. Cara watched every moment, committing it to memory. Will grabbed Alyssa’s tits and used them to lift her up towards him, making titflesh and hard nipples poke through his fingers. She arched her back as she started riding their cocks again.

“I’m gonna blow soon,” Dean growled.

“So full,” Alyssa whined.

Dean started pumping harder, and soon he shouted and came. That set off another wordless, shrieking orgasm for Alyssa, and soon Will pulled out and painted Alyssa’s back with his spunk. They collapsed into a sweaty, sexy pile.

Thank god I hurt my ankle, Cara thought as she lay there, a smile on her lips.

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