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Expliotation of Erica

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I had been broken up with my ex girlfriend, Erica, for over six months and both of us had moved on, or so I thought. She called me at work one fateful day and asked if she could see me, that she had something to tell me. I said okay and began to think of what the news might be.

She arrived at my office right before everyone left for the day. She knocked on my door and I told her to come in.

She closed the door behind her and walked over to the chair on the other side of my desk. She had on a white button down top that was apparently custom fit specifically for her, a white lace push up bra, not that she needed it, a black cotton skirt that was cut perfectly for her figure, black stockings, and three inch heels. She stands about 5’6″ and weighs 100 pounds with the perkiest 34C tits you’ve ever seen. If I did not know for sure that they were real, I would swear they were fake. We started shooting the shit, and as we did she made an inadvertent show of uncrossing and crossing her legs, giving me full view of the black silk panties that she had on. The discussion then turned to our relationship and how we had some really good times together, but it was sad how we had just drifted apart.

I was in a hurry to get going so I out right asked what it was that she came to talk to me about. She said that she had been talking to her girl friends and you know how girls talk. They were talking about all the great different ways that they have sex and how they can have multiple orgasms and things like that. That got me to thinking about you and our sex life and… . “I was wondering if you might be interested in helping me explore my sexuality, you know to experiment with different ways of having sex and things like that. So would that interest you, no strings attached? Strictly sex.”

I thought that over and asked and replied: “No strings attached?”

“No strings attached”, was her reply.

“No commitment, strictly sex?”

“No commitment, strictly sex.” She assured me.

A light bulb went on as I saw a way to explore the deepest and most perverse of my sexual fantasies with a willing participant. I told her that I would do it but only if she were to do anything and everything that I wanted to do, with out argument.

To my surprise, she agreed. I decided to put that to the test immediately.

I told that we were going to start by doing it rights there in my office.

“What if somebody hears us?” she asked

“Everyone has already gone home for the night, so don’t worry about that.” I told her. “Now come over here and let me see how sincere you are.”

She slowly walked around my desk until she stood right in front of me. I rose from my chair and instructed her to bend over my desk. I informed her that the only part of me that I wanted to touch her was my dick and that she would have do the rest, including getting him out of my pants.

She started to slide her panties down, when I stopped her. “I don’t remember saying anything about taking off you panties, just pull them aside.”

She reached back and undid my belt, my zipper, and then reached inside of my boxers and pulled out my 9-inch dick that was so hard already it almost hurt. With her other hand she pulled her panties to the side and aimed my dick right at her already dripping wet pussy. She quickly backed up and slid me in to the hilt, with a yelp of surprise and discomfort.

“I forgot how big you are.” She moaned.

She slowly started fucking back on my dick gradually picking up speed until she worked herself into a frenzy. The it happened. An orgasm like none I had ever seen in her erupted in her and she screamed and moaned and twitched around still impaled on my rock hard dick.

“Now it’s my turn.” I told her.

With that I started pounding away in that lovely pussy of hers, as hard and as fast as I could manage. “Are you still on the pill?” I asked.

“Ugh, yeah, ugh, I, ugh, am, ugh, why?” was her reply.

“Just curious”, I asked as I unloaded a ton of sperm deep inside of her.

“Oh, my god” she screamed, “that feels so good, ugh, god why haven’t I let you do that before.”

“Get used to it, cause its gonna happen all the time now.” I told her, “You haven’t seen anything yet. Go home and get a change of clothes for work tomorrow, something loose fitting but tight in all the right places. Meet me at my place in an hour and don’t be late.”

“What about the stuff in, you know where?” She asked.

“That’s why I left your panties on, let them hold it inside you until you get home then wash up, but don’t change clothes, just panties.”

I waited for her to leave and then hurried out to my car. I had a lot of preparations to make if I was going to take full advantage of this gift that I had been given. After several stops on the way home, I had everything that I was going to need, it was going to be a long night and I didn’t want to slow it down one time. I had thought about a situation like this but never with Erica. I was going to get to act out my nastiest most sexually deviant fantasies and with a hottie nonetheless. I decided that tonight would be some of the more tame fantasies, no sense in scaring her off just yet.

It was odd that she had approached me with this let alone agreed to do it on my terms considering how our sex life was when we were together. Consisting mostly of the missionary position, occasional oral sex, and never anything even remotely kinky. Erica was raised in a strict church going upbringing and her parents were very fundamental in their beliefs about sex. That was why we had never moved in together. Her parents greatly subsidized her income as well as called in a few favor to get her a job and the lavish apartment she lived in, so that she could live the lifestyle that she had grown accustomed to at home. Knowing these facts, I decided to ensure that my new sex partner did not or rather would not decide to call it off when I chose to explore my most deviant of fantasies. I decided the best way was to set up my PC camera so that it would take a still shot of the couch in my living room every minute. This would enable me to catch tonight’s action on camera and if I did the things that I had planned for tonight. That would lock out her ability to back out on me at any time. But it also meant that I would have to keep the action confined to that area. I studied the angle the camera was facing so that I would be ensured of getting several “money” shots that I could use later. With no clicking of a shutter there would be no giveaway that pictures were being taken at all.

Promptly one hour later she knocked on my door. I told her to take her change of clothes into the bedroom and hang them up, and to come back to the living room when she was done. She arrived in the living room just as I finished paying for the Chinese delivery that I had ordered on the way home. We ate and made small talk and had a couple of beers. After we got done eating I decided that it was time to get busy. We started kissing and I started striping her clothes off, piece by piece until she was sitting next to me in just her stockings and heels. I maneuvered her over to where she would be in full view of the camera and stood her up, turned her around and told her to touch her toes, thus showing her virtue to the camera. To my surprise and pleasure not only was her pussy hair trimmed it was completely shaved off. I asked how long she had been shaving her pussy.

She said for a couple of weeks, one of her girl friends said that she did it and it heightened her sexual pleasure. “I don’t know about that yet put it keep me really horny all day with my panties rubbing up and down the bare skin.”

After I was sure the camera had gotten that shot I told her that she was getting ready to find out and began to lick her slit from behind, gently licking over it rubbing her clit with one hand while massaging her supple ass with the other. I slid two fingers s of one hand into her pussy and began to finger fuck her while moving up to lick her pretty puckered asshole. I knew that her asshole had never had any attention of any kind so the fact that it clenched up immediately from my touch was no surprise. I reassured her and ever so gently licked around it kissing her ass and crack while steadily finger fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit. Gradually she relaxed her ass and I began to dip my tongue into her hole slowly plunging my tongue in and out of her, giving her ass a good tongue fucking. I pulled my hands away from her pussy and clit, much to her disliking and replaced my fingers with my hard dick in her pussy. It was as tight as I remembered it. Slowly I slid it in until it was all the way inside of her. I picked up a gradually increasing rhythm. As she began to have her first orgasm I slipped my thumb into her asshole and took her anal cherry with it as her pussy spasmed around my dick and her ass around my thumb.

With her having had her second orgasm of the night I thought that it was time to move on to something a little more risqué with her. I sat her down on the couch and scooted her ass to the edge of the cushions. I reached in between the cushions and pulled out my strategically placed blindfold and put it on her. I then tied her arms outstretched to the arms of the couch. She began to protest and I told her that she agreed to do it my way and that she had to trust me. She agreed. I went to the kitchen where I had a prepared “toy” for her. I had decided that tonight I was not only going to introduce Erica to anal sex but also to being penetrated y foodstuff as well. So on the way home I stopped and picked up a cucumber about the same size as my dick and had set to warming it to roughly body temperature.

When I returned not only did I have the cucumber but also some KY Jelly that I had picked up on the way home. Again I resumed the oral assault on her pussy, though this time I gently massaged her asshole with my fingers, gently working the KY around and into her ass, and what I got in return were moans of pleasure and an occasional gasp of ecstasy. I picked up the pace of my oral ministrations and focused more attention o her clit as gradually I added a second and then a third finger to my anal assault. As I managed to get three fingers in up to the knuckle she fell into her second orgasm of the night, this one longer and more intense than the first.

I took this as my opportunity to change my fingers for the head of my dick. It happened quickly and before she knew it, not only did I have the head in but also about 4 inches of dick with it.

“What are you doing? You’re in the wrong hole. Stop. Wait.”

“I’m not in the wrong hole, just relax, you’ll enjoy this I promise.”

Slowly and methodically I worked my dick in and out of her virgin asshole slowly allowing her to take in and adjust to more and more of me until finally I was all of the way in. 9 inches up deep inside of her ass. I asked her how it felt now and she said it hurt a little and at the same time it felt good. “It feels warm and not nearly as painful as I thought it would.”

With that I began a slow rhythm of fucking her newly deflowered asshole. Gradually picking up speed until I couldn’t control myself anymore, I unloaded my second load of the night deep into her bowels, I then decided that it was time for her pussy to get some more attention. I grabbed the cucumber and pulled my dick out of her ass allowing the cum to run out and pool in between her ass cheeks. I started to push the cucumber into her pussy. And with surprise she asked “Again”

“Yes, again. What you thought you’d get of easy tonight?”

“Well no, but I didn’t think you could again so soon.”

“Just relax and let me do the thinking.”

I start fucking her slowly at first letting her think that it really is my dick pushing into her pussy. I fuck her deep and hard with the cucumber until she is on the verge of another orgasm, and right before she cums I pull off her blindfold and let her see what is fucking into her.

“OH, oh, oh my god, w-w-what are you d-d-doing to m-m-me. Oooooooh, god.”

As she is cuming I untie her hands and let her curl up on the couch. She comes out of her orgasm with a start; She looks down at her pussy to see the cucumber still lodged inside of her. She takes it out and throws it at me. “What do you think, I gave you permission to use and abuse me and degrade me like this? Treat me like some filthy nasty little slut that you picked up off the street?”

“Well yes, actually I do.”

“This is the last time we’ll get together like this, wait until I tell my daddy about this.”

“I don’t think you’ll tell your daddy about any of this, cause I don’t think he would take to kindly to seeing you doing things like this.”

I turned on the monitor of my computer and showed her the photos that the computer had taken and assured her that if indeed this was the last of the sexual encounters, these photos might just make their way to her fathers e-mail address from an anonymous source, of course.

“You wouldn’t”

“Oh, wouldn’t I.”

“What do you want from me?” She sobbed as she broke down in tears at the thought that I had her dead to rights. If her father saw the photos that I had, he would immediately cut her off. No more fancy sports car. No more posh apartment. No more designer clothes. And worst of all she would actually have to get a real job, not one her daddy had hooked up for her.

“Funny you should mention that”, I said with a smile that told Erica that this was but the tip of the iceberg for her sexual perversion.

“Now go take a shower and change into one of my T-shirts, no panties, no bra, just the T-shirt. And you can take your time, I’ve got some work to do.”

As she moped along to the shower I asked, “Did you bring your credit card?”

“Yes, why.” Came the reply.

“Just curious.” I hollered back.

I set about the task of compiling the pictures that had been taken and writing them onto a CD for safekeeping. The CD I stored in the locked drawer of my desk, so it could not easily be found and ruined. I had better plans for its future storage. I then made a second decoy copy to give to Erica as part of my plan.

After burning the CD’s I began surfing the web, book marking the websites that I would need later on when she got out of the shower. Then I began to formulate my long-term plan of exploiting and perverting young miss Erica.

When she got out of the shower, I called her into my office and explained it all to her.

“There are over ninety pictures of you in various stages of dress, undress and in very compromising sexual situations. For every day that you comply with my every sexual desire I will erase one of the pictures from the disk. For every day that you do not comply or that you do not make your compliance pleasurable for me, we will set about taking more pictures and start the entire scenario all over again. You will from this point on, only wear what I tell you to wear, and you will be available to me sexually at any time of the day or night. Is all of that understood?”

With a look of defeat in her eyes she replied, “Yes.” I could tell from the change in her demeanor that she had given serious thought to the predicament that she had gotten herself into and come to the realization that there was only one way out, my way.

“Now that is settled lets go shopping. We will need a few things before we go any further. And know just the sites to go to. Go get your credit card we’re going to do one of our favorite things, spend daddy’s money.”

After an hour of online shopping it was time for me to get cleaned up and for some more extra curricular activity. “Now it’s shower time for me, and you are going to come with me. Don’t worry I’m not going to do anything nasty with you just yet. I just don’t feel like putting out the energy to wash myself that’s all so I think I need you to wash for me and it better be extremely sensual and sexual.”

SO off to the shower we went. Once the water was the right temperature, we both got in. I told her to get started and she did. She started with a combination shampoo and scalp massage. She massaged every bit of my arms, shoulders, legs, stomach, back, and buns. She hesitated around the crack of my ass and I bent forward slightly to give her easier access for cleaning and she took the hint, scrubbing my ass clean. She then moved to my balls lightly lathering them up and rubbing them back and forth in her hands until my dick was again hard as a rock. She then moved to washing my penis, which was still covered in a combination of KY, shit and cum. She carefully but completely washed every bit of swollen dick rubbing and caressing each spot to ensure its cleanliness. I rinsed and we dried off. I looked at my engorged penis and told her that I did not think that it was clean enough. She reached for the shower controls to turn them back on. I stopped her and told that I had a better idea of how to get it clean. I said that we should use her mouth, that would be the ultimate test, the taste test. He agreed and obediently dropped to her knees right there in the bathroom floor. She playfully licked at it for an overly long time so as she reached her lips out to kiss the head, I grabbed her head and pushed my cock head into her mouth. I asked her if it tasted clean to her. “Yefth.” Came the reply. I said good, make sure you check the entire length of it all the way down to the base. She started to pull it out of her mouth. I stopped her and said. “No do it with it in your mouth, I don’t want you to miss a spot on it.”

She replied, “Buth Ife nefa dum dap befol.”

“No better time than now to learn,” came my reply. Reluctantly she started to ease more and more of my prick into her mouth. I decided to help her out by slowly fucking her fucking. Gradually working my way deeper and deeper into her mouth. Until, with about half of it in her mouth, I hit the back of her throat. “Open wide, and try to swallow.”

As she did I pushed my dick hard into her throat until I felt it start to slide past her tonsils and into her throat. Once the head of my dick was in her throat, I resumed fucking her face, this time gradually working my cock further down her throat until after several minutes of creeping it deeper and deeper into her throat, her nose was buried in my pubes. Slowly I pulled it out until just the head of my cock was still in her mouth. The look of relief on her face was replaced by one of despair as I immediately started to push back into her mouth and throat. Over and over I did this until she caught on and started to expect it and was actually starting to help out by pushing her face forward into my crotch.

Then I felt it coming and decided that she needed to taste this, the first load that I would deposit into that sweet little mouth. I pulled all the way out and told her to open her mouth as wide as she could. She did and then I did, I shot load after load into her mouth, making sure to tell her not to swallow it. “Just hold it in your mouth,” I told her.

And she did, I guess she thought that I was going to let her spit it out, but no such luck. After I was sure that she had gotten a good taste of my cum, I told her to swallow it all and not to spill a drop of it. Amazingly enough for a first time swallower, she didn’t lose a drop. With that I took her to the bedroom and let her drift off to sleep. I would join her later after I took care of the CD with the pictures stored on it.

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