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From Nerd To Stud In One Month

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The four divorced women were gathered at Joan’s house for an afternoon of Bridge. It had become a ritual that each Wednesday they would play cards in the morning, have lunch and then enjoy sex with each other. Each week they rotated the location so that each woman had an opportunity to host the group.

The sex toys were always cleansed following their activities and the next week’s hostess would take charge of them. This week Joan announced that she was going to be gone for a month as her mother was having hip surgery.

“So I guess that does it for Bridge for a while,” Carol stated.

“Well we can still have fun as a threesome,” Anna offered.

“I’m game. We will just skip the cards.” Melissa agreed.

“Why don’t you let my son sit in as a fourth? He is an excellent Bridge player and you three can still have your fun afterward,” Joan suggested.

“Henry, no offense but he is such a nerd,” Carol reacted.

“I think it is a fine idea. What have we got to lose by trying him out?” Melissa said.

Anna chimed in, “I agree. Let’s give it a shot.”

Joan was pleased and told the group, “Great I will tell him later. He’ll host it here next week so that he’s not too nervous.”

“I’ll take the toys today and host the sex at my house after bridge,” Anna offered.

The women agreed that it was settled and they were anxious to get down to business. They began to remove their clothes. The 36 year old Melissa just let her sun dress drop to the floor and she was totally naked underneath. She was a beautiful woman with long straight blond hair, small pert like tits, gorgeous legs and a perfectly round bubble butt. Her body was completely golden tan.

Carol was a very pretty 38 year old redhead with ample breasts, shapely hips and ass. Anna at 40 years of age had more the Latin look, dark hair and eyes, olive skin and a very shapely 36-22-36 body. All of them kept their pussy hair well trimmed into cute little tufts and they were all very fit from hours of athletics. Joan at 46 was still in good shape with a little sag to her 34 B breasts.

The four of them moved into what Joan referred to as the playroom. The room was very spacious with soft bedding placed all around. Melissa and Carol lay on either side of Joan and began kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples. Anna moved between Joan legs and placed Joan’s thighs on her shoulders, and then she began to lick Joan’s pussy. Anna probed Joan’s pussy with her fingers as she ate her to her first orgasm. Anna moved away and Joan was then turned over on all fours. Melissa slipped underneath her and began to lap at her pussy as Carol moved behind Joan and started to rim her asshole.

Joan went wild and was soon bucking and humping again with orgasmic convulsions. Melissa and Carol switched places and continued their pussy lapping and ass rimming. Melissa had a longer thin tongue that probed deeply into Joan’s ass, driving Joan insane. Anna moved to the front of Joan and positioned her pussy in Joan’s face. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, Joan moved her mouth to Anna’s cunt and began to eat her pussy. All the buildup had Anna so excited they she came in Joan’s mouth immediately. Anna’s pussy was replaced by Carol’s and after her orgasm it was Melissa’s turn. Joan sucked on their cunts as she was obsessed with their pussies.

Anna got up and retrieved the sex toys; four dildos 2 strap-on dildos and 2 two headed dildos that had to be 16″ long with a fake set of balls in the center. Anna strapped on one 7″ dildo and Carol strapped on the other one that was about the same size. Carol lay on her back and Anna had Joan straddle the dildo and lower her pussy on it. Anna then greased up Joan’s asshole and her strap-on. Anna pushed the fake cock all the way into Joan’s asshole and then she and Carol began to fuck Joan’s brains out. Joan was grunting and groaning and urging them on when Melissa offered her cunt to Joan. Joan plunged her tongue into Melissa’s pussy without hesitation.

The girls continued to work each other over; switching positions with the dildos and eating pussy. Joan was then rolled on her side and one of the two-headed dildos was placed in her pussy and the other one placed in her ass. Melissa got down facing Joan and pushed the other head of the dildo into her pussy. Carol got behind Joan and pushed the other dildo into her pussy as well. Anna slid her strap-on dick into Carol’s asshole and the girls began to hump each other.

Melissa reached up and played with Joan’s tits while Anna reached around and fondled Carol’s pert breasts. After Melissa came she pulled off the dildo turned around and this Henry placed the head into her asshole. Melissa pulled Joan’s hands around so that she could play with her tits. Anna pulled out of Carol’s ass and moved over to Melissa. She pushed the strap-on dildo into Melissa’s cunt and humped the daylights out of her.

They continued into the late afternoon until they were exhausted. Afterward they showered, dressed and cleansed the sex toys. Anna bagged them to take with her for next week’s fun and games. Leaving Joan’s house they thanked her for another great day and wished her well with her mother.


Henry worked as a tech support person from home most of the Henry. A computer geek, he would often make service calls to people’s homes. He really looked the nerd part as he was 5’5″ tall and weighed a scrawny 140 pounds. Henry wore glasses and he liked to wear bow ties when going on calls. He liked to play cards and he was excellent at counting them and keeping track in his mind. When his mother Joan asked him to fill in for her while she was away, he was at first nervous even though he knew the women. Reluctantly he agreed and the following Wednesday the women arrived at 10:00 AM.

After a few hands, Henry relaxed and got comfortable playing cards with the women. The morning flew by for him and it was Henry for lunch. Melissa helped Henry serve the food and drinks. Following lunch Melissa stayed and helped Henry clean up. She told Anna that she would be over shortly. Anna and Carol left somewhat anxious to get started with the sex toys.

As Melissa assisted Henry she was trying to hurry so she could join Anna and Carol. In her haste she knocked over a glass of iced tea and it landed it Henry’s lap. Melissa was embarrassed and she quickly grabbed some napkins and began to blot the wet spot on Henry’s crotch. Henry was shocked by her actions as no woman had ever touched him there. He had no experience with women and his only sexual gratification had been masturbation. As Melissa blotted and dabbed his crotch he got an erection and Melissa was shocked by the size of it in his pants.

“Sweet Jesus, what do you have in there, a broomstick?”

“I’m sorry,”

“Don’t be sorry. Take it out and let me see it.”

“I couldn’t.”

“Okay, I’ll do it then.”

Melissa unzipped Henry’s fly and with some difficulty she fished the horse cock out of his pants. She was mesmerized by the size of it and stared at it for several seconds. Melissa stood up and dropped her sun dress and quickly shed her panties and bra. Henry stared at her in her naked beauty as he saw a naked woman in the flesh for the first time in his life.

“Well are you going to take off your clothes or just stand there and look at me?” she asked.

Henry snapped out of his stupor and quickly shed his clothes. His cock stood out like a flag pole displaying his obvious desire. He looked odd as his cock was clearly out of proportion compared to the rest of his body. Melissa walked over to him and took a hold of his cock. Henry felt like he would cum any second as Melissa toyed with his dick. It was clear that Melissa was in complete control. Melissa pushed Henry back on the sofa and then she knelt before him. She placed both hands on his shaft and there was room for another set of hands.

You have a beautiful cock and I am going to enjoy sucking it,” Melissa said in a very sultry tone.

Henry was speechless as he watched Melissa lower her head and engulf his cock in her warm sensuous mouth. He gasped as she closed her lips around it and then began to bob up and down. She couldn’t get more than half of his cock in her mouth and she kept one hand wrapped around it so she didn’t gag. No one had ever sucked his cock before and he almost lost it instantly.

Melissa continued to suck his cock and she swirled her tongue around and nibbled the head driving Henry crazy. Melissa sensed that he was close to blowing his load and she cupped his tight balls and massaged them as she tightened her mouth around his cock. That did it and Henry could feel his cum travel from his balls through his scrotum as he started to cum. He didn’t know what to do or say because of his inexperience so he just let it happen.

Melissa stayed glued to his cock and swallowed the first blast of his seed as it rushed into her mouth. Henry came in droves and Melissa had to swallow quickly but even then it was too much for her and she pulled her mouth off of him. She held the massive cock in her hand as he continued to shoot. It was like holding a small hose in her hand. After several forceful streams, Melissa took the cock back in her mouth and sucked it dry. Henry could not believe how Melissa worked his cock and swallowed his cum. Melissa was pleased with his youthful discharge and she knew that he would be hard again in no time so that he could fuck her.

Melissa sucked and nibbled and teased Henry to no end. Finally he begged her to stop and he slid back onto the sofa to rest and recover. Melissa sat next to him and turned his face toward hers. She kissed him deeply plunging her tongue into his mouth allowing him to sample the after taste of cum. Henry reached for her and took her in his arms. Henry fondled her tits, thighs and ass as they kissed. He could feel himself getting erect again as they cuddled, petted and kissed on the sofa.

“Come on, let’s take this upstairs to your bedroom where we will be more comfortable,” she said sexily.

Henry followed Melissa upstairs to her bedroom. He never took his eyes off of her shapely legs and killer ass the entire time. They entered his bedroom and Melissa turned to face him.

“Have you ever eaten pussy before?” she asked.

“No I haven’t ever been with a woman,” Henry confessed.

“Well I will teach you,” Melissa told him.

Melissa got on back on his bed and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Henry to see. Henry just stared at her in all her beauty lying on the bed. Her hair spread across the bed, her firm tits and hard nipples stuck up in the air and her voluptuous tanned body was splayed before him. Melissa held her arms open to him and then guided him to her body as he leaned in toward her.

Melissa coached him through every move of his first pussy eating experience. Henry buried his tongue in Melissa’s pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. Melissa directed the action and she soon had him nibbling on her clit while he fingered her pussy. Henry was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Melissa squirming and tossing on the bed. Melissa moved her legs over Henry’s shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. Henry held on to Melissa’s shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy.

“Oh, oh, yes right there. You got it. Suck it, chew on it eat me, oh!” Melissa cried out.

Henry continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. He then moved his hands up to her tits and found her hard nipples. He was fascinated with her breasts. Henry massaged her boobs and twirled her nipples in his fingertips as he continued to munch on her pussy and clit. Melissa was tossing and thrusting her pussy into Henry’s face and calling for him to eat her.

“Stick your finger in my ass,” screamed Melissa.

Henry was taken back by the demand. He snuck one hand behind Melissa’s bottom and toyed with her asshole tickling the tight nether hole.

“Wet your finger in my pussy and put it in my ass,” Melissa ordered.

Henry stuck his middle finger in Melissa’s pussy and got it good and wet with her juices. He then positioned it at Melissa’s asshole and shoved it in. Melissa gasped with the abrupt anal penetration but soon had Henry’s finger buried in her ass. Henry pumped his finger in and out of Melissa’s ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Henry loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of Melissa’s ass.

Melissa stiffened and gasped aloud as she came on Henry’s face. Henry held on to her with his finger still buried in her ass and his mouth glued to her cunt. He felt the waves of orgasm rock Melissa’s body and his face was flooded with her cunt juice. Melissa kept humping his face until the last of her orgasms passed and she flopped back on the bed. He found he liked the taste of her but he really liked that way he made her cum.

Henry slipped his finger from her ass and his hands found her breasts again. He stroked her tits and nipples as he gently licked her pussy dry of all her juices. Henry finished eating her and then sat up kneeling between Melissa legs. Henry followed Melissa’s eyes to his cock and then he realized that he was hard again.

Melissa smiled at him and said, “That was marvelous, an outstanding first time. Now get that big cock in my pussy and fuck me!”

Henry leaned forward and aimed his cock at Melissa’s pussy. She placed her hand around the base of his cock to control the entry. He slid in up to her hand and reveled in the warmth of her cunt. Henry began to pump his cock in and out of Melissa’s pussy as she wrapped her shapely legs around his back. Melissa pulled him in with her legs and positioned herself so that her clit was in constant contact with his cock. She had never been so full and she loved the sensation. He was bigger then any of the dildos and she could hardly wait to tell Anna and Carol about him. Henry began to pound Melissa’s pussy and Melissa humped her hips back at him just as hard. The two of them fucked each other frantically breathing heavy and grunting and moaning. Melissa had another orgasm but continued to fuck Henry toward his. Melissa lost count of her orgasms before Henry finally filled her pussy with his spunk.

Melissa lost control and released his cock allowing him to plunge into her. She gasped as more cock filled her womb and touched unexplored territory. Henry stiffened and then thrust into her each time he felt his cum ejaculate. Melissa rocked with him and she clenched her cunt muscles squeezing every drop of cum from his cock. Henry collapsed on her body as he felt the last surge of cum leave his cock. Melissa held him tight as he relaxed his body. Henry had never felt so good in his life. He couldn’t believe his good fortune in fucking Melissa.

Melissa rolled to her side and Henry rolled with her. They held to each other and gently caressed each other’s sweaty body. Melissa pushed Henry on his back and then she kissed her way down his chest passed his stomach to his cock. Henry gasped in surprise when Melissa took his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of their combined juices. Then she moved up his body and kissed him deeply shoving her tongue in his mouth again. Melissa wanted to be sure that he got to taste both of them and that he shed any inhibitions that he previously had.

“I can see that you are still ready for action. I love it in the ass. Will you fuck me in the ass?” Melissa asked sexily.

“I guess, if you want, yeah sure I’ll do it,” Henry replied somewhat stunned.

Melissa smiled at him and then got off the bed. She retrieved some lubricant from the bathroom and handed it to Henry. Melissa then got on all fours and directed Henry to lube her ass. Henry got turned on by putting the lube in her asshole. He enjoyed fingering her hole and caressing her curvy ass. Melissa rotated her ass in arousal as Henry inserted a second finger into her bung hole.

“Okay I’m ready for your cock Henry but I want you to go easy. Wrap your hand around the base so that it doesn’t all go in,” ordered Melissa.

Henry knelt behind her and eased his hard cock into her ass up to where his hand held it. He worked it in slowly and reveled in the methodical penetration of her luscious ass. Melissa’s ass was a warm tight receptacle. Melissa used her anal muscles to perfection as she massaged Henry’s cock in her anal sheath. Henry caressed both of Melissa’s gorgeous ass cheeks as he fucked her ass deeply. They both sensed he was about to cum again and Henry picked up his pace as Melissa squeezed his cock with more intensity. She reminded him to keep a hold of it. Melissa knew she could never take the entire length in her rectum.

“Cum in my ass, I want your cum in my ass,” Melissa cried out.

Her words sent Henry over the edge and he fired his third load of the day into Melissa’s hot ass. Melissa felt the warm sperm coat her rectal passage, a feeling that she loved. She squeezed her anal muscles and milked Henry’s cock dry of every drop of cum. Henry continued to fuck her slowly until his cock softened and slipped from her ass. Henry just looked at her beautiful ass and watched as trickles of cum ran out of her ass across the lips of her pussy and down her inner thighs.

“Come on let’s grab a shower and then I need to get back to Anna’s house. They will be wondering what happened to me,” Melissa instructed.

After showering they both got dressed and Melissa left the house. She thanked Henry for a wonderful afternoon. Henry asked if he would get to see her again. “You can count on it,” she told him.


For the next two days Melissa was a little sore from her sex with Henry. Still she could not get the size of his cock out of her mind. She decided to pay him a visit on Saturday and if things went well she would stay night. Melissa missed morning sex and she was already thinking about Henry’s big dick.

At Henry’s house he had similar feelings. Melissa was his first and he could not get her lovely body out of his mind. He had trouble staying focused on his work as his mind kept drifting to the great sex he had with her. He got frequent erections on masturbated often as he pictured her in his bed. He was relived on Friday when she called him and told him that she would be over on Saturday.

Melissa arrived after lunch on Saturday and it had been all Henry could do to keep from jerking off thinking about her. She wore tight fitting jeans and a tank top without a bra. Henry got an immediate erection when he saw her with her stiff nipples pushing out the material of her tank top. Her ass looked perfect in the jeans and he had a flash back to when she took him in her bottom. He was still amazed that his cock could fit into such a small opening.

“Henry, I can see that you are glad to see me,” she said as she ran her handover the impression of his erection.

Henry just gasped and stood frozen to the spot. “I think that we should relieve some of this pressure and then we can visit. Would you like to take me to your room again?”

He just nodded enthusiastically and followed Melissa up the stairs to his bedroom. He stared at her lovely bottom as she ascended the stairs. She teased him by exaggerating the movement of her buttocks. They entered his room and there were no preliminaries as they were both anxious to make love. Clothes flew off rapidly and Melissa in all her naked beauty stretched out on the bed. Henry’s huge cock stood at attention indicating that he was clearly ready for action.

Melissa smiled at him as she reached for his cock and wrapped her hand around the base. She guided it into her pussy as he moved between her legs. She kept her hand in position so that he would not plow the entire length into her. Henry was so thrilled to be back in her again that he did not last more than a few minutes. His body tensed and he shot a huge load into her womb. Melissa could feel the cock pulsate in her hand and stream after stream was fired into her. It seemed as if he would not stop cumming and once again she was flooded with semen.

Henry only stopped long enough for his initial discharge and then he resumed fucking her. He kept his weight on his arms as not to crush her as he drilled her pussy. Melissa could feel the semen sloshing around in her as his cock drove in and out. His thick cock was able to rub her g-spot and her clit simultaneously and she was soon on her way to her climax. She wrapped her legs tighter around his torso and humped back at him as she approached her crescendo.

Henry felt her body tense up as she had another massive orgasm. He continued to move in her and she seemed to cum for minutes even though it was only seconds. During her climax, Melissa subconsciously released his cock and it slid all the way into her filling her completely. At that point she couldn’t move and she just lay still as the massive cock moved in their co-mingled love juices. Melissa was at a point where she couldn’t take anymore stimulation and she pleaded with Henry to let her rest for a minute. Reluctantly he pulled out of her and as he did she felt the cool air in the room caress her engorged clit.

“I haven’t cum that hard in a very long time. Let’s rest for a few minutes.”

Henry nodded his agreement. As he looked at her lovely female body he just had to touch her. He fondled her breasts, stroked her flat belly and lovely legs. Melissa got the idea for a massage and he was very willing to give her one. She told him to get some lotion from his mother’s bathroom and Henry moved like lightning. He was back in a flash with the lotion and Melissa rolled over on her belly. She coached him in the technique to massage a woman.

First she lay on her back so he could attend to the front of her body. Melissa wanted him to end up massaging her ass and finish by fucking it. Henry’s hands trembled as he rubbed the lotion over the lovely shapely woman. He was enamored with her body and he knew that he could massage her and play with her all day. His cock was throbbing as it remained erect throughout the frontal massage. Melissa then told him it was time to do the back and she rolled over. He stared at her incredible ass and didn’t move until she told him to start with her shoulders.

He then massaged Melissa starting with her shoulders and back and then working his way down her body. She told him to save her ass for last. He bypassed her gorgeous shapely ass and massaged her thighs and calves. Then he worked his hands back up her legs and this time he massaged her ass. Melissa groaned when Henry’s hands fondled and squeezed her buttocks and she wiggled her ass in response.

Henry then began to explore her ass as he began to caress it, massage it and rub her cheeks. He pulled her cheeks apart slightly and revealed her sweet tight aperture. Then he ran a finger over her sensitive little bud and watched it quiver when he touched it. He did as he was told and lowered his head and planted soft tender kisses all over her buttocks. Melissa cooed aloud when she felt his lips on her backside.

Henry placed both hands on her ass and began to massage her buttocks again. Melissa felt the tender but firm deep massage of his fingertips. Henry would push her ass cheeks together and then pull them apart to expose her sweet asshole each time. When he exposed her anus, Melissa could feel the cool air on her rosebud. Henry again lowered his mouth to one of her buttocks and pressed his lips against it. Then he blew a steady breath onto Melissa’s anus and watched as goose bumps covered her skin. He followed her instructions and he was getting into it.

He took his time planting well placed kisses on her buttocks and then began a slow torturous journey toward the crack of her ass. Melissa smelt so nice and so fresh that Henry realized she had prepared herself for that moment. Melissa had douched both her pussy and asshole earlier that day. Henry’s lips then came into contact with the crack in her ass and trailed a line of kisses down to her anus. Melissa’s body tensed as she was anxious and excited all at the same time.

Henry gently pried her cheeks apart wider exposing her nether hole even more. Then he lowered his lips to her anus and gently kissed it and caressed it with his lips. He repeated this act several times and Melissa moaned aloud as her ass was pampered by Henry. He moved lower and kissed the sensitive spot between her asshole and her pussy and Melissa groaned again. He then extended his tongue and lightly licked the sensitive area as he continued the journey toward her pussy. Melissa flinched at the first contact with her pussy. Henry then began to lick a line from her pussy back to her asshole and then he flicked his tongue across her nether hole. Melissa’s body gave in to the incredible erotic sensations and craved more attention.

Henry took his time and spent many minutes repeating the actions as Melissa directed. His hands continued to massage her fabulous globes while his lips and tongue explored her asshole. Henry learned how much she like to be kissed, licked and gently nibbled. Her body would twitch and flinch at the long strokes from his tongue and her buttocks would tighten when his tongue probed her anus.

Melissa lay on the bed and she could feel her heart racing and her chest pounding. He began to explore her with his fingers. He placed his index finger on her tailbone and slid it down ever so slowly toward her puckered asshole. He probed gently with the tip of his finger and it fit perfectly in the entrance of her tight hole. Henry pressed his finger in gently applying a little pressure as his finger entered the outer edge of her anus entering it just ever so slightly. He probed a little deeper and wiggled inside Melissa’s ass. He then removed his finger and Melissa felt its absence. She felt a cool substance on her anus and she realized that Henry had applied the lotion to her ass.

Melissa felt Henry kiss her ass cheeks again and then his finger returned to her asshole and spread the lotion around the entrance. Melissa felt her asshole pucker up as it received the tip of Henry’s finger and she remembered how it would feel when he finally put it in her. Her body ached with desire and she wanted more. She wanted to be touched, penetrated, and filled up and to be explored in her forbidden area. Henry’s finger slid in deeper and Melissa instinctively clamped her sphincter around his finger. Henry held still in her and waited for her to relax before probing deeper.

Henry then wiggled his finger back and forth and let it slide out slowly to the first knuckle. Melissa felt his finger slide out and she instinctively clamped her ass around it again, this Henry to hold it in place. Henry could feel her sphincter muscle clench his finger as if she were milking it and nursing it. Melissa knew all too well the battle that was going on within her body. The sphincter was designed to push things out not pull them in. Each time Melissa relaxed her asshole, Henry pushed his finger in deeper until she clamped around it again. This process continued until the entire finger was buried in Melissa’s ass.

With his other hand Henry continued to pay attention to the rest of her ass. His hand wandered all over her shapely buttocks massaging and caressing her soft skin. At the same Henry he continued to slide his finger in and out of Melissa’s asshole and he enjoyed watching her anus grip his finger each time. Melissa’s breathing had become labored and she began to rotate her ass in tiny circles as if to get the finger in deeper. Henry was in no rush as this is exactly what he had wanted. He wanted Melissa to enjoy every moment of the anal sensations. He wanted to work Melissa into a state that she would beg him to fuck her ass. For now though he was content to worship and devour her hot luscious ass.

Henry then lowered his face to her ass and licked her as he probed her with his finger. He took his other hand and reached under her to find her pussy and her clit. As soon as Henry made contact with Melissa’s hot wet pussy her body trembled as a wave of pleasure passed through her. With one finger rubbing her g-spot, another diddling her clit and a third finger in her ass, Melissa groaned loudly and her body shook with desire. She knew that she was close to another orgasm.

Henry’s two fingers in her pussy matched the rhythm of the finger in her ass Melissa could feel all the fingers in her separated only by a thin membrane inside her. Henry pumped his fingers in and out and Melissa went wild. Henry could feel her body giving itself over to him. It was his now to do as he wished. Her pussy was dripping wet, her ass clamped tight around his finger and her hips pushed back at him. This was the most exciting thing that has ever happened in his life.

Henry suddenly removed his fingers from her holes leaving her empty. Melissa screamed for him put them back in her, to fill her up again. Her eyes were wide open and she had a wanton look on her face. Her body was begging to be fucked but Henry was in no hurry.

He lowered his lips down to her hot ass and planted kisses all over it again. He massaged the smooth flesh of her ass as he kissed it and Melissa cooed. She longed for his fingers to be back in her. Henry moved his mouth directly over her anus and blew on her nether hole. Melissa thrust her ass back into Henry’s face as if to impale her ass on his tongue. Henry needed no further encouragement and his hands spread her ass open wide so he could probe her asshole. Henry stiffened his tongue like a tiny dick and probed Melissa’s asshole. He poked his tongue in and out of her ass then he covered her ass completely with his mouth and sucked hard on it. Henry began to lick, nibble and tickle the sensitive rosebud and Melissa cried out in passion.

“Oh, please make me cum, let me cum,” Melissa screamed.

It was the first words she had spoken in over an hour. Henry reached under her again and located her clit. Melissa’s pussy was sopping wet and Henry knew she was very close to a climax. He played with her puffy pussy lips as she diddled her clit and then he pushed first one, then two and finally three fingers into her pussy. Henry then pulled his mouth off her ass and pushed two fingers from his other hand into Melissa’s snug asshole. Melissa gasped and swallowed hard at the new invasion in her ass but her state of desire and the lubrication easily facilitated the extra digit.

Henry now had three fingers in her pussy and two in her ass as he picked up the rhythm. The thrusts became deep and hard as he relished with the delight of devouring her ass and pussy with his fingers. Melissa responded by pushing her ass back against his hands as she fucked back at them. Henry finger fucked her two holes with both hands as Melissa pushed back against him. He could feel the small patch of skin separating the three fingers in her pussy from the two in her asshole. Henry was getting carried away and he began to furiously fuck her lovely hungry body with his fingers. Then it happened and Melissa exploded. She clamped down on the fingers in her body and her pussy spasmed as a massive orgasm rocked her. Melissa screamed out loud with her mind blowing climax. Henry pulled his fingers from her asshole and replaced them with his mouth.

He could feel the hot moisture in Melissa’s pussy as it coated his fingers. Henry continued to lick her quivering asshole as her first orgasm subsided but then another orgasm rocked Melissa’s body. This one seemed even more intense than the first and it caught them both by surprise. Henry kept his mouth on Melissa’s ass until the second orgasm had passed and she seemed to recover. With one last kiss on her cute little rosebud, Henry lifted himself up and looked at the beautiful Melissa. She had her head turned to one side on the pillow with a look of pure lust and gratitude in her eyes.

“I want to you to fuck me in the ass again. Do you want to fuck my ass? ”

“Yes,” Henry stammered.

As she directed, Henry poured more lubricant on her ass and worked it into her asshole. Melissa arched her back and pointed her beautiful ass back at him. He coated her asshole with a generous amount of lotion and slid his thick finger back in her hole. He took his time preparing her ass relishing every moment. He then coated his entire cock with the lotion and placed the head at the entrance to her anus. Henry pushed forward and the thick cock head squeezed into Melissa’s tight asshole. Henry was surprised that it went in easier than the last time.

Melissa winched as her asshole was stretched wide again and she gasped, “Go slow let me get used to it.”

Henry withdrew his cock head and then pushed it back in this time causing more pleasure. He pushed until a couple of inches were in her ass. Melissa found her self holding her breath and her body was covered in goose bumps. Henry was so thick that her asshole stretched to new dimensions and held his cock in a vice like grip. Henry slowly slid his dick in and out of her each Henry going a little deeper. Melissa pushed back as if she were trying to poop as she knew that would make the penetration easier. Melissa’s brief pressure had subsided and it was replaced with a feeling of fullness.

Melissa relaxed a little and then felt more of Henry’s cock slide into her asshole. She grunted out loud as she felt fuller and then a wave of pleasure passed through her body. She was convinced that Henry had his whole cock in her now but really he only had about half of his big dick in her. He kept adding more and more of his cock to her ass. There was pressure then fullness and then pleasure each Henry he went deeper. Melissa would tense, relax and then enjoy it. This pattern continued until Henry had most of his cock buried in Melissa’s ass. She had reached around and held onto the base preventing a total penetration.

Henry reached around and played with her clit as he pounded her ass. Her pussy and asshole were on fire as the big cock reached super sensitive areas in her body. Melissa was on the brink of another huge orgasm as Henry methodically fucked her in her tight anus with his sizeable cock. He loved watching his cock slide out of Melissa’s shapely ass and then plunge back in as his hips slapped against her curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust. Her orgasm surged within her as he fucked her ass harder and faster.

As Melissa came and came her entire body went into spasm. Her pussy convulsed and clamped around Henry’s fingers coating them with her cunt juice. Melissa’s asshole pulsated as Henry drove his big cock in and out of it. Her ass involuntarily squeezed and released his huge member as he fucked it causing him to finally lose it. Henry slid his pecker deep into Melissa’s rectum as his cock spasmed and sent a thick stream of hot cum into her channel. Henry kept fucking her as load after load was fired into her ass. His cock kept twitching and spurting inside the impaled Melissa.

Melissa had never felt so full of cum and there was no where for it to go, blocked by Henry’s swollen cock buried in her ass. He slowed his pace and eventually stopped allowing his cock to remain buried in Melissa’s ass. He did not go soft right away and he gently moved his hips pushing cum around in her ass. Some of it trickled out and ran down over her pussy lips.

Melissa could not take any more fucking and she pleaded, “Please no more, I can’t take any more Henry, please stop.”

Reluctantly Henry stopped and slowly withdrew his cock from her loosened asshole. He marveled in the sight of his impressive cock sliding out of Melissa’s shapely ass. His man seed flowed from her asshole and ran like a river down over her pussy and between her sweet thighs. Henry and Melissa stayed in the same position for awhile and he massaged her beautiful ass as she remained on her knees with her ass perched in the air. Henry pushed down lightly on Melissa’s back causing her to accentuate her ass even more. He loved looking at it and playing with it as she cooed into the pillow. Henry’s cock remained hard and looked menacing around Melissa’s asshole. It was hard to believe that he had fucked her beautiful tight ass a second time. Melissa looked magnificent with her just fucked curvy ass in the air. Henry could not resist sticking one of his fingers in her asshole and she just wiggled her bum instinctively.

They rested for awhile and then got up and showered. Melissa went to Joan’s bedroom and located a terry robe to wear. Henry put on a robe too and they went down to the family room. Melissa found some white wine to drink and Henry put out some cheese and crackers. They sat around chatting and talking about Henry’s progress as a lover. Melissa then told Henry about the Bridge group. Henry could hardly believe his ears and had a difficult time picturing his mother having lesbian sex.

“I want to surprise Anna and Carol when I host Bridge at my house this coming Wednesday. Do you think that you are up to fucking three women?”

“You want me to fuck Anna and Carol too?”

“Of course I do. They will fall in love with your big cock. Do you want to fuck them?”

“I guess so. Sure, I’ll do it. I like them.”

“Good, now let’s go back to bed. I’m staying the night.”

Henry was more than ready to fuck his lovely guest some more and he knew that he could probably cum two more times that night. Melissa was in for another session that would leave her breathless and lifeless before they would sleep that night. In the morning she would teach him about morning sex.


Melissa was awake before Henry and she went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. She returned to the bedroom and smiled when she saw him in bed sporting a morning erection. She got back in be with Henry and he stirred.

“I have been thinking about your cock all morning.” She said as flopped on Henry’s bed on her back and told him to fuck her with his big dick.

Henry’s cock was big all right as it was most mornings when he had a piss hard-on. “I have to pee,” he told Melissa, “Let me pee first.”

“No way,” said Melissa, “It will take you longer to cum and I want you to last as long as you can.”

Henry got between her legs and eased his big dick into Melissa’s cunt. He fucked her long and hard until Melissa couldn’t take anymore. Henry felt the constant pressure of trying to cum along with the pressure to piss. He couldn’t cum and his bladder was ready to burst. He pleaded with her to let him pee.

Melissa told him, “Go take your piss now and give my pussy a rest.”

After a long piss, Henry washed his cock and his hands before joining Melissa in bed again. Melissa told him to lie on his side as she lay on her side facing him in a 69 position. Melissa took Henry’s erect cock into her mouth and let a good portion slide down her throat. Little by little Melissa kept messaging Henry’s dick with her throat muscles taking more and more of it down her throat.

For several minutes Melissa massaged Henry’s cock with her throat as she swirled her tongue around the shaft. Henry had never felt anything like this in his life. He knew he was close to cumming and he warned Melissa. She just cooed and continued with the best blow job of his life. Henry started to shoot his juice down Melissa’s throat and into her stomach. Melissa milked the life out of him with her throat as she sucked on his cock. It took Henry several minutes before he stopped cumming and regained his senses. His cock was still buried in Melissa’s throat when he felt her slowly let it escape from her mouth.

Melissa and Henry watched in awe as his big thick cock came into view. Melissa took a deep breath and liked her lips, “Delicious!” she exclaimed.

Henry had never felt so drained from just one cum session.

“That was unbelievable,” he sighed.

Melissa told him that she had never taken anyone that deep before but the feeling was incredible. Melissa said, “Come on let’s hit the shower”.

Melissa and Henry jumped into the shower together and began to wash each other’s body. Henry ran his hands all over Melissa’s curvy ass and tits and diddled her clit with his soapy finger. Melissa stroked Henry’s cock with her soapy hands and brought him back to an aroused state. Henry fingered Melissa’s asshole and put one then two lathered fingers in her bum. Henry turned Melissa away from him and positioned his cock at her asshole. He eased his hips forward and slid his slippery dick into her asshole. Melissa braced herself with her hands on the shower wall as she arched her ass toward Henry to provide him better access to her bunghole.

Henry fucked Melissa’s asshole and watched his slick dick slide in and out of her ass. Melissa moaned as Henry tweaked her clit with one free hand. He reached around and played with her hardening nipples as well. Melissa started to orgasm and Henry put both hands on her hips as he fucked her ass. Melissa replaced Henry’s hand with her own as she fingered her cunt while he pounded her ass. Henry stroked her shapely ass as he buried his cock in her asshole and filled it with his seed for the second time in two days.

Melissa and Henry finished showering for real this time. They dressed and had lunch. Melissa had had enough sex for two days and she was even walking gingerly. She told Henry that he was a good student and a good lover. Melissa reminded him not to masturbate the next two days and save himself for the Bridge group on Wednesday. Henry knew that would take all his will power because every time he thought of Melissa he wanted to jerk off. Melissa kissed him on the cheek and left the house. That evening in bed Henry thought of Melissa and as always he got another erection. He couldn’t help it and he masturbated thinking about her lovely body. He convinced himself that it was okay and that he still had Monday and Tuesday to rest up for the Bridge group.

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