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Even Better the Second Time

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I answered the door just like I did last week at this time, it was late and I had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for his call. Wrapped in a blanket, dreamily I opened the door so happy to see him standing there.

My lover, who I met by chance on a snowy and frozen night playing around on the internet. It’s been a few weeks since we met in person, and that first time we lasted only a few short minutes at my place before he wrapped his arms around me and I led him to my room.

He is so tall and husky with a voice that makes me stop and listen when he speaks. He doesn’t know how he affects me just to see him there, for me to be there with him.

As I go to hug him and show him that I am happy he decided to come over tonight, he grabs the front of my blanket pushing me up against the wall kissing me hard.

It hurts having his hands pressing into my chest and his mouth dominating mine in this manner but makes me instantly wet knowing what I am in for.

I love when he is like this, when he knows what he wants from me, what he needs to take from me. He breaks the kiss smiling at me sweetly.

“Miss me Kiddo?” he asks knowing full well the answer is YES.

I smile stepping up onto my tip-toes to kiss him, the kiss once again becoming hard, hungry and draining the strength from my body. He continues this invasive kiss, grabbing my ponytail to keep my mouth firmly pressed to his. There is no turning back with a kiss like that, I am his for anything he wants from me, the one man who can make me feel like a submissive little girl in his presence.

We reach my room and he lowers me to sit on the edge of my bed kissing me softer now.

Smiles at me, kisses my forehead and says, “Take of your clothes for me please.”

Keeping eye contact I undress for him forgetting any discomfort and insecurities I have.

“Now undress me.”

I kiss his chest, his lips as I undo the belt which keeps me from my prize. Taking my face in his hands kissing me once more with a lustful force that makes me weaker each time, he tells me as he takes my place on the edge of the bed and forces me down to kneel before him,

“Now Baby, I want your mouth sucking on my big cock, making me all nice and hard for you.”

Without hesitation my hand slips around his semi-hard cock which is impressive even in this state. Pulling back on his foreskin I take him full in to my mouth making his cock wet as I begin to suck hungrily eager to make it bigger and harder. As he hardens and thickens it becomes harder to take him fully in.

“You love sucking my cock don’t you Baby? You love trying to get that little mouth of yours full of me”

I moan in agreement, he knows I love doing this for him, that I would do it every night if I could. As he gets closer his hands move my head to the rhythm he needs, thrusting himself into my mouth as I try to keep up with his motions.

“I hope you are ready for this, I’m gonna cum hard”

Before he is finished saying it I taste the sweet salty cum from his cock filling my mouth as I swallow trying not to miss any of him. I love his taste, I clean him off gently with my tongue as he slowly gets soft again. He places his hands once again on my face and kisses me, thanking me and pulling me on top of him as he lays back to catch his breath.

I climb off him, curling up next to him as he hugs me and praises my success. We lie there in the dark silence as I caress his arms, legs and chest patiently awaiting what is soon to come. As his breathing becomes normal again and we play around poking fun at each other like we always seem to do.

He gets up, stretching out his legs and I steal his spot laying on my stomach in the middle of my bed. I give my best evil giggle and stick out my tongue in victory!

“You think so do you?” he says acting unimpressed.

I pretend to get cozy like I could take a nap, peeking up at him smirking. He goes the bottom of the bed and climbs atop me pinning me to the bed with his hands on mine. Smacking my ass hard, I glare back at him laughing. He begins kissing my neck, biting at my neck and I once again begin to feel that heat building and the wetness between my legs grow with every nip and kiss he gives me. His fingers entwine with mine, as I am helpless to move not that I could or even would.

Slowly he kisses down my back over my tattoo along my spine to my tail bone. Running his tongue up my ass he giggles at my reaction seeing me squirm wanting his tongue deeper.

“You want my tongue in your tight ass Baby?” Biting my lip at the thought I nod “Fuck … yes I do, please.”

He pulls me back into him and onto my knees, kneeling he buries his tongue into my wet pussy finding my clit instantly. Teasing licks and sucks bring me closer, the heat of his breath on my ass making me incredibly horny as I start to think that I can’t wait, I need him inside me, I need him to fuck me now. If he senses my craving for his cock he doesn’t let it show, he continues to lap at my wetter than ever pussy.

He begins to slowly work his way up biting my ass, spreading my ass cheeks as far as they will give. He brings his mouth in close and I can feel his breath hot and torturing me, he lightly runs his tongue over my crinkly hole making me gasp at the intense feeling he causes such a sensitive spot.

“Like this?” he says as he pushes his tongue deep into my ass for a moment and withdrawing.

“Uh huh” I barely get out of my mouth as I am lost to him now at his mercy.

I know he is thinking of the last time we were here in my room, I had asked him to take my anal virginity and teach me how to take him in my ass. It went so well and he felt so fucking good in my ass, I never thought anything could feel so good. I was scared at first because he is so big, his cock so thick, but he made me so comfortable and secure that it was a smooth ride we both enjoyed.

We had started off with an anal toy to prepare me for him, to work up to his girth and eventually he was fucking my ass with no pain just intense pleasure.

He again sticks his tongue deep into my ass causing me to gasp again,

“Oh baby, I want you in my ass again, no toys this time I just want you fucking my ass like last time.”

“Are you sure? You feel ok to do it again?”

“God yes, I want to cum with you deep in my ass”

He got the lube from the drawer and generously applied it to my ass and his now throbbing hard cock.

“I’m glad you taught me this” I said as I concentrate on relaxing.

“So am I, I love fucking your tight little asshole, I love that I am the first one to fuck your ass and to cum deep inside your ass.

Slowly he works in a finger, working it in and out stretching me a little. I begin to gently rub my swollen clit. A second finger, mmm he makes me feel so fucking good and I push my ass back into his hand showing my eagerness to have him take me.

After he is content with me taking a few fingers and relaxing he stands up pulling my hips a little closer. I feel the tip of him poke gently at my hole, slowly working it in just past the head of his cock. As he tries to withdraw a little I push back slowly taking in more of him as he moans loudly in pleasant surprise.

“Take my ass, fuck me”

Although a little taken aback he pushes in slowly farther filling me up with all of his cock. Straining against some of the pain I bite down on my blanket moaning loudly and try to relax again.

The sight of seeing me take him in and the sound of my enjoyment have him moving slowly in and out of me, applying a little more lube to prepare me for some hard ass fucking. I am more relaxed now again and I can feel my enjoyment building as I start a faster rhythm and rub my clit harder.

Within moments of this, he is pounding into my ass fucking me hard and fast, it feels even better than the first time. I cum and I cum hard, my cunt contracting, and also my asshole hard and tight around his cock with each wave of my orgasm puts him over the edge and he slaps my ass grabbing on tight and fucking me harder than ever before cumming deep and hard inside of me.

I hold on to the edges of my bed as he rides out the orgasm, already smiling at how well I did again this time. We collapse together in exhaustion breathing heavily from the act we performed so well.

I curl up next to him once again, he kisses my forehead “Hi You” he says with a big grin. I grab him by the back of his head and kiss him hard, and smack him on the ass grinning back,

“Hi Baby.”

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