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Eva’s Awakening

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They had arranged the appointment a week ago. It was to be a perfectly innocent and professional eight-o’clock breakfast meeting, a chance for two of the firm’s newest lawyers to get to know each other a little better before spending all day Saturday in a dreary seminar on intellectual property rights

That’s what they had told themselves all week, each of them trying to fend off that nag of a conscience that kept warning them that this was something more, something more dangerous.

Eva had still been telling herself that very thing all morning, even as she ran her six miles and took her morning shower. For some odd reason, though, she had somehow neglected to mention the meeting to her husband.

At the little downtown cafe where they had agreed to meet, the dark, handsome son of Tucson’s largest liquor distributor — we’ll call him David — ordered coffee and a bagel. His tablemate, the daughter of one of the city’s most prominent Mormon families, a woman who for these purposes shall be known as Eva, ordered an orange juice and a fruit plate. No coffee for her

Conversation at the cafe was awkward at first. Staring across the table, David found himself a little tongue-tied, which was very much out of character. It was just a little disconcerting — at the office, he had never seen Eva with her blonde hair falling in loose, curly ringlets around her face. At the office she always kept it pulled back into a ponytail. And maybe it was the lighting, but until that morning he also hadn’t noticed the light, charming freckling across her skin. 

Finally, Eva rescued him by steering the conversation to their firm’s partners and internal politics. David had been hired almost a year earlier, and he was relieved to discover that when Eva had questions, he had answers. He was struck again, as he had been in their office conversations, by how quickly she grasped what he was trying to say, and how smart she made him feel.

Soon, the conversation turned more personal. Eva started talking about how much she missed competitive running since graduating from BYU, where she ran the 400 meters and had barely missed making the 2004 Olympic team. Now four years past undergrad, she still kept in shape by running in 10Ks and other amateur events, but it wasn’t the same, she told David. She missed the elite competition, the thrill of running against the best. On the track and at school, she had always been someone who wanted to test her limits, who wanted to see what she was capable of doing. Her friends in law school used to tease her about wanting to be the next Sandra Day O’Connor, the Supreme Court justice from Arizona 
 “Well, maybe you can take that aggression out in the courtroom,” David joked, flashing a smile.

During his two years of marriage, he had not found it difficult to remain faithful. But now, sipping his second cup of coffee, he realized how much he was drawn to this beautiful, smart young woman. Her lean runner’s frame had filled out nicely in the years without competitive training, a fact that for some reason was even more apparent today than usual. And her blue eyes and blonde hair, the way her lips pursed as she listened … well, it didn’t do her justice to call her the most beautiful lawyer in Tucson, although that was already her reputation among the bar.

If Eva was also drawn to David, it wasn’t because of anything unique about him because, well, in truth there wasn’t much to make him unique. He was a type, a type of Arizona good ol’ boy that had piqued her interest since girlhood. In high school, a couple of the popular, party-hearty boys had summoned the courage to ask her out, but they had always run afoul of her father’s two rules of dating:

Rule One: Any boy who wanted to date one of his daughters had to be brought to the house for an inspection.

Rule Two: Never bring a non-Mormon boy home for inspection.

Back then her social life had revolved around the church, around social events organized for others like herself. She had gotten married young … well, not young by LDS standards, maybe, but young. She had wed just the second boy she had dated, exchanging vows at the Temple in Mesa the summer after her sophomore year of college. And after she got accepted to law school at Yale, her husband Stephen had even accompanied her to New Haven and found work as an LDS youth counselor in the local stake. So Eva understood, at least in a vague way, that she still had a lot of … questions, not just about men in general but about herself.

From her wooden, stiff-backed chair, Eva could glance over David’s shoulder and see a clock on the cafe wall, one of those kitschy little cactus clocks sold in every souvenir shop and tourist trap in the Southwest. The continuing ed seminar, at a hotel ballroom a couple of blocks down the street, was scheduled to start at nine. But at 8:45, as David was telling her about the new black pickup truck he had driven off the dealership lot a week earlier, she listened and smiled to herself at the little boy’s enthusiasm in his voice and she said nothing about the time.

At 8:55, as she talked about her own excitement at finally beginning her career in the law and her hopes to specialize in international business, she still pretended not to register the passing of time, even though her eyes kept glancing at that clock,

At 9:05, after watching the minute hand finally slide past the 12 and onto the next hour, the tension of pretending was suddenly replaced by the tension of knowing. Whatever the day held for her, she realized, it would be spent somewhere other than at a stuffy hotel conference room. She also realized that she had somehow known that all along.

David, too, had sensed the passing of time. But he was enjoying Eva’s company too much to care. He felt himself on a roll, and he certainly wasn’t going to be the one who broke the spell. As long as she was willing to sit there with him, warming him with her smile and presence and stirring his thoughts in unprofessional directions, well, he wasn’t a big enough fool to remind her they had somewhere else to be.

Finally, by 9:30, the obvious had become impossible for either of them to deny any longer. David gestured for the check, then, with a strange gurgle in his voice, he offered a suggestion he knew would never be accepted.

“I guess we’re blowing off class, huh? You want to go for a ride in that truck? It’s parked right outside.”

She smiled and nodded. “Whatever you have in mind,” she said.

“Whatever I have in mind?” he thought to himself, panicking, as they pushed away their chairs on the noisy wooden floor and rose to leave. “I have nothing in mind! What do we do now? I can’t believe this.”

As they headed for the door, he touched her for the first time, an innocuous gentleman’s guide to the elbow that she graciously accepted. And by the time they reached the truck, a plan of sorts had begun to formulate:

Goal One, he needed to get her alone, and there was no place short of a hotel room that offered privacy on a Saturday morning. But there was also no way in hell he was going to try to pull that one off with a woman like this. It was time to get creative.

“Hey, I’ve been meaning to take the truck up into the mountains, just to see how she handles in four-wheel drive,” he said once they were both strapped in. “Do you mind coming along? I’d have to stop and pick up some things, but I know a couple of places with great views down near the border. We could be back to your car by mid-afternoon, no problem, right on schedule.”

“That sounds great,” she said. “I haven’t been down there since I was a kid. We used to camp there with my family all the time.”

So an hour later, after stopping to pick up bottled water, a six-pack of beer, some ice and a cheap Styrofoam ice chest, David was nervously negotiating a backwoods road in the Coronado National Forest, where he and his buddies used to party in high school.

The road was rough — bumpy and bouncy — but Eva seemed to enjoy it, hooting and squealing like she was on an amusement park ride, at a couple of points even grabbing for his arm to balance herself. That didn’t help David’s concentration much. He knew where he was headed, to a south-facing overview with a great view across the border into Mexico, a place where they would never be bothered. Best he could remember, it was just a few minutes from here, and in his haste to get there it was all he could do to keep his foot off the gas pedal and the truck on the trail.

Finally, they came up over a rise and there it was. David hit the brakes and the truck settled back onto its springs. The dust clouds that had been following them for miles began to settle to earth. He turned off the engine and let the silence hit them.

“Wow. This really is beautiful,” she said, and they both sat in awkward silence for a few moments, struck by the grandeur of the view. She looked across into Mexico. In the many times she had come to this area with her family, she had never ventured across the border.

Then they turned to each other and kissed, tentatively at first but then with increasing passion. She let David take the lead and set the pace, but much to his surprise she responded willingly, fervently at every step, never once objecting or even asking that he slow down.

As they kissed, he reached for her breast, expecting to pushed away, but he was not. He reached up under her blouse, pulling it from her skirt, and slipped his hand onto the bare, smooth skin of her rippled belly. She shifted to make it easier for him. As he reached beneath her bra, she broke from their kiss and quickly, efficiently began to unbutton and remove her blouse, until she sat in the cab naked from the waist up.

As they resumed kissing, he dipped his head down to her breasts now open to him, beautiful and small and firm with nipples hard to the touch. With his left hand, he began to make his way beneath her skirt, and he marveled that even then she offered no resistance.

“My god, you’re so wet,” he whispered, and she made no acknowledgment except to spread her legs and again seek out his lips. Eva already knew how she wanted this to end; she knew that this is what she had wanted and at this point she saw no reason to feign coyness or objection. This was what she had needed to know, this was what she had suspected but had never confirmed about herself and she was going to see it through, all the way through.

When David’s hand finally entered her, she gasped and bucked against it. Raising her butt off the leather seat, she slid her skirt and panties off in one smooth motion, kicking them to the floor of the truck. She was totally nude, and David marveled at the beauty and athleticism of the body now revealed to him. The taut stomach muscles, the incredibly sculpted breasts, but most of all the abandon in which she presented herself. He had been with girls who were “easy,” so to speak, but this was not that. There was no air of acquiescence to Eva, no sense of surrender to him. She had made a decision and was carrying it out, and he marveled at his good fortune.

Still fully clothed, David began to concentrate his attentions on her cunt, running his index finger down through the sopping wet slit and then back to the top, trying to gauge her response while he nuzzled at her neck.

“Yes,” she said. “Do that.” So he did. And as he began to work his finger into her, she began to tremble, gasping, placing her hand atop his and urging him on. 

”Oh my, don’t stop,” she panted. “Don’t stop, don’t stop. Don’t … oh my.”

He had found her rhythm, and as his finger worked he pulled back to watch its effect on this unbelievably beautiful, passionate woman who was soaking the leather seat of his truck with her wetness, filling the air of the cab with her musk. Making little circles now on her clit, he watched in awe as she drew her knees up, her eyes shut and toes clenched, concentrating, until suddenly those blue eyes flew open, her body began to shake and his hand was soaked with her cum.

“Ohmigod ohmigod,” she said, riding his hand and staring at him, her own hand still pressing him to her, refusing to let him go. Finally, as her body settled, she looked over at him, breathing heavily, and laughed.

“You still have all your clothes on,” she said.

“Well, yes. But that was incredible.”

“You’re telling me? You’re very good at that.”

She glanced around, peering out of the truck window as if trying to remind herself of her surroundings. “Let’s get out of here,” she said, then opened the truck door and stepped out into the fresh air, wearing only the sensible shoes she chosen from her closet that morning.

Quickly, David opened his door and scrambled outside, the warm, dry desert air a stark contrast to the air-conditioned cab. He reached behind the driver’s seat for a blanket he kept there, then walked quickly toward the rear of the truck where Eva waited, naked in the autumn sun.

“Oh good,” she said as she saw the blanket. She looked around for a patch of open ground, but David was ahead of her. He dropped the tailgate and spread the blanket across the bed of the pickup, and as he did so she was on him, reaching for his belt buckle with both hands and kissing him as she did.

He stood there, letting this naked woman undress him while he ran his hands up and down her warm, smooth, naked skin, still awed by her beauty and the unexpected turn the day had taken. As she tugged his pants down toward his ankles, he began to unbutton his shirt, until a few minutes later they both stood there naked, embracing.

Finally, she climbed up onto the bed of the truck and laid on her back, gesturing to him to join her. 

”Not yet,” he said. Then, bending over and cradling a perfect hip in each hand, he kissed her taut, heaving stomach, then made his way lower, very much wanting a taste of her.

“OK,” Eva thought, settling back on the hot pickup bed, grateful for the wool blanket beneath her. “Here we go.”

She had never felt a mouth there, never even been kissed down there, but today was going to be the day for that too. As she felt David’s lips move south, she placed her hands on his strong bare shoulders and lifted her head to watch, amazed at what was happening to her.

As his tongue split her cunt, as he sucked her flesh and juice into his mouth, her head collapsed backward, banging against the hard metal, and she stared up into the cobalt blue sky, allowing herself to think of nothing, feel nothing but the sensations coming from the center of her soul. Once again her knees came up, until her heels rode his shoulders, and as David lapped at the bud buried in the sopping wetness she arched her back and wanted to scream out loud in joy and wonder.

So she did

As she came, surges of liquid filled David’s mouth, and he swallowed and sucked at her, trying vainly to pin her down as she bucked violently beneath him, squealing and crying. She rode his mouth for a long time, pulling his head to her tightly, until finally she collapsed back onto the truck bed, her head turned to her side, her lips pursed, her face and chest a bright orgasmic red.

“I need you now. Are you ready?” David asked, beginning to climb on the truck to join her.

She sat up suddenly, and for the first time she objected, gently shoving him back and then scrambling down onto the ground. She saw the confusion in his eyes, and she grinned to reassure him.

“I … the truck bed’s too hard. Can we do it this way?” she said, turning her back to him and raising her ass in the air like a daubing wasp. She bent over and braced herself with her hands gripping the tailgate, looking over her shoulder for an answer.

David looked at her long, slim back, at the curve of her hips and the muscles of her ass and the juice dripping down those sweet sweet legs, and he thought, “yes, yes we can do it this way.”

And so he stepped into her, first running his hands up and down her flanks, her skin now glistening and slick with sweat under the sun. Cupping her left breast with one hand, he reached down with his right hand to guide his cock into her, drawing a gasp from both of them as he pushed it home.

David could tell she was ahead of him. He could feel the gripping of her cunt on his dick, and already her body was pleading with him to speed up, to give her more, but he stubbornly held back, determined to set his own pace. He had her to himself, all day long, and he intended to take his time with her, to explore all her possibilities

Hidden in the scrub a couple of hundred yards behind the couple, Esteban Ortega turned with round, astonished eyes to his companion. He and Luz had crossed the border the night before, on a scouting mission for their drug-smuggling boss. They had been awaiting the cover of nightfall to return across the border when the black, unmarked pickup came barreling up over the rise.

At first they were certain they had been spotted by the Border Patrol or Drug Enforcement, so they had hidden themselves in the scrub. From there, he and Luz had watched the events of the last half hour.

Finally, however, Esteban decided that he could stand it no longer. He drew his pistol from his belt and quietly began to walk toward the pickup truck, gesturing to Luz to follow.


Bent over, head down, arms braced against the tailgate, Eva was working toward what would be the most intense orgasm of her life. David was hunched over her, hands cupping her breasts, grunting into her ear as he thrust forward and she could feel herself on the verge, always right on the damn fucking verge, damn she needed him to be just a little bit faster, she was right there, why didn’t he ….

And then suddenly he stopped, stopped moving altogether.

Frustrated, she snapped her head back to the left and saw a large, hulking man standing there, pointing a gun at David’s temple. She was startled — who … where had he come from? — and tried to speak, but only nonsense came out of her mouth.

Then she heard laughter from the other side of her — another one? She turned to look, and as she did the second man pointed at her ass, which even now was still rotating on David’s cock, still seeking what it needed.

The man with the gun to David’s face motioned him backwards, out of her cunt, and as David reluctantly withdrew, backing away with the gun still inches from his head, the second man quickly dropped his pants and moved behind Eva before she could fully process what was happening.

Eva protested and tried to escape, but the sopping wetness of her cunt betrayed her. Grabbing her hips, Esteban found himself deep within her in just one thrust. He began to move, slowly at first, reveling in the moment.

“OK,” Eva thought to herself, still in a daze. Suddenly, things had taken a very weird turn. She had known one man all her life and now in the space of minutes, two strange cocks had been buried to the hilt in her cunt. As the man behind her started to fuck her in earnest, she began talking to herself, unaware that she was now vocalizing her entire internal dialogue.

Usually, Eva had a tight-assed Yale-educated lawyer in her head who weighed every word before she said it. But the little bitch had disappeared — she was probably somewhere getting her brains fucked out — and as a result, everything Eva thought she now said aloud.

“OK.” she thought and said, as this stranger thrust into her again. “Ohhh kay. Ohhh kay. Ohhh kay.” With every thrust she was driven up onto her toes, her calf muscles tensing, and soon, with every withdrawal, she would gather herself and drive down onto the invading cock.

“Ohh kay, ohhh kay, ohhh yes.”

Her body quickly came to the conclusion that now she had a partner ready and willing to set the pace she needed.

David, meanwhile, was sitting on his bare ass in the dirt, in the shade of the truck, his back against the driver’s door. He was still panting, his dick still hard and glistening, but he was sidelined.

The larger of the two Mexicans, a man well over six feet tall and 250 pounds, hovered over him, gun still drawn. But the gunman’s eyes were fixed not on David but on the couple fucking a few feet away from them.

From his position down on the ground, David could no longer see Eva. But he could hear her, grunting and crying and seeming to love every moment of it. He could only imagine what was happening.

For Eva, no imagination could have prepared her for this experience. She could feel it coming now. She could feel it happening, although she wasn’t sure what it would be like.

“Do that! Do that!” she hissed, driving back at her lover, and finally she came, shaking violently as she did. Esteban was shocked at the violence of it, feeling the muscles in her cunt tighten around his cock like a fist. Suddenly he came too, grunting in triumph as he did, his mind turning black as it happened.

But the orgasm did nothing to ease his hard-on, and as Eva began to regain her senses, she began to fuck him again, trying to draw him back into a rhythm they could share. Within a few minutes they were again bucking against each other, violently, his hands gripping her by the hips so he could stick with this bronco. She bent forward at the waist, so that with every thrust forward her hard nipples brushed against the rough-textured blanket, until finally she came again, hugely, her breath ragged and harsh.

She collapsed onto the tailgate, astonished at the sensation and feeling the weight of the man on her back. Then she felt him pull out and stagger away.

She lay there, sprawled, amazed at herself and trying to piece together what had just happened. Then she felt another man behind her.

“No!” she said angrily, spinning around. “I can’t …. I can’t stand….” She stared the man in the eye, stopping him with her look, then slowly reached down and wrapped the fingers of her left hand around his cock. She looked down, surprised at its width. It was a larger cock than she had imagined could exist.

With her right hand she snatched the blanket from the tailgate and glanced around. Quickly, she led the man by the cock to an open spot in the dirt. Releasing him, she spread the blanket and then gestured to the man to lay down.

The big man looked over at Esteban, who by now was leaning against the truck trying to regain his breath. Then the giant smiled, knelt to the ground and lay upon the blanket, face up, looking at Eva and holding his big dick straight up the air. He beckoned to her.

Eva, standing over him, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had always been a finisher. When other runners were tiring, coming around the last turn and into the straightaway, she had always been the girl willing to pay the price, ready to fight through the pain to finish with a kick. She stepped across the prone man’s body and slowly began to lower herself to the ground.

David, still sitting in the dirt on the other side of the truck, had been left unguarded. He sat there, trying to assess his options, and quickly realized he didn’t have any. He had no weapon. He was naked, in the middle of nowhere, a long way from help and in the presence of two armed men. Even if he tried to run, there was nowhere he could go. So slowly, cautiously, he rose to his feet, brushed the dirt and pebbles from his ass, and looked around.

As he stood, he finally saw Eva, still naked but with a wild and faraway look in her eyes. She was dropping herself down onto the man who had been guarding him. The other man was leaning against the truck and pulling up his pants, his eyes still focused as he watched his friend and this crazy gringa.

The Mexican turned to David, smiled a huge grin and reached for a pistol sitting on the tailgate. He gestured with the gun in his hand: Back down on the ground. Sit back on the ground and don’t interfere.

David followed orders, but this time he made sure to sit with a clear view of what was happening.

Eva had taken the man into her and was sitting straight upright, rocking slightly, trying to accomodate his size. She reached down and grabbed his hands and guided them to her breasts, then began to rock more aggressively, raising her ass off his cock as she moved backward, then driving forward and into him. The sounds coming from her no longer constituted words, and certainly not thoughts.

She raised her face to the sun and rode the cock inside her, losing any sense that it was attached to another human being. She began to raise herself higher, slamming down harder, picking up her pace, pushing toward the finish line. When the man beneath her began to raise his hips to meet her, she slammed herself down and pinned his body to the ground, not letting him move.

Then she began to rock again, mewling and growling.

Esteban, his cock now limp, his balls drooping, had been drained dry. He had come twice already and would be out of commission for hours. Once his friend had finished, they would take the truck keys and disappear on foot. By the time these two walked back to civilization, he and Luz would be long gone. when they got back home, they would have themselves a story to tell, a story nobody would believe.

Unless …. he reached into his pants pocket, pulled out his cell phone and took a few steps forward. He pointed the camera lens at the blonde riding Luz, her face up at the sky, her eyes shut hard in concentration, and watched her on the little cellphone screen until the memory was full.

He giggled to himself. He would wait for the right moment, for the exact second when their friends back home were hooting and hollering about the lies they were telling about the blonde American beauty who had fucked them both dry. Then he would pull out the phone and show them.

Eva, oblivious to everything, dropped forward on her hands and knees and tried to drive it home. She had never tried drugs, had never been drunk. The closest thing she had come to an altered state of consciousness was a runner’s high. And after discovering that mild sense of euphoria at the age of 13, she had become addicted to it. She could not imagine her life without out.

But this ecstasy, this was something different. This was like mainlining heroin. Weeks from now — months and years from now — she would look back and wonder how this day could even have been real.

For the moment, though, it was her entire universe.
Her blonde curls, damp from sweat, swung back and forth across her face as she lifted her ass high up the cock and slammed down, repeatedly, violently. The man beneath her began to bite at her swinging breasts and, gripping her hips with strong, callused hands, he lifted to meet her. But Eva didn’t notice.

She needed … she needed … she crammed all of the cock inside her and finally began to shudder, uncontrollably, crying out in triumph, astonishing herself and all who witnessed it.

But the lessons of this remarkable day were not quite over. The sweet little Mormon girl had freed herself, discovering the joy that came with surrendering everything to the pursuit of her own exquisite pleasure. But she had yet to learn how to surrender herself just as completely to the pleasures of others. In Luz, she would find, she had a more than willing and capable instructor.

As she lay there, sprawled across Luz’s chest in exhaustion, her body quivering on his still hard dick, she felt the Mexican place a large hand on each cheek of her sweet, smooth ass. With a shift of his body beneath her, she suddenly found herself staring up into his hard, sweaty face and the blue sky beyond, his hands still on her ass, his dick still deep within her.

Then he began to fuck her in earnest, hard and violently. All day long, she had somehow been the one in control. She had set the pace. But no longer. Her slender runner’s frame was now smothered by the large, muscular maleness pounding into her, demanding its satisfaction, and she was powerless against it.

Yet in this too she found release. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his bull neck and she submitted herself to him, eager to satisfy the need that she herself had created, urging him into her in a language native to them both. And when he finally came, surging into her in a desperate series of lunges, she came too, a final surrender and a final victory for them both.

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