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Undying Flame

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As the door shut behind us, he attacked my mouth with all the vigor and passion built up all evening. I could only submit to him and moan wantonly into the kiss that has got me weak in the knees, literally. I sagged against the wall with only Jon’s arms pinning me to keep me from falling. His thigh slowly found its way between my legs and started the hypnotic grind against my crotch. The wave of ecstasy hit me like I couldn’t imagine and I started to beg him.

“Jon… Please…”

He smirked. He knew when he’s got me wild and ready for anything he wants. “Please, what, Danny?”

I was lost in the warm seduction of his voice that I couldn’t respond but to mewl at his ministrations. One of his hands snaked down to thumb my nipple, which got me straining against my zipper and buck against his thigh, still firmly wedged between my legs.

“You’ll have to tell me… What do you want me to do?” Jon repeated as he moved in to bite my ear lobe.

“Ah… Jon… Please, please…! Fuck me… Don’t make me… Ah!” I blabbered, not really knowing what I was saying at all. I was mad with lust and all I could think of was Jon in me. Jon inside me, pulsing and wet. Jon taking me, claiming me, like he’s always done.

Jon suddenly stopped everything that he was doing and I slid down the wall. boneless. “What…?” I asked in confusion. He gave me a lop-sided grin and said very slowly, “I want you to go up to our bedroom, strip and wait for me.”

Before he even finished the sentence, I was already getting off my feet and zipping up the stairs. I fumbled out of my clothes shakily. I was twitching with excitement. I knew he was planning on something and the anticipation made me more incensed. I gave my cock a few strokes, torturing myself with the delicious pleasure only to make myself hold back with all my might. I knelt down by the bed, breathing deeply and trying to keep myself calm.

Jon walked into the room, eyeing me closely. I gulped as I watched the way he stared at me, like a predator half a second before mauling its prey. Please, I was begging in my head. I looked down onto my lap, not daring to look at him any longer. I saw the pulsing of the veins in my dick and the pre-come spewing out of the tip. I was primed for this. Please, Jon. Have mercy. I need this!

“Stand up,” he commanded. I stood immediately.

“Strip me.”

My trembling fingers found their way to his shirt as I started unbuttoning him and peeled him out of his shirt. His strong scent assaulted my senses as I unwrapped him from his shirt. His cologne, his sweat and pure him. I moaned, which made him smile.

“Continue, Danny. My jeans, please,” he cajoled.

I unzipped him and tugged his jeans off his trimmed waist. My heart leapt when I saw that he did not wear underwear. His cock stood proudly, glistening with pre-come invitingly. I could not help myself; I leaned in and lapped at the tip of his cock. I could feel him shaking and he grab my head off his appendage.

“No,” he commanded. He pushed me back onto the bed and followed me as I fell back. Straddling me, Jon hovered over me and pushed his tongue into my mouth, devouring my senses and me.

“Uh… Jon!”

“Shh… I want you to do something,” he handed me the lube with a smoldering look in his eyes. “I want you to finger yourself. I want to see you tease yourself and bring yourself to the brink. But you must not come. That belongs to me.”

I groaned. I took the lube from him and applied it over my fingers and my hole. I stroked myself and tapped my hole as if to prep myself for the impending breach. Circling my entrance, I willed myself to relax as I slowly pushed my middle finger in. I started to build a rhythm, fucking myself with my finger and twisting it inside, trying desperately to find my prostate.

I slid another finger in and continued with the ministrations. The room was only filled with the sounds of Jon and my heavy breathing and the squelching sound of the lube as I thrust my fingers in and out of my hole. Jon gave me heated looks as he stroked himself steadily.

I could tell that he was torturing himself too, as much as he was making me do so myself.

I found my prostate and I gasped. Jon, recognising what happened, stopped me from continuing. I pulled my fingers out, panting and watching him with anticipation.

Jon went back to his discarded jeans and pulled something out from his back pocket. It looked like a ball with a long string attached to it, with a ring on the end of the string. Never have I seen something like that before.

Jon loved to use toys on me, and I grew to crave it sometimes. Not that his cock wasn’t enough to satisfy me, but it was the knowledge that toys in me could get him hot that made me crazy over it. Jon has a nice eight-inch with the right girth that stretched me out without making me tear up. I’ve never found anyone more sexually compatible with me as he is. Over the times that we’ve been together, we’ve used almost anything and everything. Eggs, plugs, dildos, and vibrators: you name it, we’ve tried it. But this… I’ve never seen in my life before.

Jon saw my questioning look and shrugged. “I was just looking through a shop the other day and saw this. No idea what it is, but the shopkeeper was telling me that this,” he indicated the ring, “goes around my cock.” He smiled impishly at me.

I gulped, already guessing the rest of the story. “Wanna guess where the other part goes?” I nodded my understanding. The ball goes into me. Just right before his cock. I moaned loudly and tilted my hips up at him, willing him to just take me right then right now.

He smiled manically and knelt between my legs. He slid the ring to the base of his erection and rubbed the lube onto himself, teasing himself. Watching him stroking himself lighted a fire in me. I was half a second away from pouncing him when he leaned forward to kiss me, pinching my nipples with one hand. I jolted at the contact and to fire me up more, I felt his fingers at my entrance. Without any warning, he jammed three fingers into me. I screamed into his mouth as he mercilessly thrust into me and twisted his fingers, rubbing the pads against my prostate. I could feel myself coming and tried to warn him, but he seemed to instinctively know. He pulled out of me and produced a cock ring from behind. I watched him roll it to the base of my shaft and noticed the ball-string-cock ring attached to him.

“I’m going to fuck you, Danny. So hard, so hard. I want you to scream my name and wake the neighbours and come so hard that you don’t remember anything else but me, my cock in you and how you can’t help yourself but want me more and more…” Jon started sucking on my collarbone and my neck.

I felt the ball at my hole now, slick and cold against my warm flesh.

“Please, Jon. Give it to me!”

He responded by pushing the ball into me. My hole engulfed the ball eagerly as I breathed hard, getting myself used to the pleasurable invasion in my ass.

“Look at you now,” Jon muttered as he stared at my ass. I propped myself up to see. My legs spread wide and my ass cheeks parted, I saw the silicone string, which was thicker than I first though, running from my ass and connecting to the ring on the base of Jon’s aching shaft. I groaned as the erotic image was seared in my mind. I clenched hard onto the ball in me.

“Do it, Jon.”

He rubbed more lube onto himself and coated a generous layer onto my ass as he pressed into me. I clung onto him for dear life as I felt him inching into me, touching my in the way that no one else would or could. He hugged me too, as he slowly and steadily breached me.

“I love you,” he said when he was fully seated into me. I felt his balls cool on my ass cheeks. He ground onto me, rubbing his pubic bone insistently at my balls.

“Can you imagine the feeling when I start thrusting?” he murmured in my ear.

“What?” I asked, wide-eyed with excitement. All I could think of was to fuck myself on him so his question threw me off a little.

“Imagine the ball following the motion of my cock. When I pull out, the ball follows. When I thrust back into you, my cock will drive the ball deep into you again, rubbing you so deep inside. I will continue this till it drives us both mad with pleasure and we come like never before.”

My breath hitched as I listened to him talk dirty. He was especially randy today with the dirty talking, the teasing and the special new toy.

“Oh Jon, fuck me. I want to feel it,” I moaned.

Jon started to pull out. I immediately felt it. His cock moving out of me. I could still feel the ball lodged deep in me, but then after around he pulled out by a few inches, I felt the ball sliding against my tunnel with his cock. This feeling was so novel, it drove me out of my mind. Before I could process it, Jon thrust into me again, shoving the ball back into its place.

“How do you like that, baby?” he gritted out as he thrust in and out of me.

I could only moan wantonly, begging for him not to stop as he thrust deeper and harder.

I wanted to come so badly, but the cock ring stopped me from my release. I was wound up and I took my frustration out by scratching Jon’s back. He growled and attacked my mouth. We moaned and groaned as we kissed, his hips never faltering in his hammering motion against my ass. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was loud and the squelch of the lube ominous.

He gripped my cock and started to stroke it vigorously, in time with his thrusts. I mewled as my legs curled around his hips tightly, telling him to never stop that.

I could feel his at the edge for his grunts and the urgency of his thrusts. The ball was rubbing me in a place where I didn’t know could be so erotic. I knew I was about to blow too. I wanted that with Jon. Together with Jon.

“Danny, I… I’m not going to last…Ah…” he managed as he clenched his teeth together.

“Me too, Jon… Me… too… Together now… Come… together…”

I screamed as I spurted into Jon’s hand. I felt his hand tightening on my shaft as he came inside me. I clenched my ass hard against his piston, trying with all my might to milk him dry.

He collapsed against me, smearing my come between us with his hand still on my cock. We both panted like we had run a marathon as we sunk into post-orgasmic bliss. His hand, still trapped between our bodies, rubbed my come between our sweat-slicked bodies.

Jon reached down to pull off the ring on his cock before pulling out of me.

“Danny…” he panted, “Keep me inside you. I don’t want to pull the ball out yet.”

I nodded, knowing the mess it would make when I pull the ball out. He huffed happily as he pulled me towards his chest. I snuggled against him, more than happy to be there.

“Happy 5th anniversary, Danny,” Jon mumbled as he drifted off to sleep.

“Happy 5th anniversary, Jon,” I replied as I planted a kiss onto his pecs, before floating off into a blissful dream with him.


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