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Ending the Dry Season

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My life was not exactly where I wanted it. I am at the financial peak of my life, but my sex life is sadly starved. My name is Elaine and I have a problem, no one wants me sexually. Some men do say they would love to, but they back out when they find out how strong I am.

I am a twenty eight year old woman with red hair and blue eyes. I take pride in my body and work out five days a week and do yoga everyday.

My 38CC cups can draw a man’s attention, as does the curve of my hips. But when the chips are down they always puss out and don’t last longer than a minute and think I’m done. The last three men I met really let me down. I even tried going out with a football player. He was a large man of six three and two hundred fifty pounds. His cock was big, but he didn’t satisfy me. He was into missionary and when he came he roll over and left me empty inside.

I dumped him and let my life go into nothing but work and exercise. As he was a big shot in the football league in the city he thought that because he was a black man who was a community leader I owed him something. When he found his balls nearly shoved up his ass when I kneed him he got nasty, but I was able to get my cop friends to drop the charges and left him in the dirt.

I was at this point so annoyed with men I was thinking of going lesbian. I was at work one night and was getting done with the work at hand when I felt nothing but a contempt for life. Here I was dressed in my nice suit and looking good, and yet I felt no one on this earth could satisfy me. I stroked my thighs and the silky nylons I had on brought a sensual feeling to my body. I needed to get a good fuck and soon or I would likely loose my mind. I got up from the office and closed out all my work. I went out of the building and passed the security. I saw them look at me and shook my head. Had one of them had a cock on him I’d happily suck it off him.

I went out to a local bar that became a haunt of mine and saw my friend Jason at work. He was the bartender and he was a nice looking man. He had a girlfriend and that didn’t bother me. I also saw his bar back was a cute looking younger latino man with brown hair. He was a buff specimen of man and his arms ripped as he carried a keg to the back. It was late in the evening and most patrons were already gone except for a couple that was eating. Jason smiled at me and gave me the usual vodka and cran. I sipped it then another. I had such a crappy day I didn’t realize how crappy it was until I was on my fourth. I sat back and listened to him talk of his girlfriend not letting him have sex with her for a month because she was jealous of him being a good looking man in a bar that served many good looking women. I laughed at the stupidity of it and told him if he was my man I would not worry about him looking at other women because he would be too worn out.

“Is that a fact Elaine?” he said a gleam in his eyes.

I looked at him and he chuckled deeply. He was a very good looking man of medium height. His black hair and blue eyes could easily make a woman whimper if he looked at her long enough. It was also a plus that his voice rumbled in his chest and came out a rich tenor that felt like silk along a spine. I felt his gaze upon me and I looked at his eyes, it ws then he seemed to become a man I could take seriously. I then found my body wanting him and as I was so desperate for any man I took action. I leaned across the bar and my lips met his fiercely. He was shocked that I had kissed him so brazenly. He surprised me at how strong he was as he lifted me out of my chair and across the bar and we made our way into the back.

I felt his hands on my ass and it felt so good I began to moan in his mouth. He then spun me around and began to bite at my neck and shoulder. I felt so hot that I began to whimper and grind my ass against his crotch. I felt a bulge there that made my ex seem limp in comparison. I leaned forward and he hiked my skirt up around my waist. He smiled at my stockings and then saw my thong covered ass and he ran a finger up it. I shuddered at his touch and he then leaned down and began to lick my thong. I moaned aloud and closed my eyes. I felt him slide my thong aside and begin to lick my slit. His tongue felt so good I had to grab the counter in front of me to keep my balance. My five inch heels wobbled as I felt him touch my clit with his tongue and I nearly fell over then and there. I moaned and thrust my ass back into his face and he then slapped my ass and I yelped. He pulled away from my slit and I became aware of his mouth against my ear.

“This is the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted. Now on your knees slut, and lets see how you handle me.” he growled.

I turned around and got on my knees as his massive cock hit me in the face. I was in shock at this ten inch rod of steel in my hands. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. I immediately put my mouth on him and swirled my tongue on him. He sighed at the attention I gave him and he stroked hy hair as I did. I slid my hand along his length and he sighed at my every touch, I felt perfectly slutty at that moment. Here I was on my knees with a huge cock in my mouth and my skirt hiked up showing off my nice legs wrapped in nylon. I was losing my self in this feeling and decided to get nasty. I got into a good rhythm and shocked him as I took him down my throat and almost took his whole length. I choked as I pulled off him and he simply held my head and whispered, “Slow down baby. I want this to last a while.”

I looked up at him and licked him from base to tip and he groaned. I nibbled the length of him he sighed then grabbed a handful of my hair and held me in place as I got him in my mouth. I then felt a pair of hands on my tits and turned back to see his bar back behind me kneading my chest. I moaned and leaned back as he undid my blouse and took it down. I then felt his hands undo my bra and my lovely tits swung out and my nipples were hard as diamonds. He pinched them and I moaned on Jason he then smiled and stood up. I saw him undo his pants and his own cock came out. It wasn’t as big as Jason’s but it was big and thick enough to get my attention. I leaned from Jason and took him into my mouth and he moaned out loud.

Jason left the room and left me with the bar back whom I later learned was named Rafael. I sucked his cock hard and deep. It made me feel so bad sucking another man’s cock as the man I had just sucked had left the room for some reason. I didn’t care and kept up my assault on his cock. I felt him pinch and twist my nipples and I moaned loudly. He surged in my mouth and fucked my face furiously. I felt he had little experience with a mouth like mine and he started to shudder and I felt him tense up. He grabbed my head and shoved into my mouth then he groaned aloud and filled my throat up with his hot cum. I swallowed as much as I could and the rest simply stayed in my mouth as he pulled out slowly. I swallowed the rest down and began to lick his cock head and he moaned.

He then picked me up and laid me on my back on the counter. He grabbed my thong and tore it off my legs then spread them wide. He licked my stocking tops and then made his way to my driping slit. I cried out as his tongue slashed across my clit. He then grabbed a handful of my ass and pulled me into his face. I shuddered and came as he drove his tongue into my pussy and he laped up my juices hungrily. I thrashed about on the counter and my eyes caught sight of Jason.

Jason had returned by then and smiled at the writhing I was doing. I saw him grab at his crotch and he teased me a bit. He then stepped forward and slid into my hungry mouth. I moaned as he continued his face fucking of me and he started to get into a good rhythm. I was lying on my back with my head hanging off the counter and he slid in and out of my mouth. He pinched my nipples and moaned as I groaned on his cock, it was then he started to get rougher with my face. I could barely take him in my throat when he grabbed my nose and pinched and I opened my mouth wide and he got his whole length in my throat. I felt his balls on my face and he pulled out with a loud pop that came from my mouth as I gasped and wheezed for air. I got my breathing under control and he slid back in my mouth. I was at that point so turned on I couldn’t do anything but lay back and let this happen to me. I heard Jason suddenly growl at Rafael and it was a warning.

“That pussy is mine to fuck and mine alone Raf, if you need to fuck something then fuck her ass.”

My head tried to move up, but as he was so deep in my throat I couldn’t stop him and I then felt a finger slid in my ass. I cried out around his cock and he simply slid in deeper. I then felt the fingers and tongue of Rafael as he probed my hole and I was ready to explode. I then felt his thick head press against me and then I felt my body relax. He had slathered his cock in olive oil from the kitchen near us and it felt heavenly against my anxious hole. He pressed slowly inch by inch. I felt him break into my hole and slide deep in my ass. I screamed around Jason’s cock and Rafael groaned loudly.

I lay there for what seemed like hours as he held himself in me allowing me to get used to his thickness. Then Rafael started to pump in and out of my now de-virginized ass. I moaned aloud as he fingered my clit and fucked my ass good and hard. I cried out and thrashed about on the counter for a good few minutes until Jason stopped him and smiled down at me. He withdrew from my mouth and told me to stand up. I stood up shaking on my heels and my stocking tops were soaked with my juices. He smiled and had Rafael hoist me up in his arms. He laid back on the counter, he then had Rafeal lay me on top of him. I then felt his massive cock slid deep inside of me making me cry out in pleasure. He got a few good pumps into my dripping pussy then I felt Rafeal behind me. I then felt Rafeal climb on the counter and slip back up me then slide back into me. The two men started to pump in and out of me at a fevered pace. My head rolled to and fro as they both savaged me and I felt the orgasm I had been waiting for build up in me. I screamed aloud and came hard.

He and Rafeal fucked me like this for what seeemd like hours. I felt one surge in then the other withdarw and the feeling of both of them deep in me was too much for my poor underappreciated body to handle. I let myself go and talked to both of them in the nastiest voice I had and urged them on. The profanities that came from my mouth were ones I never knew were in me. Rafeal ripped my hair back and I screamed aloud, he then began to fuck my ass with a fury. I felt Jason under me and he smiled and urged Rafeal on. Rafeal cried out and fired a huge load in my ass and I screamed aloud. It felt so hot in my ass that I figured he would scald my insides.

He pumped me slowly and withdrew as his hot cum dribbled from my ass and I shuddered. Jason then sat up and I felt myself slid down on him fully and I groaned. He stood up and I wraped my legs around him. He then turned me around and set me on my back.

“Elaine I am going to fuck you so hard your never gonna want another man in this pussy again. Is that what you want baby?” he said in a hungry tone.

I looked up at him and my eyes had such an innocent look he smiled and leaned forwards and kissed me hungrily on the lips. I felt his tongue in my mouth and I sighed aloud. He slid back in me and laid me flat on my back. He spread my legs wide and began to fuck me. He started slow, but that lasted for only the first few seconds. He soon was pounding me with such a fury I felt like I had wronged him. He pounded my pussy and his hand slapped my ass at different times and I felt my own orgasm building at how dirty he was fucking me. I screamed and wailed on him and he looked to Rafeal and said.

“Shut her up man, or she might get us unwanted attention.”

Rafeal had washed his cock in the sink. He then smiled and force fed it to me and I felt the experience of them spit roasting me. I was on my back head off the counter and Rafeal did what Jason had done earlier and I loved it. He face fucked me harder and harder and Jason savaged my pussy. I felt so raw, so dity, so happy. I felt my insides building up and then all at once a feeling washed over me. I felt needed. They needed to fuck me like this and I wanted them to continue. I felt Rafeal keep his spent cock in my mouth and he pulld out when I stopped screaming. I looked up at Jason and he smiled down at me and said.


“You want my cum you little slut? I don’t think you earned my cum on your lips and Rafael has had your ass, so that leaves me one option.” he growled as he pounded me. I then felt him slap my ass and I squealed as he pounded me harder and faster. He then flipped me over on my belly and spread my legs and lifted one leg onto the counter. I was balancing on my heel and he slipped in and out of me with a sure grace. He made me cry out and scream as he savaged my gushing pussy. I felt my head grow light as he tensed up behind me.

“Oh god baby, that’s it…I’m gonna cum…oh FUCK!” he screamed.

He shoved so deep in me that I felt him in my lungs and he fired a massive load into me that filled me up so much it began to drip out of me. I laid with my face down on the counter and was dripping with sweat as he collapsed on my back and began to nibble my ear. I shuddered as he pumped his hips a bit and he then turned me around. I was in tears when he did and he took me in his arms and I cried happy tears into his chest.

“Thank you..” I whispered into him and he looked down at me.

“For what baby?” he asked confused.

“I’ve never been so satisfied in my life. Thank you so much.” I cried into his chest and he hugged me tight.

Rafael leaned down and stroked my arm and I looked at him and smiled weakly. He kissed my head and went back to work and left me alone with Jason. Jason felt my need and he was a surprisingly good person as he held me tight and allowed me to bask in his touch. We held each other for a long while and I had to go home. He helped me dress and when I was going to leave he walked me to my car. I felt so happy that he was doing this small courtesy I kissed his mouth and he shoved me against my car and kissed me hungrily for a long while. He smiled at me and helped me in my car. I left the bar and went home and my mind filled with what I had just done. I sat back on my bed and got so hot I fingered myself to another shuddereing orgasm. I went back and saw him a few days later and he had broken up with his girlfriend and then and there we became an item. I was never so happy in my life as I was in those months afterwards. We fucked daily, sometimes two or three times. We even got another girl into our bed and the games that night were just as delicious.

I smiled at him one day six months later and he was just waking up and I was wearing his favorite shirt and nothing else. He smiled at me and noticed I was shaking. He looked at me and I jumped in his lap and he snapped awake. I held up a piece of paper and his eyes got wide, we were going to have a baby. Six months later we did and I gave birth to a nine pound baby boy we named Tyler. A few months later I walked the aisle in a small ceremony of just family and friends. He looked so good in his tuxedo that I was soaking my bridal lingerie beneath my gown. We had the wildest night in the honeymoon as he had Rafael waiting for us. I may tell you later if you have the stomach to hear of the naughtiest night of my life.

I would tell you the rest, but both of those studs are waiting for me in the other room with their cocks in hand and they aren’t the type I like to keep waiting.

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